Ragdoll (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 You're not alone in this.
Alyssa with a Y.
She was killed in Croydon about an hour ago.
On her phone, there's a picture of a man, we think her partner, and a boy aged 10, 11, called Daniel.
Their surname is Airley.
Husband's on a business trip in Munich, and they're tracing the son.
What did the killer say to her? How did he force her to step out in front of a truck? Are you mad? What are you doing? Do you wanna watch where you're going? Hiya.
Hiya, Rose.
It's Carol.
Excuse me.
Do you wanna move your car please, - or get your child out of it? - Yeah, yeah.
Hang on a sec, love.
Where is it? Oh, I'm all over the shop.
It's strange being stood here next to you.
- Put your hazards on, madam.
- I know it sounds old fashioned, but I hope someone's taking care of you, Rose.
You've made so many sacrifices.
That means a lot to real people.
Ah, here it is.
The Ragdoll Killer, isn't it? I read about the one he sent to Andrea Wyld.
- Where'd you get this from? - Found it on my doorstep, didn't I? Along with the little lad.
- It's Alyssa's son, Daniel.
- He's fine.
- He's fine - Hey, hey, Daniel, are you hurt? Are you all right? We're the police.
I know they're using psychiatrists to silence you.
- That's why you didn't reply - Okay, listen - to any of my letters.
- Listen to me, all right? I need to - Can you - I just want to tell you - give me your car keys? - that you can tell me anything.
Pull this, please.
- Okay, I'm telling you - Lift this up.
You can trust me.
Come on.
- This is ridiculous.
- Tell me how it felt to take the Cremation Killer's skull between your hands - and breaking it? - Unlock the car! You mean the world to me! Rose! Come here.
- Carol - Rose! Rose! I won't judge you! I love you! Sir, Elijah Reed, Mark Hooper's priest.
Reed's sister thought he was on a retreat, then she read about the Ragdoll.
She's just ID'd an old scar on the Ragdoll's torso.
- So, it's Reed? - Yes.
The left leg belongs to Ashley Lochlan, Hooper's GP.
We're also comparing DNA on the right leg with Vincent Lewis, Hooper's lawyer.
His wife heard Andrea Wyld on the radio.
Roberto Baggio the Divine Ponytail.
When Fiorentina sold him to Juve, the city of Florence rioted for three days.
It's confirmed.
It's Alyssa's son, Daniel.
So, this was all planned? Nick Hooper didn't miraculously escape the killer.
The killer deliberately sent him running back to us.
And he planted the coke in Nick's flat knowing that we'd use it to detain the poor bastard.
He wanted to kill Nick on our watch.
He blackmailed Alyssa to do it for him.
Killing herself would've been part of the deal to save Daniel's life.
Does Daniel remember anything? Daniel's not talking.
Did he see him? The killer? The kid's basically catatonic.
Carol, your fan, found Daniel in a sports bag on her doorstep.
And why did the killer pick her? Well, Carol's the moderator of a subreddit dedicated to your, and I quote, "unapologetic masculinity.
" So, he's laughing at me.
- Are you all right? - Are you all right? I'm not on a kill list with two dead men.
I'm not being scraped off a recycling truck.
If something goes wrong, you can't just rely on Bilbo Baggins.
I think you're underestimating the therapeutic value of Baggio's goal against Locomotiv Moscow.
- I want you to have protection.
- Ugh.
Come on.
They carry your handbag, keep an eye on you.
We're overstretched anyway.
You've done this job.
You know what I'm trying to say.
Can you cope? You're the boss.
You tell me.
The killer sedates his victims, we think.
We can't yet identify the sedative in the Ragdoll.
It's rare, it's bespoke.
Surely, he'd use the same thing on Daniel.
So, no evidence, no witnesses, two more dead.
Rose, by deliberately pissing off the WPU, you played right into the killer's hands.
We have no way of knowing Alyssa intended to kill Nick.
She tried to give you a warning.
She said the killer thinks the world is a lawless place.
That is so vague.
It didn't sound like she had direct contact with him.
Delusions go unnoticed if they're congruent with reality.
The killer thinks the justice system is broken.
Him and everyone else.
Right, and right now, is delusion isn't being triggered.
- It's being validated.
- Let's focus on the list.
He's gonna try and kill the remaining four people in order in six days between now and the anniversary of Hooper's trial.
Well, next is Eric Turner.
He was the guard who knocked you out at the trial.
Sadly, the blow left Turner with back problems.
Said he wished he let you finish the job.
Rose, you come with me.
We'll interview Daniel Airley.
No, I need you to secure Turner.
I'll chase the DOJ for a safehouse.
Daniel's just lost his mother.
You don't think he'd feel more comfortable talking to a woman that looks like her? We don't need to make this about that, do we? Turner's our priority.
Rose and Edmunds, speak to Danny the minute he's out of observation.
Work out how and where he was abducted.
Back here at 1:00.
The coverage from the camera on Packwell Avenue ends here.
The coverage from the camera on Balfield Road only starts up here.
Did Daniel's parents let him walk to soccer practice by himself? Only from this corner to the gates.
Daniel wanted to look grown up.
- How would the killer know that? - The internet.
Daniel was getting the shit kicked out of him online.
- Why? - I don't think kids need a reason these days.
Pre-social media was still pretty shitty.
I spent between the ages of 13 and 16 literally hiding in a Wawa parking lot.
Where? Yeah, Wawa's are like 7-Elevens.
I would sit there drinking $1 coffee, listening to Evanescence, terrified of my peers.
So we've got a 50-yard black spot opposite a road with no cameras leading to a T-junction where the CCTV was knocked out 36 hours ago.
Wow, this guy's so good.
He can get to anyone, anytime he likes.
I should've been alive to it, the minute he flipped a cop.
First time he used blackmail, it felt like a necessity.
Now, we know it's his weapon of choice.
You can't blame yourself.
Can you? I wasn't looking.
You're a cancer.
Oh, cheers.
Star sign, you feel everything.
Ah, Daniel's out of observation.
You believe in your feelings I ain't sayin' no names Won't get down to your level I ain't playin' your game You believe in your feelings I ain't sayin' no names Won't get down to your level That was properly brilliant, my love! - Yes, thank you.
- Right, go on, or you're gonna be late.
Off you go.
Oh, can you pass me those pills? You can tell Rose he cream crackered my golf.
I used to play every weekend.
Like I was saying, sir, I know Hooper's trial wasn't a happy time.
I just switched off Dad's life-support machine.
So, yeah, you know.
And you got a kicking in the press for letting Rose get at Hooper.
I wouldn't be very trusting either.
Look at it from my perspective.
You come in here without a warrant.
You haven't committed a crime.
Yeah, but you're still gonna take away my civil liberties on the pretext of a campaign of disinformation.
The Ragdoll Killer is real.
So, if you go to work today, I'm still gonna have to run around like a blue-arsed fly protecting you anyway.
I'm not saying that you don't personally perceive it to be true.
The Deputy Commissioner shouldn't have withheld information about the Mayor's death.
- She misjudged it.
- That's what she wants us to think.
I don't follow you.
You don't get that high up a ladder without joining in.
- They make you do it.
- Sorry.
Eric, I feel like a broken record, but doing what? Kids.
The politicians are at it.
The royals are at it.
Look who's getting bumped off.
The Mayor.
That lawyer who stepped in front of a bus this morning.
I bet they knew about the orgies and wouldn't keep quiet.
- Eh - Dad, I can't find my bag.
- Where'd you leave it? - By the door.
- Oh, the bus is here.
- We'll find it later.
I love you.
Remember, it's my gold bag.
So do you remember anything about the person who abducted you or where they took you? And there are no right or wrong answers.
Let's just start really small.
Are you hungry? Did they feed you? Or do you remember a smell or a sound? If you don't wanna say anything, no one's gonna be angry or upset.
Do you know what to do when you get pulled out to sea? It's not a trick question.
You don't fight the tide.
You'll exhaust yourself.
You'll drown.
You make yourself big, like a goalie.
You occupy as much space as possible.
And you trust.
You trust someone to find you.
And if they don't Tell yourself that just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, remember, the tide will turn.
Rose That's Adam, Teresa's fella, and his mate, Keith.
This was taken on the day Teresa died.
They were the last two people who saw her alive.
I knew one of 'em killed her.
But you lot didn't care.
So, I called Faust.
He cares.
Do you know where Adam is now? - No, I don't.
- No one does.
That means that Adam killed my sister.
Because Keith's still alive and doing his stretch in Markfield.
Faust never misses.
That's what you pay for.
Rose I'm off to the morgue.
I need a nice lie down.
Markfield Moor Prison.
- Thanks.
- Could we talk in private? I'm just I am super respectful of his privacy, but Rose was seen on the roof yesterday.
He was on a call and he was behaving erratically.
Define erratic.
This is why I'm concerned for him.
He seemed suicidal.
Rose? Who told you that? The window cleaner.
- What was he doing? - Cleaning windows.
- Rose.
- Oh, he was on the ledge, looking down.
He spoke to someone, he cried out.
I I just thought maybe he'd reached out to you about it.
You did the right thing, honestly.
But does Rose seem okay to you? I'll take it from here.
- I'm gonna take the stairs.
- Okay.
Yeah, this is DI Rose.
I need some information about one of the, uh, inmates at Markfield.
Keith Rakman.
Transferred today? Yeah Well, I really need a word with him before he leaves.
Come on.
He's not gonna cut through the bars with a cheeseburger.
Can I get by? Can you hear me? Fellas, I'm gonna need you to stand back.
I'll roll you over to your side, okay? You wouldn't believe the crap they feed us.
I can't put any weight on in here.
The doctor thought I had a tapeworm.
I was like, "Oi, oi, I'm well up for having a nice young nurse popping her fingers up me chuffer.
And in walks this great, big, mopey looking sod, says he's a nurse.
I was like, "Nah, I'll keep the worm.
" You were friends with Joel Shepton? - Joel? - Mm.
I heard he Uh, I wanna talk about the death of his sister, Teresa Shepton.
Her boyfriend, Adam Malick, he went AWOL before we could charge him with it.
- Do you know where he went? - Wish I did.
Wanker owes me money.
What, he mugged you off? He got this girl to tell me some bollocks about how a bloke turned up at Adam's the night he vanished.
This man, what, he attacked Adam? Killed him, she said.
Oh, did she see it happen? No, but it's the way she told it.
It was like a ghost story.
Ah, you think she was lying? I just thought she overdid it with the crying.
No one is that scary in real life.
Remember her name? - K, something.
- Eh? Lived in Camberwell.
She had a K on her wrist.
She said I should get one.
She'd always bring wicked food.
French stuff.
Cassoulet bavette and all that shit.
- Maybe she worked at a restaurant.
- Yeah? Not that she had much of an appetite.
Kate! That was her name.
Did she describe the man she saw at Adam's place the night he vanished? I can just remember getting lairy with her because she told the filth too.
But, you know, she was a junkie like Teresa.
So, you lot didn't give a shit.
So, I'll be following Eric at 3:30, - leaving the prison.
- Houdini, you're an hour late.
I told Edmunds.
I went to check the details of Daniel's disappearance.
- Next time, ask me directly.
- All right.
Anyway, the transfer is scheduled for 3:30.
I'll follow Eric as he travels from Markfield Moor to Mount View Prison.
Wait, what's he doing? He's driving a meat wagon.
Apparently, it's better for his back.
So, wait.
What, Eric's driving a prison van? He's transporting high-risk prisoners to Mount View Prison.
What's Eric playing at? He needs to be in protection.
I don't have time to start the debriefing all over again - if you're not gonna listen.
- Okay.
But why's he going to Markfield? Why do you care about Markfield? Do you two lovebirds wanna finish this off in your own time? Edmunds, you're with me.
- Rose, Finlay, try Daniel again.
- No, disrespect, but does Edmunds have the experience for this? - What the hell? - It's not up for debate.
What other prisoners? Do you know who else is in the van? Yeah, I did a quick background check.
- No one's connected to Mark Hooper.
- Right.
Talk to Daniel.
- Yeah, just take me with you.
- Don't grab me.
Rose, stop! All right.
I know I was late.
But don't cut off your nose to spite your face.
What makes you think you're in a position to help anyone? You weren't at the briefing.
You don't know anything - Let me come.
- Why? I don't want you to get hurt.
I don't need your protection.
And don't apologize.
God forbid.
- It's not personal.
- Rose, you need to talk to someone.
You really need help.
You want me in a safe place.
I just wanna get on with my life.
Well, this van is bullet and blast proof.
They can drive an 18-wheeler up our arse and we'd hardly feel it.
You'll have to tell my wife that I do know how to compromise.
Well, I'll ride up front with you.
No, it'll be myself and Tony up front.
- No one else.
It's in the contract.
- Eric.
- Think about your family.
- I am.
I'm trying to protect my job.
They're already gagging to sack us because we charge English money.
All right, girl? See you on the other side.
Sir, are you okay? You can't travel if you need medical attention.
I just had a medical and he gave me the all-clear.
And to be honest, I don't care if someone chopped me head off.
I'm getting out of here.
Yeah, all right, Florence Nightingale.
- Did you get to speak to Rose? - I couldn't find the right moment.
Yeah, I get it.
I had a kind of, I wanna say, blurry relationship at a workplace.
Well, at my college.
Well, they were my professor.
And no I'm not at all saying that you and Rose are Are you? Should I keep digging? I'm gonna stop.
I've actually got no idea what your first name is.
Yeah, I'm British.
I'm not gonna be able to call a grown woman, Lake.
I have no doubt, absolutely no doubt that Oh! Where do you see yourself in five years? Like, do you want kids? Are you having them late? - Have you frozen your eggs? - Are you and my mum on WhatsApp? Sorry, but talking about ambition in this country is like a taboo.
It's like, the class system, either gives you whatever you want, or denies you opportunities.
I'm comfortable with ambition.
Yes! Yes! - This country needs you.
- Is that right? Yes! We basically need women of color to take control of everything.
You don't think it's exhausting enough doing the jobs we've got, showing up and dealing with the bullshit, everyday? I know I have to believe in myself, I always have.
So, I don't need your encouragement.
No Yeah, I totally see that.
I'm sorry, I misspoke.
What is that word, misspeak? I thought Hillary Clinton invented it when she lied about getting shot at by Bosnian snipers.
I don't think she was lying.
Fear is subjective.
She made the mistake of talking about her feelings.
Women in politics still can't - Shit, are you okay? - It's him.
Hit the blues, get on the radio.
We need backup! Keys, give me your keys.
Eric, can you tell me what just happened? Do you remember if you blacked out? - Backup's three minutes out.
- We can't keep him in the van.
Lock yourself in the car with him.
Make sure he doesn't go to sleep.
He's concussed.
If you see anything, hit the horn.
- Don't be a hero.
- Come on.
Come on, Eric.
Stay in your cars.
Keep your seatbelts on.
Hit the hazards, and lock the doors.
Come on.
DC Edmunds, report your position, what can you see? Over.
Nothing, I can't see a damn thing! Open up the cells and make sure the prisoners aren't injured.
But careful, one at a time.
Shut up! Shut up, calm down.
Help! Hey! Don't fall asleep! Officer down, I need backup right now, over.
Hey! The rise and fall Of your God Will tell me the story of your city The rise and fall of your faith Let me lose or win Let this fight begin Let us lose or win this game Get him up! Get him out of there.
He's going into cardiac arrest.
Come on.
Come on! Come on.
Hey, hey Gunpowder in the IED.
Old school.
We found a tracking device by the exhaust of the prisoner van.
Turns out there was a break-in at the security company's depot last night.
We also found these Which is why Eric was driving unsteadily just before the blast.
So, the pills might have been switched? That's today's date on the prescription.
The time given, 4:15.
The killer's guessing Eric's time of death.
He was out by 87 seconds.
And the snake? We found listening devices concealed in Eric Turner's house.
The killer overheard me at Eric's.
I said I'd be following the van this afternoon.
The killer crept in whilst I was in the house, stole the bag and planted it in Who's this? Collateral.
What happened here? I can't remember what he said.
- You spoke to him? - She did.
- What did you talk about? - Nothing.
His head.
- Yeah, but what did he say? - That he had the all-clear to travel.
I guess he stole the pen from the medical bay.
Oh, I better handle that.
Oh, ma'am, you got some blood on your shirt.
Cheers, mate, I got a spare in the boot.
Rose? I'm sorry, Bax.
You put me in a lose-lose.
I wanted you with me, but I couldn't ignore your behavior.
What were you doing on the roof, Rose, yesterday? Someone said you were erratic, suicidal? Nate? Just talking to my therapist.
What happened? What set you off? You just told me about the letter and that you reported me.
You know, you did the right thing, but it, it brought up a lot of stuff.
I wasn't suicidal.
I can't do anything right.
Hey, you did everything right.
I wasn't straight with you, I disrespected you It's unforgivable.
Please, you're great.
Don't make me cry.
Got to talk to these pricks.
Oh! Finley, get the gazebo! The killer's riffing on old kinds of capital punishment.
The Mayor was burnt alive, Nick was hanged, essentially.
This is poena cullei, an old punishment for parricide.
When a child kills a parent.
Eric turned off his dad's life support before the Hooper trial.
Well, there you go.
Usually, the murderer was drowned in a sack with a snake, a monkey, a cockerel and a dog.
- Can I borrow your jacket? - Yeah.
So, no dog.
He must have been sentimental.
Somebody check the glove box.
Fucking hell.
Don't even joke.
Hmm, burgundy suits you.
This form of execution was used in the fall of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages and the English Civil War.
In Saxony, the poena cullei punishment was used up until the mid-1700s.
So, let's put it this way, Bach was already dead by the time they stopped.
You're listening to Classic FM.
Help! Two three.
Go! Okay, well, if you remember anything.
I do know how you feel, mate.
My mom died when I was about your age.
It's shit.
And I remember she told me, she was very inappropriate, its hereditary, she said she was three days in labor with me.
And when they finally handed me to her, she didn't love me.
Or at least, it didn't feel like love.
She said she felt like she was being poured out like water, from her into me.
And even if she wanted to, she couldn't stop it.
It was scary.
She felt something properly infinite.
I believe that.
It never, ever stopped.
Ever? Never, ever.
Daniel doesn't remember being taken, but he does remember suddenly waking up in the boot of a car.
The driver must have slammed on the brakes, Daniel reached out and touched something cold and wet in the dark.
The driver got out to check on him and Daniel remembers, as the trunk opened, in the light, he saw what he had just touched.
He says they were human faces.
Could he ID anyone in the Ragdoll? Not from the photos, but, by the way, he spoke about it, sounds like the faces were not intact.
Oh, and he also remembers a smell.
- He said, "A smell like Saturday.
" - Yeah.
His mom would get her nails fixed every Saturday.
- She would bring him along.
- Well, it's progress.
- Well done.
- It was all Rose.
He told Daniel about his mother.
- Alyssa? - No, Rose's I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's your story to tell, if you want.
I used a bit of creative license.
What do you mean? - I told him what he needed to hear.
- Well, wait What is going on? I told Daniel that I knew my mother, which isn't true.
And that she loved me.
Which I hope is true.
God, you're odd.
None of the DNA that was found on Daniel's clothing match the Ragdoll victims.
But we did find traces of acetone.
Oh, that's nail polish remover.
That's what he remembered from the salon.
It's also widely used in superglue, paint thinner and chemical peels.
So the kid's not talking bollocks.
- Type that up, get it circulating.
- Wait.
You don't think that lying to a child who just lost their mom, you don't think that that's problematic? Sorry, what's going on? Hold on, hold on.
Whatever you said to Daniel, could it be construed as a threat, as intimidation? No, I was being empathetic.
- No, dude.
You told him a lie.
- Did you coach him on what to say? How would he know what to tell him? Mark Hooper was able to kill again How would he know what to tell him? Mark Hooper was able to kill again Shut up! Get something into your head.
Drill this in there.
Your feelings do not matter.
Finlay Ma'am! He can't just take the win and ignore the consequences.
I can't stop him, Edmunds.
All right? Get some sleep.
I am seriously concerned about Rose.
You don't think you are blowing this out of proportion? No, I don't think so, ma'am.
Did you speak to him yet? He was consoling a child.
Compared to half the stuff other cops do.
That's my problem.
I don't think you'd make excuses for other cops.
You've had a rough day.
You've handled yourself.
But I don't owe you an answer.
I've heard you.
Let it go.
After the shit he pulled today? Would you repeatedly question my judgment on this - if I were Simmons? - Yes, ma'am.
Don't lie to me.
You didn't chase him out the room.
What about Finlay? So, what makes you think you can undermine me, Lake? Door, car, gate.
Door, car, gate.
Door, car, gate.
Door, car Oh, jacket.
You know, I waited for you all morning.
I got so mad, I wrote 2000 words on the time I caught you peeing in the kitchen sink.
My editor says it's not in the public's interest to know that, but I say the devil's in the details.
You seriously want to do this? Could you take a picture for us? Oh Oi, oi.
Chin up.
Shut up, Rose.
- Can we have a word, please, sir? - You're joking.
- You want me to trust that man? - Yes.
Is he house-trained? Yesterday I saw you go above and beyond.
- I'm in.
- You didn't let me finish.
I mean, you can keep flattering me.
If you stay in this house, you will die.
We can get you out of here until we catch the killer.
- But that could take years.
- Would you prefer to be dead?
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