Queer Eye (2018) s05e08 Episode Script

Father Knows Fish

Want to know who we're visiting? - [ALL.]
Yeah! This week, we are helping Marcos.
- Hi, Marcos.
- [BOBBY.]
Hi, Marcos.
Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish! [ANTONI.]
He's a fishmonger and owner of Marco's Fish & Crab House.
Eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner and whatever.
I love it.
What's a monger, Antoni? A fishmonger is somebody who, like, guts the fish.
He fillets them, he cleans them.
When he jumps in the ocean, all the fish run.
- So, would I be a Starburst monger? - Yes, absolutely - You don't like coffee.
Oh, yeah, Starburst, yes.
- Better - All things just keep getting better [MARCOS.]
If you eat fish, you live much longer! Anything else? [ANTONI.]
"Marcos' wife Alma runs the fish stand with him, and their kids stop by to visit and pitch in when they can.
" - Cute.
- We love it.
"Ooh, he's got lots of kids.
Mickel, aged six, Alma, aged 12, Karen, 18, and Jennifer, the oldest daughter who moved out, 19.
Cute family business.
" Aww! [HUMS.]
I am from Puebla.
But I liked to come to the land of Benjamin Franklin.
"Marcos and his wife Alma immigrated to the US over 20 years ago.
Don't be late! - [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
Marcos, how are you? - Good.
"His fashion is dictated by his work at the fish stand.
He has a dirty job and wears comfortable, durable clothes that he doesn't mind getting fish and water stains on.
" I can understand that.
- [WOMAN.]
Like Carlos Santana over here.
- Yes! [ANTONI.]
"He's eccentric and takes pride in his wavy long hair and mustache.
" So does he.
Me, too.
- But I got rid of my mustache.
It's okay.
Thank you.
All right.
"He is a self-made man.
His hands are work-worn and tough.
He likes reading business books and Benjamin Franklin quotes.
I'm always talking with my friends, and I tell them, "Do you know Benjamin Franklin?" They say, "No.
Who is he?" And I tell them, "This is Benjamin Franklin.
"Marcos is opening his first restaurant.
He knows food like the back of his hand, but he has no restaurant experience.
" to share flavor I have from the fish to all the people and hope they feel the same thing I feel from my heart.
When's dinner ready? [KAREN.]
Don't rush the process! [ANTONI.]
So, he was nominated by his 18-year-old daughter Karen.
My dad's new restaurant is my dad's dream, but he's put so much work and thought in the new business, he doesn't really have time for the family, which I hate.
"Marcos believes America is the land of opportunity, and works non-stop to provide the best life for his family.
" Dinner's ready.
He totally forgot about Father's Day because he was so busy out working to open up the new restaurant.
I saw him, like, at night, and I was like, "Happy Father's Day.
"Marcos is famous for saying that in a 24-hour day, he can work for 20 hours and sleep for four.
Not okay.
- You need to work for your dreams.
- "At the end of the week, he's hosting a soft opening of his new restaurant, but the space needs a lot of work to open.
" - I guess I'm doing a restaurant today.
- You're doing a restaurant.
"He hasn't finalized the menu or picked the restaurant's name, but he knows he's serving fish and Alma's best recipes.
" - Okay.
- Nice.
So, it's a nice little homage to his wife.
Aw, that's sweet.
When they tell you you're crazy, you say, "Thank you very much.
" Because the crazy people, they made the world.
See, when Benjamin Franklin discovered electric, they think, "Oh, he's crazy.
" And look at that.
So our mission this week is inspired by a quote from Ben Franklin.
- Oh.
- Marcos works so hard that he needs to be reminded that lost time is never found again.
- Aww! - Yeah.
Oh, there she is in the blue shirt.
Hi! I'm getting out on the safe side.
- [KAREN.]
It's so good to meet you.
- So nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- [KAREN.]
You guys are so handsome.
I love all the color.
The Italian market on 9th Street in Philadelphia is the oldest open-air market in the whole country.
So much local produce! [KARAMO.]
This is like Antoni's porn.
This place has so much history, and it's where Marco's has his fish shop.
This place is awesome.
Fresh fish! [SHOUTING.]
Oh, my God! - [BOBBY.]
Alma! - [LAUGHING.]
- Jonathan! Oh, my God! Let me see you! - You're so cute.
I have my best perfume - Oh, I love it.
You smell gorgeous.
- fish.
Do you help Mommy and Daddy? - Yeah.
What do you do? [MICKEL.]
Help the customers.
Oh, so you help with the You help by being cute! - [LAUGHING.]
Is this the restaurant? - No, this is the fish market, Karamo.
- Oh! It's all right.
It's all right.
- [TAN.]
Are you gonna show the restaurant? - Let's go! [ANTONI.]
Let's see the new restaurant.
- See you soon.
We'll be back.
- [ALMA.]
I'll stay here.
So, it's really close by? [MARCOS.]
Yeah, very close.
I want this mango.
You know, we make Place the mango on the grill [ANTONI.]
Do you season it with anything? - [MARCOS.]
Old Bay Seasoning.
- [BOBBY.]
Okay, good.
Is this it? [JONATHAN.]
Such a gorgeous short walk! Wow! This is cool! [MARCOS.]
When I first saw it, I felt, like, "Oh, I see a lot of potential here.
" [TAN.]
You don't need to worry about the menu.
You've got it right here.
- Just do this.
- Yeah.
- No! - [LAUGHS.]
Are there any dishes that you've been thinking of that ties in the fish market that, like, you really wanna showcase here? I love crab soup.
And I want to know, like, how to cook it.
So, I assume you're gonna be using a lot of fish and shellfish - from your market.
- Exactly.
You're a smart businessman.
I try.
I try every day.
My grandpop, he tell me, "Everything you do, put your heart.
" Yes.
In America, the limit is the sky.
- I like that.
- So if you're here working here, how are you gonna manage both businesses? - [BOBBY.]
He's got the kids.
- Yeah, maybe make one more tonight.
- You're a little crazy.
I know! I'm crazy.
Mango on the grill! You like that, too.
You like that.
Watch out for this hole.
Beep, beep.
Let's go find the familia.
Whoo! - [JONATHAN.]
So sorry.
I have a question: you have four kids, right? Three girls and one boy.
Where is your fourth daughter? - Well, she doesn't live in the house.
- Okay.
Is she close with you all? - Um - Um [KAREN.]
I'm very close with her.
You're close with her? - Yeah.
My heart is broken in a lot of pieces.
She left my house, you know? - America and Mexico is very different.
- Yeah.
In Mexico, you Stay with your parents.
When you marry, okay, you leave.
Is there a reason why she left? - [KAREN.]
Well, there's a culture clash.
- [TAN.]
She doesn't have to take the Mexican side, the American side, so she just likes to separate herself.
What I will say, Alma, and please know that this is coming from a place of respect, my parents come from a different country also.
- They moved to England later in life.
So do mine.
Our parents want one thing, which is very traditional, but we are raised in the West.
And so it is actually quite hard for kids to adapt.
And it's not a reflection on you.
It's just, I understand that they want to find their own identity.
And I think that's what Jennifer is trying to do.
But also, it's hard.
It's so hard! Yeah, I know.
I see it's a family business, and, you know, I can see This family business is for everybody.
And there's one person missing.
I would love to see if you could call your sister - so I could meet with her.
- [KAREN.]
All right.
- Don't start crying.
- [TAN.]
Oh, hi, kids! - [BOBBY.]
Hi, queen.
- [BOBBY.]
I wanna see your house.
- Oh, yeah.
Yes, please.
- Yeah, let's go.
It's across the street.
Let's go to your house.
- [ALMA.]
Oh! - [BOBBY.]
Oh, I love this.
Keep going.
I love that your commute can be a little baby walk to the fish market.
So cool! - [KARAMO.]
You built this place, Marcos? - Yes.
I love it in here.
So, this is my house.
I love that you're not afraid of color.
- You like color.
- This is incredible.
- [TAN.]
Those dresses! - [JONATHAN.]
I love them! [BOBBY.]
That's their quinceañera? [KARAMO.]
I love that.
Look at that! Love a Stetson.
You see hats in all the house.
What's the obsession with hats? Where did it come from, Marcos? In Mexico, all the time, it's, "Hey, compadre!" - Aw, that's cute.
- Hey! [ANTONI.]
It's your thing.
We love a hat moment.
Show me the rest of this house.
I love this stairwell and the fireplace.
Tell me everything that's happening here.
- So I just cleaned the branzino myself.
- Okay.
And do you keep the bone for flavor? Oh, yeah, it's the best part.
That looks gorgeous.
- It does.
Little bit of pepper.
- [KAREN.]
A sock attached to the jacket.
It's all a bit frumpy-dumpy.
I love how import agh! [GASPS.]
Viva Mexico.
Viva America Yeah, that's real cute.
All right.
Oh, that fish is hungry.
It wanted some garlic.
It wanted all the flavorings.
- Can we stay for dinner? - [ALMA.]
Yes! I wasn't even gonna ask.
I was just gonna stay and move in.
Now I put it on the grill.
- You wanna get it nice and crispy, right? - [ALMA.]
Oh, my.
Mickel, show me.
- Is this where your dad's bedroom is? - Yeah.
Well, hi, Tanny.
So, Benjamin Franklin.
He's, like, your inspiration.
He is a good inventor.
And when I discovered this, I said, "Oh, my God!" [TAN.]
Tell me what you think of how your dad dresses.
He wears really funny clothes.
- We like Dad's hats.
- We like your dad's hair.
He just needs to, like, know how to control it 'cause it's really poofy.
Is that why he wears his hats? 'Cause he doesn't know how to do his hair? We do it for him.
Like, we literally like, make ponytails for him.
- Oh! - [KAREN.]
He doesn't know how.
I gotta teach him how to air-dry his curls.
Do you want your dad's curls to look more like Jonathan's? - No.
- Eww! [ANTONI.]
What are you doing with the jalapeños? [ALMA.]
Putting them on the grill.
Get them nice and blistered.
- You eat it just alone like this? - Yeah! I'm Mexican.
If you tell me that throwing this on the grill is good, I will eat it.
You promise you'll try? Hey, it's called a pinky promise.
I'm gonna eat it for you.
Okay, thank you.
It looks like you built a great home for your family.
I love it.
I love how unique it is.
Thank you very much.
I do different projects, and sometimes I sacrifice my family.
Am I right in saying the thing you would probably need help with from us the most this week is helping you get the restaurant ready to open, so that you can spend more time with your family? Yes.
I love how much of a dreamer Marcos is.
He had a dream to come to America, then he had a dream to open up a fish market without even speaking English.
Now he has a dream to open up a restaurant, but he doesn't have the menu or the name or the design.
We could not have come at a better time.
Let me do a little nose trim on you.
- No, I'm definitely okay without.
- Let me see if you have any nose hair.
- No, I'm good.
I'm taken care of.
- Tan, let me clipper your arm.
- Oh! - [ANTONI.]
Look, beautiful crispy eyes.
- So good.
- Do you like the eyes? - Yes.
- I eat all of it.
So, show me in your closet.
What do you like to wear when you're not working? Well, normally I mean, um Cowboys.
See? [TAN.]
All right, so you get dressed up.
Oh, you'll wear a leather, okay.
Red pants.
That's a bold choice.
So you go from dressing very, very simple to very, very loud.
Um, yeah, sometimes.
I don't hate some of the stuff that's in Marcos' closet because it shows his personality.
This, I'm feeling.
That's a beautiful belt.
He's playful.
And I don't wanna try and dim his shine.
However, I want to see a little more refinement.
I want people to step into that restaurant and think, "He's clearly the owner.
He looks like a man to be taken seriously.
" Okay.
Dinner is served.
You ready? [LAUGHS.]
I'm ready! - Okay, cheers.
- Cheers.
- The whole thing? - Not whole thing.
how much? - A little bit.
- A little bit.
It's spicy.
- Dios mio.
Dios mio.
Ha! Eat fish.
Tan, I just ate a jalapeño.
And you're crying.
This is what happens when Caucasian people get adventurous.
- I can't say no to a mom.
Okay, let's get him some water.
- I'm ready.
- [TAN.]
Alma, he can't - No fire extinguisher.
- Go.
Just do it.
- [TAN.]
Hey, come on, white guy.
Oh, my gosh.
You're not eating no more jalapeño.
- Please.
- No, don't you - No more.
- No more.
Thank you.
It's five in the morning.
You're waking up.
What happens? You brush your teeth.
Then? So, you have the Moco de Gorila, does the thing This is what you do for you curls.
- Yeah.
- Okay, what else? - That's it.
- That's all.
Do you do anything to kind of help relax you ever? No, I never feel that way because always busy, we need Always busy.
Taking care of Marcos has to be in your priorities.
I'm in your hands.
Yes, in my hands.
- Yeah.
- When we speak Spanish with a When we speak When hmm.
Oh, okay.
Like this.
When I speak Spanish, I get scared because I don't know when to put the words perfect-ly.
- Let's go.
- Yeah, vámonos.
I need to practice a lot with people who speak Spanish all the time.
- Hi, gorgeous Karamo.
- Hi.
I'm looking at photos.
You guys do your thing, I'll be doing my thing.
I'm jealous.
My parents never blew up a photo of me like this.
Who's this? - My oldest - Your oldest daughter Jennifer? - Jennifer, yeah.
- Ah.
Take a seat with me.
So, I noticed that all the kids are here, but then Jennifer's not.
- We had a fight, and she left my house.
- Mm-hmm.
And I worry about her, but when my second daughter, she explained to me a little bit.
She says she's the bird, she needs to fly free.
And I don't say you You wanna stay for me forever.
You know, you need to grow.
But to build your life, you know, you need family.
Since she's left, how often do you two talk? I don't have much communication.
She no call me or send any message.
I'm some kind of hurt because I miss so much her.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I feel for Marcos.
He is working so hard because he's trying to give his family a better life, but it's coming at a price because he's not spending enough time with his family.
Look, everyone is joining us.
We want to help you.
- [ALMA.]
Yes! - Yeah.
Are you excited? - Sí.
My goal this week: I really need Marcos to figure out what's his vision for this restaurant.
A restaurant venture is a major commitment, and I wanna make sure it has the very best chance of success.
I want to help Marcos embrace the CEO that he is and show him that with a fierce medium-length shag, he could actually rock this, like, wavy, long hairstyle with a gorgeous, bold energy.
Marcos and his family, they have never asked for anything.
I want to help him get this dream off the ground a little quicker than he could on his own.
The communication has broken down between Marcos and his daughter Jennifer, and I have to figure out where it started and why.
Hi, how are you? - Karamo.
- I'm glad you took a moment to meet me.
I kept asking, "Oh, where's your oldest?" - Oh, okay.
- And your mom got emotional.
Since I'm, like, first-generation, I'm their oldest.
My dad, like, growing up, he was very hard on me.
Like, just with the things that I want to do with my life and, like, how he wants me to act.
And I feel like that took a big toll on me, - so I had to leave, you know? - Yeah.
- So - I am first-generation, and I saw my oldest sister go through the same thing.
- Yeah.
- And it was, like, all of their traditions and feelings of, like, what you had to do and what you have to be - Yeah.
- landed on you.
I tried to sit down and talk to them.
Got it.
And it didn't work out, so I was like, "Oh.
" I woke up the next day, grabbed all my stuff, and I left.
- And how long ago was that? - That was a year-and-a-half ago.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Like, even during that time, I felt like I needed them the most, but I was just telling myself, "I don't need them.
" Like, especially my dad.
- Yeah.
- You know? Do you think he understands you? [LAUGHS.]
Not really.
I just want him to be, like, a little bit more open-minded, and I think that's what causes us to bump heads and stuff.
And it's really horrible because, like, I really used to be a daddy's girl.
- Yeah.
- You know? You need him.
He needs you.
Me and my dad used to be, like, really, really close, you know? The fact that Marcos' oldest daughter Jennifer is not around - is hurting the family.
- [SIGHS.]
And for them to truly have success, we have to heal this family unit.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
So, today we're gonna have a little bit of retail therapy.
We are gonna stock up your restaurant.
Get some lighting, yes.
Visuals are obviously very important.
You want people to have a full experience and that goes with music, with décor.
Opening up a restaurant is tough stuff.
They're nice colors.
Let's get 'em.
We have the bowls for the soup, which I think is gonna be killer.
Marcos understands seafood and fish, but developing a menu.
That's a lot of work.
This is the fun part.
So today is special, it's different.
We're not just doing a recipe.
We're actually making something that's gonna be in your soft opening.
So this is just a tester, it's to really let people know what the essence is of what you wanna do with your restaurant.
- This is, like, a Marcos specialty, right? - [LAUGHS.]
You're not gonna come up with an entire menu overnight.
It's all about perfecting one dish at a time.
We want to have three simple dishes.
You know how to make your mango perfectly.
You know how to make your salmon burgers perfectly.
And now we're gonna add a third.
- Crab soup.
- Yeah! Well, crab soup was something that was important to you.
Crab corn chowder.
Marcos style.
Okay, first things first, corn.
Do you cook at all at home? No, only in an emergency.
Only in an emergency situation.
Here we have chicken stock.
So we're gonna put in our cobs.
We have the meat from the crabs, but also, the shells have a lot of flavor.
So this is our base for the soup.
Now we also need the different vegetables that we're gonna put in.
We have onion, yellow bell pepper and then some celery stalks and for a nice little starch, potato.
I'm gonna ask you to cut up the bell pepper for this.
I will try.
The amount of work that you do, it's like it reminds me of my dad.
- Yeah.
My father moved to Canada when he was very young, from Poland.
And I went through a phase when I was young where I was a little upset that he wouldn't spend time with me that much.
But now that I'm older, I look back and I realize, like, "Oh, no, like, you had to work because you had to pay for our clothes, our food.
" Yeah, because you think the water is there - or the electric is there, because - Right.
It just shows up.
- No, somebody has to pay for that.
- Hmm.
But, like, you need balance.
Balance is when your wife makes dinner and all of you guys sit down, and you have a conversation.
and you talk about your day.
You know? Food is that balance.
Okay, so we have the potatoes, we're gonna put in first.
We just wanna toast them a little bit.
Get 'em a little brown.
We wanna bring a little bit of heat to this chowder.
- Yeah.
- We're gonna add a little serrano.
I no see a fire extinguisher.
- Yes.
The pepper.
Thank you for finding humor in it.
You're gonna take these, you're gonna add them to there.
I'm gonna add a little more butter.
Uh-oh, Alma kill me.
Oh, it's fine.
She's not here.
But I feel You feel her energy telling you, "Too much butter.
" And then you add cumin.
And then, coriander.
Oh, my gosh.
Okay, smell that.
- Spice facial.
That's making me hungry.
Me, too.
Well, it's a good thing we're gonna be eating soon.
So we basically got tons of the flavor out from the husks, the cobs and the crab.
So, I'm just gonna ask you to scoop them out.
Now, put the vegetables into the stock.
There you go.
- Mmm! - We're getting there.
We're getting there.
So now, add heavy cream.
Hi! - Dad! - Look who I found.
Oh, my God.
Did you miss them? - Aww.
- Hi to you.
- Hi, baby.
- Hi, Dad.
So, here we have our sweet corn.
So, now we're gonna add our crab meat.
We wanna add this last, 'cause we want it to fold in nicely.
Soup is awesome.
It's something that you can make a large amount of, you can sell it in little cups.
Mmm! It's delicious.
And it's an easy cash cow.
It just has to taste good.
So do we feel like we have one more recipe for the soft opening? - Yes, it's fantastic.
Thank you very much.
- Awesome.
What is this? - [ANTONI.]
It's a tortilla strip.
- Tortilla.
Come on, gringo.
Come on, gringo! - [LAUGHING.]
My friend.
How are you? - I'm better now.
- All right.
- You're strong.
- I am.
Yeah! Come on, let's go.
Something that I realized when I met you was how beautiful your family is.
But your oldest daughter is missing.
I feel very sad because I love her.
I love her.
I tried to make rules because I want to protect her.
But she no agree about them, and then It's two cultures.
You have what you experienced, and she's experiencing something different.
And it's causing a rift.
And so, I actually invited your daughter here, so that you two can start to talk.
Is that okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? - [MARCOS.]
Yes and no.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Thanks for coming.
Of course.
- Hey, Dad.
Your father is so successful, but one of the greatest things that's not as successful as it could be is the family.
So, I want you both to have an opportunity to share what you're feeling, so that you can start moving forward.
It hurt me so much that It hurt to come home and find out you were gone.
Well, our relationship really bothered me.
That's one of the reasons I left.
I felt that being the first born, you were hardest on me.
And I think that's something that, it scarred me, if you know what I mean.
I understand, daughter.
Um I'm sorry for being so strict.
I was just trying to make sure nothing happened to you.
I understand that that wasn't the right way, but it's not easy.
I sound like a song, "They've asked me who my true love is, and I say, 'my daughter.
'" Well, I missed you a lot and during this time that I've been gone, I've learned a lot.
I know that I need you.
You're my dad, and I need you to guide me and protect me because - [KARAMO.]
No, don't apologize.
You're my hero, Dad.
I'm so happy I'm so happy that you're trying to change for me.
For everybody.
I love you so much.
Thank you.
We needed to have this talk a long time ago.
You have to forgive each other for the past.
It's easier said than done.
Is there anything else that you want to see fixed, or you want to see changed? [SIGHS.]
One big thing that needs to change is you spending more time with us, with your family.
Like, really giving yourself a break from work, you know? Can you find time to make sure that you are spending more time with them? We need you in this new project.
And I wanna be there for you.
Marcos needs to understand that he's a great provider, but being a provider isn't just putting a roof over someone's head.
It's also being emotionally available to the people around you.
- Thank you.
- Aww! [LAUGHING.]
I wanted to brighten it up to make it feel bigger.
- Yes.
It's better.
- Yeah? See that wood over there? I'm doing that on a whole wall.
Oh, yes! - [TAN.]
How's your day been? - [MARCOS.]
- Oh! Oh, my God.
We wanted to surprise you now, so after you.
- Hi, guys, welcome.
- [TAN.]
Hi, George.
George, this is Marcos.
Marcos, this is George.
How are you? - [SPEAKS SPANISH.]
Very good.
We're gonna play around in your store, okay? - Sounds great.
- [TAN.]
Thank you so much.
I love that you've got something that's kind of your thing, but a lot of your hats look like they've seen better days.
- Yes.
- I wanna get you some fresher hats.
There's fedoras here, there are flat caps over here.
I'd like some like - Shape at the front? - Yeah.
- So not too round? - No.
How you feeling? Do you feel good about this week? Well, it's good to you know, feel better.
Feel, uh - comfortable.
- Good.
Do you feel you've come to a good understanding with your daughter after the conversation yesterday? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
I think so, and I have faith in that, yes.
I think that maybe my dad was too strict with me, and I passed that on to my daughter.
But I see that now, and I don't want to make the same mistake in future.
We can't expect, as parents, to have our children experience our culture exactly as we want them to.
This is never gonna be easy for your children to be raised in a land that's not yours.
Accept that, have a conversation and be willing to learn from your children as much as they learn from you.
Talk to your kids because apparently, Jennifer's wonderful, and your other daughters are wonderful.
And you don't wanna risk losing those relationships, so nurture them.
And now, shall we go get your hats? I want you to look professional.
try and see what happens.
The shop is your playground.
Too big.
Uh - Still not working? - So-so.
- No? - No.
It's not for you? Okay.
Too big.
- Too big? You're like Goldilocks.
We'll find you the perfect one.
This hat doesn't look like me.
- I'm crazy, so - [LAUGHING.]
- I'm ready to explore and find the gold.
I don't know.
No, I know.
The answer's no.
Thank you so much.
What do you think? - No? [GASPS.]
- No, yes.
It's a yes? Okay, good.
So, what I want you to do now is, there's the feather bar behind.
You can decorate this.
So, maybe we add the blue 'cause it's got the blue in the hat already.
If Marcos is going to use his accessories, I want him to use them thoughtfully.
I don't just want him to grab the first hat he comes across in his home.
I want him to really consider his outfits.
I want everything he does to be well-considered.
Hello, sir! - [LAUGHING.]
- Thank you very much.
One more stop for you.
- After you.
- Thank you.
Jonathan's just finishing up with a client real quick, and then he'll help you.
- Hi, Jonathan.
- Oh! - Oh! - [LAUGHING.]
- What do you think? - [SHOUTS.]
- [TAN.]
She's gorgeous.
Very cute, precious, beautiful.
Hi, Marcos.
How are you? - Hi.
Good to see you.
Okay, now that Alma's taken care of, I'm gonna take you shopping, so you look beautiful for tomorrow night.
You said the right words.
- She likes to shop? - Yeah.
Thank you.
After you, my love.
Bye, my love.
Thank you, Jonathan.
Let's talk about your hair on your face.
I love the texture of your hair.
- I think that's really fun.
Thank you.
All my life, I wanna leave it a little bit long.
Let's leave it long, but let's just give it a nice shape.
I am curious, though, if there is a sense of attachment to your mustache.
Yes, I feel confident.
I mean, my father has all the time, also.
I'm just, like, not ever gonna tell you that we have to cut your mustache off, when you feel like it keeps you connected to your heritage.
I would, however, say the bit of the hair where it comes, like, down over your lip I think we could take off.
And then, let's just, like, clean up your beard a little.
Very good.
Honestly, how did I get so good at my job? Just remember the motions that I'm doing.
Get up underneath your mustache and really scrub it.
I think I heard you say that you work 20 hours a day.
Yeah, I work to three o'clock in the morning or four o'clock.
Sometimes people look at me like crazy because they don't understand the dream I have, but it's a lot.
When Marcos came to the United States, he did not speak English.
He had a dream and a drive to create a better life for himself and his family.
He is the American Dream.
He is someone that should be embraced and just lifted up.
You don't need to have scaredness about people who don't speak the same language as you.
Are you ready to see the new, gorgeous you? - [MARCOS.]
Every day.
There he is.
- What do you think? - Good job.
- Right? - [LAUGHS.]
You look gorg.
I wanna see you with your hat.
Let me see.
- Look at that.
- Honey, I'm sorry, but this man is gorgeous.
Thank you.
It doesn't matter which road you take Just as long as you know how To handle it - [KARAMO.]
We're down the street here.
Oh, yeah.
To our cute Philadelphia office.
We can't wait to show Marcos his new restaurant and show his family his new look, so we're bringing him to the Fab 5 HQ to get him ready.
Marcos, you look so handsome.
- So handsome.
Thank you.
- [BOBBY.]
- Oh, yeah, guapo.
Come on, we're gonna come over here.
Oh! Your hair looks so good.
It's fantastico.
Oh, my gosh, I can't wait to see your gorgeous, gorgeous restaurant.
- Yeah, did you come up with a name yet? - Mm-hmm.
Would you like to share the name of your restaurant with us? - [SPEAKS SPANISH.]
For sure.
- Wait, it's called "Claro Isi" - No! [LAUGHING.]
No, "claro que sí" is like "for sure.
" - Awww! - I don't know Spanish! [ANTONI.]
What is it, Marcos? Alma Del Mar.
- [TAN.]
Oh! - [ANTONI.]
The soul of the ocean, - [TAN GASPS.]
- but it's also the name of his wife and his daughter.
That's so sweet.
- It's a beautiful name.
- Lovely sentiment.
Well, you look great.
We know the restaurant name.
- I wanna spend some time with you first.
Love you.
I'm so happy to have you in our space.
Thanks, me too.
What I was most impressed about during our meeting is how vulnerable you are.
I had never expected for you to be that open, and I was so surprised in a very good way.
I think I couldn't find the right moment.
And you guys created the space for it to take place.
I'm ready for the next chapter of my life.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let's play with your hair! So, curly hair is typically on the more thirsty side.
So when you wake up, just do some foam.
We always start in the back, and then use your fingers to get kind of underneath your hair.
This is all new for me.
- Nice, right? - [TAN.]
Okay, Marcos.
- Okay.
I want to show you your new wardrobe.
This is fine, but I wonder if you'll consider something a little more sophisticated, like a well-fitting linen pant.
Yeah? - I'm in your hands.
- Good.
And then for the shirt, this is where you get to play.
I got you some bold pieces.
- Like? - Yeah.
- And I like a new look now.
- Exactly.
It's a new look.
- Yeah.
Are you ready to try on some clothes? - Yeah? Okay, good.
- Fantastic, yes.
Muy bien.
Ready, guys? - Yeah.
Yeah! You look handsome! [ANTONI.]
Love the boot.
Yeah, look at the belt.
Oh, nice.
I feel comfortable.
Sometimes I feel like when you've got a gorgeous hat on, it's cute with the hair in front.
Oh, my God, look at this.
- [BOBBY.]
Guapo! - Yeah! - [TAN.]
Okay, let's try something else on.
This is your creation.
This is Marcos.
You look like a tasty fruit salad.
There's a way of playing with your clothes without it being a costume.
Alma Alma will like it.
- [TAN.]
I think Alma's gonna be blown away.
- [BOBBY.]
You know what I think he'll look really cute in? His new restaurant, which we should go see.
- Excited? Let's do it.
- Yeah.
- [MAN.]
Hey, Marcos! - [CHEERING.]
Are you ready? [KARAMO.]
You have some little outdoor seats, - so people can have brunch out here.
- This is our table when we visit.
Love the color, Bobby.
Wow! - [KARAMO.]
The floors are beautiful.
- [BOBBY.]
You like that? - [MARCOS.]
Beautiful in here.
It looks cohesive and pretty.
This space is absolutely stunning.
There are so many details.
So cute.
- Look up there.
- Aww! [BOBBY.]
Your grandfather's quote.
I want people to know every day to do it with their heart.
I didn't think you would notice that small detail.
It's what has guided me during my journey.
Thank you so much.
Are you taking it in? It's a lot.
When I opened a restaurant, I was freaking out.
I wanted a very big menu, and I had all of these ideas, but I think the important thing is to really focus on just a few things.
Start small and let it grow.
- Gracias.
- It's like living the dream.
- Yeah! Yes! - [LAUGHS.]
- Oh, my God.
- [BOBBY.]
Alma, you look so good! My God! - Thank you.
Thank you.
- Look at the shoes! - You like them, Alma? [DAUGHTER ALMA.]
I love it.
His hair looks different.
- I like it.
- Different cute, right? Different cute.
Oh, my gosh, yes.
Marcos has spent all week trying to figure out the perfect name for this restaurant.
And I think you're gonna be very happy with what he came up with.
In the end, he decided he wanted to name it after the most important thing in his life.
- Mom! - [LAUGHING.]
Alma Del Mar! I love it.
I never thought I'd be giving that name to my restaurant! But thank you! [ALL.]
Aww! [ANTONI.]
You guys do have a lot of work to do.
We love you so much! - One last hug before we go.
- We love you.
Yes! Come here.
I've not been given this much life by an American entrepreneurial success story since Mariah Carey's debut album in the early 90s drawing together countless number one hits, honey.
- [TAN.]
Bye, honey.
- That's what this family's doing.
Working hard, serving up number one hits, and I can't wait to see the hit of this new restaurant.
Bye! Love you! Adiós! [LATIN JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING.]
I want a mango, mango, man Oh, this looks bomb.
So I wanted to make some mango in Marcos' honor.
- [TAN.]
So good.
- I miss Marcos.
- [BOBBY.]
Let's see him.
Yeah, let's see Marcos.
Walter, you've taken over! - Hi.
Whoa! All right, let's do it.
We've gone through a lot, but we've always had faith that by working really hard, things will get better.
Do you remember when we were opening our first business unable to speak English? And we have grown in that regard, we have learned.
Now we have Marco's Fish & Alma's restaurant.
- That's right.
Oh, this is America, - and it's really gorgeous.
It is.
Oh, my gosh.
We are still missing Jennifer! - [SHOUTING.]
Hi! [KAREN.]
Jennifer! Oh, my God.
[FAB 5.]
You look so good.
Her baby's home.
Now we are finally complete.
Oh! I've been thinking a lot, and I owe you guys an apology.
I've been focused on growing the business and overlooked our family.
Providing for his family doesn't always mean monetarily.
- We want some quality time.
- [ALL.]
Also, Jennifer, I owe you an apology as well.
What I learned this week is to dedicate more time to you and maybe that's what I've been missing with you.
That was my fault.
We won't keep doing that.
And we'll keep moving forward.
- I love you a lot.
- I love you.
Though he's had the healing moment with his daughter privately, It was important for him to apologize in front of the family.
- [TAN.]
I love you guys a lot.
I owe you guys a lot, so thank you for your sacrifice, too.
Such an important thing for a kid to hear, and it's only gonna make them respect their father all the more.
Who's gonna open the door? [MICKEL SPEAKS SPANISH.]
Me! - Oh! - Oh, my God.
- What?! - Oh, my God.
- What? - Oh, my God.
This is amazing.
"Crazy grilled mango.
" [KAREN.]
This fish is so nice.
The kitchen.
Oh, my God.
That space is beautiful, Bobby.
- Thank you.
- [KAREN.]
Cash register? - [ALMA.]
I've always dreamed of using one of these! That's huge for small business.
Let's wash our hands and get to work.
- Working together! - [MARCOS.]
Look at me all sniffly.
Oh, people are gonna start arriving.
Let's go, less talking.
Look at this! Family working together.
- I got this.
- [MAN.]
Hey! [KAREN.]
Come in! Come in! - Welcome.
- Welcome.
Oh, so beautiful.
Very good! Wow.
Love it.
Welcome to Alma Del Mar! [CHEERING.]
Hey, guys.
Salmon burgers here.
We got crab chowder.
You didn't tell me there was crab chowder in there, I would've gotten some to go.
Everybody! Crazy mango! [JENNIFER.]
He said don't help him.
He knows his dad's recipe.
Oh! - Yeah.
His kids are so proud of him.
What do you think of this idea? [JENNIFER.]
Really good.
I just got, like, very emotional because, like, it feels so good, you know, like, being here.
This is your neighborhood.
You were born here.
Your heart is here.
Well, I know that now.
I love you.
I think that there are many other families in the same situation as ours.
That came to this country to give our children a better life, but we neglect some important things.
I want to thank the team for teaching me that part of me that I'd lost and now have found again.
- Yes! - [LAUGHING.]
I want to thank my family.
They've given me support.
They've put in a lot of effort, mentally and physically.
- Yes! - Yes! American culture is all together, no matter where you come from, as long as you come in peace.
- So, this is you guys! - [CHEERING.]
- [TAN.]
Bravo! - What an important message.
Let's keep this party going! [CHEERING.]
What Marcos has achieved is incredible.
That American Dream definitely wasn't handed to him.
- I love you lots.
- I love you, too.
My hope for Marcos and his family is that they continue to stay a tight family unit.
But to do that, they have to be able to communicate and hear each other.
Yes, move it! Every single person out there has something that they wanna accomplish.
Marcos is proof that you're capable of doing that.
Embrace your crazy and live your dreams.
When trying to communicate with your kids, it's important to find common ground.
Things you're both interested in, to start the conversation.
Hey, Jason.
You wanna cook some broccoli and cheese? Hey, Chris.
You wanna go bomber shopping? Jason.
Let's talk politics.
I mean, at the end of the day, all you can do is try.
Wait, did Dad just say something? [LAUGHS.]
See, they were listening.
- We're always listening, Dad.
- Aww! - [LAUGHING.]
- All right.

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