Quicksand (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Witnesses

Dinner is served.
Fish au gratin, by the looks of it.
If I get 14 years, I'll be older than you when I get out.
Hey It's not over yet.
I shot Amanda and Sebastian.
Maybe you won't have to go to prison.
You could get juvenile detention, with other young people.
I'm 18 years old.
So it'll be prison, Sander said so.
You can't give up now.
This is not who you are.
I call the first witness, Lars-Gabriel Sager-Crona.
Please tell us why you're not in the courtroom to give your testimony? I don't want to see her.
Were you close friends with Sebastian? My parents knew his dad and I've known Sebastian since we were kids.
He spent a lot of time at our house.
But, uh During our senior year He and Maja We hung out with them at first, but then it got out of hand.
He flipped out, and so did she.
When did you last see Maria Norberg? At the party, at Sebastian's.
It's going to feel so empty.
I'm going to miss you all.
It's true.
We're going to miss you, too, Christer.
So, so much.
One last thing.
Don't forget to sign up for the teachers' lunch, if anyone hasn't done that yet.
And I really hope that everyone will come.
Good to see you.
There's a party tonight, are you coming? Good.
What's going on with you? I love you so damn much, honey.
Amanda, Amanda.
Long time no see.
I'm having a party tonight, it'll be off the hook.
Give Labbe a call.
Tell him to come.
Samir, huh? Sammy-boy.
What's up? There's a party tonight at my place.
You have to be there.
No fisticuffs this time, right? That's great, kiddo.
Listen up, there's a party tonight! Party tonight! That's right! You're coming.
You should come as well, Chris.
Now that you're here.
You do know I called for a meeting tomorrow morning? I asked you to be there, too.
Listen up, party tonight That's great.
I want both of you to be there.
It's important.
Nine a.
Guys! There's a party tonight.
Don't forget.
Just swing by whenever! What party? Why haven't you said anything? Why are you always so grumpy? - I'm throwing a party.
- How many are invited? My main man, Dennis, right here What's up? Say hi These are VIPs.
Give it to her.
There we go! We're going to have fun tonight, Dennis.
There'll be a lot of fun tonight.
I want you.
And you.
Are you coming? - We're going to have fun.
- Come on.
Amanda, help me.
Maja Have some water or something.
Maja? Hello? Amanda.
What the hell are you doing?! I couldn't be around them anymore.
Sebastian's always been really intense, but with Maja, he got completely lost it.
She made him go crazy.
In what way did Maria make him go crazy? Well I don't know what happened, but he lost control over everything.
Drugs He was always on something.
He wanted to impress Maja, and he always wanted her to be there with him.
And Amanda She I think Amanda was scared of Maja at times.
But she insisted on going to that meeting to help Maja.
I waited for her to get in touch.
I sent her a text and she never replied.
She always replied within a minute.
Then I heard about the shooting and I sent her a new text and then I knew That she was dead.
Thank you.
No further questions.
And the defense.
Do you have any questions? Yes.
Lars-Gabriel Were you present when Claes Fagerman was shot? No.
Were you present when Sebastian Fagerman was shot? No.
Were you present when Amanda Steen was shot? No.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Why didn't you just shoot yourself? You're a fucking coward! - Can you turn it off? - You've destroyed our lives.
You should get life in prison Maja? Hey, Maja? Maja? She hasn't said anything.
- Maja.
- A few minutes.
We're starting now.
Maja! I call the second witness, Mimmi Steen, to the stand.
JUDGE Mimmi? Yes? Could you tell us about when you were first notified of your daughter's death? Yes.
It was 11:45 a.
And I was at the Djursholm Flower Shop, when my cell phone rang.
One minute I was standing there picking out flowers for Amanda's graduation party.
She wanted lilies of the valley.
And suddenly All of a sudden I'm a mom who lost her daughter.
It's just emptiness.
I would like to talk about Maria and Amanda.
I understand they were best friends.
Yes Maja and Maja and Amanda were as thick as thieves.
They met in preschool, and Amanda chose her classes in high school so she could be with Maja.
Maja meant the world to her But during the past six months Something changed.
Maja and Sebastian cut ties with everyone.
Did Amanda mention why? Yes, she told me Maja wanted to be left alone with Sebastian.
She didn't tell me much She told me she and Maja would find their way back to each other.
She told me everything would go back to how it used to be.
Did Amanda ever mention being worried about Maria? Yes I asked her if there was anything I could do.
But Amanda and Samir already talked with their teacher.
So that's why Christer called for a meeting.
I didn't want to interfere.
And then Then it was too late Thank you, Mimmi.
No further questions.
Mimmi, there's only one question I'd like to ask.
If you feel up for it? Sure.
Do you think Maja would intentionally hurt Amanda? No.
She wouldn't.
Maja loved Amanda.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Thank you, Mimmi Steen.
The court will adjourn for the weekend.
We will continue on Monday, with a plaintiff who will appear in accordance with the court's instructions.
I'm leaving now.
I hope you'll have a nice weekend.
I've reserved time for you in the yard and the gym, okay? Here you go.
Let them know if you'd like to watch a movie or anything.
Okay? Maja, yard time.
Don't you even want a smoke? Okay.
Just lock up.
According to an eyewitness in the classroom, Maria aimed at Amanda, and fired at her intentionally.
The court calls the plaintiff, Samir Said.
Samir is the sole eyewitness from the classroom.
Could you tell us why you went to Djursholm Public High School? Nice school, more opportunities, simply put.
I liked it there.
What's your relationship to Maria? We were in the same class for three years.
We were friends.
Let's begin by talking about what happened the day before the classroom incident.
Please tell us about Sebastian Fagerman's party, on the 27th of May.
Amanda, Labbe, and I decided to go there together.
We arrived there quite early, as we were worried.
We already decided we would try to do something.
When we got there Sebastian was totally out of it, and Maja She I hadn't realized she was doing just as much drugs.
She was totally out of it.
I'd never seen her like that.
We are now going to watch a video clip from the party.
From the evening before the classroom shooting.
What the hell! Stop filming! Stop filming! Samir, give it to me! Hand over the camera! Samir, hand over the camera! Stop it! You recorded this on your cell phone.
This footage was recovered from Claes Fagerman's cell phone.
Please turn to page 456 in the pre-trial investigation.
- Why were you recording this? - To get proof, and to bring it to an end.
In order to help Maja.
And Sebastian.
- What happened with the footage? - I sent it to Claes Fagerman.
What happened next? Everything turned into chaos.
Maja! Sweetie, how are you? Maja! What did you take? I don't know.
Ask Dennis.
Who is Samir?! No! Who is Samir?! Let me see your phone.
Where's he at? Where is Seb - No, no, no! - Calm down.
It'll be fine! He's going to kill him! You fucking pig! You're not my fucking son! Get out of here! Now! You are a fucking loser! I'm not sure.
Samir probably sent Claes the video.
But I'm not sure.
Please, say something.
Sebastian? Let's go to my house.
- Come on! Let's go.
- No.
- What are you going to do? - I'm staying.
You'll go home.
Your father is certifiable.
He deserves to die.
I want him to die.
Samir In your own words, tell us what happened the morning of May 28th? I was standing, there, talking with Amanda.
Christer was standing at the teacher's desk, having coffee.
Dennis entered the room.
Maja and Sebastian came in after that.
And what happened next? Sebastian threw his bag onto the desk.
Christer asked Maja to close the door.
And Sebastian, he, um He pulled out a weapon.
Everything happened so fast, I didn't know what was happening, but he shot Dennis.
After that he shot Christer I threw myself to the ground.
He reloaded, and came after me.
I felt a sudden pain in my back, and I thought to myself, if I play dead Sebastian screamed, "Shoot, Maja.
Shoot, god damn it.
You know you have to.
" I saw how Maja aimed at Amanda, firing two shots, and after that I heard three more shots.
Then everything went quiet.
Are you sure of this? Yes, I'm sure.
Maja killed Amanda, after that Maja killed Sebastian.
Thank you.
No further questions.
I suggest we take a short recess.
Hold on.
There is no reason for a recess now.
We're ready for our cross-examination.
It's been an incredibly stressful examination.
We will adjourn the proceedings for a short recess.
Fifteen minutes.
They like Samir.
It's not about who they like.
They really like Samir.
During your first interrogation, you said it took hours for the police to show up.
- Do you recall? - It felt like several hours.
It took 15 minutes.
The report is right here.
The classroom door was opened 15 minutes after the last shot was heard.
- Does it matter? - You said Christer was shot first.
- Yes, but - But you retracted that later on.
I was still quite out of it.
I had just gone through surgery.
The interrogation took place in the hospital.
I understand.
It can't have been easy for you.
But you've retracted quite a few things from the first interrogation.
No, I haven't.
How many days passed from the day you were shot and your first interrogation? Four days.
During those days, were you with your family? Yes.
What language do you speak with your parents? - Arabic.
- We've talked with your nursing staff.
Evin, please hand out the transcript from the interrogation with the nurse.
She took care of you and she speaks Arabic.
She told us that you asked your dad what had happened to Maja.
She also told us what your dad answered.
Do you remember what he answered? That she was in custody.
He told you she was in custody, and that she should rot in prison for what she did.
He also told you the police had found a bag in Maja's locker, and he told you what was found in that bag.
Your dad told you all of this two days prior to the first interrogation? Is that correct? He might have.
He just told me what happened.
He told you what he thought had happened.
I don't believe he was making it up.
He had probably read the newspapers, and he believed that to be true.
Let's set this aside for now.
When interrogated you've stated, "I survived because they thought I was dead".
Explain what you mean by that? Had they known I wasn't dead, they'd shoot me again You played dead, in order not to be shot again? Yes.
How do you do that? Do you close your eyes? - No, not completely.
- So, you were watching? Yes, I saw enough.
You played dead and you were watching? Weren't you afraid they'd notice you were watching? Yes, I was terrified.
In previous interrogations you've stated they acted together.
What exactly was it that they did together? Well They acted together.
When Sebastian shot Dennis, Christer and you Maja was shooting as well? No.
Was Maja holding a weapon when Sebastian said What was it he said? - I've already told you.
- Please tell us again.
He said.
"Shoot, Maja.
Shoot, god damn it.
You know you have to.
" And you claim to know what Sebastian meant by that? Kill Amanda.
Maja believes that when Sebastian said "shoot", he wanted her to shoot him.
Because if she didn't, then he would kill her.
What are you saying? That I'm making this up? The defense conducted a reconstruction, but you didn't participate.
We've created a sketch in which we've placed the victims where the paramedics found you.
I would like you to, one more time, point out exactly where you were lying when you saw Maja shoot.
Do you know what our reconstruction guy said he could see from there? - How am I supposed to know that? - He wasn't able to see Maja.
In order to see Maja, he had to turn his head.
But, if he turned his head, he wasn't able to see Amanda.
Perhaps you turned your head in order to see Maja? Yes, perhaps I did.
But you didn't move an inch.
Because you were playing dead.
- I know what I saw.
- And what was that? I saw Maja aiming at Amanda.
Wait a minute.
That's not possible.
From where you were lying, you can't have seen Maja and Amanda at the same time.
It's impossible, unless you turned your head, but you didn't move an inch.
Sebastian said Sebastian said, "Shoot, Maja.
Shoot, god damn it.
You know you have to.
" - But do you know why he said that? - I know they'd You have to be very careful now, Samir.
You have to be sure.
Do you know why Sebastian said what he said? No.
Do you know why Maja did what she did? - How am I supposed - How are you supposed to know? I just want your honest answer, Samir.
Do you know why Maja shot Amanda? No.
Right So how are you able to tell if it was intentional or not? I'm not.
Thank you, Samir.
No further questions.
Let's adjourn for today.
Thank you, Samir Said.
Tomorrow, we intend to conclude the proceedings.
According to the schedule it is our last day.
Are both sides ready to conclude tomorrow? - Yes.
- That's good.
Thank you.
Good morning, Lina.
Maja, please read a book to me? Not now.
How are you? Maja? Maja? Take a seat.
We'll have breakfast and talk.
Hang on.
- Not now, not now.
- I have to take this Hi.
- What's going on? - Get over here, now.
- I'm going.
- Do you hear what I'm saying? - I'm on my way.
I'm going.
- You can't just leave now.
I'm on my way.
I'm going as fast as I can.
- Maja? - We'll have to talk tonight.
- Maja, wait! - We'll talk tonight! Maja! Maja.
Great, everyone's here.
Maja, please close the door? It's a parent's worst nightmare, seeing your kids off in the morning and not having them return in the evening.
It's near impossible to comprehend how young people can harbor so much anger that they would kill.
But this can't prevent us from facing the facts.
It can't stop us from upholding the law.
And what the court has to decide today is the defendant's guilt.
The court has no choice but to find the defendant guilty of incitement, accessory, murder, and attempted murder.
The defendant's culpability has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt.
Remember what Samir stated early on what he said during the pre-trial investigation, what he has claimed throughout.
He clearly saw what happened in the classroom during these terrifying minutes.
He saw what the defendant did.
Did he have to turn his head in order to see what happened? Perhaps.
But does it really matter? This is what he actually saw.
As for what role the defendant played in all this, Samir has been perfectly clear.
Never underestimate the initial interrogation.
Especially not when it's supported by forensics.
The forensic investigation was carried out by the NFC, our National Forensic Centre.
This has without a doubt been hard for the defendant.
Maria Norberg surely has regrets.
She may even have felt remorse in the classroom, when she saw what death actually looks like.
That must have been frightening for her.
When Sebastian Fagerman was dead, she no longer wanted to die.
But this has no bearing on the verdict.
The prosecution motions for the maximum penalty, 14 years in prison.
This is due to the seriousness of the crime, and due to the savagery with which it was carried out.
There is no reason why the defendant should not be sentenced to prison.
Thank you.
Thank you, Lena Pärsson.
Sander, please go ahead.
Please lower the projector screen.
Thank you.
That's good.
"Everyone had to die.
There was no other way.
" I intended to tell you about the articles written about Maja Norberg when this trial began, but it is completely impossible to keep track.
If you googled "Maja Norberg" the evening before this trial began, the results were 1.
3 million.
This despite the fact that the majority of Swedish media yet were to mention her name.
In other words, the media, and the prejudices of society, created the image of Maja Norberg as guilty.
She was sentenced beforehand.
My client is charged with having incited the murder of Claes Fagerman, and this part of the indictment supports the claim that my client, along with the diseased Sebastian Fagerman, carried out the murders at Djursholm Public High School later that morning.
To support their claim, the prosecution has cited a number of messages from my client to Sebastian Fagerman the night and morning in question.
In these messages my client expresses herself in a way which the prosecution interprets as incitement to kill.
Evin, would you please? "I'd rather kill myself than get on a paleo diet.
" "Let's finish that bastard who made us work on a Saturday.
" "Meat eaters are murderers.
" We use words and expressions that refer to death as figurative speech.
Adults express themselves in dubious ways too.
Young people use careless and sometimes inappropriate expressions, but is that criminal? Are the legal requirements for incitement fulfilled? No, they're not.
We don't know exactly what happened when Claes Fagerman died.
But we know for a fact that father and son were alone when it happened.
We know that father and son had a violent fight prior to this.
We know that Sebastian was abusing substances and had mental health issues.
Does it seem likely that Maja's sporadic messages were the deciding factor for Sebastian's actions? Or is it more likely that it was triggered by the well-known, miserable relationship between Claes and Sebastian Fagerman? I am convinced that the court will share my assessment in this matter.
What concrete evidence does the prosecution have on Maja Norberg? Is there anything in the communication between Sebastian and Maja that proves that Maja is aware of Sebastian's plans to kill his dad that morning? There is not.
Are there any circumstantial evidence, testimonies, or other evidence to prove that Maja Norberg, along with Sebastian Fagerman, planned and carried out the attack at Djursholm Public High School? There is not.
There is no such evidence.
There is no evidence at all.
Instead, the prosecutor produces a witness.
The prosecution mentioned in the closing argument: "Never underestimate the initial interrogation.
" I'd like to claim that in this case the initial interrogation should be rejected.
Clearly this witness has been influenced by what others thought they knew about the events taking place that morning at Djursholm Public High School.
There's no reason to believe that the witness lies intentionally.
It is possible that he actually believes he's testimony to be true.
But he has been proven wrong.
The witness cannot have seen Maja take aim at Amanda Steen.
As we've seen, it's impossible.
Maja Norberg has claimed from the beginning that she accidentally shot Amanda Steen, and that she shot Sebastian Fagerman in self-defense.
The prosecution has thus failed to prove culpability for the crimes.
Thank you.
I hereby declare the proceedings concluded.
The court will conduct a deliberation in order to reach a final verdict.
The case will be announced when we are finished.
Thank you for now.
The court announces the final verdict in case K482620-18 in courtroom number two, the high security courtroom.
The court has finished deliberating.
The written verdict is delivered later, where the court findings will be evident.
The appeal must be filed within three weeks of delivery of the written judgment.
The court finds that the indictment should be dismissed in full.
The prosecution has failed to establish malice on the part of the defendant for murder, attempted murder, and accessory to murder, nor has the requirements for incitement been fulfilled.
The defendant is therefore to be released immediately.
What did she say? What did she say? - You're free to go.
- I get to go home? - You get to go home now.
- I get to go home.
We are of course very Great, everyone's here Maja, please close the door? Shoot me, Maja! Shoot me! You know you have to! Shoot me! Shoot me!