Rabbids Invasion (2013) s02e26 Episode Script

Rabbid of the Third Kind; The Pact of the Super Rabbids; On the Rabbid Trail

1 - [man] Give me a "B.
" - [rabbid] Ba ba ba ba ba.
[man] Give me a lot of "ha.
" [woman singing operatically] [both scream] [title music] # Ho hee # Baa [tires screeching] # Ba, ba, baa # Ba ba Ba, baa Ba Ba - # Ba # - # Ahh # Baa Ho hee Zo zee [singing "Also Sprach Zarathustra" in gibberish] [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Ba-baa # Ba, ba, ba, ba! Stop! I have invented a revolutionary experiment.
[buzzer] Oh [flies buzzing] - Ba? - Ba? Ba, ba ba.
There's no doubt.
That one is the stupidest.
- Ba? - Ba ba? Hmm? Ba ba? Ba ha ha! Oh! [laughing] Perfect.
This one's even stupider than the first one, who was stupid.
And now the third.
[laughing] [flies buzzing] Ba, ba, ba.
Ba, ba, ba.
Ba? Ba? Oh! Ba? [laughing] [laughing] Could he be even stupider than the first two? John, we don't need to test to find out who's the stupidest.
Really? You can tell without having to test them? Yes.
You may be the stupidest one in this lab.
You are wrong, Tina.
I just built helmets capable of making anybody super smart! [laughs] And what better way to test it than on the stupidest of these stupid rabbids? Ba? [laughing] [thunder crashing] Did it work? Please, please let it work.
Is it working? Did it work? It worked! Say something smart.
Go on.
Huh? [sniffing] Oh Oh, ba ba.
Huh? Hey.
I-Is this one meditating? Maybe he's reached absolute wisdom.
Master? [yawning] [laughing] Oh.
They're even stupider than before.
I didn't make them smarter.
I made them dumber.
Maybe not.
Maybe all the intelligence power went to a single rabbid! That's it! I'm a genius! Ba? This is the famous game between Kasparti Popov and Knuckleberg.
Nobody's ever managed to find the solution to this game.
Ba Ba, ba Incredible.
For the first time in the world, a rabbid seems to be thinking! Ooh.
Ooh Ba? [fly buzzing] Huh? Ba, ba! Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba! Baba, ba, baba! Baba, bababa, baba! Ba? Huh? Ba! Ba! Yes! Ba, ba Ba, ba! Oh! [growling] [laughing] Hmm? Baba, bababa! Baba, bababa! Ba This is gonna be a genius move.
Ba Yes, yes! Bababa, baba! Bababa, baba! Huh? Come on, focus on the game now.
Baba! [laughing] Huh? [shouting] Ba! Ba? Bababa! Baba, bababa! Huh? Ooh Baba! Huh? Baba! Baba! Bababa! Baba! Baba! Baba! Baba! Baba! No! Baba, ba! Baba! Huh? What's going on with this? Weird Huh? John, what have you done? I've lost everything.
Everything! Oh, oh! Look! The solution to the legendary game between Kasparti Popov and Knuckleberg! Have you ever thought about becoming a professional chess player? I didn't find the solution to that game they did.
Who knows what insane forces I've unleashed? [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Ba-baa # [whooshing] I just built helmets capable of making anybody super smart! [thunder crashing] Who knows what insane forces I've unleashed? Ba? Ba? - Ba.
- Ba! [laughing] Baba, ba! Baba! Ba? Ba? Baba? Ba Baba! Baba, ba, baba! - Baba, baba? - Ba.
Baba, ba, ba, baba.
Ba, baba, baba, ba, ba, baba.
Ba Ba, baba, baba! Ba, baba! Baba, ba.
Ba, baba! [all] Ba! Baba! [all] Bababa! Ba! Ba, baba! [meow] [meow] Ba? Ba! Bababa! Baba! [meow] Ba, baba! Ba, bababa! Baba, baba! Baba! Baba! [all] Baba! Ba, baba! [meow] Ba, ba! [crying] [meow] Ba, baba, ba.
[honking] Baba! Baba! [loud meow] Baba! Baba! Baba, ba [growling] Baba! [speaking gibberish] [speaking gibberish] [all laughing] [crash, car alarm sounding] [all laughing] Oh, baba.
Ba, baba, baba.
[screaming] Baba! Baba! [car alarms blaring] Baba! Baba! Bababa! Baba? Ba, ba! Baba! Ba, ba! Baba! [meow] Oh, ba, ba.
Baba, baba? Baba [meow] Baba! Baba! [meow] Baba! Baba! Ba! Ba, ba, baba.
[meow] [man on TV] Breaking news! Disaster downtown.
The police are tracking down what appears to be three rabbids endowed with incredible superpowers.
Police have spotted the three rabbids and are preparing for a discreet commando operation.
Sections of the city have been sealed off - Go, go.
- to allow for this special operation at the downtown supermarket.
Only minutes ago, drivers and passers-by on Main Street - were shocked - Give me the phone.
No, that one! The hotline to the president.
[phone ringing] This is the president.
Now, what's the situation with those disastrous rabbids? It's under control, Mr.
We are in position and ready to uh, neutralize them, sir.
And now, a friendly word from our sponsor.
Be like everybody else.
Be unique.
Drink pepper juice.
Baba! Ba, ba! Ba, baba! Ba, baba! Ba! The operation was a success, Mr.
We have neutralized the three targets, sir.
Go, go! - Here we go.
- Huh? He's not moving.
[phone ringing] - Yes, sir.
- How soon can we let the press know things are under control? Uh-oh.
[whooshing] Oh The presidential hotline.
Has anyone seen the red phone? [yelling] Find me that red phone! [anjelic music] Ba, baba! What is going on down there? [phone ringing] Ba? Baba? There you are.
Is everything under control? Will this be good for my ratings? Ba, bababa, baba.
[all chuckling] Ba, ba, baba! - Baba! - Baba! Oh Oh! Mm-hmm.
Ba, baba! [all] Baba! - Baba! - Ba, baba! Baba! [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Ba-baa # - Hmm.
- [man on TV] Breaking news.
Three rabbids have ravaged the downtown area of this city.
They seem to have strange powers, atomic flatulence, deadly breath and terrible tornado.
These three fantastic rabbids - Oh, no.
- seem to have escaped from an isolated lab and apparently are trying to get to the moon.
It's my fault.
I've got to fix this.
[woman on TV] Our sources have confirmed that the three rabbids are on their way to the airport.
My moron-o-meter stun gun.
And they stole my red phone, the hotline to the president.
If you see it, contact the police.
Ba, baba, ba.
[rabbid] Baba! Baba! Ba, bababa! Baba! Ba Ba Ba, baba! Ba, baba! Ba, baba! Baba! [chuckling] [both] Mm-mmm.
Baba, baba! Hmm? [chuckling] Ba, bababa.
Baba, baba.
Ooh! Baba! Ba! Ahh [game beeping] Hmm? There's no news from Operation Rabbids Disaster.
We can't wait any longer.
- My vacation started 20 minutes ago.
- Uh, yes, sir! [beeping] Sir I mean, uh, Mr.
President, sir.
[all] Baba! No! You can't come in here! [laughing] [game beeping] - Baba.
- Ba, bababa! [laughing] [sirens wailing] - Over here! Over here! - Stop, stop, stop! Three rabbids just took over the presidential airplane.
And they took my phone! I was just about to reach level 12! Ba, bababa! Baba? Baba.
[engine whirring] [laughing] Ba, bababa! Ba, ba, ba! All right, I'll just give him one last call.
- Huh? [phone ringing] - Baba.
Ba, baba! - Oh! - Is there another pilot on that plane? No, just the president and those rabbids who stole my phone.
Okay, what's your number? [phone ringing] Oh, baba? Yes, this is the president.
Yes, there are three crazy rabbids carrying your high security phone on my Ba, baba.
Baba! Baba! Ba, baba! Hello, hello? We've been cut off! Oh, no.
They've stolen the presidential airplane! [phone ringing] Is that a phone? It's ringing, but no one's answering.
Oh! Oh [phone ringing] [beeping] Hello, hello? This is the president.
Hey, someone's answered! I just made contact with the plane.
- Yes! - Hello? Hello? [alarm blaring] Everything is fine.
The rabbids are not hostile.
They do not pose a significant threat.
Do not shoot down the plane.
Rabbids hostile [static] significant threat shoot down plane Order a missile to shoot down the president's plane.
Roger that, Mr.
President, we're sending a missile.
Your plane will be destroyed in a matter of seconds.
Oh! Oh, no.
We've got to get out of here.
Be careful! [grunts] Whoa! Here, take this! Nice catch! Ba, baba! Oh, no! [all screaming] Somebody call the vice president.
Nice work! Now give it to me.
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba! Thank you! Oh, no! I think this might be the end of my mandate.
- Huh? - Baba! [action music] - Baba! - Bababa! Well you destroyed the town, destroyed my plane, destroyed my hotline.
But you also saved the president's life.
- Baba.
- Baba? - Baba? You guys are heroes.
- Baba! - Ba! Baba, baba! Don't worry, Mr.
President, I can stop 'em, and I'll Baba! Oh they're even more powerful than I thought.