Queer Eye: Germany (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

More is More

1 A NETFLIX SERIES -Queer Eye's finally come to Germany.
-How cool is that? I'm David, an influencer and hair and makeup artist.
No fashion sense? I'm here to help.
I'm Jan-Henrik, and I'm a bit of a dandy.
Dandy? Dandy.
I'm Leni.
And I really want to help make people happy.
I'm Aljosha.
I'm a nutrition consultant, doctor, and YouTuber.
My name is Ayan.
I'm just a smiley guy who has an interior design agency.
This is more than a makeover show.
We come to your house and help you to view your life from a new perspective.
I'm so proud to be part of the Fab 5.
And I can't wait to get started.
With Queer Eye Germany, I can be the role model I never had as a gay Turkish man.
I am non-binary, and it's time for Germany to understand that.
We want diversity, right? I had to do a hair flip.
I hadn't done one yet in this whole thing.
Looking closely here, this looks like where I grew up.
So I'll greet you with, "Moin, Moin.
" -Moin, Moin! -Moin, Moin! I'm not really from Oldenburg specifically.
I'm from the nearby town of Lohne and grew up on a farm.
Someone's jogging! God, that startled me.
-Want to know where we're going? -Yes! "You're on your way to see BjÃrn.
" -Okay… -Hi, BjÃrn! -Hi, BjÃrn.
-Hi, BjÃrn.
I'm BjÃrn, 32 years old, and my defining characteristics are that I'm a little crazy about soccer and handball, that I'm a reliable guy, and I'm kind of sensitive, despite my job.
"BjÃrn makes a living working at a cemetery.
" That's an interesting job.
Some of what we do is gardening work.
We prepare for funerals, ring bells, sell grave sites, and we're also just there for people.
My son's name is Vyn-Roman.
He's 11 years old.
My dad is the best person in the world.
VYN-ROMAN BJÖRN'S SON Lots of people say that, but for me, it's really true.
'Cause he spends so much time with me.
"BjÃrn has been a single father for nine years.
" I became a father at 21.
I was very young, and… but I grew into it, I think.
It was good for my development as a person.
And I'm really proud of how things have turned out.
I met Vyn-Roman's mother a long time ago.
But it was not a stable relationship.
It was more of an on-and-off thing.
And we split barely a year afterward.
I already respect him.
Nine years, think about it.
That's all of childhood.
Vyn-Roman is the best and most important thing I've achieved in my life.
Because he makes me proud.
I see myself in him, and… yeah.
"BjÃrn is single.
" -Who else is single? -Here.
But I like to say I'm "glingle.
" -What is that? -Gladly single.
I've been single for about four years.
"That's why his friend Melanie nominated him.
" -Yeah! -Melanie! Something that I always notice about BjÃrn… MELANIE BJÖRN'S FRIEND …is how he basically has very low self-esteem.
And it's really obvious in his manner.
He has a ton of fan merchandise.
I think that turns a lot of women off.
Yeah, and you get the feeling with him that he wants to sort of hide away, and that's really noticeable in how he acts.
Personally, I think BjÃrn is a great guy.
And I really want to see him recognize that about himself.
And I think once he's done that, women will come around on their own.
"At the end of the week, BjÃrn has a date.
" "The date is with Katharina, and the two of them have met up once before.
" Unfortunately, nothing came of it the first time.
Now we want to meet again and see if maybe it could be more this time.
The problem was I didn't know how to make a good impression.
Maybe just something about me, how I dress, or how I style myself, or… I don't really know.
"So listen up, you five.
" "Your mission, let this cemetery caretaker's self-confidence bloom.
" Yeah! We're coming, BjÃrn! Put your foot on it! Vroom, vroom! CHAPTER 1 MORE IS MORE -Everyone out.
-Out! I can't see.
-Go on in! Go inside! -Go! -This is nice! -Hello! -Hi! -Hello! Hi! I'm David, nice to meet you! Hi, I'm Jan-Henrik.
How are you? I'm good… -You play soccer? -A little, yeah.
-You two are soccer fans, right? -Yeah, you can see there.
Can you guess why we're here? To help my father, I think.
Why does he need help? Or what with? I think kind of with his style.
And maybe kind of in the house.
I think we could use some help there.
If an 11-year-old is telling me the family needs help with the house, I'm nervous about what awaits me in there.
-Hi, BjÃrn.
You must be BjÃrn? -Ayan, nice to meet you.
We're really excited.
How about you? -Yeah.
-Yeah? -What are you expecting? -Right.
I don't know.
Definitely some changes and a bit of advice so I can view myself differently.
How do you view yourself now? Shy, retiring… Yeah.
I can tell there's a lot of uncertainty in him.
You might say it's written all over his face.
-May we take a look around? -Sure, of course.
What is this wall? That's the black-and-yellow Dortmund wall.
This is heavily Borussia Dortmund.
-And this side is for handball? -Right.
Honestly, the fan wall is a lot.
I almost feel like it's going to hit me.
I've got to watch my head.
Let's start in here, yeah? This is being used.
We've seen this.
Not quite the right product, but it's still a product! Okay, we're hoarding toilet paper.
Alright… Maybe these were on sale? I know how that is.
If you don't have much space in the bathroom, maybe hoard a bit less.
But who am I to judge? I have clothes racks in my kitchen.
You simply can't have a BVB blanket at 32 years old.
I also have some loud bedding.
It's got stripes.
I think that's whimsical enough.
How would you describe your fashion sense? Well, when it's game day, of course I've got my black-and-yellow on.
I have never worn a BVB T-shirt.
-Sportier? You think? You'd like to change some things about yourself.
Yeah, I'd still like to wear stuff like that, but I'd also like to move with the times a bit more.
For example, T-shirts without logos have always seemed kind of boring to me.
Are you afraid that people might think you're boring? Hmm, yeah.
Definitely sometimes.
Maybe I sort of hope that someone will remark on some banal subject and so we'll start a conversation.
-It's your turn.
-That's enough, yes? -Now it's your turn.
-Can I steal him? What is important to you about this wall? All of these impressions you get.
Soccer is basically a lifestyle for some people.
Of course.
Why not? You could say that.
And it's also something that you do with your son, that connects you.
That's a nice thing.
Not every dad has that with his son, so I think it's awesome.
I think BjÃrn doesn't hear what a great father he is often enough.
I'm a child of divorce, and this reminds me a lot of my dad.
He had so little time for us, and so it's really worth a lot for your son, especially, but also for you.
And it must make you really proud too, right? Yes, it does.
David? -Should we get some fresh air? -Yeah.
Get out of the house.
It's really pretty out here, I've got to say.
What I've been wondering is, as a single dad, do you ever feel like it's too much? Like you wish you had someone at your side? Of course.
As a father, you also want to be successful in love.
To get validation from another person.
There's definitely something missing.
Do you have any thoughts about why it hasn't worked out so far? No.
I'm a bit quiet and maybe a little weird, more pensive.
What's stopping you? What is the fear? At first, there's the fear of rebuff when you approach someone.
On a date, there's the fear that you might say something wrong.
BjÃrn is in a downward spiral.
He's nervous, women notice that, and that makes him even more nervous.
And of course that's not an ideal situation for a date.
I have to remove this mental block.
-Want to show us your room? -Yeah, it's here.
Over there? Over there? Nice! Is there anything you'd like to change? Anything you think could be better? Another color, maybe? I don't care about the color.
You don't? As long as it's not pink.
Okay, BjÃrn.
We're going to the kitchen, and I want you to show me around.
-Oh boy.
-And tell me what goes on here.
This is my life-improvement machine.
Or it's supposed to be.
Why? Because I'm kind of a lazy cook, and this is supposed to kind of inspire and help me.
What do you make with it? It varies.
Mashed potatoes or cream of wheat.
Really simple things.
Not the full, balanced meals where I have to shop for them.
-Just like… quick and easy.
I have one friend who is a single mother, no other experience with that.
I have a lot of respect for it.
But I can imagine that it… takes up a lot of time.
Yes? Yes, definitely.
Being a dad is a 24-hour job.
After work, you're tired and don't have a lot of energy for this.
I just don't have a lot of creativity in the kitchen.
Maybe it would help just to get an idea of what you can do with this stuff.
That would definitely be better than just doing the basics.
It's hard when you're a full-time dad.
When you have to do all the housework alone, and then, on top of that, not to know anything about cooking, so you just put your priorities elsewhere and lose interest.
Earthworms! Ew, you're gross.
-Look, little slugs! -No! -There's some little slugs! -I… Blergh! What do you do in here? Not much.
Okay, the styling that you do now.
What is your thought process? I don't really have a real plan for what it should look like.
I just put hair gel in and form it into a shape, and eventually I'm like, "Okay, done.
" What do you want your hair to say to people when they look at it? Maybe to improve my confidence a little, so I can… be more open and… yeah.
Seem more sure of myself.
So you don't think of yourself as being confident.
Not really.
I frequently don't, yeah.
BjÃrn is really quiet, but his lack of self-confidence screams out of him.
Insecurity! How was today? Looking forward to the week? I'm excited and nervous.
But are you looking forward to it? You ready? Yes.
More nervous than excited, then! There's a little bit of panic in your eyes.
-Group hug.
-Group hug! BjÃrn is a loving single father who isn't really managing to make food a priority.
I'd like to show him that it can be a lot of fun cooking simple, delicious, and healthy meals.
And it will greatly enrich his and Vyn-Roman's lives.
BjÃrn shows his passions in the house with the philosophy "more is more.
" I'd like to show BjÃrn how he can create a focus through careful decorating and create more space for himself and his son at the same time.
The thing is, BjÃrn is insecurity personified.
He knows how he wants to appear, but not how to get there, what to do.
Luckily, he's got me.
I want to give him the confidence he wants to have with a new look and the right products.
We don't just need to give BjÃrn a change of style, but also a change in the way he holds himself.
BjÃrn wants to have a woman by his side.
But he has all this nervousness, and I need to get it out of him.
I think after that, the romance will happen on its own.
Great, then let's do it.
I found us a really nice location.
I can't wait to see what you think.
We're here in a lovely culinary school because I want to show BjÃrn what it's like to cook in a nice, pleasant, organized kitchen.
And most importantly, how easy it can be.
You've told me that you don't have the energy or time and also don't really know what you're doing in the kitchen.
So we're going to make something that kind of simplifies the process, and that is a one-pot meal.
Heard of it? No, but I can sort of guess.
"One pot" is English for "ein Topf.
" Yes, not bad! That's right.
And the great thing is, you can use different ingredients each day and still use this quick recipe while also having lots of variety.
-Shall we give it a try? -Sure.
You can cut up the tomatoes.
Are you concerned about nutrition at all? I know that I'm doing it wrong by using lots of pre-made meals.
Yeah… I'd definitely like to change that, and… yeah.
Maybe I can get Vyn-Roman a little more involved in the future.
Great! It's so cool that you have such a good relationship.
Let's talk spices.
Do you use them? Not much.
For example, if I make schnitzel, like a frozen one, I put some chicken seasoning or something on it.
Read this expression.
If you feel overwhelmed at the beginning with the one-pot meals, and you think, "I don't know what spices to use," use vegetable bouillon.
Here is our lovely creation of whole wheat pasta, some garlic, cherry tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, basil, and fresh spinach.
If you brought a date home and you had this set up, what would she say? She would not laugh.
-"He's making an effort.
" -Yes! And it looks really good too.
About how long does it need to simmer? Maybe eight to ten minutes.
And we're not going to try this by ourselves.
Your son should be here any minute.
Vyn-Roman is a very tough judge.
Hey! -Did you make something nice? -Salad.
Salad? Yum, delicious.
With spinach.
Are you ready? -Yeah.
-Are you excited? Let's try it.
It certainly looks like… It looks like you like it.
Yeah, I do.
Considering that it wasn't that hard, I mean, it wasn't a whole production, I think it tastes really good.
And it's also healthy.
I would have liked a little more emotion.
I think we did a great job.
He'll do some experiments in the kitchen with more confidence and see that it's not as hard as he always assumed it was.
I forgot to eat my basil.
Eat it up.
This is how you wait for someone.
How do you do it, then? -Hi.
-Hey, how are you? Good, and you? Today, for a change, we aren't here to shop.
Instead, I've prepared a little challenge for BjÃrn.
I don't know if you know that I used to be a decorator.
-No, you didn't say.
-I did decoration for stores.
Combining things.
And we're now entering the world that will be your job for today.
Look behind you.
I've prepared this space for you to decorate and make nice with what you find here.
Oh God.
Why are we doing this? We talked at your house about how you have so much Dortmund stuff everywhere.
Every wall is covered with it.
I want you to create a spotlight and to learn the basic rules of design and decor.
Okay? Sound good? -Yeah.
-We can do it, right? Yes.
This is hard… I think you're already doing a good job.
An accent color.
Okay, done.
Less is more.
Less is more? Did you just say that? I didn't expect to hear that from you, but bravo.
You've already learned the first rule of design.
You can highlight the important stuff better if there's less overall.
Explain what you've done here.
I tried to make it kind of match, color-wise.
I thought the lamp color worked with the other stuff.
I thought the red, this camera, could be a kind of accent to the green of the candles.
I would change hardly anything.
I'm really impressed.
The things you picked out, I mean, if we think about the rules for a second, the metals are all the same color, you paid attention to the wood colors, and, as you said, "Less is more.
" If you know all this, why doesn't it look this way at home? I don't know.
It's become kind of like an altar for me, those two walls.
I think if we gave your fan merchandise a little space to breathe and placed them with more focus, that they could work a lot better.
-No? -I don't know.
Are you afraid of that idea? Why "I don't know"? Here's the proof.
You decorated it yourself.
Honestly, I can't read BjÃrn.
He doesn't believe me, or he won't accept what I'm saying, but he's got taste, and he's creative.
He just lacks the confidence to implement these ideas at home.
Are you surprised that you could do this so well? Surprised? Yes.
That you agree with it, and you say, "Yes, that works.
" So that means, from now on you're a… Cemetery worker and decorator.
BjÃrn and I are going to a barbershop.
He's getting a new haircut, I'll work on his beard, and I'm also going to pump lots of confidence and assuredness into him through his roots.
This look is, "I'm doing something, but I'm not sure what.
" I want it to say, "I know what I'm doing.
" And I hope that by itself can give you some oomph.
-You trust me? -Of course.
Are you ready for a new look? Ready to leave old habits behind? -Ready to be confident? -Yes.
Right now, I'm just looking.
I don't know your hair yet.
Instead of shoving it in a certain direction the way you've been doing, I want your hair to tell me where it wants to go.
And then we can support it in that.
The cut itself needs to be square.
That will make your face shape look more defined and angular.
We won't get rid of the whole beard.
We want a rougher look, but since the top part is lighter and thinner, I thought, let's make that shorter and leave the area where he has it nice and thick.
I've chosen a product here that will really hold well.
Not quite as much as yours.
That one was crunchy.
We don't want that.
This one is less glossy, so it won't reduce thickness.
Is it like a hair wax? -Mm-hmm.
BjÃrn! I'm going to put a tiny bit of the wax in your beard.
You can try this as well.
Your hair is relatively bristly, and some of them are, like, sticking up.
You can go over them once at the end to make them a touch flatter.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
You're welcome.
I'd give you your glasses, but they're so dirty, you won't see anything.
-Put these… -Whoops.
Oh God.
I look friendly.
It looks well-groomed and planned.
It makes a very different impression.
I see such a nice, friendly person with wonderful eyes.
And now you have a look that goes with that.
You have glasses that fit your face and let people see your eyes.
It was a bit dark and narrow before.
Now things will work out with the ladies, with dates… It will all work out.
I can feel it.
I think I earned a little high-five for myself, huh? How do you feel when I give you compliments? It's hard for me sometimes… It's like… I don't get that many compliments.
And I don't really know what to do.
I really mean them.
I hope you can begin to see it too.
We'll get there.
When you accept these things, you can begin to see it yourself eventually.
Yeah? CHAPTER 3 Right now, BjÃrn still looks like his clothes are weighing him down.
So I'd like to show him that it doesn't have to be that way.
And I'll do it at a men's outfitter.
The most important thing with clothes is that you feel confident, strong, and very good in them.
And there's one article of clothing that does all of that.
The suit.
Every man looks good in a suit.
Have you ever owned a suit? For my confirmation.
Only for confirmation? It would make me really happy if you'd wear a suit today.
Then I can see whether my suspicion that it will improve your confidence and posture, whether you feel that.
-Will you do that? -Yes.
Right now, nothing could be farther apart than the contents of BjÃrn's closet and BjÃrn in a suit.
That's why I'm so excited.
-BjÃrn, are you ready? -Yes.
Okay, come in.
My goodness! -You haven't seen yourself yet.
Go on.
Oh wow.
It's really unfamiliar, really different.
What do you see? Well, a more confident person who walks taller, stands different, and, well, has a whole different demeanor.
Our word for "suit" comes from "to dress.
" And dress is attitude.
Something I really like is that you have this band here.
-This elastic.
This gives you a great figure.
Because it's constantly adjusting to the shape of your body and staying close against you.
When would you wear this? For serious occasions.
But you can also wear it in your normal life.
Like on a date.
You don't have to wait for your neighbor to get married.
Of course, BjÃrn shouldn't wear a suit all the time.
We also have a really cool casual outfit.
And he can also see what this one does for his attitude.
-Are you ready? -Yes.
Okay, come on out.
My goodness! Wow! How do you like that? It's good.
It's a different color.
I usually have just, like, blue jeans, maybe black, but I've never been brave enough to try browner colors.
But see? It goes so well with your complexion.
The color is really flattering on you.
And another great thing is that the seams finally sit where they're supposed to, on the shoulders.
And now I'd like for you to give me a confident model walk.
Okay? Walk.
Upright! Yes! Push your spine up a bit more.
The most important thing is that you like it.
Only then can you maintain that internal posture as well.
Would you go out and show people "Hey, this is the new BjÃrn"? The way you look now? Yes, definitely.
A home can be good for your self-esteem.
But it has to be designed appropriately.
I want BjÃrn to collapse onto the couch at the end of the week and say, "I love my home.
" I've got some work to do before we get there.
I want to understand why his dates haven't been working out.
So I've thought of something nice to try.
Take a look.
Today, this is your stage.
We're going to sort of simulate your upcoming date.
There's a point to this, which is to help you better communicate in these situations, to push aside your anxiety and say, "This is me, and I'm proud of who I am.
" What do you think? This will be interesting.
It'll be interesting? I can see his uncertainty immediately.
And I just want to support him so he can set that aside, because it seems really hard.
-BjÃrn! Hi! -Hi.
I'll throw this down.
I'm glad this worked out.
Look, your sweater's fallen.
I did that on purpose.
I notice BjÃrn chuckles a lot, and I think that come out of his insecurity.
He's afraid of reacting wrong, but there's no "wrong" for these things.
To be honest, you look a lot nicer in person than in your photos.
Thank you.
Yeah, how was your day? Really good, and yours? Work, you know? And, um… It was nice of you to invite me here.
Why are you laughing? Would you like to know anything about me? That would be great.
But you aren't asking me anything.
Okay, I think I'll free BjÃrn from this little exercise.
I can keep asking, but I'm not getting anything from him.
As your date here, I got the feeling that you weren't showing any real interest in me.
Because you didn't ask me anything.
You also didn't tell me much about yourself.
That makes it harder on your date.
And I think it might help you to try and put yourself in the other person's shoes.
She doesn't know you at all.
Rather than talking nonstop and annoying the other person, I try to be quiet and restrained.
You can't plan how a date will go.
So you need to approach it with more confidence and openness and ask questions.
BjÃrn knows what he needs to work on now when dating.
Now let's work on his confidence.
I want you to understand with every cell of your body that you're a person deserving of love.
And for that, I need some help! -Hey! -Hello! We're each going to give you a sentence that describes you, describes your character, and what I want you to do is to take it and yell it out to the world.
-Are you ready? -Yeah.
And we'll keep going until you believe it.
-Just so you know.
I've experienced a lot and have a lot to tell.
-Now you.
-I should say that? -Yes! -Your turn.
I've experienced a lot and have a lot to tell? -Yes, right.
-I didn't… I can't quite… I've experienced a lot and have a lot to tell.
Yes! That's right.
I'm just right the way I am, and I will approach the future calmly and confidently.
I'm just right the way I am, and I will approach the future calmly and confidently.
-I'm just right the way I am.
I'll approach the future with calm and confidence.
-Look at that! -Yes! That was great.
Very nice.
I am an excellent and caring father.
You are an excellent and caring father.
-We all believe in you, dear.
You are.
-We can see it.
-You are.
Oh, baby… Come here.
You're a caring father.
And you're just right the way you are.
I'm a care… a caring father.
-Say it louder.
-I'm a caring father.
I am a caring father.
-Are you a great father? -A great one too.
I hope so.
You have a great son.
He's your son, and you did that.
And that makes you… -…a good father.
I didn't expect him to suddenly come undone when we brought this up.
I'm flabbergasted.
I see myself as, well… I try to do my best, but I'm afraid sometimes that I'm making mistakes.
We all are, baby.
We all have that.
The fact that you're worried about it, that you think you're making mistakes, which is completely normal, which we all do, is a sign that you really care about your son and makes you a great dad.
Not the mistakes.
Everyone makes those.
You're a great dad.
But you also need to believe it.
It's so nice to see what I've been wanting the whole time, which is for him to just let go.
Because he's got a crazy amount of self-doubt, and he doesn't need to.
This feedback you're giving me is really great.
My role as a dad is basically the hardest part.
You always see these families where everything's normal.
Mom, dad… And you can't fully replace all that as just a dad.
That's exactly why you should be so proud of yourself.
You're rocking it alone.
You're rocking it.
And we understand better now why you have this strong desire for a partner at your side.
BjÃrn is a good man, a wonderful and loving father.
And I hope he's been able to internalize that.
BjÃrn, you're great the way you are.
CHAPTER 4 YOU GUYS DID SOMETHING TO ME -Yeah! -Hey! Hey! You look great! Are you guys excited? -Yes.
-How are you? Well, I'm really scared.
Be… because I'm a little afraid that you'll kill me.
I'd be afraid too.
You know what I do for a living.
Oh my God! Well, that didn't make it easier, honey.
-Oh my God.
-Shall we break the tension? -Please.
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
Holy… It looks really different.
Is this where we live? What is this? Where are we? Wow.
These ideas… As an average Joe, you'd never think of this.
How do you feel? Yeah, this whole transformation… Just crazy.
It's really attuned to you, to you both.
I can see you both in this space.
I was so afraid.
Because I had the feeling that he really wasn't accepting what we wanted to give him.
And now… You know how it looked before.
It wasn't really functional.
You didn't have a lot of counter space.
Now you have enough room, enough storage.
All those bottles are no longer on the floor, right? And there's enough space so you can both be chopping things.
Just the scene by itself is enough to make you want to cook.
I don't even cook, and I want to use this kitchen.
Step, step, step.
And… ta-da! Holy sh… -Is that good or bad? -It's good! Your childhood bedroom still looked like a child's, and I wanted it to become a teenager's room.
-You like it? -Yeah.
Then we'll leave you there and move on.
-Okay, bye! -Bye! -Bye! -Bye, Vyn-Roman.
If you look at our nice BVB wall here, you can see that I used the exact same rules we learned with you at the furniture store.
Really awesome.
Turned out really well.
"Really awesome.
" Hello, can we celebrate that? BjÃrn will now be able to live creatively in his home.
We've given him space, and his fan identity is still there.
You deserve this so much.
I'd formulate it differently.
Okay, formulate.
I'd say we both deserve this.
What are you most pleased about? That my dad is… Dad is happy.
To see two people who deserve this and have such a good relationship be so happy, that makes me very happy.
Okay, come this way.
I'd like to show you… your bedroom.
Ta-da! -What do you think of this? -Awesome.
This is my date outfit.
Okay, if you've already decided that, that's great! They don't all say BVB or VfL anymore.
-I'm really disappointed.
-Don't be disappointed.
But you haven't been wearing that recently anyway.
No, you guys did something to me.
What did we do? You made me more confident.
And sassier.
Want to try something on and show the others? Sure.
Vyn-Roman! Have a seat.
-BjÃrn! -Yes? -Are you ready? -I am.
Then come on out.
You look so good! -You look so sexy.
-You look really hot.
See what kind of confidence comes with this suit? How do you feel? Walking into this room felt really good.
-You've got to be a bit louder.
Yeah, it was pretty quiet.
Same, I just hear… -I felt really good.
-Yeah! This is not at all like the BjÃrn we met at the beginning.
Not at all.
What is "BjÃrn" backwards? NrÃjb? -Wow! -Hey! -The boots! -Those boots are awesome.
I want them.
-Turn around.
-Look at this.
-With the lumberjack shirt.
-So cool.
The cargo pants are perfect for him.
Look athletic, highlight his personality.
A normal chino would be way too boring.
Chop wood for us.
Can you chop some wood, please? Of course.
Come here.
Let's get an over-the-shoulder look.
-BjÃrn? -Yes? Don't go.
I have one more surprise.
Oh God, what's coming? Your entrance! Yes! -Oh my God, they match! -They're matching! -Oh my God.
You look… -…so great.
Would you like to sit with us again? How was this week for you? Well, at the beginning, I found David… I mean, I don't want this to sound bad.
Not everyone has, like, tattoos all over their face, and at first, you think, "Oh God, how insane are they?" But we got to know each other better over the week, and… -It's okay.
-…I really like you guys.
It's been really nice.
Thank you for letting us into your lives.
Now time to say goodbye.
How was the week for you? The week was really cool.
I enjoyed getting to know you all.
And I'm really thankful you came.
At the beginning, I thought, "Oh jeez.
" I felt like I'd been ambushed, but then I realized that we're really similar and showing sensitivity or crying isn't a bad thing, and… yeah.
And that is your strength.
And you can bring this strength with you on this date.
Our fingers are crossed for you.
We think you'll do great.
And, yeah.
We wish you all the best.
You and Vyn-Roman.
I'll miss you all.
-Bye! -Ciao! Bye, my dear! Good luck on your date! -Bye! -Bye-bye! -Bye.
-Have a blast, darling! CHAPTER 5 THE SECOND FIRST DATE Oh my God, folks, I have to show you something.
There you are! -Hi.
-Seriously, hang on a sec.
I want to show you.
BjÃrn texted me.
So sweet.
-No! -Oh, he cooked that? -No! -Yes! -It looks really good.
-And how was the date? -I don't know.
I want to.
-Let's go see.
-He didn't say? -No! Let's go look.
Yay! Turn it on! He looks so good.
-The way he grinned! Did you see? -He's excited.
I think he noticed just then how nice and attractive he can be.
He looks super sporty and really sexy.
He feels good in that outfit.
It doesn't look like a costume.
And he no longer looks like a teenager.
-Are you guys tense? -So tense! I feel a little tense.
David? Were you there? -Hey! -Hi! -How's it going? -I'm glad you're here.
It's nice to see you.
You too.
Let me look at you.
You look good.
-So do you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Cool, we both have bags.
Not bad.
I'm kind of fighting with it.
Not used to it yet.
Aw, how cute.
Of course he's nervous and a bit shy.
We can see that.
But… -Well then, bon appétit.
-Thank you, same to you.
-Want to try mine? -I'd love to, yes.
Shall I cut you a piece? Okay.
-BjÃrn was really attentive.
-Has he struggled with food envy, like me? Probably.
But just this gesture, right? To be attentive and say, "Hey, try some of mine.
" I think it's great.
Did you go on vacation? We've mostly been to concert picnics.
I saw that! Looks great! Maybe we could see if we could take the kids and go to a concert or something.
That would be awesome.
A second date? So sweet! Remember the first time we met BjÃrn? He didn't say a word.
Just giggled.
And now he's confidently having a full conversation.
I'm really proud.
This is not our first date.
How do you think I've done? You've done very well.
Last time, you didn't say a thing.
I think the majority of the communication fell to me.
And now, well, you're making a very different impression.
Much more confident.
You're sitting up straight.
You used to be like this.
Really good.
-You're welcome.
She's listing all the things we saw.
-It's so awesome that she sees it too.
To us, and to a lovely evening.
I think our feedback is also unanimous.
Really well done.
Did we do a good job or did we do a good job? To BjÃrn! Subtitle translation by Kel Barksdale
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