Ragnarok (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

God Is God, Though All Men Death Had Tasted

God of war in Norse mythology.
Famed for his strength and great courage.
Lost his right hand
when he sacrificed himself in the battle.
Oh, God.
Laurits? Magne? Can you come downstairs?
I have to tell you something.
Vidar is dead.
I don't know what happened,
he seemed to be fine,
but I guess he wasn't.
Laurits This is just terrible.
This is crazy.
First my dad, and now
It's not the same.
You got along with your dad.
I didn't.
This doesn't change anything.
But, Fjor, you're allowed to be sad.
We've been together forever.
He was the head of the family.
We have to retaliate.
How do you want to do that?
Blood vengeance.
Yeah, blood for blood.
But we don't know what happened exactly.
We know he's dead,
and that the axe killed him,
and that maybe Magne did it.
But that's all.
It's that fucking bastard's fault.
You want to get revenge on Laurits?
OK, but for now, we play the game.
Let's call it a cardiac arrest.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Come in.
- How's it going?
Well, you know
It was It's terrible.
My condolences.
This was a shock to us all.
I didn't know he was ill.
Cardiac arrest.
Yeah, it can happen at any age.
I'm sorry to come over and bother you
with business in the middle of all this.
No, it's fine.
The company's statutes say that
the eldest son
is to take over the business.
I understand that Vidar and Fjor
had some kind of falling-out?
And yesterday, Vidar said he thought that
Saxa should take over as soon as possible.
I know that you're still in high school,
but it's really important
that we are clear on who the successor is.
Right. I think we should talk to Fjor.
No. Why?
In that case, let me talk to him.
Right, you can
have a look at the statutes.
I'll see myself out.
What are you saying?
I have no problem taking over.
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
I'm just
I just think that
Are you in mourning?
I just lost my husband.
What about you?
- What?
- Don't you feel anything?
What do you want?
I need to tell you something.
I was at your house
last night. In Jutulheim.
And Vidar was there.
And Laurits
I thought Vidar was going to harm Laurits.
So, Vidar and I got in a fight.
It ended
with Vidar being killed by the axe.
I've read about the old world, Fjor
and as his son, you must avenge him,
as he has fallen in battle.
So if you want that
we can do it.
Go home.
But I'm still guilty.
I can't help you with your conscience,
and in this world, it never happened.
I'm going to the doctor.
Can't we
Just be brothers?
I'm sorry, but
How can I live here with you
after what you did?
I tried to protect you.
From whom?
My father?
- He tried to kill you.
- No.
Dad didn't want to kill me.
He wanted to educate me.
I can pimp a motorbike for you.
But I'm not pimping your mobility scooter
with an eight-legged golden horse.
I need to get back to work.
Want me to persuade him?
I can make him do anything I want.
Why are we here?
Because you've drawn
too much attention to Trollgarden.
Cheer up, young warrior.
You've inflicted
the first major loss on the enemy.
You've avenged the Volva.
And Isolde!
I killed someone.
But, Magne, he was the enemy.
This battle comes at a price.
I killed someone!
Thus, I'm as bad as them.
But, Magne
I'm a 17-year-old boy
who thought he was a god.
I killed my brother's father.
My baby brother hates me.
I'm done.
The Jutul family has asked us to point out
that there is no connection
between the ongoing environmental case
and Vidar Jutul's sudden death.
It was Vidar Jutul's wish
to be buried in Edda,
where he has always
lived and worked. It will be a big event
Yeah That's brutal.
I hope you know
that Vidar lives on through you.
It's hard to think like that now,
but you were lucky you got to know him
before he passed away.
You're weird.
But, man, do I like it!
Are you ill?
I just came from the doctor.
Turns out I have a fucking tapeworm.
It's a parasite in the bowels.
Gotta take these to get rid of it.
They're supposed to
make it come out by itself.
The Jutul family
- Hey!
- Hello!
especially when Fjor Jutul
distanced himself
from his father and the corporation.
The usual? Veggie burger?
I don't know
what made my brother take this position,
but I know that he's had
some personal issues lately.
The rest of us have to face the fact
that our company is Norway's
fifth largest and that it's difficult
to run a business on reasonable
terms in a country like Norway,
but we're looking ahead,
and are working to repair the damage.
We may be on opposite sides
in this situation, but damn, she is good.
Not as good as you.
lately, because
of the extensive pollution case.
Our business consultant does however feel
that the company
made a smart move when they invited
"Not as good as you."
What the hell is your deal?
How come he gets table service?
You don't do that for anyone else.
I mean,
there's no one else here right now.
He eats all his meals here.
So, he's good for the environment,
and good for business.
Is it because he's gay?
My gaydar is never wrong.
I bet you don't do this often.
Having ice cream with your girlfriend
on the steps of her mother's hair salon.
No. I don't, actually.
My mom and I were talking
She's not from here.
We moved here because
Dad got a job at the Jutul factory.
And she really wants
to go back to the city.
She's put the salon up for sale.
I don't really want to leave,
but it's just me and Mom now.
And I can see how much it means to her.
But I can't take losing anything else.
Who said you'll lose me?
I can't ask you to move.
Your life is here, Fjor. Your family.
I know you've had problems,
- but they will pass.
- I'd love to come.
Do you mean that?
Yes! I'm telling you I would love to come.
When are we leaving?
We want to leave as soon as possible.
- But I need to finish my exams.
- Okay.
Right, then we leave after that.
And when I've finished mine.
But what about your dad's funeral?
Yeah I don't think I'll go, actually.
Fjor, you have to.
It's good to see you, Magne.
And welcome, Turid.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Right. As you probably know,
I'm filling in for Ran these days
after Vidar's untimely death.
Yeah, that was incredibly
I care a lot about
Magne's future, so I truly hope
that we can find a solution.
I spoke to Erik, who mentioned
it might be possible to I mean
We just ran into each other on the street.
So don't think We're just friends.
Yeah, right.
So, Magne, you had a somewhat
tumultuous end to your school year.
But we're happy to let you know
that we want to put the past behind us.
That's fantastic news. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
There's no need to thank me, Magne.
We have also decided
that you may finish the school year
with one written exam.
We've also decided on a topic
that you have a true passion for,
Norse mythology.
God, that's exciting.
Huginn and Muninn, and Zeus.
I need to talk to you. Outside.
What the hell are you thinking?
You can't just walk away
from us like that.
Don't run away in the middle of all this!
- I killed someone.
- Yeah, and I had your back.
Do you get that?
You told me it was war.
People die in wars.
Thor killed thousands of giants.
- Maybe I'm not Thor.
- You can't fucking say that!
You hear me? You fucking can't!
You took out Vidar.
What about Ran? Saxa? Fjor?
And Laurits?
Don't talk about Laurits.
Nobody touches him.
That's what we need!
The rest of us carry on, just so you know!
Have you seen the pictures
of our board members out there?
Yeah, or
A display of white, middle-aged men.
We should do something about that.
The world's changing.
If we want to be seen
as a modern corporation, we gotta keep up.
And after 1,000 years
of women being oppressed,
we're so ready
to show people how it can be done.
- I'm an old soul.
- Right.
Hi. Are you busy?
I can come back later.
I wanted to discuss
something personal, but work-related.
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry about your father.
Maybe you're finding it difficult
to be around me now
It hasn't been easy
for Laurits, either. So
Turid, what is it that you want to say?
If you have a problem with me being out
there, I can switch to another department.
You don't need to.
Let's keep our emotions out of this.
Isn't that what life is about? Emotions?
Depends on who you are.
In a way, we're family now.
Just call me Champ!
Want to spar?
With you?
Okay, but I'll whip your ass.
Hey! Throw some proper punches.
Show me some respect.
Normally I don't hit girls,
but if you say so
Damn. Good punch, I'll give you that.
Sorry, I got carried away.
Do you surrender?
Shit. Never! I never give up.
How about now?
I never give up.
Didn't I just tell you that?
You have the old woman's necklace?
The one she used
for initiating you and Magne?
I've found us an ally.
Someone who doesn't quit.
Welcome, my friend.
It'll be like a protest.
We need to gather as many as possible.
- You're in, right?
- Yes.
I think it'll be awesome.
Hey, Magne! You're in, too, right?
On what?
Oscar's gone
all Greta Thunberg after the
What we've been doing isn't working.
You and Isolde were the ones
who started it all, which is awesome.
Vidar is dead, right?
And now it looks like the town's
starting to sympathize with the Jutuls.
They feel bad for them.
And Saxa has become
the spokesperson for the evil empire.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
I'll be there in a second.
I know things are a bit difficult
between us.
But I want you to know
that I'm sorry you lost your father.
I know what it's like.
Thank you.
Thanks for a great day, son!
Was amazing! Can I keep the bike?
Yes. Love, your dad.
- Hey, you!
- Hi.
You're eating now?
We're having dinner soon.
I just took the pills for the tapeworm.
You're supposed to take them with food.
Now I just have to wait
for it to come out.
Beans straight from the can,
isn't that kind of gross?
We don't have anything else.
I've been working.
Your children don't need to eat, then?
What's up?
Nothing much.
Laurits is giving me a guilty conscience.
At least some of us have a conscience.
At least give me a chance.
After what you did?
Seriously, guys.
Things are so tense between you two.
I know things are difficult, but can't you
hug it out and become friends?
Come on.
Come on.
- What's wrong?
- I barely touched you.
- What is it?
- It just came all of a sudden.
- Hey.
- It's jabbing down to my groin.
It's the tapeworm. So
Do you need to poop?
Let me help you to the bathroom.
Dear God This isn't normal.
Can you call an ambulance?
Shit. It hurts like hell.
- Can you get the patient ready?
- Yeah.
What on Earth
What is it? What do you see?
Everything is fine,
but the size is unusual.
- Prepare theater three, just in case.
- Absolutely.
What? An operating theater?
We just want to take care of you.
Don't worry. They're skilled here.
Oh, my! The little one moves.
What is it?
It's just a bit bigger
than the ones we normally see.
I don't want to be cut open.
Promise me.
Don't cut me open, no matter what.
- Theater three is ready.
- No, I want to do it myself!
Can't you give him morphine?
This is worse than
when I gave birth to Magne.
- Give him 10mg of morphine.
- Yes.
Everything's okay, just breathe.
- It's okay, Laurits. Breathe.
- Breathe.
There are too many of us here.
Can someone leave?
Do you hear that? Can you leave?
Magne, out!
It's over now. He's fine.
No. He needs to rest. Let's go home.
We'll come to pick him up later. Okay?
Let's go home.
Hi, Laurits.
That was a tough one.
You're recovering fast.
I need to ask you something.
That tapeworm we removed
is the biggest the doctor's ever seen.
We'd like to donate it to science.
Because it's still alive.
It's alive?
Can I see it?
Daddy's little girl.
Gry's little boyfriend.
It's been a hell of a week.
Ran blames it on the bastard.
She doesn't do anything
but drink white wine and smoke.
But it wasn't him.
It was Magne.
He came to me and offered me a duel.
You can do it, if you want to.
What do you want, Saxa?
Right now,
Moland and I run the whole thing.
That speech you gave
didn't make things easier.
I have to ask you if you want
anything to do with the business,
or if you're totally out.
I'm out.
And I won't be at the funeral.
I'm leaving with Gry.
You've always been a coward.
and that's why it will be Saxa Jutul
who will take the spot
as head of the company.
But today is a hard day for Edda.
Today is the funeral
of one of the great sons of our town.
Perhaps the greatest.
Vidar Jutul was 52 years old.
He was important
not just to Edda, but to all of Norway.
Today we remember Vidar Jutul,
glory be to him.
I hope there's room for us in the church.
I can't do this, Mom.
Of course you can.
We're doing this for Laurits.
It's his dad.
Poor thing. I can see you're hurting, too.
And you didn't even like him.
What if this is all my fault, Mom?
What do you mean?
I don't understand.
Laurits, we need to hurry!
He hasn't left his room since yesterday.
Oh, my God,
you look so much like your father.
Do you like my new look?
I need some air. Sorry.
Is there anyone here?
Is there anyone here?
I've had enough of this!
I killed him!
I don't want this!
Can you hear me?
I've lost my brother!
Don't fucking show up late
for my dad's funeral.
Jesus and our dad
don't go that well together.
Mighty God, to Thy dear name be given
Highest praise
O'er all the earth and heaven
All souls distressed
All men oppressed
Their voices raising
Unite in praising Thy glory
God is God
Though all the earth lay wasted
God is God
Though all men death had tasted
Today, we'll use an old expression
to say farewell
to one of this town's sons.
It is particularly true
when we talk about Vidar Jutul.
Because in his family,
son has followed father for generations,
always with the same great task ahead.
It's almost like a Christian tale.
Son follows father
thus carrying the torch forth.
And what a torch Vidar was.
Good heavens.
It is as though
our Lord is speaking to us.
I don't want this.
Please God. I don't want this.
He was a truly great man
- I don't want to go on.
- with an illuminating presence
that the rest of us could follow.
But who will follow Vidar now?
The family has told me that
they will welcome the modern times,
and that it will be Saxa
who will follow her father.
Sons return to the battle.
I don't want to go on.
Sons return to the battle.
Forgive me for what I've done.
I don't want to kill.
I don't want to be a god.
I don't want to go on.
I don't want to go on.
Take away my powers.
forgive me for what I have done.
I don't want to be like them.
Help me.
I want to be myself again.
Is that everything?
Yeah, I just have to get my bag.
I guess all we need is Fjor?
Yes. He went to get his things.
What a storm.
I came to say goodbye.
I'm sorry to hear about your dad.
Are you coming back?
I don't think so.
Fjor and I want to try something new.
A fresh start.
There's nothing keeping me here anymore.
You know.
I'll miss you.
I wish I was more like you.
You're the kind that stays to fight.
Can you still throw a hammer 500 meters?
I hope not.
Are you ready?
Where are all your things?
I went to the funeral anyway.
Good. You got to say goodbye.
I can't come with you.
- My life is here.
- Are you just going to leave?
What's going on?
But this is what you want.
You can't just walk away!
Fjor. It's the two of us now.
I have to do this.
This is way more important than you.
So go.
- What about Fjor?
- Just go.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, just go! Jeez.
I'm sorry, father.
I have returned home.
I promise I'll make you proud of me.
I will finish what you started.
I will destroy them.
Subtitle translation by:
Fredrik Borchgrevink Lingaas
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