Queer Eye (2018) s05e09 Episode Script

Paging Dr. Yi

1 Hey, let's do some warm-ups, ready? I've reached my peak.
All right, kids, do you wanna hear who we're helping this week? - We sure do! - Yeah! "Our heroine this week is Lilly Yi.
" - Lilly Yi.
- Ooh! Yeah.
"She is 33.
After 11 years of studying and grueling hours, Lilly just completed her medical residency.
- She is finally a pediatrician.
" - Aww! Yes! Help those kids! "Lilly and her family just moved into their first adult apartment, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.
" Wyomissing? It sounds like the place where we're gonna get abducted.
- "Why-yo-missing?" - "Why-yo-missing?" Why-yo-missing! That's funny.
My name is Lilly.
I'm from the Greater Philadelphia area, and I'm a pediatrician.
That's daddy.
That is daddy! Do you see daddy? I have a three year old daughter Annabelle.
I had her six weeks before starting residency, because I wanted to make residency a little extra-challenging for myself.
"She was actually nominated by her husband Jon, who urged her to finish her studies while he stayed at home with their daughter.
" You know, doctor always trumps art student, pretty much.
So I just said, "You know what? I'll stay at home with Annabelle, and once you finish up, it'll be my turn to finish up.
" He's always been my cheerleader.
He's always been like, "You're awesome.
You've got this.
" Modern family.
Working mom, three-year-old baby daughter.
Yes, yes, yes.
"Lilly is a first-generation Korean-American, and the first member of her family to graduate college.
" - Awesome.
- Wow! My parents had an incredible work ethic.
They would leave the house around four or five in the morning, come home around dinner time, and somehow my mom still managed to have dinner on the table, a house that was clean, I'm not sure how to work full-time, maintain the home, take care of a three-year-old, and for that reason, I always feel somewhat inadequate.
"Lilly's very accomplished, but downplays her successes and lacks confidence.
" Culturally, we know that it's hard when your parents put a lot of expectations on you, and then when you do reach them, you still feel like you're not good enough.
Hi, Mommy! Lovey, Mommy's in here! Wait just a minute.
These past three years staying at home with Annabelle have been tough because Lilly was always gone, on her 24-hour shifts, and she kinda gets a little sad about that.
'cause she doesn't know her as well as I do.
Do you wanna put this on? Okay! When I'm with Annabelle, it's usually for just a few hours after my shift, and so that makes me feel bad, and guilty I want this experience for Lilly because I want her to see a strong doctor, and someone who can persevere through anything, that she is.
And then Annabelle can see a great role model in her mother as well.
"Lilly's signature hairstyle is a high school side pony, usually topped with a bow.
" People often underage me.
They're like, "Oh, you're the doctor?" The high ponytail probably doesn't help.
"Lilly's first day of work at her dream medical practice is in a few days.
She wants to walk through her new office with her head held high.
" You are flying solo now.
You just have to be more confident, and that's something that I struggle with, at times.
"Someone call 911, because this is a Fab Five confidence emergency.
" - Cute! - Oh! Actually, we shouldn't do that, because we should only use 911 responsibly.
- Hey, ladies.
We're here - Fun! Oh! - Wyomissing.
- Pretty.
This is my favorite city name ever.
Can we address that? - Ready, boys? - Yeah! It's pretty.
- Hello! - Hi! Oh, my God! We are the Fab Five! We've never had an introduction like that before.
- So good to meet you.
You're so pretty.
- Oh, my God! How's it going? How are you doing, Jon? You are so beautiful! Thanks, guys.
This is Annabelle.
- I mean, literally - You're too kind.
- This is a really cool space.
- You just moved in? Yes, you guys are our first guests.
I'm sorry, we don't have much seating, or It's fine.
Nothing makes me happier than a Papasan chair.
Oh, it's so comfy.
It's like a womb.
I know.
Are you putting your shoes on their sofa? I'm throwing it out anyways.
Pizza! How old is the pizza? It's three days, is the word on the street.
We're not gonna eat it unless Antoni wants to smell it and try.
- I'm a hard pass.
- You're good? Okay.
- Let's explore.
Let's explore.
- Okay.
Okay, a little young This is a big girl room.
I like this.
I've got a lot of blank space to work with.
This is I don't even know what this is.
That's somebody who doesn't wanna get laid.
Do you want a cute little sparkle moment, Annabelle? - Yeah.
- You can match Mommy.
- I'm obsessed, Annabelle.
- Gorgeous! How do you approach doing your hair and your face on a day-to-day basis? In terms of my face, I just wash it, - Yeah.
- with a sensitive skin cleanser, and then for hair, if it's hot, I tie it up.
Yep, if you're playful and creative, and this is how you wanna express it - Sure.
- I'm okay with that.
But I do think it's good to have options.
Maybe you're trying to talk to your new patients, and you gotta explain to them the safeness and effectiveness of vaccines.
Do we really wanna be doing that with a jaunty high pony and a sparkly bow? Boom.
Go! - Do you cook a lot? - I cook everything.
It's like a lot of tofu for Annabelle.
Annabelle likes her tofu specifically at a certain temperature, certain kind of crust, certain kind of seasoning.
Anything over or less, she'll throw them on the floor, and just be like, "No, thank you.
" Annabelle's very particular about what she likes to eat or doesn't eat.
I wasn't allowed to eat whatever I wanted.
I had to eat whatever was given to me.
Kids these days ugh.
I'm not "ugh" -ing at Annabelle.
I'm just ughing at the I've become that person who says, "Kids these days.
" I cannot help that sometimes I get the best ideas.
I see a crib.
I see a blanket, and I see an opportunity to see Bobby's seventh octave happen.
- Go, go, go.
- Whoo! Growing up, I wasn't allowed to, like, decorate my room.
My parents were just like, "No, let's not do anything".
So, it was like white walls.
They probably had a little bit of K-pop posters on the walls, but I haven't had that experience, to decorate my own space.
I just felt like I was in transition most of my life.
I get it.
You know, I met my husband a week before med school.
Oh, my gosh! He didn't know what putting together a home was like.
- When I first met him, literally, it was like this.
- Okay.
- Bobby! - What, boo-boo? Come look at this room with me.
So what happened here? Yeah! We got him! Yum.
Tiramisu gelato.
Crème caramel.
Live your life I love the dynamic you two have here.
- You being a stay-at-home dad.
- Yeah.
That's not a traditional role that we see men in.
It's what family should do.
Like, it ain't about men or women.
It's whoever can do for the family, just do it.
Does Annabelle ever express that she misses Mom? All the time.
I didn't always tell her that, 'cause it'd be too much.
- Yeah.
- Lilly definitely misses a lot of the interactions me and Annabelle have.
It's almost like we'll basically be talking our own language sometimes, or I'll have to translate to Lilly what Annabelle's asking for or translate Annabelle's emotions to her, and she'll just put her head down, and she'll be like, "I wish I knew.
" - Yeah.
- I think that hurts her a bit.
And me and Annabelle are there, like, "Hey, Mommy, what's up?" And she just goes into that mode and just I don't know what to do about it, at this point.
I'm gonna show you what Tan's parents always really wanted.
- Give us one second.
- What? Want to go back in the closet? Paging Dr.
Tanny! - Paging Dr.
Tanny! - Yes.
Wow! Mom and Dad are gonna be so proud of me.
- So proud! - 'Cause finally, I'm a doctor! This is my favorite thing I've ever seen in my life.
- Come on, my love.
- Okay.
So, Jon tells me that when you work at the hospital, sometimes the kids' parents don't know that you're the doctor.
A lot of my wardrobe is just dresses, 'cause it's easy.
Like, you just throw it on and you go.
It styled itself, yeah.
So, doing separates and stuff can be like, "This is taking too much time.
" And in the end, I'm just like, "Ah, whatever," and then I walk out the door.
To a certain extent, I agree.
You pull this out, and you're like, "It does the trick".
- Yes.
- It looks way younger than you are.
- This doesn't read, "I'm a doctor.
" - Right.
We have prom.
We have grandma.
We have, going to a nightclub in 1999.
We do not have doctor.
We do not have cool mom.
We have everything we're not.
You are from an Asian family.
- Mm-hmm.
- I am also from an Asian family.
- Yes.
- You're a child of immigrants.
- Yes.
- Me too.
Your requirements are: doctor, lawyer or engineer.
- Hundred percent.
- But you've also got to be "perfect.
" Yes.
Growing up, I always just felt like my body wasn't the way they wanted it to look.
How do you think they wanted it to look? Smaller than what I was, I guess.
Can you stand for me please? Talk to me about the parts of your body that you love.
- What I love? - Mm-hmm.
Um - Wow.
- That's kind of it.
I'm not very confident about my body.
Your figure is wicked.
And I'm not just saying it to be nice, I promise you.
- That is just a fact.
- Sure.
Even if you are beautiful, somebody can convince you that you're not, if they tell you often enough that you're not.
And so I can see why that's really affecting who she is now, even as an adult.
- Let's go to your kitchen.
- Sure.
A lot of non-kitchen things in the kitchen.
Why did you decide to move now? I got a new job.
And so I'll be starting a new job - just in a few days, actually.
- So you're basically going Is the new job also going from being a resident to a full MD? It's a four day work week.
- Good.
- Which is super exciting.
That's great, so you're gonna have family time.
- Yes.
- Have you started thinking about, like what's your fantasy about how you want things to change for you? One of the most important things for every family is family meal time, - Hmm.
- and I want that to become a tradition.
Like, that Annabelle grows up remembering not all the takeout or the diner that we used to hit up across the street She won't, because that's not what we remember.
- We remember what our parents made for us.
- That's true.
I remember exactly what it was like to have my mother's hunter's stew or, like, sweet crepes for dessert.
You remember those things when you grow up.
- Your parents are business owners, right? - Yeah.
My parents thought it'd be a brilliant idea to get a pizza shop.
Have they ever made pizza before? No.
- And that's where you met Jon? - Yeah.
At night, he would come in and just buy all the pizza that was left.
And we dated a while before I even knew we were dating, apparently.
- You weren't aware? - I was just like, "Who would wanna date me?" That was the kind of idea I had.
So I'm like, "Oh, he's just really nice to his friends, right?" Wait, hold on, back up.
Do you still feel that way sometimes? Yeah I never really went on a lot of dates growing up, and, like, I always thought I was the smart one, not the pretty one, not the hot one.
You didn't think that you could be more than one thing? Yeah, I was the smart one.
That's heartbreaking.
She's somebody who is deeply passionate about her job and about helping others, who loves her husband, who wants to spend more time with her daughter.
She is very much lovable.
We're gonna head out, and we're gonna get started on this.
- Ready to go? All right.
- Okay, let's go! Annabelle's excited about it, I know.
- Can you say "The Fab Five"? - Fab Five.
Weeee! Lilly's doing herself a disservice.
She has put in years upon years of education to be a pediatric doctor.
And right now, she's not presenting as such.
The perfect prescription is a badass wardrobe.
I realize that Lilly has guilt around how she's balancing her work life and motherhood.
And I need to figure out how to help her get out of her head when it comes to her own family.
This week, I really wanna help Lilly get her home in order to start her new life.
That way, all she has to focus on now is the kids at her job and her husband and kid at home.
Lilly realizes that at this stage in Annabelle's life, a lot of the memories that she has are of takeout food.
The important message that I wanna send is that when you make something and you understand the love and the time and the effort that goes into it, you can appreciate it so much more.
We have achieved excellence when it comes to dressing a jaunty, asymmetrical high pony with sparkly bows.
However, I do wanna empower her with the tools that she needs to be like I am confident.
I am a fierce mom, and I am someone who's capable of wearing all these different hats and owning that.
You haven't been to Boyds before? Not even inside? No, I've always just walked by, admired the beautiful architecture and the clothing from the window.
- Okay, after you.
- Thank you.
- All right, this is Boyds.
Come with me.
- Oh, my goodness.
This does not look like anything that I could afford nor pull off.
So, that's kind of how I feel about most things.
Both of those things are untrue.
I wanna make sure that you are dressing according to the new job you have.
- Like, you are a doctor.
- Sure.
And I want you to feel very much like the doctor.
I want for Lilly to be able to walk into her patient's room and command the room.
And when it comes to separates, Lilly struggles with those.
I am showing Lilly exactly how separates can be done.
I only need you to find one thing to build your look around.
- So, I call this a hero piece.
- I see.
I don't wanna go crazy with everything else.
So I'd put it on a simple black jean.
A simple black pump.
Everything else is gonna be really toned down, and this is the thing that you're focusing on.
- Okay.
- So, you don't have to think of it as, "I've gotta find four pieces that are gorgeous.
" Just find one thing and keep everything else simple if you're not comfortable with separates.
- I see.
- So, we're gonna head over here.
You were wearing short-shorts when I saw you.
That's just 'cause I was at home.
Do you like your legs? - No, I don't.
- Okay.
I feel like my thighs are kind of big.
- We all have our own hang-ups, so be it.
- Sure.
Maybe I can convince you to view them in a different way.
- Shall we try some things on? - Okay.
- Can I open the curtain? - Yes, you may.
- Ooh! Come with me.
- Oh, my gosh.
Come with me.
We're gonna do a couple of little tweaks.
It's so good.
But there's a couple of things that are killing me.
- So, first of all - Okay.
The glasses, we're gonna do this instead.
- Okay - Glasses that are a little more killer.
- Already better.
- Okay.
And then, can we take the hair out? - Sure.
- Okay.
Thank you.
I'll take those from you.
Thank you, my dear.
This isn't what I'm thinking for work.
This will look bomb for my date with my husband.
- Okay.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Wow, I look like a completely different person.
Look at yourself! Insane.
This is really amazing.
Are you still hating on your legs? They actually look pretty okay.
That's the best you're gonna give me? They look gorgeous.
Like, absolutely beautiful.
Aww, thanks.
You really struggle taking a compliment.
Yeah, I'm not very good at it.
It's all right, we'll build to that.
Are you feeling yourself in this look? I am.
These are, like, the most They are the most! decked out shoes I've ever worn in my life.
This is, like, boss bitch.
- You know.
- Yes! Dr.
Boss Bitch.
- Dr.
Boss Bitch, right here.
- Uh-huh.
She looked fierce as fu She looked commanding.
She looked like a boss.
You wouldn't say no to this person.
This person looks like she could command a whole damn hospital.
Oh, yes.
All right, come and show me.
Ooh! I wow.
You've got some really chic separates going on here.
- Yeah.
- So, if you were to just take this off, - Mm-hmm.
- when you turn up to the hospital I love that just as it is.
- Like, you look super chic, but cool also.
- Right.
- And still approachable - Cool.
which I think is important in pediatrics.
Yeah, absolutely.
I just, I can't get over I just feel completely different.
I don't wanna put my old clothes back on now.
- That's so nice.
- That's how I feel.
Now there's like a different standard.
I'm gonna be like, "Would Tan let me wear this?" Do you know where we are? Do you know what this is? Holy smokes! Nuh-uh.
Pizzeria Beddia.
Oh, my gosh.
Just, like, the best pizza in America.
No big deal.
Pizzeria Beddia is a staple in Philadelphia.
It's one of the best places to go for a beautiful red sauce cheese pie.
- Hey, chef.
- Hi.
- How are you? - Great.
Lilly and Jon met over pizza.
And guess what.
Annabelle likes pizza, too.
Could you please maybe teach us how to make a pizza? And then we're gonna take over your kitchen, okay? - I love it.
Let's go.
- Awesome.
After you.
This is a no-brainer.
We're making pizza.
Flip the dough into the flour.
I'm gonna cover it on top also.
Earlier this week, there was a boxed pizza sitting on top of the oven that was neglected.
That was sad.
Now we're taking the same thing, pizza, and making it ourselves.
Just roll your hands, okay? You're letting gravity do most of the work.
- This is gonna be the tricky part.
- Yeah, correct.
It's incredible how much more joy you can get because you build a memory of what it was like actually creating that from scratch.
And from here, we're just going in the oven.
- Awesome.
- Probably gonna cook closer to 15 minutes, but it's still quicker than a delivery order, you know? And, like, way tastier.
And you can be proud of it.
- It's something you can make, you know? - It's so much more meaningful.
- Totally.
- Yeah.
- Now it's our turn.
You ready? - Let's try.
Thank you, chef.
- Thank you so much.
- Of course.
And now we start from the center From the center.
Ooh, bubbles! So your dad took care of this part - Yes, I did more like the - at your pizzeria? customer interaction, manager You did the meeting-Jon part.
I did the meeting-my-future-husband thing.
So, this is the part where we're basically gonna put it on the top part of our hand.
Annabelle's gonna be so good at this.
There's gonna be flour everywhere.
I know you're so busy with your work, but Jon can make the dough the day before, and then you take on the next step.
Oh, my gosh! It's such a symbol for raising Annabelle.
He took care of the first few years, and now you're gonna be taking over with your new job and the days that you have.
Pizza as a metaphor for our life.
- I love it.
- Totally.
Okay, so now we're ready for our sauce.
I think you just pour it out and then spread it around.
When's the last time you cooked like this? Oh, my gosh, um It looks good on you, I have to say.
I can't even remember.
That's really sad.
I can't even remember the last time I cooked like this.
This is really fun.
Lilly has been longing for time with her family.
Next step, you remember? - High-moisture cheese first.
- Correct.
The accolades and the title of a doctor are important, sure, but what really matters is breaking bread with her husband and her daughter.
Now we go to the low moisture.
Low-moisture cheese.
And I want her to remember that going forward.
Here I go She now has time to do that.
All right.
- I made that! - Beautiful.
- That is so yummy.
- Mmm! - Oh, my gosh! - Such a pretty neighborhood.
Thank you.
I wanted to bring you here so I could figure out your loves, so you can figure out your loves 'cause you probably haven't had time 'cause I know with my husband in med school and residency, he didn't have time for anything.
I think I just like to walk into a space and feel kind of like calm and not too over-stimulated.
Okay, so, earthy textures.
But also, like, a few things that pop.
- Sure.
- Because with Annabelle, - I don't want her to be under-stimulated.
- Of course.
I think the thing that people don't realize about the medical profession is those years that they are in school, they are just robots.
Studying, not sleeping, working.
She's never got to pick furniture or bedding or decor or anything.
It's like the first day of their new life.
So, thread count is an American marketing ploy.
You can have a thousand-thread count sheets that feel like sandpaper.
- Okay.
- People are always like, "How can I tell?" I'm like, "Just touch it.
" - Are you ready for big girl sheets? - Oh, my gosh.
Now that you're starting to, kind of, see what your home can be and what your life can be now, what are you most looking forward to? I was in residency, and I was invested in what I was doing there, and sometimes the other aspects of my life didn't get as much attention as - The relationships? - Yeah.
Yeah, we lived in, first few years, Mount Sinai housing.
And so I would just sit at home by myself, and I felt like I was just in a relationship with all the restrictions of being in a relationship, - but none of the benefits.
- Mm-hmm.
- None of the fun stuff.
- Yeah.
I get what Jon is going through.
But clearly he sees in you what I saw in my husband.
Which was an amazing person that's worth the wait.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
I think it'll be great, this new job, more time, having opportunities to explore other interests It's just like, all the feels.
- How was your day with the guys? - It was amazing.
It's just, you know, it's hard to be vulnerable, you know? It is, it's very hard.
I mean, for me, the thing that stood out is Annabelle and wanting to have more of a relationship with her.
I'm probably not quite as present as I should be - or could be.
- Yeah.
I can tell that Lilly is a great mom, but she is feeling a lot of guilt about the fact that she's not around.
- We're going in here.
- What? I always wanted to come here.
Really? She needs to remember that she has to make the time, no matter what time, to be involved in her daughter's life.
How does it make you feel when you come home, and Annabelle and Jon are playing? I feel sad.
I feel left out.
I feel like this is just another moment - that I wasn't there for.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's a hard feeling for a mother.
Especially in a society that doesn't really praise "non-traditional roles," where the mom is at work and father's at home.
It causes this internal conflict.
You're already dealing with the guilt of not being there and then you're also dealing with the judgment of other people.
Like, why is it not okay to find fulfillment inside the home and outside the home.
- Like, why can't we have both? - Yeah.
But I just feel like there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day to do everything that I wanna do.
My mom would work late hours, so she would come home at 11 or 12 o'clock.
- And she would wake me up.
- Mm-hmm.
- And for ten, 15 minutes, we would play.
- Aww.
And it was her way of dealing with her guilt.
But that ten, 20 minutes meant so much to me.
And I think for you, you have to remember, that when you walk into your home, you have to fight against that guilt and say, "Doesn't matter that I wasn't here earlier.
" Any moment you're there is the moment you should be there.
So, I want to show you something.
- We're gonna go through here.
- Oh, okay.
- Oh, my gosh! - Shh! All right, kids, check it out.
Mm! Pinch.
Look, watch, pinch.
Your turn, your turn.
They look happy.
- This is what you walk into at nighttime.
- Yeah.
Are you ready? Tight grip.
Keep going, keep going, you got it.
You got it.
You got it.
Yeah! He's just such a sweet dad.
He's a sweet dad.
You're a great mom.
- Right? - Yeah.
Even when Jon, like, invites me to be like, "Hey, Lil, play with us," and stuff, it's just, I feel like I don't know how, you know? But you gotta be present because they want you.
I just feel like I don't wanna ruin their fun.
And that's usually what you feel when you come home, right? Yeah.
Lilly feels like an outsider in her own home, because she's working all day.
But now, Lilly's schedule is changing, so you gotta just get involved.
No more sitting on the sideline.
Your family is here and ready and waiting for you.
You have to tell yourself that I belong.
Interrupt those thoughts, and then interrupt that moment and insert yourself in.
Oh, my gosh.
Look, turn.
Hey, lovey.
Oh, you're gonna get all schmutzy.
Ah, it's all good.
- Hey It's Mommy.
I love you so much.
- Look.
- What are you making? - We made schmutz.
- Yeah.
- What are you making? - This looks like so much fun.
- Dude, grab an apron.
How do you do this? Can you show me how, Annabelle? Better.
One on the inside, one on the outside.
- Ready? - Then we hold it.
- You got her? Got her? - Yes.
I got it.
This is the first step in Lilly interrupting the idea that she's a bad mom.
Lilly's daughter doesn't realize that Mom has been gone.
She's just happy that Mom is here now.
- Push out, push out.
There you go.
- Ah! - Good job! - There you go.
Pffltt! - After you.
- Thank you.
Step into my oficina.
What has been happening with your hair color, if anything? 'Cause it's looking very virgin to me.
So, one time, in tenth grade, I wanted to impress a boy, so my sister did some little streaks, - 'cause you know, it was the 90's.
- Yeah.
And then that's it.
Queen, you've been busy.
Like, you had a full plate.
- Yeah.
- Lilly is a thriving woman, wife, doctor, mother.
And I don't want her getting her hair color to be another thing that she has to deal with consistently.
I do wanna do a little bit of a highlight on you, but I want it to be easy-breezy, like, really, really low-maintenance.
- Okay.
- And I do wanna open up your face, - something around here.
- Okay.
You seem to be very zen when you're doing your work.
- I love doing hair.
- Ahh.
How are you at work? - Uh - Or do you even really know yet? 'Cause isn't it literally gonna be, like, your first day? Like, my first day flying solo-ish, yeah.
- I know.
- Wow.
It's sink or swim.
- Swim.
- Yeah.
Well, because if you have the training to do what you need to do in these situations, it's just kind of, like, believing that you do.
- Exactly.
- You know? Confidence is definitely a journey that we achieve on our inside.
However, with just a little baby zhuzh to her outsides, she can do something that will just give her an extra little, like So, pick me up at high school, where you realize that you wanna become a doctor.
- Yeah.
- How? I saw this documentary on this little girl who had a completely disfigured face, and there was this one doctor who was like, "Let me help you, and I'll do it pro bono.
" 'Cause he knew how much that could change someone's life.
Like, I grew up with a scar on my arm, and I knew how much torment that I experienced growing up.
Kids were bully-ish? Oh, my gosh.
They thought it was, like, a disease.
They'd run away from me.
Babe, I'm so sorry.
No, it's okay.
Obviously, well, it's sad that I have to say "obviously," - but I got bullied a lot, and - Aww.
I think, you know, as tough as it was then, I think sometimes it can be the reason why we can be so empathetic - and so sensitive - Right.
and be able to help on the level that we help.
That's very gorgeous of you.
Let's go style you up.
Sounds good.
You look really gorge.
Let's take a look at the new Dr.
Lilly Yi.
Oh, my gosh.
The new Dr.
Lilly Yi.
She's right here.
Oh, my goodness! This hair is amazing.
Oh, wow.
Oh, my gosh, wow.
It's so pretty.
It's, like, changing your little baby body language a little.
- How could I not, with, like damn.
- When you look this Who is she? - Seriously, who is that girl? - Like, Dr.
Lilly Yi 2.
It's just amazing.
Are you nervous? Oh, I don't think I'm nervous.
I'm just excited.
You have no idea what you're about to see.
It's incredible.
- Boys, ready for this? - Yeah! Okay, close your eyes.
Thank you so much.
We're gonna walk you forward.
Look how gorgeous you are! Oh, my God! Say hi to the boys, first of all.
Hi! You can put your glasses back on now.
No, now come join us.
Let her see! Let her see! Let her see! Oh, my goodness! This is amazing! Oh, my - Hi, Doctor.
- This is incredible.
- Do you like your new doctor home? - It's beautiful, thank you so much.
Mm! This is amazing.
After you.
Oh, my goodness! Oh, my gosh, and it's blue-green! Oh, my I love all the shapes.
Accent wall.
So, if you notice, everything Annabelle-level is Annabelle's - Oh! - throughout the whole house.
Anything above Annabelle-level is Mommy and Daddy.
Oh, my goodness.
This is loft-living at its best.
- So, over here - Oh.
Oh, wow.
That is so oh, my gosh.
A cute little doctor's coat.
So she can be like Mommy.
I never thought a toddler's room could look this fly.
- I wanna move in here.
- I know.
It's prettier than my room.
- Come on, shall we see more? - Ready to see the master? Oh, my gosh! It's beautiful.
Oh, my gosh.
It feels so nice! Wood wall treatment on the wall.
- I love that.
- There's your painting that you guys did.
Welcome to your new kitchen.
Looks beautiful.
- Isn't it nice? - I love it.
And your brand-new pizza oven.
It's so boss.
I'm so excited about it.
- It's really, really cool.
- It's a pizza oven? It's a thing that exists, that you can have at home.
Tonight, I want it to be nice and simple, and I want you to be able to recreate the amazing experience - that we had at the pizzeria.
- Great.
Although, I'm pretty sure that you remember all of this.
And I wrote it down in my journal.
- You did? - Yeah.
You wrote it down in your journal? How cute are you! Okay, welcome to your bathroom.
- Down here.
- Oh, cute! Monday is, like, your first day as Dr.
Lilly Yi in your new practice.
It is.
First thing you're gonna do is you're gonna take this to your face.
- You're gonna cleanse.
- Okay.
Use this to clip the hair out of your face.
- Oh! I love it.
- Yes.
For cleanse.
First things first.
If you're going to work, but you're like, "I don't need to give these kids a face today.
I'm busy.
" Now, this is Olay's Regenerist Whips.
- We love this.
This is fragrance-free.
- Okay.
So, this is great, because this is a primer.
It's very moisturizing.
It's very lightweight.
So, let's take a little bit of that.
- Okay.
- And put it on the back of your hand.
- Then our gorgeous concealer.
- Mm-hmm.
I just put it right next to the moisturizer.
Mix it together with your ring finger.
Doesn't that feel luscious? It does.
And now you're gonna just take that and apply it to the neck and face.
And now you can buff it in with your brush.
- Yes.
Does that feel, like, lovely? - It feels so good.
- Like, how easy is that? - So easy.
- Do you love? - Love it.
Okay, can I just say one more thing? You are a literal inspiration.
In this day and age, a first-generation Korean-American becoming a doctor, a mom, like, you're the epitome of an American dream.
- Oh, my God.
- You really are.
And sharing with me the vulnerability about your scar, which is beautiful.
I love the bravery in which you share your gorgeous scar.
So many of us need to be more proud of who we are.
- I love you to pieces.
- Thank you so much.
All right, Lilly.
- Yes.
- I'm obsessed with your closet, so have at it for a second.
Oh! Oh, my gosh! It's beautiful.
All the colors and the textures I know, but I actually wanna see you in some looks.
- Shall we play? - Let's play.
All right, kids.
Here we go! Here we go.
Here we go.
Wow! Dr.
Yi! Dr.
Yi! Dr.
Yi! - A high-waisted gorgeous skirt.
- Love! Gorgeous! - Love the type of zipper on that.
- It's gorgeous.
It's very cute.
You wear it well.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
I love that little nude boot, too.
I think it looks professional.
- You could go to work like this, right? - I think so.
Do you feel good in this? Do you feel good in this? I do, I'm just like - "Who dat girl?" - Yeah! Come on, love.
Paging Dr.
Yi! - Cute! - Yes! - I love this look! - Love this look! That's a great top! And a skinny heel? - I know.
- Good, right? Who are you? I'm Dr.
Yi, you look so sexy.
Oh, you're so beautiful.
Thank you.
I'm just astonished.
I can say that I'm not the same person that I was just a few days ago.
And not many people can say that their life can change so much in just a few days.
You guys didn't just come in and give me some new clothes and a new apartment space.
- You guys gave me a new outlook.
- Mm-hmm.
And that is just - irreplaceable, so - Aww.
And this came at the perfect time, because we're actually having another baby.
Oh, my God! I'm so glad we didn't do a mixology class.
Can we group-hug it out? I don't wanna leave you.
Come on, everyone.
- Is this the baby's first group hug? - Wait a second There aren't six of us, there's seven of us! Aww! - Bye, my love.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Mmm! Let me just see one last time.
My God, you look good.
Look at that.
- Slay all day! - Bye.
- Raise those babies.
- Bye! Love you, girl! Thank you.
Hi, boys! - Pizza! Pizza! - Walter! - Pizza, pizza, pizza! - I wish you got this excited over my food.
- Yum.
- A little homage to Lilly and Jon and Annabelle.
- Can I do the honors today? - Dr.
Lilly! Come on.
Thank you.
- All right, boys, let's watch this.
- Yay! Hi, Walter.
Look at that dress! She looks incredible.
Gorgeous, darling.
- Hi, Mommy! - Oh, my God.
Hi! Annabelle's the cutest! Whoa! Whoa! Oh, wow! - He's got a lot to take in right now.
- Yeah, he has.
- You look amazing! - Thanks, honey.
- I missed you.
- I missed you, too.
Aww! Are you ready, Annabelle? Oh! Aww, look at her.
She's so happy in her space.
She is so cute.
Oh, my gosh, this is everything we wanted.
- Jon, look at this.
- Look, immediately to the horse.
You want the bed? - Whoa! - This is your bed, lovey.
This is your bed.
It's a horsey.
It is a horsey.
I'm just stunned.
This is like, we have a home now.
- Like, a legit home.
- I know.
Oh, yeah.
- What you got going here? - I learned how to make pizza.
Like, our whole life started together 'cause of pizza.
Pizza's such a fun, interactive way for families to connect.
And although Annabelle's too young now, she can still watch her parents make it, - and she can partake one day.
- Yeah.
Carbs always brought my family together, more than anything.
It looks good.
It's fully cooked! First pizza together! Love it.
She did it.
They made their own first pizza.
Pizza! Put it on the pizza! Put it on the pizza! Put it on the pizza! - Wanna do some mac and cheese? - Uh-huh.
Yeah? Lilly was so afraid that she was always gonna be seen as not the fun parent.
And look at this, she's actually doing it.
- She's having fun, she's playing.
- Annabelle loves her, and they obviously have such a gorgeous little connection.
- Mommy.
- Yeah.
Mommy's coming home from work, and you're running to Mommy.
Our Insecurities aren't realities, necessarily.
- For sure.
- I feel like I'm not the same person.
I've learned so much.
And they weren't trying to change, like - who I am, you know? - Yeah.
- No, I love her essence.
- No, we saw you for who you are.
But, dude, this hair.
- I know, that hair.
- Right? Mm-hmm.
It looks really great.
You look really great.
Let's be real on that.
He's so in love with her.
So, tell me how great I look, though.
What do you like about me? Everything, always.
It's always been the same, but, I mean, it's like look at this.
This is a massive shift compared to how she was at the start.
At the start of the week, remember when we'd give her a compliment, - she would look down, couldn't accept it? - Oh, yes.
And now she's asking her husband, tell me what you love about me.
She wants to receive those compliments.
- We all want to receive those compliments.
- Yeah.
- Wanna go to bed? - Sure.
In our new adult bedroom? Ooh, it's her first day of work.
She was so nervous.
I wonder what look she's gonna pull, honey.
Her Artis brush and she putting it on perfectly.
- She has the most beautiful face.
- Right.
Oh, my God.
I have so much pride right now.
Look how amazing she looks! I love the little shrug at the end.
Bye, baby.
Oh, yeah.
Kiss her goodbye.
This hasn't made me cry in a second.
This is, like, really sweet.
Thank you.
Be awesome.
I learned that the things that Jon was always saying might actually be true.
I am a good mother.
I am deserving of my accomplishments.
Now I feel ready.
I feel prepared.
I feel confident.
Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
And I know that I'll be able to do what I have dedicated my life to do.
Hi! I'm Dr.
- Hi, I'm Aiden.
- Nice to meet you.
- Is it cool if I check you out, real quick? - Yeah.
- Is that all right? Okay.
- Yeah.
You're old enough.
I wanna ask permission.
It's your body, right? Good jo yeah.
You better teach consent to the babies.
Can you do two jumping jacks for me? I'll do 'em with you.
- Aww! - She is fantastic.
I would have loved her as my doctor.
Look at those beautiful blue eyes.
Lilly is so much more comfortable with herself than I know she was before.
Sometimes it's so much easier to be hard on ourselves and to not give ourselves credit for actually trying.
The fact that Lilly has worked for 11 years to become a doctor is so admirable.
And we don't have to get caught up in comparing how much we're at home with our family as compared to someone else, because work-life balance is inside of us.
And so no more apologizing about the quantity of time.
It's more about the quality of time she's spending with her daughter, 'cause that's really what matters.
- Nailed it.
- Paging Dr.
Lilly Oh, she has arrived! Yeah! Let's go to med school.
Spin-off! Lilies come in all different types of colors.
And as beautiful as they are, they actually all hide a very dirty little secret.
And it's called an anther.
The anthers are the pollen producers, that when they fall out, can stain your counters, your floors, your clothes, your nose.
So when you get them home, take a tissue, go right here in the center of the flower, and very gently, just pull them right off.
And you've saved yourself a lot of heartache.

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