Queer Eye (2018) s08e03 Episode Script

The Sweet Life

[ANTONI] Let's go!
[KARAMO] Oh, they're here!
- [BOBBY] I comin'!
- [JONATHAN] Yeah!
- Dorian, this is our home.
- It's beautiful.
Ain't it pretty?
- [KARAMO] Hi!
- [TAN] Yeah!
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Hi!
- You gorgeous lady.
- Isn't she?
- [DORIAN] Thank you!
- So psyched you're here!
- [BOBBY] Hi, gorgeous.
- I'm Bobby.
- [ANTONI] Nice to meet you, Dorian.
- [JONATHAN] Thanks for coming.
- [KARAMO] Come. Come sit. Come sit.
- Dorian!
- Yes.
We are so excited to hear
about your mum, Doreen.
We hear that at the end of the week,
she's being honored at the Jazz Museum.
Yeah. She doesn't know that,
but no one deserves
this more than my mom.
Apparently, she's a New Orleans
treasure. Tell us about her.
- She's a clarinetist and a vocalist.
- [JONATHAN] Yes, clarinetist!
Her band is called
Doreen's Jazz New Orleans.
It's here in the French Quarter. It
feels like you're at a party 24/7.
[DOREEN] I got a bunch of nicknames.
Queen Clarinet,
Lady Louis,
Miss Satchmo,
the Female Louis Armstrong.
That's really cool, you know?
Because I just was influenced by Louis,
but clarinet is the bomb.
She was originally a classical musician
until she met the tuba
player, aka my father,
and he converted her to jazz.
[GUYS] Ah.
[DOREEN] Before classes, we'd
practice. After classes, we'd practice.
That was my ideal woman,
'cause music was my life,
and she was into what I was into.
[DOREEN] Before long,
man, we were just making money
and having fun and traveling.
[DORIAN] She's performed with the
Philharmonic Orchestra two times.
And every time I see her
perform there, I started crying.
- So music is part of your family.
- Yeah.
- I'm the drummer actually.
- [BOBBY] I was like, "Is that you?"
- [DORIAN] Mm-hmm.
[DOREEN] Sometimes I can't
even look back at either of 'em
because I just get full inside and
lose my concentration, so to speak.
So your mom sounds amazing.
Why would you nominate her?
So I've been playing my whole life,
and it's something that
I don't wanna continue.
- What?
- You are breaking up the band.
- No! I don't know if we should do this!
- [TAN] Does your mom know?
Yeah, my mom knows.
Oh, she does?
Sorry, I freaked out and
got, like, Karen, like, mom.
- [DORIAN] No!
- I freaked out. Sorry.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- I had this with her already. It's fine.
- [JONATHAN] I'm sorry.
[DORIAN] You know, she's not
gonna play the streets forever.
She can't go out there
and move all the time
and set everything up.
- It takes a lot of strength.
- Okay.
Time for her to get ready
for her next chapter.
Yes, it is, and I just wanna
give her something to continue on.
So the sweet shop is
something that her mom had.
[GUYS] Oh.
[DORIAN] I know she
wants to continue that
for her mom, as well as for herself.
[DOREEN] My family started
Doreen's Sweet Shop.
It was a successful business
in the Tremé for decades
and my mother's dream.
You could see it in her. You
could hear it in her voice.
Just such a sense of pride.
When she stopped working it,
I wasn't ready to take it over,
and the music was calling me.
It's just what I wanted to do so much.
So we closed the sweet shop.
I said, "After a little while,
we'll open the sweet shop back up,"
because it's for me to
keep the legacy going.
But life happens.
[TAN] This is the old sweet shop.
- [KARAMO] That's amazing.
- The sign is lovely. So cute.
Yes, it's named after
her. Doreen's Sweet Shop.
[DORIAN] Everybody in the
neighborhood would go there
on their way to school, to
grab a snack, stuff like that,
but Katrina really put,
like, it into the ground.
- [TAN] Oh.
- Wow.
[DOREEN] It just turned into a
few months and then a few years,
and now it's in shambles,
and the mountain is getting
bigger and bigger and bigger.
[DORIAN] The sweet shop
is part of her life,
and it's very important
to do it right now
to have something to fall back on.
Music is their job.
- It's more of her retirement plan.
- [DORIAN] Yes.
Okay. Okay.
[KARAMO] At the end of the week,
the New Orleans City Council
is making her a cultural ambassador?
Yeah, like, she is someone that
has made this world a better place,
and she deserves both legacies.
The way you speak about
your mom is beautiful.
- Yes, I love that lady. Come on now!
- [JONATHAN] I can't wait to meet her!
Do you have the keys?
It sounds like I'm gonna
need a little extra time.
- [DORIAN] Sure.
- There are a lot of keys.
You're gonna have figure out
which key goes for which lock.
- We'll take you out.
- My gosh!
[JONATHAN] We love.
Thanks for coming, Dorian!
- Come.
- [DORIAN] Thank you guys so much.
- [BOBBY] Bye, love.
- Thank you, Dorian.
Things just keep getting better ♪
Down in New Orleans ♪
So we just entered the French
Quarter. Ready to see Doreen?
- Yeah!
- [KARAMO] Me too.
I'm ready to hear Doreen.
[DOREEN] Out front
the whole night long ♪
I'll do the washin', cookin' ♪
I'll pay the rent ♪
'Cause I know I done him wrong ♪
- I hear the music. Oh, there she is!
- [KARAMO] There she is!
All right, let's do this.
- [KARAMO] Can you imagine?
- [JONATHAN] Oh, it's raining.
- Hi, Doreen!
- Hi!
What's happening? Oh
my goodness gracious!
That's a surprise and a half.
[KARAMO] Hi, gorgeous!
- Hi! Oh, my goodness!
- Hi, baby!
- Oh my goodness!
- Yay!
[KARAMO] Tuba!
Oh my goodness gracious!
What the heck? What the heck?
- So amazing!
- [DOREEN] Oh my goodness!
This is biblical.
It's no wonder why she is referred
to as the Queen of the Clarinet.
You spend one minute
in Doreen's presence,
and you will know you're
listening to one of the greats.
She is exactly what you wanna hear
when you roll into New Orleans.
That is so amazing!
[KARAMO] You are amazing!
Yes! Give her your money,
you guys. That was so good!
That's so cool! [LAUGHS]
So you're Lawrence? Oh
my God! You're so cute!
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Can we steal you? Can come with us?
- [KARAMO] I know it's raining.
Come to me. It's not
a wet T-shirt contest.
- [KARAMO] Love that.
- Lawrence, you hold down the fort.
- It ain't nothing without her.
- [JONATHAN] Just a light drizzle!
We already have an adventure
with you already, honey!
We really did.
Oh, my goodness
gracious. This is so cool.
Really? Oh.
Yes, really.
When you're busking, do people
kind of stake out places,
and it's like "Do not come to
my place! This is my place"?
Oh yeah. We used to have to camp out.
We used to actually come
out on a Thursday night.
And we wouldn't leave
until Sunday evening.
- To make sure you had your space.
- Yeah. Yeah. Thank God.
Been there, done that.
We tried to play on this corner here,
but whoever owns that store there,
they didn't like us, and they
didn't want any music at all.
Roll your window down, and
be like, "Big mistake. Huge."
[LAUGHS] I love that.
- I love that movie.
- Right?
- Oh my God, Julia Roberts.
- Who doesn't?
[DOREEN] People have a tendency
to not respect you as a street musician.
And and people try to save you.
Oh my God, the people
who've tried to save us!
[LAUGHING] I mean, like, wow.
- Really?
- [DOREEN] Trying to tell you.
Um, can we talk about how
cute your neighborhood is?
- Your neighborhood's adore.
- Oh man.
When we first knew we were
gonna close on the house,
I brought my mom, and she says
- "This is nice."
- "Oh, this is a nice neighborhood."
"Do colored folks live
on this neighborhood?"
- They do now.
- They do now! That's exactly what I said.
- [BOBBY] That's right.
- [DOREEN] That's right. She'd say, "Ooh!"
[TAN] What a lovely home.
Thank you.
- Hi, gorgeous.
- [DORIAN] How are you doing?
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you again.
[JONATHAN] Your bleach
and tone, Dorian. Honey!
- It's giving.
- Oh my gosh!
Y'all met her!
Why am I getting wafts of,
like, vanilla and caramel?
- Something smells good.
- Wait right here.
There's a smell of chocolate and
vanilla, and I'm not sure what else,
but someone's been baking something.
If these are sweets,
we're gonna lose our mind!
- Does everybody like brownies?
- What do you think we are, monsters?
There's brownies?
Oh my God!
Don't do it!
How dare you!
[KARAMO] Brown Es.
[KARAMO] Why would
you tease us like this?
I did this to someone yesterday.
I felt to so bad till I made brownies.
- [JONATHAN] So there is brownies?
- [BOBBY] Speaking of fabulous things
[DOREEN] Ta-da!
- So this is, um
- [JONATHAN] Oh my God!
- cream cheese. [LAUGHS]
- Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
Mmm. Get in Mommy's
mouth. Right in my belly.
Cheers, Tanny!
They're so nice, right?
[KARAMO] You know he's happy
when he starts twerkin'.
Twerk it! Twerk it! Twerk it!
- Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!
I am the Cookie Monster.
I'm Queer Cookie Monster.
Oh my God!
- Look at you.
- I know, man.
Look at this amazing painting of you.
There is history and music in
every single corner of this house.
I feel like music is something
that really does bring
people together, right?
And food kind of has
that same power as well.
Yes. That's true.
I feel like you're like
me. You're a dreamer.
You have all these different
things that you wanna do,
but I wanna hone in on something
that's really important
- Passionate about.
- that you wanna make.
What do you think about when you're
dreaming about the candy shop?
Well, the first version was
- [ANTONI] Your face is lighting up.
- Yeah. Yeah.
'Cause, you know, with the sweet
shop, I learned how to bake,
and my mom just thought about
what the kids would want.
- So I still wanna cater to the kids too.
- Of course.
And I wanna amp it up a bit
with some, you know,
signature, uh, baked goods,
- like puff pastries.
- Mm.
I noticed you just
raid the refrigerator,
and you put it inside a puff pastry.
That's the great thing about it!
You can make it sweet,
savory, a mix of both.
There's nothing that doesn't taste
Well, maybe not nothing,
but goodness gracious.
We haven't really figured
out that flavor profile yet,
but I'm here to tell you,
oh my goodness, when
I figure it out, mmm
That's something we can have
a lot of fun with this week.
What's down here? Ooh.
[TAN] Doreen, shall we
go check out your closet?
I'm actually packed,
you know, 'cause we're coming
from somewhere or going.
Where is that suitcase?
- Oh my.
- Yep.
- [TAN] You are packed.
- Let me help you with that.
- [DOREEN] Thank you, sir.
Before you sit down, do
you moonlight as a janitor?
- No!
- Why do you carry keys on a keychain?
- I know.
- How many carabiners do you have?
[DOREEN] The reason
they're separate is because
the ignition of the car
doesn't like the weight.
Mmm. Go on. Spin for me.
[DOREEN] All right, so there
are house locks outside.
There are house locks inside.
There are sweet-shop locks.
There are padlocks that we use for work.
- Yeah.
- It's a lot. Sit down, Doreen, please.
Denim jacket.
I'm not mad at a denim jacket.
That shirt is older than
Dorian, and I absolutely love it.
This is a crime scene.
- No. No.
[TAN] Doreen's spunky.
She's fun. She's
vibrant. She's energetic.
- No. No.
These clothes
- The greatest no I've said in a long time.
- Oh my God!
are just blah.
Absolutely no.
Have you lost your damn mind?
It is not okay.
Do you feel good in this?
I mean, even if somebody comes up
and they're like, "Look
at the way she's dressed,"
I start playing and they're like,
"Oh my goodness gracious!" so I'm good.
But wouldn't you like to look nice?
[DOREEN] Oh, now, let me tell you.
There are some heavier
women, like, on television.
- [TAN] Yeah.
- And I'm like, "Wow."
But I'm I can't do
that. You know what I mean?
Why can't you?
You can look great.
I wanna show you how easy it can be.
Oh my God. That's like Thank you.
Holy shit. Mmm.
[JONATHAN] Oh my God.
Okay. Tell me everything.
What's your self-care routine like?
- I wash my face, I brush my teeth, and
- [JONATHAN] Yes. Check, check.
- I'm good.
- [JONATHAN] And we're good to go.
'Cause I do the hair,
and it lasts for a while.
- Yes.
- So I don't have to worry about that.
So is that kind of where the
inspo for the braids came from?
It's like it's
low-maintenance, it looks chic.
Yeah, convenience for sure.
And I don't really worry
about the makeup thing,
but, boy, when Dorian makes me up.
I mean, look at your face.
- Your face is stunning.
- Oh.
I remember the first time
she put eyelashes on me.
- I'm, like, "Oh man!"
- These eyes!
I just felt queen-ish.
- [JONATHAN] I love feeling queen-ish.
- Oh man.
Do you ever want any of
that glam in your daily?
Would you wanna learn
how to do a little of it?
Heck yeah.
[KARAMO] Hi, gorgeous.
Hello, handsome.
When I look at you, all
I see is just pure talent.
How does it feel to
know you're living a life
where you just make so
many people feel happy?
Thank you. I just found out.
- You are!
- That's so cool.
- [KARAMO] You are!
- Well
When we were driving here,
you'd said how many
people try to save you
because you're a street performer.
Yeah. Yep.
When people don't get to
know you, they assume things.
You know, they say,
"Well, they're on the street,
so must be a drug problem."
"Must be some kind of alcohol problem."
We've been blacklisted for a long time
from really nice club
gigs and stuff, you know?
The people that hire, they don't
see the legacy that you've created.
Yeah, it's a trip,
but, you know, we're just
doing what we love to do.
Yeah. You ever feel worn
down and tired sometimes?
[SCOFFS] Yes, indeed. You
know, I used to love traveling,
but now, the walks
through the airport
Airports are huge!
- Aren't they?
- [LAUGHS] They're so huge!
- And oh man.
- You ain't gotta tell me, girl.
I hit 41, I said, "Girl, what's
going on with these knees?"
- "What's happening?"
- Oh, 41? Oh, Lord.
As I said, I'm a baby.
I do I recognize it, but
the effects is coming in.
- They coming.
- Yeah.
Forty-one came, and my eyes changed.
- And I'm like, "Whoa. Here it is."
- Okay.
- "We're in it." Oh shit.
- "We're in it!" "We're in it."
I mean, I'm not gonna say
downhill since then, but
- No, you going up.
- you know, amplified, for sure.
Emotionally, what are you feeling?
Even when I'm overwhelmed,
it's like I'm not complaining,
because it's better to be overwhelmed,
you know, because you have so much to do
than to have nothing to do, so I'm good.
I just have to catch up.
- You thrive in your passion.
- That's a good way of saying it.
Yeah. Yeah, that's good.
[TAN] Ant, you're down to your final
three! Come on, you can do this!
- [DOREEN] Hey.
- Hi, lady.
Almost there!
I'm sorry! My fingers
went in your mouth!
So your lovely daughter
has given me some photos.
Is that your mama?
- [DOREEN] That's my mom. That's Anna May.
- [BOBBY] Yeah.
Yeah, that's my girl.
My mom went from cleaning
up people's houses
to having her own successful
business for decades.
- [BOBBY] She's beautiful.
- Mm-hmm. Mmm. Yep.
Doreen's Sweet Shop.
My dad did some work in it, you know,
and put it together and put a counter up
and the kids would come.
And they would just line
up and just go up there,
and my mom was so nice.
You know? "Hi, dear. May
I help you?" You know?
And it stayed open for how long?
- Thirty-five years.
- Wow.
So it was absolutely
a neighborhood staple.
Yeah. That was the joint.
- It's a pretty amazing legacy.
- It is amazing. It is.
But I didn't want it to end with
them, so we bought the building.
- What year was that?
- That had to be 2002.
So you guys have worked
on it a bit over the years?
- [DOREEN] Oh, heck yeah.
- Yeah.
Heck yeah, and it's really a shame,
because when Katrina came,
three and a half feet of water. Boom.
- And so everything had to come out then.
- Right.
It's had so many things
wrong in so many ways
and for so long.
You wanna make it happen, but you can't.
Life happens, and after a while,
you know, you just got
a big pile of dreams.
- I have already been in there working.
- [DOREEN] Really?
- Shall we go check it out?
- Okay.
Yeah, let's do it.
- Kids!
- [GUYS] Yeah?
Kids, are y'all ready
to go to the sweet shop?
[DOREEN] Tremé is the oldest free
Black neighborhood in the country.
Here, there was a lady
named Miss Dorothy.
She used to sit on the porch.
And she'd know everything
about the neighborhood.
I love the old women that
always know everyone's business.
- She knew everything.
- Bobby, that's you.
- Hey, it'll be me one day. It will be me.
We call them "curtain
twitchers" back home.
- You used to live here?
- Used to live right here.
- Right here.
- Hi, house!
- [BOBBY] This is the candy shop.
- [DOREEN] Yes.
Right? I got the little
magical elves going on in here.
Things are happening.
Just hearing the echoes is just amazing
because there were no echoes before.
[BOBBY] Right?
- It's been quiet for a while, right?
- Yeah, it's been very quiet.
So I would love for you to go
in and see some progress already,
but you can't.
- I was like, "Oh, let's go."
Man, I feel like you just
gave me some brown Es!
Are you ready to get this week started?
- Heck yeah.
- [KARAMO] Okay?
[TAN] At the end of this week,
the New Orleans City Council
is gonna surprise Doreen as a
cultural ambassador of New Orleans,
and I want her to feel incredible.
I want her to feel powerful.
I want to feel like this is something
that she absolutely deserves.
Doreen is going through
a lot of changes.
Her daughter's leaving the band.
She's nervous about being able to
play on the streets much longer.
This is a moment that can
be a little scary for her.
Reminding Doreen of the impact
she's already had on this community
and the legacy that
she's gonna leave behind
will help make these
changes a little bit easier.
As much as she loves music,
Doreen is turning the
page to a new chapter,
and it's so wonderful that
she decided to look at her past
and she wants to bring
Doreen's Sweet Shop back.
I want her to get excited about
this next chapter in her life.
[JONATHAN] Doreen is one of the greats,
and I'm here to make sure that
when she is celebrated by her peers,
we also celebrate her
beauty, 'cause look at her.
She's so cute!
[BOBBY] Often your plan for something
doesn't always happen in
the steps you want it to,
but this week, I really
hope that I can help Doreen
come back to her mama's sweet shop
and just really start
to envision her future.
You ain't seen nothing yet ♪
You ain't seen nothing yet ♪
I stay ahead of all the rest ♪
Never even broke a sweat ♪
You ain't seen nothing yet ♪
Well, welcome to Sephora!
Shopping spree for us!
- [DOREEN] Wow.
[DORIAN] I love Sephora.
Dorian, this is like our
childhood dreams coming true.
- It is.
- [JONATHAN] I'm so excited to help Doreen.
I'm about to get my basket
and clear these shelves. Ah!
This is, like, a
once-in-a-lifetime moment
for her to receive this award,
and I wanna show Doreen
how to express herself
in new, beautiful ways.
- I don't know nothing about this stuff.
- Your little baby eyes were just like
And so it's time for us to enhance.
It is time for us to engage.
Shit, it's gonna be hot!
You're not even ready.
I like it ♪
This is contour stuff.
Really good stuff for our complexion.
If you can see it, it's
not the right color.
[DORIAN] Right. Exactly.
- Ooh!
That's pretty!
Okay, so we need seven of those.
Okay. Cute. Do you
wanna pick out some lip?
- If I were nominated for some award
- When you're nominated
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Yes, not
We don't have space for these ifs.
Know what I'm saying?
We are manifesting.
So I should have something
that I could whip out.
Ooh. Purples and berries
are, like, so for you.
Sometimes I feel we teach
women, as they get older,
that they can't celebrate beauty
in the ways that they used to.
"You can't play with color
or do things with your hair."
"You gotta, like, blend in." No!
It does not matter what age you are.
You can celebrate yourself
in whatever way you want to.
Who is that hot girl?
[DORIAN] Period, Mama.
- Ah!
- [DORIAN] Ah!
[JONATHAN] Now we're
gonna do some skincare.
This is toner. You just press it
into your skin out of the shower.
- [DORIAN] Right.
- It's luxury.
- You know?
- Yeah.
Oh my God. This plumping
eye gel, so good.
Plumping serum, gel moisturizer,
and then vitamin C rose oil.
So good for both of you.
The order, it's like this. Ready?
Toner, then serum ♪
Eye cream, moisturizer, oil ♪
Toner, then serum ♪
Eye cream, moisturizer, oil ♪
Toner, then serum ♪
Eye cream, moisturizer, oil ♪
And you just belly-bump
the person next to you.
Or hip a hip bump. That's even better.
- Much cuter.
- [DORIAN] You need another basket.
- [TAN] Do you love being a mom?
- Oh my goodness gra
In every element, every
step has just been awesome.
Oh God. That makes me so happy.
[DOREEN] Oh yeah.
[TAN] So I love to shop,
but I can't help someone
unless I really understand who
they are, what they're all about.
Now, you were raised in a sweet
shop. Then you become a musician.
Yeah. Well, I mean, I
had to succeed at music,
because I had this great
career laid out for me.
[TAN] We did something similar.
We had, like, a little
grocery-store section,
a sweet-store section.
- That's how we made our living.
- Yeah.
And our families
thought that, eventually,
we, the kids, would take over.
We didn't. You didn't.
My dad said, "This is for you,"
and I'm like, "I don't want this."
- Yeah.
- And I know it hurt him.
And the passion is what gave
me the strength to do that.
- [TAN] Yeah.
- I mean, I was good at clarinet.
I just was from the very beginning,
you know, better than average,
and I had never really been
better than average before.
I didn't say I didn't want it at all.
I just said I wanted to
do my thing, you know,
and later on, you know,
I'd take care of it.
- And then I got to call about my dad.
- Oh wow.
[DOREEN] Yeah, my dad died.
[TAN] I'm sorry.
[TAN] So did your mum
keep the sweet shop afloat?
Uh-huh, until she came
down with dementia.
- Okay.
- [DOREEN] And, um yeah.
It's crazy.
You know? So I guess the reason
I remember that
conversation with my dad,
"This is for you," you know,
and, "I don't want this,"
is because, you know, "How dare
you hurt your father's feelings?"
Is that why it's important to you
to try and build up
the sweet shop again?
To honor your parents?
- They worked so hard.
- [TAN] Yeah.
And they did so much, and
their dreams were realized,
and they wanted it for me,
and I chose the clarinet.
[TAN] I understand why
there's some guilt there,
but I hate that she's torturing
herself all these decades on.
At this point in her life,
she clearly is in a position to
be able to rebuild their legacy,
and I want her to feel
worthy of all of this,
and part of that is a look
that makes you feel that way.
- Ready?
- [DOREEN] Yeah.
Gonna open the curtain.
Come with me.
- [TAN] Okay.
Before, you were just a ball of fabric,
and I had no idea what you
might look like underneath,
so with this, it gives you the
proportions that your body actually is.
You've got a waist.
You've got a torso.
You've got a leg.
And now we're showing it off.
The thing is, the short
shirt would be an issue.
Explain to me.
When you are playing the clarinet,
you are lifting, and it would
show a little bit of stomach.
It would, and then when I come
down, it would still show my stomach.
It would just sit up there. Okay.
So, for you, going forward,
we need a longer top to make
sure we give you coverage.
The shoes though.
I mean, as long as I'm
standing still? Yeah!
I get it. If you need a flat,
you need a flat. So be it.
- Yeah.
- Forget playing the clarinet in it.
Do you feel nice in it?
Yeah. I look like those people on TV.
You do look beautiful.
- Thank you.
- [TAN] You do!
The fact that she's
saying this is the clothing
of the kind of woman she admires?
That's it! That's the moment.
She looks gorgeous.
She looks attention-grabbing.
[TAN LAUGHS] Hollywood!
You look like the cool, powerful,
creative woman that you are.
- Who knew?
[BOBBY] Doesn't look that
different from outside yet, does it?
You know, we've walked
into a lot of hot messes
throughout the years on Queer Eye,
but this is a pretty big hot mess.
I wanted to bring Lawrence by,
because I gotta pass the husband test
to make sure I'm on the right track.
- I love all of this.
- [BOBBY] Right? Nice and open.
- This is Taika.
- [TAIKA] Hi.
She has found a lot of great
photos that we wanna put up in here.
[LAWRENCE] There are so many
people from this neighborhood
who remember this place
and remember Miss Annie May.
They can remember coming
here as a kid, like I do.
Ever since Dorian gave me the keys,
we got through a ton of the
mold and the hurricane debris,
but there is still so
much more work to be done
before the sweet shop
can open for business.
But I wanted to get the place set up
so Doreen can now remember the past,
but start envisioning
reopening the sweet shop
for the future generations.
- It's a lot of that was done already.
- Yeah?
- It's a whole new lease on life.
- It's gonna be amazing.
I know her mom is smiling in heaven
knowing that this place
is getting worked on.
Oh, I'm so happy.
Come show me what you got ♪
Oh, baby, love it
when you do that thing ♪
Come show me what you got ♪
Oh, baby, love it
when you do that thing ♪
So I was chatting with
your mom the other day.
We had a conversation about what
she would like in the sweet shop.
Her face really lit up when she
talked about the idea of puff pastry.
- Yes.
- I got excited about that.
Puff pastry is like a blank slate.
We can make it sweet, salty.
We can put anything in it,
and we're gonna experiment.
I am gonna teach you a few
different shapes and sizes.
- I thought we could do this together.
- Yeah, amazing.
- Yes. Okay.
Dorian really wants to encourage her mom
in this next chapter of her life
to make sure that she's okay.
First, a classic Danish.
So I wanna show different ways
the puff pastries can be cut.
This is called a Danish braid.
You basically wrap them around, and
you end up with a beautiful braid.
We're on a mission.
And then pinwheel.
A mission for puff pastry.
S. Plural.
We do a little circle,
You fill it with whatever
you want that makes you happy.
- All right. Let's do it.
- What you making?
[DOREEN] I'mma make
the most difficult one.
- You're going through the hardest first?
- [DOREEN] Yeah.
[ANTONI] Somehow that
doesn't surprise me.
So, Dorian, how do you feel about
the renaissance of the sweet shop?
[DORIAN] I'm excited what
she's gonna do with it,
and what we're gonna be
spending all night working on.
[ANTONI] "We?" You're gonna help?
I mean, yeah. It's always
fun cooking with her.
We're best friends, so,
like, it's always a good time.
[ANTONI] That's such a sweet
thing to say about your mom.
- We are. We're buddies, huh?
- That's my buddy.
[ANTONI] You love each other,
and you like each other.
[DOREEN] Very much so.
- Look at it!
- That's beautiful.
[ANTONI] That is beautiful.
- [DORIAN] Oh my gosh.
- [ANTONI] You're ready for your wash.
- It feels weird putting raw egg on it.
- Yeah, that's why I'm like
It'll make sense once
it comes out of the oven.
The sugar clings to the wash nicely.
I love that.
When I saw it, I was like,
"Oh, fresh dill at that?"
"Goodness gracious."
[ANTONI] That's very smart.
Sometimes you wanna look at a cookbook
and follow the recipe step by step
I think I wanna do a berries and cream.
but then there's other
days you wanna play, have fun,
you wanna be creative,
you wanna see what works.
You just want to channel jazz.
I'm gonna go ahead and put mine in.
Oven's set at 400.
It's going to be 15 to 17 minutes,
and they're going to be ready.
[ANTONI] I'm just so fascinated
at the fact that you live together,
you work together.
Is that what it was
like for you, Doreen?
- I was definitely a mama's girl.
- Were you?
- I still am a mama's girl.
- Yeah, she still is.
If you look back, and
when I do look back,
I mean, I was raised behind
the sweet shop, you know?
So Doreen's Sweet Shop
is just full of memories.
My mom was in the shop most of the time,
and I cooked in the sweet shop
before I started playing music.
That's what made it great too.
It was just wonderful
just being with her.
- Yeah.
- For sure.
This sweet shop brought
so many happy moments
to Doreen and her mom,
and now that she thinks about
this next chapter in her life,
it's so much more than just a business.
It's about her family's legacy,
and she wants to honor that.
It's really beautiful.
Ah! They're so golden and beautiful!
I can't wait for you to see them!
- You scared me!
- No, that's just me being excited.
Voilà, mademoiselle.
Pour vous.
[DOREEN] Wow. This is just so beautiful.
What is on there? Just egg wash?
And then I put a bit of demerara sugar,
'cause I like that sugary
crunch when you bite into it
because the pastry itself is just
buttery. It's kind of really neutral.
So pretty. So pretty.
[ANTONI] You like the pinwheel?
- Yes.
- [DORIAN] The pinwheel's very photogenic.
- [DOREEN] Gorgeous.
- I'm gonna send you this photo.
- Oh yeah.
- That is beautiful.
- Our little test kitchen!
- [DOREEN] Man, I'm telling you.
- [ANTONI] I wanna start with savory.
- [DOREEN] Yeah.
[ANTONI] Holy crap.
I would never have thought
dill, but that's brilliant.
Oh man.
- [DORIAN] Yeah.
- That dill.
[ANTONI] This is ham and cheese.
[DORIAN] You wanna cheers?
- That's it for me.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm.
- That's delicious.
- Consensus?
- I love that.
- We can make big old braids.
- And just cut, cut, cut.
- Yeah. 100%.
So we have a savory,
and now what about sweet?
Strawberry and blueberry.
I feel like they're such crowd-pleasers.
[DORIAN] Berries and
cream. That's what it was.
I love this, but I would switch it
for the cream cheese and powdered sugar
because we're using fresh fruit,
otherwise, it's just a
little too, you know
- Flat.
- Flat.
- What shape are we gonna do?
- You want a pinwheel?
- Yeah, that's what I like.
- Yes.
We're gonna do a classic pinwheel,
cream cheese, confectioners'
sugar, touch of vanilla base,
and then we're gonna
macerate some berries.
- Yes.
- We got it.
[DOREEN] That's it.
I just wanna ♪
Feel ya ♪
I just wanna ♪
[JONATHAN] Yes, Doreen! Oh my God.
Okay, come on in.
- [DOREEN] Thank you.
Ah. Welcome.
- Hi, Akeisha.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- [JONATHAN] How are you?
- This is beautiful Doreen.
- Hey, Miss Doreen.
Take a seat, honey. Okay.
- Can I touch your hair?
- Of course.
[JONATHAN] Okay, good.
You have exclusively
been wearing braids for
Thirty-seven years?
That's longer than I thought.
It would be fun for us to try
something a little different.
We need to get you a haircut
that's doable, that's easy.
- It's thinning around the edges.
- We can't talk about it.
Follicles don't like
it when we talk shit.
- Okay. Gotcha.
- [JONATHAN] They're doing really good.
Someone I know, who's beautiful
and that I'm obsessed with,
did ask a lot of these follicles
by putting them in
braids without any breaks
since the Reagan administration,
so I just wanna say
there are still follicles
up in here. We can regrow.
- All right.
- Kick!
I could do that, too, but
you have to call 911 first.
I'mma, I'mma, I'mma make it hot ♪
[JONATHAN] For Doreen, braids
are 100% a matter of convenience,
and they look beautiful on her.
I just wanna show her
some low-maintenance,
beautiful ways to wear her hair.
- I'd like to let my hair rest.
- [JONATHAN] It's nice to let it rest.
- I just like the look of it. Yeah.
If you don't let it rest, like,
it's never gonna regenerate.
We are gonna let her hair
breathe, take a break,
but also keeping her hair in such a
way that she can go back to braids.
Yes, Doreen.
- Let her breathe. Let there be light.
- The follicles are like, "Hallelujah!"
Hallelujah! ♪
I think Doreen's feeling
an instant relief,
an instant lightness, just
having the braids taken out,
having her hair washed.
This is awesome! Oh my
goodness gracious. [LAUGHS]
Life of the party ♪
Yeah, it's the best you've ever seen ♪
[JONATHAN] I cannot get
over how nice your hair is.
I know.
What the heck? So cool. [CHUCKLES]
What was the favorite
show you ever played?
- [DOREEN] So we were in Bogotá, Colombia.
And we were in a parade,
and the beginning of the parade
was at the top of the mountain,
and we just glided all the way down,
but when we got to the middle,
for as far as my eye I
could see, there were people.
I couldn't speak any Spanish,
and not too many of 'em, you
know, could speak English,
so there's this Mardi Gras song where
I did this question-answer thing,
and I said, "Let me hear you sing."
And it's just like, I had
never seen so many people.
- The language was universal!
- Yeah, it was amazing.
Oh my God. That is so cool.
Doreen is incredible.
It's the way that she performs.
It's the way that she becomes
the music she's playing.
She deserves to be celebrated,
and I'm so excited that she's
gonna be honored by her community.
Now I do want to prepare yourself
'cause you're looking really good.
You're looking really fine.
We still are gonna, like, love
our husbands after this, you know?
Okay? We're not going to play
the field after this, okay?
Ready? Three, two, one.
Whoa. Whoa.
I love it. Wow.
- Gorgeous, right?
- Yes. Wow.
And it's light.
- It feels light, right?
- It feels so much Yeah.
[JONATHAN] Do you wanna get
up in here and look at it?
Oh my God! Look at
how beautiful it looks
when you stand up and it moves!
Who are we?
So cool.
[JONATHAN] Right? You can
feel the wind in your hair!
Yes. Yes. Yes.
[JONATHAN] Can I have the
biggest hug? That was so much fun.
[KARAMO] Hey, everybody! We're here!
- [BOBBY] Hello!
- [TAN] Hi! Come on, Bobby!
Okay, I'm coming.
- Oh, look how cute you look!
- [DOREEN] Hi!
- Oh my gosh, you've got hair!
- Beautiful.
- Yeah, I got a lot of hair.
Hi, honey. Aw.
[DOREEN] And now I've
discovered it thanks to someone.
How has your week been?
[DOREEN] Guilty.
All the attention, not actually working.
I can't relate at all. I
love the attention. Don't you?
- I didn't say I couldn't get used to it.
- [KARAMO] Okay!
I didn't say I wanted it to stop.
- Yeah.
- [KARAMO] You deserve it though.
We're not quite done, 'cause we
still have more planned for you.
Let's get her ready for
her close-up, Mr. DeMille.
Nice to meet you.
Here is the thing.
Doreen has no idea that she's
going to be honored today.
She just thinks we're
going to the sweet shop.
Damn, I didn't realize
Naomi Campbell was here.
I thought her name was Doreen.
How excited are we that
Doreen is going to walk
into a roomful of people
that wanna celebrate her and her music?
She deserves to look and feel amazing.
You better press pause
and go get a snack, honey,
'cause you don't wanna have low
blood sugar when you see this.
Look at you.
[TAN] Okay. Now shall we
talk about the clothes?
Wow. Lots of colors.
[TAN] Yeah. We got
you a bunch of dresses.
I know you are not ordinarily
the one to wear dresses,
but it's just a really
easy way to put on an outfit
without having to really think about it.
- Cool.
- [TAN] The look's done.
Just need to find a shoe to match.
- Wow.
That's the word of this whole
week, is "wow." [CHUCKLES]
It's a whole different
way of looking at me.
Tonight I'm gonna belt it to
really highlight that shape.
And I'm sure you noticed,
I gave you a flat.
- Yes.
- [TAN] I want you to be comfortable.
- [DOREEN] A man who listens.
- All right, ready for this?
- [GUYS] Yes.
Doreen, beauty, will you please join me?
Oh my God. I'm excited.
She looks gorgeous!
- [ANTONI] Love!
- [TAN] I know!
So gorgeous!
- [BOBBY] You look beautiful.
- [JONATHAN] I love your little flats!
I'm trying to say I mean, I
had to figure out how to walk.
Oh my gosh, you're gorgeous!
You look beautiful.
[DOREEN] It's really cool.
Like, the possibilities.
It's like a parallel
universe before. Wow.
Here's the thing. I've got a feeling
somebody else might want a chat.
I actually have my own
little surprise for you.
You thought you were gonna go this
week without spending time with me
and me spoiling you as well?
We're gonna take a
quick little car drive
and then maybe make
a stop along the way.
Okay, that'll work.
- [JONATHAN] Bye, honey.
- [DOREEN] See y'all later.
Because Doreen is
performing on the street,
the struggle to get into the
cultural institutions has been hard.
It doesn't take away from anything
of who she is as a musician,
even though some doors
have been closed to her,
'cause she's made a big impact
on the New Orleans jazz community.
For you, the legacy
that you've created here
is beyond yourself.
It is something that
generations will admire.
I know you told me,
like, the establishment,
you know, the powers, those
places don't honor you.
Playing on the streets
is a challenge, you know?
'Cause you're trying to get
people to notice you, to stop,
you know, be entertained,
and give you money, you know?
And I mean, the money comes now,
but the whole time I was coming up,
I was trying to get
appreciation and respect
from authority figures or peers.
But now I'm thinking it's
just not gonna happen.
I realize that, you know? Um
- But so many other people love me anyway.
- Yeah.
It's been too long.
What you do, as a Black
woman, is beyond powerful.
You make every single
one of us feel alive.
When I'm in the grocery store
and somebody in front of me,
they look back, and they're
like, "Oh my God! It's her!"
and I'm like, "Who?"
I'm looking for her too, man.
Like, golly.
We get into that space, and we
don't even realize the magnitude
and how big it is, because
it's just you being you.
- And that impact because of that
- Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah.
has gone far beyond what
you could have ever imagined.
- Oh, thank you.
- [KARAMO] Seriously.
So now, um, I'm stopping here.
[DOREEN] Okay.
So I figured we'd take a little
tour around the Jazz Museum.
Okay. Well, this is my thing.
[KARAMO] To see the legacy,
for me, as a young Black man,
that they have inside of here.
- There gon' be some Louis in here.
- Yeah.
Ain't gon' be no Doreen,
but there gon' be some Louis.
- [KARAMO] Ain't gon' be no Doreen?
- [DOREEN] Ain't gon' be no Doreen.
Doreen Ketchens!
[DORIAN] Oh my gosh!
[LAWRENCE] I like that.
- Look at her face. Like, "What?"
- Oh my God!
- I sure like it. That's awesome.
- Oh, Mommy!
You look beautiful.
You sure do.
- [TAN] Aw. "You sure do"!
- Oh my gosh!
[LAWRENCE] Girl, we back in college.
[MAN] Hello, Doreen.
We're excited to have you at
the New Orleans Jazz Museum.
I'm a big fan personally,
and, uh, I don't know if you
recognize some of the things here.
We would love to have a display
here, part of our exhibit,
we would love to have you in it, and
we'd love to talk to you about it.
Your own exhibit
- I'm saying!
- in the museum!
If wanna actually bring up the
whole family. Can you all come up?
[KARAMO] She's been busking on the
streets of New Orleans for 40 years.
She's finally getting affirmation
that her impact was
made here in New Orleans
and that her legacy
will live on forever.
- You ready?
- I think so.
"Whereas jazz virtuoso,
educator, and icon
Dr. Doreen J. Ketchens, a clarinetist,
has played for four
United States presidents,
recorded an album almost
every year since 1994,
and is widely considered a
cultural ambassador of New Orleans."
"And whereas for decades,
the Clarinet Queen "
I love saying that!
" the Clarinet Queen has played along
Royal Street in the French Quarter
with her band Doreen's Jazz New Orleans,
a group that has traveled the world
performing their joyful, energetic,
and soulful New Orleans jazz
in 47 States and 24 countries."
"She has also performed
alongside musical greats
such as Ellis Marsalis
and Trombone Shorty."
"Doreen has performed with
the Louisiana Philharmonic
at the St. Louis Cathedral,
at the Orpheum Theater,
and during the New Orleans
tricentennial celebration."
"And now, therefore,
at the request of City Council
President Helena Moreno,
be it proclaimed by
the City of New Orleans
that the council honors
Dr. Doreen J. Ketchens,
American jazz clarinetist
and cultural ambassador."
"Thank you for sharing
your talents with the world
on behalf of the beautiful
city of New Orleans."
Signed by all seven members.
[HELENA] We love you so much.
Oh my gosh. You're such
an asset to the city.
We adore you.
That's for you.
[TAN] Speech! Speech! Speech!
Well, I tell you one thing.
When I walked in, I said, "Louis
Armstrong is my influence."
"You'll find a lot of him in here,
but you ain't gon' find
no Doreen up in here."
Well, I was wrong.
Thank you so much,
Miss Sadie, Miss Moreno, the Fab Five,
and just so many of you
wonderful, beautiful, absolute
I'm just
As I look through the room, I'm
like, "Calm down. Calm down."
"How'd you get here?"
I mean, goodness gracious!
Thank y'all. I mean, just Wow.
I mean, wow.
It's so many levels. So many levels.
It's just amazing, and
I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So often, we celebrate people
when they're not here
to enjoy the celebration.
So for her to be able
to see the admiration
is so special.
Look at you. So glammed out.
I know, huh? What in the world?
Every single time I ever walked
or biked past you in the Quarter,
it's always my stop, and it
always gives me a ton of joy.
Thank you.
It's now time to go see
another New Orleans icon,
which is Doreen's Sweet Shop.
Is everybody ready to go
see Doreen's Sweet Shop?
- See Miss Anna May's legacy?
- Yes. Yes.
Yes? All right. Let's get out of here!
[MAN] All right! Let's go!
Oh my!
Oh my goodness gracious.
Looks like somebody else's joint.
No. This is yours.
Goodness gracious.
[DORIAN] All you gotta do
is open them doors, girl.
You ready to go inside?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
[DOREEN] It smells like
my mother's in there.
- [BOBBY] Okay.
Open your eyes.
[LAUGHING] Oh! Oh my gosh!
[DORIAN] Your name's on every
Oh my goodness gracious.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness gracious!
Oh my goodness gracious.
Oh my.
Just so full.
Just so grateful.
Just so blessed.
Just so thankful.
Goodness freaking gracious!
- Oh my God, she almost cussed!
- Oh my God!
[DOREEN] First thing I saw was my mom,
then I see my dad, and then
I see my beautiful daughter.
Amazing to me how they're
just set in stone.
[BOBBY] Your family has
such a rich legacy here.
Music, culture, and this sweet shop.
Oh my goodness. Thank
you guys so very much.
Oh my goodness gracious.
- And our masterpieces.
- [DORIAN] Pastry!
[BOBBY] I feel like
we're on the right track.
It was really important to me
for her to just kind
of remember what it was,
and that way, as they finish,
she can really prepare herself
for what it's about to be.
Can I be the first kid
that steals from the store?
[KARAMO] He's the first kid!
[DOREEN] Oh man. We gonna let 'em in?
- I'm ready.
- And look how hot you look!
[DOREEN] We gotta do that walk.
- Yeah!
- Yes!
[DOREEN] Come on in.
Today, Doreen realizes that she is
an important part of this community.
- This is beautiful.
- Isn't it beautiful?
She has carved out a space
that is so unique for
the artist that she is.
And to have that
immortalized in an institution
so that when people come, they
get to learn about your life
and what you've contributed to your
city and to the jazz music scene,
it's decades in the making.
[JONATHAN] Can never get
enough candy. It's free, okay?
Do you guys want some candy?
The sweet shop will also hopefully be
an avenue of passion, legacy,
and connection and community
that Doreen can pursue for
as long as she wants to.
Wow. So awesome.
Oh man. This is absolutely stunning.
[ANTONI] Making these and
experimenting with you and Dorian
has been one of the most joyous things
I've experienced in a really long time.
- Same.
- Like, it was just so fun to play.
I'm at the stage now where
I got this huge head start,
and I got these great ideas
for something my mother and father
would definitely be proud of,
and young Doreen, you know?
And I really feel as though
I was able to realize a
very important journey today,
having the music and the sweet shop,
the legacy, you know, hand in hand.
It's like a fairy tale,
man. It's just wonderful.
And I'll make sure, when you walk
in here, you smell and you hear love.
[WOMAN] Whoo-hoo!
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