Ragnarok (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Atomic Number 48

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Seeress - A recurring figure in numerous Norse myths.
Possessed magic and clairvoyance.
One believed the seeress could affect the forces that controlled the world.
What do you mean? Did you kill their dog? I had no choice, it wasn't a dog anymore.
There's nothing here either.
It's just What happened? It was a monster, Mother! What have you taken? What? What are you talking about? Have you smoked? Taken pills? Someone give you something? The Jutuls? What are you thinking? I'm thinking that you think that what you saw was real.
It attacked me and tried to kill me, Mother! You have no wounds! What do I know? I had a lot of them but I heal quickly! Magne, can't you just tell me what happened? Magne, can't you please just tell me? Just say what happened! Can't you just I don't know what happened, Mother! I don't understand it either.
EPISODE 5 ATOMIC NUMBER 48 And yellow eyes? Yes.
And its teeth grew longer, too.
Yngvild, I think we should take urine and blood samples to make sure he's not under the influence of narcotics.
There's something else I want to say.
I think Vidar was involved in Isolde's death.
Do you have anything personal against the Jutuls? No, he does not, he's good friends with the children, and his brother Laurits is too.
And I work for Vidar Jutul, so A month ago Vidar Jutul's car was vandalized with this sledgehammer, which is yours.
Is this correct? I wasn't trying to hit his car.
This has nothing to do with the dog or me defending myself.
It wasn't just self-defense.
I'd call it a ritual killing.
You should know that we take this very seriously.
And there will be consequences.
I can't rule out that the authorities will recommend juvenile detention.
Do you understand what you've done? Magne.
I wasn't myself.
Note: Nobody believes me.
Not even my own family.
But I can't blame them, really.
With everything that's happening, I'm fighting monsters.
I've become a god.
And giants exist.
Supernatural beings that control the town.
No wonder people think I'm crazy.
It's completely fucked up.
I want everybody who dreams of being special to know that in reality, it's a nightmare.
There's nothing cool about being special.
And I don't even know what to do with these powers.
They just fuck up my life and cause all sorts of problems and they Isolde was right.
Exploit the system.
The Jutuls don't care about humans, or the world.
They just destroy everything.
I have to expose them.
Find strong evidence so they can't continue.
Are you going running with the women's group? Yes.
We're working out really hard.
Bjørg and Yngvild are picking me up shortly.
Are you planning to win? No, no.
The important thing for them is to participate.
Where are you going? He must die.
Vidar, this is After 3000 years you still think hitting someone makes you a man.
You aren't doing anything until I come back.
Okay? Stop him.
- Hi! - Hi, are you ready? We sure are.
Come on, let's go.
Fucking nuts.
But he's right.
Trym's blood will be avenged by Magne's blood.
This it written in the old laws, and they apply to him too.
- Yeah, but - He is a god.
That changes everything.
Plague, wars, climate change, what has that meant for us? Nothing.
But him he can kill us.
Understand? The whole town thinks he killed our dog.
Who do you think they'll blame, if he's cut down with an axe? - I don't give a shit.
- I think you do.
You own one of Norway's biggest companies.
You're a respected person.
And also a giant.
Just like you.
We belong to an ancient, immortal warrior family.
We were worshipped.
The humans sacrificed to us.
We were the first gods.
And now you're driving a fucking Volvo.
You love to just sit on the couch and watch American TV shows, while you're eating candy.
You want to give up all that and have to live a life on the run? That's nostalgia.
We don't live like that anymore.
So? Are we killing him or what? No.
There'll be no violence this time.
We hold all the cards.
Teachers, psychologists, juvenile detention is ten times worse.
Out! Everything suggests you will be sentenced if we send this to the authorities.
So I hope you understand what a big deal it is that we are putting the whole matter on hold.
Even though what you've done is terrible, Magne, I don't want to be a principal who stops a young person from completing his education.
As long as we can be sure that you stick to all our agreements.
Yes, mmm-mmm.
Well, you and I will see each other quite a lot from now on, Magne.
And it's important that we limit Magne's access to social media.
- At home too, Turid.
- Yes.
And I really want to hold on to your smartphone.
At least for a little while.
And you will get this one.
You can send texts and SMS and - Hm.
Magne, give - Yes, so, Magne, - it's time to say goodbye - Give it to him.
to YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and WhatsApp and Shazam and all that.
Yes, we'll be following up on this.
- Yes.
- Yes.
And I also think it's important that you keep a close eye on him at home.
Gry! I have your earring.
When can we meet? What are you doing? How long's Vidar gonna stay in his office? Are you looking for this? Are you totally fucking insane? You fucked her here after we were told not to have contact with humans.
- Calm down! - No! I had to blow her off as one of my best friends! Do you think I liked that? You've fucking never had any feelings for anyone! Neither have you, asshole.
You were just so anxious to fuck her that you didn't give a shit about anything.
And then you do her here, of all places! - She was in the office.
- She didn't see anything! You can't go in there without seeing something.
Do you realize what will happen if I tell Vidar? Hmm? You won't do that.
What is happening to you? I said what's happening to you? Nothing.
I wanted to fuck her and that's what I did.
Okay? EDDA SECONDARY SCHOOL In 2018, the environmental organization GreenWatch registered rising levels of cadmium in the fjord.
- You okay? - Mmm.
Besides that people think I'm psycho, yeah.
I don't know what happened but but I think you had a reason to do what you did.
But you trust your new boyfriend more than me.
He is not my boyfriend.
I mean Well, I I was going to talk to you about it, but I knew We're handing in the assignment on Friday, right? Magne, I really do want to talk to you about it.
I think we can look at it later.
See you.
- Hi, Magne.
- Hi.
Everybody's just talking about what happened to that dog, but this is completely out of proportion.
I found her phone up by the glacier.
I tried charging it, but it's dead.
And I also found this next to it.
A sample from the ice? I would think so.
The last few weeks she constantly talked about getting a water sample from up there.
Can I have it? Gry.
I found some of Isolde's old emails that she sent to environmental organizations.
This one, for example.
They write that many of her water samples show very high contamination levels from the glacier.
And her last samples contain something called ko Kodym? - Cadmium or something, it says here.
- Cadmium.
Yeah, she thought there would be high levels of that.
Look at this.
Erik found one of Isolde's last water samples at the glacier.
What if that contains cadmium? Maybe we should analyze it? Well, we're not writing an environmental report, we're analyzing what it's like to live in Edda.
Yeah, but I know Isolde's right about this.
These people really don't care if the world's coming to an end.
You and your dad know that better than anyone.
I get it if you don't want to write bad stuff about his family.
Okay, Saxa.
It's your turn.
- You can do it! I believe in you! - Go! Yeah! Hold it right this time.
In 2018, the environmental organization GreenWatch registered rising levels of cadmium in the fjord.
Nevertheless, the Edda Green Award was awarded to Jutul Industries the following year.
Are you writing about Jutul? Try holding it the correct way.
Look here, here.
You won't be very popular if you sit next to me.
But maybe you will be popular by sitting next to me.
Stretch further.
Look here.
Not up there.
Saxa! Down! She's faking it.
Look here.
Down here.
And right foot forward and throw.
Come on.
Go for it! Time's up for today.
Hilde and Saxa, it's your turn to clean up, right? - Yes? - Yes.
This place is fucked up.
Just so you know.
Then maybe we could change that.
What was your name again? Saxa.
Why aren't you helping her? 'Cause I can.
'Cause you feel like you're better than her, right? Obviously.
You feel like you're better than everybody else.
Why do you pretend that you don't know how to throw? So I don't frighten the little humans.
You know what happens when you scare them, don't you, Magne? Don't worry about it, I'll get that.
Look how cute and loyal they are.
But it isn't fair! No.
But the world isn't fair.
The wolves eat the lambs.
Not if someone protects them.
You couldn't even protect your girlfriend.
I know who you are.
And you can't count on anyone coming to help you.
Not your mother, or your brother, or your little pretend-girlfriend, Gry.
We're not together.
She's with Fjor.
You were right.
I do know how to throw.
- Teacher? - Yes? - Have you heard of cadmium? - Cadmium, it's an element.
Heavy metal, atomic number 48.
- Is it dangerous? - It's very poisonous.
This is a water sample from the glacier.
And, uh, I need to know what it contains.
Do you know how to check for that? Yes, I do.
I want to help you, Magne.
This will stay between us.
The warmest April in 20 years, people! Are you ready for swimming season? And forget about how the fjord is contaminated.
When I was a kid, they said you should eat at least one kilo of crap every year to become a proper man.
Gry? Hi, look who's here.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Hello, there.
Well, should I put on a pot of coffee? Jan, dear, I think maybe, um, come with me.
Sure thing.
I think this is yours.
It is.
What are you thinking? That we're a couple now? Uh, yeah.
Or, uh Not necessarily completely officially, but Well, it's, it's really kinda complicated.
My father, he It's hard to explain, okay? You could try to talk to me about it, if you want.
We all have our secrets.
Excuse me, I just need to get into the cabinet.
My dad Are you afraid he'll die? Uh No.
He's just ill.
Can't work anymore.
Huh? Doesn't he get compensation? Mmm, uh, disability, pension or something? We actually just got a no from our insurance.
They say that it could be caused by smoking, that there's no connection between the illness and the chemicals at Jutul At at his workplace.
That's It must be hard for you.
Everything is so difficult, just so This is difficult.
Uh, hi.
- Hi! - Hi! Two, mayo.
Thank you.
This is almost a bit embarrassing, it looks like we eat here all the time, but we don't.
Oh, okay, well, I eat here all the time so I'm actually quite good at cooking, or at least I used to be.
Of course, you do a few prepared meals when you have kids and Hey, you should come over for dinner one day.
Or, sorry, maybe that wouldn't work for you nowadays.
- I'd love to come for dinner.
- Oh, really? Then Yes.
Do you like shrimp cocktails? Roll up with the bass drum Roll up with the bass drum Oh! - Can I try? - Yeah, sure, you can.
Go ahead.
- All right.
- Have you done it before? If not, you'll throw it right through the window.
Oscar, Oscar, Oscar! Oscar, Oscar, Oscar! There.
What the hell are you doing? You're leaving.
Now! Don't worry, I'll text you when she's gone.
You try talking to her.
All right.
Out! Okay! Can you please relax? Why did you lie to me? Hmm? "I just wanted to fuck her, that's all I wanted.
" You like her and you're actually seeing her.
And that's why we couldn't kill Magne.
Huh? Are you becoming a little human being? Huh? Tell me the truth.
The truth! I'm in love with her.
You're breaking up with her.
Or else you know what will happen.
To both of you.
Magne, what is this? It's our social studies assignment.
"does the city look the other way regarding the pollution from Jutul Industries because they are the biggest employer and taxpayer in the area?" That's what they do.
If you keep reading there are a lot of examples.
Magne, it's been proven that the pollution in the fjord doesn't come from Jutul, and regardless, I don't care about what they're doing, but I I can't afford to worry about the environment, I worry about you, and about keeping my job, and that we can stay here.
Do you realize what a big deal it is that you're allowed to stay in school - after what happened? - That's different, Mom.
If you turn this in, then I will lose my job and you - you will go to prison.
- Mom, this isn't fair.
The Jutuls are destroying the environment without any consequences.
They think they are untouchable, and I have to do something.
I will turn this in no matter what you say.
Then I have no choice.
You look a bit pale, that's unusual.
How many times do you think he's heard that before? Hi.
Could I have a few words with you? I have math.
The others have math.
You and I are gonna have a talk.
Well, uh The thing is that Turid called me last night and told me that you, Magne, are writing a school paper that's more or less a direct attack on the Jutul's company.
Regarding the assignment, there's not much for me to say.
After all this is a free country, you're allowed to write whatever you want.
What's less fortunate is that you are approaching teachers asking them to do you favors, and keeping it from me.
Magne has asked the biology teacher for tests of, first, a blood sample, and, now, this water sample which he claims contains dangerous chemicals.
You're good boy, Magne, but you have got yourself tangled up in some kind of fantasy world.
Going around thinking you're some kind of mix between an action hero and a detective.
Hmm? I've spoken to Erik and he told me that you took over Isolde's laptop, which contains lots of information about Jutul Industries.
Lots of fake news.
I don't think you're capable of separating fact from fiction.
So now I think you should return the laptop to Erik, and you will get another from the school to use Magne, get out your laptop and give it to Erik.
Um the thing is, I Uh.
You would actually really like to kiss me, but think we're not quite there yet.
And I really want to kiss you too, I do, but I have a shitload of things to do.
Right? Can we talk tonight? Mmm-hmm.
Hey, there, have you finished your part of the conclusion? Then we can just put it in and see if it fits.
I had a meeting with the principal.
We have to redo the paper.
Uh, what? I can't write anything critical now, they're watching me.
Because of the dog.
So you're just gonna fall in line? What do you think I should do? You have to hand it in yourself.
I can't do that, they'll flunk you! Not my first time.
It's probably better for you and Fjor as well.
Hi, Magne.
Ran forced me to give her the water samples.
But you were absolutely right.
There's both cadmium, lead and mercury in the water.
It doesn't matter anymore.
I can't prove anything.
No, maybe not, but you are right, Magne.
There's something sick in this town.
Do you really have time to stand and stare? I didn't pick you to sit around with your hands in your lap, you know.
Why'd you choose me? What do you think I can do? Everything.
I can't do anything.
Find someone else.
No, I don't want you to play that kind of game in front of Magne.
Violence isn't good for him.
Come on, give me a break! What the fuck do you want me to play? You've cut off the internet.
Candy Crush or Tetris? Hi, darling.
Want to know where I've been? So you can call the police or the principal.
And tell them everything about me.
- Or maybe your new best friend Sindre.
- Magne.
You're talking to him now? Isn't he the one coming over? It's Erik who's coming for dinner.
You know that.
Somebody's got a new mascara.
I'm not having any.
What are you talking about? He stabbed me in the back.
- Magne, nobody's stabbed you in the back.
- Yes.
Just like you.
Well, if Magne doesn't want any maybe we should invite the principal too.
Could we please talk? Go away.
Magne, remember how I told you that I found Isolde's phone? I let it dry out and earlier today it suddenly turned on.
Well, it's locked obviously, and I don't know the lock code.
Do you? No.
Isn't there a master code? So you can reset it? No, I don't know.
I'm not so good with things like that.
Do you wanna try? See if you can unlock it? You sure about that? I live in a fantasy world.
setup you have here.
Yeah, it's great.
Right? Where did you get that? Looks like it came from Joseph's gallery.
For the teacher's room.
My turn to bring some.
I just don't get their whole cake obsession.
They're completely crazy about it.
Sugar, sugar, sugar.
Then they become fat, get diabetes, and die even quicker.
Hi, Yngvild.
Oh, my God, you were just fantastic today.
Yeah, I know, if it keeps on going like this then Impossible.
You should have found that before.
- What are you doing? - What are you doing? We're facing the greatest threat we've seen in a 1,000 years and she's in there baking a cake, while you're eating candy and watching TV.
Yep, we agreed that the system would take care of them.
We haven't agreed on shit.
You and Ran might have agreed, and Fjor can't really be trusted.
He has a human girlfriend.
She's been here, and she's been in your office.
Where is he? Luckily, I've taken care of it.
So he's down there breaking up with her.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What did you wanna say? I Nothing.
It's nothing.
But I have something to say to you.
I don't think this will work.
With us Because I think you're the greatest in the whole world, but It's just too much of everything.
It sounds crazy, but now, I'm rewriting our assignment because it's about your fucking factories and because there's a lot we're not allowed to say because it's supposed to be a secret That's not me.
That's them, it's not me.
Yes, it's you too, Fjor.
And the more I find out, the more I dislike what you stand for.
My dad is home sick because of you.
And I I don't think you realize it, but I think that you don't want anything good for anyone else, that you only think about yourself.
I want to be with you.
But you can't.
Okay, can I say something? Mmm-hmm.
I don't know if I can handle this if this is gonna become a thing.
Just saying.
Well, let's leave that hanging while I bring Magne some food.
I've just visited the glacier right above Edda and I have discovered something really mysterious and disturbing.
I don't think I need to tell you that the ice is melting up here.
But lo and behold, the melting has revealed a tunnel inside the glacier.
This tunnel right behind me actually belongs to the Jutuls.
And they are hiding something in there.
I don't know what it is yet, but I guarantee you that I'm gonna find out.
And it wouldn't surprise me if what they were hiding is actually causing the contamination of the water here in Edda.
It's already become a bit too hot here in the studio.
And speaking of heat, maybe the ice is melting, but at least we won't die from thirst.
Remember to drink plenty, people.
Hot hits today are sponsored by Jutul Industries.
So I found myself Somewhere down the road Still not alone, But without no place to go Anything The blinking of an eye I turn the corner We'd all close our eyes Oh, oh, One, two, three, four, five Ain't this world a wonder? Five, four, three, two, one You're my lucky number Six, seven, eight, nine, ten Wake me from my slumber Ten, nine, eight again You're my lucky number Oh, oh My lucky number Whoa
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