Queer Eye (2018) s08e04 Episode Script

Protect the Nest

- [MAN] Who are you?
- [PLAYERS] War Eagles!
- Who are you?
- [PLAYERS] War Eagles!
- [MAN] Who are you?
- [PLAYERS] War Eagles!
- Ooh, ooh, yeah ♪
Uh ♪
Things just keep getting better ♪
Down in New Orleans ♪
"Our hero this week is Denton Mallas."
"Denton is the head football coach
at a Louisiana School for the Deaf."
- He's also a teacher.
- [BOBBY] Nice!
Head football coach, you better.
Set up. Three, two, one.
[TAN] He just got a big,
big, big promotion at work.
Denton is now the new
athletic director at LSD.
I'm most passionate and
motivated about football, yes,
but I am more motivated by
working with the Deaf kids.
All of those Deaf-isms,
Deaf traditions, customs,
I can naturally pass
on to my students here.
Here it is 100% guaranteed
access to sign language.
They can be involved
in sports, in theater.
If they go to a hearing school, would
they have the same opportunities?
I doubt it.
"When Denton's family discovered
that he was Deaf at just 18 months old,
the whole family learned sign language."
[BOBBY] That doesn't
happen very often, actually.
[TAN] Which is so strange.
I just think if your child is
Deaf, how would you not learn that?
"His father, Jay, dedicated
himself to advocating for his son,
especially in sports."
"In order to make sure
Denton never missed a play,
Jay became a coach and signed
to him from the sidelines."
"It was because of
this and acts like these
that Jay has always been Denton's hero."
- Aw.
- [TAN] I know!
Personally, I think he
is my hero. Absolutely.
He endured a lot.
You can't hear, you
try to go through life,
there's so many obstacles,
but he did as most he could with it.
He prospered. He flourished.
I want to be there for my students
the same way my dad was there for me.
He's very supportive of people.
It can be a lot, and he
might not admit or realize it,
but it can take a toll on you
when you're becoming
everything for everyone.
"Relax. Take time for yourself. Relax,"
and I'm like, "No, I'm not done."
I need to do everything
that I can for these kids.
Athletic director,
the head football coach,
assistant basketball coach,
weightlifting coach,
assistant track coach,
academic bowl coach.
You name it, Denton does it.
I think Denton deserves a bit
more a little more sprucing up.
Because he's in a leadership position,
he's often, you know,
the face of the sport,
and he's there on the field.
It's really important for
someone like him to look good
to represent our school
and our team well.
"Enrollment at LSD has
been going down every year,
and the athletics department
is especially taking the hit."
[TAN] "The football team
is down to 15 players
and is at risk of being cut entirely."
"As athletic director,
Denton feels it's on him
to prove that the program
cannot afford to die."
Denton is definitely
dedicated to the job,
and having some success
with his culture,
with the Deaf culture, he wants to help.
And yes, I do think
this weighs on Denton.
I think he just needs help
with, like, his confidence
and knowing how much
he brings to the table.
My feet are throbbing from walking
and doing things all day long.
He has so much left to give,
but if he doesn't change his ways,
I think that he'll get burned out.
I'm not sure that he recognizes
how much we see his dedication
and his passion for our school,
our community, and our students.
I think this experience could
really give him a lot of confidence
to help him keep making a difference
in the lives of
students at Deaf schools.
"At the end of the week,
the LSD War Eagles will have their
first game in three whole years."
- Go, War Eagles!
- [TAN] Yeah!
"Denton needs to get his head
in the game on and off the field
so that he is going to be able to
lead the team to ultimate victory."
[ANTONI] That's right, he does!
"Our mission this
week is to help Coach D
find his stride and lead with pride."
[KARAMO] You all know how to sign?
- [TAN] A little.
- [BOBBY] Maybe a little.
My name.
- My name.
- You guys are overcomplicating things.
- What is "is"?
- You don't do a lot of "is," I think.
Oh, I see people on the field.
Oh! Are they playing football?
[KARAMO] Come on. Excitement, guys.
and you'll go through.
- Hey.
[KARAMO] How are you doing?
Good to meet you.
Could we have a hug?
Hi, everybody. How y'all doing?
[JONATHAN] Honey, it's
giving Friday Night Lights.
It's giving Remember the Titans.
It's giving "hut, hut, hike."
And also, Denton is gorgeous.
How freaking cute are you? Adorable.
How long have you been coaching?
Seven years.
Wow. Okay. A long time.
- "Wow!" Yeah.
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]
- We wanna see the locker rooms.
- Yeah.
Yeah? Okay.
Thank you, guys.
- [JONATHAN] Bye! Love.
- Let's go, hustle!
[KARAMO] Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!
- Oh!
- [KARAMO] Okay.
- Wow.
The locker room has
definitely seen better days.
- It could use a refresh.
[TAN] There is a smell that
some might say "rancid."
You know when you take your socks
off at the end of a long day,
and you smell 'em just
to see what they're like?
[ANTONI] That is what
this entire room smells of.
Mm-mm. It's not right.
Can we see this? Take this off?
- Oh yeah!
- [ANTONI] Oh!
Look at that face. There it goes!
Are you always this high energy?
Oh yes, I have to be.
I have to be high energy.
From morning to noon, all day long.
- I love it. Sports, school with the kids.
- [TAN] Aw.
- That is my favorite part of the day.
- [TAN] Aw.
All right, we wanna see the rest
of the school. Can you show us?
Let's go.
- [ANTONI] Oh wow.
- [KARAMO] Look at all these trophies.
[BOBBY] What's this area?
That's our concession stand.
- [BOBBY] Concessions.
- [TAN] Concession stand.
[ANTONI] When is the last time
the concession stand was used?
Two years ago.
[ANTONI] I see a popcorn
machine and a crock pot.
What did you used to serve here?
Popcorn, hot dogs.
Come on.
Oh, this used to be the
showers, but now, a storage room.
Okay, sneaks.
Underwear that I will not touch.
School stuff.
Yeah, we get it. You work at the school.
A lot of school stuff.
Okay. Got it.
School stuff. School
stuff. School stuff.
School stuff. School stuff. Basic.
So sports plays a big role in your life.
Why was football. Football?
Right? Correct?
- Football.
- Let me see.
I have my glasses. I'll take it off.
'Cause I know ASL is also about
expression in your face, right?
- Yes.
- Why was football so important to you?
Sports has always
been one of my outlets.
Some days everything
would just go over my head.
I would be burned out and exhausted
from trying to speak and lip-read.
It was hard to develop relationships
with my hearing classmates.
Sports was one of those ways
that I could actually relax
and express my emotions.
And then I joined football at
a Deaf school and fell in love.
Because my father
loved football himself,
it really developed a
close bond between us.
Got it.
My dad has always been there for me.
I want that same experience for the kids
because some of these kids
don't have that role model.
'Cause your dad played a big part
in you seeing that it's
possible to make change.
Do you feel like you
know how to do that?
It's hard for me to see it.
I hope I can be able to
support and motivate them.
I have to make sure
their future is bright.
Yeah. There's a lot of pressure
that you're experiencing.
- War.
- War?
[BOBBY] So tell me about this mural.
Really, that's been
here for a long time,
maybe the '80s or the '90s,
and it's just been the same ever since.
It's hard to fundraise and do
this sort of thing and renovate.
Why do you think the
school's having a hard time
getting funding for this?
In the 1970s, we had over 300 students.
Over time, the number
of students dwindled.
- [BOBBY] Dwindled.
- Now we have about 90 students.
[BOBBY] Wow.
More and more students are
moving over to mainstream schools.
Maybe because parents, when
they give birth to a Deaf baby,
often the doctor or audiologist
will say, "Hey, you know what?"
"It's better to learn
to speak, lip-read,
use hearing aids or cochlear implants."
They don't really mention learning ASL.
[BOBBY] What I'm seeing,
this is an amazing culture that you
are clearly very passionate about,
and although it might be
declining a little bit,
still deserves attention
and still deserves a space
that the kids can really
take pride in, right?
Right, exactly. Yes.
[BOBBY] So what would you think
about maybe doing a
new mural here this week
that really reflects how
vibrant and passionate
both you are about athletics and
the kids that are coming here are?
Yes, definitely.
Really, I want to see
something inspiring.
Is there a phrase or motto
that you say to the kids
that could be something we include?
Protect the nest!
"Protect the nest?"
Makes a lot of sense.
Be aggressive.
Eagles, be No, you gotta go up!
- I'm going up!
- Figure it out!
Bitch, pay attention.
Six, seven, eight.
Be aggressive.
Eagles, be aggressive.
[JONATHAN] Sports!
I knew that was gonna happen!
Not your D!
- The the Oh, hi!
- [TAN] Is that how you are helping?
[BOBBY] Are you gonna help
him with his cute coach outfit?
- [TAN] I sure am.
- [BOBBY] Okay.
- Thanks, Bobby.
- Have fun.
[TAN] Will you come with me? Come.
You all had a fun practice.
I will see you soon.
[TAN] Bye. Bye.
[TAN] I already looked
at what you have in here.
That's pretty much everything
that I use for school.
Almost everything that
you have is school stuff.
I mean, I've gotten most of
these clothes from school.
Why say no to freebies? You know?
Freebies are great, but that doesn't
need to be your only wardrobe.
You're not just a coach
here. You're a teacher, right?
You're the athletics director.
Like, this makes sense if
that's your only job, to coach.
I mean, it's easier.
It's an easier transition from school
to the football field for practice.
Easy doesn't always mean right.
This is fine for the field.
I wanna do better than this.
- Sports!
- Score!
All right.
Okay, first of all, I
know everyone has said,
but you're just stunning.
Yes, queen!
Yas, queen.
Yas, queen.
First silvers.
They've been popping up now
For the past two or three
years, they've been popping up.
Does that correlate to some stress?
A little, yeah.
So I have a movie question.
Have you seen Sister Act 2?
The plot is kind of similar
to what's going on here,
except for they have a choir,
and this is a football team.
This program kind of has
its back against the wall.
Is that accurate to say?
Your program is here now.
Yes, definitely.
Sometimes I have a lot of
different things I've got to do.
Where do I begin?
So I start over here, then I go here
doing all these different things.
I feel like I never
run out of things to do.
Sometimes, especially when
I'm worried about the future,
right here, right now,
and sometimes I think that
is a better place to focus on
as opposed to worrying about
what's gonna happen later on.
Are you willing to prioritize giving
yourself a little bit of peace,
learning a few new
things this week with me
to clear out a little bit of time
and energy for you to love on you?
Yes, I'm willing. Yes.
[ANTONI] Okay.
I've been trying to
learn a little bit of ASL.
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but
I'm gonna try out a question.
What do you eat for lunch every day?
Peanut butter sandwich.
Keep in mind there's no jelly.
Why no jelly?
That is what I have been doing
since I was a kid all along.
So you are very much
a creature of habit.
Oh yes. Absolutely.
Don't fix what's not broken.
Growing up,
what did you love to eat?
Growing up, what food did I love?
I loved my dad's sloppy joes.
Not from the can, from scratch.
[ANTONI] I love sloppy joes.
This week I want to help
you discover your new
[GASPS] Favorite.
Favorite food.
[KARAMO] So are you ready to
get this week started with us?
I'm ready whenever you are ready.
Should we do the little
cheer? We gotta exit somehow.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Okay.
Oh, I thought we were doing
three, two, one, then doing it.
[KARAMO] I can see all the pressure
that Denton's putting on himself,
but I need him to understand
that he has the resources,
he has the skills, and
he has the strength in him
to go out there and accomplish
what he wants to accomplish.
Aesthetically, this may be
one of my easiest makeovers,
but what is not easy
is how much Denton is pouring
out into his community,
so, honey, my job today
is to cultivate a little bit of
peace in Denton's gorgeous world.
Igniting the passion in the students
is super important to Denton,
so my job this week is to show
this athletics department some love
so that the teams can really start
to have more pride in what they do.
A priority, food is not for
Denton, which I totally understand.
He has so much going on.
But that said, he's gotten
stuck in the same routines.
I want him to get a little
uncomfortable and try new things
and taste something different
than bread and peanut butter.
[TAN] I wanna make sure that
when he steps into a room
with people that could actually
impact his job, his school,
that he feels as in command as they do.
I want him to feel powerful.
Antoni and I are going
to give Denton a day out.
Boys' day out!
We're running wild ♪
No one can tell us ♪
[TAN] Are you ready to shop?
Suit shopping?
[TAN] Mm-hmm.
After you.
Thank you.
Denton's wardrobe, it's
mostly either LSD clothing
or stuff that looks appropriate
for a college student,
and we need him to look like
somebody you will take seriously
at a board meeting, at an event.
I just want to dress him up enough
where he looks like a grown man.
All right, Denton. My
biggest concern is this.
I see you as a coach, but
you're not just a coach.
You're now the athletics director.
You're also a teacher.
Do you feel powerful in your job?
Do you feel like "I'm
the person for this job"?
Not exactly.
So now I'm just kind of figuring
it out and how I fit into that role.
You were hired for a reason.
You've got what it takes. You
just need to command that space.
I'm used to working behind the scenes,
encouraging, motivating,
and supporting others.
That's my passion.
[ANTONI] I think that
this is an opportunity,
and this will be a recurring theme,
of stepping outside
of your comfort zone.
[TAN] The spotlight is terrifying,
but you know how to coach.
You know how to inspire people.
I think it's just convincing people
that you know how to
move it to the next level
to really get bums on seats.
However, you look like
one of the students.
You need to look the part.
I'm hoping that attire can help
you feel a little bit of that.
- Shall we try on clothes?
- Yes.
Are you willing to try on anything?
Try anything?
I've got a gorgeous pink
crop top that Jonathan sent
that he wants you to try on.
I think pink looks good on me.
And definitely, a crop top
is gonna be gorgeous on you.
Okay, if you need anything,
just let me know. Okay?
Can I come in? Okay, good.
[ANTONI] Love.
Really nice.
I'm not trying to take him
from athleisure to a suit.
He doesn't need that.
I love a jacket on you.
It makes you look sophisticated.
Your pant like this, it
feels more like a track pant.
I want him to know
there's a happy medium,
a little more refined and sophisticated.
I didn't want it to be a massive
departure from where you were before.
It's a version of athleisure.
The pants are really comfortable.
[ANTONI] My thought with a jacket,
it's more about how it
makes me feel and my posture.
My shoulders immediately roll back,
and I feel like I can
walk into a room like this,
where I'm just, like,
demanding presence.
The jacket's nice.
The fabric's a little bit like
I'm going to say it conflicts
a little with signing.
[TAN] Okay, that, I
completely understand,
and that's a really, really easy change.
This is the thing that
you do not have to wear
until you've got something
that is important to you.
Oh yes.
I feel more elevated, more serious.
Like a serious persona walking around.
I'm walking the walk. You know?
[TAN] Which is exactly what I wanted.
I have another outfit for you to try on.
That's great.
[TAN] Okay, good!
Look how good that is.
Look at your butt in
those pants! No, you look!
Look how good that is.
That's my wife's favorite part about me.
It's my favorite part
about you! [LAUGHS]
I like it. It's more casual.
Well, also
"Ooh, you're hot." Hot.
Yeah. The main reason I
wanted to put you in this
is because it's a really easy way,
without it feeling too
complicated, fussy, dressed up,
of looking sophisticated, mature,
like somebody who I wanna listen to.
Oh yeah, definitely.
Does this look feel
like the kind of look
that will make you feel powerful
to speak to your colleagues,
the people who are above you at school,
reporters maybe,
a crowd of people who are there to
support what you're trying to do?
Oh yes. I feel ready. I feel good.
I feel like I can see how
people will look at me.
I can see that confidence in me.
- Beautiful.
- Thank you.
Go get changed so I can
watch that butt walk away.
Look at that walk away!
Wasn't that fantastic? Don't lie!
If we compare a peanut butter
sandwich to Indian food,
there is no starker contrast.
Do you know Indian food?
No. I don't really know much about it.
[ANTONI] There's so
many different spices
and textures and
crunches and creaminess.
I want him to just have fun with that.
Just exploring and being curious.
Ooh, I taste a little bit of a kick.
It's perfect.
All very good.
So I know that athletics,
football specifically,
are very important to you,
but, clearly with LSD,
it's so much more than that too.
It wasn't until I was
in the seventh grade,
and I went to summer
camp at the Deaf school
where I saw Deaf role models, and
I really started to get involved
with diving into my Deaf identity.
Who better to interact
with and teach Deaf kids
than Deaf adults who've already
experienced and gone through it?
I love my father.
I love my family.
I really do. I appreciate them.
But do they fully understand
what I've gone through?
No, they don't. It's different.
So it's very important to have
a place we can feel comfortable
in our world, our culture,
our communication, our rhythm.
This is a man on a mission.
Denton wants to celebrate
and nurture Deaf culture.
I respect him so much.
So we have some dessert for
y'all. It's ice cream sandwiches.
- Ooh, that's my favorite.
- [ANTONI] Ah!
It's called kulfi.
You can take it with you.
[JONATHAN] We are going to do
a gorgeous yoga class together.
Let's go to yoga.
And don't look at my ass,
'cause it's cute in these tights.
Fine, you can look at it. Uh.
I wanted to show you
something to help you relax.
If you're worried about
what's in the future,
or if you're thinking about the past,
then we're not present with today.
And so this is really about kind
of grounding yourself down in today
and then also taking care
of your body along the way.
Okay. Sounds good.
Let's get on our butts.
Restorative yoga is all on the ground.
Hips, lower back, quads, and hamstrings.
Honey, them hammies,
they need to be loose,
and they need to be stretched.
Feet floppy and palms up.
If that makes your hamstrings scream,
and you're like, "Ow,
bitch, it hurts "
We're gonna take this block.
I once had a yoga teacher say to me,
"Show me in the room
where the problem is,"
and then I would say
"Well, it's you know,
it's not in this room."
"It's a problem that I would
need to explain to you,"
and that was his way of saying
that, actually, a lot of the
problems that we encounter
are very much in our head,
and what we have to do
is get out of our head
and get into our body
through our breath.
"Oh, but what about the
school? No, I'm inhaling."
"I wonder what I'm eating for
dinner tonight. No, I'm exhaling."
So take your right foot,
put it over your left knee.
Yes. Am I right? Do you
feel this right here?
How we connect to ourselves on our mat
is how we connect to
ourselves outside of our mat.
So this is a great way for him
to practice calm, compassion,
centeredness with himself.
And knowing that there's nothing
that can be thrown his way
that he can't handle.
And that's yoga, honey.
How do you feel?
Very relaxed.
Very loose.
My hips, though, felt tight before,
and now they've kind of melted away.
I love that story for us.
So we're gonna change our
outfits, and then do your haircut.
Let's go.
Welcome to my office.
My job is to continue that great
tradition of your everlasting hotness.
You know? Do you look at, like,
Tan's hair and think, like,
"Cute!" Like, a little volume?
Hmm, no.
Tan's volume is cool, yes,
but it doesn't fit me.
- I don't know about that.
- I like it more tame.
And I also feel curious
about what you would look like
with more of, like,
a five-o'clock shadow.
What's that?
It's like stubble, you know?
Like, "suave."
Yeah, it's very Yeah. Thank you.
I typically always have
a mustache and a goatee.
I want to not have you
have a mustache and a goatee.
Just for this week.
All right.
Okay, we shall start to cut now.
So, our game.
Are you so excited?
Oh yes, for sure.
They're motivated. They're excited.
Finally get to get
their feet on the field.
And they're also looking
forward to seeing people come out
to the school and watch our game.
Let your chin see the sun, honey.
My butt chin.
- You have a butt chin?
- Yes.
Get out of my face. Stop being so hot.
I can't have LSD
losing their head football coach
because he went to go become a modèle.
Maybe a summer job.
[JONATHAN] Who's making room?
- Ready to see the new gorgeous you?
- I'm ready.
Here's a brand-new gorgeous Denton.
[DENTON] Mm-hmm.
They're really nice.
I didn't think it'd look like this.
[JONATHAN] Do you like it?
Yeah. When you see it on movie
stars on TV and everything,
they have a five-o'clock
shadow like that.
I never imagined it
would look like this.
It's good, right? So
a little more volume.
Oh yeah!
I feel I can walk the walk.
I feel like I can go up to
the referees and talk to them
and show power, and
express it with this look.
I greatly appreciate you and
how you've taken care of me.
So I want to give you your sign name.
Oh my God, tell me!
- Are you ready?
- [JONATHAN] Mm-hmm.
The number five hand
you are so friendly.
The second reason why
Your eyes radiate. They're bright.
And the third reason.
You are you.
You are unapologetically you.
I've noticed, often, you
tend to flip your hair.
And you flip it back, you know?
So, "JVN."
- JVN.
[JONATHAN] That made me cry!
Welcome to LSU.
[KARAMO] I really want you to understand
that, as long as you're dreaming
for things to get bigger and better,
then things will be better.
So I brought you here to LSU for
you to see what is possible for you,
what is possible for your kids,
and what's possible for the school.
But I don't want you just to see it.
I've also invited all of your
team and all the other coaches.
- Really?
- [KARAMO] Yes, I did,
because I want them to see this
too and experience it, so
Have you all ever been
inside of the LSU Stadium?
You guys ready to go inside? You ready?
- Yes!
All right, let's go!
[BOY] Ooh!
- [BOY 2] Oh!
- [BOY 3] Hey.
Seeing the excitement of
these students is so beautiful.
[KARAMO] Right here.
Win! Y'all gotta win!
There you go. Denton,
y'all gotta win this!
[BOY] Whoo!
[KARAMO] Because of his fight,
this is what's possible
for his students.
Imagine a full stadium.
Everybody around here.
You're looking up there.
All that energy. The stands are full.
[CROWD CHANTS] Fight! Fight!
And we feel the hype.
Hype, yes. Hype, exactly.
I love seeing you in
your coaching element.
Denton wants more for these kids,
and you can see it in their excitement,
but I don't know if Denton
sees that in himself.
I don't think that he
sees what he's doing
and the impact that he already has.
Okay. You guys practice.
You ready to practice?
All you, John.
- [BOY] All you, John.
- [BOYU2] All you, John.
- Huddle up!
- [KARAMO] You're good?
Happy to be here with the kids and
that they got to experience this.
[KARAMO] I know that the kids
make you super, super happy.
They bring you a lot of joy.
Really, the kids always make my day.
Every day, they always give me 100%,
so I have to make sure I give
100% right back and invest in them.
Well, you do give 100%,
but all the things that
you're doing at the school,
that's a lot of pressure.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
It's difficult. It's not always
easy to stay strong all the time.
I don't want them to miss any
opportunities here at the Deaf school.
If they went to hearing schools,
they wouldn't have those opportunities,
so I really feel that it's my
responsibility to invest in them
and make sure that they
have these opportunities.
I mean, Deaf schools are declining.
If Deaf schools continue
to decline, what's next?
What if sports shut down?
Sports shut down, they
lose opportunities.
They won't have that
outlet to express things.
They deserve it!
They deserve it, period.
Outside the community,
they don't realize
just how much this school has to offer.
Especially with the sports.
If they lose out on that,
I feel like I'm not doing
what I should be doing.
I get that.
I don't want to be the reason
that everything gets shut down,
that the athletic department shuts down.
You know, the reason they fail.
You're putting a lot of pressure
on yourself. Do you realize that?
Do you think that's healthy to
put that much pressure on yourself?
I saw my father do so much for me.
I want to make sure that
I do so much for them
because it's personal to me.
Are you scared
that you can't give these
kids what your father gave you?
I want to make sure that this
Deaf community continues to thrive.
Not just for them, but for
everyone. Myself included.
I'm just a cog in the machine.
You don't trust yourself.
Do you trust yourself?
It's hard to see what
I'm actually capable of.
This fear of failure is
because you don't trust you.
You're not a small piece.
You are the machine.
Did you see how happy your boys were?
Oh yeah. They're really happy.
The same way your
father did that for you,
you are doing it for these boys.
You don't have to feel
like you're gonna fail,
because you can trust yourself.
And how you know you can trust yourself
is because you've already done it.
Have you ever thought
about the things you've done
and all the people you've helped?
You have made these kids feel big.
You have let them know
that everything is possible.
And you don't have to
have the worries and fears
that the school will shut down,
that it's up to you,
because the only thing you can control
is you doing what you've already done,
which is showing these kids love
and showing the rest of
the world your passion.
Yeah, I understand.
Say, "I trust myself,"
and when you say, "I trust myself,"
remember all the things
you've already done.
Can you sign for me right now
"I trust myself"?
I trust myself.
You have to keep
saying that to yourself.
You are your father.
You are.
You have already done everything
that your father did for you and more.
And I need you to know
that and hear that.
I'm glad.
Thank you for telling me bluntly.
I really appreciate your honesty.
I'm really proud and
happy to have met you.
I'm happy to have met you too.
Everything's feeling so right ♪
Look at you!
The hair is so good.
Oh, love.
[BOBBY] I'm excited to see what
you put him in to go see the school.
[TAN] I was about to say,
"Get out of the way, everyone."
- Get out!
- What were you about to say?
- [IN BRITISH ACCENT] "You been naughty"?
- [TAN] Okay, kids. Ready?
- [GUYS] Yeah!
- [TAN] Okay.
Denton, come on in, my love.
- Ooh! Yes!
- Look how handsome.
- [BOBBY] Gorgeous!
- Great. Love.
- [TAN] He's showing you his bum.
- The tushy's great too.
[BOBBY] I like the
length of the pant too.
[TAN] Cute, right? And
I love a loafer on him.
How do you feel in this?
I feel fabulous!
That makes me so happy.
Uh, I love it. I think
you look gorgeous.
But I also need you to
try something else on.
Ready? Denton!
- [KARAMO] Ooh!
- [BOBBY] This looks great.
- Doesn't it look so nice?
- [KARAMO] Yes!
[TAN] For Denton, it's
all about swap-outs.
To change that one little
thing that he ordinarily wears
and make it slightly more sophisticated.
So he lives in a polo.
We've swapped it for another polo,
and this trouser makes it a
little more dressed up than a jean.
I feel like I'm in love with the shoes.
[TAN] And I think it's
perfectly appropriate
for when you're going from
coaching to, let's say, a meeting.
I really like this.
I'm more aware of my arms.
More impressive, more
powerful, more confident.
- Amazing!
- [TAN] I remember texture's important.
So I wanted to make sure we got
things that feel nice for you.
I think it's a great outfit
to go see the school in.
- Are you ready to see the school?
- [TAN] I would love to see the school.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Look at that butt!
- I'll drive.
To feel like we gave everything ♪
In this moment of my
life I'm not afraid ♪
- The car is pulling up.
- That!
- All right.
- I'm excited!
I feel alive ♪
- Let's go.
- Let's do it.
[JONATHAN] You ready?
That's his Sydney.
- You look so handsome.
- Thank you.
Not just handsome.
Like, gorgeous. Like
Gorgeous, that's right.
I am blown away!
[BOBBY] It feels alive in here.
With all the new paint, it's
much more bright and colorful,
and all of our amazing students
can see the new concession stand.
Right from the moment you walk in,
you really see the school spirit
with the green, the
white, and the yellow,
and it really makes people know
that they are in Eagle country.
I actually have a very
special space I wanna show you.
[BOBBY] This is your new office.
You were still using your
classroom as an office,
and you're the boss now.
You're the one that
needs to have the space
where you can have meetings,
talk to students individually,
so I really wanted a space
that said to everyone,
"This is the athletic director.
This is the guy in charge."
Wow, it's amazing.
I'm shocked.
I'm speechless.
Now I feel like I actually
have something to make me feel
like I am, you know I'm the shit.
I'm the athletic director.
- [BOBBY] Yeah.
I wanted to explain to you the
reasoning behind the "sloppy not joes."
We gotta get butts in those
seats for football games.
You told me at the beginning of the
week your number-one favorite thing
are the sloppy joes that
your dad has made for you.
This is exactly the same
recipe that I got from him,
and "not joes," like "nachos."
I can taste my dad's recipe for sure.
You just filled my heart. Thank you.
[KARAMO] "Protect the nest."
Oh, I love this.
Protect the nest.
That's so cute.
I love it.
- We need to play the game.
- Wow, that's sick.
[BOBBY] We put a new warring eagle
that would not only energize the kids
and give them pride for their school,
but also intimidate the
competitors that are coming,
and the quote you always tell the kids,
so every competitor that pulls up
here knows they're in for a fight
because you guys are gonna protect
this place with all your hearts.
[ANTONI] Yeah!
Yeah, come on! Make some noise!
One more space to see, which
is your new locker room.
- [BOBBY] So
One more?!
You know, I figured, since they
haven't been redone since 1978,
it was time.
[BOY] Oh my God!
[BOBBY] Come on over here, guys.
You guys really deserved a space
that was modern and
cool and represented you.
[BOY] Ah!
Massage chairs!
[BOBBY] We also have a
new touch screen up there
where you can show and create plays.
Oh, never mind. I don't
know what I'm doing.
See that?
[BOBBY] I hope now that you can have
even more pride than you already had
in your school and in
your athletics department
and, most importantly, your coach.
We had talked about trusting yourself,
and I wanted to have one of the students
tell you what you've done for them.
My coach means to me
I'm so happy to have him as my coach.
[CRYING] I love my coach so much.
So now it's our turn to
make our team successful.
We'll work together. We're
a team. We're all in this.
[KARAMO] What you have done,
the impact you have made,
never go into any meeting
feeling like you can't do it,
you're not successful enough.
You already made an impact. And
you'll continue to make an impact.
You just have to continue
on and believe in yourself.
'Cause we believe in you.
Okay! Let's go for it!
I love you.
I love you too.
I really just
This has been a blessed experience.
You know, this time that
I've spent with you all
is one of my favorite
memories of my life.
You motivated me to
really address things
and experience new things.
And you've given me the ability
to really shoot for the stars.
Take risks. That's
what you've taught me.
You've given me the confidence
that I need to become
the athletic director.
So thank you so much for that.
And you taught me a lot of
important things, like self-care.
Self-care is the most important
thing to really live a healthy life.
You've really given me
so much insight into myself.
- [JONATHAN] Let's have a group hug!
- [TAN] Group hug.
[JONATHAN] Come here!
- Bye-bye.
- [KARAMO] Bye!
See you later.
Don't forget,
trust yourself.
Love you!
I feel the life ♪
I feel it.
Shining so bright ♪
[KARAMO] Football! Football! Football!
[ANTONI] I got some sloppy not joes!
[KARAMO] I love it!
[TAN] We love sloppy not joes.
[ANTONI] That's how you
get everyone into a room.
[TAN] Neon's gonna love this.
- [JONATHAN] I'm gonna have a nacho.
- A "not joe."
- [BOBBY] Ready?
- [ANTONI] Let's do this.
Oh, I hope we win!
- [JONATHAN] Cute.
- Oh, look how handsome he is!
Denton, you have visitors outside. Come.
Hey, Coach.
How are you?
[GUYS] Aw!
[KARAMO] Hi, Dad!
We just do not see enough dads with
short center parts, I have to say.
- Yeah.
- Very Kenny Rogers. I'm loving it.
I'm happy to see you.
I love his mom. She's so cute.
Surprise. [LAUGHS]
I had no idea!
Do you want to come
inside the locker room?
You can see the pep speech.
- Yes.
- Come on.
All right, everybody. Sit.
I know you're nervous.
But if you overcome yourself,
you will rise.
So I'm going to ask you,
will you be able to rise
up and challenge yourself?
- Who are you?
- War Eagles!
- Who are you?
- War Eagles!
- Sports!
- He knows how to amp them up.
- He does.
- [TAN] Yeah.
[KARAMO] Denton wants to be like
his father, make the same impact,
and he is doing that,
and his dad gets to watch.
A full-circle beautiful moment.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- I love the cheerleaders.
- I love the cheerleaders.
In the middle of yesterday ♪
[ALL] Oh!
[DENTON] Let's go.
It's gonna be my day ♪
It's gonna be my ♪
You, you, wide receiver.
[KARAMO] Sometimes when we
have large goals for our lives,
we get overwhelmed because we
think we're always about to fail,
but as long as you're
trying and moving forward
and believing in yourself,
you'll never fail.
Denton is stepping into the
next chapter of his life,
empowered to keep the
school's athletic program open,
to make real changes for the
students and the Deaf community.
[ANTONI] I hope that this
week, we were able to remind him
he's genuinely already doing the
most and to actually appreciate it
because there's confidence
that comes from that.
The biggest thing that I
have learned from this journey
is really to trust myself.
Go to the locker room.
I belong.
I belong in this role.
[TEAM] One, two, three!
War Eagles!
I feel the future here at
LSD will be in good hands.
- [KARAMO] Aw.
- [JONATHAN] Father-son moment!
Yas, queen.
Do you wonder how we can understand ASL?
We have interpreters.
- And we could not do it without you guys!
- [TAN] Come over here!
Thank you.
Yas, queen!
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