Ragdoll (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

We found something at Wingate's place, his dog had blood on his collar.
What, it's not Wingate's blood? Or the dead police officer's.
PC Jarvis.
Do you wanna chase it up with me? Yeah, I can't.
I'm, uh in the archive.
Hmm, sure sounds windy down there.
All right, Jessica Fletcher, you got me.
I was in the archives.
Now I'm looking for a Starbucks because I want a Frap and a crap before work.
TMI? Were you looking for information related to the eyewitness? Because if you give me their name, - maybe I can help.
- I'm getting really bored of this.
I promised I'd withhold their name, to protect them.
That's the end of it.
- Excuse me! - Hey.
We are sorry to announce that the 5:15 train to London Fenchurch Street calling at That was quick.
- Take the tunnel? - Where are you? They fleece you for it, don't they? And that's on top of the Congestion Charge.
Every time I get in my car, I feel like I'm being penalized.
Where are you? Look on the back of the envelope.
See you there.
Andrew Daly's refusing to come into protective custody.
Andrew Daly? You've found the next name on the list? Well, yeah, but this guy is one of 29 Andrew Dalys - in the UK.
- You want me to go in the police van? It's weird, 'cause the other fellas on the list have all got links towards the Hooper's trial.
But none of these Andrew Dalys have any connection to Hooper.
Move back! Move back! Any other Andrews live in Southend? In Essex? No, I don't think so.
There's nothing that links Southend to the Ragdoll investigation? Not that I know of.
What's put the wind up you? Nothing, just received a prank call about towns starting with S.
Forget it.
Andy will prefer to stay with his community.
I don't blame him.
You lot embarrassed yourselves.
Hello, Rose.
Looking around.
It's not much of an origin story, is it? It's like a gammon-y take on Beauty and the Beast.
I imagine you, stuck in this provincial little town, shit-posting Meghan Markle on the Daily Mail, yearning for more.
Your contempt for ordinary people is scary but it's not surprising.
They don't understand you.
Most of them have only been traumatized seven times in their lives.
Coppers are traumatized 700 times.
Citation needed.
You're predisposed to violence.
You don't have a choice about that.
And then you get hammered by the job.
I can't flower it up, mate.
You scare me.
You think you've chosen to do this, to become The Faust? You paid me to kill Mark Hooper.
You paid with your own life.
You don't have principles.
You're desperate for gratification.
You want blood.
I chose to answer a calling.
I chose to Kill Joel Shepton in his sleep.
Joel Shepton was unwell.
I don't coerce anyone.
You all come to me.
Michelle Fielding? They didn't call you.
- Alyssa Airley? - You made me realize how hard you've got to shake people to make them open their eyes.
What happens if you do arrest me? What are you going to do? March me into the office, "Surprise!" What happens in that total fantasy? Do you get forgiven? I know your medication has hallucinogenic side effects.
You are tripping balls! They won't forgive you this time.
Mark Hooper's one thing, but you got a copper killed.
There is no way back.
So you tell me, what am I doing here, - what do I want? - Lie to the Black girl.
Not to me.
You know what you want to do.
So let's do it, let's finish this.
Last man standing gets to tell his story.
No one else needs to die.
Meet me on the pier.
Stocky bloke, green jacket.
You live, I die.
You get to save Andrew Daly's life, if you kill me.
You've come this far, you don't want to lose.
Oh, this is how I win.
True justice is tempered by mercy.
This way, people will see me for who I am and you for the monster you've always been.
Do it.
You want to save lives? Do you want to end this? Pull the trigger.
DS Rose Let him through.
Let him through! The rash on Elijah Reed's torso, Finlay thought it was a nicotine patch, but Reed didn't smoke.
I cut myself shaving.
What did I say? It's not all about you.
You didn't sue, you were a kid.
- Yeah, my mum did.
- She had to.
The Army kitted your dad out with dodgy equipment and Shot him up with a Challenger 2 and Andrea's acting like I'm too busy crying my eyes out to catch the Ragdoll killer.
They took that picture off my brother's Facebook.
That was the day I held my breath for 83 seconds underwater.
- You've bragged about it.
- Damn right, I never did it again.
You took up ciggies.
We saw everything.
The reef, sting rays, a wreck.
You've got to ignore it.
That's easy for you to say.
Actually, no.
It isn't.
I had journalists trying to take photos of me in the hospital.
Even when I got out, they were camped out on my door step, that's why I had to move to the high-rise.
Look, I know, it was hell for you and I know you didn't deserve it, - but this - No one deserves it.
You looked fit in Edmunds' jacket.
So they built you up and now they're tearing you down.
People like to talk a big game about empathy, but we're all hardwired to love a scapegoat.
This is different, this is playing into those dog-whistle stereotypes.
- I see that.
- Like I'm this chippy woman who knows how to game the system with her sob stories, like that's the only reason I'm in this job.
I'm sorry, but I don't know what your options are.
Bax Emily.
Uh, the blood from the dog's collar, we found a match from a sample taken from a break-in at a psychiatric hospital 12 months ago.
Well, that sounds promisingly macabre.
That's great news, you moody bastard.
Look at the name of the hospital.
Forgive the carnival atmosphere.
It's music therapy.
Yay! Does it bring back any memories? Rose didn't want me to visit.
What, you've never been here before? It was his decision.
I wasn't gonna, you know, disobey him.
This is where he broke in.
When your man put his weight against it, the glass broke.
And you hope it's the Ragdoll chap? Well, the blood taken from this glass matches the blood at Matthew Wingate's house.
- The judge? - Yeah.
But the samples don't match anyone on our database.
The thing is, Rose had left by the time of the break-in.
The killer's obsessed with the Mark Hooper trial.
I'm assuming you and Rose spoke about it in detail.
Have you got any of that written down? Hmm.
I'll speak to the patients.
Someone's torn the pages out.
Look, three here, another couple here.
You didn't tear them out yourself? No.
Did anything abnormal happen around the time of the break-in? Well, it's not too unusual sadly, but a patient committed suicide.
What was their name? I shouldn't say.
But Nathan's clearly been so affected by it.
It was Joel Shepton, Nathan's friend.
When did you tell him? When did I see Nathan? Monday.
And then, yes, Tuesday morning.
- Monday, Tuesday this week? - Yes.
Nathan returned on the Tuesday on behalf of Joel's family.
Teresa, Joel's sister, she'd been murdered.
Teresa? Was the killer ever caught? Joel was of the opinion that, as an addict and a person of color, Teresa was not a priority.
The police didn't investigate it properly.
Teresa Shepton.
Teresa Shepton.
Joel, that's Adam Keith.
Hello, Morgue.
Yeah, this is DI Baxter.
Um, one of the bodies you've got down there, Keith Rackman, he's got a cut on his forehead, three stitches.
DS Rose said he'd fill out the report? DS Rose.
He hasn't filed anything.
I haven't seen him down here.
He definitely hasn't been down there? No, definitely not.
Right, I need everyone to clear out for half an hour.
Whoa, whoa.
Sorry, forgot the handbrake.
My bad.
Are you trying to kill someone? No.
Got it.
Who's this? Andrew Daly.
I promised him, if he came quietly, he could make one phone call from my office.
Nice! Oops.
Rose? - Sorry.
- Goddammit! You know, good excuse for a de-clutter.
I mean, uh, did this spark joy? Those are my notes.
- Jesus.
- Where have you been, by the way? We'll have to put a bell on you.
What's that supposed to mean? Oh, apparently that's what we're doing these days.
Keeping track of each other.
You think you're being smart? You're making the biggest mistake of your life.
If I was in your situation, I'd be trying to think of a really convincing explanation for whatever the hell that was in Southend.
- Don't walk away from me.
- Don't ever touch me.
Edmunds! Wait for me in there, now.
You can't lose control like that.
You're obsessed with how things look.
Who cares? Look around you.
No one else gets to be emotional.
I'm a dead man walking.
Wait, Bax.
She put a tracker on my car.
- Why would she do that? - She's scared.
I mean, you did the same thing in the Hooper trial.
You wanted a scapegoat, only difference is, I deserved it back then.
- Why do you deserve it now? - I don't! Why does she think you deserve it? It doesn't matter.
The point is, if you ever stepped over a line like that with a senior officer, I'd tell you to shut up and take your medicine.
Then we'd have a laugh about it in the pub.
Did you ever go to Markfield prison? No.
I wanted to on the day that Eric Turner died.
But you told me not to.
But after that you said you'd follow up on Keith Rackman? Yeah, yeah, I did that.
So you did go to the prison? No.
No, I went down to the morgue.
I didn't go to the prison.
Did you put a tracking device on Rose's car? So that's a "yes" then, is it? I followed Rose to Southend-on-Sea.
Okay? I heard him have a conversation with someone on his cell.
Rose was very angry and he was talking about Michelle Fielding, Alyssa Airley.
And I heard him say to this person, "You think you've been chosen to do this, to become The Faust.
" - What does that mean? The Faust? - It's an alias.
I think the Ragdoll killer calls himself The Faust.
You can't prove that Rose was on the phone with the killer, can you? Yes! The deep-fake call you received at Wingate house.
It lured you away long enough for the killer to rig the squib vest.
I found this in Rose's jacket.
Rose knows that there's a scrambler on this number and he didn't tell us.
Also, in Southend, he he mentioned another name.
Keith? Keith Rackman He was the prisoner who died in Turner's van.
He knew Joel Shepton.
Wait, I heard him mention that name too Yeah, Joel was Nate's friend on the ward.
Joel's sister was killed by Keith's mate, Adam Malick, before Adam disappeared.
Okay, so can we talk to Joel? Joel was found dead 12 hours after someone broke into the ward, a presumed suicide.
Yeah, and that same person was at Wingate's house the day he died.
And that person is The Faust.
But none of this is admissible in court.
You illegally tracked Rose's car.
You stole a number.
Well I came to you first, ma'am.
None of this is evidence to suggest that Rose is a murderer.
Yeah, but by withholding this information, he is indirectly responsible for the deaths of minimum two people.
But to charge him, we need to prove that Rose knew all this information.
We need to figure out where he's been, who he's spoken to and why.
Measure twice, cut once.
That's what my dad always said.
That's what we're gonna do.
And I'm not crazy, I'm cooking.
Why did you need to shit on Baxter? They were running the story with or without me.
- If you actually read the - You can see she's hurting, but you just keep piling on the misery.
You can't help yourself, can you? Actually, I'm exercising pretty phenomenal self-control right now.
I'm terrible, thank you for asking.
I didn't get into this business to get people killed.
It's not your fault.
Wingate was killed on my watch.
We're all powerless.
Whoever the killer is, you can't stop him.
No, that's not true, Andrea.
Listen, the killer made a mistake, - so I - I don't wanna know.
I'm gonna stay with my daughter in New York.
And, honestly I'm looking at your life right now and I can't name one damn thing that's keeping you here.
The job.
Baxter? Of course.
I'd miss her.
If you can live without her, then run.
I thought I thought about killing myself.
I never thought about running away.
The log from Markfield Prison the day Eric Turner died, we signed in at 15:05 at the top of this page.
Look at the name at the bottom.
I spoke with Keith Rackman's cellmate.
Rose bought him a burger in exchange for information on the disappearance of Adam Malick.
Help me with these.
Rose's old case files.
Have a look to see if there's anything in there that the killer could have used to blackmail him.
How are the Andrews? "The Andrews.
" Even saying it aloud makes me feel like the killer just wants me sat here, wasting my time.
But I don't know why, or what I can do about it.
See, it all works by misdirection Look, keep your eye on the pen, not on the pencil, that goes inside the pocket.
Keep your eye instead on the pen.
See nothing in my hand, but watch.
Wow! It changes into the pencil and in my pocket it's a pen! Andrea! Andrea! Andrea! Check downstairs.
- Andrea! - Andrea! Don't! Get him off her! Call an ambulance.
No one touch anything.
- Rose.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Where's Baxter? She'll be back.
In your own words, tell me what happened.
The woman's body was later identified as belonging to the journalist and broadcaster Andrea Wyld.
Miss Wyld was a prominent critic of the Greater London Police for their handling of several high-profile investigations.
Recently, she was known to be Can I get you a glass of water? No, I'm all right, darling.
I just can't believe she's gone.
Why What on God's earth is that? The scold's bridle.
It was designed to torture and humiliate "witches," i.
women, women in the 17th century with opinions, troublemakers.
That's a curb-plate.
It sat on the tongue.
When they spoke, it cut them.
He restrained her, attached the bridle to her face.
Then he made incisions He made incisions on her hands, when she screamed, the curb cut into her tongue.
Right now we're trying to work out if she bled to death, or drowned in her own blood.
Rose, do you remember if anything had been stuck to the back of your neck? - Uh-huh.
- Nah.
Don't touch, she's going to take a photograph.
Just stay still.
You got a mirror? - A mirror? - No, here, look.
It's the same rash.
It was on Elijah Reed's torso - Mark Hooper's priest.
- Yeah.
You're AB Negative, aren't you? - Yeah.
- It's like one in a hundred.
Pass me the files, please.
Let's see what Elijah is.
It's an allergy to the sedative.
Elijah Reed.
AB Negative.
Great, great, so I mean, that'll help with the tox scan.
Does it? Bax, we know that the sedative is on a rectangular transdermal patch he sticks on his victims.
Bax Has Rose said anything about Andrea? Outside the initial statement, um, he hasn't been very chatty.
Could've fooled me.
How's he feeling? - I didn't ask directly.
- He's finished.
You know that? Rose needs to see a professional.
I've spoken to his old doctor.
He's briefed me on how to handle Rose.
Maybe somebody else should do it.
In case I get too emotional? No, you'll have it locked down, like you always do.
Look Rose esteems you.
God, I don't know what label to put on it.
And if you go in there with all guns blazing, you might break him.
Now, the first thing to do is to work out what color concealer you need to use.
You wanna match Andrea drowned.
The sedative basically disabled her gag reflex.
Her lungs are full of blood.
And they found semen.
They'll check to see if it's a match with Rose.
I should have seen this coming.
Hey, the killer never concealed the identity of anyone else on that list.
He has broken his own rules.
That is incredibly unusual.
Andrea published my complaint during the Hooper trial.
Wait, the complaint about Rose? I thought Chambers wrote that? We swapped names.
Then he sold it to Andrea Daly Wyld.
I gave the killer permission to be dishonest.
But how would the killer know that? Maybe Chambers told him begging for his life I don't know.
Wait That's a perfect match.
Even the killer missed it.
He was probably panicking when he heard us coming.
He was rushing.
Could you just give us a second, thank you.
Come look at this.
This is Andrea's.
Then after that, you can use your own concealer.
Now for you I like to use a Fair Rose She knows a hell of a lot about Andrea's skin.
Who is she? Andrea was a regular commentator on a news and opinion show.
That would bring her into contact with make-up artists.
Make-up artists use transdermal patches, right? They use acetone.
Remember, Daniel Airley's memory from inside the kidnapper's car.
Maybe she's being blackmailed or tricked into helping him.
Or maybe she's an accomplice.
It's worth a shot.
I've got to deal with Rose first.
Don't speak to that woman without me.
Yes, ma'am.
Christ! Can you give me a minute? I know you spoke to Keith Rackman.
What wait, I can't hear you.
I know about Keith Rackman, about his connection to Joel Shepton.
Yeah, small world.
Seriously, can you pass me a towel? I know about The Faust.
The Ragdoll killer, it's the same person.
I know that he's implicated in the disappearance of Adam Malick.
I know that he broke into the ward, possibly to kill Joel Shepton.
I know you know all of that.
And you lied to me.
Joel told me that The Faust was a hitman, a myth.
He said he made a deal with him.
And then The Faust killed Adam and then he killed Joel.
You can call it justice or revenge, but I wanted it.
And I made a deal, too.
My life for Mark Hooper.
So why didn't you tell me? In the hospital, half the time I didn't know whose dream I was in.
And then, two years later, Hooper's head on the Ragdoll and my name's on the list.
And I didn't believe it at first.
Yeah, but then you found a number with a scrambler on it.
You spoke to him! Yeah, because he recorded my voice.
That's who I was speaking to on the roof.
You said that you were talking to your therapist.
You allowed me to blame myself for hurting you.
You know, up on the roof, I wanted to die.
The Faust said that if I jumped, he'd kill you.
Oh Nathan Rose, I'm arresting you on suspicion of aiding and abetting the murder of Mark Hooper.
And on suspicion of perverting the course of justice by intentionally misleading the police.
He's a white male, 30s, stocky, beard, blue eyes, boxer's nose, possibly a medical professional and an estuary accent.
He won.
He won.
Get dressed! Call your lawyer! I'm taking this so you can't get out.
I'll be back in three minutes.
Rose? Now I want you to keep calm, because there's a really easy way through this, okay? I've got Hannah's letter.
The one that she wrote to you.
It's with me now.
I spoke to an old colleague of yours from Jersey.
He told me about Naomi Green.
He said that Naomi Green killed an associate of hers before skipping bail.
Now, according to this letter, Naomi is your ex.
You piece of shit.
She was the love of your life.
And you paid her bail! In secret! That is a career-ending decision What do you want, Rose? I'm in the locker room on the fourth floor.
Slide your ID under the door.
And I'll give you the letter.
I was so right about you.
It won't hurt the case, I've told Baxter everything.
Can you see her now? Yeah, she's on the phone.
So do it now.
Stand up.
Don't run.
- You're 90 seconds away - I can't.
Yes, you can.
You bailed a murderer.
You're an accessory after the fact.
It wasn't like that.
Even if you get off jail, your career is over.
And you have so much potential.
I mean that.
It would be tragic.
Don't let one mistake Finlay Well, Edmunds has got a lead on a make-up artist, - a woman called Joy - Right, a make-up artist? Oh, God! I'm such an arsehole! Rose looked pathetic, broken! And I felt guilty! He played you.
- He's desperate.
- Why didn't I listen to you? Because you've been getting kicked in the blif for seven days straight.
Try not to beat yourself up.
Bark an order at me or something, go on.
Rose has been blinding me from the start.
We're gonna have to go back to the beginning.
Measure twice, cut once.
Meet me at the morgue.
What do knots tell us about the person who tied them? Their profession, their proficiency and whether they're left or right-handed.
Well, we'd, um, have to recreate the knot.
We're going to have to go right back to the first throw of the stitching.
So, we're gonna rebuild The Ragdoll? Shall I be Igor? Ma'am, I heard about Rose.
And I really hope you're okay.
I figured you were busy, so I'm gonna I'm gonna go talk to Andrea's make-up artist.
I'm outside of her house right now.
Her name is Joy Massey, spelt M-A-S-S-E-Y.
That's a left-handed surgical knot.
Yes, so we're saying The Faust is a left-handed medical professional? Well, a left-handed surgeon can tie right-handed stitches, but it would be weird for a right-handed surgeon to tie left-handed stitches.
Keith Rackman had stitches.
A coincidence? Hm.
In this investigation, no such thing.
That looks like the same knot.
We've a male nurse on the staff at The Markfield Moor Prison.
His name is Thomas Massey.
No priors.
Rose's witness described him as stocky, beard, blue eyes.
It looks like he was on the early shift the day that Keith and Eric died.
And it looks like he might have left around about the same time that you arrived.
I think I saw him.
Where's Edmunds? Ma'am, I heard about Rose.
I hope you're okay.
I figured you were busy, so I'm gonna talk to Andrea's make-up artist.
You idiot.
I'm outside of her house right now.
Her name is Joy Massey, spelt M-A-S-S-E-Y.
Holy shit.
Holy shit! The make-up artist, she's called Joy Massey.
They're family! My husband isn't home yet.
That's okay.
I, uh wanted to speak with you, Mrs.
It's about Andrea Wyld.
Oh, God, it's awful.
This is a dumb question, I'm sure, but can you make your own transdermal patches? Uh, well, you can order them tailor-made to match any skin tone.
Biccy? Little cheeky dunker? If someone is listening to this conversation, offer me honey.
Bless you.
No one's listening! Ah This is DC Edmunds, she was asking me about Mind's like a sieve.
Andrea's skin tone.
The transdermal patches.
That's right.
You wanted to know about the patches.
Tea, love? Just be a tick.
Long day? I can't complain It's never dull No You like it? I wanted something with a tape deck.
- You lost your mind? - The cassettes are back.
Nostalgia for the unremembered '90s.
You may find this hard to believe, but I don't want to make you suffer.
So you didn't give me a chance? You didn't give me a chance! The truth is the only thing that will save you.
- Get out.
- The thing is, it's my office.
I'll give you a minute.

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