Rabbids Invasion (2013) s02e25 Episode Script

Rabbid 00Zilch; Mad Rabbid and the Rabbid Clones; Mad Fly Rabbid

1 - [man] Give me a "B.
" - [rabbid] Ba ba ba ba ba.
[man] Give me a lot of "ha.
" [woman singing operatically] [both scream] [title music] # Ho hee # Baa [tires screeching] # Ba, ba, baa # Ba ba Ba, baa Ba Ba - # Ba # - # Ahh # Baa Ho hee Zo zee [singing "Also Sprach Zarathustra" in gibberish] Wah, wah, wah, waaah [drum riff] # Dah, daaah! # [panting] Ba ba! [laughing] [panting] - Ba? - Ba ba ba! Ba, ba ba ba.
Ba! Ba ba ba ba! Ba, ba ba.
Baaa! Ba ba ba ba ba ba! [laughing] Ba ba ba! Ba, ba ba! - Ba ba! - Ba ba! [rumbling] Ba! [creaking] [blubbering] [whooshing] [panting] Wha? Ba, ba ba, ba baaa! [grumbling] Ba ba ba ba.
[whooshing] [crashing] [whimpering] [thud] [whimpering] Oh, ba ba ba.
Oh? [blowing] Ah.
Ah! [evil laughter from TV] [evil laughter continues] Ba, ba ba! [all] Ba [beeping] [explosion] [all] Oh? [evil laughter] Ba ba ba.
Ba ba! [all] Ba! [evil laughter] [coughing] [crying] Ooh? Hmm? Ba ba! Ba ba ba, ba ba! [grumbling] Ba ba ba ba.
Ba ba ba, ba ba ba! [spy music playing] Ba ba! [all grumbling] Ba ba ba Hmm.
Ba ba.
[straining] Hmm? Ba ba ba.
[groaning] [spy music continues] [chuckling] [chuckling] Ooh.
Ba! Ba ba! [speaking gibberish] Ba! [gas passing] [thud] [speaking gibberish] Wow.
[car alarm beeping] [spy music continues] Ba ba ba ba.
[keyboard clicking] [beeping] [woman on computer] Target locked.
Ignition in four minutes.
[evil laughter] [meowing] Ba ba ba ba.
[door creaking] Oh? Mm! [laughing nervously] Ba ba.
[speaking gibberish] [cat screeching] Ba ba ba! [cat screeching, rabbid shouting] [meows softly] [meow] [meow] [both] Oh, ba ba.
[meows] Oh, ba ba.
[clearing throat] Oh [neck bones cracking] [softly] Ba ba ba.
Ba ba ba.
[gas passing] [gas passing] Wha-ha! [laughing] [woman on computer] Ignition in two minutes.
[shouting] [speaking gibberish] [whistling] [R&B music playing] Oh [growling playfully] [whispering] Mmm! Ahh.
[speaking gibberish] [speaking gibberish] [thud] [evil laughter] Ba? Ba ba ba [both grunting] [beeping] Ba ba ba ba! [laughing] [woman on computer] Ignition in one minute.
[speaking gibberish] Ba ba ba! [thudding] [woman on computer] New tar new tar new target defined.
[bird chirping] Oh! New target defined.
New target new target new target defined.
New target new target defined.
[machinery whirring] Ba! [woman on computer] Ignition in 30 seconds.
[shouting] Ba ba.
[growling] [thud] [gas passing] Va-ba.
[woman on computer] Ignition in five, four, three, two, one.
[beeping] Goodbye.
[explosion] [sighing] [spy music playing] Mm-hmm.
[rabbid shouting] [speaking gibberish] Hm.
Ba ba.
[thud] [spy music playing] [loud thwack] Ahh! Wah, wah, wah, waaah [drum riff] # Dah, daaah! # [snoring] [muffled laughter] [whispering gibberish] [humming] [squeaking] [speaking gibberish] [echoing] Ba ba! Ba ba ba! Ah, ba ba! - Ba - Ba ba ba.
Ah! Ba ba! [laughing] [speaking gibberish] [whooshing] [explosion] [laughing] Ba, ba ba ba! [clanging] Ba ba ba.
Ba ba.
Hmm? Hmm? Ba ba ba ba.
[speaking gibberish] Hmm? [laughing] [growling] Hmm? Hmm.
Hmm? Hmm.
[all grunting] [thud, clank] [shouting] [shouting] [thud] Mm? [growling] Ah, ba ba ba.
[keyboard clicking] Mm-hmm? Uh? Haa? [speaking gibberish] Ba ba! Ah! Hmm.
[laughing] [machine whirring] Ya! Ya ba ba! Ba [kiss] [whistle] Ba ba ba! Oh.
[laughing] [wind blowing] [speaking gibberish] [electricity crackling] [whooshing] [laughing] Ba ba ba ba.
[crashing] Ba ba ba.
[chicken clucking] Ah.
[clucking] Ba ba? Ba ba! [laughing] Ba ba ba.
[machine whirring] [electricity crackling] [whirring] [explosion] Hmm? Oh, ah! Ba ba.
Hmm? [cracking] Ta-da, ha ha ha! [cluck] [cluck] [speaking gibberish] [clucking] Oh? [cluck] Oh? [cluck] Ba ba? [clucking] [clucking] Ba ba ba? [clucking] [clucking] Ba ba ba.
Ba ba ba! [clucking] [marching music playing] [speaking gibberish] [clucking] [groaning] [shouting gibberish] [clucking] [clucking] [electricity crackling, rabbid screaming] [clucking] [laughing] [whistle blowing] [speaking gibberish] [clucking] Ah [rock music playing] [whistle blowing] [whistle blowing] Ba ba! [whistle blowing] [clucking] [whistle blowing] Ba ba ba! [clucking] [clucking] [crowing] [whooshing] [loud explosion] Oh, ba ba.
Hmm? [rabbids speaking gibberish] [all] Huh [laughing] [whistle blowing] Ba ba ba! [all clucking] [grumbling] Ba ba ba.
Ba ba ba ba! [whispering gibberish] Ba ba ba! [grumbling] Ba! Oh [slapping] [all growling] [all laughing] [all growling] [all growling] [softly] Ba ba.
[softly] Ba ba.
[shouting] [clucking] [speaking gibberish] [all shouting] [rock music playing] [straining] Ahh! [whooshing] [crash, car alarm beeping] Ba ba! [clucking] Ba ba! [all chanting gibberish] Ba ba! [muttering gibberish] [clucking] [clucking] Ba ba.
[metal clattering] Ba ba! [all clucking] [laughing] [speaking gibberish] [clucking] Ooh.
[all cheering] Ba ba ba [electricity crackling] [whooshing] [shouting] [clucking] Huh? [laughing and speaking gibberish] Ooh.
Ba ba ba.
[speaking gibberish] [clucking] [clucking] [clucking] [clucking] Wah, wah, wah, waaah [drum riff] # Dah, daaah! # [crickets chirping, thunder crashing] [rabbid muttering] [muttering continues] Ba ba ba! [laughing] Ba, ba ba ba! Ba ba! [laughing] [cat meows] [machinery whirring, electricity crackling] Ya! [retching] [buzzing] [coughing] [speaking gibberish] Ba? Ba ba ba.
- Ba ba ba.
- Hmm? Ba! [retching] Ba! [speaking gibberish] Ba ba ba.
- Ba ba.
- Ba ba ba.
Ba ba.
[chuckling] [whooshing, splat] [laughing] Oh.
[speaking gibberish] Hmm Oh.
Ba ba.
Ba! Ba ba ba.
[speaking gibberish] [fly buzzing] [speaking gibberish] [buzzing] [speaking gibberish] [clattering] [electricity crackling siren wailing] [worried meow] [clucking] [rumbling] [sighing] [buzzing] Ba ba! Ba ba! [whooshing] [chorus singing] [panting] [speaking gibberish] Whoa.
Hmm! [fly buzzing] Hmm? Ba! [speaking gibberish] [buzzing continues] Oh? Hmm? Hmm! [speaking gibberish] [buzzing] [buzzing] [buzzing] [shouting] [fly buzzing] Hmm.
Ah! [buzzing, rabbid shuddering] [clucking] Ba ba ba ba.
[fly buzzing] [rabbid shouting gibberish] Ba [grumbling] [clucking] [laughing, neck bones crack] Hmm? [clucking] Ooh? [clucking loudly] [straining] Ooh! [clucking] Ba ba ba! Hmm? [muttering gibberish] [shouting] Ooh! [meowing] [meow] Ba ba! Ba ba ba ba [speaking gibberish] [buzzing] [rabbid grunting] [laughing] Bo bo.
[laughing, speaking gibberish] [straining] [speaking gibberish] Ow? Wha.
Ba ba ba.
[panting] Ba? Ah? Ah-ha! [chuckling] [buzzing] Ah-ha! [moaning] [shouting] [shouting gibberish] [buzzing] Yah.
[panting] [buzzing] [first rabbid chattering and buzzing] Ba? [retching] [buzzing] [chomping] [retching] [chomping] [retching] [chomping] [buzzing] Ba [truck horn honking] Ba? Ba ba? [straining] [buzzing] [panting] [shouting gibberish] [slow motion moaning and grunting] [buzzing] [music] [buzzing] [meowing] [moaning and speaking gibberish] [meowing and clucking] Ba.
[muttering] [screaming] Ah, ah, ah! [buzzing] Ba? [thudding, buzzing] [chuckling] Mm-hmm.
Ba! [thwack, rabbid screaming]