Queer Eye: Germany (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

A Day at the Beach

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Vacation atmosphere! -A seagull once shit on my chest.
-Ew! -You probably deserved it.
-Honestly! -Did it bring you luck? -A fly-by shitting.
"I still have the mark here.
" Wanna know where we're going? -Yeah! -Tell us.
Mornin', Fabs! -Mornin'! -Mornin'! What's up? "Today, you're visiting Marleen.
" "She is 18 years young.
" Like me! "Marleen is a real northern light from Kiel by the Baltic Sea.
" It's right on the sea.
-Yeah, isn't it? -There is a big festival there.
Know what it's called? Kiel Week.
-There will be seagulls.
-And the Kiel Fjord and probably seals! I'm Marleen Franz.
I'm 18 years old, and I'm currently working two different jobs.
I work in an office, a lawyer's office, and in a lab.
I really enjoy working and creating things with my hands just to kind of express my creativity in sort of every area.
"She lives in a small attic apartment, likes vintage clothing, loves longboarding and her boyfriend, Ibo.
" -What? -Oh, she has a boyfriend! What is a longboard? "Marleen has already been through a lot in her young life.
" Okay.
At first, there were five of us in our family.
My two parents and my two older brothers.
And my oldest brother died when I was four years old.
And then unfortunately my mother got cancer and died when I was eight.
So then it was my father, me, and my brother.
And my brother got sick, too, and he died from it.
All because we have a genetic defect in our family that was discovered at this time.
"Because of a genetic defect that causes heart failure, she lost both her brothers and eventually her father as well.
" -I just got goosebumps.
It's indescribable.
Sometimes I think, "Okay, I'll see them again someday.
It's not so bad," but the older you get, the better you understand what it means to lose someone and never to see them again, and… yeah, to only have memories left.
"Fortunately, Marleen's illness was diagnosed early, and she received a heart donation at age 15.
" -Oh.
-Whoa, she had it too.
Crazy, yeah, it must have been discovered early enough, and then she was the only one to get a heart transplant.
I was basically okay after that, but it took a bit of time before my levels were normal.
You lose your entire family.
You don't have anyone.
Your whole support system falls away.
-You're alone… -That sounds so hard.
I'll read on.
"She was nominated by her stepmother, Franka, who supports Marleen as best she can.
" -Aww.
-Ah, okay.
Franka was my father's girlfriend, and they had a child together, my half brother, Flo.
Marleen is like a daughter to me.
She's a really important person to me.
Franka is a source of a lot of support.
So I don't feel quite so completely alone.
I have great respect for Marleen.
No mother, no father, had a heart transplant, two brothers dead… I remember sitting down here with Marleen on her bed and saying, "Jesus, Marleen.
" "Don't you ever think, 'This is too much.
I just want to die,' after all that's happened to you?" And this girl sat there and said, "You know, Franka, Dad and I swore to each other if something happened to one of us, the other would keep going.
" And she has, and… Marleen has done so well.
I mean… There's no one I admire more than Marleen.
"Marleen now lives alone in her parents' house.
" "She has a large yard and a garage that her father used as a workshop.
" I find all of this just incredible.
Eighteen, this story, house, yard, workshop, alone.
Think about what most people do at 18.
Hang out at the beach with friends.
Right? She lives by the sea, but probably doesn't get to do that much.
I've had the feeling that I've missed some things, especially things that… because something sad was more important or more in the forefront and it's sort of hard to, like, celebrate your birthday… Marleen has been pushed to the sidelines so much over the years, and I just wish for Marleen that she can be seen for once, that she can have the spotlight, and do all the things she missed out on.
"At the end of the week, Franka wants to throw a party where it's all about Marleen.
" "Help Marleen to be an unburdened teenager, so she can finally listen to her heart.
" -Yes! -We're here for it! We're a rainbow! We bring color! -And glitter! -Watch out, Marleen! CHAPTER 1 THE BEGINNING OF THE RAINBOW Wow.
Oh sorry.
Yeah, ring it.
I love the bell! -Hi! -Hello! Hey, we're so happy to meet you.
-Hi! -Hi! Hi, Marleen.
Lovely to meet you.
-Hi, I'm Ayan.
Nice to meet you.
-Can we keep our shoes on? Hi, I'm David.
I'm so excited to get to know you! -Hello, I'm Jan-Henrik.
Show us your hood.
Marleen seems very friendly and sincere, but also very shy.
That's a very interesting combination.
-Wow! -Oh wow! -You live here? -Yeah.
-This isn't bad, honestly.
-It's really nice! A tile stove! -This is beautiful! -Really nice.
-Kitchen! -Yeah, I looked already.
-Iggy Pop! -Awesome! Oh my God, there are so many more.
-Nice! -I want some! I'm really interested in vinyl records, I love vinyl.
My own record player has a prominent position in my apartment, and I was immediately entranced by Marleen's records.
My father used to collect them and listen to them.
They were always playing, and I thought it was pretty cool.
It's a way of remembering my father.
And the music is cool too, of course.
Marleen seems so composed.
This is a very strong person, and that's… It's… overwhelming.
What are these for? I also draw.
You draw as well? Man, this is a whole coloring box.
Get out your lipstick and start drawing.
Why doesn't it work? I wanted to turn on the light.
-It won't work? Hang on… -There.
Okay, that's your job.
A few things that need work.
The design as a whole, I mean, the design of a living space where you can feel comfortable and at home, we're not quite there yet.
What is this nice place? -This is the workshop.
-I can't wait.
Hi! Lots of spider webs.
Let's close this back up.
Good night, spiders! No one's been in here besides the spiders for a while now, I guess.
-I haven't really changed anything.
It's still my father's garage.
And how do you feel when you come in here? It's nice because it's a good memory.
We did a lot together in here.
We spent a lot of time together.
But it's still his workshop and his space.
And that feels strange.
What did you work on in here? That toolbox, for example.
We built that together.
-Which one? -The little one here.
There was a book with instructions, and I really wanted to build it.
We actually built three of them, one for each of us siblings.
Oh wow.
-Wow! -I learned a lot.
Ah, this is so emotional, wow.
I can really feel the invisible thread binding Marleen to her father.
Her dad is simply there.
In that room.
Let's imagine you gave me permission to renovate in here.
What do I need to keep? I would like for my father to not disappear from here completely.
Yes, of course.
We don't want that.
For you to still feel a bit of his flair so he can still watch over me and feel at home.
We definitely want to preserve what her father left, but also let the new Marleen take shape here.
-You hold them like this, so cool? -Yeah, casually.
Oh God! For God's sake! Jesus Christ! Okay, clearly a medicine cabinet.
Just like that! Marleen, I found a box here with lots of medicines in it.
You're 18 years old, and you have so much responsibility, and I'd like to know first off what is important to you as far as health goes.
Health is the main focus of my life because my health is what allows me to have the freedoms I have, and if I weren't healthy, I'd have to go back to the hospital, which is the worst scenario.
So being healthy is my top priority above everything else.
And what do you do for your health, for yourself? Yeah, I try to eat pretty healthy, as much as I can, of course, I'd like someone to show me, "You could make this and this.
" "That would be healthy but not crazy expensive.
" Sort of a balance between those.
My mother was a great cook.
She had lived all over the world and sort of learned to cook everywhere.
I would like to be able to do that, too, at some point.
So, yeah.
When I was 18, I was shoving frozen pizza in the oven six times a week.
You can already cook, and I'd just like to show you that it can be affordable, it can be delicious, so some tips and tricks, and most importantly, it can be fun.
-So that's what we'll do.
-Yes, that sounds good.
-Look at this.
-Sort of dusty.
Is there some in there? Cute.
Oh my God! One concealer, one mascara, and a dried-up mascara to comb your eyebrows with.
Okay, tell me a little bit about what you do in the morning.
Well, I usually shower, then I do my hair, and… put lotion on my face, brush my teeth, and leave.
And this stuff? I use them… sometimes.
I'm not really super girly.
Can I ask why? I mean, I do like it, sure.
How about your hair? When was the last time you got it cut? It's been nearly half a year.
Everyone has a superpower.
I'm a hair whisperer.
Marleen's hair was screaming.
What do you think about treating yourself? You arrive.
You get a head massage.
You take a moment for yourself.
You know? Have someone care of you.
It's hard for me to accept.
I can't relax when people are helping me.
But, you know, I'd really like to do that for you.
This week, I want to show her that beauty doesn't have to be girly.
Beauty can also be wellness.
Sure, you think of hair, you think of makeup, but what about self-care, self-love? To just let go and instead accept things and enjoy the moment.
-One, two, three, four, five.
Five gray hoodies.
Let's take these out.
Gray, gray, gray.
Everything is gray.
Thank you all for coming.
Look what I've laid out here.
One, two, three, four, five, 3,000, 6,000… 6,925 gray sweaters.
Sometimes I don't like to really stand out.
To be the center of attention, to really… -For people to focus on me.
I used to have a VAD, a heart support device, with tubes coming out of my stomach.
It was visible, and I also had to carry a little bag with the batteries.
Of course I can understand that she didn't want people to notice and that she took that to the extreme.
I felt really exposed, like everyone around me was watching me, and it was horrible.
And now, four years later, you stand here as a cool woman, And it's for this woman that we want to see if we can get some cool stuff.
I would also like to know, can you tell me how you see yourself? I think vintage clothes are really cool, and I like to try things that maybe aren't so standard.
What is a no-go for you? I don't want anything too girly.
That's not who I am.
I'll come up with some nice things, and I can't wait to see if you like the stuff that I'm thinking of for you.
What are all these? There are so many binders.
It's stuff for the house, taxes, inheritance stuff that ties in with the house somehow.
Just a lot of paperwork that went back and forth.
This looks like so much responsibility for your young life.
Do you have, like, a big wish, or something you always wanted to do, top of the list that you just haven't been able to in the past few years? I always wanted to travel the world, to get in a car and drive and just leave everything… It's become this idea of a whole tour of Europe in my car.
I always wanted to convert the car, but I haven't managed it.
And it's a shame, because I know that I've always wanted to do it, and it sucks that it isn't possible right now.
-Is the car here? -Yeah.
Come, let's go downstairs.
I want to see it.
Oh look, the camp chairs are already inside.
Yeah, camping… I wanted to sort of equip it.
There's theoretically enough room.
Marleen has always had to take a back seat, and I can sense what's brewing in her.
I want to show her that she has the time and freedom to finally break loose.
It's been a lovely day.
I enjoyed having you here.
I'm looking forward to the week.
I think I can learn a lot from you.
Me first! -Look, we're fighting over you! -Group hug! I want a hug too! Thank you for letting us into your home and into your life.
This is the beginning of the rainbow.
Since she could think, Marleen's focus has been on health.
And my wish for her is that she sees it doesn't have to be all about discipline and self-denial.
It can also be fun.
This week, I want to be the person who shows her possibilities.
You can do this.
You can do that.
Makeup doesn't have to be like, "Oh, makeup.
" It can also be, "What, makeup? Ooh!" I want to show Marleen that there's a lot more than just gray sweaters.
I also want to show her she doesn't have to be afraid of being noticed.
When you've experienced so much grief in your life, it's hard to concentrate on the good things in life.
That's what I want to practice with Marleen.
I have the feeling that Marleen isn't sure if she's ready to move forward, but she must also sense that she has the ability to face the future and lead a carefree life.
Since you said yesterday that you like vintage stuff, I went looking around in Kiel.
And check it out, I found something special.
A second-hand store! Marleen has no interest in being girly.
Understatement, that's her thing.
Vintage clothes are great for that.
It's the intersection of coolness and understatement.
I think this is what you're after, yeah? Yes, I think so.
What I want for Marleen is that she gets out of the gray mouse outfit and shows a bit of color.
Clothes! Yeah! Here! Look, for if you marry Ibo! This is… Let's get this now! I think it's too big, unfortunately.
Otherwise I'd love to.
What doesn't fit can be altered.
Jeans! The lining on this is really cool.
-You can really play around with it.
Super cool.
I actually like that.
If I saw that on someone else, I'd say, "Why not?" -If you're willing… -Sure.
…I'd love for you to try this.
-We'll try it, yeah.
-Yeah? -I like it.
Great! So… shall we begin? -Yeah.
Awesome! Awesome! I have to say, I love the jacket.
Please dress like this.
I'll try.
I think it's cool.
It's not too much "not me.
" It's not gray, it's… color, but I think it's a nice color.
If you went out in this and people saw you, do you think you'd feel good? I think I'm not used to it because one or two might be like, "Oh, so colorful!" But actually in a positive way.
And you'll get compliments, and you need to accept them.
You know? Compliments can give you a new bearing and outlook.
Marleen is finally letting some color into her life.
This is such a statement look.
She looks so cool in it.
"Hey, world! Here I am.
" -Yeah.
-I'm ready.
Hey! This is also really different, but cool.
This is actually a relatively conservative outfit, but the boots break out of that.
-I love it.
I like it too.
I like that it's in two pieces that match.
And black, not too bright.
Marleen is a pretty girl with a good figure and a lovely personality, and she's a very strong person.
And she can show that to people.
Like how you look? -Yes, actually.
-Yes! Yes, you're allowed to! This is such a cool outfit.
Hey, here you are.
We can see.
And when you cross the street, people will notice.
Today I want Marleen and I to find a way for her to preserve her past while still finding her own place in her story.
-Ta-da! -A workshop.
A workshop much like the one you have.
We're going to work on something today.
Okay, my cabinet.
Yeah, I was really touched yesterday when you told me about your memories with your dad in the workshop and what you both went through, and so I thought we could work on something you inherited from him, give it a new coat.
That way we have both the keepsake and the memories of your dad, but we can also put some of you and your story in it and make it yours.
I like that.
-Nice, right? -Yeah, I want to get started.
-You're ready? -Yeah.
To me, this cabinet symbolizes her past.
But I want it to serve as a foundation and for Marleen to recognize, "I can make this my own.
" "I can start a new chapter.
" Down… and back up.
How is it when you've already… already been through so much? Does it make you treasure the time you have left so much more? Do you savor your own life more? I think I savor the moment a lot.
Just 'cause you know that it can always end.
Sometimes it makes me sad, though, to think that it could be the same for me.
It could be just as short, so I always try to make the best of it.
And that's not always so easy, I have to say.
When you say that, why do you think it isn't always so easy for you? Well, I have this feeling when things are good that they'll turn bad again.
It's just like, as soon as things have begun to go well, something will happen.
And it's really difficult having to keep overcoming it.
How do you motivate yourself? I want to make my parents proud and everyone else too.
-Do you think your dad would be proud? -Yeah.
I'm sure he would be proud of you.
Come here, I'll watch out for paint.
Oh, honey.
I'm sure your dad would be so proud of you.
Look at everything you've managed to do in your life.
Right? You can be proud of yourself too.
You can.
She can be proud of herself.
You need all of this strength and resolve, and of course that shapes you.
But at the moment, she needs some tenderness.
She needs someone who can maybe just give her some support and say, "Hey, you got this, girl.
" You alright? Yeah.
You sure? Yeah.
-Doesn't it look great? -Yeah, I love the color.
-Me too.
-Really cool.
I like it.
We did a good job.
Yay! Marleen has a lot of responsibility and lots to do, but she's also a teenager and should have fun now and then.
Get away from the day-to-day.
That's not something that's happening.
I'm going to try to tease it out of her.
-We're having fun, aren't we? -Yeah! -Do we go left or right here? -Hands up, Marleen! Wanna walk up on this? Hang on, I'll help you up.
I do think that Marleen was a bit more carefree today.
I was able to get a small smile out of her at least.
I hope she continues to follow this impulse because, Marleen, you deserve it.
How do you feel right now? Actually very relaxed and not… like, "I have ten things to do.
" It's good to get out once in a while.
I mean, we did a lot of things today, but I didn't feel like I needed to be functioning, like I… -Yes.
-…had so much I needed to be doing.
-I could just… -Just turn off your brain for a bit.
Marleen, I'd like for you to take these moments more often for yourself and enjoy them.
And not just think about the house and your responsibilities.
You can also get out, go on vacation, or go anywhere where you feel like going.
-Just be free.
-Just be free, yeah.
It's just hard sometimes.
It gets lost.
You may no longer have family in the classic sense, but I want you to know and understand that there are other people who love you a lot and are so happy to have you in their lives, and who will always be there for you.
You're never alone.
You have that backbone, and you can't forget that.
Promise me? Yeah.
Come here.
I got goosebumps.
I can see that she has tears in her eyes and still I think that it's important to her.
It's important for her to understand that she isn't alone.
I want this renovation to be a chance for Marleen to find herself again.
I want to create a unified space where she can come home to her own apartment, the home of the new Marleen.
Of course I want to preserve her memories as well, but we also want to create new ones.
CHAPTER 3 GIRLY IS WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE I want Marleen to see that makeup and styling don't have to be girly or make you look girly, and also, she can be a taker too.
I want her to relax, to allow someone to take care of her.
-So, we talked a bit earlier.
You said you wanted your hair long, so we'll keep that.
I thought we'd stay just under your chin.
I think it would be cool.
If you look here, -you have this bend right by your ear.
I think it would look so nice if we made a very light, gentle angle here that hangs down.
Like almost bangs, but really grown out.
You can do a lot with that, but it's not overly cutesy or like, "Ooh, flirty.
" It's a look that says, "Hey, I'm powerful.
" -You feel that? -Yeah.
-Do you love it? -I think it's a good idea.
Okay, then let's start with the washing.
-Great, let's go over to the sink! She was so stiff at the beginning and couldn't relax, but the more I massaged her head, the more she sank into the chair, and I felt like I'd sparked something.
Have you ever had a head massage at a salon? -No, never.
-No? I've never even had my hair washed at one.
-Really? -No.
Well, how did you like it? Was it nice? -Really nice, yeah.
-Oh, I'm glad.
I see Marleen as a strong young woman, and I don't want to add anything artificial that doesn't suit her.
I want to just give her a few tips so she can look fresh quickly without overdoing it.
I'm so in love with your cheeks.
I thought we could draw some focus there.
This is a color somewhere between rosé and peachy.
It goes wonderfully with your eyes.
But you don't really see it as such, as something artificial, and it's on your cheeks too.
This is rouge on your eye.
The advantage here is that rouge doesn't cover as much, so an unpracticed hand… can't mess it up.
-You get what I mean? -You mean I can't mess it up.
I also saw you had some lip balm, which you can get with a slight color.
So you just have a hint of color.
-It's just your lip color, but more.
Lots of people think that adding a wave or a bit of movement to the hair… Yeah? …that makes it look like it was done.
Like, "Oh my God, I put so much effort into looking cute!" But that's not what we're doing here.
This look is… -You know? -Yeah.
Oh yeah! It's really different, yeah.
But really cool.
Honestly, I thought at first she didn't like it.
She just looked at it, and I was like, "More emotion, please!" But looking closer, I saw that her eyes were sparkling, and that made me so happy, and then at the end, she was like… What do you think about the makeup? I feel pretty.
I'm glad.
So pretty.
-Hello! -Hi! Oh my God! Wow, you look so good! Thank you! -Did you let her pamper you? -A little.
-Did you pamper her? -Yes.
She's so shy about it, just, "Hm, yeah…" No, you look really really good.
Your face, your ha-- You did a great job.
-Ready for more? -Yes.
-Your next session? -Yep.
-But I won't tell you where we're going.
-Okay, that's fair.
Have fun! Thank you.
And stride.
Chin up.
Remember, you're a goddess.
-After you.
We're almost at the place where I want to take you.
Any guesses? Maybe something about food? Maybe some cooking? How on earth did you guess? Do you have any idea what this could be, will become? Something Asian, I think.
-Very good.
We're making summer rolls.
-Oh! Okay.
You said you like international food, and this is a great thing for two people to make together.
So with your boyfriend, and it's nice and healthy.
You can pick out the ingredients yourself.
Some of the medicine Marleen takes suppresses your immune system.
Simple illnesses that most people can easily withstand could become problematic for her.
So she needs to be very careful about eating well.
-This is how you make summer rolls.
Yeah, not me.
Okay… -Massage it.
-Massage, okay.
It's very important.
I'll give this to you.
You know Finding Nemo? -Yeah.
-You've seen it? -Yeah.
-You know Jacques, the shrimp? -Yeah.
-I like red cabbage 'cause it's crunchy.
-I want to try mango.
Throw some in.
How do we fold them? You pull it, and then push together here… -Okay.
-…and pull it over like this.
And try to keep it as tight as you can.
Then you can fold in the sides toward the middle, good, and then you keep rolling it.
Here's what mine looks like today.
-Shall we try them with dip? -I'd love to.
Okay, dig in.
-Hm? -We did a good job.
I think these are great because they're super fresh and also super healthy.
You have to really pay attention, because of your heart, that you have a healthy lifestyle.
So you want healthy and affordable.
How do I do this, approach this? How can we integrate something healthy, affordable, and quick into her day that she can make every day? What's a good option? A smoothie! Today we're making a mixed berry smoothie.
Blueberries, in particular, have a whole lot of antioxidants, which act as cell protection.
So it's a good idea to integrate berries into your day.
You can also-- For example, I have flaxseeds here.
They're a great source of omega-3, very healthy, also really good for your heart.
Being heart-healthy is really important for you, right, and so it's important that, I'd say, 75% to 80% of your diet is nutritional and plant-based.
That can have really positive effects on your health and especially your heart health.
That all sounds plausible.
-And tasty.
-And tasty.
Shall we taste it? -Mmm, really good.
-Yeah, I like it too.
Could you imagine making this often? Yes, definitely.
It's fast.
Maybe the cleanup… But… -You don't want to do that? -No.
-That's what Ibo's for.
Then I'll make it often.
I feel we connected today.
She laughed a lot.
We laughed a lot together.
She was even sassy.
And I really feel that she's getting something from this and wants to continue doing it.
CHAPTER 4 MAKE NEW STORIES, BUT KEEP THE OLD On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you right now? Eleven.
-That's the right answer.
-I'm also excited! -Me too! I'm behind you.
-Give me your hand.
-We're all looking forward to it.
-Just a little.
-Just a little.
-How are you feeling? -There's no carpet.
There's no… Aha! You see? You can already feel it.
Carefully, come this way.
You know, your apartment was already… it was already very cozy, yeah? But I felt it was lacking unity and cohesion, so I've tried here to create a comfortable place where you can retreat and get to know the new Marleen.
-Can I reveal it? -Yes! Okay? I'll rack up the tension.
Keep your eyes closed.
David, fix her hair.
Oh my God.
-Now turn this way.
-Like this? And slowly open your eyes… Come on, come in here! Hey! It's beautiful! -Look here.
-What's been hung there? -Remember these? -Yeah.
It's from your boyfriend.
-Really nice.
-With your dad's records.
-Nice? -Crazy.
-What's this say? -"Let it be.
" Your boyfriend said this was your motto.
-Yeah? -I love it.
Isn't it sweet? -It's wonderful.
I put it up there because it fits you so well.
With all… Okay? "Let it be.
" I put it up here so every morning when you wake up, you'll know, "Hey, I'm not the little gray caterpillar anymore.
" You're a bright butterfly now who's ready to fly.
Come here.
-Are those tears of joy? -Yes.
It's so wonderful in this moment to see how happy she is.
She deserves this so much.
Okay, look.
All the new things we got when we went shopping are on this rack.
But there's also stuff you haven't seen.
But it's also really cool.
I like the bright pants.
I mean, we talked about color, and I love this.
Now that I see all of it, I want to try it on and be noticed.
That's good.
Marleen, Marleen! Okay! I love the blazer, and I love those shoes on you.
-Really cool.
Do a catwalk for us, Marleen.
A catwalk? -Walk for us! -Remember the hair flip! Shoulders back, chest out! And pose! -And hair flip! -Very nice! Yay! Come, take a look inside.
-Huh? Is this what you expected? -Do you even recognize it? -No! What I wanted to create for you is a space where you have the old world as a foundation.
Okay? But also your own, where you can be today's Marleen.
This part I think of as "Marleen's studio.
" I can see.
Here you can paint and be creative.
I don't know where to look.
This is not the garage.
I don't recognize it at all.
It's crazy.
-Good, I hope so.
-What have you done? And look over here.
Yeah, the cabinet, I saw.
-Remember? -Yeah.
With a new lock as well.
-It turned out really cute.
-Good! I like it.
I have one more surprise for you.
-Another one? -Yes.
What else can there be? -Marleen! -Hi! Ready for your road trip? Yes, I'll come with you now! Excellent! Come, come.
And stop.
-First try.
-Hey, baby! I'm only used to our Fab-mobile.
You still recognize this car, I assume.
Yes, it seems familiar.
And we talked a bit about your dream.
I can see in the window.
Your dream of finally beginning a road trip.
So we renovated your car a little bit.
-Want to look inside? -Absolutely.
-You do? -Yeah.
-Want to get in? -I'm coming in.
It's parked on a bit of a hill here, but otherwise… Cozy, right? Let's chill here for a bit.
And you can look up at the stars through the roof.
-You can be free.
In nature.
-Our week has ended.
And we're here in your camper.
I wish I could drive off right now.
At the beginning, I had a hard time accepting help.
And I think you helped me learn a little that, okay, you can let other people do things, and people want to help, and you can also relax and let go sometimes.
It was really important to me that you take that lesson with you on your journey.
You deserve to get things.
You're a very valuable person, Marleen.
-Thank you.
-Let me hug you once more.
We have to go now.
It was a lovely week.
-Thank you.
-Take care.
It was fun.
If Marleen can keep shining her light and enjoying her life, so can we all.
We should all take a page from her book.
Lots of pages.
Ciao, Marleen.
-Bye! -Ciao! -All the best! Bye-bye! -Take care! CHAPTER 5 TO LIFE! People, it's smoothie time! Come here! Finished! -Thanks.
-Hurry up, I want to go watch Marleen! Let's go.
-Ready? -Yes! Yes, go on! She didn't want any makeup at first, did she? She was really afraid of looking too girly.
-But she doesn't look girly.
-She looks really tough.
-And pretty.
-Is this the new look? -Yes.
The shoes! -And she's combining them herself.
She had that already.
I just piqued her interest.
Careful, step up.
No, further.
-Franka and Flo! -Yeah! Keep going! -Those two are so cute.
-Right? Such a sweet couple.
Grass, further to the right, yeah.
That's good.
Oh, yeah.
You can open your eyes.
Surprise! Surprise! To Marleen! For everything that we missed.
Your 18th, your driver's license, your 16th, your confirmation, your 14th… for everything! -To Marleen.
Graduation! To Marleen! To Marleen! -Cheers.
To Marleen.
-Cheers! -Ding, ding, ding! -Yes? I want to thank all of you for being here.
But I want to thank you especially.
-Me? -Yes.
For nominating me, and because I had such a nice week.
And for… Yeah.
Marleen, if anyone deserves this, it's you.
-Thank you.
-You're so welcome.
And it isn't enough.
It's so touching to see, after everything, how she's still there, so confident, so thankful, and maybe something in her has reawakened.
-When can we open our eyes? -Ow.
Just keep going straight.
Oh God, she's showing Franka and Flo! I can't wait to see what they say! -Can I open my eyes? -Yeah.
Oh my God, what happened in here? You can open your eyes.
-How awesome is this? -What happened to the floor? Yeah, new floor.
Not just that.
Oh, this is… Look at the table! -Oh, Marleen! -And the sofa! Marleen, do you want to trade? No, I don't.
Franka's head is just going… Click, click, click… Do you even know where you want to sit anymore? No, right? It's all… It's all nice.
You can get comfy anywhere.
Look at how proud Marleen is.
-How proud to show off her place.
-Grinning from ear to ear.
Now the car.
Look, that's SÃntje, her best friend.
She's gonna show her the car.
I'm excited.
Ta-da! Wow, that's really nice.
-Yeah, really cozy.
And we can stuff our things underneath, see? Isn't it comfortable in here? I'm imagining them in France, enjoying the sunset.
-Drinking French wine.
-And driving on the next day.
-To life! -To life! Yes! To life! -To Marleen.
-To Marleen.
To Marleen! Thank you! Subtitle translation by Kel Barksdale
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