Ragnarok (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Power to the People

Odin - King of gods.
Sacrificed his one eye
to gain eternal wisdom,
and could see into
the past, present and future.
Father of Thor and foster brother of Loki.
Magne, wait!
[shouting] Stop!
[panting] I'm gonna to kill you.
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- You can't do this.
- What's wrong?
- Just shut the fuck up.
- [Iman] Magne, wait!
What's the matter?
I thought you'd gotten better.
- Shut up!
- [electricity buzzing]
- Want us to call the police?
- [Ran] No. I know him.
It's happened before.
Don't believe her, it's what they do.
Whatever suits them best!
- [Iman] Magne, let's go.
- [grunts]
Magne, you can't beat us.
[Iman] Magne, come, let's go!
Go! Keep moving, idiot.
You can't do this out in public.
[Ran] Poor guy, huh?
[Magne grunts]
[ominous music playing]
[indistinct whispering]
[woman] Magne
[whispering] Magne
I am still with you.
[Isolde] Magne
[indistinct whispering]
Don't give up.
I need help.
They killed Wenche.
You need your weapon.
The hammer.
And don't forget
to call on your friends, Magne.
You can't do it on your own.
I won't let you down.
[reporter on TV]
The case of Jutul Industries
and the polluted drinking water
continues to unfold,
but how is the public reacting
to these concerning developments?
The young people of the city
are very unhappy with the situation,
and have planned
a demonstration for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.
It will take place
in the parking lot outside the factory
What are you doing? I wanted to hear that.
Hmm. But I need to talk to you.
I understand that you have
some anger management issues,
but you can't just scream
at the school's principal
in the middle of the street.
[Magne] If you knew what she's done,
we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Besides, you forgot
she tried to run us over?
[sighs] It was an accident.
Seriously? An accident?
That whole family is crazy, Mom.
They don't care about anybody
but themselves.
I don't have time for this. Okay?
Laurits, what's wrong with you?
You're eating
ridiculous amounts, it's crazy.
You need to see a doctor.
And now I'm late.
Can you have a look at that light?
It keeps flickering.
I don't know what's wrong.
And, Laurits, it's your turn to
help me get groceries and carry water.
I love you, bye.
She really needs a boyfriend.
Oh, by the way
I need to tell you
about last night at Vidar's.
Something happened to me.
Watch this.
- [exhales sharply]
- What are you
The good news is now I believe
all that shit you were telling me.
You're one of them now?
[scoffs] Of course not.
I'm just playing the game.
We're still brothers, right?
Prove it.
The fire burning in the Jutuls' house
I think it's the eternal fire
Wenche was talking about.
I need it to forge my hammer.
So we're gonna break in there today.
We'll do it this afternoon,
when they're at work.
When you're back from helping Mom.
All right. Sure.
Thanks for giving us a ride, by the way.
Uh, no problem.
[Fjor sighs]
Do you wanna do something
with my parents after school?
And then on Saturday
we have the birthday
Yeah, that's fine.
Okay. Just great.
- [scoffs]
- But, what are you so afraid of?
You're making new plans all the time.
- That you will change.
- Okay.
And your solution to that
is a double date with your parents?
- [Gry] How did it go?
- [Jan] Uh, just fine.
[doctor] Bye.
I was thinking,
if you don't have any other plans,
I'd like to invite you to a nice dinner.
It's been such a long time.
What do you say?
Yeah, sounds good.
We'd love to.
- [Jan] Yeah?
- Yeah, we'd love to.
[music playing on record player]
Is that a spy camera?
Oh, let me see. Let me see.
[gasps] Oh! Let me try it on.
[electrical humming]
[woman] It would look so good on me.
[humming intensifies]
[humming stops]
[Wotan] You would never be able
to control the power of this necklace.
And take your pills
instead of throwing them out.
[Kiwi laughs hysterically]
[Halvor] Wotan?
Let's sit down again, okay?
Despite your stature,
there's a bear's heart in your chest,
Dark Elf.
[pop song playing]
Play with the monsters inside my head ♪
[Magne] Mjölnir.
Waking the demons from under my bed ♪
They run wild and wish me dead ♪
1,001, 1,002, 1,003
Pouring through me, every inch of pain ♪
Ripping me open, seam by seam ♪
Coming undone ♪
Coming undone ♪
Hi, Iman.
Me and Laurits are going
to Jutulheim today to forge the hammer.
I'll call you later.
Take me home ♪
Take me home ♪
What in the world?
Do you need all that chips?
Yeah, I'm hungry.
You should really go see a doctor.
There has to be something
wrong with your metabolism or something.
Hi, sorry. It's a bit hectic today.
- [Turid] No problem.
- [cashier] Wenche didn't show up.
She's been working here forever
and she's never missed a day before.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hey, Erik. What happened?
You missed the party.
No, I was busy with exam preparations.
[Laurits chuckles] Hey,
speaking of exams, um,
there's a couple of things
I wanna know more about.
Oh. Someone's ambitious.
Yeah, mostly about giants.
Especially Loki.
He's one of the most
exciting in the whole mythology.
- So I'd be happy to.
- I know.
[Laurits] How do you interpret him
giving birth to the Midgard Serpent?
That he was
the first trans person in history?
I guess you could say that.
Hey, do you wanna
come over for dinner again soon?
I'd like to hear more about Loki.
- Yes, that would be nice.
- [Laurits] Yeah.
Yeah. Sure.
[Oscar] There's a demonstration
outside Jutul tomorrow.
It's important that we get
as many people as possible. Here.
Hey, demonstration outside
Jutul tomorrow. Outside Jutul.
Come on, we're doing this.
- It's completely pointless.
- No. It's not pointless.
They're planning
a demonstration at the factory,
so we need to show them
that we're like them.
And we need to communicate
better with the young people, so
Just go with it.
[Laurits] Hey, Dad!
[Vidar] Hey.
How are you?
I'm all right.
We're heading to work,
just fetching water.
You're quite
the public care figure now, Saxa.
Yeah, that's really cool. Uh, hey,
I would love to hang out some time.
I'm free today, for example.
Well, I'm not busy.
Hey! We were supposed to go through
all that stuff after we got
You can do that with Moland.
Yeah, I can just go with you.
We can drop off Saxa
on the way to Jutulheim.
We can do axe-throwing,
or some father-and-son stuff.
I would love that. I love axe-throwing.
Great. Come.
- [Laurits] Just, um, take these.
- Hmm.
[Laurits] Shotgun.
[Oscar] Demonstration
outside Jutul tomorrow.
[door opens]
Vidar isn't coming.
Looks like he has
to deal with some family stuff.
But, uh, hopefully that'll end soon.
Yeah, good thing
that the women of the family
know how to call the shots. [chuckles]
[sighing] Shall we?
[door opens]
- Hi!
- [Magne] Hey.
Where's Laurits?
We ran into Vidar.
So he went with him,
because he was so excited to see him.
We had plans.
He promised to come. He
[Turid] Hey, I know this stuff
with Laurits and Vidar is hard.
[electricity buzzing]
[Laurits] I mean, call me old-fashioned
- but I just love excess. [chuckles]
- [electronic music playing]
Is this okay?
I can play something else.
No, it's perfect.
What do you wanna do?
Do you wanna go for a ride?
I'm pretty hungry.
We have lots of food.
And meat.
Hi, it's Iman. Can't talk right now.
Please leave a message. Bye!
Hi, Iman. Uh, it's Magne.
Can you call me? I know you're working,
but please. I need help.
It's Laurits. I think he's chosen a side.
[sniffs and exhales]
I like it here.
Sometimes I just want to get away.
Sometimes I even wanna leave at nights.
You're always welcome here.
This is your home, too.
Yeah, um
But I don't really know when you're here.
I'd rather not wake you up every time.
- We had a deal, right?
- [groans]
You weren't gonna see him. You promised.
[sighs] Relax. I'm on your side, okay?
But I have to play the game.
Why do you have to play the game?
Because someone just tricked his dad
into giving him the key to Jutulheim.
- [Bjørg] That shirt looks good on you.
- Yeah?
I want you to remember me
as more than a man
smelling of medicine who wears tracksuits.
Is it because
you got good news this morning?
- Yeah, that's right.
- [Gry] Oh, good.
'Cause you haven't been doing too great.
[sighs] Come on now, sweetie.
I mean, if it happens, it happens. Right?
I don't wanna end up
as a vegetable in a hospital.
Oh, wow.
- From one extreme to another.
- [chuckles]
I would like to propose a toast, actually.
Because you are
the best people in the world.
welcome to our family.
you're the most amazing wife
a man could ever want.
I'm so proud of you.
When I look at you, it makes me so happy
to know that nothing is going to stop
and that life will go on.
It's safe. No cars, they're not here.
Can I get you something?
They have everything.
Wanna check their fridge?
There it is.
Wenche said there's an eternal fire.
So I guess
It has to be this.
I read that Thor's hammer
was forged in a special way.
I think I'll hold it over the fire.
[Laurits] Right. Good luck with that.
- What do you mean?
- No. No. Nothing.
It's fine. Just go for it.
[sighs in exasperation]
Is that all?
Shouldn't it glow or something?
[clicks tongue]
- [chuckles]
- [Magne] It's not working.
What do I do now?
I don't know.
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
Okay, just hide.
- Oh, hi. You're here.
- Yeah. [chuckles nervously]
[Vidar] How nice.
Yeah. I just wanted to
see if you were here.
It was really nice last time.
[Vidar] You're always welcome here.
Yeah, I'm studying for my exams.
With this one?
That's mine.
Is this a joke?
It's warm. Did you just think
you could forge it in our living room?
It looks like a prop for role-play.
So, you came to see me?
Get out.
[in deep voice] Get out!
[door opens]
[door closes]
Right. Maybe we should just begin?
Shouldn't we wait for the boys?
I was looking forward to meet them.
I was looking forward to see you.
[door opens]
- Hi.
- [Erik] Hi!
- You're here?
- Laurits invited me over.
Yeah. I hope you ate before you came.
We don't have any meat, we're broke.
It's ratatouille,
it's a French dish I found online.
It doesn't have meat in it.
So, Magne, pass the dish to Erik, please.
We're so happy
that Magne goes to school again.
Yeah, of course.
And please let me know if there is
anything you need help with. Okay?
There is About Mjöllnir.
[Erik] Uh Yeah.
It was forged in Svartalfheim.
And the Dark Elves were these
small creatures living in the mountains.
- Today we'd say little people
- Yeah, I know.
But, uh The eternal fire, you mentioned?
Can I find it here?
Didn't Ragnarok happen in Edda?
Magne, you know Norse mythology
isn't really real. It's stories.
There are many
different versions of those stories,
and, uh, well, the Dark Elves
were there, Thor was there,
and Loki as well, of course.
Hey, about Loki. How did he become a god?
[Erik] He was the blood brother
of Odin, the king of the gods.
[Turid] Can you pass the bread?
So, they were brothers?
- [Erik] A blood brother.
- [Magne] What does that mean?
They both did a blood oath,
so blood brothers.
But didn't the gods give Loki his powers?
Yeah, you could say that.
When Loki mixed his blood
with Odin's, he became completely unique.
Half god, half giant.
There was no one else like him.
You're coming to bed?
You've got to let this go, Vidar.
I trusted him.
What did you expect?
Of course he played you. I told you.
You can't trust that son of a whore.
[sighs] That's enough emotions.
We're not good at them.
We get confused and lose ourselves.
From now on, we do things
the way we've always done them.
Be what we always have been.
We'll kill them.
Laurits too?
[Ran] Yes, of course.
He's a traitor, Vidar.
We can't let him live.
I can do it
if your feelings get in the way.
I'll do it.
[Kirsten] Let's hope
your blood sugar is better, Wotan.
Arm up.
They're stealing our DNA.
You're trapped in your own darkness, Kiwi.
Perhaps I can shine my light on you.
- [Iman] Hi.
- [Kirsten] Hi.
- Did you get his blood sample?
- Yes.
- [Iman] Was he difficult?
- No.
[Iman] No?
[Kirsten] He's totally changed.
Surprisingly calm.
What happened?
He claims he's Odin, king of the gods.
Please sit down, Wotan.
You need to get Magne.
[reporter over radio]
This afternoon, demonstrations will
take place in front of the Jutul factory.
Citizens, and especially
young people, are dissatisfied
with the new revelations about the alleged
pollution from Jutul industries.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Signy] Hey.
- Hey.
I thought we could
meet here at 3:00 and go together.
[cell phone chimes]
- [Signy] Looks good.
- [Oscar] Yeah?
- [Signy] Yeah.
- [Oscar] Yeah, it'll be dope.
[Iman over phone] Come to Trollgården now!
You won't believe this.
- [Signy] Yeah! Sounds cool.
- [Oscar] Yeah?
I have to go. You can do the rest, right?
- [Oscar] Yeah, yeah.
- [Magne] We'll meet at the factory later.
[indistinct conversation]
- [Signy] Definitely.
- [Oscar] Yeah.
- [Gry] Hey!
- Aren't you coming?
We're preparing
for the protest outside Jutul later.
[Oscar] Yeah.
It's not you personally.
It's just what your family represents.
You know?
I know you can't join, but I want to go.
We don't need to do everything together.
[Iman] Come on in.
Welcome, my son.
I know you've been fighting alone.
I know you've had doubts.
But you're not alone anymore.
We can do this together. We're three now.
[door opens]
Hey, friends.
I called Laurits on the way here
and told him to come along.
He's in, too. He's my brother.
That makes four of us.
- Cookie?
- No.
He can't be here.
He's not one of us. He's a giant.
He's my brother.
Yeah, we're all brothers in this battle.
I trust him.
You're a traitor.
It's not your fault,
but that's what you are.
It's in your nature.
I'm sorry, my son,
but it has to be this way.
- [door closes]
- This is serious.
We have a big task ahead of us,
and we're running out of time.
The new moon is coming,
but things must unfold
according to the prophecy.
That way the world
will find its balance again.
My blind eye can see far.
- [Laurits] Excuse me?
- Hi.
- Oh, so, you're Kirsten?
- Yeah.
Yeah, someone was asking
after you at the door.
So I told them
I'd let you know if I saw you.
- Now?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Thanks.
- You're welcome.
[rack rolling]
[upbeat instrumental music playing]
[music increases in tempo]
[clamoring in distance]
[seagull squawks]
[chanting] We don't have a planet B!
[reporter on radio]
Public opinion has turned
on Jutul Industries here in Edda.
Several hundred people, mainly young ones,
have gathered to protest today,
after the authorities revealed
one of the biggest environmental
scandals in recent history.
The protest has been peaceful so far,
but the police is there to assure
[chanting] We don't have a planet B!
Congratulations! You made all this happen.
Isolde would be so proud of you.
Where's Fjor?
He's keeping a low profile.
- We don't have a planet B!
- We don't have a planet B!
[indistinct chanting in distance]
[Saxa] We have to respond.
We have to appeal to their emotions.
I'm not good with emotions.
[crowd chanting]
Jutul, set the climate free!
[in Norwegian] Jutul, we have had enough.
[in English] We don't have a planet B,
Jutul, set the climate free!
[in Norwegian] Jutul, we have had enough!
[in English] We don't have a planet B
[Gry] Hi!
I don't think anyone can be neutral.
And I don't want to be.
[crowd chanting] We don't have a planet B!
[crowd in Norwegian] Jutul,
we have had enough!
[in English] But we don't really
give a fuck.
- [scoffs]
- Hey, someone needs to take charge here.
Can anyone say something?
I can't, my mom would
Maybe you could?
Is that Really? Are you kidding?
[crowd cheering]
[all applauding and cheering]
I just want to point out
that we are basically dealing
with a bunch of angry,
shouting school kids here.
For as long as you can remember,
we, the family of Jutuls, have been here.
We've considered this ours
and ours to look after.
But not anymore.
When we do something now
it's for ourselves.
It's not for the community.
We don't give a shit
that we're polluting the water.
Or if our workers get sick.
[camera shutter clicks]
But when you own all the factories
and you have all the money,
you also have an extremely important
and special responsibility.
[crowd shouting indistinctly]
And we haven't kept our promise.
I hope the people
sitting in there now are waking up!
[man] Yeah!
[Fjor] That they realize what's happening!
And stop lying to themselves and to us!
[woman in Norwegian] That's right!
[in English] And that one day
they might understand
that even if you think
that you're immortal
our planet is not.
[all cheering]
What's happening to us?
[cheering continues]
[cell phone chimes]
[melancholic music playing]
[indistinct commotion]
[shouting indistinctly]
What do you want?
To come with you.
I told you so.
[sobbing] Okay. He, um
He took a whole bottle
of sleeping pills and his morphine.
- Where is he?
- They're trying to resuscitate him now.
[Fjor] Why?
He got a death sentence yesterday.
He's a lot sicker than he told us.
- No! I want to see him!
- Gry, no. Listen to me!
[Gry cries]
[melancholic music continues playing]
[thunder rumbling]
I'm sorry for last time.
The humans used to worship us.
Because we were the first gods.
All these
were sacrificed to us.
Like this guy.
A young man in his prime.
I still remember how loud
he screamed when they cut his throat.
And then they dumped him in the swamp.
How were you not discovered,
if you've always been here?
We have a little bit of magic
just to change our appearance.
So when I get old,
my son can take over.
And then I can come back as his son.
But you never grow old.
Oh, don't I?
Laurits, Laurits, Laurits
I've shown you everything,
the factory, the house
You know what I own.
And all this
could have been yours.
I even made you invulnerable.
That is
To everything except
the old weapons.
Neither gods nor giants
are invulnerable to this.
We can tolerate a lot.
But one thing we cannot accept
is treason.
[Magne] Stop!
[in Norwegian]
Don't touch my brother, giant.
[both grunting]
[groans in pain]
[both grunting]
[both panting]
[breathing weakly]
[instrumental music playing]
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