Ragdoll (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 You may find this hard to believe, but I don't want to make you suffer.
That would objectify both of us.
I'm just going to nip and get a bucket.
Everything okay, love? You probably don't want to chat, do you? Mind on higher things I don't know what you're so happy about.
It's going to be a kick bollock scramble to do the girl before they come looking.
Hun, if anyone can do it, - you can.
- She's not on the list.
I don't want people to lose sight of the point I'm trying to make.
If I kill the girl, it's going to look overzealous, gratuitous.
Are you going to get that? Oh.
Leave it.
You're more important.
Oh, let's go away tonight.
The passports are ready, the bags are packed.
Babe, what if Caesar never crossed the Rubicon? You can stand there asking "What if?" all night, but the fact is you've got a destiny.
And remember, you're not broken, God's making stained glass.
I know what I'm going to do to her.
Oh, don't tell me, don't tell me.
I want to read about it on the Internet, when they find her! No, no, no! We'll update you when we've searched the location, ma'am.
Local cops are ten minutes out.
- We're a half hour away.
- I told her to wait for me! No one listens! - Step on it! Pick it up! - I'm trying.
For goodness' sake DC Lake Edmunds was last seen at your location, search the premises.
- Over.
- I'll check the basement.
I' ll check the exterior.
Tea? Coffee? Drinky-poo? A cheeky little paddle up Jacob's Creek? No, thank you, madam.
Oh, let me do that.
There's a knack.
Watch you don't break your neck.
What's in here? Thank you for your time, Mrs.
Thick walls.
That was Vicky Tibbs from 26 asking for a mop and bleach.
The things she'll stomach to please Kevin.
I need you to buy me some lye.
The builders' merchants on the ring road, it should still be open.
You always cut it too fine, - it's like you and petrol.
- I'm gonna have to unblock the drains.
There is a fatberg forming.
That's because you started flushing bodies out of bone idleness.
That's how they caught Dennis Nilsen.
Don't ever compare me to Nilsen, Bundy, Dahmer, perverts, scum.
It makes you sound like an idiot.
I'm sorry, Tommy.
I'm not doing this because it feels good.
Life is nasty, brutish and short, yes, and people used to understand that.
And then some genius decides that we all deserve to live without fear.
And bang goes truth, bang goes justice! Because fear is necessary, Joy.
What I am doing is necessary.
God! Local cops say they saw no evidence of DC Edmunds at the property.
- That's them now.
Should we - Keep driving.
Traitors were hanged, drawn and quartered throughout the "Enlightenment.
" Police! The condemned man would be drawn, he would have his intestines removed and burnt in front of him.
Help me! - Anything? - No one's upstairs.
The basement.
Let me have the torch.
Is there anything? Nothing in here, ma'am.
The basement feels too small for this house.
The executioner made incisions in the tendons around the arms and the legs, so that when the horses started pulling, the limbs would come away from the torso or "trunk.
" It's a door.
She's in here! - Push it, it's spring loaded.
- Edmunds? Edmunds! - Baxter, help - It's all right.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
Are you all right? Are you all right? You all right there? You all right, madam? Come on.
- - "Powerlessness.
" I was thinking about the trial The things we do for love and I realized you weren't there.
I couldn't handle it.
You scared me, I didn't recognize you.
For the benefit of the tape, I'm showing Joy Massey 11 Polaroids, each with a handwritten date, sent to the same P.
box in Palmers Green over a period of four years.
It gave me a feeling of control.
I couldn't keep them at home and they had to be Polaroids, 'cause Thomas used to go through my phone.
He was jealous? He was old-fashioned.
Some of these photos, they're pretty nasty.
Do you have any scars? Thomas was a prison nurse, you know that.
Flesh wounds were his bread and butter.
He blackmailed one of his victims, Alyssa Airley, by kidnapping her son, Daniel.
Daniel remembers human remains in the car in which he was abducted, wounded faces.
He also remembers smelling acetone, which make up artists like yourself use to remove silicone off skin.
Are you asking me if I faked them? If you faked them as leverage to get yourself out of an abusive relationship, I'd understand.
But if we can ID the car in which Daniel was abducted, that'd be a start.
I think there's a special place in hell for women like you.
The patch on Andrea Wyld's body, it matched her skin perfectly.
I had files on all my regulars at home.
And Thomas was an inventor.
He could turn his hand to anything.
You sound like you're proud of him.
I am.
But the man I loved died last night.
She's got an alibi for every kill.
There's no physical evidence to suggest that Joy took part in any of the violence.
No cameras, peepholes, she's not a voyeur.
For the gnarly bit, she was off in the chip shop.
Let's go with what she said.
Not once did Joy ever deny that her husband was the killer.
The Polaroids are proof that Massey was violent and abusive.
And you won't get a jury saying otherwise.
I mean, I'm sorry, but what does a woman have to do to be believed around here? She's cooperated with us fully.
We can't hold her forever.
Ma'am, Thomas Massey is a sociopath with nothing to lose.
And his wife is our best shot at finding him.
We've got officers at every airport, ferry port, train station.
It's only a matter of time.
Massey had his chance to run.
He didn't take it, nor did Rose.
Instead, Rose is seen in possession of a firearm trying to break into my house.
Where did he get a gun from? Anyone that does this job properly knows where to find a gun.
Look, if we take Rose off the board, then Massey loses his primary motivation to punish Rose.
Then he'll have a heavy incentive to leave the country, and we've got all his exits covered.
We're not going to arrest Rose.
Rose is guilty of aiding and abetting the murder of Mark Hooper and perverting the course of justice.
He confessed all of this to me.
Look, if this is just about PR, then Rose's name is the last on that list.
If he dies, Massey wins.
How does that look? His death might not be the worst outcome.
Like you say, Massey's mission would then be done.
And I'm sure we'd pick Massey up very quickly.
You literally want to bury him.
You're his friend.
Hand on heart, did you turn a blind eye to his behavior? No one's doubting your ability.
You're destined for great things.
Sometimes we have to bite our tongue.
You're the face of this case.
I need you calm and confident on TV tonight.
Don't throw it all away, not for Rose.
I could order some breakfast? Bagels? - Get out.
- The thing is, it's my office.
I'll give you a minute.
We need two uniform officers.
This is for Massey's residence for outdoor surveillance.
Forensic is still combining the basement for prints.
Now we do know that a woman in her fifties is being questioned in connection with the Ragdoll murders.
Although, she wasn't arrested, so she's presumably not being seen as a suspect at this time.
How are you feeling? Rose knows about a mistake I made back in the States.
He blackmailed me.
I gave him my pass, that's how he escaped from custody yesterday.
Oh, for God's sake, Christ, please tell me this is the morphine talking.
If you want to charge me, I get it.
But the nurse just told me that Rose is waiting right outside my room.
Keep him there.
Keep him talking.
Sorry I put you in a compromising situation last night.
Go to hell.
I found an IED at Baxter's house.
Wait, you brought it to a hospital? But I disassembled it first.
I don't think it was supposed to explode.
I got some pretty strong visuals from huffing the canister.
Oh, that sounds scientific.
I think it might be an aerosolized sedative, the same compound Massey used on his patches.
I mean, the sensation reminded me of The night he killed Andrea Wyld? Yeah.
Baxter's not on the list, Massey won't want to kill her.
- If he is using the same sedative - Yeah.
I think he wants to use her as bait, make me come after him, so he can get to me.
What are you doing, Rose? You're a fugitive, you're out of options.
I got a hero's welcome from the cop stationed outside.
I'm probably not even flagged on the PNC.
I reckon they'll send Baxter after me, they think I won't make a fuss.
That's why you're here.
You knew I would call Baxter.
You wanted me to.
Keep the bomb and, um enjoy the grapes.
Call me.
Yeah, we found two severed heads in Massey's basement.
You should be in bed.
Rose knew that I'd call you.
He wanted me to.
I'm so sorry.
What's that? That is an IED that Rose found at your house this morning.
It's the same design as the one they found - the day Eric Turner died.
- Only Rose thinks it's armed with a sedative, not an explosive.
Massey wants you alive to use you as bait.
Ma'am, did you find the light in Massey's basement? The CSIs couldn't find anything.
Well, it's an orange light.
And he stopped what he was doing when he saw it flashing.
Obviously his wife was warning him about the local cops.
Did the light stop flashing? - Yeah, after the cops left.
- So you heard them leaving? Did the light start flashing again when Finlay and I arrived? It's all right to say "I don't know.
" No! No, it didn't.
But that is proof! Joy wasn't home when you got there.
So she couldn't warn him about you.
Lake, there is not one of Joy Massey's fingerprints in the concealed section of the basement.
Nothing, not even a hair.
- She didn't even touch the fake wall.
- Okay, but she knew! All right, she knew! I was the one being tortured.
I don't understand why nobody's listening to me! I believe you.
But there's nothing I can do.
Rose You like it? I wanted something with a tape deck.
- Have you lost your mind? - Cassettes are back.
Nostalgia for the unremembered '90s.
You blackmail Edmunds, then you scare the shit out of her to make me drop everything, so that you can lure Thomas Massey to a hospital? - I've got everything under control.
- Yeah? You've got nothing under control.
You're freewheeling, you're making the same mistakes all over again! You made your deal with Massey because you couldn't believe that we would ever catch Hooper without you! Come on, Hooper was in a tailspin.
People are gonna die because you're on some death - or glory bullshit! - "Glory"? I'm driving a diarrhea-colored 1993 Honda Civic You know that this is gonna jeopardize the prosecution! Massey learnt everything he knows about killing inside the prison system.
He's gonna spend the rest of his life inside, telling anyone who'll listen how to commit mass murder! What happens to him after I arrest him isn't up to me! What's up to you is to see him for who he'll always be.
He's a human Chernobyl wearing five-fingered shoe gloves, for God's sake! You can't just wash your hands of him! I don't get to choose what's right and wrong.
Look, I'm sorry I put you in danger.
Now get somewhere safe.
- I'll sort this out.
- Rose, where are you going? - Where are you going? Rose! - To sort this out.
Where are you going? - Get out of the car, Bax.
- Tell me! What is wrong with you? Why would you rather die than tell me what's going on? It killed me to lie to you.
But it felt like the only way to stop my world going up in flames again.
Listen to yourself, that's your trauma talking.
You need help, Nate.
I should have listened to that.
I put my needs first.
I needed you.
- Let's get Massey together.
- You're not listening, it's over.
- He killed Joel.
He killed Andrea! - Come in with me.
Give me the keys! Give me the gun! Tell me those are ambulances.
I called for backup.
- They don't know the details yet.
- No! So you didn't give me a chance.
You didn't give me a chance! Rose, Vanita doesn't care if you die! She wants you to die to keep your deal with Massey out of the papers.
That's a good thing, Bax.
Don't you see? If I kill Massey, I'll be back at my desk on Monday.
Vanita doesn't have to know anything.
This could still be our secret.
There is no "ours," there's no "us.
" The truth, the truth is the only thing that will save you! Damn it! Fuck! I'm gonna kill him.
It's all I'm good for.
So give me the keys.
Give me the keys! - I didn't want this.
- I don't care.
He's such a shark.
I can't believe this is happening to me.
I knew you'd call.
Where's Baxter? Is she safe? She gave me a ride from the hospital.
Finlay's out of the ICU.
But that's not why you're calling.
They let Joy Massey go.
They put her up in a motel while the CSIs finish up at her house.
I'll send you the address, watch her, see what she does next.
She's still our best shot at catching Massey.
I've always said this was never the work of just one man.
By the way, you were right about the IED.
It was a sedative.
Why are you helping me? All good with your make-up? We had to put an email out for someone to replace Joy Massey.
In five, four, three, two I'm joined by Detective Inspector Emily Baxter.
Emily, are people dying due to a lack of experience at leadership level? I'm sorry? Well, have the police been pressured into diversifying too quickly? As you know, this is not what I'm here to talk about.
But don't you owe our audience an explanation for the death of Andrea Wyld, or the Mayor Ray Turnbull? Look, I know a lot of people are frustrated with the way this investigation has been handled.
Well, if you'll forgive me, you sound like a politician.
I mean, do you genuinely understand the public's anger? Yes.
Because I too feel frustrated, I feel angry, - I feel afraid - So it would be fair to say that you do feel out of your depth.
You've come here to name a second individual wanted in connection with If I sounded like a politician, it's because I've been put in a position where I'm basically powerless.
You know, the explorer Pierre Brazza, colonized the country my grandfather was born in.
Brazza played the same game with each local king.
He held out two hands, in one hand, he held a piece of cloth and in the other, a bullet.
He said, "White man has two hands.
The hand of war "and the hand of trade.
"Which hand do you want to shake?" I'm in a position where I'm having to make the same, boring, exhausting choice.
Stay silent and remain numb or speak out and watch my world go up in flames.
But when the police put protecting ourselves, as an institution, ahead of protecting the public, then there's not even a choice anymore.
Are the police trying to repress the name of the second individual involved in the Ragdoll case? Nathan Rose is a danger to himself and to others.
He is a profoundly traumatized man who deserves the chance to answer for his crimes.
If you see him, do not approach him.
Call 999 instead.
Thank you.
Finally, we get a straight answer.
Thank you.
Now, British fishermen were promised calm waters, but a new storm is brewing in Europe.
Okay, we're back on, in three, two You gotta enjoy yourself too I'm just staying here while the police investigate my husband.
Nathan Rose is a danger to himself and to others.
He is a profoundly traumatized man who deserves the chance to answer for his crimes.
If you see him, do not approach him.
Call 999 instead.
Thank you.
If you want to save Baxter's life What are you talking about? What have you done to her? Go there at midnight.
Go alone.
No police.
Tommy doesn't want to kill her.
But when he's made to do something he doesn't want to do, he does it in a really filthy mood.
Meet me at the TV studio where Joy Massey worked.
- Come alone.
- What? Rose, Baxter's missing, no one knows where she is.
She's here.
Massey's got her.
Just come alone, do you hear me? No backup.
- No! - Please.
Joy Massey told me to come alone.
You were right about her.
He's gonna kill her, just to mess with you.
Come alone.
Bax Are you okay? Stop! Kick the gun away.
I dealt with him.
- Stabbed him with a box cutter.
- On your own? - Are you hurt? - Stop! Kick the gun away.
- Come on, don't be so stu - Stupid? I was never going to pull the trigger.
I I'd never actually hurt you.
You fucking destroyed me.
Don't say that.
Here Cuff yourself.
- Emily, what have you done? - Put them on.
I'm treating you the same way - that I treated Massey.
- Don't do this.
Cuff yourself to the railings.
Tie your hands behind your back.
Please, you don't have to do this.
Yes, I do! This is the only way - that you can come back - I don't want to come back.
Yes you do.
Don't say that.
If you love me, do the right thing! This time will you visit me? Yeah.
Come and get me.
Let this man go, that was the deal.
How does it feel, Nathan? You bastard! You know, I'm happy that you have finally done the right thing.
Now, I knew you wouldn't do it to save yourself or anyone else, but you'd do it for her to atone.
Emily Know what one of these is? Hmm? Take it and this man lives.
I won't hurt him.
- What's in it? - Paraquat.
Weed killer.
I won't bore you with the chemistry, it shouldn't affect your decision.
Don't do it! Don't take it! You hear that? Rose wants him to die! But you're nothing like Rose! Emily, you're one of the good cops! The heroes we hear so much about! You'll do whatever it takes to save an innocent life.
Take it! Bax, don't do it.
Don't take it.
You don't have to do this! Bax.
Take it.
Take it.
Bax! Bax! Bax! Emily! Bax! Please! Jesus Christ! Hey, hey! You're gonna have to control your breathing.
See, the paraquat, it's in your lungs now, spreading throughout her alveoli.
Yeah, and oxygen is going to aggressively accelerate the blistering.
With each breath, more and more blisters burst, filling her lungs with fluid.
She's going to feel like she's drowning in fire.
You see, I wanted to recreate the effect of drinking molten gold, only this, this will take her longer to die.
Now, I assume you haven't really called for backup? No, of course you haven't.
Because then, you would be forced to tell the truth.
You see, that noise is going to be quite distressing.
Her hearing is going to be the last thing to go.
So, you have 40 minutes to apologize.
I mean, how many people get to say that they have received precisely the punishment they deserve? It won't be a punishment if I die before she does.
You die when I say you die.
Don't do that.
Stop it! Jesus Christ! Emily! Officer down! I need an ambulance right now! Don't put her on oxygen! Do you understand? She's inhaled paraquat, it's a weed killer.
Get her on dialysis.
Shit! Wait, I left my my cuffs on my desk.
Here, these, use these.
The keys are in Baxter's pocket.
- Stop! - Leave him.
- Armed response.
- No! They'll kill him! Here.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no! This is all wrong.
What are you wearing? You are meant to be Mrs.
Martha Evans.
Born July 13th, 1972.
- I'm not coming, Tommy.
- Yes, you are.
Don't be stupid.
We are leaving on the 6:17 - to Marseilles.
- I'm sorry.
We've just grown apart.
Since when? Look at ya, hun, your wig's all crooked.
I've tried my best to nurture you, but you've bottled it.
I protected you.
There is nothing in that house, nothing, that pins it on you.
Hmm, that's me bottling it, yeah? I really thought you were gonna be the one.
But you gotta kiss a lot of frogs.
A lot of them.
How dare you turn your back on me.
I just can't see myself on the run.
Dyeing me hair in train station toilets, while everybody back home's being like, "Whatever happened to the whatsit, Ragdoll, "the murders that died on their ass a bit?" I don't want to fade away.
- You want to burn out? - I want to burn and burn.
You are nobody.
You are nothing.
And no one will forget what I have done.
I'll have to be the judge of that.
- Did you check in with Europol? - Uh-huh.
Still no sign of Rose.
He still kids himself that "Wo ist die techno-party?" opens up a lot of doors in Germany.
- That's very specific.
- It's from a drinking game.
I put whiskey in my coffee this morning.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
I wanted to tell someone that wasn't gonna say, "I told you so.
" I'm gonna knock it on the head.
That's awesome.
Anything you need, ma'am.
There's one thing I can't work out.
How did Rose know which hotel Joy Massey was staying in? I don't know, um Maybe Massey told him? Maybe it was part of the whatever, the game? Sorry, ma'am, um, there's been a crime passionnel down Surrey Quays.
I wouldn't even know how to get to Surrey Quays.
I think I might have been there one time after falling asleep pissed on the night bus.
Edmunds, I'll ride with you.
Just one sec.
DS Edmunds.
It's Leo Russo.
How you doing? Captain? I'm good.
Thank you.
Look, we had a call a couple of months ago from a sergeant in London.
Nathan Rose? Rose called you? What about? Naomi Green.
I hope Rose didn't make you go digging.
Naomi's no longer relevant to a case over here.
Well, look, there's been a development.
The body in the trunk was so decomposed that it was so hard to identify Do you know what to do when you get pulled out to sea? - You don't fight the tide.
You'll drown.
- Do you think The Faust is real? - I will die with peace of mind.
- This is my fault.
- How is this making you feel? - Mr.
Hooper! Another game?
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