Ragnarok (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

What Happened to the Nice, Old Lady?

Loki - Perceived as one of the gods,
but originated from giant blood.
He was seen as a demonic creature
in the old myths:
untrustworthy, cunning and ambiguous.
Foster brother to Odin.
Father to the Midgard Serpent.
Go on.
Tell me why you lied about my father.
I get that you're angry.
I want you to know
that you were always a blessing to me.
I wanted us to be a family,
and I didn't want you
to feel like an outsider or different.
I understand if you want to
get to know him and be around him
- No, no, no!
- [electricity crackling]
I won't let you, Laurits.
You're not allowed
to see Vidar. Understood?
I'll do whatever I want.
[Turid] We'll get through this
together, okay?
[softly] Oh, God.
[smooth jazz music playing]
[Ran] Have you practiced with your spear?
No, I've been busy
with the company all day.
Is it 40% heavy industry, 25% oil,
and 35% groceries and housewares?
[Ran] Don't forget weapon practice.
[Vidar sighs]
Well, you told us to prepare for war.
Yeah, uh We need to talk.
Another war council?
No. Something's happened.
Turid Seier told me
that I'm the father of her youngest son.
What? Laurits?
She after money or something?
Well, she made it up. That's obvious.
No, she wasn't
with her husband at that point.
Or anyone else.
So, Turid? You managed to sleep with her?
Listen, we can use this to our advantage.
How can we possibly
use this to our advantage?
Magne Seier is devastated because of this.
He lost a brother.
But we've been given a son
that we can bring over to our side.
We have a man in the enemy camp.
He's the perfect pawn.
I don't care about Laurits.
[Ran] It's not possible.
You know that humans and giants
can't have children.
No, this must be fate.
[laughs mockingly]
- [Iman] He said 10:00 a.m., right?
- [mutters] Fuck.
[Iman] What's wrong?
You seem off today.
Do you need to talk about Gry?
Vidar is Laurits's dad.
Mom and Vidar It's a long Whatever.
Vidar is Laurits's dad,
and Laurits wants to get to know him.
I don't blame him.
Not a day goes by where I don't
think about meeting my biological parents.
You're adopted?
Yeah. From Sri Lanka.
Don't get me wrong, I love my family,
and have a good life, but
If I had the opportunity
to meet my real parents,
to get to know them, I would do it.
Even if someone told me
they were bad people.
They aren't people. We have to stop them.
And now Laurits is one of them.
But you have me.
Imagine what I can do
with my new abilities.
I went to the dentist the other day.
Paid nothing.
I got new clothes. Paid nothing.
And these?
Also free!
Your powers
aren't meant for getting free stuff.
- [groans in exasperation]
- They're weapons.
We're in this together, Magne.
I can persuade people,
and you're Oh. Strong and all.
We'll be the new duo,
like Batman and Robin,
Bonnie and Clyde, Dolce and Gabbana.
[Harry] Uh, sorry I'm late.
[Iman] Hi!
[chuckles nervously]
Right. Um, right, here, uh, here it is.
I was working on this all night.
I did some extra
extra stuff, too. I, um
I engraved the Midgard Serpent.
And now it's yours.
Thank you.
[door opens]
Come on in.
[Laurits] Thanks.
Well, you've been here before.
I don't know you.
I'm very glad you're here.
[Laurits] Why?
'Cause you're my son.
There's so much
I want to show you and share with you.
Have you ever driven a moped?
[chuckles softly] Yeah.
Wanna try something with more power?
[bird screeches]
[engines revving]
[enthralling music playing]
Thor's hammer, Mjölnir
always hits the target.
Always returns to him.
[enthralling music continues]
- [Iman] When is it coming
- Wait.
- Do you think we should go
- [shushes]
[Magne grunts]
Right, we can't just sit here and wait.
Let's go and get it.
Come on, Gabbana.
[both pant]
Smile. [laughs]
[camera clicks]
[chuckling] Okay, that's so last year,
but it's fine.
This is the Ginnungagap mountain.
It's an ancient land, Laurits.
This land has always been a part of us.
Just as we have always been a part of it.
And now, it's also a part of you.
- [cell phone ringing]
- [clicks tongue]
[Vidar] Our relationship
must be difficult for your brother.
He'll just have to get used to it.
It's important to me.
How is your brother doing?
Has he been acting different lately?
Now that you mention it
He's been acting a bit strange.
He begins every day by
By eating oatmeal.
It's weird.
He's normally a cornflakes kind of guy.
If you're gonna
drag me up here on a motorbike
to ask me to spy on my brother,
maybe you should
practice a little bit first?
That's my boy.
[Iman grunts]
It could be anywhere.
- Magne, I don't have the shoes for this.
- There it is.
[Iman] Oh, Jesus Christ.
I don't understand
why it didn't come back.
I'm asking you as a friend.
Have I been chosen by the losing team?
You're on the team
that won't give up, Iman.
We have been given a task.
To protect this world and the people.
I don't know how we'll do this
but we'll do it together.
We're not just gonna give up.
Come on, Robin.
Who says I'm not Batman?
[Moland] So, this is an organization chart
that gives you
a clear overview of the company.
[cell phone chimes]
- [Saxa] Mmm-hmm.
- [Moland sighs]
If Jutul Industries is 25% oil,
does that include offshore technology,
or just the oil?
Look, if you'd rather do something else,
hang out with your friends,
or spend time on your social media,
that's totally fine by me.
I'll just tell your dad we went over it.
What do you mean?
I asked to learn about this.
[knocking at door]
Um, the mayor just called,
and he can't get hold of Vidar.
It's important. Can we
What's this about?
I'm part of the company.
There's nothing I shouldn't hear.
The drinking water samples
from the Environmental Agency
have just come back,
and they're calling for an immediate ban.
The press has tied it to us.
They keep calling us for a comment.
Right, Vidar has to make the statement,
so until then,
our answer will be "no comment."
No, we have to say something.
"No comment" sounds like what a politician
with something to hide would say.
Excuse me, but you're in high school.
This is a major enterprise.
What do you think looks better,
a middle-aged man in a suit
saying "no comment,"
or a young woman
speaking on behalf of her family
saying that we're really sorry
for what happened?
[mellow music playing]
[chuckles] Nothing.
- What's up?
- No!
Wanna go to the diner?
Oh, my God. Okay.
Now we're together, right?
At least we are in my world.
And if you don't want to come with me
to the diner where all our friends are,
I might think
you don't want to be a part of it.
Uh Sorry.
I want nothing more
than to be a part of your world.
Don't give me that look.
- Seventeen. There.
- [Jenny] Yeah.
- [Oscar] Jenny?
- Hmm?
Would it be possible
to get three Cokes for free? Hmm?
I'm afraid I can't.
But you can absolutely
get some free tap water.
Uh, iced.
[sarcastically] Wow!
Okay. Then we'll have
three free glasses of tap water.
- Right.
- [Oscar] Iced.
- Hi!
- What's up, lovebirds?
Hey! Make that five free tap waters. Iced.
I'll bring I'll bring it over.
- [Oscar] Hey. Nice to see you.
- [Signy] Yeah.
- [Gry] Yeah.
- [Oscar] Yeah?
- [Gry] Thanks.
- [Jenny] Here you go.
Hey Jenny? Can you turn it up?
- [Signy] Hot mama, Oscar!
- [whooping]
[Yngvild] We have been assisting
the Environmental Agency
with their investigation
of the drinking water here in Edda.
After receiving
the test results this morning,
we now have to strongly recommend
all our citizens
to avoid drinking the water in our taps.
Clean drinking water
will be made available.
Morten, could you elaborate?
The test results show very high levels
of cadmium, lead and mercury
in the drinking water.
- Uh
- [Signy] Fuck, that's disgusting.
[Morten] And we are worried about
the consequences that daily consumption
of that water
will have on people's health.
We encourage the public to listen
to the police's recommendations
and avoid all use of tap water.
[Jens] Hey, guys.
I thought it might be, um,
- appropriate for a round on the house.
- Wow, my man!
- Thanks!
- [Oscar] What a champ, man.
[female reporter] Everything points at the
high levels of heavy metals in the water
were caused by Jutul Industries,
who may not have adhered
to the regulations
regarding the storage of toxic wastes.
Saxa Jutul,
does Jutul Industries have a comment
on these test results?
I'm shocked to hear this,
and the same goes
for everyone in my family.
We have always felt a responsibility
towards the local population,
so I can assure you
that we will cooperate closely
with police and authorities
to get to the bottom of what has happened.
This concerns, uh, everyone in Edda.
And we will take our part
of the responsibility.
Hey. Fjor?
Is that all the impression it made?
Our water's been poisoned,
and we've been drinking that shit
all our lives,
but whoo-hoo, we got free sodas!
Yeah. But what are we gonna do?
It is what it is.
- What can we do?
- Some people
Some people would choose to react.
We, uh, could arrange a protest,
or a school strike, a boycott.
That family is pissing all over us,
and we just put up with it.
I just need some time, okay?
[door opens]
- Hi.
- Hey!
They just said on the radio
that the water is contaminated.
And Isolde had to die
for them to figure this out.
Is it bothering you a lot?
Have you seen Laurits?
[Turid] No.
[door opens]
- Hey! Speak of the devil
- [door closes]
[Turid] Wow. Have you been on a motorbike?
It was really fucking awesome.
I hope that's fine.
Oh, yes, of course.
Do you want some water, or tea, or
No, God, we can't.
The water's toxic.
[Turid] Yeah,
they just said it on the radio.
- [Vidar] Nice to see you.
- You, too.
Take care, my boy. Thanks for the ride.
[Laurits] Thanks for the ride.
[door closes]
The helmet. He forgot the helmet.
You gotta run after him.
But this belongs to the other motorbike.
- [Magne] Hmm.
- What? Did you drive a bike, too?
That's not okay.
You're underage. You don't have a license.
Mom, come on.
We live in Edda.
Everyone rides a moped
when they're too young. Cars, too.
It's against the law!
By the law and legislation.
He bought you with a bike.
[door opens and closes]
What are you doing?
Wanna come?
You can't just hang around with Vidar.
We're your family, and you know it.
Vidar and I see things the same way.
And he sees me for who I really am.
All I want is to get to know him.
Don't you know that he's using you?
[starts engine]
You know what, Magne?
You're just jealous
because I have a father, and you don't.
[revving engine]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Rough day at the office.
But it's kind of fun.
I think you did a very good job.
[Saxa sighs]
Where's Vidar?
He hasn't come home yet?
[Ran] Want a glass of wine?
I don't think that's enough for a glass.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Where have you been?
[Vidar] What kind of question is that?
Are you aware of what happened today?
Yeah, I saw that the mayor
tried to call a couple of times.
And I just saw the news.
And what were you up to while our business
was being attacked by the media?
I was with my son.
You're aware
that your daughter saved your ass?
Ah, great. Thanks for your help.
I'll take it from here.
Aren't you the least concerned,
Vidar, or what?
I mean, we're under more pressure
than we ever have been.
It's no big deal.
Not compared to
welcoming a new son into the family.
Don't you get how important that is?
Is he on our side?
[Vidar] Yes, definitely.
Sure, I need to work on him,
and then I'll invite him here.
[laughs humorlessly]
He's not taking one step in this house.
And he's not your son.
He's a bastard who'll be the end of you.
It's not possible.
Many things are impossible.
You don't usually get jealous,
drinking white wine alone
like a sad, pathetic housewife.
I can't believe
you'd even look at that woman.
It's disgusting.
[Saxa] Oh, so many feelings.
When did they become a part of our world?
I can't even look at you.
[door opens and closes]
[Jens] Hello! You don't come here a lot.
[Saxa] No.
There are many things I don't do.
Just give me a minute.
[oven beeping]
[Saxa] Gotcha.
You eat burgers with fork and knife?
I thought you wanted to kill me.
No, not today.
I'm fed up.
My family's fucked.
Mine, too.
I know.
You look good.
[reporter on radio]
Now the water tank trucks
are officially in Edda, people.
We, uh, urge everyone
to take the opportunity
to get clean drinking water.
- Hi!
- Hello. I missed you.
- How did your exam go?
- Well, I think.
- Looks nice in here.
- Yeah, I loaded the dishwasher.
[Jan coughing]
[Gry] Right.
[Jan] Yes, I have.
And, no, I don't want to.
Yeah, he's, uh, trying.
But who told you that I was sick?
You don't wanna say? No.
Damn journalists. So how did it go?
- Uh, fine. But what's up with you?
- [Fjor] What's going on?
Well, somebody, uh, told a journalist
that I got sick from Jutul Industries.
So, now they want me to
show up and tell them my story,
but that's not going to happen.
I don't want to be
the happy victim of the week.
- You did the right thing.
- What? Why?
- I mean Because
- 'Cause it's my family?
[footsteps approaching]
No, that's not why.
You just can't control a story like that.
Hey! This looks really nice.
Um, Fjor, your mom would like to
talk to you. She's waiting outside.
- Now?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Jan, can you give me a hand?
- [Fjor sighs] Okay.
Is that a good idea?
Yeah, nothing bad will happen.
Middle of the day, on the streets.
That's not what I meant.
What if she says something
that makes you want to go back
I live here now.
This is my home, okay? It's fine.
- What do you want?
- Things are happening.
Things you should know about.
Saxa wants to take over the company.
Since you're no longer
the natural successor.
Everything that would have been yours
is now hers.
She can have it.
Just like you always wanted.
Saxa is good, but
she can't be our leader.
Huh. Why?
Because she's
not a man.
Is that something you'd say in public?
It's Norway's fifth largest company.
But there's more. Something much worse.
About Laurits?
Yeah, I know.
You have to come home, understand?
Don't you see what's happening?
Everything is falling apart!
I'm your mother.
- [scoffs]
- And I'm begging you.
You're not my mother.
That's just pretend, isn't it?
It's ridiculous
that we have to get water ourselves.
Like a fucking third-world country.
Thanks to your new family.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Turid exclaiming]
[Turid] What the hell? What was that?
I'm sorry.
I lost, uh, control of the car.
[car door closes]
That was my new stepmother.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Magne] No, I don't care.
I told you not to contact me.
It's too dangerous.
The giants don't know I'm here.
Laurits and Mom were almost killed.
Ran tried to run us over just now.
I'm not the only one in danger,
it's my whole family now.
[sighs] They're not waiting
for the new moon?
[Magne] We tried to forge this,
Iman and I. It doesn't work.
What is this?
Did you think you could make Mjölnir?
I'm trying to do something.
That hammer was
the mightiest weapon in the old world.
You can't just make it
in an ordinary workshop.
Neither you nor the giants
can be hurt by weapons from this world.
But the giants
have old weapons, and they can kill you.
If they have weapons
and I don't, I can never win.
What do I do?
There is a fire
that has been burning
- since the old days, where
- [wings flapping]
We're not alone, we've been seen.
You have to go.
I'll meet you on the mountain at sunrise.
I will tell you what you have to do.
[Vidar] Just make yourself at home.
[jazz playing over speakers]
You have so much of everything.
And we have too little of
[chuckles] anything.
I love being here.
Well, all of this
is yours, too, Laurits.
It's just a shame
Ran doesn't like our new family dynamic.
Well, she's always had a temper.
After all,
we're an old family of warriors.
But are you aware that you are different?
That the blood running
through your veins is unique?
You are not human.
This is spooky.
This morning,
I sacrificed a reindeer for you.
I took out its heart
while it was still alive.
When you bite into this heart
you'll become part of all this.
It's your destiny.
Take the heart.
You can still feel
the warmth from the animal.
Bite it.
[distant shouting]
[Vidar in Norse, deeply] I remember
the ancient giants.
Then, in the old days, when I was born
[in normal voice] the Earth didn't exist
and neither did the Heavens.
There was only a womb. Ginnungagap itself.
[Laurits breathes heavily]
[in Norse] What's happening?
It's the giant blood that flows in you.
[grunts] What are you doing?
I'm showing you who you are.
[Laurits screaming]
[Laurits continues screaming]
[panting rapidly]
[in English] You're insane!
[in Norse] Look, boy.
Nothing in this world
can hurt you anymore.
Now you'll live forever.
Now you are one of us.
[door opens]
[in English] What have you done?
[Ran] You cannot make that decision
without talking to me first!
[Vidar] I made sure he's on our side
[ominous music playing]
[Turid] Hi, sweetie.
Can you please try
to pick up your clothes sometimes,
now that you're having girls over,
and they don't like that.
- I don't have girls over.
- [clicks tongue] Okay.
- They notice things like that.
- Where's Laurits?
[sighs] Uh, he called Vidar
and Vidar came and got him
and they went to Jutulheim.
They're trying to kill us.
- That was an accident, Magne.
- [door closes]
[Vidar] It's your emotions
running havoc with you.
Not everything is about your bastard.
Magne has a helper.
That old hag at the supermarket, Wenche.
That's impossible.
I saw Magne and Wenche in town.
I think they're making the hammer.
I'm gonna take her out.
We're not taking any chances.
That thing better be gone
when I come back.
[door opens]
[door slams]
- [Vidar speaking indistinctly]
- [Vidar and Laurits chuckling]
[in Norse] The family's battle axe.
- [Laurits in English] It's nice.
- [Vidar in Norse] Yeah, very.
It's been with us for a long time.
[in English] I came for my brother.
[Magne] Laurits?
Are you coming?
Laurits will be fine here.
[Magne] I'm begging you.
[Vidar] Leave. And if you ever come back
I'll kill you.
[Vidar sighs deeply]
I may have gotten a father,
but you're still my brother.
Another thing. Ran
- She's crazy.
- Yeah.
Right now, she's on her way to kill
the lady at the supermarket.
She thinks
she's the one who started all this.
- [door slams shut]
- [sighs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[dog barking in distance]
[in Norse] I know who you are, sorceress.
[in English] You cannot win.
[sighs in relief]
[Magne] No!
[Wenche breathing hoarsely]
[old-timey music playing over speakers]
We're flyin' ♪
I'm gonna take you to the stars
We're shinin' ♪
Hold on tight, baby
Don't let go ♪
You got the hottest seat in town
For the show ♪
[Wenche breathes heavily]
Help Magne.
Protect the humans.
[somber music playing]
No, no, no. Wenche?
[Iman] She was just laying there.
[Magne] What were you gonna tell me?
What happened to the nice old lady?
["It's You" playing]
I'm leavin' in the rain
So we can be ♪
Happy living in this misery ♪
Oh, it's you ♪
Oh, it's you ♪
I've opened my eyes so wide ♪
That the fears are hard to find ♪
Escaping the limelight ♪
When I saw you crystallize ♪
I'm leavin' in the rain
So we can be ♪
Happy living in this misery ♪
Oh, it's you ♪
Oh, it's you ♪
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