Queer Eye: Germany (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

The Plastic Box Dilemma

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Should I check how much glitz I have? -Of course.
-Oh my glitzness, that's a lot! -Okay, want to know where we're going? -Yes! "Welcome to Cologne.
" "Capital of Rhenish cheer and home of the largest pride parade in Germany.
" It's really the queerest city in Germany because there are so many people in one place-- Queer density, as we academics call it.
Cologne Cathedral has never been without scaffolding.
But isn't the cathedral kind of like Cher? -How's that? -Lots of work done and never falls apart.
You did not just say that.
Who are we meeting? Now? Okay.
Well, I'm Ulrike Esendik… Ulrike! I'm 44 years old, married for nearly 13 years… Şirin, Yaşar! Set the table! We have two kids.
A boy and a girl.
I'm a med-tech lab assistant at the university hospital.
I also have a part-time job that I do on weekends.
Wait, two kids and two jobs? No, actually two jobs and the family, so three jobs.
Three jobs.
That sounds like a lot of work.
I come home after work and right away I need to cook.
Then I clean up.
Do the laundry… Laundry is a big part of my life.
It haunts me.
-Then I do more cleaning.
-Ulrike does everything.
"She was nominated by her husband, Ümit, who wants to give his wife some new inspiration.
" "Ümit" sounds like Turkish roots.
Like me.
I don't think she pursues her own interests anymore.
The fun things, the things that bring her joy, those are things… ÜMI ULRIKE'S HUSBAND …she doesn't make time for anymore.
-I got my English paper back today.
-And? -I got an A+.
-Wonderful! See, all that studying pays off.
My kids are the most important thing.
She has always been there for the kids and for me.
I feel like there's always more and more work.
It wears me down because I never think I'll get it all done and other people do it nicer and better.
Sometimes she gets into a cycle and can't get out.
She's generally a very upbeat person, always happy, always joyful.
My wish for her is that she regains some of that carefree spirit.
Have I given up on myself? Probably, yeah.
That's what it feels like.
So drained.
I've lost the connection to myself.
"Our mission, bring Ulrike back to herself…" Yes! -That sounds good.
Mothers are heroes to us all.
-To mothers! -To mothers! -Do you think I can call her Uli? -Uli! -Or Lulu? -Hey! We're here! Where do I get out? Your side! -Pretty front yard.
-Well-tended grass! -I want one like this.
-Ulrike! -Shh! -I'm so excited.
-Me too.
Come on.
-That's enough.
-Hello! Ulrike! -No movement.
-Let me listen.
I'll go around back.
-We can't just go in there.
-We can do anything.
-Come, let's go.
-You go ahead.
Careful, spiderwebs.
-Thanks for the warning.
-Imagine if this is the wrong house.
Looks like it.
This is right.
-Look there.
-Ulrike! -May I hug you? -Yes, of course! -Hi! -We're here.
-So nice to meet you.
-Welcome! -Hello.
-Come here! Ulrike seems really warmhearted.
I'm excited to get to know her.
-Hi! -I'm Ayan.
Pleased to meet you.
A typical mom, really.
You just want to hug and cuddle her.
We kept ringing the bell, but no one answered.
-We thought you weren't home and got sad.
-I was so busy with the laundry.
Uli, honestly, if you spend all day in the garden hanging clothes, life will pass you by.
-Shall we go inside? -Come in, have a look.
Have a look around.
There's lots to discover in here.
-You like patterns, it seems.
-Right? -Look.
Flower patterns, these stars, this brick! It's killing me! I walk in and it's just pure overstimulation.
-Shall we go upstairs? -Let's go.
Sure, go explore.
Oh my God, a punching bag.
I always wanted a punching bag.
When I was a kid.
A punching bag in the bedroom? Really, people? Get down! You'll make it fall! What do you have back here? -Nice hiding spot.
-That's our little secret.
Uh oh! -That's our-- -Ulrike! Yeah… Oh my God.
That is our… storage nook.
It looks like the graveyard of unloved things.
There's so much stuff crammed in it! Look, household, two jobs, children… -Yeah.
-Time is an issue.
It slips through the cracks.
Let's just quickly… No idea what you're talking about.
Into the private rooms.
Come, I'm interested to hear what you have to say.
Welcome to my bedroom.
-This is it here? -Yeah.
You're in it.
Where's the door? There's nowhere for her to retreat to.
Show me Uli's kingdom.
Uli's kingdom, yeah, that's what you're looking at.
These are my treasure chests, for example.
They're full of packaging for birthday gifts.
I can see that you need a bit more storage space.
It's true that we have a lot of stuff.
I mean, look at that corner.
Every time you walk by, you see it's a construction zone.
We have to get that under control.
Yeah, I'm-- -Hm? -Yeah.
"In her search for makeup, she found Transformers.
" Who is she? God, a hat for the toilet paper.
I'm finding nothing that has anything to do with, "Oh, I'll take a bit of time to care for myself.
" What products do you use? What are you using right now? If you look in the front there, there's some body lotion.
-Which-- -This here? I use that, and I also use it on my face.
Around my eyes.
-The body lotion? -Yeah.
If it says "body" on a bottle and I think to myself, "Meh, I'll put it on my face…" I have a daily toner cream.
That's in the downstairs toilet.
-On the toilet? -Correct.
Come here.
How about your hair? I cut it last time with the kitchen scissors, about three months ago, but… Uli… I've also heard of people burning their own hair on purpose.
Anything goes.
Whether you should do that is a matter of perspective.
Has it always been the case that you haven't wanted to care for yourself? I don't know.
It's gotten less and less.
I don't think I'm very pretty.
I'm a stranger to myself.
Why should I put on makeup? It doesn't do anything.
It changes nothing.
That's a lot.
I've got to process that.
In recent years, Uli has completely forgotten herself.
With just a few little tweaks, maybe I can show you that you are a beautiful person.
I can't wait.
Oh my God.
Look at this.
-This is a huge box of Tupperware.
-Oh my God! -Amazing.
-Tupperware party! I thought I had a Tupperware problem.
Who needs this? Let's play a game.
-Whoever finds the right lid first.
-Yes! Wait, here.
Oh my God, I got it! I got it! Hey! -Uli? -Yes? I've pulled everything out already.
I took the liberty of rooting around a bit.
I didn't find any real theme in here.
Am I wrong? Honestly, I don't really know what to look for.
What are you wearing now? These are really functional clothes.
Jeans, capris, and a T-shirt.
-I have one skirt.
-Let's see.
I bought it, but it's a bit-- I bought it on the Internet.
But it's way too big.
-Looks a little like an apron.
Okay, what would you like? We can develop it together.
I find this stuff really boring.
I'd like a bit more pep.
-You know what? We'll do that together.
We'll go shopping together, and we're going to make you, Ulrike, a very well-dressed woman.
I can't wait.
I want Uli to reach for color again.
And I want her to combine things and then maybe think, "Oh, those don't go together.
" Do you feel well in yourself? -At the moment, not at all.
-I have some mild weight issues.
And that is a source of unhappiness.
I used to get a lot of exercise.
Then I had two kids and I never got rid of those pregnancy pounds because my life changed completely.
I didn't have time to exercise anymore.
What kind of exercise did you like to do? Nordic walking.
I did several courses.
Did that make you feel better? Yes, definitely.
I would get this elation, like, "I did it.
" It was really freeing.
Ulrike knows what makes her feel good.
But she doesn't do it.
You have a very busy schedule with lots to accomplish, for others as well.
Do you agree? Yeah, that's… that's true.
And very few chances to relax.
And your mind needs the occasional break and deep breath.
-That's so true.
Ulrike has lost herself in the day-to-day.
And I think that can happen to a lot of people.
That you just have so many things to do in a day and you put aside the ones that are really good for you.
And? -And there you are.
-What is this? -Look.
One, two… -Oh no, this is heavy.
Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven family packs.
Dishwasher detergent! Dishwasher detergent for everyone! -Hi! -Hey! -Ümit.
-Turkish, huh? -Memnun oldum.
Yes! Okay.
You can really speak Turkish? -Same as me, then.
-Really? -Yeah.
-Let's talk about Ulrike.
-You nominated her.
She needs to focus on herself a bit more.
She can't spend all her time being a mother and a wife and an employee.
You need time to say, "Hey, I'm Uli.
I'm me.
" How would you gauge your relationship right now? We're both very tense.
He has a lot of stress at work.
I'm also stressed.
I have the house, and… yeah.
You wear yourself out.
Do you feel like you're still a good team? Generally, I'd say we're not a great team.
Everyone does their own thing.
-Does that upset you? -Yeah.
It could be a lot better.
Do you feel like your love for Ümit has gotten a bit lost over the past few years? Well, lost… It's a bit submerged.
We've become strangers to each other.
I hadn't guessed that Uli and Ümit's relationship needed such serious work.
Do you think that Ulrike would like to, or honestly needs to, hear that you love her? It has to be right for the moment though.
And I'm kind of… a bit deaf to emotion, maybe.
I can be deficient in that area.
Every person wants to hear that they're loved.
Why don't we say it? It's been so nice! Yeah! It's so nice that you came.
I really enjoyed it.
I'm excited for what's coming.
This week is dedicated to you, and we're going to get to work.
-Are you ready for the week? -Definitely.
-I'm so glad.
-Us too.
-Great! -Get excited! Ulrike! I have the sense that Ulrike's pulled an ugly curtain over her face.
One that no one likes.
I want to open that curtain so she can see what I see.
So Ulrike can see the Ulrike that she really is.
It's perfectly fine if Ulrike feels comfortable in capri pants and long tops, but she's lost herself, and she's lost the fun in fashion.
And that I'd like to change.
I want Ulrike to feel good in her body again.
And to show her how nice it is to be there for yourself through exercise.
Despite Uli's day-to-day problems, I sense a spark of hope, and I believe she wants to work on her relationship with Ümit again.
I want to get love rolling again.
This household has a space and organization problem.
Let's be honest.
And Ulrike can't relax because there are so many projects everywhere.
I will work my magic and make this fundamental organization problem vanish.
We need a system where everything has its place.
Then Ulrike can find space for herself too.
CHAPTER 1 YOU CAN GO AS FAST AS YOU WAN -Good morning! -Morning! -Did you sleep well? -Very well.
And you? Me too.
After stressful days like Ulrike sometimes has, it can be hard to get back on your feet.
But that's when exercise can be particularly good.
This is just what Ulrike needs.
I want to give you a little nudge today, so we're going to do some Nordic walking together.
Great, I'm glad.
I haven't done it in ages.
-You see? Want to begin? -Yes.
-You tell me how it works.
-Oh God.
Yay! Okay, I say let's go.
Yes, just like that.
Like that.
-You go first.
-Or side by side so we can chat.
You can go as fast as you want.
Let the poles hang down and just kind of drag them with you.
But you do have to put a little tension into them.
I have to say, this takes more effort than I expected.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
How are you feeling with this exercise? Very good.
I probably can't go for kilometers, but it's good to begin, to get started.
You don't have to start out saying, "I won't even go a kilometer.
" That's not the goal.
The goal right now is just to clear your head, right? -Yes.
-To have fun.
Quick break.
-How do you feel physically? -I am aware of my body.
I feel a bit more lively.
It's definitely had an effect.
What do you see when you look in the mirror? How do you feel? It's like armor you can't take off.
I get frustrated at myself for letting myself go and gaining so much weight.
I'm shocked because it almost sounds like rage or hate aimed at yourself.
Yeah… I have this feeling of being trapped, and I can't escape.
I'm very moved by what Ulrike's telling me.
Most importantly here, she's lost her feeling of self-worth.
I also had issues in the past with looking at myself.
I didn't want to be filmed or photographed.
There are periods in my life where I have no photos, or only like this.
Really? Yes, because I convinced myself that I didn't like the way I looked.
But I can tell you from personal experience that if you keep on like this, not recognizing your own worth, you'll burn out.
Don't be so mean and hard on yourself.
How can you be good to yourself when you think bad things about yourself? Do you think when you stand before the mirror in the mornings, you could say some things you like? "I like that I'm a cool mom.
" "I like that…" Say something.
That I did my exercise.
-There! -Yeah.
-For example.
It will be a little difficult, but it's a start.
With that spirit, I'd say… Ready for more? -Yes, let's do it.
-We'll walk another lap.
-Also my butt kind of hurts.
I just gave Ulrike that little push she needed, that it's worth it to exercise, to feel her body move, and most importantly, to clear her head.
Have I told you that you're my new best friend? -No, you haven't.
-No? -You all are so sweet, so affectionate.
-You think? -Really.
-Aw, that's nice.
I was a little nervous at first, but now… Look, here we are.
After you.
We are in a Japanese furniture store.
They specialize in organization.
-Really? -Yeah.
You can access everything.
Nothing is stuffed full.
Often you see boxes stacked on top of each other, but then you can't get to the bottom one.
-Come this way.
My darling.
Don't leave me.
We took a few things out of your house and brought them here because I want to do a workshop with you about organization and structure.
There is no greater contrast than that between Japanese order and Ulrike's house.
-Are your eyes shut? -Yes.
-Can you guess what it is? -Oh my God.
-You're having a party with me.
-Look! We're having a Tupperware party! First, let's dump them out here.
That's not all of it.
Oh no.
Oh my God.
See this? I'm trying to smile, but it's not working.
Why not? It's all yours.
And this is just a metaphor for all the other stuff lying around the house.
Ulrike needs to get away from "I need this" to "This is enough.
" When would you use which of these containers? I use the little lunch boxes for the kids a lot.
For snacks.
-We call them "Vesperle" in Swabia.
-Vesperle? -Yeah.
-How cute! And the rest? The rest are just for food storage.
Do you need this many containers? Actually, no, I don't.
Would you like to toss everything we can throw out in here? I want it to be you.
So you can't say I took anything away from you.
Okay, then… I think this can go too.
Out with it! Out! You look so sad.
How does this make you feel? It's not easy, you know? But I want this to give you a sense of liberation.
Here, this is the same container several times.
You can put the one with the orange lid in.
Or I can.
Come on.
Keep going! This box isn't full yet.
This one's Ümit's.
Something worked.
Something clicked.
Yes! Throw it all in, go on.
-More than half is gone.
-Your life is a little cleaned up.
I hope so.
You see? You immediately feel so much better.
This is your house right now, your life.
Yes, chaos and searching around.
And this is what we want to create.
In principle, you can use this system for everything.
Not just Tupperware.
This way you can reduce the things cluttering up your day that you don't need.
You take the nice one.
-I'll take the rest here.
I'll see if I can drag it along.
This is actually my dream job, what I'm able to do here.
Reducing everything and cleaning up and organizing it is such a great feeling.
And I can do it for her.
You're missing out, my dear.
CHAPTER 2 PURPLE IS PEACE FOR THE SOUL -Are you excited? -Yes, very.
I haven't shopped in so long.
I don't even know what that means anymore.
I know grocery shopping, but that's it.
I'll show you.
-After you.
-Okay! -Thank you.
Shopping in a store is something special.
When you're really in there and you see the colors, feel the fabrics.
That is the real shopping experience.
-Look at this.
-Yes, purple.
-The buttons, which stretch upward.
-Yeah? -Make you a bit taller.
And if you like, you can put the yellow kerchief over your hair.
Oh, okay.
These together… I wouldn't have picked out this combination myself.
Probably something black and then the bright pants.
Some see purple as a last option, but purple is actually for peace of mind, body, and soul.
And who wouldn't want that? Look, see this.
That's really good.
-Leather jacket.
-I used to have one like this.
I loved that jacket.
It stopped fitting me.
It shrank somehow.
See, the stitching goes up and down here too.
-So it makes you look taller.
Oh, okay.
Every body is different, but every body can be well-dressed.
-Uli? -Yes? Uli, are you ready? Yes, I'm coming.
Who is this? Well, hello! Oh my God.
Well? How do you feel? I'm really happy.
-Look, these pants are not capris.
They're a perfect fit.
And the stitching hugs close to the leg.
-When would you wear this? I would if I were meeting friends, and I think I might just wear it normally when I'm out and about.
How do you feel about the high heels? Taller.
I feel like I'm stretched upward.
You can have a bit of décolletage here.
On sad days, when you have drooping shoulders, a hanging head, walking in heels works wonders.
Give me a model walk.
And a pirouette! And back.
Hello-hello! I look good, and that makes me happy.
-Want to try something else? -Absolutely.
-Once again through the magic door.
-Great! Okay… Hey! I can't wait to see.
I wouldn't have guessed.
Purple, you know? Such a color, but… Now I don't want to take it off.
It's very close to a look that you already had.
But now you've filled it with color.
And the button line here.
You see? Again, makes you look taller.
Look up here, with the hairband.
-You look ten years younger.
-Thank you! -Really.
It's so nice to see Uli feel this much joy and finally have fun with fashion again.
Thank you.
CHAPTER 3 A DANCE LESSON FOR LOVE For a couple with such tight schedules and so much responsibility, It's so important to just take time for the other person.
Today, I want Uli and Ümit to finally see themselves as a team again.
And I'd also like for them to find each other's attractiveness again.
-Hello! -Hello, you two.
-Hi! -Hi, Uli.
-Hi, Ümit.
Were you waiting for us long? No, not long.
-Good, I'm glad.
-I'm happy you're here together today.
I'll bring you right in.
Are you guys excited? -Definitely.
Can you guess what we're doing here? Not boxing, I assume? Sadly, no.
-Uli, any guesses? -We're dancing? -Yes! One hundred points.
We're here because I want you to rekindle the closeness and a bit of the intimacy that you've lost.
Since I'm not really an expert myself, I have the lovely Patrick, our dancing instructor, with me.
-Hi, Patrick! -Hello.
-Hello, Ulrike.
Hello, Ümit.
-Hello! -Nice of you to come.
We've decided on a rumba for you two.
-A rumba is typically a love dance, right? -Yes, of course.
-You're already giving me a look.
-I'm fine.
Will there be butterflies? I can't wait to see how it goes.
A sway step.
To the side again.
Now you step back.
Now you already know the basic steps.
If you look deeply into each other's eyes, it immediately becomes much nicer.
And here you reach around her.
I can do that.
I was counting on your ability.
Then give it a try.
Carefully, and… Sway to the side, sway to the side… Now we switch hands and do it on the other side too.
And a little turn to the right… Yes, just like that.
It doesn't matter.
It's about the feeling, not the steps.
Would you like a bit of romantic disco atmosphere? Of course, let's go.
You lead.
They're looking so deeply into each other's eyes.
I could see the sparks from three meters away.
Ulrike is so happy, and I think Ümit is too.
Wonderful! Thank you.
-You did such a nice job.
-Very well done.
I hope you had fun.
-Oh yes.
-We did.
That's the important thing.
Dancing has to be fun.
So fun! -Uli, how did you feel? -Well… he was so close to me.
So… yeah.
We haven't looked at each other like that in ages.
And you, Ümit? She was looking the way she did back then when we met and were dancing.
Freshly in love again? Maybe a bit more.
I'm a little overwhelmed now.
Oh yeah? Oh.
Is it nice to hear something like that from Ümit? Yes, it does me good.
I've got goosebumps right now.
I'm glad the ice has been broken between you both.
I hope you take this back with you into your day-to-day.
I think it's important that you take time for just each other again.
And that you find a hobby that brings you together.
We'll do it.
We will.
Give me a hug.
They found each other.
That's exactly what I'd hoped for.
-Oh hello! -Hello! -Hi! -Surprise! Today's the day.
Ooh la la.
-Oh my God.
-I'm gonna doll you up.
We'll do hair.
We'll do makeup.
I don't know if you'll recognize her.
I'll know her by her eyes.
Aww, you see? -Shall we go? -Yes.
Have a ball, my darlings! -Okay! -Have fun! -Good luck! -Bye! Look, here we are.
-Oh, nice.
-It's nice, right? -What do you think of it? -Cool! Stylish.
-Right?! -Yeah.
And all to ourselves.
This is Uli's time.
Just Uli's.
No one to interrupt.
This time is all hers.
I'm going to really pamper her.
I want to hear you purr.
I would love to color your eyebrows and lashes.
Just for a fresher look.
You don't have to do anything to it.
That sounds good.
Eyebrow and lash color? The big benefit is that you wake up looking this way.
Everyone needs eyebrow and lash color in their life.
-You good? -Thank you.
-Of course, my dear.
How have the past several days been for you? Have you been feeling more like yourself? Lots is happening, and it's very exciting.
I've gotten some new perspectives.
There was a lot I wasn't so conscious of.
Like what? I talk myself down.
-Aljosha pointed that out to me.
-And I started to notice it.
-That you belittle yourself? Right.
A lot has to do with your posture, your attitude, your charisma.
I see a really pretty person in front of me, both inside and out.
And that's the goal, to show you that you're a beautiful person.
I hear scissors cutting.
I want this haircut to show more of Uli's face without her needing one of those practical hairbands to keep it all up.
When we shorten the hair, it gets bouncier.
Curl party.
On Uli's head.
-I promised to give you some makeup tips.
So you take the eyeliner and work on the outermost third of the lash line.
Lower one.
That makes them look much bigger.
It really draws the eye open.
There, easy, easy.
Who is this hot babe? -Okay, my dear, turn around.
-I can't see much.
-Oh, you can't see.
No glasses.
Just a sec.
Look what we have here.
-Does that feel okay? -Yes.
Oh my God! You got me new glasses! God, I look so different.
Oh my God.
Uli, you firecracker.
Look at yourself.
Cool! Oh, nice.
Thank you.
You made this really nice.
And it was so pleasant.
-Right? Getting spoiled for once.
It's been a long time.
Think you'll do this more often? Yes.
-Do you promise? -Yes.
I'm so glad.
Thank you.
Simple, quick little tips and tricks to show her how pretty she is.
And I really hope it stays with her.
That she does this for herself and keeps that glow she has now.
CHAPTER 4 NOW THERE'S ORDER IN YOUR LIFE Uli's coming! -Really? -Uli's coming! Uli's coming! Oh, Jan! -Hi! Oh my God! -Hello! -Hello! -Your hair! -The glasses! -Crazy, right? -You look great.
-Thank you.
Who are you? -Hi! -Hi! Your eyes are-- They really pop.
I feel good too.
-Would you like to come in? -Yes.
Let's go.
Eyes closed.
Are your eyes shut? Oh my God! It looks so different! Oh, crazy.
This is amazing.
Oh my God.
You used to have stuff everywhere.
We've tamed it a bit.
It's calmer, quieter.
-No longer overwhelming.
-A place to relax.
Yeah, wow.
A bit more storage space.
That's what you needed, right? Yes, and it looks so neat.
Oh, you found the washing detergent! I was looking for that! -But do you notice anything? -Yes? These drawers open outward.
You won't block them by stacking them.
-Great, right? -Yes.
You can always reach down and get whatever you need.
Have a look in the kitchen.
Want to open the bottommost drawer? -The bottom one? -Yeah.
See what's in there.
-Oh, the stuff we sorted.
The Tupperware drawer with just the stuff you actually need.
Do you think you can keep it this neat? Yes, definitely.
-Not just the drawers? -Not just the drawers.
-In all areas of life? -In all areas of life.
I'm glad.
-So this has helped.
I'm glad.
So let's keep moving.
-You have to take Uli's hand.
-Careful… -And… -There, good.
Now me.
Eyes open.
-And boom! -Oh, cool! Amazing! It's a real patio.
-Yes! -An oasis for you.
You can retreat to here.
You can spend time with your family… It's amazing.
There's lots of space to sit.
You can eat out here.
Oh, cool.
Let me show you something else.
Oh my God.
Right? Oh my God.
-A door! -There's a door.
Oh wow! Oh, this is so great! No more boxes.
-Cleaned up.
This is so great.
This is your retreat.
Have a seat.
-Are you comfortable here? -Absolutely.
This is a real bedroom, just like I've always wanted.
It's important that you can close the door and not feel like someone could burst in.
-Uli? -Yes? I wish you all the best in your corner.
-And I hope you both have fun.
A hobby room! Come here.
Uli has organization and structure now.
She can live here now without seeing projects everywhere.
I hope she is now able to focus on what makes her happy.
Live again, my dear.
Do you remember standing here with me at the beginning of the week and saying, "I don't feel it.
I don't actually like what I see"? -How about now, looking in the mirror? -I see a lot of positives.
I do, actually.
I think, "Oh, it's nice.
" -Really? -Yeah.
I'm really happy.
Oh, I'm so happy! I think I'm really inspired to do my makeup now.
-Oh, yay! -For the first time in ages.
That was my goal, for you to look at yourself and think, "Yes.
" I will.
-Makeup! -Yes! Look at this.
This is your family calendar.
I've put Nordic walking down for you on Tuesday.
And the second Saturday of every month is a date night with Ümit.
-What do you think? Date night.
That's wonderful.
-Right? -Yes.
I'm always the one doing the planning for everyone else, and now you've given me my own nice plan.
It was important to me to relieve you of some of the work.
So you can start anew for yourself.
Thank you.
DANCE CLASS DATE NIGH FAMILY DAY -Ta-da! -Oh God! See this? -Yes! -How much color there is? I don't know what to try on first.
Would you like to show the other Fabs what we've done with you? -Absolutely.
-Yes? Girls, look who I brought with me.
-Hi! -Hey! -Ümit! -Hello.
-Hello, lovely people.
-Hello! -Hi.
-Hi, how are you? Come sit with us! -Come here! -Join us on the couch.
Thank you.
-You're about to experience a highlight.
-Pull all the gals around you.
If they want.
Come on in.
Yes! A big round of applause for the new Uli! Uli! -Uli! -Uli! I see heels! Hello, Momma! -What do you think? -Phenomenal.
I'm speechless.
Give us a model walk.
-Oh, Uli! -Oh my God! Oh my God.
You went from "I don't know" to "I'm sexy.
" Yes.
I did.
Is there another outfit? -Really? Let's see.
-Really? Uli! A dress! Or a skirt? -Oh my God.
-Beaming more with every outfit.
I can't.
Sexy! You can date me if you like.
Yeah? Ümit, would you like to ask your wife out on a date? -Yes… -Come here.
Go on! -Want to go out with me tonight? -I'd love to.
-Cuddle! -This is so great.
The red carpet look here, no? The skirt hangs down and makes the waist thinner.
It's great, right? With a spin! I feel like you're beginning to feel what we feel when we look at you.
Yes, a little.
-It's starting, right? -Just a bit! This is the kind of stuff I used to wear when I was thinner.
I'm reminded of that now.
I have that feeling again.
That was exactly our mission.
That old feeling belongs here, and it should stay.
-Mission accomplished.
-Yes, wonderful.
That's lovely.
-It's time, isn't it? -It's time.
Did you have a nice week? It was great.
I feel so comfortable with you all.
And it's… I feel that I can keep going.
Things are looking up, and I can do it.
And it's a wonderful feeling.
The way you're standing now, look at yourself.
 You're like… And it's great.
Please don't lose that again.
-No, I won't.
-Sure? And don't forget that you're worth the time you take for yourself.
Yes, I was going to say that.
-You are important every day.
You showed me that.
Yes! -Thank you.
Yes! -Time to say goodbye.
Thank you! It was so nice! CHAPTER 5 Uli! Wait, I forgot something! This is Ulrike's Tupperware.
-Are you all ready? -Yes.
-I saved it, Şirin! -Yaşar, it's your turn.
-We have our date tonight.
-Excited? -Of course.
Me too.
She's really enjoying the look.
You know what's crazy? When we were talking, she said she couldn't stand to look at herself in the mirror.
She used a lot of ugly words.
And it's so nice to see her looking in the mirror and liking it and accepting herself.
Did you see that? That was it.
She was like, "Mm hm!" "That's me, and I'm feeling myself, and I'm great.
" -Bam, and out.
Hey, he made himself nice too.
-Hi! -Hi! -You look good.
-Thank you.
-Nice outfit.
Look, Ümit's eyes are really sparkling.
-Shall we go? -Yes.
Come, I'll carry the backpack.
I'll get the door for you, gentleman-like.
How romantic.
To us.
To your new self-confidence.
And to you, for supporting me.
You know you deserve it.
This is so sweet.
I'm going to say something you want to hear from me.
What's that? He's gonna tell her! I love you.
I love you too.
He said it! He said he loves her.
-To us.
-Haven't heard that in a while.
-From either of us.
I think that was the best part of the evening for her.
I really hope he voices his feelings more often in the future.
It's so nice to tell someone you love them.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
Okay, that's too much, man.
I have another little surprise for you.
Hm? Hm? -You want to dance? -Yes, come.
Oh my God, how cute is that? It warms your heart.
We gave her that sparkle back, didn't we? -Definitely.
A toast! To love, to Ulrike, and to her new life.
-With what? -With the Tupperware.
That's what I thought.
To Uli! Subtitle translation by: Kel Barksdale
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