Ragnarok (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

War Is Over

[eerie music playing]
[woman] One step at a time.
That's how Gods, Giants and humans
walk their destined paths through life.
- But the path can be hard to see.
- [thunder rumbling]
Particularly now,
the balance in the world,
which has always been maintained
by the battle
between Gods and Giants, good and evil,
could tip either way.
The young God of Thunder
had finally forged Mjölnir,
the world's mightiest weapon.
At the same time,
he had promised his brother not to use it.
Thus, a strange truth has been agreed
between two hereditary enemies,
The Gods
and the Giants.
And the world's mightiest weapon
ended up on a dusty shelf.
But the enmity was by no means forgotten.
And in secrets,
Magne kept trying to continue the fight
against the Giants without the hammer.
With the rules of the modern world,
he tried to collect evidence
for a trial against Jutul Industries.
We fucking tried that.
You found the barrels with the poison
and the Giants got away
with the smallest fine in the world.
Yeah, but that was about the environment.
Now it's about the people.
I have I have a list of people
who worked at the factory.
A lot of them are sick and some have died.
We only need one witness
and we have a case.
Don't you know what we sacrificed
for you to get that hammer?
They'll kill my brother if I use it.
Get it?
It was you who said war was unavoidable.
[chair scrapes]
[Harry] I'm out of here.
[woman] The Fellowship of the Gods
was dissolved in anger,
and they went their separate ways.
And the Giants lived on
as they always had.
Son followed Father,
while the proud Mother
looked on admiringly.
And the one who dared to rebel
was now bound to servitude
because of her treachery.
And the new truth came at just
the right time for the Giants.
They weren't in a hurry.
Because they had made deals
with someone who was on both sides,
and who was raising a creature
whose sole purpose
was to kill the young God of Thunder.
And for each passing month,
the Giants knew that
- the monster grew bigger and stronger.
- [creature growls]
And that time was
running out for their enemy.
Every time he found witness,
it became apparent
just how much power
the Jutul family wielded in their town.
Yeah. Magne told me that you were
previously employed at Jutul Industries,
but that you became ill
and never got any compensation.
- No. No, that's not quite right.
- What?
I'm sorry, Magne, I can't help you.
I'm too afraid.
[woman] One by one, they withdrew.
I think we're done here.
[woman] Nobody dared
to go against Jutul Industries.
And as Magne's case
grew weaker and weaker
an urge grew within him
for a different kind of action.
Mjölnir wasn't just a tool for Magne
to put away whenever he wanted.
It had its own will.
And it called to its owner
from the darkness.
The clearer the day ♪
The colder the night ♪
To know when to run ♪
Is to know when to fight ♪
[woman] Step by step,
both Gods and Giants
move towards the inevitable battle.
When it's do or die ♪
[ducks quacking]
[woman] All the while,
the unaware humans live their lives
without knowing there was a threat
that grew bigger in the fjord.
A creature that
only one person could defeat.
Oh, don't close your eyes ♪
[woman] But humans had stopped believing
in those kinds of creatures
a long time ago.
[water bubbling]
[children crying]
Come. We're gonna
We're leaving now.
Yeah. Come, come on.
No rest ♪
For the wicked ♪
No rest ♪
For the wicked ♪
No rest ♪
Hey, darling.
No rest ♪
For the wicked ♪
- [rumbling]
- [objects rattling]
When it's you and I ♪
Oh, there's no rest ♪
For the wicked ♪
For the wicked ♪
For the wicked ♪
What the hell, boss?
The power's out again.
Yeah. About time.
[electricity crackling]
[soft growl]
[Laurits] Are you eating?
It's just me.
[creature screeching]
[ominous music playing]
Ran, did you hear that?
- The thunder in the mountain?
- No, it was the hammer.
That's impossible.
- We have a deal.
- It sounded like the hammer.
You've no right to talk.
Listen, Magne's brought out the hammer.
He's used it
and we have a big fucking problem.
[switch clicks]
[Laurits] What the fuck are you doing?
Do you know what you've done?
You know my family trusts
what you've told me.
What do you think
will happen to me once they
discover that you used the hammer again?
Then don't tell.
- Just let it be.
- It was a massive crack of thunder.
The power went out in half the town.
Do you think
they're fucking stupid or what?
I only threw it once.
Was this enough?
You broke the truce.
It will be on my head.
I won't use it again.
Last time.
Hi, Laurits.
Hi, love.
You can cut the tension with a knife.
Is this some sort of secret brotherhood?
Okay. Um, Turid has put her dress on.
So maybe you can come down
and look with some positive energy.
What do you think, Laurits?
Is it okay?
It seems ripped in the back. But
Yes, I know.
But But I can't fix that
when we don't have power, I can't sew.
Maybe you could do it by hand.
I can help you.
[Turid] Thank you, Magne.
But it has to look nice.
So I have to do it on the machine.
I can't even write my speech to Erik
because the computer
has run out of battery.
And everything's going wrong,
it can't get any worse.
Wow, look at you.
No, no, you can't look.
- You have to turn around.
- Oh, fuck. Sorry.
It's bad luck.
It's seven years of bad luck.
- Or 13.
- [Erik] Sorry.
[speaking indistinctly]
- Then we have to consider the same.
- My battery's dead.
Okay. Then you'll just have to do it
the old fashioned way. Here.
[rain pattering]
[phone vibrating]
[teacher speaking indistinctly]
Wanna hang with the others during break
or do something else?
I have to check on Mom.
She stressed about the power thing.
- I have to do something.
- Okay. What are you gonna do?
I don't know. Something.
Okay. You are too nice, Magne.
- But I'll see you later.
- Yes.
[woman] I'm gonna take some time
to fix this.
I can do about, uh, 60%,
but the rest has to come
through the station of
I just wanted to check.
Uh, what's happening?
- The power is out of my house, so.
- Yeah, I see that.
Because this doesn't make any sense.
Did you see that block of stone?
It's old bedrock.
Doesn't just break off and fall.
But take it easy.
You and the other peasants
will have your power back very soon.
What do you mean by that?
Ironically, the power only went out
in the poorer parts of Edda.
So Jutul handed this power?
[chuckles] No, no,
they'll never lack anything.
Do you know them?
And then there was light and happy days.
Uh, did you work for Jutul?
Maybe I worked for them once.
Until I got sick.
Ma rit. Marit.
There wasn't a Marit on the list
that quit due to illness.
[Marit] Have a nice day.
[engine starts]
[Magne] Wotan!
Wotan. [panting]
I think I found a witness.
There's a woman that wasn't on the list.
Her name is Marit.
She worked at the factory
as an electrician.
You can't win like that.
There is only one way.
Yeah, but I can't do that, Wotan?
Because of Laurits,
I have to try this way.
Just just need to find out
where she lives. Siri?
[phone beeps]
Marit, electrician, Edda.
[Siri] I cannot find the name
Marit, electrician.
- [phone beeps]
- Marit, electrician, Edda.
[Siri] I cannot find the name Marit.
My dear boy, you have made yourself
way too depend on your mobile phone.
Why don't you try a raven?
[ravens cawing]
That stays on
until your punishment runs out.
- Like the old law says.
- [sighs]
I don't deserve this.
I don't deserve to live
down in the basement.
I want my weapons back.
And you know that
Vidar would never have allowed this.
You betrayed your own family.
You are the reason that hammer was made.
And now Magne's used it.
I think you should be really fucking happy
you're not in the grave with Vidar.
Kneel. Kneel.
You were Vidar's favorite.
But now, I'm in charge.
By the way, it suits you.
[ravens cawing]
[continues cawing]
I got liver cancer
from working at their factory.
It was a death sentence.
I lost all my hair.
I had given up.
Even my wife, I scared away, but
Then I did something
I had never believed in before,
I went to a numerologist,
and changed my name,
filled my bedroom with crystals.
Six months later, I had recovered.
I promised myself then
not to seek revenge.
To live my life
as though every day was the last.
Be happy and grateful.
[Wotan clears throat]
There's an evil that has haunted
this town for far too long.
[Magne] Which is ruining the world
as we know it.
And that's why we're here today.
We would like to ask you
[inhales deeply]
do you want to stand beside us
in the battle against evil,
and tear evil out by the roots.
We were wondering if you want to be
a witness against Jutul,
tell us everything you know in court.
No. I don't want anything
to do with those people.
Thanks for the talk.
Is this your wife?
Yes. Elisabeth.
The love of my life.
I also had a girl from here.
I was in love with her.
Her dad worked at the factory.
He got sick.
And died.
Then I had a friend called Isolde.
Who was murdered.
I'm so sorry about your wife.
[man] This is simply put
our best result in five years.
22 billion.
In addition, we have negotiated a very
advantageous tax deal with the government.
The environmental fees that
were imposed on us are pretty modest,
to be honest.
[Ran] Hmm, that's nice.
But today is all about fuel.
Yes. What we have done is put together
an education and trainee program
so that you'll be ready to take over
all the roles your father had in business.
So I've written a short description here.
[Ran] Hmm.
Harvard Business School
combined with corporate law at Cambridge,
and at the same time you'll take over
larger parts of the business
and have more responsibilities.
This is more or less the exact same deal
- that Vidar had when he was taken over.
- [plates breaking]
We can absolutely throw up
a similar program for Saxa.
No thanks. She's not interested.
[machine whirring]
Mom, do you spell cancer
with one "n" or two?
One "n". C-A-N-C-E-R.
- You are writing about some sad stuff?
- [door opens]
- [door closes]
- Hey, Laurits.
Can you two stay?
I have something to show you.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
What's the big secret?
You're over there with an open laptop
and lots of papers and
as soon as you see me,
you pack it all up.
I know you're up to something.
What is it?
- I haven't touched it.
- I didn't ask about that.
I'm wondering what you Wotan are doing?
What do you mean?
Did you follow me?
I saw you walking away from the store.
Very determined.
Maybe I should have followed you.
We found a witness.
Who got sick from working at Jutul.
You just can't let it go.
[Turid] Boys? Can you go
and get some takeout?
I'm worn out after all the sewing.
What do you think?
- Wow.
- [giggles]
What do you say, Laurits?
I took off the veil.
Mom, when you're as sweet as you are,
you don't need to look like a meringue.
All this work is just wasted then.
Now I'm going to start crying,
and I've just had my eyelashes colored,
- they'll get ruined. [sniffles]
- Mom.
I just need one minute.
[sniffles] Sorry.
- [door closes]
- [Magne] Why did you say that?
Can't you say she's pretty?
I don't feel the need to fit into
everyone's bourgeois world of flattery
where we just complement each other
- because we're afraid of conflict.
- That's how you see me?
No [sighs]
Can you just get
a cheeseburger and fries for me?
Can't you come with me?
- No.
- Why?
Jens, who who works there.
- He broke my heart.
- No, it's fine.
Okay. You don't have to come.
I'll get it.
[door opens, closes]
And you're the one thing
Holding my head together ♪
My fix, my medicine ♪
- [Magne] Hi. Yes.
- What would you like?
Can I get four cheeseburgers
with an extra
[cell phone ringing]
- I'm sorry, I have to get this.
- Yeah, of course.
Hey. Go on.
[man] Hi, Magne.
I looked into your witness.
It looks like you have a case with Marit.
Can you bring her here
tomorrow morning at 9:00?
Yeah, okay, I will.
Then we can discuss how to proceed.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
I owe it to you ♪
[Turid sobbing]
Mom I didn't mean it like that.
Do you remember kneeling in front of me
and begging me not to kill you?
We made a deal then
that you would make sure
- that Magne never use that hammer.
- Yeah.
So what the fuck happened?
Did Magne use the hammer again?
He's [grunts]
Do you remember the second part
of our agreement?
That the worm would grow
large enough to kill Magne?
Right? How's that going?
Because I feel like
we're running out of time.
Little O has gotten much bigger.
And this morning he actually ate a duck.
- A duck?
- Yes.
That serpent was once big enough
to span the entire world,
and strong enough to kill
even the most powerful of the Gods.
Magne used the hammer.
What the fuck is he doing?
[soft music playing on radio]
[Erik] What's going on?
Uh fixing lunch.
[footsteps approaching]
Yeah, We have a long day, so
Oh, my God, I completely overslept.
Oh, you made breakfast for the boys!
You're so kind.
I was sewing all night,
you'll be so proud of me.
We're running late.
Shall we go to school together?
I have to do something on the way.
So I'll meet you there?
Okay. Laurits?
Uh yeah, I have to run too.
- [Magne] Bye.
- Bye.
Uh see you.
- Have a nice day.
- [Erik] Okay. Bye, boys.
[door opens]
- Bye.
- [door closes]
[Turid giggles]
[knocking at door]
[Magne] Hello?
[Magne] She couldn't have fell.
She's an electrician.
[Wotan] You'll never be able to prove
it wasn't an accident.
It was Fjor.
[door slams]
I know what you did.
- [glass breaking]
- What
[Fjor grunts]
You killed her.
[breath trembling] Who?
[in Old Norse] Time to die, Giant.
[Ran in English] What's going on?
You. Come here. Now.
Come on!
We had a deal, didn't we?
But you broke that deal.
You killed an innocent person.
- I have no idea
- Shut up!
Are you scared, Fjor?
Scares you?
And you?
[Ran breathing heavily]
[breath trembling]
[glass breaking]
[door opens]
- I thought
- There's no deal anymore.
Now we're showing them who's in charge.
The hammer and me.
So you're threatening my family?
I'm your family too, Laurits.
You have picked a side, haven't you?
So who told Fjor that we had found
a new witness against them?
[door opens]
- [Erik] That was way too roasted coffee.
- [Turid laughs]
- [Erik] Home brewed.
- [Turid] Hi.
- You have to see this?
- Hey, boys.
- Do you think they're ready?
- Mmm-hmm. [giggles]
[Erik scatting]
Now we are a real family.
[Erik] It's nice, right?
- Handmade.
- [Turid chuckles]
I'm moving out
And by the way,
my last name is Seier Jutul.
What? Moving out? Laurits?
[door opens]
[door closes]
What's happened here?
- You didn't hear anything?
- No.
Magne was here.
He threatened us with the hammer.
He wants to be in charge now.
And whose fault is that exactly?
[Fjor panting]
You are going to fix this?
I'm not a fucking slave.
Maybe there is a way
to get the power back.
But it won't happen while I have this on.
Or this.
[Ran] Fjor.
And how do we know
that we can trust you now?
Well, your call.
What choice do you have?
[door opens]
Oh, fucking hell, is good to see you guys.
Magne's gone off the rails.
But I can see
you've already discovered that.
Hi, Little Laurits.
- What are you bringing?
- Just my stuff.
- We can pick up the rest in the car.
- And why?
I'm moving in.
We're a family.
The only one related to you is dead.
And your brother is completely insane.
So you will never live here.
Mommy's a bit sad today.
I'm not saying that to put any pressure
on you or for you to
feel like you have
to hang out with me.
[water bubbling]
[soft growl]
You're so good to your mommy.
[growls softly]
You know
You're the only real family I've got.
and you'll be no
No tool for feud.
We'll come up with our own plan.
From now on, you and I are in charge.
Just trust Mommy.
[growls softly]
[ravens cawing]
[woman] Chaos showed its face in Edda.
Magne no longer had
the other Gods to help him.
They went their separate ways,
where they could use their special gifts.
I've joined Paradise Beach
because I'm sure I can win
on behalf of all the strong
and independent women out there.
[announcer] He's done it again,
ladies and gentlemen!
Norway's new rising star
has qualified for Paralympics, Harry
Where does he get his strength?
[woman] And while new plans
were being made,
all passions were reignited.
The sound of that
old woman's neck breaking.
Her body becoming lifeless and slack.
I felt more alive than ever.
[Ran] But you can't let it control you.
Don't become addicted.
You're better than that.
[woman] The hammer told Magne
that the world was his.
And the once insecure teenager
felt invincible for the first time.
[raven cawing]
[thunder rumbling]
[woman] No one could tell him otherwise.
And he didn't need anybody's help.
[thunder rumbling]
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