Ragnarok (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Brothers in Arms

["Yo! My Saint" playing]
Don't you tell another lie ♪
Freya - The most important goddess
in Norse mythology.
Goddess of love, fertility and devotion,
but also associated
with magic, war and wealth.
Famous for her beauty
which could enchant everyone.
My heart, it isn't bulletproof ♪
From visions of you ♪
Don't you know the way I feel ♪
[muffled yelling]
[lightning buzzing]
- [Gry gasps]
- [Fjor grunts]
[Gry gasps]
Don't you read between the lines ♪
For what's real ♪
- Go!
- [Gry] What?
What's going on?
- [Fjor] You wouldn't understand.
- Understand what?
Fjor, what are you talking about?
Answer me, God damn it!
Answer me!
- It's about my family and Magne!
- What about them?
You won't understand anyway.
If you come with me.
The perfect crime that I'll commit ♪
Is loving you despite all of it ♪
[eagle cries]
[dramatic music playing]
[siren blaring]
[paramedic 1] Bring the defibrillator.
Check the kid first.
Hey! Hello? Hey, hey.
Hello? Hello? Hey.
[defibrillator charging]
Clear. Initiating shock.
[paramedic 2 screams]
- Jeppe!
- [Jeppe groans]
- What the hell happened? Stay still.
- [groaning]
[paramedic 1] Stay.
- [Jeppe groaning]
- [paramedic 1] Where does it hurt?
[Jeppe groaning]
- You flew, like, five meters. Stay down.
- Yeah.
[Jeppe groans]
[intense music playing]
[in Old Norse] You really
thought this was over?
It's only just begun.
We will kill you before the next new moon.
[Magne grunts]
[ominous music playing]
[orchestral music playing]
[male TV anchor in English] Yes, everyone,
the weather is really weird today,
but, uh, what do we care about it?
- After all, it is our Constitution Day
- [man coughing]
[man] Wotan?
[orchestral music continues on TV]
You know that we don't
drink alcohol out here, right?
The lightning,
it killed my scooter.
- [whirring]
- [grunts]
Hmm. Probably the battery.
I'll get it looked at.
Come on, let's get some cake.
[eagle cries]
[enthralling electronic music playing]
[eagle cries]
[shouting] Is that you?
You fucking hag!
You just fly away, huh?
[thunder rumbling]
You don't give a fuck about me!
[eagle cries]
[intense music playing]
[wind blows]
[panting softly]
[mysterious music playing]
[water splashing]
[voices whispering]
Why do you think you've been given
such amazing abilities and powers?
You are the chosen one.
But why me?
[girl] You're asking me?
You know,
I wasn't the first one they killed.
And I won't be the last either.
Now the giants know
you're gaining power over the lightning,
they'll come at you
with everything they've got.
But you're not strong enough yet.
You need your weapon and you need friends
to fight by your side into battle.
[Magne] You were the only friend
I ever had.
I miss you.
[inhales sharply]
I'm with you.
Other gods will come
and stand by your side.
You just need to be patient.
[distorted] It will happen
as it is written.
Don't come looking for me.
If they find out who I am,
they will kill me, too.
You have to be patient, Magne.
Who are the others?
[eagle cries]
You just want me to wait for them?
[sinister music playing]
[slow instrumental music
playing on speakers]
[door opens]
War council. Now.
Didn't Fjor take care of it?
No, he couldn't.
The Seier kid came, and we fought.
- What, you didn't kill him?
- [Vidar] No, I failed.
He can summon lightning.
- He has the hammer?
- No, it was just his hands.
He's becoming invulnerable.
Only the old weapons can hurt him now.
So get the axe
before he gets even stronger.
He's a god.
We'll do it as it is written.
I've challenged him
to a battle by the new moon.
There's four of us, and we have weapons.
Fjor isn't here.
He's just killing the girl. He'll be here.
[upbeat pop song playing on speakers]
- Yeah. What?
- And then he'd go all
No, he's like outside the other side.
- [boy] I've seen him myself.
- [Oscar] I'm telling you.
- [chuckles]
- [Oscar] No!
- [Signy] Hey.
- [Oscar] Hey, Mr. Laurits.
Gave an awesome speech.
You're into politics?
Nah, not at all.
I just, uh,
wanted to piss on the tallest tree,
and in this town
that happens to be Jutul's. So
- Well, nice pissing. [chuckles]
- [Laurits] Thanks.
[Signy] Shit.
- Anyone talk to the lady from the store?
- Whoa, what's with your hair?
- [girl chuckles]
- Have you?
Did she touch you?
Well, she's kind of too old for me,
but, uh Are you okay?
[Magne] Did she
Did she touch your hair or anything?
- [Oscar] Nah.
- It's Constitution Day. We're going out
Wait. You. You talk to her?
- [Oscar] Should we bounce?
- Let's go.
- [boy] No. I didn't talk to her.
- [Oscar] We're out!
- Or the Jutuls?
- [scoffs] After your brother's speech?
I mean, he destroyed them completely.
Yeah, it was awesome.
[gloomy electronic music playing]
[Saxa] You took your time.
I didn't kill her.
[breathing heavily]
I'm not gonna do it,
and neither are you.
I'm just here to pick up some things.
- [growls]
- [Vidar] Wait.
I'll talk to him. [sighs]
[thunder rumbling in distance]
Where are you going?
I'm leaving.
I'm done.
To that human girl?
[Fjor breathing heavily]
I love her.
We have a battle to fight.
We've challenged Magne by the new moon.
We must gather our weapons
and stand together.
I'm done fighting.
I want something new.
[in Old Norse] Then I'll take
everything from you.
- I don't give a shit.
- You're still a giant.
[intense electronic music playing]
[in English] No.
Not anymore.
[male radio jockey] So, we got
a mostly sunny Constitution Day,
besides that
horrible thunderstorm that stopped by.
And did the weather forecast predict that?
You bet they didn't.
They were busy sitting around
[Jan] You have to eat something. Hmm?
[Jan sighs]
You'll hear from him soon, sweetheart.
- [door opens]
- [bell jingles]
See, your mother's coming.
[door closes]
She's much better at talking
about this stuff than I am. So
[door creaks]
- Hey.
- Hey.
[solemn instrumental music playing]
I'm done with my family.
It's you and me now.
[somber instrumental music playing]
Will you be home soon?
Laurits? Where are you?
I need to talk to you!!!
Where are you!??
[footsteps approaching]
[Laurits grunts]
[Magne] Laurits? Where have you been?
You haven't called me back.
- Come in.
- [grunts]
[door slams]
- [groans]
- Did the cashier lady talk to you?
Did she tell you about a battle?
[chuckling] You're still
talking about her?
Remember Ragnarok?
What Erik said
about the gods and the giants?
- [Laurits sighs]
- The big battle?
Okay. I've just had, like,
like, eight G&Ts. Can we do this tomorrow?
Listen to me.
I know how this sounds,
but I think it's happening again.
In Edda.
[chuckling] Okay
You mean, like,
gods and giants and those [clicks tongue]
- [chuckles]
- Yeah.
I think I'm Thor.
And the giants
have challenged me to a battle.
Are you high right now?
[electricity buzzing]
[buzzing stops]
- I can do things.
- [chuckles]
Laurits, remember
when I told you about the hammer?
- I threw it hundreds of meters.
- Hmm.
That's when all this started.
All this is growing in me.
I keep getting stronger.
[chuckles] No
[Laurits chuckles]
I know someone will
stand by my side in the battle.
We are the same blood.
- I think we need to do this together.
- Uh
But I'm a bit different from you. So
Okay. Can I just, uh, sleep on it,
before deciding if I want
to join you in killing giants?
You're the most important to me.
Come here.
[straining] Oh. Not that tight.
[exciting electronic music playing]
[Yngvild] The investigation
into Jutul Industries
concerning the pollution
of Edda's drinking water.
The police is now assisting
the Environmental Agency
with access to the evidence in the case.
Research consultant
Morten Njaakanjohke-Guttorm
[continues over TV] will conduct
the technical examinations.
[door opens]
If the Environmental Agency
decide to press charges
[door closes]
- we'll take this very seriously.
- [Turid] Hey!
[Yngvild] The Environmental Agency
will expand on this.
You couldn't wait?
We were eating together later.
It's Dad's birthday
and I bought fresh bread.
[Laurits] I was hungry.
But, Mom, I think you
need to start looking for a new job soon.
[Morten on TV] And we're
certain that these barrels
contain toxins
that are harmful to the environment.
The only thing that remains,
um, to be investigated
is if the way these barrels were stored
has affected the local environment.
[dramatic piano music playing]
- [grunts]
- certain that
[dog barking in distance]
[Turid] I think it must have been a fuse.
I can fix it.
- No, no. I can
- I'll do it later.
Wow, your hair looks nice.
[Magne] Thanks.
[ballad playing softly on radio]
Wearing makeup?
And what if I do?
[whispers] Have you decided?
[Turid] I think it's really nice
that Laurits uses makeup,
and that you are experimenting
with sexuality and gender and
I mean, it's perfectly normal.
I did it too when I was 17.
- I had four or five years
- All right, that's enough. Um
- [Turid] Sorry.
- Mmm.
We have, uh, custard buns.
Happy birthday to Dad.
- They're so nasty.
- [Turid] They're Dad's favorite.
And I found a picture of the four of us.
Look, isn't this nice?
I was thinking maybe we could frame it.
[chuckles softly]
[somber music playing]
[Laurits sighs]
[Laurits] Did Miss Greenpeace know
that you think you're a god?
[Magne] If you don't want to be
a part of it, just tell me. Okay?
[thunder rumbling]
Happy Birthday to you, Asbjørn.
The boys are growing up,
and you'd be so proud of them.
I doubt that he'd be proud of me.
Of course he would be.
You're so funny and smart
And I dress up
in your old clothes and, uh
And I look like a pretty lady.
People said your speech was awesome.
[Turid] Right?
- Yeah, but not as awesome as Dad was.
- [thunder rumbling]
[sighs] He was, like, strong and tall.
Hey, everyone
has their own strength, okay?
Yeah, but we're just nothing alike.
Can we just agree on that?
Just look at Magne. He's like him.
At least in a kind
of a military Tom Hardy kind of way.
He's good at the same things as Dad was.
- But Dad could read.
- Yeah, whatever.
Okay. [clears throat]
[Turid clears throat]
[Laurits sighs]
[somber electronic music playing]
You look nice without the beard.
Yeah. [chuckles]
I needed a change.
Hey, Magne,
I talked to the teachers at school.
Looks like, uh,
you'll be able to come back.
- [car door opens]
- They realized it was wrong.
- There's nothing wrong with Magne.
- [car door closes]
- Really? That's amazing. Thank you.
- Oh, no. It's just
- Thank you, Erik. Thanks.
- [Erik chuckles]
That's amazing, right? [chuckles]
Thank you.
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
I wondered if you could
help me about Thor.
I wonder, uh, how he defeated the giants.
- Who fought alongside him.
- There were many gods.
And Thor, he used his,
um, hammer, right? Mjölnir.
The greatest weapon in the world.
Without it he was nothing.
- How did he get it?
- [car engine stalling]
Look, don't worry about being behind
in school, okay? I'll help you.
[car engine stalling]
I can't get it started, Magne.
You'll have to get out and push.
For fuck's sake. I have a headache.
Oh, come on.
[serene instrumental music playing]
- [Magne] Come on.
- [Laurits] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[mechanic] Yeah, I need, um,
the parts for that thing.
[upbeat music playing on speakers]
Yeah, the scooter.
How the hell should I know?
It's an electric, uh, cripple scooter.
I don't know. It's blue.
And it would be great if the parts are out
before the old guy kicks the bucket.
Good. Bye.
[Turid] Hello.
Damn it. What do you want?
- Um, I can't get it to start up.
- [engine stalling]
Then you'll need a new starter.
And a new battery.
Maybe do something about that exhaust
clinging on for dear life back there.
It'll be 20,000 kroner.
Just leave the keys in the car,
and I'll wheel it in myself. Thanks.
What, 20,000?
That's the price of the car.
[tool whirring]
Well, it's expensive being poor.
[whirring gets louder]
[hammer echoing]
[Laurits] What up? Come on, Magne.
It's too early to say
anything about the full extent yet,
but I can confirm that
we are in possession of several barrels
that belong to Jutul Industries.
Um, and we're absolutely certain
that these barrels contain toxins
that are harmful to the environment.
[remote clicks]
Is all of this under control?
Yeah, but you have no idea
how many questions we have to answer.
[sighs] The rules
of democracy make me sick.
The mayor isn't even
answering my calls anymore.
I'm completely alone in this.
Without Fjor, who else have I got?
[Saxa] You got me.
The one who polishes
her nails and shops online.
You don't respect me.
You need to earn it.
Do you think she deserves it, Vidar?
[captivating electronic music playing]
[Vidar] Titanium, zinc, iron
That's what we mainly produce here.
And when the ships dock over there,
all the materials are transported
and stuck into these furnaces.
Hey, do it properly.
If I'm taking over the business,
I need to learn this.
You don't know if Fjor
is ever coming back.
[machinery whirring]
[woman] Vidar?
The man from the Environment Agency
and the police are here.
You better go home.
Morten Njaakanjohke-Guttorm
from the Environmental Agency.
Yes, uh, you and I
already know each other.
Right, yeah, hi.
[Yngvild] As you know, we're assisting
with the investigation
into the water pollution.
Mmm-hmm. And because of that
there are some
new documents we'd like to see.
Dating back a few years, actually.
Do you have a warrant?
Right, then we
can't just open our drawers
Right, let me just start by saying
how sorry we are, uh, about all this.
And we will, of course, cooperate
to, uh, clarify all of this
in the best possible way.
- [Morten] Great.
- Thank you.
[Saxa] Would you like some coffee?
- [Morten and Yngvild] Yes, please.
- Great. Black?
- Do you have oat milk?
- Sure.
You like it vegan, huh?
[Morten] Mmm-hmm.
[door closes]
["Such a Remarkable Day" playing]
Such a remarkable day ♪
We're friendly thanks to you ♪
These floods on our hands are the way ♪
How can we ever pay our due? ♪
[scanner beeping]
Wenche, I
I've been thinking that I should
apologize to you. Because, uh
When I was saying that you were talking
a lot of nonsense, that was wrong.
I crossed the line, and I'm very sorry.
I'm sorry.
Five hundred and forty-eight kroner.
[sighs] Right.
[Turid chuckles]
[card scanner beeping]
I'll have to put
some things back. I'm sorry.
Not a problem.
If in return you can tell
that big boy of yours
that a god will meet him
at the bridge today,
with the first words
from the Völuspá prophecy.
Yeah, I'll
I'll pass that along. Thank you.
[suspenseful music playing]
[woman over laptop] His most important
role was to keep order in the world.
He was also the god of thunder
and controlled the air.
Here you are drawing a giant hammer.
You decided?
Yeah. What's in it for me?
You'll be fighting on the right side.
[Laurits] Right.
Have you considered that maybe
this battle only exists in your head?
[door opens]
[Turid] Hey, boys.
[Laurits] Hey.
We're starving here. What's for dinner?
We're having tacos, but with a twist.
I've been thinking
that we should live a bit greener.
So we're having tacos, minus the meat.
We can't have Taco Friday without meat.
That's completely pointless.
It's not pointless, no. It's, um
As for the summer holidays,
we need to go green a day or two,
so it's gonna be, uh a staycation.
Yeah, it's when you When you're like, um
You don't travel anywhere.
You stay at home
and do different things, right?
Things you don't normally do.
Play cards,
go for walks, invite people over.
Oh, yeah Cool.
All the celebrities are doing it.
[Laurits] Yeah,
but they can afford to live in places
where you actually want to stay.
So you've, uh, suddenly become
some kind of trendy nature lover?
No. No, no. It's not like that. It's, um
To be completely honest, we
can't afford it.
That repair bill for the car ruined me.
So I I can't afford to buy meat.
It's okay, Mom.
Laurits and I can find some cash.
[Turid] By the way, Magne.
That loony cashier lady,
she told me to give you a message.
Yeah, but just to be clear,
I'm not paying for any meatless tacos.
No, no.
- What did she say?
- Right. That you should go and see God.
I mean, she talks a lot of nonsense.
By the bridge.
Or the river, I can't remember.
And you have to remember
the first part of the prophecy.
What prophecy? The Völuspá?
Honestly, it didn't make much sense to me.
[door opens and closes]
What are you doing?
I'm gonna get some meat.
[exciting electronic music playing]
[female voice on cell phone]
Hearing I ask from the holy races
From Heimdall's sons, both high and low
Valfather, that well I relate
Old tales I remember of men long ago.
"From the holy races"
"Hearing I ask from the holy races"
If this is for charity,
I'm not interested, okay?
- Why are we stopping?
- I just need to check something.
[Wotan groans]
[bottle opens]
[thunder rumbling]
Hey! What were you going to say?
"Hearing I ask from the holy races"
"Valfather, that well I relate
Old tales I remember of men long ago."
[solemn instrumental music playing]
[Magne] So, what happened?
[girl] It was so weird.
I was over by the milk,
when this cashier lady
came over and pulled me aside.
[door closes]
Then she spoke in this old-fashioned way.
She told me I'm special.
But I already knew that.
I've always known that.
I tell it like it is.
And I don't take shit from anyone.
And then?
Then she started touching my hair.
And that's crossing a line,
but, okay, I could tell it was
important to her, so I let her do it.
Okay. She give you a task?
Yeah. She told me to "find the leader
of the battle and help him."
Whatever that means.
It means that us two
we'll fight the giants.
They killed Isolde, and many others.
[door closes]
Uh, I'll have a large Edda burger
with extra cheese
- [cash register beeping]
- and some, uh
medium fries
No, wait, make that large fries.
And a Coke.
And can you make some chicken wings,
uh, to eat while I'm waiting for the rest?
That'll be 227 kroner.
[ballad playing softly on speakers]
Hi. [chuckles]
Two hundred and twenty-seven kroner.
[both chuckling]
[Magne] The giants
are destroying the world,
and until now,
no one has tried to stop them.
To win this fight, Iman,
we have to use our abilities.
What can you do?
Well, I have a lot of abilities.
I am gifted, I'm smart, I'm beautiful,
and funny, if I do say so myself.
And I'm pretty good at flirting as well.
No, no, no. That's not what I mean.
[exhales] You have a new skill.
What is it?
- What's yours?
- [door opens downstairs]
[door closes]
[Laurits] Sure, bring them.
The more, the merrier.
Yeah. See ya.
Hey! Magne has a visitor,
a new girl. [chuckles softly]
I think he's trying to get over Gry.
- I've actually met someone, too.
- Really?
It's crazy. It just happened in,
like, two seconds or something.
- Oh, who is it?
- He works at the diner.
He's tall. Almost
this or maybe more like this, actually.
Yes, him. That's so nice.
[Laurits] Yeah. He's great.
He's coming to the party with the others.
Oh! What party is that?
I I invited some people over tonight.
Just to get to see him, of course.
Then we can get the "staycation" going.
- [thudding upstairs]
- [Iman exclaiming and laughing]
[chuckles softly]
[Iman] Whoo!
You're the strongest friend
I've ever had. [laughing]
All you need is love.
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
[upbeat music playing on speakers]
How many did you invite?
Just the bunch I know, and
[doorbell rings]
- I think it's for me.
- It could be Erik, too.
[loudly] Come in. It's open!
[Laurits] Come in!
Oh, fuck.
Hi! Welcome to the grand opening
of the "staycation."
[Magne] Hi.
- [Gry] Hi.
- Can we talk?
Hi. I just had to say hello for real.
I'm Turid. Magne's mom.
[Gry sighs]
[door closes]
I've been really worried.
You didn't answer my texts.
Yeah. Yeah, I did.
Three words?
"I am fine"?
- [sighs]
- That's all I get?
Seriously? You were there.
- He wanted to kill you.
- No, he didn't, Magne.
You don't know who he is.
I do.
He's a good guy.
He left his family. He's really trying.
And I'm in love with him.
[solemn instrumental music playing]
Yeah, I know.
I gotta get used to it.
I understand.
[door opens]
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
Come on.
[upbeat music playing on speakers]
Give me a second.
You'll get over it.
She might not even be your type.
But someone like her,
she's your type.
Oh, by the way,
I think I've found my special ability.
Watch this.
Isn't this the part
where you get us a drink?
Uh, no. I just got one.
I think
[mysterious music playing]
you really want to get me a drink.
I want a vodka Red Bull.
And you'll bring it on your knees.
[upbeat music continues on speakers]
[boy 1] Cheers!
[boy 2] Cheers.
[indistinct chatter]
[refrigerator door opens]
[bottles clinking]
I'm sorry he didn't come.
If it's any consolation,
Erik didn't show up either.
I'm just a fucking freak.
You're not a freak.
You're courageous, you're kind,
you're truly unique.
But I don't want to be unique.
I want to be someone else's.
Someone's man.
[Laurits sighs]
Let's just be honest.
I'm a freak.
You are not a freak.
There might be a
a reason why you feel a bit different.
[somber instrumental music playing]
Sorry, I'm drunk.
No, Mom. What are you saying?
I think you should sit down.
I need to tell you something that
I should have told you a long time ago.
[tool whirring]
Damn, are we going to war or something?
We are at war.
Come on.
This is not a joke, Iman.
[ballad playing on speakers]
What the hell do you want? I'm working.
- [softly] Come on.
- [whispers] Okay, hang on.
[mechanic] Yeah, what is it?
Do you have a moment?
No, I don't. I told you I'm busy.
I think you have time for me.
What is it?
I think you have time for me.
[mysterious music playing]
[whispering] You have time for me.
You do as I say.
Yeah, uh, of course. Of course I do.
What do you need?
[Magne] Can you make this?
Yeah, of course. Of course I can.
I'll start right away.
I'll have it ready for you tomorrow.
Let's say around 10:00 a.m.
[mechanic chuckles]
Yeah. [clears throat]
[knocking at door]
Come in.
Hi. [clears throat]
- [door closes]
- I just need a couple of signatures.
[Vidar clears throat]
[pen scribbles]
[pen clicks]
I, um
Vidar, do you remember
17 years ago, when I
was serving at a party in Jutulheim,
and we got really drunk?
[Vidar sips drink]
I remember.
I got pregnant that night.
- [smacks lips] Impossible.
- No, it's true.
But I made a choice, and, uh,
wanted that
child to be my husband's, but he, um
He's yours.
But I expect nothing from you.
I really don't.
[sighs] He looks like you.
He's got your eyes.
He and Magne are very different.
Why haven't you told me this before?
It seemed right at the time, but
Laurits is in a bad place.
He's always felt very different.
Thank you.
[intense music playing]
If I was you I'd run ♪
If I was you I'd hide ♪
If I was you I'd be afraid ♪
Afraid of what's inside ♪
Afraid of what's inside ♪
I can hear your voice ♪
I can feel you cry ♪
No matter what you do now ♪
Don't dare to close your eyes ♪
The end is drawing near ♪
I'll tell them that you tried ♪
Shed a single tear now ♪
Time to say goodbye ♪
[electricity crackling]
[song continues]
Time to say goodbye ♪
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