Ragdoll (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

We apologize that we are busy at the moment, one of our representatives will be with you shortly.
Please stay on the line, we value your call.
We apologize that we are busy at the moment.
- MAN: Hello, thank you for holding.
- Yes.
I'm sorry to say, we don't have them.
Now, look, I ordered those rats - two weeks ago.
- What do you need them for? MASSEY: You don't need to know what I need them for.
Suffice it to say, I've already bought the cage.
It clearly states on the website that new regulations No, no, no, no, no, don't even begin to blame Brexit.
- There's nothing we can do.
- Well, that is an absolute disgrace and you can go and boil your bastard head! [LINE DISCONNECTS.]
Always a fight Keep your mind intact Re-live the fire When you're looking back 'Cause it's over Yes, it's over When it's all over Life just seems a dream Yet it's so real So real When it's all over All over [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING.]
Lake? Hi.
Turns out, I'm still the ICE contact on your phone, in case of emergency? You fainted on the street? What are you doing here? I'm back in England.
I'm doing a seminar on public ethics.
- At UCL? - Yeah.
Which department? The Department of Public Ethics.
It's new.
You said you're back in New York? Yeah, yeah, I got an apartment in Queensbridge.
I've got a great view of Manhattan.
The nurse gave me this.
They had to cut it away from your neck.
- Hannah, we - You were living in London the whole time? Lake! - Did everyone else know? - Let's talk, all right? Do you have my number? It's 0-7-7-0-0-9-2-7-8-4.
Han, you deserve to be angry.
Okay, we had problems, but I cut and run.
I guess I just wanted to be in control of the situation Yeah, well, that number's not recognized, so Okay, well, I'm clearly in a lot of pain right now, so just call yourself from my cell, and I-I'm sorry, but I gotta go.
What's your bullshit excuse? I really shouldn't tell you this, but I'm on the Ragdoll investigation.
What? Are you serious? That psychopath? He's actually a sociopath with a delusional disorder.
the story that he tells himself to rationalize his crimes, it's essentially congruent with reality.
It's like his armor.
When you can't control a situation, you make these extreme decisions.
I mean, what are you gonna do if you can't catch this guy? We're gonna catch him.
And I'll be okay.
EDMUNDS: Call me! The killer's buying snakes online, downloading deep-fake voice tech, but apparently GCHQ can't find his IP address.
Makes you wonder what Edward Snowden's banging on about.
Where did you sleep last night? I wish you would tell me what you were thinking occasionally.
You never know, I might be able to help.
Oi, oi.
Chin up! Shut up, Rose.
BAXTER: Are you gonna be okay? Yeah.
I'm gonna tell everyone it's a hipster ruff, like I'm the Duchess of Williamsburg.
You're not gonna drop dead on me? We all need to up our game.
I'm good.
It's only a whiplash.
Do you want some privacy? Oh, I left two officers guarding Rose's flat last night.
But Rose decided to swan off somewhere.
You weren't home? [DOOR OPENS.]
You can be a high court judge, or you can go to Glastonbury.
You can't do both.
Yurt-bothering tit.
Now that Witness Protection has folded, he's holed up in his house, terrified another bent copper is going to kill him in his sleep.
- But he can't stay in his house.
- I told him that.
We've got an MI5 safehouse from tomorrow morning.
The spooks are kicking out some Iraqi interpreter and her family.
Sleep well, sir.
The good news is Wingate installed a security system in his house two years ago, after he let Mark Hooper walk.
And the bad news? Fancy security systems need planning permission.
So the house plans are now readily available online.
So the CCTV's useless.
There'll be a blind spot, there always is and he'll find them with the plans.
I'm assuming the house has been swept for the killer's bugs and cameras? Yeah, I'd assume so, yeah.
Sir, please tell me you double-checked this before you had this conversation with him in his house? It was swept.
Every plug socket, every light fitting.
Get him out of there by hook or by crook.
Do it at gunpoint, I don't care.
Get him in a safehouse and keep Houdini away from him.
- BAXTER: I'll do it by myself.
- Oh, sorry, ma'am.
Arthur Russell called.
BAXTER: Oh, God, what does he want? ROSE: Well BAXTER: You can only play the Arthur Russell card in emergencies.
So this better be Earth shattering.
ROSE: You'll see.
Unlike Simmons, I don't want to be overheard when I'm plotting.
So Finlay was right, all the plans are online? Simmons can keep kidding himself, but none of this is a coincidence.
If Wingate's holed up at home, it's because either the killer wants to kill him in there, or he's waiting for us to move Wingate and then he'll kill him.
So how do we save his life? The killer can see two moves ahead.
So we've got to be three moves ahead.
We've got to create enough chaos to get Wingate out of the house without the killer seeing where he went.
- Yes? - Matthew Wingate? DI Baxter.
Can we have a word please, sir? You're joking.
This is a sick joke.
- You want me to trust that man? - Yes.
Because Rose is the last person the killer would ever expect you to bring into your home.
Is he housetrained? ROSE: I'll ignore that, sir, in the spirit of reconciliation.
You don't owe me anything.
But I can think of several families to whom you owe a heartfelt apology.
Come on, hurry up.
It's a badge of honor.
Most judges become totally passive, amoeba in the wash.
I prefer to rage.
Calm down, it's the Màfe Ginaar [ALARM CONTINUES BLARING.]
a stew I discovered in Senegal.
Every Friday, I bring in a big pot of something for lunch.
- Every Friday? - Rain or shine.
The court system's so underfunded, some of our staff can't afford to eat.
Would you What the Daniel Airley walked the last 50 yards to football practice everyday.
The Mayor used his inhaler every day.
The killer knows your routine and the chances are he's gonna plan on killing you in the next 24 hours.
So what are you doing about it? [DOG BARKING.]
- - Boots! Boots! Here, here.
I can't hear myself think! If you stay in this house, you will die.
We can get you out of here.
Keep you somewhere safe.
We'll keep you there until we catch the killer.
- That could take years.
- Would you prefer to be dead? We can't tell Simmons the truth.
He's gonna start shooting his mouth off.
So we need Wingate to tell Simmons, okay, I'll go to the safehouse, but I want to walk out my front door, with my head held high.
Because because you've done nothing wrong.
You're not going to be intimidated.
Tomorrow morning, Rose will help you get into a squib vest.
The fake blood things in films? On the day, there'll be police vehicles outside the front of the house.
The minute Wingate exits the house, he steps outside and bang, bang, he gets shot.
And if the shooting looks real enough, the killer won't know what's going on.
I'll be outside, keeping the other officers out of the house.
We'll tell them you don't trust anyone, except for us.
Then Rose will lead you out of the house.
You detonate the squibs, you'll have the trigger.
So Wingate gets "shot.
" I'll direct uniforms to spread out, looking for a gunman - that doesn't exist.
- Yeah.
Then you and I drag him back inside, right through the house and into the garden.
Wingate's what, er 12 stone? Come here, lay down.
Is that the best you got? [CHUCKLES.]
Let's do it.
If we tip off the press, we could make it look like the killer genuinely did shoot Wingate.
Who's gonna buy that? The killer is meticulous, he's not some off-his-meds slob, he's not Mark Chapman.
Yeah, but if Andrea wrote it up? People will think she's got the inside track.
She's definitely not gonna buy it.
Maybe we should bring her in on this? I'd rather shit in my hand and clap.
Hear me out.
Why did he send Andrea the kill list? To put himself in the spotlight.
Exactly! He gets off on everyone knowing how good he is.
Better than good.
No one likes to be told they're a shit shag.
- I'll take your word for it.
He's gonna know we're stitching him up.
I want him making mistakes.
I want him making deranged phone calls that we can actually track.
That's how we get him, Bax.
He's only human.
JOY: Lovely looking girl, Carnage Bae.
Love the hair.
Have you felt that lump before? - You can't feel that? - That's my skull.
Sometimes it takes someone else to spot them.
My husband found the lump on my breast.
That wiped the smile off his face.
Oh, my God, Joy Oh, no, thank God, in my case it wasn't cancer.
- It's just a fatty deposit.
- A what? Funny how they measure them in fruit.
It's the size of a blueberry, a grape, a satsuma, an apple.
I think about that every time I eat a grapefruit.
We're ready now.
Happiness! Sorry to rush you along, darling.
We've got an anti-vaxxer on, only his kid gave him measles.
I need to cover up the welts.
Thanks, Joy.
Can you turn off your microphone? You'll have to unzip me.
You can't blame me for Carnage Bae.
I'm a dinosaur, until about 2017, I thought you said meme in a French accent.
Kinda like segue "Me-may.
" Tomorrow morning, Wingate's going to be shot dead on his doorstep.
We need you to report it as fact, pin it on the killer.
Carefully-planned, ritualized kills suggests an inability to improvise.
He'll start making mistakes.
Then, when we catch him, you can reveal that Wingate is alive and well.
I'm guessing you and Nathan came up with this? So why isn't he here? Because I need to know that you can behave yourself.
We're offering you two stories for the price of one.
Assuming the killer really does go to pieces.
He's not invincible, you just made him look that way.
I'm really not interested in him.
Dishonest institutions pose a far bigger threat to people.
What do you know about honesty? You sniff out cops with an axe to grind and get them shit-faced.
Or you just flat-out bribe them, like Chambers.
Right now, you're not in a position to lecture me on professional integrity after what you have just asked me to do.
But I get the anger.
We've made very similar sacrifices.
We have nothing in common.
There are some differences.
I punch up.
I'm not institutionalized.
And I can be wrong.
I can hold my hands up and say, hey, I lost this round.
You're allowed to lose? I can't win.
And you want my help with that? Okay.
Kate? Detective Sergeant Rose.
Have you got a minute? D'you know Aquarium in Shoreditch? Club with the indoor swimming pool? Sure.
They skimp on the chlorine, but it all adds to the Russian roulette charm of the place.
Well, my chef de partie caught noro-virus off one of the hot tubs.
So it's not a great time to be honest.
I want to talk to you about the murder of Teresa Shepton.
- Look, what's your problem? - Teresa's boyfriend, Adam Malik, he sold you heroin.
You saw Adam the night he vanished.
You saw someone else too.
Didn't you, Kate? I'm not an idiot.
I recognize you.
Your name's on that list.
There's only one reason you're interested in Teresa Shepton.
The guy I saw, you think it's the Ragdoll killer? They call him the Faust.
I think you're the only person to see his face and live.
Help us.
I knew that man was a psycho, I could see it in his eyes, but now I'm reading the papers like everyone else and he's some kind of genius.
- He's only human.
- That's not what it looks like.
And everyone that gets within six feet of you winds up dead.
So piss off! I'm gonna leave you my card.
I mean it, stay away from me.
The killer used this to track Eric Turner's prison van yesterday.
Can you tell me where he bought it? I can run off a list of suppliers.
It's not specialist equipment.
Hey, can you also could you trace this number for me? That would be amazing.
Yeah, there's a scrambler on it.
It's a trick criminals use to secure two-way comms with a victim.
What, like, in a kidnap situation? Kidnappers, blackmailers.
I explained all of this to DS Rose.
He was asking about the same number.
I told him it's not on our system.
Wait, Rose thought this number belongs to the Ragdoll killer? It was a theory.
He did blackmail two of his victims.
You guys need to work on your communication.
It very nearly saved my marriage.
I heard the judge agreed to come in tomorrow.
What did you tell him? Look, I need your help on something.
Yesterday, I saw you go above and beyond - I'm in.
- You didn't let me finish.
I mean, you can keep flattering me.
I'm not flattering you.
Yesterday, you ignored a direct order.
Yeah! To protect you.
I told you to stay with Eric Turner.
So, I'm responsible for his death? No, I'm not saying that.
But I need to know you can do exactly as I say.
I need you to stay in your car tomorrow, whatever happens.
You can trust me, ma'am.
Meet me at Wingate's at 5 a.
Well, is Rose involved? I'm not questioning - your judgement at all.
- The less you know, the better.
What if I don't accept those terms? Rose and I both know how good you are.
Are you in? Yeah, I'm in.
DC Edmunds? Someone called Hannah delivered this for you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, if you told me, I forgot.
Is Hannah your girlfriend? Er, I don't think I ever said.
Did I? I don't know, I'm asking.
Yeah, that's her.
That's Hannah.
They bought this for counter-terror training exercises at Hendon.
I've seen these squibs detonate.
The judge is going to look great.
Disgusting but great.
Fancy an omelette? [CLANKING.]
I did another sweep of the house, by the way.
Definitely no bugs.
The best tequila you'll ever drink, from a tiny distillery up in Los Altos de Pedro.
- Three shots? - We're on duty, sir.
Oh, you can't refuse a condemned man.
It's a peace offering, Rose.
You know, crime is born of two things, knobishness and need.
I now see that you're not a knob.
I'm not a criminal, either.
Well, there we get into the truth of your diagnosis.
You were psychotic when you attacked Hooper.
But you broke the law before the trial too, because you needed a conviction.
Can we blame all of that on your PTSD? It's a big day tomorrow.
How about we knock the booze on the head? ['70S MUSIC PLAYING.]
Don't bother with coffee.
Drink! BAXTER: Steady, you'll put your back out.
Oh, my God.
Right, that's enough of that.
Thank you.
Oh, if Simmons could see him now I'm with Simmons on this guy.
I feel sorry for the yurt.
Are you okay? I'm sorry I got pissed off about last night.
You didn't want protection.
I know I get a bit micromanagery.
Really? You put some water in the pan, then you turn the pan on.
Have you cooked pasta before? It's obviously none of my business where you want to spend the night.
Was she right up your street? Very floaty, very maternal? You tell each other she's an old soul, but in the body of a much younger woman.
Wow, that's uncannily accurate.
That's why they pay me the big bucks.
- Good night.
- Night.
Um, Rose, wake me up in a couple of hours so that I can take over.
Nate? I thought you might want some company? Get your arse back in bed! Don't be boring.
I've put a lot of faith in you.
I've trusted you.
Yeah, well I'm going to sleep outside.
Lock the door.
Don't come out.
But what if I need the loo? [DOOR SLAMS.]
It's you.
Come here.
- Aah! - Aah! Shhh I nearly lamped you.
- What about Wingate? Is he all right? - [LAUGHING.]
He just tried to come onto me.
- I'll kill him myself.
- No.
I don't need you killing anyone.
It was just a bit creepy, all right? You can put your dueling pistols away.
What happens to us if we get fired? Teaching? I mean, to us.
Did we become mates out of a process of elimination? Like, my brothers, they think I'm mad doing this job, they don't want to know.
It's not fair on Mum, telling her about the time I couldn't resuscitate a four-year-old? I can't talk to anyone.
Except you.
You never talk about the hospital.
Every time I think about it, it's like a big hole opens up in me.
When you saw cops outside your flat, did it make you feel like you were back inside there? Locked up? It reminded me how much you care.
That's what made you run away? I felt ashamed.
You deserve so much better than me.
- It's the dog.
Did you drink some of that tequila? - What? That's a weird thing to say.
- No, I'm just asking, I'm not judging.
Was it good? I drink the same as any man in our department.
You wouldn't be up my arse if I was any of those lot.
Yeah, 'cause I don't give a toss about them.
Oh, God.
- Hello? - I'm clearing out.
I'm about to get on a plane.
BAXTER: Rose who is it? Rose? It's-it's okay.
It's all good.
BAXTER: Rose, I can hear you.
Who's on the phone? [WHISPERS.]
Can I call you later? No.
I'm really late.
Where are you headed? You think I'm gonna tell you over the phone? The minute I get to security, that's it, I'm done.
You will never hear from me again.
Okay, okay.
Give me two minutes.
I need to find somewhere quiet Rose? Where are you going? I have a lead on the killer, a possible eyewitness.
- How? Who is it? - Stay in the car.
Whatever happens, stay in there.
Wait, wait, who is the witness? Rose? [PHONE VIBRATING.]
ROSE: The killer is outside the house.
- What? What does he look like? - Don't know.
He phoned me to brag, he couldn't resist.
I can't trace the call, - it was a blocked number.
- Look, I am deeply sorry about last night.
The strain got to me.
- I think we were all very emotional - Go back upstairs, now, lock the door.
Don't come out.
Wait for Rose.
What did he say? He thinks we're moving Wingate to the safe house this morning.
He doesn't know about the squibs.
I'm searching the streets at the back of the house.
- You search the front.
- I'll tell the officers outside.
He could be disguised as one of them, or could have blackmailed one of them.
We can't trust anyone, Bax.
You only go inside if you hear someone in distress.
- You got that? - Yes, ma'am.
Right, I'm here now.
All right, look, I don't know if Adam killed Teresa Shepton.
But no way did he do a runner.
For one thing, I owed him a grand.
That's why I went round.
Only he was a mess.
What do you mean? Adam never got high.
But that night, he was out of it.
Then a paramedic shows up.
What, so you called an ambulance? No.
The paramedic just appeared.
He said I'd left the door open.
This paramedic, what did he look like? Uh, he was a stocky bloke, strong, beard.
- Was he white? - Yes, yeah.
Age, roughly? Was he over 18? Yeah, he was in his 30s.
Big blue eyes, kind of wet eyes.
Boxer's nose.
And we will be crossing live to a location in central London soon for some expected significant developments in the Ragdoll, who has become somewhat of a celebrity in recent months [SIGHS IN RELIEF.]
Boots! No.
No, Boots! [GRUNTS.]
These are your favorite.
Biscuit for the boy.
I am in charge of my own feelings, no matter how hard it gets, I can do it.
I'm smart, I deserve to be happy.
Stay in the car.
Hey, Boots, come here.
You're a good boy.
My little eyes and ears.
I'm-I'm here, sorry about that.
BAXTER: I'm outside.
The transport's being a pain in the arse.
Get the squibs on Wingate ASAP - and let's do this.
- Got it.
WOMAN: Let me out! I can't breathe! Please! [EDMUNDS GASPS.]
Simmons? [SNIFFS.]
That's the trigger.
MASSEY: Rose, it's me.
You can bring Wingate down now, mate.
ROSE: Will do.
- Hurry up.
- Cravat.
Really? How did the press find out about this? You got the trigger? Mm-hmm.
What is he doing? REPORTER: Bring him out! Bring him out! [REPORTERS CLAMORING.]
Stop! Get back! [GUNSHOTS.]
WOMAN: Get back! Everybody get back! [SIRENS APPROACHING.]
Let me take the bullet.
Where did you go this morning? Who was the witness you spoke to? Oh, Edmunds told you about that? I asked Edmunds to tell me everything she saw this morning.
- Who was it? - I swore they could stay anonymous.
Who's the witness? Look, I feel terrible, of course I do.
I don't care how you feel.
I'm not your therapist.
I'm not asking, this is a direct order.
Tell me who the witness is.
Tell me where you met them.
Tell me what they said.
SIMMONS: Baxter! Let me take the bullet.
- I'm serious.
- You stupid, arrogant bastards! It was my idea, sir.
DS Rose was following my orders.
SIMMONS: Spare me.
This has got Rose written all over it.
I was the senior officer.
I chose to mislead my SIO.
I put a member of the public in danger.
I've got no excuse for my behavior.
SIMMONS: I know Rose was at your place two nights ago.
There's a reason you don't shit where you eat.
Make yourself useful, Rose.
Now! Unfortunately, you're the face of this case now, "Carnage Babe.
" I'm not gonna be the whatever, the "cis-het man" who suspends you.
They'll be rioting in the streets.
- But there has to be consequences.
- We'll pin this on the killer.
We'll say he conned Wingate into a bit of private enterprise, faking his own death without telling us.
If you do that, sir, if there's no right or wrong, no consequences, then what are we even doing here? The decision's already been made.
Four deaths in less than a week.
You're Deputy SIO in name only.
You have no power, no autonomy.
There can't be exceptions for any officer, in any circumstance.
That's what I thought.
But these days, it's all about optics.
I gave him the keys.
I told him not to come in without a good reason.
He just needed the bathroom.
So the killer switched out the fake blood for sulphuric acid, kills PC Jarvis, strips him and escapes in the 7 minutes between me leaving and Rose coming back.
That's if we believe Rose's story.
He says he didn't call you, he says the killer used a deep-fake to get you out of the house.
And the killer used my voice to trick Rose.
So, why would Rose lie about that? If he made the call himself.
What, at exactly the same time that the killer decides to break in? What if it's not a coincidence? I think the killer has an accomplice.
You think Rose is the accomplice? If Rose won't tell you who he went to see this morning, I don't know how you can believe a word he says.
Stop! If you're seriously making this sort of accusation against another police officer, theories won't cut it.
You need the facts.
Is there anything else I should know about? Yes, the back gate was open.
You mean the killer went right past you? Did you see anything? You told me to stay in the car.
Finlay! Get me some scissors.
- Here - What? Look There is blood around the dog's neck.
Then this could be your man.
Oh, you frightened the life out of me.
I'll take these.
My hero.
I had a tussle at work.
Occupational hazard.
You'll work yourself to the bone.
I'm going to run you a bath.
Hiya, you look worn out.
Listen, try not to take it personally.
The shite can get under anybody's skin.
I've got pretty good boundaries.
I hope you got somebody looking after you.
Does he love me, I want to know How can I tell if he loves me so Is it in his eyes Oh, no, you'll be deceived Is it in his eyes Oh, no, you'll make believe If you want to know If he loves you so, it's in his kiss [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
I'm having a tough time with Wingate, to be honest.
And then I heard you talking about the squibs, ha! Thanks for that! One of the hardest things about my line of work.
How to get fresh eyes on a problem? I'm glad we raised your game.
STATION TANNOY: We are sorry to announce that the 5:15 train - to London Fenchurch St - [GRUNTS.]
Fuck! Idiot! STATION TANNOY: Please stand clear of the platform.
I've got an eyewitness description of a stocky white man, big blue eyes, a beard, a broken nose, maybe a medical professional.
Now, I can call up the CCTV right now from Southend St.
How many people are on the platform? Thirty? Well, I wouldn't want you running around conducting a fatwa against stocky white blokes.
We should meet.
So, we're gonna rebuild the Ragdoll? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
- Shall I be eager? - [LAUGHS.]
MAN: What happens if you do arrest me? What are you going to do? Check downstairs! Look around you.
No one else gets to be emotional.
I'm a dead man walking.
- I'm, uh, in the archive.
Sure sounds windy down there.

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