Queer Eye: Germany (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

May the Force Be with Eugen

1 A NETFLIX SERIES We're on the Dutch border, folks.
I feel like you can really tell.
-How? -Well, by the houses.
And the roundabouts.
Look! -A windmill! -A windmill, how cool! I feel like I'm on vacation.
-Okay, kids, are you ready? -Yeah! Yes! Please begin.
"Welcome to Eugen's hometown.
" "Heinsberg is on the border with the Netherlands, also close to Belgium.
" "Can you smell the frikandellen and tasty waffles?" Eugen is 58, single, and lives in a ground-floor apartment with a courtyard.
That sounds big.
I'm Eugen.
I'm a huge film buff.
Particularly The Hobbit, Star Wars… Cool! I've loved comics since I was a little kid.
Primarily Asterix, Donald Duck… Asterix and Obelix! "He's had a divorce and several other unfortunate life events.
" My wife left me in 2018.
"His mother, whom he was close to, died, and a hernia incapacitated him physically.
" That was a really rough time for me.
It sounds like he's had a difficult past.
I had panic attacks afterward.
I was depressed, and it was a really hard time.
Oh, okay.
"He hit rock bottom when he lost his job as a mailman.
" I had my first abdominal operation in 2004.
Every time I had to lift something heavy, the hernia would return.
"But Eugen hasn't given up.
" "He's getting ready to re-enter the job market.
" Yay! -Nice! -Excellent.
"Eugen desperately wants to return to a carefree life.
" "He wants his days to have structure and to feel comfortable around people.
" "Eugen was nominated by his friends Sofia and Anna.
" -Eugen! -Hi! There you are, finally! We nominated Eugen because he's been through a lot in his life, and it's made him lose his self-confidence.
He didn't laugh for a while, but he's been finding it again slowly.
But we think there's more potential there, and so we're glad that we can support him this way.
-That sounds so nice.
-Great! That's so great! Yes, baby! Where there's a will, there's a way.
We want him to find himself again.
We also want him to re-recognize his abilities.
This is the year when I decided for myself that things would improve.
"Eugen wants to challenge himself by holding a barbecue for his friends at the end of the week.
" -Yes! -Barbecue! -Excellent.
" "Give Eugen the self-assurance and self-love he needs for healthy crisis management.
May the force be with him.
" -I can't wait.
-Me neither.
I'm so excited.
It's fine, people.
Are you buckled in? Clubs.
One left.
I'm out.
EUGENIA, BARBARA FRIENDS -I have exactly the same! -Twenty-six.
It's always fun with Eugen.
You know, games are no place for fun.
Are you hyped? We're here, folks! Oh, how cute! Let's go! It's pretty, isn't it? Like in Holland.
-Hello! -Hi! -Hi! -Can we hug you? Of course.
Come here.
Take turns! I'm Eugen.
-Eugen, such a pleasure.
-Hi, welcome.
-Hi, Eugen.
I'm Ayan.
-Hi, welcome.
-We're glad to be here.
-Come on in.
-Yeah? -May we? Super.
Jan, the color.
Eugen, I think I match.
Crazy, you're camouflaged! I can be a chameleon here! Jan, where are you? -Are you a soccer fan? -Yes.
-You are? For Gladbach? -Borussia MÃnchengladbach.
And what are all these? These are my comics.
I love comics.
-Oh, here! Asterix and Obelix! -Awesome! Asterix and Obelix! I love Asterix and Obelix.
-Hey, Eugen, is there a door back here? -Yeah, there is.
There's work to do here.
Look, I look like I jumped out of Star Wars.
You've closed all the doors.
Or The Matrix.
-Hello! Hi! -Hello! Hello! This is Barbara and Eugenia.
Hi, I'm Leni.
We were just playing Mau-Mau.
Who's winning? Not me, I'm always-- I've already lost.
And Eugen is winning.
What happens if he loses? "Shit!" My friends always find a card on the floor after playing with me and wonder where it came from.
Here's the team again.
It looks kinda cool, right? Try it on.
-Me? -Yeah.
Come on, we'll do a fashion show.
Oh my God, that looks so cool on you.
-I feel athletic all of a sudden.
-Yeah! Honestly, David can wear anything.
I'll show you my bedroom.
The cats sleep in the bed? They usually lie there, but not always.
They have different moods.
Sometimes they sleep on the cabinet, or… Behind the cabinet? Yes! Can you see both? Hello, cutie! It's so sweet, and cats can calm you with their purring, and they're so cuddly and warm, but you also want your own space.
Oh my God.
Damp walls and mold are super unhealthy, people! We really need to help Eugen out here.
The bed construction is interesting.
How well do you sleep? Pretty poorly.
I do think it has to do with the bed.
"Wild boar!" Leni, come look! -What? -Look! Oh, sweet.
If Eugen's a fan of something, he's really a fan.
-Is this all Star Wars stuff? Look, a little Chewbacca.
How does he sound again? This is a nice chest of drawers.
It's a keepsake from my mother.
I want to keep that.
You miss her a lot? A lot, yes.
-Does it still feel fresh? -Yes.
The emotions still come back in waves.
May I hug you? You're really sweet.
Eugen was extremely close with his mother.
And you can tell he's still grieving her loss.
This is huge! Yeah.
A bit gloomy.
It's a bit gloomy.
A little bit very gloomy.
It's a lovely courtyard.
There's so much you could do with it.
Lots of space, I see lots of friends, but it's missing a little… attention to detail? Don't crash into anything.
We need you still.
Show us what you can do.
Ay ay ay! -I want to ride on the back! -You're crazy! -May I? -No! -Yes! -No! -Careful, children.
-Here I come.
Are you satisfied with your look, the way you dress right now? It's not always the same.
Depends on my mood.
For example, if I really want to go out, I just grab a graphic tee.
Like Sons of A or Kermit… -Kermit.
There are also frequently days where I say I just don't care.
Eugen just likes to put on whatever.
I get that.
It's comfortable.
But there are so many other options.
When was the last time you felt really attractive in your clothes? It was at Sofia and Anna's wedding.
And why do you think you don't make that effort for yourself? For myself, it's… it's not much of a factor.
I like to do things for others.
So if I knew that Anna and Sofia would be happy-- But now it's your turn.
-It's your turn now.
-Not just for other people.
Not just for others.
It's Eugen's turn.
I was unprepared for that, but I think… I think it's great.
I think he's realized that this week is just about him.
How do you feel in your kitchen? Not great.
You can see the sink doesn't run right.
So where do you wash up? Usually… Well, I do smaller stuff here, but if there's more, then in the bathroom.
-In the sink.
Okay, what about cooking? I cook here, but it's an old stove.
-That is so cute.
Sink broken, chair broken, refrigerator wobbly… Everything fun in the kitchen is broken.
Okay… -Eugen! -Yes? What is this? Looks like spinach thingies.
It does, but it's not spinach.
It's frikadellen .
They spent a bit too long in the oven.
Would you say you eat healthily? No, I wouldn't say that.
Do you think you need-- I mean, how do you feel overall? Pretty bad, I'd say.
Part of it is being overweight.
I have this gout to deal with.
What do you need in order to feel good and healthy? I really need a basic course in certain foods and just some motivation to really work at it and see what works.
And… I think then I'd be happy.
Diet is especially important when you have health problems.
Eugen has gout, and that means he should avoid meat as much as possible.
What do you do in here for yourself, to just… People have rituals and things that they do to treat themselves and sort of feel better.
How about you? Honestly, not much.
Just a daily wash.
A few times a month, I use the tub.
-Can I touch? -Sure.
How about moisturizer? Do you use any? No, I haven't.
You don't have any? There is some over there, but I never use it.
Many think beauty comes from outside and is just decorative.
That's bullshit.
It can come from within.
It's really important to find rituals that do you good, and I've already got an idea.
I'd like to know-- These pictures are everywhere.
Why is that? When I see certain pictures, they bring back memories.
And that cheers me up.
Would you say you're doing a lot of living in the past? I personally attach a bit of future to the past because things could be that way again.
Are you open to that? -New memories? -Well… It's hard right now, but it's one of my goals.
Because I think… it's scary to imagine, if I were to think, "Someday you'll be completely alone.
" -"No friends--" -You worry about that? Yeah, I do.
Why would that happen? I hope it doesn't, but… You're such a great person! Why would that happen? Your friends aren't going to leave you.
Eugen is living in the past.
He's stuck grieving his glory days, when he had a job, a social life, a partner.
I just want to give him a push, a shove, so he can look toward the future.
This will be your year, and you'll make lots of memories that you can put on display here.
-So… -So.
Eugen, can you remember the point when depression crept into your life? Yes, very well.
It was June of 2014 when my mother died, and then a bunch of other stuff happened.
I struggled with alcohol.
I lost my job.
I had panic attacks.
What was a day like for you? Was there anything, or did you just spend the day in bed? What was it like? I couldn't lie in bed all day because I have those two masters, my cats.
I think if I didn't have them, things would have looked different.
And I eventually had therapy, too, of course, which I took advantage of.
Is there something really missing in your life right now that you'd like to have or have back? -Joy.
-And that's a slow process.
Oh, come here.
You'll be okay.
I realize now how deep his sorrow goes, and that's what we need to overcome.
-We're just getting started.
-We've taken you into our hearts.
-Just getting started? Thank you, dear Eugen.
It was lovely.
-Thank you.
-Okay, see you soon.
-See you! -Ciao.
-Bye! Have a good evening! -See you! See you tomorrow! I want Eugen to have joy in his life again and also regain some confidence and stability.
That's what he needs to be able to overcome these tragedies.
I want Eugen to feel at home.
I want to reduce the colors and make a casual comfort zone.
And of course the cats won't be forgotten.
Eugen wants to work on his diet, but he doesn't know where to start.
I'd like to show him how to change things quickly and easily while also having fun, and maybe offer healthier alternatives to his favorite foods.
My mission for Eugen is that he listens to and thanks his body.
We often do things wrong to our bodies, so we should give back, and you can make yourself feel nice.
My mission is to put Eugen on a path to having fun with fashion and thereby give him a higher quality of life.
CHAPTER 2 MAY THE FORCE AWAKEN Today, Eugen and I are going to a very special store.
This store has large sizes, and large clothes can still look cool.
Maybe this in green? -I'd have to get used to it.
-I think this is better.
-What do you think? -Also good.
Look at this.
-What do you think? -It's amusing.
Color! This is not my thing.
-That one is… -This one… This one is the bomb.
I'm going to put Eugen in some colors.
I think he might like it, but let's see.
-Eugen? -Yes? Yeah! -Time for sun and sand.
-How do you feel? Great.
Like a new skin.
It looks excellent.
Yes, truly.
And you know what else I have for you? -No! -Yes.
-You're kidding… -A leather jacket, hm? Bam.
Rock out! -What's up? -Like old times.
-Yeah! -Hey, come here.
The leather jacket reminds him of old times.
But with a new outfit and great colors, it's cool and modern.
Oh, look at him coming out and beaming! Well? -What do you think? -White shirt, white grin.
-This is an outfit to go out in.
-I mean, come on! See? -I've got something else.
-Slip it on… -Slip it on… Here… and there.
Hey… What do you say to that? - It's only missing C-3 - PO and Obi-Wan.
Oh right, exactly.
We've included his love of Star Wars in this suit coat, but not in a loud way.
It's elegant and sleek.
-How do you feel? -Amazing.
-Yeah? -Amazing.
Eugen filled these outfits with his personality.
He turned clothes into style.
Come here.
Oh my God.
Look up there.
An alpaca farm! You're crazy.
I decided to do an alpaca hike with Eugen, and I hope he's able to get something out of it that centers and grounds him.
Alpacas are very perceptive animals.
That means if you're afraid, they notice and become agitated themselves.
But if you lead the way and have confidence, your alpaca will follow.
-I see.
-You know? And I thought we could use the opportunity to talk a bit about self-love and self-acceptance.
Where does this feeling of not being good enough come from? I just think that accepting myself is a tricky thing.
I'm always afraid that… um… a little that… not that I'll be disappointed, but that I'll disappoint others.
I've felt that way too.
I also know what it's like, as you say, to want people to like you, but eventually it wears you down, and you exhaust yourself by constantly thinking, how does this other person see me? And you lose a bit of yourself doing that.
And you don't feel comfortable.
These doubts have no basis in reality.
He's such a great person, and I want to open his eyes and let him see that.
Isn't an alpaca hike nice and relaxing? Relaxing, yeah.
Eugen, I prepared something for us.
-I have these cards here and a marker.
And what I'd like you to do is write down good qualities that you have.
Think you can do that? -Just the good ones? -Just the good ones.
No negative vibes today.
-Okay? Let's do it.
I'll have to think for a bit though.
Sure, take your time.
-I can help you brainstorm.
-Negatives would be easier.
I'd have an easier time listing your good ones, but try it yourself.
I'm honestly shocked that it's so hard for Eugen to think of good qualities he has.
It really breaks my heart.
" If you were to have a problem, for example, you could call me at any time, day or night.
Friendship is something that I… really take seriously, you know? "Empathetic.
" Yeah, I've always doubted myself though, honestly.
I always hope that I'm empathetic towards other people, but… sometimes it's confirmed, sometimes it isn't.
-You know? And when it isn't, that's okay too.
Because either you reached them and they just didn't say anything, or they have some other problem, and we don't have to worry about that.
-Can I give you a hug? -Yes, come here.
-Thank you.
-Of course.
I think that clicked.
" "Loyal.
" I hope this exercise helped you a little to just listen inwardly to yourself and think about who you actually are.
And especially, that you don't need to fear the way other people see you because looking at this, there's no need to worry, right? True.
Actually, you're right.
Eugen's getting a haircut from me today.
I want him to really relax.
Lean back, enjoy… just relax.
-Time for a haircut.
-Let's go.
I'm sending love into you through every hair I touch.
-Can you feel it? -I can.
-Do you love it? -I love it.
Eugen's getting a very short cut today.
It'll be crisp, athletic, masculine.
You'll look like a new man.
New Eugen.
-I'm reborn.
-Right? Yeah.
It makes a big difference.
The transitions here, the narrowness, does a lot for your face shape.
And I also like that we… It feels like we see more of your face.
Now let's turn our attention to your face.
We've spoken a bit about rituals.
I always think it's nice to have rituals to start your day and rituals to end it.
To initiate bedtime.
A time to pamper yourself, recenter, relax.
I'm doing something for myself, right? -Try to power down, you mean? -Exactly.
And in the morning, sing along to pop hits.
That's what I do.
I'd like to do that, but I can't.
-Why not? -I've never been able to… Even before, if I was on a dance floor, everyone would say, "You look like a dancing bear.
" You know? So I just stopped doing it.
No matter what you do, there will be those who think it's cool and those who think it isn't.
If people say, "That new haircut, much better," there will also be those, "No, I like the old beard.
" You'll always please one group and not another.
And when you're home at the end of the day, who do you need to please? Myself.
Yes! Mm-hm! What is something that relaxes me and could relax you too? I thought, a mask.
-A mask? -A face mask.
You may laugh, but I've never ever done that.
You've never done… I hoped you'd say that.
The mask I chose is perfect for your skin type.
It's very gentle and moisturizing.
And you can do it two to three times a week.
Is that nice? It feels fantastic.
-Ten out of ten? Or can I do better? -Eleven out of ten.
Lots of people think beauty is external and just decorative.
Beauty can also be rituals that make you feel good.
Do you see what I see? It's starting to come through.
What is? The good that you've done for me.
For my hair, my beard… You're so cute.
And this feeling as well.
God, I'm so happy.
I thought, "How do I tease it out of him?" But this feeling that you gift to yourself… Like, I mean, a haircut, sure.
Get one or not.
Those are all just optics.
But the feeling you give yourself and don't need to get from others, that's pretty awesome, right? Yeah.
He was really able to relax and let go, and that was my goal, and I'm really happy I was able to give him that moment.
-Hey, thanks.
-Hey, you're so welcome.
Let me hug you.
You're welcome.
You deserve it, my dear.
CHAPTER 3 A HOUSE FOR THREE MASTERS I want to make Eugen a space where he feels at home, where he can come home and be proud to live there.
See that? Oh, awesome! Today is about the cats! Eugen is very attached to his kitties.
If we're going to change his apartment and give him some privacy, especially in bed, we need to make the cats happy too.
Oh God, here's something.
We want two cat trees.
One in the living room… -How about like this? -That's great.
…so the cats can observe what's happening in the apartment and one for the bedroom.
-Right now, the cats sleep in your bed.
I'd like you to have the option to sleep alone sometimes.
That's a good idea.
When you're at home.
For you, and also for a potential partner.
That sounds good.
Eugen is such a great guy.
Anyone should be happy to find someone like Eugen.
Have you had any girlfriends since your ex? -No.
-No? -No affairs, nothing? -No.
Is it hard for you to meet someone? Well, of course it's not easy right now because I bring this baggage with me.
When you say that, what are the fears that you expect? What are you afraid of? What would be… Well, for me, it's just the idea… that you are living again in that intimate space with someone, and then something makes it fall apart again.
Or not even fall apart, maybe someone dies… All kinds of worries.
You don't want to be vulnerable? I think that's part of it too, yeah.
Of course your experiences are a cause here, but you can't let that stop you from opening up.
Those who fear loss often have low self-worth and self-confidence, but, hey, you all have to try to love yourselves.
I'm looking at you, and you're such a wonderful smiley person.
You need to break this armor you've built around yourself.
Oh, Ayan.
Right? When you get to know someone, you have to be able to trust and open up.
-That's a nice place to sleep.
-That one's really cool.
It's really nice.
Let's get it.
The kitties will love their new cat furniture, and Eugen will love the space he's regained.
I can carry this by myself.
-See? -So strong.
I'm taking Eugen to a cooking school… -After you.
-Thank you.
…with a functioning kitchen and sink, to show him how much fun it can be when the setting is right.
I thought today we'd make vegetable frikadellen because… Good, you're laughing.
-The frikadellen are following me.
-Yes! Since you like them, maybe we can make an alternative version.
Frikadellen are Eugen's favorite food, and that's fine.
I don't want to take that away.
But a healthy diet means not eating heaps of meat every day.
How do you make them at home? Very different ingredients.
I do it the standard way with ground beef or ground pork.
-With everything? -With everything.
Instead of meat, we're going to use soy protein.
This is just defatted soy.
You have to soak it in vegetable stock to soften and give it flavor.
You can flavor it with herbs, whatever you want.
So different herbs? Not just… Whatever you want.
Cooking involves experimentation.
I'm so happy that Eugen is showing interest, asking questions, and you can tell he's starting to have fun with cooking.
There's your meal.
-Look good? -Very good.
Luckily this is not the end product.
Does this feel like a really different way of making it? Of course the steps are different, but I think it probably takes the same amount of time.
You just have to mix some ingredients, add spices, and then fry it.
This is a fast and healthy alternative that you can get used to if you want to.
You can also make a ritual of it.
I cook to music.
You and your cats in the kitchen, you can… I don't know what cats do in the kitchen.
They probably don't care.
I wouldn't let them into the kitchen.
-They'll eat your food? Ah.
You can also use it as time for yourself.
You deserve this form of appreciation.
This time, and also your health.
-Okay? -Yes, good.
Let's keep going.
Now you can add some starch to it.
Put in two tablespoons.
It doesn't really matter what order you put it all together, right? Yes, right.
It's all going in there eventually.
You have to get the liquid out.
And now you can add spices if you want.
And you decide-- -What goes in? A pinch of salt? -Sure, add a pinch of salt.
-Do you like fresh herbs? -Mm-hm.
This is fun.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
-Bon appétit.
-Bon appétit.
Right? I'm convinced I've awoken something in Eugen.
He had so much fun cooking.
He was able to switch off his brain a bit and see that cooking can really be fun.
Morning! Did you sleep well? What counts as good? Last night was rough.
-Because you were excited? -Very.
How do you feel about this week? Did you like it? It was a really lovely week.
-I'm so happy.
-And it's because of you all.
Yeah, but you made it really easy for us.
You know the area better than me! Almost there.
Almost there.
I can see something.
-One to ten, how nervous are you? -Eleven.
There he is! -Look, there are the others! -The welcoming committee.
Oh my God! Here we go! -Hello! -Eugen! -Hey! -Hey! -Hi! -Come here.
Come here! -Hi! -There you are.
Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.
You just want to cuddle Eugen.
Awesome haircut! Hey! Would you like to see it? We put in a lot of effort.
-Yeah, I've been waiting! -Okay, come on! Close your eyes.
Eyes closed… Take a step inside.
Now open your eyes.
Hey… Is this my house? How do you feel? Does it seem bright? -What? -Does it-- Oh man.
-Come here.
-Are you-- You wanted something bright, something fresh.
Do you feel at home when you come in here? -I feel like I've arrived.
-You do? -Yeah.
That's wonderful.
Eyes closed again.
No peeking.
Careful, he cheats.
Carefully… Now open your eyes.
Don't fall over.
Are you all crazy? The sink even works.
Awesome! You can have lots of people for games here.
I'm amazed that you managed all this.
You said you didn't feel at home in the kitchen.
-I hope we changed that.
-You really did.
This is… Amazing job.
No! Turn around.
Look, all your memories.
Say something! It's a nice compilation, right? -Yeah.
-Yeah? There's the nice cat tree we picked out.
-It was your idea to put it there.
-A great spot, I think.
It's important that you know that the past is there, and it shapes you.
Our pasts shape us.
They make us who we are today, our personalities, our character.
But they don't tell us what to do.
We choose that ourselves.
Get in there! You're crazy.
The cats are still part of the room, but there's space for Eugen.
We kept the keepsake from your mother here, like you wanted.
That was important to me.
And integrated it.
I'm a bit of a crier.
Want a group hug? -Come.
-You can't say no to that.
I want to be in the back! You just want to cuddle Eugen all the time, and he wants to cuddle all the time too.
We have to keep your new hair nice.
-Come, my dear.
-Hey… I'm never going away again.
Look! -You like it? -Crazy! Here you have yellow tomatoes, herbs, oregano, all sorts of stuff.
You can take care of these plants and yourself at the same time.
Eugen, come here for a moment.
Look, remember these? These are the qualities you came up with, and I want, every morning when you get out of bed, for you to internalize them.
Sound good? Sounds very good.
-I agree! -Yeah.
We were able to sort of shake Eugen awake and give him hope, so he can overcome this phase of his life.
I can't wait to see what he does with it.
My dear, you have an overwhelming number of beauty products now.
But I labeled everything for you.
You can start over here.
I have exfoliants for you, morning and evening cream… If you accidentally use the night cream in the morning, your skin won't be upset with you.
-It will be pleased just to-- -Good to know.
-Right? -Yeah.
The important thing, really, is you're doing something for yourself.
That you find things that make you happy.
That way you can create that light and that feeling without relying on other people.
I think the more you try it, the more you kind of internalize it, the easier it gets.
Exactly right.
Come in here.
It's a bit more than what we tried on.
-A lot more.
What do you see? -Color.
This is really cool.
We all love to get compliments from others.
But it's most important to look in the mirror and say, "Hey, this is me, and that's good, and I like me.
" Much more important than compliments from people externally.
You're insane.
-Chewie! -Yeah.
We want to see him now We want to see him now We want, we want to see that Eugen now Oh my God! -Oh my God! -I'm screaming! I'm scared.
-That's Chewbacca, right? -Right! Come to Chewie.
Okay, now we're going to see "Gentleman Eugen.
" Come in.
May the force be with you.
You look really hot.
Especially the way you have the shirt open to show your chest hair.
You flirty thing! How adorable can you be? I looked at him and was instantly slightly in love.
I can't put into words how I feel right now.
It's really like a whole new person, a whole new skin, and I just noticed, day by day, that I was having so much fun.
And it really did me good, and I think it will sustain me for a long time.
And all thanks to you.
Come here, you all.
Me too! -Come here! -Jump in! Get in here.
It's so admirable the way he has the strength and courage to begin anew despite his past.
His new job is waiting, his new life is starting, and I'm super proud of him.
You all are just the best.
And I also really think you're going to make a lot more people happy.
-Aw, sweet.
-Thanks for letting us into your life.
CHAPTER 5 EUGEN IN THE SUN -Come on, deal.
-Do you know how many cards? -Tell me when to stop.
-I wasn't counting.
-I'm counting.
-We're at six now, right? -Seven, seven… and turn one up.
And the person on your right starts.
I have that one.
Now… You play.
My turn.
And I call… Eugen's video! -I'll follow suit.
-Oh, good idea.
-I'm doubling.
-All cards on Eugen.
I'll follow suit.
All in! Look how well he's putting that on, how carefully.
I said to him, when you do this, think about treating yourself, be in the moment, don't think about anything else… So focused.
-He's really feeling it.
-I want to hug you, Eugen.
Are those the speech bubbles you made? Yes, he had to describe himself, and it was so hard for him.
Look at how pleased he is selecting that and laying it out.
-Oh, the herb garden! -Yeah! Look at that outfit.
Chilis for chilis.
-He's a little chili bomb.
-Hot dude.
I'm so happy right now.
Look, he's chopping vegetables in the kitchen.
It's like night and day.
Oh sweet, he's having a cookout.
-And all healthy stuff on the table.
-Yeah, just veggies.
Hi! Yes! You look so awesome! -Hi! -Come here, you hot man, you.
They're freaking out.
-Seeing him for the first time.
Such a sexy guy now.
Did she just call him hot? I thought he was great before, and now he's still great.
He looks nicer now.
It flatters his face.
Who wants to see the house? -Of course.
-All of us.
-Well then… -We all want to.
You know what makes me happy? He seems so proud to show his friends.
-Oh my goodness! -The kitchen.
It's so pretty.
-Goodness gracious.
That's gone down well.
And if anyone deserves it, Eugen does.
Oh yeah.
And just for Eugenia… -Here we go.
-Here… Look how it runs.
-Yes! -The kitchen is functional.
And now for the bedroom.
So nice.
A real oasis.
Girls… -So colorful! -Lots of color.
This is just for me.
Look closely at it.
There's all the… So cool! So slick.
-Well? -You look so slick.
You look so happy.
Now your heart is really… you can see it now.
Thank you both.
I also think it's great how those two are such a good team.
They love him so much and really support him a lot.
Take some before they fall off the plate.
-What would you like? -A sausage, please.
-The frikadellen are excellent, Eugen.
-You like them? -Really good.
-They're completely meat-free.
You can't even tell there's no meat.
He's really doing a great job.
Thank you all for tolerating me the way I've been up to now.
I'm getting goosebumps.
-He's so adorable.
-He's making a speech.
And I think from now on, things will be on a better level.
At least that's my sincere goal.
And honestly, Eugen, you can reach it.
He's already taken the first step, and he has the potential.
I think I speak for everyone when I say we love you with all our hearts.
With all our hearts, exactly.
-That's right.
-Thank you.
-To Eugen and his great friends! -Yay! Eugen, you're the best! Subtitle translation by Kel Barksdale
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