Ragnarok (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Know Yourself

THE MIDGARD SERPENT: The most dangerous
monster in Norse mythology.
Child of Loki, and therefore,
part of the giant family.
According to old legends,
Thor defeated the Midgard Serpent
in the final battle at Ragnarok.
[enchanting music playing]
[breathes deeply]
[whispers] Isolde?
[voices whispering indistinctly]
[breath trembling]
[dog barking in distance]
[whispers] What?
[objects clattering]
- [Turid] Good morning.
- [Laurits] Morning.
Hey, there's plenty of food on the table.
Didn't you get rid of that tapeworm?
- Mmm. I'm growing.
- [Magne grunting]
- [thudding]
- [Turid] Magne? Are you okay? Hey.
[Magne grunts and groans]
- [Turid] You need to be careful.
- [Magne grunts]
- [Turid] What happened?
- [Magne sighs]
Sit down, okay?
I can't see anything.
- [Turid] You can't see?
- No.
[Turid] Hey. Maybe you should
try your old glasses again?
You might have had a relapse or something?
[Magne breathing heavily]
- [Turid] Can you see now?
- Yeah.
[Turid] There you go.
Maybe you should
start listening to your mother.
She's right sometimes.
Let's eat breakfast.
- I'll eat in my room.
- [Turid] Come on, Laurits.
[Magne sighs] I'm not myself.
[whispering] I'm not myself.
- I'm not myself.
- So, who are you?
Vidar Jutul was buried yesterday.
Today, life must go on
for Jutul Industries.
They have faced great adversity lately
due to serious pollution scandal.
[Saxa] I'm, uh, off to school.
I'll head to the office after.
I need to finish my exam.
I might be late,
but I guess you're used to that?
Isn't it strange
that it's just us women
left in this big old house?
[woman on TV] They have apologized
for the pollution and have promised to
That's strange.
Wine and cigarettes in the morning,
that's what's strange.
I'm leaving now.
[reporter over TV] coming talks
with the young environmental activists
[door opens]
showing that even Jutul industries
are capable of breaking
[ominous music playing]
[reporter] After graduation,
Saxa Jutul will succeed Vidar Jutul.
Which is welcomed by many
and seen as a sign that modern
times have reached Jutul Industries.
- [woman] I'm so sorry about your father.
- Thanks.
But now we look forward.
[music intensifies]
I think our statement
was well received. It's, uh
- Saxa, you're late.
- [keyboard clacking]
What are you doing here?
My job.
- I thought we agreed
- [Fjor] Vidar's death changed things.
Besides, the corporate bylaw state
that the, uh, eldest son should take over.
That is from 1872. It can't be
Odd, give us a moment?
[sighs] I've sworn
to revenge Vidar's death, Saxa.
[Saxa] Okay, so you'll kill Magne
and graduate, while running
Norway's fifth largest company?
- Pretty much what you tried to do, right?
- "Tried"?
The difference between you and me
is that I actually live by the old laws.
It's my duty, it's what is written.
So, on behalf of the company
and the family,
we'd like to thank you
for your contributions.
[door opens and closes]
[somber music playing]
This entrance is way too dangerous.
- We have to come from
- [Wotan shushes] Magne is coming.
[old-timey music playing over radio]
- [sighs] Something crazy happened.
- [motor whirring]
What are you doing?
- You lost all your powers.
- Yeah, but
You've become weak.
You can't see without glasses.
Everything that made you special
has been taken away from you.
I didn't think that
You asked to be relieved of your powers
because it required too much of you.
You ran into the mountains
and shouted to the heavens.
You sat in the Christian church
and prayed to a god you don't believe in.
- You saw me?
- [Wotan] I see everything. [echoing]
I hear everything.
And this time your prayers were heard
by those who spin
the threads of our destiny.
Now you're just an ordinary boy, Magne.
Weak and lonely, as before.
Okay, so, I'm not a part of this anymore?
The battle continues without you.
- But with him?
- [sighs]
Anyone carrying the gift of your powers
must be prepared to pay the highest price.
You chose this, Magne.
Stand by your choice.
Shouldn't you be at school?
[motor whirring]
Wotan, what do we do
with the guards down here?
That's my question.
- If they get too close, we'll kill them.
- [Harry] Yeah.
Thanks for a great day, son!
It was awesome! Can I keep the bike?
Of course, but ask your mom.
Love, your dad.
[eerie music playing]
[door opens]
[door creaks]
[somber music playing]
I'm sorry.
I didn't think anyone was home.
How did you get in?
Dad gave me a key.
You think you can
come in here? To our home?
What you did
at the funeral was unacceptable.
There's nothing strange about
us children helping to carry our father
Don't call him your father!
He was my father.
Give me the key.
I said, give me the key.
Can I keep this?
To remember him by?
I'll give you something to remember.
Do you know what the last conversation
between Vidar and I was about?
It was about
which one of us should kill you.
I offered to do it,
but he wanted to do it himself.
[ominous music playing]
Many of the myths in Norse mythology
revolve around clans
and conflicts between clans.
Hey, Magne. Do you have a moment?
- [Erik clears throat]
- Yeah.
I've had a look at your essay topic.
I think it's a little too historical.
And then I thought that
it might be a good idea to try and place
Norse mythology in a more modern context.
- Modern context?
- Mmm-hmm.
What do you mean? You can't.
What do you mean, you can't?
It's not that simple, Erik.
Back then, gods and giants
broke bread together.
If they disagreed, they killed each other.
Then they went back
to drinking mead, like buddies.
That's not how it works.
If the good only can win by killing,
they've already lost.
Killing is evil.
Do you understand?
No, you don't.
That's really good. Write exactly that.
"The moral conflict
between good and evil."
Nice, Magne!
- Hi, Iman.
- [Iman] Hi.
You wear glasses?
Uh, sometimes.
[Ada] Hi, Iman.
[Iman] Hi, Ada. What's up?
We just got our language grades, so, uh
[Iman] They're just grades.
What? A "B" in language?
I'm fucking fluent!
- Is anyone in the office?
- Uh, yeah, Ran, actually.
The final grades
are not up for discussion, Iman.
I hope you understand
how much this will hurt my parents.
- You know my background.
- [scoffs]
So, you're saying I should give you
special treatment because you're from
- Sri Lanka?
- Sri Lanka.
- I'm Norwegian.
- You know what I mean.
No. No, I don't.
What I'm trying to say
is it seems like you're asking me
for preferential treatment
because of your Sri Lankan heritage.
I don't think you're allowed to do that.
I think it's illegal
to give grades based on where you're from.
I think that you
on second thought, know
that I deserve a better grade.
And I also think
that you are a very attractive woman.
And the thing that I find
the most attractive
[whispers] is that it seems
you've become more vulnerable.
Maybe you should open up to it.
Lose control a little.
[intense music playing]
[pop song playing on radio]
The more that I know
I am too scared to look down ♪
[ominous music playing]
- [Turid shouts] Laurits!
- [door slams shut]
[reporter on TV] Several business experts
say that the choice of Jutul Industries
to invite the young
environmental activists to a meeting.
This has also been widely discussed
on social media.
Quite a lot of controversy
involved as well.
- I'm actually 16.
- [Oscar] Why should he do it?
- [Signy] Fuck off! Just stop. Stop it.
- [chuckling]
- You should do it.
- [Signy] I'm not the one who should do it.
It's obviously Magne.
He's the right person.
- Everybody
- Magne?
Magne? The guy who runs around
shouting and stuff? Really?
- [Signy] Runs around?
- [Oscar] Yeah, he's always running around.
You want him as a spokesperson,
holding up That's super weird.
What are you talking about?
We're discussing who should represent us
in the meeting with Jutul Industries.
I think it should be Magne.
He's the obvious choice
- [Oscar] No! [sighs]
- 'cause he's been there from the start.
He was the one
who started the whole thing.
[Oscar] But we talked about
choosing a girl, didn't we?
Uh-huh, Laurits can do it.
You can dress up in drag.
Hey, Laurits, uh,
do you want to sit with us?
Or not? Or
[sighs] It's just one of those days.
- Okay.
- [Laurits] Like, I'm feeling kind of
[inhales sharply] homeless. [exhales]
Yeah, that
Black coffee, no milk, no sugar.
You're always welcome here.
It has to be Magne. I can't imagine
- [Hilde] Are you sure one of us can't?
- Us?
[indistinct chatter]
[uplifting music playing]
- Complained about your grade?
- [Iman] Yeah.
Turns out it was a mistake.
I got an A.
Okay. So you're suddenly
getting better grades?
Well, uh, I might have
used my powers a little bit.
- You can't do that.
- Sure I can.
[forceful whisper] No, you can't!
[Iman] What's it to you, anyway?
You can't use your powers like that.
For new clothes or better grades.
You left on your own accord.
So don't lecture me.
I can do whatever I want.
Hi. We need to talk.
I found something disgusting in your room.
- You went into my room?
- Yeah, of course I did.
Isn't there a note on the door?
I think there might be?
I don't hear you complaining
when you get your laundry cleaned
and put into your closet.
Don't go in there!
What is in Grandma's old fish tank?
It's a pet.
That was not a pet in there.
I'm not into bunnies and kittens
and cute puppies like everyone else does.
I wear different clothes,
listen to different music.
And as part of that culture
I like reptiles.
What is it?
I don't believe in race,
sexual identities or, uh, normality.
I don't want it living here.
But I need it!
Why? Because you don't
believe in sexual identities?
No, because I just lost my father.
[machine whirring]
[pop music playing on speakers]
[Harry] Okay, loser.
Couldn't take it, huh?
- [chuckles]
- [bike revving]
- [Harry] Hey, hey, hey!
- [bike revving]
You have to pay! Hey!
Hey! Stop!
Were you stealing my gasoline, dirtbag?
- Huh?
- [whimpers]
- [Harry grunts]
- [whimpering]
[groaning in pain] Sorry.
[mutters angrily]
[Magne] He's got the point, Harry. Stop!
[grunts] My shop, my rules.
I'm keeping the bike
till your mom comes to get it.
What are you doing?
He steals a tiny bit of gas
and you beat the shit out of him?
Don't use your powers like that.
You quit.
Honey, I bought some extra ham
if that's what that thing eats.
Can I ask you something?
Since you're a boy or a man, or
I know you don't recognize gender
and sexuality in that sense, but anyway
[chuckles softly]
I sent Erik a text asking him
if he wanted to have dinner and
Okay, listen to this.
"That sounds nice. Dot, dot, dot."
What does that mean, "Dot, dot, dot"?
Is it ironic? Or is there an opening?
- [door opens]
- [Turid] Hello, hello!
Mom, I can't help you
flirt with my teacher.
That's That's weird.
Yeah, I guess so.
Now that we're all here, let's eat.
- I'll eat later.
- [Turid] No, Laurits. Hey.
[door slams shut]
I don't know what to say, uh
I know you're angry with me.
That you hate me.
I'm so sorry about what happened.
But I want you to know
I asked to lose my powers.
And it happened.
I can't see shit.
I have to wear glasses again.
I fell down the stairs.
You're not a god anymore?
It's good.
It's what I want.
Sort of.
[breathes deeply] It's important
to me that you know.
I thought he was going to hurt you.
I wanted to save you.
I don't want to be the one
who killed your father.
I want to be your brother.
You will always be my big brother.
Just don't ask me for more favors
in your crazy battle, okay?
[Magne] I promise.
Not that tight.
- [chuckles]
- [yelps]
- Stop.
- [chuckles]
- [gunshot]
- [animal screeches]
[Moland] Good morning.
You're early.
[Fjor] I want to talk to the board.
I wrote an agenda.
[Moland] "Cancel all meetings
with the environmental activists"?
Is that smart?
I think this will make us
seem inconsistent
And if not, we come across as weak.
That's not happening.
[Turid] Hi.
Here are the folders you requested.
- Turid?
- Yes?
Can I have a word?
[automated voice] The dwarfs
forged Thor's hammer.
They were the greatest
in the art of forging.
In one of the great poems
of the poetic Edda
[faucet running]
Mom. Don't drink the water.
What are you doing?
Right, I shouldn't.
What's going on?
I [sighs wearily]
I got fired.
Fjor has taken over now, so
So now he's going to change everything.
Fjor fired you?
Something about a personal conflict.
And he was a bit nasty to me. [sniffles]
[shakily] He wanted to humiliate me.
What? What did he do?
He said they didn't want
the mother of [sniffles]
a bastard around. [crying]
Magne! I'm sure
he didn't mean it like that.
[tense instrumental music playing]
- You fired my mom.
- Yes.
- Why?
- It was necessary.
Vidar couldn't do it.
He went soft in his old age.
What happened to you?
Weren't you leaving? With Gry?
What's happened to you?
You killed Vidar.
You gave me no choice.
[Fjor] Is that all you've got?
Oh, come on, now. Huh?
[chuckles softly] What happened?
Come on, now. Come on.
- [groans]
- [chuckles]
[grunts in pain]
Hey. Magne.
Vidar told me you got stronger. Huh?
Show me.
- [groans]
- [Fjor chuckles] Is that all you've got?
Where are your powers?
- [groaning]
- You've become weak again, huh?
You are nothing.
[Magne breathing heavily]
[Fjor] You're not even worth killing.
[engine starts]
[breathing heavily]
[Kirsten] Hi. Is this your grandson?
Kind of.
[breathes deeply]
He's been tough on you, right?
[exhales] I need help.
I can't be this weak.
[Wotan] Hmm.
Are you ready to take up the battle?
Are you, now that
you know what it'll cost you?
You'll have to kill again.
There has to be another way.
You know, sometimes,
there are no other ways.
But I think you have it in you.
What went through your mind
when he kicked you like a little dog?
What did you want to do then, Magne?
Don't tempt me.
Laurits and I
have just become friends again.
I can't kill any more of his new family.
I won't kill.
[ominous music playing]
With your feet in the air
And your head on the ground ♪
Try this trick and spin it, yeah ♪
[mutters angrily]
Your head will collapse ♪
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
[song intensifies]
Where is my mind? ♪
You took the axe from Vidar's grave.
And now it's mine.
[sighs] Not that we're gonna need it.
Magne's lost his powers.
He's just a scared little kid now.
Now we need to focus on our business.
And let me be clear, I'll straighten out
the unsteady course we've been taking.
"Unsteady course"?
We've been doing incredible!
And you cancelled the meeting
with the kids. Why? Why?
Norway's fifth largest corporation
no longer needs a human face.
[Saxa] Yes, it does!
A meeting with the younger generation
will strengthen our image,
and it will make us more modern.
[Fjor] This is my decision.
And the eldest son calls the shots.
Not if he's voted off, he won't.
You ran away.
I bailed you out.
I kept this company afloat. Me!
I think it's great to have
a man around here, Saxa.
[somber music playing]
[coins clattering]
Did you hear
that they canceled the meeting?
Suddenly, they don't wanna talk to us
or the Environmental Agency.
Hey, what happened to you?
You have a scratch here.
- Uh
- Yeah.
Yeah, I, uh
I I fell down the stairs.
Come here.
- Don't touch it.
- [chuckles softly]
I hope you're ready to fight.
[intense music playing]
Do you have a minute?
My stepmom threw me out.
My dad wanted to kill me,
and Fjor just fired my mom.
We're going broke!
But you and I have always gotten along.
Even before we knew we were a family.
And now we have a common interest.
As Vidar's son,
you can vote on family matters.
Just like us.
If I'm going to sell myself
it'll be for a shitload of money.
[enthralling music playing]
[both laughing softly]
Are we having guests?
Uh, no. Just family.
Wow. A welcoming committee.
In these difficult times of mourning,
we have to stand together.
And no one should feel left out.
Since the old days, we've made
all our important decisions by voting.
So we need to have everyone present.
[tense music playing]
Welcome, Laurits.
[automated voice] The Norse gods
represented law and order,
and the giants, chaos.
The Viking world was simple.
Gods killing giants was not seen as evil,
but rather a necessity
to keep the world in balance.
[automated voice] Because if the forces
of chaos grew too strong,
the world would end.
[thunder rumbling]
Hey. What are you doing?
Oh. The headstone just arrived,
so I'm just finishing up.
[liquid pouring]
Shouldn't we help them?
[scoffs] They'll be fine.
[chuckles softly]
It's like a scene from Mad Men.
[smooth jazz music playing]
Did you look like this
in the '60s as well?
What did Saxa offer you?
For you to come here and
participate in this little family game?
Voting rights.
My rightful place.
[in Norse] Because you know, brother
I'm a giant
like you.
[Laurits chuckles]
[in English] Money?
People like you
are chronically broke, right?
- That's part of the reason.
- Hmm.
The problem is
that Saxa can't give you anything.
But I can.
As long as I know you're loyal.
So I guess the question is,
how much do you cost?
[chuckles softly]
I'm worth a lot.
No, you're not.
It's not hard to buy someone
who's never had anything, Laurits.
[Saxa] What are you talking about?
We're just sharing the world.
I thought we had already done that.
You have nothing to share, Saxa.
Are you testing me?
Perhaps you have
things to work out before, uh
I enter the picture.
I'll drive you home.
This was nice.
At least nicer than the last time we met.
I'm just being honest with you.
I hope you understand that.
Like you should understand
that I will never
see you as anything but a bastard.
At least a bastard is a real child
which I guess you never had.
Saxa told me about you giants, and
that you're nothing but leftover gods
from over 3,000 years ago.
That this family is just roleplay.
That you're barren.
Except for Vidar, apparently.
I'm just being honest with you, too
Bye, now.
[tense music playing]
Mom, there's no ham left.
You're never gonna be part of my family.
[voice shaking] Hey, stop! Stop!
We're the same, you and I.
Stay away from me.
I'm not going to kill you.
[knife clatters]
[groaning in pain]
[Ran panting]
- [screams]
- Let him go!
[Ran] What are you going to do?
You don't have any powers anymore.
I'll fight you with what I have.
[Ran] Without your powers,
you're nothing. You can't stop us.
We're coming for you and your family.
[Magne exclaims]
[Turid] Hello!
The door is open and
Oh, we have a visitor!
Did something happen to Magne at school?
[Ran] No, no. I just stopped by
to discuss the exams with the boys.
[Turid] What are you doing on the floor?
I have bought ice cream.
There's plenty, if you want some.
No, thanks. I was just on my way, so
You're a little bit clumsy.
[Ran] Nice talking to you, boys.
[indistinct sports chatter on TV]
He's coming.
[chatter on TV continues]
Now you're ready.
Help me get my powers back.
What made Thor complete?
The hammer.
[Wotan] Get the hammer,
and you'll get your powers back.
You know what it takes.
Where's the fire?
Don't worry about that, Magne.
Everything is already planned.
You just need to get the key,
which your brother
just got back from the giants.
Then I'll summon your team.
I can't do that.
If he knows what it's for,
he'll never give it up.
Then don't tell him.
You have to understand
that the end justifies the means.
And if you don't make
the weapon and kill the giants,
they'll kill you and your brother.
So I have to betray him to save him?
That's who you are.
The one who must fight evil at any cost.
- Yes!
- Yes! Yes! Yes!
- [whistle blows on TV]
- [woman cheering] Norway! Yes!
Norway! Yay! Yes! Yes!
Whoo, Norway!
[Laurits chuckles softly]
- [Turid] Hi!
- [Laurits] Hey.
There's ice cream
in the freezer, if you want.
[Turid] I'll get one for you.
Can we talk, uh
Once I was a fallen man ♪
Scorned alone to walk the earth ♪
But I broke the spell
I broke the curse ♪
Then I did rise up from the dirt ♪
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