Quicksand (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The Trial

1 How's it going? We're in a bit of a hurry.
[Susse] It will be fine.
[radio] The high-profile trial starts today of the so called Djursholm-girl, who is accused of murder, accessory to murder, and finally inciting murder.
- Can you change stations? - [man] Sure.
[channel changes] the Djursholm girl.
What will happen? [woman] Mental institution, maybe.
She doesn't seem quite sane.
- [man] Too bad we don't have the death - [Jeanette] Turn it off.
- [man] Okay.
- [radio off] Maja.
Does she have to keep that belt on? - No, we were going to switch to handcuffs.
- Yes, that's better.
- We're starting in two minutes.
- Mm.
[Evin] So, Maja, here's a little coffee if you like.
Hey, what do you think? Too much makeup? Her name is Maja.
Just ask her.
Maja, get rid of your ponytail.
And wipe your lips.
That's it.
A bare face appears more honest.
- Says who? - The statistics.
A clean face has nothing to hide.
And besides, she looks a lot younger this way.
Oh, no.
I would be nice if our client didn't have to look like a homeless person.
[man] Case number four to begin in the secure court room.
What do we do now? Maja, come here.
Hurry up.
The jacket.
- Okay, ready? - Yes.
Let's go in.
[cameras clicking] [Peder] Good morning.
[judge] The trial will now begin.
Will everyone please take their seats? From this point on, filming and photography are prohibited.
Welcome to today's main session.
I'm Birgitta Svensson and I will be presiding today.
To my left is court clerk Anna Hallgren, who will be taking notes during the proceedings.
The prosecution will be led by prosecutor Lena Pärsson.
The defendant, Maria Norberg, is represented by attorney Peder Sander.
First, we will hear the statements from the prosecution.
Thank you.
I call for the defendant to be found guilty of the following charges: Inciting murder, accessory to murder and attempted murder, and finally, murder, manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter.
From my description of the crime, it will become apparent that the defendant, together with the late Sebastian Fagerman, planned and executed the described acts.
Sebastian Fagerman and the defendant planned this classroom shooting.
They also planned to detonate an explosive device in the defendant's locker.
The defendant denies culpability.
Instead, she claims that her actions can be justified based on other reasoning.
But we don't have to rely on the defendant's version of what took place in the classroom.
One of the victims survived life-threatening gunshot wounds.
And we will be hearing the injured party's story here in the courtroom.
The prosecution will offer precisely the same story, as corroborated by the forensic evidence, namely that the defendant, Maria Norberg, shot with intent to kill.
That Maria Norberg demonstrated this intent, as required for conviction, and therefore, Maria Norberg must be held legally responsible.
Maja? [sighs] Thank you for coming.
Claes truly appreciates it.
What happened exactly? He broke a mirror in the emergency room and cut himself.
Why was he in the emergency room? As far as I know, he fell in the street the night before last.
So he came in here by ambulance.
He'd been out with his good friend, this, um, boy What's he called? The one from Sollentuna? Dennis.
That's it.
Where is everyone? I put a bag in there with some clothes I brought from the house.
And a toiletry bag with some things he might need.
But where is Claes? Claes and Lukas are on the yacht, in the Mediterranean.
I think they're diving.
- Take care of each other, now.
- Are you leaving? I need to take care of some things, and I want to get the house ready for when you two come back.
But But you can't It's not me he needs right now.
It's you.
Sebastian What happened? When I woke up I was here.
They'd already called my father.
So I waited.
But he He never came.
[tearfully] I thought at least he would cancel the trip.
But he went anyway.
Did you want to die? Not now, when you're here.
[Peder] Maja Norberg admits to parts of the allegations, but denies culpability for the crimes.
Maja was not involved in a way that can be seen as providing proof of legal culpability.
She was neither aware of, nor was she made aware of, Sebastian Fagerman's plans.
She also cannot be said to be guilty of incitement or any negligence that would result in legal culpability.
She displayed no intent, least of all depraved indifference.
Maja admits readily that she discharged the weapon described in the allegations, and in the cited location, but this occurred only in self-defense.
Under these circumstances, she cannot be found guilty.
Thank you.
[judge] All right, then.
We will adjourn for the day.
We shall continue tomorrow.
- Thank you for today.
- [Peder] Thank you.
Let's go.
You conducted yourself very well in there, Maja.
- How's that? I just sat there quietly.
- Exactly.
And you did that very well.
Eventually you'll get to tell your version.
Does it matter? They aren't here to listen to me or my version.
- They just want to see me sentenced.
- No, that honestly isn't true.
They love to hate me.
They hate everything about me.
Maja Norberg, a spoiled Djursholm slut, an out of touch psycho and a murderer.
I understand this is incredibly stressful, but you mustn't think of it like that.
Isn't that what they're writing? No.
Well You need to rest a little now.
It's going to be a long day tomorrow.
The prosecutor will go through the forensic evidence, and I'm afraid it will be very tedious.
That's just the way it is with her.
I don't know if I can stomach it.
Her monotonous, grinding voice She's so freaking pleased with herself.
She thinks she totally knows me.
It's essential you think it's all accurate.
What do you mean, "accurate"? That what's being said corresponds to your recollection of things.
Does it matter? She has already made up her mind.
Yes, Maja, it matters a whole lot.
Thank you.
- [driver] You're welcome.
- Thanks.
[ominous music] Dad? Dad? I've spoken to Christer.
He's giving you two weeks sick leave, then we'll have to see.
Are you hungry? Majlis filled the fridge.
Or do you want to order take-out? - What do you want to do? - Nothing.
I want everything to be quiet.
Completely quiet.
[doorbell ringing] Sorry.
I didn't know How are you doing? It's so nice that you came, but I feel totally tired, sorry.
So - Thanks.
- We'll see you.
Well, I guess we should probably go.
We just wanted to drop by and say hi, see how he was doing.
What happened, actually? Was he really planning to die? He got some kind of shit from Dennis, and got totally wasted.
He wasn't himself.
Is he going to quit now? Or slow down, at least? [Amanda] We have to keep that guy away from him, okay? Sweetie, could you wait outside for a sec? Thanks.
[door closes] Does he know that you cheated on him? No.
Listen, forgive me for all I said.
I didn't know things were so serious.
- You forgive me.
- No, but We have to put it all behind us.
We can never, ever fight again.
I mean, you're, like, my hero, Maja.
I wasn't there for him when he needed me most.
You're here now.
That's all that matters.
You have to promise you'll call me if anything happens, okay? Mm.
Oh, sweetie, I love you so, so, so much.
I love you as well.
Take care of yourself.
Okay? [screaming] [female call handler] Emergency 112.
[woman] They're shooting.
You have to come.
- Where are you calling from? - Djursholm Public High School.
Hurry! The police are on their way.
Are they still shooting? People are running in all directions.
It's just total chaos.
Hello? Do you know how many shooters there are? What? No, I don't know.
Have you begun evacuating? Can you send ambulances, all you've got, now? They're shooting in the classroom, and [woman sighs and sniffs on phone] No one's coming out, no one.
No one's coming out.
Police cars are on their way.
Can you hear the sirens? I think this is bad.
Really, really bad.
Amanda Steen was shot at from the front.
The first bullet went through her right lung.
The second bullet destroyed her heart, her left lung, and tore apart the thoracic aorta, which resulted in massive hemorrhaging.
Amanda Steen did not die immediately, but probably within 30 seconds of the final, fatal shot.
The weapon was discharged at a distance of approximately four meters.
According to the forensic examination, see page 377 the defendant's fingerprints were found on weapon number two.
It also appears from the forensic examination that gunshot residue was found on the defendant's hands and forearms when examined at the hospital.
The first two shots were what caused Amanda Steen's death.
The last three shots, according to the statement by the forensic expert, resulted in Sebastian Fagerman's death.
He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
Five bullets.
Two dead.
Five bullets cannot be discharged by mistake.
Maria Norberg had the intention to kill.
[doorbell ringing] [door opening] - Cool.
How much? - Six grand.
My boy! - What the fuck are you up to? - Huh? Yeah, he almost died.
Isn't that enough? Shit, if it weren't for me, he'd be dead.
How can you keep selling him stuff when you know he can't handle it? First of all: He asked me to come here.
Second: If it's not me, someone else will take my place.
Alright? So I might as well keep delivering my shit, which at least is safe.
Safe? Do safe things make people end up in the hospital? Is it my shit that makes him cut himself? Exactly.
And where were you? You love pointing fingers, but where the fuck were you when he almost died? - Where was his girlfriend? - [approaching footsteps] Six grand.
I'll be in touch.
Which hospital is he in? Can he have visitors? He's at home now.
But he wants to be left alone.
But isn't that exactly when you're not supposed to leave people alone? When they say that's what they want? Maybe we could buy something for him, like from the whole class, or Just be yourselves.
How are things? Everything's fine.
Hey, I was going to call, but You know what, Maja, it's all right.
I heard what happened to your boyfriend.
- He is still your boyfriend, right? - Mm.
- You're here? - Yes.
As you can see.
Is it okay to leave him alone all day? Well, what should I do? I can't babysit him around the clock.
Labbe and I were talking about going to his country house this weekend.
But I said it would only be us.
I mean, just me and Labbe.
That's okay.
Well, good then.
Great, and Yeah, so I've decided I'm going to get my hunting license after all.
Um One has to cull the herd a bit so the rest can survive.
I want your assignments at the latest Monday, nine o'clock.
And I mean nine o'clock.
So I don't want to hear anything like, "the internet was down," "my notebook crashed," or, "Oops, I spilled soda on my keyboard.
" In my inbox by nine o'clock.
Thank you.
Maja, can you stay for a second? ARE YOU OKAY? What's going on? - You must know.
- Yes, I know what's happened to Sebastian.
But I'm wondering what's happening with you.
I understand that you need to help him and be there for him.
But the more you miss, the more you have to make up.
Well, I'm here now, aren't I? Are you? It doesn't seem like it.
This year determines everything.
It's the last lap.
I see no reason for you to settle for anything less than a straight-A average.
Maja I'm saying this because I'm concerned about you.
Your future is important.
But it's not a matter of life and death, right? Wait.
I'm not done.
Maja? [ringing tone on phone] Hey.
Sebastian Fagerman here.
Sorry, I can't Maja, where are you going? [ringing tone on phone] Hey.
Sebastian Fagerman here.
Sorry, I can't take your call right now, but leave a message and I'll call you back.
- What the fuck are you doing? - What the hell? What are you doing?! I was just hanging out! - Hanging out?! - Are you fucking with me? For fuck's sake, Sebastian! I was trying to call.
I don't have my phone on me.
Why should I? Yeah, but I thought you were dead.
[Maja sobbing] [Sebastian] Relax.
[loud laughter and conversation] Is your Dad home? Apparently.
[man] Check this.
I was in the Azores with my kid.
We were over there fishing.
So I reeled in Listen to this.
121 kilos, 267 pounds.
So, we reeled in one of these tiger tunas.
It took half an hour to pull her into the boat.
Four guys, to get her up.
Four guys in order to 267 pounds.
What did I say? He's always got to top everyone.
How's your kid? - With Lukas, things are just amazing.
- But Sebastian? Does he still live here? Nah, Sebastian He still continues to live here.
I can't seem to get rid of him no matter how I try.
I even checked to see if he is really my son.
He is my biological son, but he's 100 fucking percent Miss JÃnkÃping! He makes his pathetic mom seem stable and intelligent.
[Claes laughing] - Wow, that's great! - [man] That was a good one.
- Cheers to that.
- [Claes] And just as horny.
He's even worse than the original.
How the fuck can you talk like that about your son?! - Maja, how nice.
- Look at that.
What the fuck are you saying?! What the hell are you doing?! - About whom? - Sebastian! Maybe you remember him? [Claes] He's the wreck floating around here.
[Maja] For fuck's sake! He needs you, and you don't give a shit about him! [Claes] Yes, yes - Calm down - Don't touch me! [Claes] Maja, calm down.
You went on a fucking boat trip with Lukas while he was at the hospital! You didn't even visit him! What the hell is your Okay! Tell me, what do you want me to do for Sebastian that I haven't already done? Huh? Go ahead.
The floor is yours.
You don't have to do anything.
[Lena] In the section of the indictment relating to the incitement, I would like to direct the court's attention to pages 621 to 623 where we can read the messages that the defendant sent the night preceding the murder of Claes Fagerman.
"We'll be fine without him.
" "You don't need him.
Your dad is vile.
" "Your dad is sick in the head.
He deserves to die.
" "I want him to die.
" Maria Norberg arrived at the Fagerman home at 8:28 am.
She leaves the residence with Sebastian Fagerman at 8:39 am.
What Maria Norberg did for 11 minutes inside the home before she and Sebastian Fagerman left the residence, the defendant has not been able to account for.
One moment.
Maja has clearly stated that she waited for Sebastian in the foyer.
Will the prosecutor provide forensic evidence proving anything to the contrary? As the forensic report establishes on page 712 it would appear that Claes Fagerman perished sometime between 5 and 7 am that morning.
Maria Norberg has stated that Sebastian Fagerman didn't tell her that he had killed his father, and that she didn't see Claes Fagerman's dead body.
So, they texted all night about how Claes Fagerman should die, but when they finally meet, Sebastian simply forgets to tell her he's done it.
Again, I would ask that we concentrate on the forensic evidence.
Throughout the entire duration of her remand, Maria Norberg has repeatedly expressed her hatred of Claes Fagerman.
"He was vile toward Sebastian, vile towards me.
" "An evil person, plain and simple.
" "I hate him.
" "Do you hate Claes Fagerman?" "Yes.
" Maria Norberg drove Sebastian Fagerman to murder his own father, Claes Fagerman.
Bag number one weighed 9.
4 kilos.
And bag number two, which was found in the defendant's locker, weighed 7.
3 kilos.
Let me read from an interview with the defendant on June 10, page 1121.
"I carried the bag because Sebastian asked me to.
"Yes, I thought it was heavy, maybe, but I didn't ask what was in it.
" And I ask, "What did you think the bag contained?" The defendant answers, "Clothes, maybe.
" "Did you think it felt like the contents of the bag were soft? "Did it feel like clothing?" "I didn't think about it.
" "You didn't think about it?" "No.
" [judge] The court will now adjourn until 12:30 pm.
And after the break, Maja Norberg will testify.
It is our turn to speak now.
It's your turn to speak now.
Everyone will be listening to you.
Just answer as straightforwardly and as simply as you can.
We've practiced this but you also have to be ready for the prosecutor to ask questions.
That could be a little frightening.
But talk to me the whole time.
Look at me.
I'm your best friend in there, and I'm your only friend in there.
So look at me the whole time.
Look at me, and I'll help you.
Okay? Good.
Maja how old are you? [Maja] Eighteen.
- And where do you live? - [Maja] Lindesvägen 73 in Djursholm.
[Peder] Who do you live with? My mother and my father and little sister.
She's seven.
- [Peder] Did you do well in school? - Pretty well.
Ah You did very well.
[Peder] Can you tell us a little more about Sebastian Fagerman? Can you tell us about how the state of his health developed after his suicide attempt? Um At first, I thought he was getting better.
He didn't want to go out to see anyone.
He didn't want to party as much, and never in the same way.
But it took me until well into the spring to realize that nothing had changed.
It had only gotten worse.
Like, he never had to ask to be left alone anymore because nobody wanted to see us.
Why was that? Because no one wanted to deal with Sebastian.
He was totally unstable.
He would scream at me to shut up, even though I hadn't said anything.
And would he also do that when his father Claes Fagerman was home? That is, did Claes witness this? Claes was never home.
Maybe he came home now and then, for an hour or so, to change his clothes or suitcase.
Do you think Sebastian was disappointed in his father because of this? Yes.
[Peder] Very? How would you describe their relationship? Lousy.
Claes was, in the best case, indifferent towards Sebastian.
And in the worst case? He could say and do absolutely vile things.
And then pretend it meant nothing, as if nothing had happened.
[Peder] Mm-hm.
Was that something he apologized for later? [scoffs] Never.
Claes was cold.
I don't think he was even capable of feeling guilt or regret.
[Peder] Were you scared of him? Yes.
But mostly because of the power he held over Sebastian.
And Sebastian? Were you scared of him? No.
You weren't scared of Sebastian? Or I wasn't scared, for my own sake, that he would harm me in any way.
Mostly for what he could end up doing to himself.
In that case, um, I'd like to ask you to describe for us what happened on your last birthday.
Can you do that, Maja? [woman] Wow! [laughter] [woman] How lovely! - Is it too big? - [Maja] No, it's perfect.
Thank you so much! [woman] I bought a different one first, but had to return it because it turned out Amanda had the same one.
For your confirmation, it was important for you to have matching dresses.
- Mom, we were little back then.
- Three years ago? [clears throat] Dearest Maja, time just flies, and suddenly you're eighteen.
[Grandpa chuckling] Now you can do what you want.
For example, take up hunting.
But don't hunt boys.
You've already done that! No, I'm thinking of other prey.
Moose and deer and suchlike.
So, here is the foundation for your hunting license.
And on top, there should be enough for a magnificent hunting rifle.
[Grandpa chuckling] - Thank you so much! - Congratulations and good luck.
Now it's my turn to say something as well.
Even though I haven't seen you in a long time I have always regarded myself as sort of an extra mom to you.
So Maja, this is a big day.
This is the day you become an adult.
Turning 18 doesn't just mean that you can order your first glass of wine.
Here's to that! Cheers! It also means that you can stand on your own two feet, and take your first steps as a grown woman.
We are so proud of the wonderful person you've become.
- Cheersto you.
- Cheers! - Cheers! - Cheers! Cheers! What sort of fucking fox piss is this? Fucking shit! [clicks fingers] [Sebastian] Hello? - Yes, what can I get for you? - You can get us something to drink.
And preferably something no one has pissed in.
- This tastes like shit.
It's awful.
- [Erik] Sebastian.
Come on.
Shall we order another bottle of champagne? Yes, we'll do that.
- Where are you going? - To the bar.
You have to do everything yourself here.
How long has this been going on? Why haven't you said anything, Maja? About what? - Well, he's - He's high.
He's obviously on drugs.
Maja, how are things really going? He has, um He has been drinking a bit, but he's also on medication.
Maja, I want you to come home with us tonight.
- [Maja] Forget it.
- [Camilla] Maja! It's my 18th birthday, okay? And I want to have fun.
I won't let you ruin this for me.
No, no, darling, we just want to We're just worried about you.
Thanks, but it's a bit late for that.
We don't want you to go with Sebastian when he's in this state.
You don't decide that, okay? As of today, I'm an adult.
[Sebastian singing drunkenly] For she's a jolly good fellow For she's a jolly good fellow For she's a jolly good fellow Which nobody can deny Which nobody can deny Which nobody can Deny Woo! Hooray, hooray, hooray! How could you act like that when my parents were there?! I mean, why did you even bother to come at all? Do you think I would miss my girlfriend's birthday? If you stop whining you'll get your present.
- You really are fucked in the head! - What the hell is wrong with you? I want you to knock this off and stop acting like a fucking loser! Shut your mouth! Maybe your dad is right.
You really are fucking worthless.
I'm just the only one who hasn't realized it yet.
[door opens] [Sebastian panting] [sniffs] [door opens] Hi, Maja.
Hey, Maja I have to say that I [laughs] I really think it took some guts for you to yell at me the way you did the other evening.
In front of my guests and all that.
That showed real strength.
Yeah, I understand your frustration, of course.
I do.
You mentioned that I hadn't visited Sebastian in the hospital after he tried to kill himself.
You know, I might have finished what he wasn't capable of doing.
I would've smothered him with a bloody cushion.
Can you imagine what that's like? Dear Lord, he's had so incredibly many chances.
I truly thought he would shape up when you came into the picture, but, no, that didn't happen.
No No, I can't help anymore.
And neither can you, Maja.
Neither can you.
Hm I'm going now.
And if you have any sense of self-preservation left, I think you should do the same.
The taxi is waiting outside.
I'll drop you off at your house.
Have a nice trip.
[Peder] Sebastian raped you, and he abused you.
I only wish he had hit me harder.
JUDGE [Peder] Why is that? So it would have been visible.
If I had gotten a black eye or a busted lip no one could have ever blamed me.
And then I could have left him.
- Oh, God - [Peder] Thank you.
No further questions.
Does the prosecution have any questions? This is a horrifying story you're telling us, Maria.
[ominous music] So, Sebastian raped you? Yes.
Did you tell Sebastian you didn't want it? Did you ask him to stop? No.
[sighs] [Lena] Hm.
And you've already said you weren't afraid of him.
So we know that.
[Maja] Mm.
But I became scared of him.
Towards the end.
Do you think that Sebastian even perceived this as a sexual assault? Um I don't know [Lena] What did you do afterwards? [Maja] Eventually, I went home.
Well, no.
What I mean is, did you report this to the police? No.
[Lena] Did you tell anyone you had been raped? Your parents? Friends? - No - [Lena] Your teacher, or? No, you never said a thing to any of the people, who had been so explicitly worried about you and Sebastian throughout the spring? But it's not It's not that easy.
What could they have done? Can you clarify again why you went back to Sebastian after he had forced himself on you? Was I supposed to just leave him? It would have been totally understandable, if what you're saying is true.
Are you suggesting I'm lying? I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm just wondering why, Maria.
You see, if Sebastian was so ruthless, so violent towards you why did you stay with him? Because no one else was willing to.
I would like us to talk about the classroom.
You first discharged two shots.
I don't really know.
It all went so fast.
[Lena] One.
And then you fired another three shots towards Sebastian.
Five shots.
How do you explain that? I can't.
Because I don't understand it myself.
I didn't mean to shoot Amanda.
So, you fired five shots at your boyfriend, even though you had alienated everybody in order to help him after you refused to leave him I thought that I could save him.
Everyone was counting on it.
What the hell should I have done? [Peder coughing] Sorry.
I know that I should have asked for help.
But I didn't know what was going to happen.
You know that there is a person who actually saw what occurred.
Who was in the classroom with you.
Who saw that you aimed at Amanda, that you shot her intentionally.
That's not true.
[tearfully] I don't want Amanda to be dead.
I don't want You don't want Amanda to be dead? No.
But that isn't necessarily the same thing.
Thank you.
I have no further questions for the defendant.
And as we already stated to the court, the injured party will not be able to testify until next week.