Ragdoll (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Light, mousetrap, pills.
Light, mousetrap, pills.
Light, mousetrap, pills.
Always a fight Keep your mind intact Re-live the fire When you're looking back 'Cause it's over Yes, it's over When it's all over Life just seems a dream Yet it's so real So real When it's all over All over Well, the Mayor's inhaler was coated in benzoic acid, to numb his sense of taste and smell.
Turnbull didn't notice he was inhaling sulfide - - a highly inflammable lubricant that smells of farts.
Bet there's a German word for that.
We spent a year on a barracks near Dusseldorf.
Dad's last posting.
All the kids did German GCSE.
And there was a whole module on lube? I've also been to Berlin.
So blase.
I know you're a prude.
The point is, if you take three or four big huffs of sulfide, you're going to be sick, in a coma, or dead.
So the inhaler was switched within an hour or two of ignition.
But nobody got close enough to the Mayor Except for us, and the Witness Protection unit who brought him in.
Hmm, but I don't want to piss off the same unit we're relying on to protect everyone left on the list.
Ah, Simmons can take the heat.
- I'm gonna have to bully him.
- You've got this, Bax.
Think about it, who's got the most to lose, if the Ragdoll goes pear-shaped? You do.
Oh, yeah.
I meant, apart from me.
Do you still think that the kill list's in chronological order? Makes sense.
I screwed the trial on the 14th, so I die on the 14th.
- So Nick Hooper's the next target.
- We're already on it.
Mark Hooper's got a brother called Nick.
You don't get any points for that! [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING.]
I heard you've got a lead on the Ragdoll? Yes, sir.
There is a metal plate in the left arm from a recent break.
The pathologist didn't find an ID number on the plate, but we do think that he was left-handed, going off the callus on the middle finger.
Well done.
Oh, no, the chief Oh, God, there are tits everywhere.
Oh? What do I do with this, sir? Put it up in my office, obviously! [URGENTLY.]
Just get it out of her sight.
- Okay, do you need me to - No! Okay.
Oh, excuse me, could you find a drill? DCI Simmons would love this up on the wall above his desk.
- Thank you, so much.
- All right.
VANITA: The inhaler was obviously switched.
I'm satisfied that it can't have been switched more than two hours before he died.
So the burden of proof is on the WPU.
Ma'am, we're in grave danger of compromising the communication between us and Witness Protection.
I would want to know if there was someone dodgy on my team, an officer I couldn't trust.
When someone on that list asks for Protection, the WPU have the right to conceal them.
Even from us.
Well, one of those men is bound to know something about the killer.
But are we gonna get anywhere near them if we're gonna accuse the WPU of murder? Diplomacy is the art of persuading someone that being bent over a barrel is good for their back.
Have you found Nick Hooper yet? Nick 26, done 18 months for intent to supply.
At the time of Mark's conviction, he was selling a few, "My Brother, the Cremation Killer" interviews on braindead TV.
Yeah, let me guess, he used the money to really turn his life around? Uh, he spunked it.
- "Spunked" is the technical term? - Yes, ma'am.
Now he went back to selling that claggy coke you buy in a beer garden.
But not before the tabloids turned him into a punch bag.
He's a little prick, basically? Simmons, you and Baxter start on the WPU.
I'll straight-bat the Press.
Straight-batting the Press.
More like glaring through her teeth.
BAXTER: She's playing with fire.
SIMMONS: This is ridiculous, the WPU were there to protect the Mayor.
You're not making any friends like this.
Wait, camera Five, rewind a bit.
That's Copley's camera.
Big house.
It's like a hotel.
See how the black looks grainy? Most likely something's covering the lens.
That could be anything.
Name three things.
A cloud passing over the sun? Wait, Camera Three.
Look, there's Copley, zoom in.
The shirt and his shoulder's covering the lens.
Look at his hands.
He's switching the inhaler.
They can't know we're coming.
Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.
With all due respect, sir, you're not my dad, you're not dropping me off at halls for the first time.
We don't have a choice.
Let's try and be discreet, all right? Tactful, in and out.
Yeah, I, er, I want to get out on the boat more.
Oh, where is it? Chichester way? Yeah, very relaxing up there, - all the willow trees.
- COPLEY: You wanted to see me, sir? Hey, Copley, come in.
DCI Simmons wants to coordinate regarding the other names on the kill list.
Everyone all right for water, coffee? Is it too early for a beer? We're all friends, circle of trust? Paul Copley, I'm arresting you in connection to the murder of Raymond Turnbull - What the hell are you doing? - it could affect your defense - if you do not - You can't do this, - on whose authority - Oh, you know the schpiel.
- SIMMONS: Quietly! - BAXTER: Don't make a scene.
Not through there, down here.
- Shit! - You need a fingerprint.
Turn around.
- I can't reach that.
- You're not trying.
Bend over.
Lift up on your toes Oh, Jesus.
Through here, through here [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION.]
- No, wait! Oh! - [FIRE ALARM HOWLING.]
The fire alarm has been triggered.
This is not a scheduled fire drill.
Proceed to your nearest assembly point.
- Wrong exit.
- Here they are.
The fire alarm has been triggered.
This is not a scheduled fire drill.
Proceed to your nearest assembly point.
The fire alarm has been triggered.
This is not a A couple of years ago, you were gambling a little bit, weren't you? - It wasn't a problem.
- It's okay.
It's completely natural.
Natural? We all get hooked on the adrenaline, doing this job.
I find myself doing mad things in civvies, just to get a taste of it.
Lucky fella.
You know what isn't so natural? The miraculous transformation of asthma medication into a flamethrower.
Who do you think we protect people from? The number one threat.
We protect people from themselves.
They get into trouble, but then they get bored of being scared.
So you're saying Turnbull got bored and, er, poisoned his own inhaler? No, I get it, everyone's their own worst enemy.
Like, you're shit with money.
You can't win it, and when you do, you can't hang onto it.
I've lived off a sergeant's salary for 15 years.
15 years, no promotion.
Why's that? The gambling? The debts? I'm not photogenic enough to get promotion these days, Detective Inspector.
I don't think you planned this.
You don't have the imagination or the self-control.
But someone put you up to it.
Maybe they blackmailed you, maybe they bribed you.
But we can help you, if you help us.
- Christ! You bloody muppet! - [SCREAMING.]
Stop him, restrain him! - He wants me to die! Ah! - Restrain him.
He's gonna go I'll take that as a written confession.
COPLEY: Please! Oh, God! I can't tell you anything.
I'm not gonna talk.
Turnbull was only the first name on the so-called "Kill List.
" There are five more, - Nick Hooper - Nick! - Eric Turner, Andrew Daley - Nick! GINA: Nick! Nick! You all right, babe? [NEWSCASTER CONTINUES.]
was only one of six names on the killer's list.
The second name is Nick Hooper, believed to be the brother of Mark Hooper - [PERSISTENT KNOCKING.]
- the so-called Cremation Killer.
Nick Hooper? Can we have a word? - Go! - Nick, we just want to make sure you're safe in there.
Can you let us in, we just want to have a chat.
Find them.
- Rose! - ANDREA: The Mayor was murdered at the headquarters of the Greater London Police, days after The Cremation Killer was dismembered - in prison.
- Jesus Christ.
How does she know? [DRUM AND BASS MUSIC PLAYING.]
Hey! Stop it! We want to help you! [DRUM AND BASS MUSIC CONTINUES.]
ANDREA: One thing is clear, the police can't be expected to protect any of the men on this list.
Perhaps not even one of their own.
DS Rose has only just returned to active duty.
If I was one of the killer's targets, I'd be asking, "Is Nathan Rose willing enough to assigned to my case?" - [ANDREA CONTINUES DISTORTEDLY.]
Nathan, you wanted white? - Black.
- Right.
It looks white, it is black.
The thing is, when you told me that Joel had taken his own life, I got in touch with the family I didn't think he had family, after his sister was murdered.
Teresa, yeah.
Any chance you kept any of Joel's belongings? I'm sorry, he died 12 months ago.
We can't hold on to things forever.
Well, I promised I'd ask.
You know what I thought was one of your brilliant ideas? The library.
We do like to encourage creativity.
I've revived a tradition of doctors posing for our patients.
The artist Richard Dadd, for instance, he thought his father was the devil.
I can sympathize.
Dadd stabbed the old man to death.
Um, sympathize to a point.
But his portrait of Dr.
Alexander Morison hangs in the National Gallery, albeit of Scotland.
Who knows, perhaps one day? Get off of me! - No, no! - [SIREN WAILING.]
Don't do that.
I saw that.
That's it! Both of you calm down immediately! - SECURITY: Calm down! - Fuck it! [SIREN CONTINUES WAILING.]
- - JOEL: He'll kill anyone you want, you just say the name.
The deal is, he'll kill you too.
He's not gonna be cruel.
- - I will die with peace of mind.
Look around you, how many people can say that? Hell is just a frame of mind.
I made a deal with you, my life for Mark Hooper's.
Let me honor it.
All right.
I get it, I'm being put on trial or whatever, but I never asked you to kill innocent people.
Come on, this wasn't the deal.
I didn't ask you to get creative, did I, mate? Hooper's dead.
You're meant to be a man of your word.
You want to make an example of me.
So kill me.
I'm asking you to kill me! [LINE DISCONNECTS.]
My assistant tried to save you a trip.
- I tried to save her the trouble.
- You're American? And I'm a fan.
I followed you back when you were still in LA.
So you know I don't talk to cops.
I get that, I agree, it should be a privileged relationship.
I wouldn't ask a therapist or a priest to help an investigation, unless it was an exceptionally serious situation.
I make a deal with all my clients, their body, their business.
Come on, I'm not from TMZ.
You think I'm protecting celebrities? I've tattooed Russian mafia.
They need to know that they can trust me.
You spent hours with her.
What did you talk about? How did she deal with the pain? Think about how she died.
Dude, come on, you think I'd be here if I could ID her face? [SCOFFS.]
Hey, I've got other clients today.
You're wasting your time.
Look, there's one of me and over 600 women who went missing last month.
Even if I crossed off four women a day, that's still 30 weeks' work, assuming somebody's even reported her missing.
You got to be kidding me? Do you even know what you want? I trust you.
You can decide.
Smart cover-up.
Who's Naomi? Nothing above the collarbone or within three inches of the wrist.
What if I draw a pig? If that's what it takes.
- And then I said, I'll take that as a written confession.
Michelle Fielding, Mark Hooper's probation officer.
Her parents told me that Michelle called them from a conference last week in New York.
Last week? Michelle's been in the deep freeze longer than that.
Why her? Why's she on that list? She advocated for Hooper.
She said that he wasn't responsible for his actions, he belonged in the hospital.
What else did the parents say? I told them that we think Michelle was sedated.
Her mom asked did he torture her I hope you didn't say no! I said, if it's any consolation, we don't think that the killer was primarily motivated by sadistic impulses.
You've got real bedside manner.
Hello? Hello.
What about cocaine's Nick Hooper? Mr.
Hooper is AWOL, wearing a beach towel that he bought in Lanzarote.
- And your man from the WPU? - He won't talk.
He's terrified.
SIMMONS: Hurry up! Get in here.
Helen Chambers thinks her husband's on a police training program.
They were due to go on holiday, then he phoned her at the last minute.
She had a brief conversation with him a few days ago.
Now she's sat in front of the TV getting spooked that he's got something to do with The Ragdoll.
Which arm has the plate in it? The left arm, fractured humerus.
So in the court, when he tried to stop me, I broke Chambers' left arm? - Yes.
- You know that for sure? I re-read the case file last night.
Chambers' prints are on record.
Go on.
He was left-handed.
I remember, I told him the story about a nun at my school.
She stammered because her parents used to beat her until she learnt to write with her right hand.
- Yeah, left lets the devil in.
- Why did you tell him that? He always stammers around me.
"Er, so-sorry about the l-l-letter.
" Why did he have to stick his beak in? Because you failed to disclose evidence, it's not hard.
He didn't need to report me.
- Will you get over yourself! - Hey, Chambers blew the case! Mark Hooper, The Cremation Killer, walked.
Stop! You set him free, the moment you started cutting corners! It's a match! [TENSE MUSIC PLAYING.]
And who's gonna tell his wife? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING.]
Rose! No.
Chambers didn't write that letter.
I did.
He took the bullet for me.
I told him everything.
He signed it.
You were so unwell, Rose.
But you didn't want to know.
I knew you'd die for it, I think you wanted to, but dying wouldn't help, it wouldn't put Mark Hooper in jail.
How's this making you feel? Well, obviously, it makes me sad you felt you couldn't talk to me.
You were my Deputy SIO.
And you never know how it's gonna go when you challenge someone's authority.
What did you think I was gonna do? I don't know, nothing probably.
But it's hard for someone like me.
Stop saying "someone.
" You're not someone.
You're Emily.
My mate.
You don't get to tell me I had no reason to be afraid of you and of a system designed to protect people like you when you abuse your power.
I understand.
I I'm sorry.
I knew they'd listen to Chambers.
But I betrayed you.
I freed Hooper.
Chambers didn't get himself killed, I did.
No, this is on me.
I made it impossible for you to do your job.
I made it impossible for you to be honest.
We were wading through blood.
I was so out of my depth, and I I needed to feel like I was doing something right.
And it was like, at least I know what Rose is doing wrong.
No, you did the right thing.
How do you feel? Honestly? Always.
I feel alone.
I'm not serious.
Come on.
I'll call his wife.
If you're not gonna play by the rules, how about I kill myself right now? [DEEP SIGHING.]
I'm not waiting a week for your bullshit.
I'm on the roof.
That's not the spectacular ending you had in mind, is it? Last chance.
You name a time and place.
I know you want to do it yourself.
You'll have to sit there in your mother's dress, watching them scrape me off the pavement.
FAUST: If you jump, I'll kill Emily Baxter.
Where's Baxter? She went to interview Nick Hooper's Mom.
Finlay's leading door-to-doors in Nick's neighborhood.
This looks completely mind-numbing.
The Fieldings say they spoke to Michelle on July 27th, three weeks after the last call out from her cell phone.
It's the same with Chambers, he was probably dead for ten days before his wife got the call canceling their holiday.
So how do we explain the calls? I think the killer's using deep-fake technology.
He's recorded his victims' voices, he's forging the calls.
But artificial intelligence can't cheat your tone of voice.
He had to record Michelle when she was calm, not when she had a gun to her head.
Or the family would hear it, the the fear in her voice.
So Michelle must have had a very long conversation with her killer sometime before her death.
And maybe the same number called Chambers and Fielding in the weeks before their disappearance.
What are you doing? Helping you.
Don't look so surprised.
This is good stuff.
Have you got Chambers' log for the last week of June? - Great.
DC Edmunds.
- Here.
- Oh? Rose.
Who? Oh, him, God, no, don't bother.
All right.
They've got a couple of loonies upstairs, trying to confess.
We're not going to question them? The killer's not been sat upstairs in the cells all morning.
How do you know? Trust me.
I know the media coverage helps people to make very detailed fake confessions.
But don't we have to entertain the possibility that one of them could be genuine? Have you ever been wrong about someone? No.
I don't know how you come back from that.
You'd never be able to trust your instincts again.
Sometimes it feels like only our mistakes have any consequences.
- That's weird.
- Anything? - Sweet F, Ed.
No sign of Nick Cooper? Find a phone number? We didn't find one that called both Chambers and Fielding.
But someone called Chambers five times since we found the Ragdoll.
Same number called him during the Orfao case, the Davies disappearance, every leak in the last six months.
- At least.
- Calling now.
- Er, well, you can just tell me! - Why spoil the fun? - Oy.
ANDREA: I thought you were giving me the silent treatment.
- Guess you couldn't resist.
- Who told you about the Ragdoll? You know I don't have to tell you that.
And I'd offer you a mea culpa, but they really don't mean anything anymore.
I blame cancel culture.
If you ever apologize, I'd start a manhunt for the real Andrea Wyld.
And in this scenario, how does the real me die? Oh, who knows? When we search your attic, all we find is a mysterious portrait of you looking absolutely mortified.
I got an annotated copy of the kill list in the mail yesterday.
- I'll come round in the morning.
- ANDREA: Come to the house.
Yeah, I'm gonna go.
Drunk cops make me very uncomfortable.
It'll look weird if you don't stay for a drink.
I don't mean to be rude, but Chambers was a rat.
Will you tell Simmons tonight? I'll let him sleep it off.
Go on.
I made it so easy for Chambers to rinse me, my God.
I was naive.
He exploited you, Bax.
He didn't care if people died, he was greedy.
He sees us, the killer [VOICE SHAKING.]
right through us.
Freud renounced his own work on female trauma, because the evidence was telling him something that he didn't want to believe.
That rape starts at home, that the patriarchal family is not a safe space.
And we won't fix our mental health crisis until we confront the foundational lie of the police force.
- Which is? - That having a monopoly on violence gives us a monopoly on the truth.
That we can't show any sign of weakness because "Might is Right.
" I didn't know this was a student union.
Rose? You must have an opinion.
- Why is that? - Because of your mental health.
It's not a secret.
We can learn from your experience.
Why do police officers find it impossible to admit that we suffer? Because I need to look victims and their families in the eye.
And I can't do that if I'm also saying, "What about me?" But what about you? Your state of mind can change the facts of a case.
When you observe something, you change it and you're changed, too.
That's Physics, that's how the universe works.
And when two atoms react, they create one six-dimensional object in two space-time continuums.
And there are seven billion, billion, atoms in each of us and infinite variations of ourselves, branching out into infinite worlds.
But you're stuck in this world and sadly it doesn't revolve around your feelings.
I mean, God knows what Michelle's parents thought when you told them, "Oh, don't worry, your daughter's killer isn't primarily a sadist.
" No, actually I was trying to console them.
You were trying to make yourself feel better.
Because you don't know shit.
And you didn't like standing there with your dick in your hand.
- Are you all right, ma'am? - Hmm, food poisoning.
I'll drink it later.
Can you be honest with me? Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? What is it about those blokes that makes you think they're gonna love your Tik-Tok Karl Marx thing? Rose can say whatever he wants.
I'm not saying stop being smart and ballsy, I'm saying cover your arse.
Like you were late this morning.
I was on time this morning.
Your on time is an hour early.
Your on time is three hours' sleep in your car - 'cause you can't make it home.
- That's crazy.
I'm not an assistant in fucking Weinstein's Hollywood.
- People expect you to commit.
- I worked all night.
You were reading up on Rose.
You don't think the killer's already done that? Whatever he's got planned, it ends with Rose.
I'm just trying to help.
Do you wanna know what I did to ID Michelle Fielding? Did I commit? [BAXTER LAUGHS.]
It's Athena, she's the Goddess of War.
What happened to her nose? Well, it's a critique of senseless power.
God! This is a way! [TIRZAH "GLADLY".]
All I know I got to be With you No reason not to be Next to you You next to me Holding you You're holding me Time again I want to see The way you look at me I could be away from here With no one just you Why do you love Andrea? [CHUCKLING.]
- Why did I sleep with Andrea? - Why don't you loathe Andrea? She's not ashamed of anything.
It's exotic.
- Eugh.
- It's like a holiday fling.
You don't speak the same language, you just bonk on the beach and then remember each other fondly every time you get sand up your bum.
Don't bother with that.
Seriously, just sleep in my room.
- No, this is easy.
- It's got a puncture.
No, it doesn't.
Don't be a pain.
- Sleep in my bed.
- I can't.
Why not? Because you sleep in the shape of a swastika.
Fair enough.
But I mean it, mate.
It's you and me.
Ride or die.
SIMMONS: Nick Hooper handed himself in at Croydon 10 minutes ago.
He thinks he saw the killer.
How does he know that? We don't know what he looks like.
Nick won't talk without his lawyer, Alyssa Airley, from City & May.
Fucking hell, can he afford her? Detain him on the drug charges.
Don't tell Witness Protection.
I have to.
We've got bugger all on Copley.
And if the killer can get to the Mayor in my office, he can kill some random bloke in Croydon.
We need to know what he saw before the WPU gets hold of him.
I already told Witness Protection two minutes before I called you.
- Thought it was an olive branch.
- You're not insured.
- You're still drunk.
Good morning.
My window is beautiful, thank you.
That guy yesterday, I hear him shouting on the roof.
Who? Rose? Yeah, yeah, yelling on the phone.
He's saying I'm gonna jump.
- Wait, what? Why not? He's a dead man walking.
Look, I asked for something to read, to help me chill and those pigs give me a book on climate change! I'm really sorry about that, Nick.
Do you need anything, a cup of coffee? It takes 1,000 liters of water to make a cup of coffee, excluding the water in the cup.
Mate, I already know we're completely screwed! Nick, I'm DI Baxter.
This is DS Rose.
We were told you think you saw the person who's threatened your life.
- Is that correct? - I want protection! All right! I want a new life! You're about to enter the custody of Witness Protection.
That means we don't have much time with you, we really need you to cooperate.
I won't talk without my lawyer.
If you cooperate with us, we can make the drug charges go away.
What drugs, what are you on about? We found the coke in your flat.
- I don't know anything about that! - So where did it come from? As far as I know, you could have planted it, mate.
Tell us what he looked like? Where did he find you? - Did Gina find him? - No.
Leave her out of this.
Gina can come with you, if she wants.
We want to be in the countryside.
When I'm pranging out, I go for walks in GTA, up in the hills.
See the sun come up, deer, butterflies.
You know, when the icecaps melt, that game's gonna freak people out.
They won't believe how green things were.
Nick, the longer we keep you here, the more danger you're in.
We can get you into protection, but we need you to cooperate.
What is that, a threat? What you're gonna keep me in danger until I speak or - That's not what I meant - Psycho! Dickhead! You know what, he's leaving.
You can piss off too.
I'm not saying anything without my lawyer! - What is wrong with you? - I was explaining his options.
It's not my fault all his options are shit.
DI Baxter, Rose.
Alyssa Airley.
I'm guessing he didn't talk.
Good boy.
Can I take a look in your bag? Hooper's a bit of a step down.
Celebrity pedos and plutocrats, they're more your bread and butter.
Nick's been traumatized by his brother, demonized by the press and police.
The minute I saw his name on the list, I thought, here's a chance to give our image a zhuzh.
We'll hold onto these.
I'll take that as a compliment.
BAXTER: Open up.
Stop me if this is too podcast, but the killer's punishing everyone for the Hooper shit-show.
Right? That sounds like a delusional disorder.
Maybe he's obsessed with the idea that the world is a lawless place.
- That's the WPU, I'll head them off.
We need Nick to describe who he saw, but the WPU's going to make life a bitch for all of us.
If Nick holds off on protection, I'll owe you.
Anything, you name it.
Be careful.
Rose got a second chance.
You won't.
WPU is hardly WPU is hardly the place where this will be appropriate.
Hooper's safety is our priority.
- If you continue to obstruct us - Or what? Or you'll what, you'll what? Rehouse me? Am I gonna wake up in Dundee with a new name and a job at the local slaughterhouse? - BAXTER: Rose! - Yeah? [ALL CLAMORING.]
Hey! Rose! Rose! Rose! Who the fuck is in charge here? Hey! Hey, calm down! Calm down! Alyssa! - WPU CHIEF: Stand down, Rose.
- Stand down?! - Stand down! - Come on.
You lot are a joke.
Open up.
Nick? Nick? Oh! Oh, man [INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Out of my way.
Alyssa! Stop! Alyssa, I can help.
- Stop! - [THUDS.]
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Whatever he's got on you, we can fix it.
- Stay back! - Don't listen to him.
- I'll do it.
- Alyssa.
This is my fault.
You're not alone in this.
Who was she talking to? Nathan? Who was she talking to? [SIREN BLARING.]
I don't know.
EDMUNDS: I spent between the ages of 13 and 16 literally hiding in a Wawa parking lot listening to Evanescence, terrified of my peers.
MAN: The next is Eric Turner.
Oh! Your fan is the moderator of a subreddit dedicated to your, and I quote, "unapologetic masculinity.
" WOMAN: Rose.
EDMUNDS: I'm not at all saying that you and Rose are Are you? When it's all over Life just seems a dream Yet it's so real So real When it's all over Life just seems a dream Yet it's so real So real
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