Ragnarok (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Yes, We Love This Country

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The Seeress' prophecy Ancient, mythological tale about the creation of the world, its demise and rebirth.
The Seeress Volven speaks to both gods and men to tell them how the world will end if they continue their evil, immoral deeds.
Come on! I didn't even know there was a tunnel up here.
Me neither.
I'm sure it goes all the way to the factory.
They've used it to hide their chemical waste.
What's he doing here? I had to inform Jutul Industries.
They own this part of the mountain.
Magne informed his teacher, and he contacted us.
I understand you were here last night, Magne.
So it was you who broke open the padlock? Tell me.
What did you see in here? Two or three thousand barrels.
Isolde's last water sample was from here.
Full of chemical waste.
Lead, cadmium and mercury.
Your barrels are leaking into everyone's drinking water.
That would be very serious.
DANGER I truly hope that we've seen the last of you and your outrageous behavior.
EPISODE 6 YES, WE LOVE THIS COUNTRY Magne has been asked to pack his things and leave the school.
And I'm here to inform you that in all likelihood he will not be coming back for the rest of the year.
Which means that he won't be able to complete his exam.
Does this have to do with his accusations against Jutul Industries? I neither can nor will talk about that now.
All of you know that I personally truly only want what's best for Magne.
Is Magne sick? That's what they're trying to find out, yes.
There will be a psychiatric evaluation.
But I want you to know that a group of teachers led by Erik came to me with a signed statement where they state that it's not safe to let Magne remain here as long as his evaluation is ongoing.
And as principal I'm obliged to listen to them.
Gry, I don't have any choice.
I don't remember.
Sometime back in the '60s.
We need to make sure all loose ends are tied up.
Fjor! Do you understand? It wasn't illegal at the time.
Where is it? Where's what? Look here! Look here.
How many times do I have to tell you? No close contact with humans! You fucked her here in our home.
So now I'm asking you, did she steal this photograph of our family? And take it home as a souvenir? No, god damn it! She saw nothing.
You can't be in here and not see something.
Are you even aware of the risk you've exposed us to? Your pathetic emotions might lead to the demise of our family.
Hi, sweetie.
What are you watching? How are we doing today? Besides that "we" were expelled today and that "we" are forced to see a shrink I think we're doing great.
Thanks for asking! Magne! We need to talk about this, right? Come on talk! - Well, this sounds like fun.
- We're only just talking things out.
Magne's just gotta understand that he has to see a psychiatrist.
There's a chance of juvenile detention but we'll handle that too.
Maybe we'll have to move, but we'll manage that somehow Fucking Forget it.
The shrink won't believe me either.
Like hell I'll move again.
You will do excactly what I tell you! You're my responsibility until you're 18.
You've never taken responsibility for a fucking thing.
Instead, maybe you should try concentrating on being a good mother.
And by the way, we're out of milk.
Now don't let yourselves be devoured by darkness The light is on its way.
What are you talking about? I don't understand a word you're saying.
You just sit there behind the register beeping things and spewing nonsense! It's impossible to understand what you're saying.
I live in the real world.
Where are you from? That will be 629 and 50.
Are you okay? Well done, bro, she's spiraling again.
Stop staring.
Just go.
You have got yourself tangled up in a fantasy world.
Magne's just gotta understand that he has to see a psychiatrist.
I like you, new kid.
You can't count on anyone wanting to help you.
Not your mother, your brother, or your little pretend girlfriend Gry.
I'm thinking that you think that what you saw was real.
EXAMS - SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY QUIET! EXAMS IN PROGRESS Yeah, I'd say that we should go do something else cool.
You know you want to join.
Come on, don't be such a goody goody.
Have you noticed that we're starting to look more and more like a diversity campaign? Then you'll fit right in emo.
So, in many ways you can draw the conclusion that Edda is a textbook example of a successful town within Norway's welfare system.
Because after all, who's in charge? We are.
I think you have a very good grasp of your topic, Gry.
Do you have anything to add? No.
I almost want to move to Edda.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Very good.
We'll discuss now.
Thank you.
But, it was all irony, I hope you got that.
- What? - Everyone knows that it isn't like this in Edda.
We have pollution, the ice is melting, people lie sick at home but nobody talks about that.
- Gry, I think you need to - No, I don't need to do anything! Edda is excactly like so many other Norwegian towns.
We are all dependent on one shitty factory.
And who paid for the new civic center? The new scanner at the hospital, the new sports arenas we're building down there? You know what, we, we, we live in North Korea! Do you know who's gonna give the constitution speech? How did it go? Did you get an A? I failed.
- What? - Why's that? Because I said the whole paper was ironic.
You didn't just write a bad paper? Isolde was right, and we all know it.
We just never talk about it.
We know perfectly well about all the crap in the water and the strange smells we get all the time.
Uh You're just too much.
You're not Greta Thunberg.
You're a random student in a small high school in a tiny town who just flunked her exam.
So what did Magne see up there? Delusions.
Come on, let's go.
Hi, it's Magne, Turid's son.
I just wanna say that Mom can't come to work today.
She's going to the doctor.
With me.
It's important for our family.
Hi, Magne.
Good that you came after all.
So, we have been asked to conduct a psychiatric evaluation.
Ida Storlien.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Ida.
A pleasure.
Well, maybe you can take Magne to the office? Yes? Yes, of course.
Magne, follow me.
I understand that this is a tricky situation, but I promise that we'll take good care of your son.
Thank you.
And a little head massage? Excuse me just a moment.
- Hi! - Hi.
I need another bottle of that miracle lotion you gave me last time.
- Yes, wasn't that great? Yes.
- Fantastic Yes.
I'm sorry to hear about Gry and her exam.
I think it's because of Magne.
They spend a lot of time together.
And now he's involved with both the police and psychiatrists Yeah I just think it's a good idea if we adults keep an eye on what these lovely youngsters of ours are up to.
Are we doing this? Laurits.
Are you here? - Sorry if I - No, don't worry.
Magne's a bit off his rocker Well we're only trying to help him as best we can.
- I have to go.
- Yes.
Constitution Day preparations.
I'm sorry.
It By the way, the student speech.
Do you think that I could give it this year? I'll think about it.
No, no, no, no! Power Women runs for you! - Thank you, Bjørg.
- Here you go.
- Okay, now it's us.
- Yep.
Uhh, just a trim, right? Actually I'm considering going blond.
All right.
Uh That's gonna require some chemicals.
Bring it on.
I wrote the speech.
I used parts from the one Saxa wrote in 1974.
No one remembers that one.
"When we celebrate the Constitution Day we are not only celebrating our country.
It's more than anything the youth" I have to take this.
When does the Jutul Trader depart Edda? Delay it.
24 hours.
I have something that needs to be on it.
2500 steel barrels.
You don't wanna know.
Well, Johan made a deal with Sierra Leone.
I don't fucking care, just make it happen.
Well, everybody, it's only two days left until the 17th of May and we're still looking for the wildest student in Vestlandet.
So send your pictures to us and maybe the family pizza from the Edda grill will go to you.
You shouldn't drink that water.
Listen, I talked with the school.
They'll let you redo your exam.
You mean you called your friend Ran? - Hi.
- Hi! Am I interrupting? No, no come in.
How nice.
Well, so I I'm on my way out for a run.
- Why are you here? - I got something for your dad.
For my dad? I wanna help.
- Hey dad? - Yes? Fjor is here.
I don't think you've been treated fairly.
What is this? It's justice It's what the insurance would have paid.
250 thousand.
You can't just give 250 thousand to my father! Why can't I? You need this money.
Yeah maybe, but you can't give away a quarter of a million just like that.
This is very very kind of you Fjor And I'm sure it feels good to do this kind of thing.
But I cannot accept this.
- Okay, let's drive.
- Let's drive.
I just don't get it, how one can be so proud.
If you don't stand for something, you're nothing.
But yet you're so fragile.
You get old and sick and you die.
"You"? It happens to all of us.
Yes, of course.
I've never met anyone like you.
You're just so perfect, but in a very strange way.
Your whole family is like that for example Saxa, she's always so No.
Forget it.
When it's just the two of us everything is fine.
I'm sorry.
My entire family has They uh were were also perfect.
Just like you.
I don't wanna be perfect.
I wanna be a good person.
Just like you.
Can you teach me? EDDA HOSPITAL Well, Magne and I have had many nice talks these past few days.
And I want to thank you, Magne, for your honesty.
For letting me into your world.
But Magne believes that the world as we know it is about to go under, and that it's Magne's duty to take action and save us all from annihilation.
Uh, what does that mean? What we can see is that Magne fulfills every criteria of a paranoid schizophrenic diagnosis.
The most important thing right now is that Magne is treated so he's not a danger to others or to himself.
I've written some prescriptions for Ziprasidone and Risperidone, so you can start the treatment at once.
With these medications you will see Magne become more calm, less warlike, maybe more passive.
And you may feel a little different for a while.
But this is a necessary treatment for you.
Diagnosis and medicine.
That's a start.
- Talk to you later.
- Mmm.
Magne! I want you to know you were right.
There were 2500 barrels They're being shipped off tonight.
I know it's too late to make everything right Just wanted you to know.
It's so nice that you're becoming friends.
Should you take a pill now just to start? Might as well get started.
No, I'm not going to.
I'll be myself.
No, Magne.
You've betrayed the trust of your own family.
You lied about the photograph.
She knows too much.
Yes, Father.
The time has come to prove your loyalty.
Kill her.
Happy Constitution Day, everybody! We will celebrate the day all over the country.
But our thoughts go to everybody in costume, because damn it, they say it will be no less than 27 degrees today! To that I think even the Finnish sauna champion would have said, "Fuck you, damn!" Hi! Happy Constitution Day! Magne.
I think it's great that you're here today.
After all that shit you've been through.
- Hello, happy Constitution Day! - Happy Constitution Day! Happy Constitution Day, Magne.
Listen, uh You might have heard of that document that I signed - I just wanted to - No, it's fine, Erik.
Dear everyone.
Happy Constitution Day! If you don't do it then I will.
Normally, it is Flagstad who acts as host on the constitution day.
Uh, but as most of you have heard she's had to leave her position.
So you will have to make due with me this year.
This is a day of joy And we are going to celebrate.
So it's a great honor for me to welcome you all to the traditional Constitution Day show! The barrels were here already when we arrived this morning We don't know who put them there, but they fit Magne Seier's description perfectly.
I don't know anything about this.
These barrels belong to you.
This is illegal containment of chemical waste.
We will launch a police investigation.
I expect you to cooperate.
I think we all need to calm down and talk to the mayor about what's going on.
It's possible things worked like that with my predecessor But they won't anymore.
Now I have the great honor of inviting Saxa Jutul to the stage to sing the national anthem with us.
Yes, we love this country As it rises forth Rugged, weathered, over the water With the thousand homes Love, we love to think of Our fathers and mothers And the saga night that lays Dreams upon our Earth And the saga night that lays Dreams upon our Earth Where are we going? I'll show you.
It's uh in there.
- After you.
- Okay.
Now I have the great honor of introducing the school's principal.
So give a round of applause for none other than Ran Jutul! Dear everyone.
Happy Constitution Day.
May 17th.
Yes, we love this country, do we not? You've-gotta tell me where we're going, this is getting odd.
Just trust me.
There's so much to love.
The youth.
There shall be absolutely no doubt how much I personally love the youth.
I also love our fine old Norwegian democracy.
Seriously, just tell me.
Even though people don't actually have a say in anything it's nice that they think that they do.
Fjor? And the country itself.
The pure, beautiful nature.
The pride of Norway.
The ice is melting.
The climate runs amok.
I'm sorry.
People talk about pollution, but who cares? That is what makes Norway one of the world's richest countries.
And should there be any eco-friendly national traitors who don't see any particular reason to love Norway so Think of the mountains, my friends.
And ask yourselves - Fjor, what's going on? - I have to do this.
who, do you think, will be the last ones to drown when all the ice has melted? We, who live on top of the world.
Magne! Magne! Magne! Stop! He's himself again.
He's gonna kill us.
What? Run.
Run! Many believe that Ragnarok was the end.
They are wrong.
It's where it all starts.

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