Ragnarok (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

All You Need Is Love

We live in a world
where the ice is melting,
a town where
drinking the water will kill you.
Okay. So what do we do?
Magne. You no longer
have your powers, remember?
We're forging
the world's mightiest weapon.
Which happens to be your weapon.
The weapon that means
we have a chance in this fight.
You buying new clothes
and improving your grades doesn't.
Or you beating up a guy for stealing gas.
We have to break into Jutul Industries.
The hammer
needs to be forged in the eternal fire.
We have a feather from the Volva
and an arrowhead from the old world.
The only thing we need now is a dwarf.
A dwarf?
This is breaking and entering!
This is serious. Believe me,
this comes at a price for all of us.
If you have to, would you give your lives?
There it is.
They're not supposed to be
in this part of the factory now.
This is it for me. Nobody mentioned
anything about security guards.
What do we do?
Get that hammer made.
Excuse me Hello?
- Can you help me?
- Hey, who are you?
Wotan Wagner, gaffer on team 2.
I'm looking for the foreman.
You're not supposed to be here.
How did you get in?
Janne from team 2 to central.
There's an elderly man here.
Don't know how he came in.
This is central.
Where did you apprehend him?
Outside the entrance to the old warehouse.
Copy that.
We'll have to notify Fjor Jutul.
He specifically asked us to keep an extra
eye out for the old part of the factory.
But bring the guy down here
and I'll notify the police as well.
Copy that.
- You stay here. You come with me.
- Yes.
My leg! My knee!
This is going to be a long night.
Okay, you, come along. This way.
We need to hurry.
You two, hang the banner.
We'll meet you inside.
I really think this is a bad idea.
- Should I just
- No, no!
It's of the old world.
You can't just break it.
What do you need it for?
To get into the factory.
Are you going to kill someone again?
No. We're protesting.
We've had enough. People are
pissed off at Jutul's lack of cooperation.
We're going to put up
a banner that says, "Fuck Jutul."
You've become very political.
To impress Signy.
I have a crush on her.
Why didn't you just say so?
All you need is love.
Come on, where is it?
What does it look like?
I don't know. It can't be the right place.
- You don't know?
- No, I don't know.
Fire? There's no freaking fire
in here, that's for sure.
Damn it!
The banner is up.
- He doesn't know what we're looking for.
- What do you mean?
There must be fire.
It's something I've read.
- "Embers glow in the dungeons dark"
- What?
"Embers glow in the dungeons dark."
What are you talking about?
"Embers glow in dungeons dark,
echoing with the hammer's spark."
Dungeons. A basement.
- We need to find a trapdoor.
- In this giant hall?
It's not difficult to figure out where the
basement is in these types of buildings.
The southern and eastern part
are built directly on the bedrock.
Logically, the basement
has to be in the north-western corner.
So that way!
Good. Eyes open. Look everywhere.
You kidding?
It's here. Come on.
Here. Help me lift it.
Let's go.
I'll stay here and keep watch.
Are you sure?
I've got this.
Are there lights? Do we have any light?
Is that it?
It looks pretty small.
Yeah, I'm here now.
Someone's coming!
You're somewhere
you're not supposed to be.
What are you doing here?
Answer me!
Are you with that old man?
You're no longer the daughter of humans?
So it is. You don't know much.
So you can fly
and always return to my hand.
So you can recognize your enemy.
Something's going on. I'm going up.
No! You're too important to lose.
I'm going.
Take this, and hold it like I did.
- But I haven't done this before.
- Just do it!
It's fine. We only have the shaft left.
Come on.
Hit it!
No, no, no, it's way too short. Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry, it's perfect.
- Out!
- Run!
I have to help him.
- I'm going with you.
- No.
We have to get the hammer out.
And you don't have the strength.
I got this.
You just make sure to get the hammer out.
Which one of you assholes
wants to go down first?
- Police! Stand still!
- Who's it going to be? Let me go!
Let me go!
Happy birthday to you
We want to congratulate you
Everyone in a circle around you
Look at us marching
Happy birthday, son!
I can't believe you're 18.
Where have you been?
I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk.
Let's celebrate.
I tried to invite Iman,
but she wasn't easy to find.
- He's into someone named Signy.
- Really?
By the way, when are you going
to make a move? You're 18 now.
- It's embarrassing to still be a virgin.
- It is not.
That's entirely your decision.
Whether to give your consent, or
A small group of people
broke into Jutul Industries
in what appears to be a protest.
Four people were arrested.
Jutul Industries
have suggested to the police
that this may be attempted
environmental terrorism.
My God. Terrorism.
That's wildly exaggerated, Mom.
What we do isn't terrorism.
Are you somehow involved in this?
We hung up a protest banner, that's it.
That read, "Fuck Jutul." That's all.
Good thing you didn't get caught.
I was politically active, too,
in my younger years.
We marched on International Women's Day.
We didn't shave our armpits beforehand.
- Mom. Awkward.
- Hair is not awkward. Women have hair.
- Get a boyfriend, please.
- I gotta go.
- I have to check something.
- Don't get caught.
They just let you go back to school.
I won't get caught, Mom.
- Aren't you gonna open your presents?
- No, this is more important.
Thanks for the show and everything.
See you in a bit.
See? I'm not the only one
who can ruin the mood.
Come on.
I must say, I'm in shock
that two of our employees
got an elderly resident
involved in a criminal act.
May I use the restroom?
Magne, I can't talk. The police are here.
The hammer doesn't work.
- What?
- It doesn't work. We are fucked!
You better be kidding.
Harry's in surgery. We're with the police
and the manager of Trollgården!
Wotan's being tracked via GPS,
and I don't know
if we're going to get fired.
Did you hear me? Our weapon is useless!
So what the hell do I do?
Make it work.
That's easy for you to
Do you think it's wise
to clean the dishes in toxic water?
I'm sure
it's not that toxic when it's hot.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Hi, birthday boy!
- Hi.
- Hi!
What's with you?
Is old age getting to you?
Magne, it's your birthday,
we have to celebrate.
You're always asking for burgers,
so today we're having burgers. My treat.
But you have to go
and pick up the food, okay?
Some areas
are experiencing autumn-like conditions.
Trees are losing leaves
several months earlier than usual
- Hi. We've ordered four burgers.
- Yeah.
Here you go.
And the fries are on top, here.
Right, fries. Yeah.
How much is it?
I heard someone
broke into the factory yesterday.
- Okay?
- "Okay?" I know it was you.
That's so awesome.
You should have told me, I wanted to go.
It didn't go as planned anyway,
so you didn't miss out.
Any chance of a discount?
You can get 15% off.
Might as well round up to 20.
Fine, 20%.
- That's 400, then.
- Got it.
Surprising news from the public prosecutor
in the environmental case
against Jutul Industries.
Our investigation shows that
the contaminated water is caused by a leak
from a storage unit
owned by Jutul Industries.
Jutul Industries knew the storage unit
did not meet environmental standards,
yet they still did nothing
to stop the spillage.
Morten is so cool.
As public prosecutor, I can announce
that we have uncovered
widespread discrepancies
in the tax returns for
several companies within the corporation.
There are grounds for charging
Jutul Industries with tax evasion.
Aren't you happy? It looks like we've won.
Are you coming, birthday boy?
It's your birthday?
Yeah, I turn 18 today.
Happy birthday.
And we will prosecute,
based on the recent discov
They don't understand how many
ordinary people this will affect.
You shouldn't worry about that.
Maybe you should focus on school.
Isn't your exam coming up?
Yes. But so is Fjor's.
And unlike him, I know the syllabus.
You can't be fucking serious, Odd!
We spend between
100 and 200 million on lawyers per year.
Don't tell me there's nothing we can do!
Odd just explained that
the tax authorities have the upper hand.
I didn't know Vidar cooked the books.
It's not over yet.
There is something far greater
than rules and regulations.
Call a press conference for tomorrow.
Good. I'm going to need
your keys and your badges.
- Can I say goodbye to everyone?
- I think this will do.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Before you stands Halvor Lange,
our daily supervisor
for more than eight years.
And Iman, whom we've all grown so fond of.
They were dismissed
for participating in the protest against
Jutul Industries the day before yesterday.
And you can't do that.
Because they're
the most prominent family in town.
But I'll tell you this.
Before you stand two heroes.
They dared to speak out
against those who pollute
and contaminate our drinking water
And who are fucking monitoring us!
So let's give Halvor and Iman
the send-off they deserve. Thank you.
Yes, we love this country
As it rises forth
Rugged, weathered, above the sea
With the thousands of homes
What the hell am I going to do with you?
Come on.
Do something.
Hi, sweetie. Shouldn't you
be working on your report?
Laurits already left for his exam.
And, Magne, it's super-duper important
that you do good in school,
now that they've
given you a second chance.
- Did you dress up?
- I have a job interview.
I'm not going to get it.
Or I pretend I won't,
because then I won't be so disappointed.
Laurits got himself this
disgusting pet. I don't know what it is.
Can you please get his laundry for me?
A pet?
Yes. Maybe your brother's
going through an identity crisis.
Well, he's been through a lot lately.
A pet?
All I know is, he can't keep it.
- Please have some. I don't want it.
- I can do that.
Are you sure? A tiny cucumber?
That looks pretty serious.
Yeah, I lost part of that tattoo.
- Sorry for bringing you along on this.
- Quit it.
I would give my right arm to be with you.
What the hell are you doing?
On behalf of Jutul Industries,
let me say that we take note of
the public prosecutor's statement.
That being said, let me be clear.
It will be very difficult
to run this business on competitive terms
if we're faced with the restrictions.
Our company has been present in Norway
for as long as anyone can remember.
We see ourselves
as an important part of a welfare society
that doesn't just
include Edda, but all of Norway.
The thought of this company
not being here is almost unbearable.
And not to mention all the
hardworking people of this small town.
Where would they be without us?
Therefore, it is with great sadness that I
have to announce that the outcome of this
may be the end
of our production in Norway.
We might have to move
our production to Asia,
where both the workforce and the local
authorities are far more understanding
and also more willing to work together.
One more question.
What about all your employees?
Wouldn't that be worse for the
global environment and the climate?
Turn it.
Point the barcode at it until it beeps.
- You can see it there. That's right.
- There.
- Great! You've got this.
- Thanks.
Pardon me if I'm slow.
I'm new. I hope you can laugh it off.
- Didn't you see the news?
- No.
Jutul Industries want
to end production in Norway
following all the demands
from the authorities.
Both my husband and I work
at the factory. Half the town does.
It might not be all bad.
It's their fault we can't drink the water.
Trust me, some of us would rather drink
poisonous water than lose our homes.
Thank you.
We don't know why Thor became
one of the most popular gods.
But maybe it was because of his hammer.
The mightiest weapon in Norse mythology.
Feared by everyone.
We might ask ourselves
"Did Thor create lightning,
or did lightning create Thor?"
- Hi, Magne! Is Laurits home?
- Hello.
Sounds like it.
Laurits? Can you come downstairs?
Okay, good news.
Mom got the job!
Heartache I need it.
Seriously, Mom.
Are you going to accept getting fired,
and move on to a new job that pays less?
You should put in a complaint.
Hey, I'm bringing good news.
What happened to, "Congratulations, Mom"?
And another thing. Erik came by.
And you know what?
He invited me over for coffee.
Coffee? That's the best he could do?
Hey, it's a pretty big boost
for my love life.
The news that Jutul Industries are
considering moving production abroad
sent shockwaves
through the stock market today.
The government's
chosen to respond quickly.
Synnøve Kagge, Minister
of Trade and Industry, is with us.
What is your plan?
Jutul Industries
is Norway's fifth largest corporation.
The government wants to act immediately
so that the company's
tens of thousands of employees
won't have to fear for their jobs.
We have decided to be sympathetic
towards Jutul Industries' needs,
so that they can secure
their operations in Norway.
They have expressed
deep regret over the pollution case.
And they've promised to
help clean up. That is what matters most.
A relieved board of directors
received the good news today.
I'm glad the government
came to its senses.
Jutul Industries
helped build modern-day Norway.
Now we can continue to do that.
But the public prosecutor says that
Jutul Industries isn't paying the taxes
they should.
What are your thoughts?
What the hell is going on?
Magne, this is a good thing.
People have feared for their jobs.
I heard people talk about it
at the store and on the radio, too.
They fired you, Mom. They fired you.
They do whatever the fuck they want.
That's my family you're talking about.
Magne, many people worry about
their jobs more than the environment.
They have mortgages,
children, auto loans, food expenses
They always win, Mom.
They do as they please!
And nobody does anything about it!
Hey. You need to calm down.
What's with this weather?
Where is that knocking coming from?
Did Thor create lightning?
Or did lightning create Thor?
You lied to me about the key.
It was never about Signy.
Don't you trust me?
You were going to
make a weapon that can kill giants.
I have to do this, Laurits.
It's who I am.
I must awaken the hammer.
So it can kill me, too?
I just spoke to Moland.
The prime minister called him personally.
We have them eating out of our hand.
Well, well. Maybe you should
listen to my ideas more often?
I believe we should
run this business together.
I always appreciate your advice.
But it's been a principle in this family
for probably a hundred years
that there's one person in charge.
And that's me.
Is there anything
you'd like to tell us, Saxa?
How did they
get into the factory that night?
Into the old hall?
- I don't know.
- I think you do, darling.
The police told me that the key they used
could only be
the key I confiscated from Laurits.
You gave Laurits the key
to buy his support, didn't you?
Or did I get it completely wrong?
You and Laurits
are both guilty of treason.
And you must be punished.
He's in one of the highest positions
up there.
Yeah, in the Tryvann tower.
He said that
What do you think, Laurits?
Can I wear this?
Hey. You'll find love someday, too.
It just takes time.
That thing you have,
I know you love it,
but it can't be here.
You have to get rid of it.
Now I'm late. Love you!
Bye, sweetie!
Where's Fjor?
Where's Fjor?
What happened to you?
Who did that?
Who do you think?
Because I'm a traitor.
Who do you think gave Laurits
the key so that you could get to the fire?
- Is he in danger?
- No!
I took the punishment.
Looking at you now
I can't help but wonder
what the two of us could achieve together.
I mean it.
All the other ones are idiots.
They'll be the cause of their own demise.
Let them wipe each other out.
What are you doing?
Are you trying to recruit me?
I just know that we could beat them all
if you and I
teamed up.
You want to use me
because your brother hurt you?
Everyone hurts their family at some point.
You know all about that.
That thing is heavy.
Couldn't even get it off the ground.
No, no, no
This feels so wrong.
It'll come with experience.
If we do it again, we can practice.
Please don't! I'll do anything!
You gave him the key.
But I I didn't know what it was for.
I thought it was
some kind of protest mission
Where is Laurits?
Where is Fjor?
The punishment for treason
is death.
If you kill me, you'll never get Magne.
He's got the hammer.
The hammer is useless
in his hands. He's lost his powers.
No, you're wrong.
He's gonna wipe you all out,
and there's nothing
you can do to stop him.
If you spare my life, I can save you.
I got the one thing that can kill him.
There he is. Let's get out of here.
He's bluffing.
Just go, God damn it!
Fjor! Die!
Can you forgive me?
- You will always be my brother.
- Yes.
Take care
Grow yourself big.
So that you'll be mighty and strong.
If you can manage that, you will win.
Subtitle translation by: Heidi Rabbevåg
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