Queer Eye (2018) s08e02 Episode Script

Kiss the Sky

Come on, everybody ♪
Rock and roll, gonna save my soul ♪
Sing it, hallelujah ♪
Hallelujah ♪
[KARAMO] We are in it to
win it, honeys. Let's go.
You guys, our hero
this week is Tim Keel.
[KARAMO] Hey, Tim Keel.
"He's possibly one of the biggest
KISS superfans of all time."
- Oh.
- Wow.
- Wait a second. I have the perfect thing.
- [TAN] Oh.
- Ah!
- [TAN] Tina Turner.
- Yes.
He's a KISS fan!
- Yay!
- What's that?
- Is KISS, like, that heavy, heavy metal?
- Yes.
And Gene Simmons is
known for his tongue.
- Yes, very long tongue.
- Is he the guy from the workout videos?
- No. That's Richard Simmons.
- Oh.
Whoa! ♪
I've been accumulating
KISS merchandise since 1974.
I've been a fan since
the first album came out.
Whoa! ♪
Every piece of space on every
wall has got something on it.
- I have no idea what songs they sing.
- I've no idea either.
[TAN] No idea what they look like.
They paint their faces
and have that hair.
- They're the black-and-white gang!
- [BOBBY] Yeah. Yeah.
They stick their
tongue out and go, "Ah!"
"Tim's house has been
overrun by his greatest loves,
KISS memorabilia and pets."
Something about just the word "pets"
and the lack of specificity
makes me just a tad nervous.
I have a spur-thighed tortoise.
I have about 15 reptiles.
A bunch of fish.
Oh, and I also have a pigeon.
It's a 12-year-old boy's house, man.
- When it comes to fashion
- Yeah.
if it doesn't have a KISS logo
on it, honey, Tim doesn't want it!
- I don't want it either! I love KISS!
- [BOBBY] Yeah.
- Ah!
My dad has worn a KISS
shirt and cargo pants, only,
for the past 40 years.
Never anything else ever.
[TIM] I have about 350 KISS
shirts. That's what I'm known for.
It's my signature. I'm a
rock-and-roll outlaw, man.
- Okay, now we're going into the story.
- [ANTONI] Okay.
"More than 30 years ago,
Tim's brother Tommy, aka Doody,
was in a terrible car accident
leaving him paralyzed
with severe brain damage."
"Since that day, Tim has
been Doody's sole caretaker."
[TIM] All right, Dood.
You ready to get up?
My brother, Doody Keel, he
had a closed head injury.
He's paralyzed on his left side.
So I've been taking care
of him since, like, '86.
It's been him and I.
My dad's whole life has been
taking care of his brother.
[DOODY] Where are we going?
[TIM] Just getting you back.
My dad is lonely.
"Tim was married to his high school
sweetheart, Kim, for 23 years."
"The challenge of
caring for Tim's brother
combined with Tim's lack of self-care
put too much strain on the marriage."
So he has been through a divorce, honey.
Kim and I had two
daughters, Lilly and Melody.
We had a really good time raising them.
And that's why we're
such good friends today,
because of our kids.
My mom really kept my
dad focused and together.
When they got divorced,
he let a lot of his
self-care fall to the wayside
and he really spiraled
into a depression.
[JONATHAN] "Last year, he
lost his job as a welder."
- Oh my God.
- Oh.
"Since being unemployed,
he's spiraled down further."
- I can understand that.
- [ANTONI] Oh my God.
When it rains, it pours!
[TAN] Even if he's not
taking care of himself,
the fact that he's doing so much
for his brother is beautiful.
- Yes.
- It's a lot of sacrifice.
[MELODY] I hope this experience
gives my dad some
self-confidence and self-worth,
and that he sees that
there's more to him
than just a caregiver and a
KISS fan and an animal lover.
My dad is in the lowest
point of his life.
He needs outside help
of someone to lift him out
and, like, give him a boost
and get him back,
like, moving and shaking
and being the person he once was.
"Our mission this week is to help
Tim Keel do what it takes to heal!"
Yes, healing journey. We're upon you.
Things just keep getting better ♪
Down in New Orleans ♪
Whoo! ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! ♪
[BOBBY] Here? Whoo!
- [ANTONI] All right, let's go!
- Let's do it.
I'll knock.
- Trick or treat!
[GUYS] Hi!
[JONATHAN] How are you,
buddy? Nice to meet you! Aw.
- You really do always wear KISS outfits.
- Hey, how are you?
- I'm Antoni. Nice to meet you.
- What's going on?
Hello. I'm Tan. Nice to meet you.
How are you?
[KARAMO] Come on. Show
me around your home.
- It's not a home. It's a museum.
- Wow.
[JONATHAN] This is the
epicenter of KISS memorabilia.
Is it for me? No, but I
understand, because if I could,
I would turn my house
into Michelle Kwan Central.
KISS, Michelle Kwan. Basically
the same. You know? I get it.
- Thanks for letting us into your home.
- Sure. Sure.
- Yes.
- Great.
- Can I say hello to Doody?
- Try. Sure.
- [JONATHAN] Hi, Doody.
- Hi, Doody.
[KARAMO] Hi, Doody.
[TIM] Hey, man. We're gonna talk
about you for a minute, all right?
We grew up together. He's
seven years older than I am.
We were always close, always hung out,
and then he had a bad car accident.
They didn't think he was gonna live.
He was in a coma for three months.
- Wow.
- [TIM] But he woke up.
And then we got him
home as soon as we could.
So he's been with us ever since.
Was he kind of your idol?
Are you that kind of family where
your older brother was your person?
Yeah, I mean, he's the
one who introduced me
to all this stuff. All this music.
You did this, Doody? [CLICKS TONGUE]
Yeah! [LAUGHS]
[ANTONI] What is it about
them that you love so much?
- Hair and makeup.
- [JONATHAN] Right?
- Well
Just the whole mystique of it all.
I mean, I grew up in the '70s,
and they were big in the '70s.
- And they were my friends.
- Yeah.
I literally just saw an
aquarium full of turtles.
- [KARAMO] Oh my gosh.
- There's full turtles.
- Oh!
- [KARAMO] So cool.
[JONATHAN] Oh, look at that fish.
[ANTONI] Oh my gosh.
It's an albino snake.
My Achilles tendons feel
numb, and my taint is tingling.
- I just got a chill in my whole body.
- [TAN] Wait! I wanna see!
That is gorgeous. Oh my
God. It's a real one. Oh!
What? What? What? What? What? What?
[ANTONI] Reptiles just terrify me.
There's just something about
them that reminds me of dinosaurs.
I feel like they're from another planet,
and they make me terribly uncomfortable.
I would rather snuggle up
to a New York City street rat
than I would be ten feet away from
the smallest snake in the world.
[TIM] That's Oswald right here.
[TIM] She's going through a procedure.
She's got a feeding tube now.
[TAN] Aw.
Blood transfusion turtle!
Minding its own business in the
middle of a hectic busy place.
[BOBBY] Let's see the
rest of the KISS stuff.
- [ANTONI] Look at the boot.
Yeah, put 'em on.
- [TAN] How did you walk in these?
- [TIM] I was walking good.
[BOBBY] A sensible heel!
And then I fell once and I
said, "I think I've had enough."
- [TAN] They are insane.
- [KARAMO] My gosh.
- [TAN] Ah! I have never felt better.
- [ANTONI] They're so good.
- Look how tall you are.
- Bam!
[KARAMO] It's freaking me out.
Open wide!
I don't have Covid. I don't need that.
[TAN] Drink your juice!
[ANTONI] Let's see your kitchen.
[ANTONI] What's this guitar?
[TIM] Lilly made that
when she was a baby.
- Little girl.
- [ANTONI] Aw.
I noticed that where you have a
thousand pieces of KISS memorabilia,
there's always a photo of your
daughters or your family there.
[TIM] Yeah. I'm always
thinking about 'em.
What was your favorite time
when you think back about
what life used to be like?
Well, when all four of us were
together, hanging around here, cooking.
- You're a sentimental man.
- Yeah, I am.
Do you make food for
you and your brother?
I do. It's simple things now. I
don't go through all the trouble.
I used to come home from work,
get in this kitchen, and make a
big meal when we were together.
Did you enjoy doing that?
- [TIM] I loved it.
- Okay.
Yeah. I mean, I cooked in
restaurants for years and stuff.
When did it stop? That's
what I'm curious about.
Well, it stopped maybe six months after,
you know, it was just
him and I in the house.
I was just kind of like,
"Well, why am I sitting
in here for two hours?"
He's, like, "Hey, man.
Whatever you got, I'll eat."
If it doesn't matter
to your brother as much,
then maybe it's a little
opportunity to think about you.
- Yeah
- [ANTONI] And nourishing yourself.
- Right.
- Well, let's see what's going in here.
- Where you at?
- This big ol' fridge.
- This is it.
- This is it.
This is all food for the
tortoise. Don't think I eat this.
So all the veggies
are for the tortoise
- [TIM] Right.
- but not for you
- [TIM] No.
- a living, breathing, human being,
who's taking care of someone
- [TIM] Right.
- and has a life to live.
- Right.
- Got it.
- [TIM] No veggies for me.
- [ANTONI] I wanna know about you.
- [TIM] We got pancake mix for me.
- [ANTONI] Okay.
[TIM] And I love these.
These are the best.
[ANTONI] 'Cause why have the crust?
[TIM] You're eating and done
in about a minute and a half.
- [ANTONI] You eat a lot of hot dogs.
- [TIM] I do.
What's in the freezer?
- [ANTONI] Oh my.
- [TIM] We got some mice for the snake.
- There are mice in there? Oy!
- [TIM] Yeah.
- [ANTONI] Oh, Beauties.
- [TIM] I feed the other one live mice.
And then I I have frozen big,
jumbo, frozen rats for the big one.
- Where do you buy rats from?
- [TIM] Pet store.
Ah, okay. You're a fascinating man.
[KARAMO] Oh, that's cool.
Oh my God.
[TAN] Join me, my love.
Frankly, I've already had a look.
- Impressive, huh?
- It's [LAUGHS]
I love Yes.
It's a beautiful thing.
I do love that you have a passion,
but there's got to be something more.
I'm just so used to wearing
them, man. It's all I've worn.
For how long?
- Just KISS shirts every single day?
- Yeah.
I don't know, 20 years, maybe?
When I put these on, I
just feel good about myself.
If you feel good in it and
it makes you feel passionate
or happy or whatever, wear it.
And if you've found that, wonderful.
I do think you're limiting
yourself, 'cause there's other things
that might make you feel good. So
Yeah, I'm with you.
I would like to explore
that with you also,
but we ain't getting rid of this.
We're going to find a way
to incorporate this vibe,
without it just being a KISS shirt.
- I'm ready.
- Good. Me too.
You're so sweet, little turtle.
Do you hate having to be
around all these snakes, too?
have an albino anaconda.
It could [YELLS]
at any moment.
I love your memorabilia
and I love your passion.
Thank you.
I can see how sweet and
kind and loving you are.
It actually radiates from you.
- Thank you.
- You love your brother so deeply.
- Right.
- But I want to know who you are.
- I don't know who I am.
- [KARAMO] Yeah.
I don't have an identity
outside of those things.
When was the last time you
remembered having an identity?
Probably, when I was a kid,
you know. A teenager growing up.
I would go to the park all
day, looking for reptiles.
That just made me happy.
That's how people knew me.
- Just like, a reptile guy, and
- Fun guy.
- Yeah, fun guy.
- Do you still have fun?
It's very few and far in between.
I could use a little more fun. I
need to live my life a little bit.
Yeah. I got you, man.
- We got this this week.
- [TIM] Thank you.
That's a lot of cobweb.
So much stuff.
I like there's just one little
patch of hairy skin poking out.
- Just to show "I'm a man."
- Just a little peek at you.
I'm a man in these boots.
- [KARAMO] Jonathan! I have a guest.
- Yes! Hi!
[TIM] What are you doing
in my beautiful bathroom?
- Being a gorgeous minx in it.
- [KARAMO] Y'all have fun.
- Love you!
- [KARAMO] Love you too.
- Honey.
- [TIM] Hey.
- [JONATHAN] Tell me.
- Okay.
[JONATHAN] You come
in here in the morning.
You're humming a little
KISS tune to yourself.
- [TIM] You got that right.
- And then what happens?
- I'll jump in the shower.
- Might take a showee?
- Brush my teeth.
- Oh, it's getting sexy.
Then what happens?
Then I leave. I'm out.
What an abrupt ending!
You don't slather lotion
on those legs or arms?
- [TIM] There's no lotions.
- No lotions?
What about three of my
favorite letters, SPF?
[JONATHAN] If you are not wearing
sunscreen, you are incorrect.
If you do not put on some sunscreen,
I'm gonna take off my sandal
and I'm gonna chase you.
I've had it! No more Mr. Nice Person!
So what I'm going to do is just
We're gonna switch outfits.
I'll get you in this dress.
And then I'm gonna
take you over to Bobby.
- Okay.
- [JONATHAN] Let's go.
- I'm kidding. We're not gonna switch.
- I don't mind.
Would you want to?
- Well, I
- Should we give you this little dress?
- [TIM] I'm game.
- Here. Let's strut to find our slut.
Look right at the camera.
- Ooh.
- Ooh.
- No, you go, "Ooh!"
- Ooh!
And then turn to the side like that.
I gotta get this confidence now.
I gotta get Tim to drop
into his sluttiness.
- Then look at this.
- Oh, okay.
- Ooh.
- Hey now! Hey!
Yes, and then walk with gusto
into there. Walk in there.
- [JONATHAN] Yeah, keep going.
We did a modified slut drop.
This is the season of sluts, apparently.
I'm glad we're on the same page.
You guys have fun. Love you both.
- [TIM] All right. Thank you.
- You doing okay?
- Yeah? Good.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- So, this is Doody's room.
- Right. This is Doody's room.
How is this particular room working out?
Well, this is what you call
"just put it wherever you can."
- Okay. This bed broken, it seems?
- Yes, it's definitely broken.
The feet work, but
the head doesn't work.
Is this room, the
good angle and stuff or
As long I have a floor,
I can turn him around.
I'm pretty good at driving.
I've been driving
this thing a long time.
I can put this bad boy
through a space like that.
Tim's not the only guy that lives here.
Doody lives here too,
and I think getting the
place more open and spacious
to where he can get around better
is really going to affect
both of their quality of lives
- in a very good way.
- [TAN] Two.
- Uh-huh.
- Three. Open wide.
- [ANTONI] Why are you sweating so much?
You can go wider.
You can go wider.
- I know you can go wider.
- You are drenched.
[TAN] The smell of this hot
dog juice is absolutely vile.
I can't believe these two idiots
are willing to put this in their mouths.
They are morons.
Oh, what's that juice that's
falling off it? It's so gross.
- Yeah!
- Good job!
- [KARAMO] I've said it a million times.
Antoni, stop putting
everything in your mouth!
Frankly, I'm tired of everyone judging
the fact that I put
everything in my mouth.
How else are you gonna know
what something tastes like?
Y'all didn't mess up my hot dogs?
- You put 'em back?
- We promise we'll replenish hot dogs.
And we'll be cooking those hot
dogs and eating them personally.
We don't believe in food waste.
So as we take you, who's going to
take care of your brother this week?
- You have support?
- My family.
Okay, great.
How does that feel knowing you're
gonna take some time away from him?
You know, it's a weird thing,
but yeah. He's in good hands.
- [MELODY] What's up, Daddy-O?
- Who is this gorgeous girl?
Come in here!
- Are you Melody?
- Yeah!
Hi, Melody! I'm Tan. Nice
to meet you. How are you?
- Come on in. Join us.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- I'm gonna hug everyone. Hi!
- How are you, honey?
- I'm good. How are you?
- [KARAMO] This your daughter?
- [MELODY] Hi, Daddy!
[JONATHAN] Hi, Daddy!
Look at this gorgeous mug.
We've already fallen in love
with him. He's a good man.
[MELODY] He is the best.
Did someone get you the
Daughter-of-the-Year award?
I can feel it. You're so cute.
Well, my dad's the best.
And just the sweetest and funniest
and I just love him the most.
I mean, he's just, like,
the best dad in the world,
but he could use a little
zhuzhing, to say the least.
It's time for a little something new.
We want to get him out the house.
All my friends freaking love Tim.
Like, Tim's the party monster.
- Tim's coming to the party.
- Oh, really?
He's wearing a costume.
Like, he's there.
- [JONATHAN] He's the life of the party.
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]
Just want to like,
pull out that old Tim.
He can feel himself again
and, like, feel himself.
- [ANTONI] Yeah!
- I think we should get this week started.
[JONATHAN] Let's do it!
So you should say goodbye to Dad,
'cause you'll be seeing a new man.
- [TIM] I love you.
- [JONATHAN] Aw, family.
Have so much fun.
- [TIM] Thank you.
- Come on. You're coming with us.
- [BOBBY] We're out of here.
- Bye! So great to meet you all!
- Thank you!
- [TAN] Bye, Melody!
- Bye, Doody!
- [TAN] Bye, Doody.
- Lovely to meet you, sweetheart.
- Great to meet you, my friend.
[MELODY] Bye! Thank you so much!
- [TIM] Later, man.
- [JONATHAN] Bye, honey.
You and me, Dood. I'll
be taking care of you.
Why is he called Doody?
Doody. Like, Howdy
Doody was big back then.
[GUYS] Oh.
- Yeah.
Tim is spending so much time,
understandably, focusing on his brother,
who needs a lot of attention
and needs a lot of care.
He's kind of lost touch with who he is.
I just want him to take
better care of himself.
He knows that he wants to.
He just doesn't really
know how to follow through.
[TAN] He's been through so much, and
you can tell he's hit rock bottom.
This is his rock bottom.
And I'm going to help
pull him out. We all are.
I'm here to make Tim realize there's
an inner sexiness to explore here.
He's been so obsessed with KISS
and being literally a caretaker,
he forgot he's hot.
And I'm here to tell
him, "You're cute, Tim!"
[KARAMO] Tim has stopped
celebrating his own life.
There's a world outside that he
needs to still experience and live.
[BOBBY] I know he has
been the primary caregiver
for his brother for almost 40 years,
and that's gotta take
a lot out of a person.
And he's kind of become a hermit.
He is not finding any
joy in life anymore.
And I think this week,
we need to show Tim
that there is still
joy out there to be had.
And this week, we're
going to show you that.
[TAN] So, Tim, this is our space.
- Oh, wow.
- Isn't it so nice?
- [TIM] It really is.
- [TAN] So lovely.
- These are my people, right here.
That's why I put him there.
I wanted you to feel at home.
What were you like before
all of this that has
really gotten you down?
I guess I was a little
more happy-go-lucky.
- Yeah.
- I lived a crazy lifestyle as a kid.
What's your idea of a
crazy lifestyle as a kid?
Well, I mean, I grew
up in New Orleans, so
- [TIM] I don't know what that means.
- We ran we ran the streets, you know?
[TAN] I don't know what
that means. I'm foreign.
I don't know what
"running the streets" means
in New Orleans.
Partying. Constantly.
You know, and that's just the
way I lived for a long time.
And then, when I went
and met my ex-wife,
I calmed down. We had the kids.
- Do you have friends to hang out with?
- I do. I do have a few friends.
- But nobody really hangs out.
- And who doesn't want to hang out?
- [TIM] Well
- I don't mean go to a record store.
I mean going for a drink on a night?
- I'm not saying
- I've never done that.
I I mean, I've never just gone
somewhere with somebody and just,
like, sat down at a table and had
- Tim!
And had lunch. I mean, or
a drink or whatever. No.
- Never happened.
- You have not lived.
It's as if I'm meeting somebody
who just landed from another planet.
That's wild.
That's what they say
about me. I'm a little off.
No, it's not off. You just
you haven't opened
yourself up to the things
that could be really bloody fun.
We need to find a way to bring
you back to life, like the old Tim.
Shall we try on clothes?
Makes sense to me.
Hey ♪
All of this stuff that I've
got so, it's John Varvatos.
- Wow.
- Okay?
- Even I know who John Varvatos is.
- Okay, good. I'm glad.
- Wow.
Hey, hey ♪
Tim, you ready?
[GASPS] You are ready.
- Hey.
- Oh my gosh. Stand here for me.
Take a look at yourself.
Yeah, that looks That's all
right. This jacket's beautiful.
- [TAN] Isn't it?
- It really is.
[TAN] Can I do one little
thing real quick to tweak?
It's just kinda ruining
the look. I just wanna see.
- [TIM] Starting to lose my hair.
- That's all right.
So, I like the pant on you.
I want to explain why I've given
you the pant instead of the short.
So, your legs now look a regular size.
It's elongated your leg. Great.
This, if you were to go
out for a concert, a dinner,
and you put this on, you look
cool, you look age-appropriate,
and you look like a rocker,
without it looking like a costume.
Yeah, this makes me feel good.
- You look damn good.
- [TIM] Thank you.
Next. Color.
Yeah, this one's kind of weird, man.
- There you go.
So, it's a blazer with a
granddad collar. Really simple.
Let's try it on. Let's see how you feel.
- Okay.
- [TAN] Follow me.
I feel hopeful that by
the time I leave him,
he feels really good about trying
on clothes that aren't KISS clothes.
- [TIM] Hey.
- [GASPS] Okay.
- Funny meeting you here. How you doing?
- Okay. All right. Hello, mate.
- I like this shirt with this jacket.
- [TAN] Great.
I'm becoming a fashion guy
right in front of your
big, naked steaming eyes.
Yeah, it's the only thing
that makes me uncomfortable
is that the tuck in, man.
- Yeah.
- Like, I'm self-conscious right here and
You look way slimmer in this than
you did in your oversized tee.
I know that you may be
feeling self-conscious.
As far as I'm concerned,
you look wonderful, Tim.
[TIM] Thank you.
The version of you I would
love to see going forward.
Yeah, I do like this.
Well, you know the rule.
Because you like it, I've
got something for you. Hit it!
All right!
[TAN] Does that feel better?
- All right. Yeah!
- What's going on here?
- Neon. How's it going?
- [TIM] Hey.
- Hi, Neon!
- [TIM] Good.
You look great. Is this linen?
- [TAN] Hello.
- [TIM] Thank you.
[TAN] What are you doing?
Why are you bugging us?
- We're busy. We have stuff to do.
- [TIM] Uh-oh.
[TAN] Okay, come on, dear.
- [TIM] Thank you.
- Let's get changed.
Hey! ♪
Girl, you've got me hypnotized ♪
I'm out of my mind ♪
My biggest fear this week is that
Tim is gonna walk into his house
and have a meltdown because
all the KISS stuff is gone.
I want him to see himself through
the lens that we see him through,
which is that he's a really cool
guy with a really cool hobby,
and he has a lot to share with people.
- Welcome to my kitchen.
- Oh, beautiful.
I really wanted to think
of the perfect dish.
The thing I wanted to make with you,
especially knowing that you
used to cook for your family.
- And for your daughters.
- Right.
[ANTONI] And there was just
something about you when I met you,
- I just felt like just like chicken soup.
- [TIM] Okay.
[ANTONI] It's, like, the ultimate
thing that feeds the soul.
And I just think this is
something that's comforting.
It's something you can
make in a large batch.
You can put it in your
freezer next to those frozen
- Frozen rats?
- [ANTONI] Uncrustables.
Frozen rats? Frozen rats
and Uncrustable sandwiches.
- Gotcha. Gotcha.
- Look, I love to eat junk food. Okay?
I have my day of the week
where I allow myself to have it.
But if I eat like that every day,
I don't feel good about myself.
- [TIM] You're right.
- It affects my mental health.
It affects my mood, my
motivation, everything.
You're right. I do believe that.
- So we're starting today.
- Okay.
A blank slate, a tabula
rasa, if you will.
That's "blank slate" in Latin.
- Ready to cook with me?
- [TIM] Sure.
Perfect. Okay.
I'm gonna do the slightly messy
part of starting with the chicken.
And I'm gonna let you
get started over here.
Here's a towel in case
you get a little messy.
These, we're literally just
going to cut into quarters.
That knife is also very
sharp, so be careful.
Okay. All right, you're
getting right into it. [LAUGHS]
[TIM] Yeah.
[ANTONI] I barely have
to tell Tim what to do.
It's like riding a bike.
He's in his element.
I'm taking a shocking amount of parsley,
and I'm gonna to shove
it right into the cavity.
The olive oil, we don't
need too much. Perfect.
I'm going to ask you to peel
some garlic cloves. Perfect.
Two stalks of celery and two carrots.
I already rinsed them earlier.
And then, my favorite.
Have you ever had fennel?
[TIM] Nope.
It has kind of a licorice-iness
to it and a really nice sweetness.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- [ANTONI] Throwing in my fennel.
- [TIM] Throw it in there?
- [ANTONI] Yep, you can just plop those in.
And now we have our little aromatics.
- Thyme.
- [TIM] Okay.
Peppercorns, bay leaves. Yep.
And then do a little
double-knot situation.
That goes into the pot. Plop.
Perfect. Pour all that water in.
I love that I don't have to
complete sentences with you
and you know exactly
what's happening next.
There seems to be, you know, the you
from the past, who was making
all these meals for his family
and very involved in the kitchen.
Is it different because the family
isn't what it kind of used to be?
Yeah, I mean, I'm just
I'm not gonna sit here and do this
when I'm sitting staring at myself.
It's all about getting
together in the kitchen
and hanging out and laughing
and joking and cooking.
It's just something
you do with your family.
- Doesn't it feel good to make something
- It sure does!
- You're a caretaker.
- I like it. I'm back. I'm back.
Yeah. It's great.
It's nice to even do it for
yourself and for your brother
or even to make something
when your daughters come over
to have something ready for them.
Yeah. Yeah.
Nothing makes me happier
than reminding someone of something
that used to bring them so much joy.
- How do you feel about ginger?
- Um, I kind of like Marianne better.
- That was a joke.
- There he is!
- Yeah.
And I'm really starting to think
that he just misses that life.
He misses the past.
- Doesn't that smell great?
- [TIM] Yeah, it does.
[ANTONI] You have
some tongs right there.
If you don't mind
grabbing the little herb
- [TIM] You want it on
- Perfect. Right on that, like, platter.
Ooh, he's left his legs.
- Aren't we the animal lovers, huh?
- [ANTONI] Yep.
Then, I'm just going to ask you
to fish out all of the stuff.
- [TIM] There you go.
- Perfect. Take this over here.
[TIM] Mm-hmm.
All right. We have our bird.
Are you ready to get dirty?
Ready. You want me to
tear it up with my hands?
- Okay.
- You wanna use tongs or something?
- No, I'm a hands kind of guy.
- I'm all about the hands.
That's perfect, though. You
really took apart this whole thing.
I'm gonna plop this in here.
- And I cooked some rice here.
- [TIM] Oh, yeah.
[ANTONI] I know it's a bowl
of soup, but it's so beautiful.
- [TIM] It really does look good.
- I'm gonna move on over here.
[ANTONI] Let's see how this worked out.
- Better than a can?
- Definitely.
I like those flavors.
It was good to get back in
the kitchen a little bit.
You know? Kind of thought
I lost it a little bit,
but I mean, I could still do it.
If you feel like, "Oh, man.
I'm doing the same thing again,"
you feel like you're kind of in a rut,
just know that this is one of
many tools that are out there.
- Right.
- This was great. You're awesome.
Hoo! ♪
Oh ♪
Every time I'm feeling sick inside ♪
Just a little taste and
you'll bring me back to life ♪
I don't know if anyone told you,
this is Hoochie Daddy season.
By the time you're done, your
shorts are gonna be this short.
- Just letting you know.
- Got a long way to go.
Got a long way to go.
I remember you saying you love
reptiles, alligators, turtles.
So I thought let's go on
a cool little swamp tour
just to get out the house.
- Have a little fun.
- Excellent.
- I haven't been out in nature in a while.
- Hey! But you like nature, right?
- I do. Love it.
- Boom. Let's do it, then.
Tim needs to start
experiencing more joy.
Yes. He's had a lot of loss,
but there's so much ahead
of him that he can gain.
- [MAN] Now here we go, guys.
- [TIM] All right.
- Check him out.
- [KARAMO] Oh, wow.
[MAN] Little baby right there.
That's pretty extraordinary.
There you go.
Well, I was born ♪
Without a last name ♪
[TIM] This is perfect,
man. This is great.
[KARAMO] Feels good.
- Oh, yeah. That's beautiful, man.
- [KARAMO] Right?
Oh, man.
Can't take away my rebel soul ♪
Yeah ♪
My rebel soul ♪
[MAN] We got one big alligator
that likes to hang back in here.
[KARAMO] How big?
- [MAN] About 12 and a half foot.
- Wow.
He's a big ol' boy. We're gonna
go knock on his front door,
see if he's here now.
[KARAMO] You see him?
[MAN] There he is.
Oh, I see him going under.
[MAN] This bad mamma jamma
over here, this is Alex.
- Man.
- [MAN] Alex is about 450 pounds.
Look how big it is.
[TIM] He looks well-fed. The amount
of fat on the back and on the tail.
- [MAN] Big ol' boy.
- You know a lot about alligators, Tim.
- I am a reptile guy.
- [KARAMO] Yeah.
[KARAMO] Wow. Tim, I'm
gonna get a photo of this.
- [TIM] There you go.
- [KARAMO] Captain, I got you in there too.
- [TIM] Hey, now.
- [KARAMO] Yeah. You look good.
- Got a baby alligator.
- [KARAMO] Wow. Look.
- [MAN] So look. Yeah, see.
- What?
- Hey.
- [MAN] This guy's name is Mojo.
- [TIM] Beautiful, man. Wow.
- [KARAMO] What?
[KARAMO] Can we hold Mojo?
Under his neck like that.
Just watch the business end.
[TIM] Wow, man. Can I put him
in my pocket and take him home?
[LAUGHS] Did you think
you'd be doing that today?
I did not. No idea I'd
be doing this today.
That's the beauty of life.
Telling you, when you
show up and you don't know
what's gonna happen but
you just go with it
[KARAMO] I know I'm not the only one.
Do you see the light
coming back in this man?
He is happy. He is joyful.
He is having a good time.
[TIM] You forget all
about this kind of stuff.
It doesn't even enter my
mind to get out, you know?
This is what I love.
[KARAMO] I know it has to be a
lot, taking care of your brother.
Of course, I'm sure you hear
it all the time, you're amazing,
but that doesn't mean it
didn't stop your own life.
Well, it did stop my life a lot.
When he had that
accident, it just stopped.
You stopped taking care of yourself
and making sure you were healthy.
Right. Yeah, I sacrificed.
My kids have had to take care of me
over the years and that's a shame.
Do you think about yourself
and about doing more things?
[TIM] It's just a hard road, man.
When you're dealing with
my brother all the time,
and God bless his soul, it
wears it wears you down, man.
So, you know, you gotta
get through that one.
[KARAMO] I see you're tearing
up. What are you thinking about?
That. You know, taking care of him
and just losing myself and all that.
- Thank you, man.
- [KARAMO] Yeah.
I don't know. It's hard to
see your brother like that.
- It brings you down every day.
- [KARAMO] Yeah.
- You think this is what he wants?
- [TIM] No.
But I just think I'm worn
out. I'm done with emotion.
I don't want to feel hurt.
I don't want to feel sad.
I don't want to feel anything.
What you're doing is it's
actually a natural human trait.
It's what we do to protect ourselves,
but when you start building
walls around yourself,
you get trapped with all
of the negative thoughts
and feelings inside of that box.
You start to forget that there is
life to live and that you do get wins
and you do deserve wins.
Right. Right.
I saw you having fun today just
looking out here, being on the boat.
- [TIM] Right.
- It's a win for you.
Mm-hmm. It kind of opens my
lungs up a little bit, you know?
Yeah. But it's your turn.
It's your turn to swim
out of this negativity.
By the next time I see you,
I just want you write down ten
things that make you a winner.
Then I want you to write ten
things that you want to do,
things that you deserve to do that's
gonna make you happy and smile.
I can do that.
And the reason I'm doing
this is because sometimes,
when things get up
here, it can stay foggy.
If you actually can visually see
it, you can start to remind yourself.
[TIM] Right.
Just for me, before we get off
this boat, I need you to scream,
"I deserve to be happy."
I deserve to be happy!
- [KARAMO] You can go louder than that.
- I don't know.
[KARAMO] I think you can.
I'll do it with you. All right?
- I'll do it.
- You ready? One more time?
[BOTH] I deserve to be happy!
[KARAMO] You do, brother.
Give you a hug, man. Oh.
You're gonna be all right.
- Thank you, man. Thank you.
- [KARAMO] Yeah.
- I appreciate it.
- [KARAMO] All right.
Ah ♪
Ah ♪
[BOBBY] So today I'm
taking you to an art shop.
I want to combine your love of KISS
and your love of reptiles together.
- Right.
- You have two very cool hobbies.
I think you would agree that KISS
is one of the coolest
things in the world.
- [BOBBY] Right?
- Well, to me.
- Love 'em or hate 'em.
- Not just to you!
There are millions of people out there
that feel exactly the way you do.
I kind of want you to
start thinking about
how you can use your passion of KISS
and what we're about to do today
with snakes to connect with people.
How cool would it be to find a buddy
that was also into the same things?
Yeah. Yeah.
- [BOBBY] This will be fun today.
- [TIM] Cool.
So I am obviously not a,
um, snake-habitat expert,
so I didn't know exactly what to get.
- So I got a bunch of random stuff.
- Yeah.
Bring it on ♪
Bring it on ♪
Bring it on ♪
[BOBBY] Is there anything that
spark your creative juices?
- We can start there.
- Black gravel? All right.
- Sure.
- Let's get a base. [GRUNTS]
- Let's see about some of these rocks.
- [BOBBY] Okay. Yeah.
- Thought the black ones were cool.
- [TIM] Yeah.
- [BOBBY] We've got some metal here.
- [TIM] Okay.
- This could be a cool stage.
- Yeah, this would be perfect.
They have platforms,
so you would have, like,
a piece of the PVC cut,
and then they go up on risers.
- [BOBBY] It's like Lady Gaga, right?
- Right. Exactly. She was a big KISS fan.
- That makes sense.
- So yeah.
She gets some of her
theatrics, I would imagine.
That definitely makes
sense then. I can see that.
- Little monsters?
- There you go.
A nice little bit of metallic
to it. Very rock and roll.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
What I really wanted Tim to see
about himself today is he has talents,
and he can use those to really do things
that make him happy and
that he's passionate about.
- Who wouldn't know that's a cat, right?
- It's kind of a ghost cat, you know?
- Ooh! [MEOWS]
[BOBBY] We're gluing the guys in.
- Do we wanna put him on a rock?
- That's what I was thinking.
You gotta make sure
they're good and strong,
because, you know, the snake's
gonna curl around them and all.
[BOBBY] Gonna curl up and
love them just like you do.
Yeah. Right.
Do you see this as something
that you can start utilizing?
You know when you have those moments
we talked about? Where you're
- When I feel like I'm sliding a little?
- [BOBBY] Yeah.
Just doing this, I can just feel better.
- Feels good, right?
- Yeah, it does.
You might find your
best friend out there
who also has made a KISS aquarium.
Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.
- Of course.
- Definitely.
- Good job, man.
- [TIM] All right.
Let's get out of here.
[JONATHAN] Welcome to the Bearded Lady.
- Hi!
- How are you, guys?
Been a long time since I
was sat in a barber's chair.
- I know. Can I take your hat off?
- [TIM] Sure.
I have a plan for you, honey.
- Wanna hear about it?
- Sure.
We need to get rid of this hair.
We're gonna take this down. Ooh.
Who's he?
I'm gonna lose my job as
Santa Claus this December.
Bye! You're not available.
You're booked and busy.
You don't have time to be
Santa when you're this hot.
I also have one more idea where I think
I'm gonna color your beard a bit darker.
In the words of Saint
Cher, "Turn back time."
- There you go.
- Know what I'm saying?
- I hear you.
- Just a smidge.
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- I have a really important question.
Who gave you permission to be so cute?
- My mother.
- Do you know how cute you are?
No, I don't know.
I feel like men have a hard time
celebrating their own beauty sometimes.
You're probably right. Yeah.
'Cause beauty can mean so many things.
It's a beautiful thing when
we take care of ourselves.
Right. You're right.
Does KISS have any lyrics about that?
"Live life like you're
on vacation." How's that?
- That's all about taking care of yourself!
So what would Mr. Gene Simmons say
to know that you are not living life
like you're on a vacation, honey?
- We're going to take our tops off.
- Oh. Hey, now.
- You ready?
- [TIM] Yeah.
All I wanna say to you ♪
Is I'll do me and you do you ♪
I haven't been to a barber
in I couldn't tell you when.
'Cause I just shave my head
with one of those, you know?
It's nice for the
community aspect of it,
like just getting to
get out of the house
and go see your friend, your barber.
It's just like kind of
nice culturally to be
around folks and see what's up.
My old man used to
hang out in a barbershop
with all his buddies, you know?
- Yeah.
- You know I got to be true ♪
[JONATHAN] Oh my God, your upper lip.
What's it like to feel
the sun and wind on there?
What am I going to chew on?
- Honey, we'll have to find something else.
My auntie's single. Should you
date my aunt? My Aunt Julie?
- You could be my uncle.
- Oh, yeah?
I'm obsessed with that for us.
Three, two, one. Ah!
Ah, na, na, na, na, na ♪
Mmm! It's gonna look good, honey.
Na, na, na, na, na, na ♪
[JONATHAN] Okay, now we're
going to get your nose.
- You're gonna put wax in my nose?
- [JONATHAN] I am.
Honey, if you saw what I saw,
you'd understand. Any last thoughts?
- [TIM] Uh
Three, two, one! Parkour!
- Wow.
Let me see. What is that?
- [JONATHAN] The hair from your nose.
- Damn.
- That's a long-ass
hair. - [JONATHAN] I know.
When's the last time you, like,
looked in the mirror and were like,
"Yeah, I like how I look?"
In my 20s. I guess.
- [JONATHAN] Twenties!
- Yeah.
I'm about getting Tim to
experience joy in different ways,
getting him out of his
head and into his body
so that he knows that his
best days are ahead of him.
You have an amazing life. You
have a family that loves you.
- [TIM] Right.
- You have passions that drive you.
There's so much that can give
you so much confidence there.
And you are a really attractive
man, and I'm not just saying it.
Inside and out.
- Your best days are ahead of you.
- [TIM] Thank you.
[JONATHAN] No more putting
our joy on hold. Because what?
Our best time is
- [TIM] Now.
- Yes! Smack! Smack! You are gorgeous.
- Are you ready?
- [TIM] I'm ready.
Three, two, one. Meet the new Tim.
Oh, wow. Man!
Wow. I look totally different.
[JONATHAN] Do you wanna
put your glasses on?
Hey, Tim.
- How you doing?
- Oh!
Look at that little
flirtation-station man in there.
Give me a hug!
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
- [BOBBY] You ready to see it?
- [TIM] Yeah.
- [BOBBY] Yeah? Are you sure?
- [TIM] I am.
Promise you won't punch me.
- All right, we good?
- Don't think you have to worry.
Okay. Okay.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
- [ANTONI] I see them!
- [TAN] I'm coming.
- Move, Jackie. Get out of my way.
- Yeah, Tanny.
[TAN] Hi!
[KARAMO] Oh my gosh!
You look super handsome!
- Hey.
- So gor wow.
- What a difference.
- [KARAMO] How do you feel?
- [TIM] I feel good.
- Oh my gosh.
- You look great.
- Good.
Okay. Here we go.
Oh, wow!
This does not even look like my house.
- [BOBBY] Right?
- [TAN] It absolutely does not.
- But it sure does look like a home now.
- [KARAMO] It does.
Looks like a place that people would
want to come and hang now, right?
[TIM] Wow, those look cool.
[BOBBY] There's still KISS everywhere.
- [TIM] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Just in more digestible bites.
I love digestion!
[TIM] Dude, this is crazy.
[KARAMO] It's amazing, right?
[TAN] Are you doing
okay with the less KISS?
Yeah, I love this.
- I've been preparing him all week.
- Okay, good.
- A new chair for Doody.
- Yeah. Yeah, man.
Black, matching the rock-and-roll theme.
He's got a new rock-and-roll chair.
- Yeah, this is crazy, man.
Thank you so much.
- What do you think the girls will think?
- Speechless, kind of like me right now.
I never in a million years
would imagine that you get
you'd do all this.
- [BOBBY] We still got more. Keep going.
- [TAN] Much more.
[JONATHAN] Oh my God.
[TIM] Oh man. This is crazy.
[BOBBY] No more hot dog station.
I put in a dining room table
so you can start entertaining.
The girls can come over for dinner.
[ANTONI] It's ready for you to cook in.
Can you start imagining
yourself, though,
entertaining, being more social,
having friends and family over?
- I would have to.
- Yeah.
This would be a shame to
waste. That's for sure.
- Good way to look at it! I like that.
- [BOBBY] Amen!
- Do you feel like you deserve this?
- Well, after this week, I'm starting to.
- Good.
- [TIM] Yeah.
- Yes! Perfect.
- You deserve all of this.
- Thank you.
[BOBBY] Now let's head
to your new bedroom.
Holy crap. Man! Man!
That's an all-new bed?
- [KARAMO] Yeah.
- [BOBBY] Yes.
[JONATHAN] Take it for a test
spin. Why don't you get on there?
Yes. Oh, yes, just lay down your
- [KARAMO] Yeah!
Can I be your first cuddle?
[TAN] Aw! That's nice!
[TIM] Yeah, this is beautiful.
[BOBBY] I really felt that you
needed some space to breathe.
Me too, honey.
[BOBBY] And give you a
space where you can recharge.
Yeah, this is unbelievable.
I can't even imagine
how weird it must be
to think about putting a look together
when mostly all you've
done is wear KISS T-shirts.
Now, it's gonna take a
little more consideration,
but it's still going to be easy.
All your pants are on this side.
Really simple pants, simple jeans
that should make you feel
perfectly comfortable.
- You can wear that with a KISS shirt?
- Absolutely, 100%.
And I wouldn't be upset.
I didn't want to turn you
into a boring corporate guy.
You don't live that life.
- No.
- There's nothing dull about you.
- [TIM] No.
- I want you to show that in your wardrobe.
- [TIM] Right.
- [CHANTING] Timmy! Timmy! Timmy! Timmy!
All we want to do
is rock and roll ♪
- Love this.
- I love this color.
[KARAMO] This is good!
- That's a damn good shirt
- This green is great.
This is a version of, like, a band tee
without it necessarily
having to be KISS.
- Right.
- Your body language is very different.
- [TIM] I know. I feel different.
- Yeah.
All we wanna do is lose control ♪
Oh, I like it how you went, like,
"Spank me. I'm a naughty boy,"
with that pose.
- Yes.
- It's funny what some clothes can do.
[TAN] It really is. I've
been saying it all along.
- The pants are giving me power down here.
- Yeah!
- Power pants.
- [TAN] Yeah!
Just the way they fit, you
know? Makes you wanna jump up.
Who would've thought
this would happen to me?
You know, you got me
sitting up straight.
You know what I mean?
I appreciate that, man.
- This is going to be a new mindset.
- [TAN] Good.
You opened my eyes up
to a lot of feelings
that were definitely shut down.
I'm going to try to start thinking
positive and working on my inside.
The way that we take care of ourselves
is not about a physical
appearance for other people.
- It's really showing up for ourselves.
- Mm-hmm.
And you're worth showing up for.
Yeah. Yeah, I appreciate that. Yeah.
I don't know what to say.
Yeah, it feels great. It really does.
So thank you.
So we've kept you a
little bit in the dark
about what's gonna
happen after we leave.
The moment I walked in, I was very
impressed by your KISS collection.
So I contacted a local
art gallery and a curator,
and they came in,
and they chose their favorite
pieces from your collection.
And tonight, we have them displayed
in an art gallery on Magazine Street.
You and your family are gonna
go. We found some other KISS fans.
- [TAN] Ain't that something?
You know, it's something
for you to share and use
as a way to put yourself
out there and meet people
that are just as much in
love with KISS as you are.
So this night is all about you and KISS.
Wow, that's that's crazy,
man. You guys are insane.
When you've been down and
sad, there's no magic wand.
You just don't turn happy the next day.
Have fun tonight.
[KARAMO] You have to do
the work of understanding
when life throws you a win,
you gotta accept it and
know that it's not a one-off,
that you're gonna have more of these.
Thank you!
- [KARAMO] We love you!
- [TIM] Take care!
[KARAMO] Rock on!
- Rock on, baby.
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
You can run at night but
you're gonna feel the thunder ♪
- [WOMAN] Oh God!
- [GIRL] Oh my gosh!
Oh my God!
- [GIRL] Oh my God!
- [MELODY] Oh my God!
- Look at your face!
- Oh my God!
- Are you 24? Oh my God.
- [TIM] Hey.
- So good.
- [LILLY] I love the jacket.
- Look at that, huh?
- Got a green jacket.
- [MELODY] Look at that jacket!
Holy shit! [LAUGHS]
[TIM] Y'all come on in.
- Look at that.
- [LILLY] Can't wait.
Oh my God. Oh my God! [GASPS]
- Oh my God!
- What?
Oh my God! Oh my God! This is so cool!
[KIM] Oh my God!
[TIM] What do you think?
[MELODY] Daddy!
It's beautiful!
- Y'all wanna check out Doody's room?
- [WOMEN] Yes.
- Hey.
- Doodlebug!
Look who's Look who's home?
- Dood!
- Doody.
[MELODY] Are you freaking kidding me?
Are you living in luxury right now?
[TIM] Check out the bed. Brand-new bed.
[KIM] He looks like he's
sleeping on a cloud now.
- [TIM] You like it, man?
- [MELODY] Give him a Gene Simmons tongue.
- Yeah!
- Oh, yeah. Yay!
[TIM] You got my KISS shirt on, man.
I think we're I
guess I'm gonna give you
some of my KISS shirts now,
since I gotta wear the
- [LILLY] Yeah!
[TIM] Let's let him rest,
'cause he looks like he needs it.
You guys want to come in here?
I got some food. Have a seat.
[LILLY] It's beautiful in here.
- Take some soup.
- [GASPS] Ooh!
That looks delicious.
- Mmm.
- [LILLY] It's good.
Oh my gosh.
That's delicious.
While we're all sitting around here,
I got some things written down here
that Karamo and I talked about.
He wanted me to make a list.
Try to get me on the
right page, so to speak.
Okay, I gotta think about
things that I've done
that I feel like I've won at in life.
You two guys.
You know, keeping my brother
comfortable has been quite a chore,
and I think I did a
pretty good job of it.
- You did a great job.
- [TIM] Yeah.
I'mma tell you guys
some things I deserve.
It was kind of hard
to come up with these,
because of the way I am.
But, um, I worked at it. And I got 'em.
Um, I think I deserve to be happy.
- Yes. Yes.
- Yes.
Um, I deserve the love of others,
which, you know that's hard.
Uh, that's a hard one.
I deserve some time for myself.
I gotta start carving
that out, you know?
- [MELODY] Mm-hmm.
- [KIM] Yes.
That's gonna really help my mind.
Get me out of here. Get me
out of the funk, you know?
Get me thinking clear.
I want to start trying to have
a life outside of my house.
I think I deserve to keep trying
to get out and meet some folks.
[MELODY] Yeah.
Last but not least, I deserve to
rock out with my [BEEP] out.
- [TIM] You know what I'm saying?
Not expecting that one.
Hey. You know me. I gotta come
out of left field somewhere.
- [MELODY] Give me a hug, Dad.
- [TIM] Thank you, Melody.
[MELODY] I love you so
much. You deserve it all.
- [KIM] I love you. I'm so proud of you.
- [TIM] Thank you, Kim.
- Hey, baby.
- [LILLY] Hey.
I'm gonna be doing better now, so
A lot more laughing to go.
I mean, we're gonna
have to hit the road here
and get to the showing of
- The exhibition! Yes!
- of my goodies!
[LILLY] Let's go see your collection!
Ha, ha, ha ♪
Oh my God.
- Yes. [LAUGHS]
- [KIM] Nice.
- Oh my gosh.
- That's what I made.
[KIM] That's awesome.
- [LILLY] You made the
- [KIM] Wow!
- Yeah, I made all that.
- Wow!
With Tim and his love
of all things KISS,
for now, it's all been
within the walls of his home.
For him to put himself
out there in the world
and share his passion with others
Are the boots your favorite?
[TIM] Yeah. Yeah, definitely.
I used to wear those.
I had a lot of good
times in those boots.
It's a way of connecting with others,
a way of letting other people in.
- How many times have you seen KISS?
- Forty-five. Forty-five. Yeah.
I think it'll make him
a little less lonely.
My only hope is that Tim
continues to be vulnerable
and put himself out there to
continue to find joy in his life.
He deserves to be happy, and
he deserves to continue living.
And this is the first
step on that journey.
- This is awesome.
- Thank you.
I'm glad that you got
this to happen for you.
Nothing like I've ever would
ever think would happen to me.
When I think about how sweet Tim
is and what a hard worker he is
and what an all-around good person,
good brother, good dad, good human
- [LILLY] I'm proud of you.
- Thank you, baby.
I hope this is a love
letter to caretakers.
And so if you can, like,
show somebody a little love,
let Tim's story be a
reminder for you to do that.
[LILLY] You deserve it. You deserve it.
Na, na, na, na, na, wow! ♪
Ever wondered who
should take the selfie?
The most artistic one!
- The one with the best
- No.
- No.
- Hairdressers!
- [ANTONI] Definitely not me.
- Is it me?
The one who knows how
to find the emotion.
- No, Karamo!
- The one with the best
Stop! Stop! It's the
one with the longest arm.
- Know what I always wondered?
- What?
[JONATHAN] Whose is longest?
- It's you.
- Yeah!
The one with the longest arm. Go!
I knew my arms would come in handy.
- Say, "Cheese."
- [JONATHAN] Cheese.
[TAN] Gorge! You got it.
Lets me tell you now ♪
Wow! ♪
I walk in from the pouring rain ♪
To the neon light on the stage ♪
You were there in
your snakeskin boots ♪
With that dangerous
look on your face ♪
They on you ♪
What you wanted to do ♪
But you didn't tell me the score ♪
Oh no ♪
I had a chance, I couldn't escape ♪
Now I keep coming back for more ♪
I shouldn't run ♪
Was bitter now ♪
I'm blind ♪
Snakeskin seduction ♪
You're out of control ♪
Make me come alive ♪
Snakeskin seduction ♪
You make my blood run cold ♪
While you blow my mind ♪
Snakeskin seduction ♪
Snakeskin ♪
Snakeskin ♪
Snakeskin seduction ♪
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