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A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Chaos Monsters Common name for a group of beasts in Norse mythology, that teamed up with the giants and fought against the gods.
The most known are the Midgard serpent, the Fenrir wolf and the Hellhound.
Note: I'm not sure what happened yesterday.
They gave me something.
What was in that mead? I lost control.
What was it I saw in that mirror? Vidar, no.
War council.
Shouldn't there be a war first? We agree that there hasn't been one like him for a thousand years.
You don't even know what he is yet.
No, but we all know he can do things humans can't do.
Therefore he's from the Old World.
You think he's one of them? That's impossible.
They all died back then.
It was a huge battlefield, total chaos.
Since the great battle there hasn't been anyone other than us.
No, but now they're back.
And that calls for action.
All eyes are on us.
We must know who and what he is, before we do anything.
The axe waits for you to choose a side, Fjor.
Just like back then.
What if he's like us? Then he'd be the closest ally we've ever had.
I suggest we figure that out, before we go to war.
He's just a boy, Vidar.
EPISODE 4 GINNUNGAGAP So tell me, how was it? How do they live? - Nice.
- Ah.
Yeah, they're Norway's sixth richest family, or fifth I think, they said it on TV once.
We're talking about the dinner yesterday.
Were there many guests or just you? Just us.
So? Just needed some air.
What did they wear? Was it very formal or a bit more on the casual side? Actually, she's never really very casual But did you have a good time? Yeah.
She's gonna find out about it anyway.
I got a little drunk yesterday, Mom.
Hmm? I got a little drunk.
Were you drinking? Yeah, they served, uh, wine and booze and champagne and - Mead.
- Mead? Are you kidding me? Yeah, but, Mom, don't forget that they're so much more international.
Just 'cause they live in a little dump in Norway, doesn`t mean that they And so what if Magne had a bit too much? Mead.
Norse mythology.
EDDA SECONDARY SCHOOL Turid? Do we have an appointment? Yes.
I think it's time for one right now.
I just wanted to know if it's true that you got Magne drunk last night? No, he managed that without our help.
But you actually did serve alcohol at the dinner, right? A glass of good wine with the meal, yes, we did serve that.
And champagne and tequila? - No, that's - And mead! You know it's strictly against the law, right, to serve alcohol to minors? Yeah, you could also see it as a good thing to introduce it to our youth under safe conditions.
Or we could just settle on you taking care of Magne' education, while I take care of raising him.
That's worked out great so far.
Has it? I seem to recall that some weeks ago you sat in that chair and told me how badly it's gone so far.
Let's get one thing clear.
Magne is my son and I know him very well.
He's kind, and he's got a good heart.
And you should not underestimate him.
You did something to me, when we arrived here.
It's always been within you.
I just opened your eyes.
But what's going on? I saw myself in the mirror yesterday.
I didn't look like myself.
- I looked like - Thor.
Thor? But I'm not Thor! Magne, humans have always been afraid of the dark, of the violent forces of nature, and of, of injustice.
What you saw gives you an opportunity, a chance to act.
What happens next is something you decide through your own actions.
The giants are still here.
They are destroying the world while the humans stand by and watch.
And no one has had the courage to take up the fight against them, yet.
Gry! What's going on? I've sent you loads of texts and Aren't you getting them or what? Sure I am, but I thought you might just move on to the next one in line.
Hey! You just sat there, while they were giving me shit.
Well, everybody, it's soon time for our traditional mountain trip for the upperclassmen.
Three days in the wild with full gear.
We're going to this mountain, which is called Ginnungagap.
Can somebody tell me what Ginnungagap means? Aicha.
In the creation myth of the Vikings Ginnungagap is the place where cold and warm meet, - and the world was created.
- Yes! Very good, Aicha.
Who was it, who then populated this earth? A mix of gods and giants.
That's correct, Laurits, and if you'd raised your hand that would have been ten points.
So, gods and giants.
We have read the story of Thor, how he was tested at the giants' house when they made him drink mead.
But who were the giants? Hilde.
Weren't they sort of like trolls? Like the bad guys of the story.
No, that's like a totally lopsided depiction.
For ages the giants were regarded as gods.
People worshipped them and sacrificed everything they had to them.
Even animals that were alive.
Until eventually they were pushed aside by the so-called "gods".
Yes, very good, Saxa.
But was there anything, or should we say anyone, whom these giants were afraid of? Those were the hottest hits this afternoon.
Sponsored by Jutul Industries.
- Hi.
- Hi! Let's see.
I'd like three double cheese burgers, one with an extra patty with extra cheese.
Lots and lots of bacon.
And half a grilled chicken.
And three large fries and three cokes, please.
- So just the usual? - Hmm.
- Hi.
- Hi! How are you doing? Well I manage, I guess.
I heard you're all going hiking? Yes, up to the How's that going to be for you? Well, it's going to be, uh Isolde and I went up there a lot when she was little, so there are lots of memories.
All the secret places we had So it'll probably be pretty awful.
Wanna go to my place and work? Sure.
Magne! I've tested the blood sample you gave me.
And you were completely right.
There were two different types of blood.
The blood on the front was Isolde's.
And that on the hood? An animal's.
Can you help me read the rest? Good morning! So, listen up, uh, everybody.
Starting today, we'll have a new student joining us in our class.
This pretty young lady here, who's, uh Iman.
We have an opening, because, uh Uh, maybe you know Aicha? Why would I know Aicha? So anyway, uh, we have a vacant seat there, so please take a seat over there, okay? - New, uh, new girl.
- Iman.
Uh, yes.
Today we'll go through the main arguments of your assignments We'll go by groups.
Um, Gry and Magne, you're up first.
Even though Norway has strong democratic traditions and institutions, uh, it's still the large enterprises and capital interests that have the biggest impact on our society.
More than we might notice at first.
Uh, for instance, one community could be entirely dependent on a single enterprise due to all of the jobs it has created and Seriously? Are we going to blame the rich again? I'm sorry You know we have big environmental problems here.
Right? And still nothing happens.
Nobody does anything.
Even though there are hazardous discharges we see the mayor shake hands with your father on Edda's welcome-brochure.
Can I? Please? What you're saying is correct, but it's only correct up to a point.
Because it's progress we are concerned about.
And progress has always been perilous.
Once we were freezing, so we made fires, right? Sure, sometimes our houses burned down, and sometimes even whole villages.
But we would never revert to the life we had without fire.
Same thing goes for cars.
Hundreds of people die in traffic every year.
Every single year! So we make safer and safer cars.
We don't go back to horses and carriages.
Do you even know that people are sick? There are unemployed defeated people walking our streets, but you don't care, even though it's because of you.
Yeah, of course I know.
They have contributed what they could to progress.
Someone has to lead the way.
What do you mean, "contributed to progress"? My dad lies at home seriously ill because of it.
You couldn't care less and we don't get a single Crown in compensation! So this is actually about your father? Uh, I think maybe we should call on another group now.
Uh, Aicha, would you like to? - Yes.
- Great.
Hi, Magne.
You hungry? I thought Gry was your friend.
Wouldn't you defend your family? What`s up? Ready to go hiking? I`m psyched to shit in a hole in the ground and swim in a frozen lake.
It isn't that cold.
Our father has business contacts who get us the best mountain gear for free.
You should come by some day, we'll fit you out, so you survive up there.
- Everything's new? - Yup.
Just drop by after school and we'll set you up.
You bet, we'll be there.
Would you mind going to the cafeteria and buying me a mineral water, please? Yeah, okay.
But then you're buying one for me too, rich bitch.
We'll try again tonight.
Aren't you a little teddy bear? Yes.
Isn't he cute? He adores sweets.
Oh, do you love sweets? How old is he? Eh, I really couldn't say.
We've had him for a very long time.
This is all the latest and the best.
Damn! And you're just giving it to us? Yeah, yeah.
So where's Magne? He, uh, said he didn't need anything.
Said he had more important things to do.
This is nice.
I don't know what you want me to say, Magne.
You said you had some, some new evidence but I This is Isolde's blood.
And this, isn't human, it's animal blood.
It's got a totally different smell.
There was no blood on her jacket when we went up the mountain.
Isolde could have taken the jacket off and put it on the ground.
Don't you think it's weird there's blood on it? No.
But shouldn't we do something? Shouldn't we ask the police about the blood? Just forget about the jacket.
Please, Magne.
So, how did it go? He didn't show up.
Didn't I tell you so? He asks a lot of questions.
He's still investigating Isolde's death.
I should have killed him long ago, not taken any chances.
We live in a small town, full of curious humans.
And now two of them are dead.
Yes, but we wouldn't kill him here! You are going on a mountain hike, and I shall come along.
I will talk to him, and if it proves necessary, then we do it there.
Numerous accidents occur in the mountains.
You won't do anything until we've voted.
You sound like a fucking politician.
I've adapted to the times.
You'd better do so, too.
Says she who bathes in milk.
Come on, listen to us.
This is such a waste.
Everyone has to be so fucking equal nowadays.
Soon I'll have to start asking my own wife for permission when I want to take her.
That would suit you well.
When I have a little more money I'll get you some new clothes.
That's fine.
I found this in the attic.
Where did you go and steal all that from? It was a gift from the Jutuls.
They have too much of everything.
And can you just accept that? Do we have to be poor and proud as well? Hmm, you should better have come too, I see.
I'm not taking anything from those guys.
- I'll see you over there.
- See ya.
Nice to see that old rucksack again.
It belonged to your father.
I also found his old sleeping bag.
And his knife was up there, too.
Take care of yourself, okay? Remember what we agreed on.
- No accidents.
- I know.
- Okay, see ya.
- Have fun.
Oh, my God.
Hey, you walk super-fast, you know that? - You think? - Yes.
I'm not really in that bad of shape but The others are just slow.
Is that them down there? Yes, I can see Hilde, Dagny, Saxa and Ida.
You can see that? I only see dots.
I see better now without my glasses.
Then what's that flying up there? A rough-legged hawk.
- With something in its eye.
- Yeah.
- A dead reindeer.
- Hmm? - Where? - Down there.
Wanna look? What, down again? No, I can't do that now that we're up here.
- Come on.
- No.
No, I'm just gonna go find the camp.
Are you sure? Yes.
I'm sure I can find it from here.
And if I get lost I know you'll find me.
Okay, Mr.
Mister, mister, come on.
I mean, it all sounds really deep but - Okay.
- Who's it gonna be? You're supposed to pick someone.
You have to pick Jenny.
Yes, you do! Pick Iman for me, then us two No, I don't want to Wanna play spin-the-bottle with us? Aren't you a bit too old for that? Not a bit! We're just dying to find out who it is you're thinking about.
I think you know.
I'm gonna take a walk by myself.
Have fun! Okay Take Jenny, come on, take Jenny.
She hasn't been picked yet And then you can go Yes, do it.
Come on.
Argh, you're no fun.
Okay, now it's Ola's turn I don't won't to.
I don't want to.
Yeah, but that's not how it works.
- No, not like that.
- Magne! I pick you.
Huh? We're gonna ask you a question.
And you have to answer honestly.
And I would like to know, uh, the truth about your feelings for Gry.
She's the prettiest and nicest person I know.
Aw! Are you in love with her? Huh? You shouldn't just say things like that in front of everyone.
Why shouldn't I? Because you make yourself vulnerable and they can, they can use it against you later.
- But it's true.
- Magne I really am sorry, if I've led you to believe that You're someone who maybe interprets things too literally.
No, forget that.
It's my fault, I'm sorry, I care for you, I like you a lot, but not like that.
And I think I'm falling in love with Fjor.
Just so you know.
Hi, Magne.
- What are you doing here? - Leaving already? Who knows? Where's Erik? I think he needed to be alone.
He hasn't been up here since it happened.
But hey, could you help me with the food? Put down your backpack and we'll have a little chat.
Come on, now! Wild game smells lovely, doesn't it? You want to try? Cut it into small pieces.
What are you doing here? Just wanted to see you.
You come all this way just to see me? Yeah.
Maybe I'd rather be alone? So would you mind leaving? You know I like you a lot, right? I really do.
But you can have anyone, I don't get why you'd choose me.
Because you're you.
You're quite stubborn.
And you're brave.
Wanna do something fun? Hmm? Come on.
Come on! What are we doing? Going paragliding.
From the top of Ginnungagap.
It's a tandem chute, so I'll steer? I'll keep you safe Trust me.
The tastiest meat is from the thighs.
But to be quite honest with you, I think the heart is the best.
I found a dead reindeer on the way up.
Its heart had been ripped out.
You've done this before.
You're good with a knife.
Do you remember the Old Land? The battle? The last, great battle.
Laurits? - Mmm-hmm.
- Have you seen Gry? She's with Fjor.
Fjor? What's he doing here? I don't know.
He came and picked her up and, uh, they went that way.
They wanted to go paragliding.
I think she's made her choice! Okay.
- What are you doing? - Magne's backpack.
I was right.
He is a threat.
He found the reindeer.
And fuck knows what else.
It's him.
The sledgehammer in the car.
He's been after us all along.
Your water sample So it was here You hid it, at our spot.
God damn, you're curious.
Anything else you wanna know? Why do you have that log in the kitchen with all those knives in it, like, psh psh? That definitely wasn't my idea.
And you know what the worst thing is? Not that it's creepy, but the tips of the knives are always dirty, no matter how often you clean 'em.
That's a very good point.
I never thought of that.
That's a really lousy idea to do that Yeah, very annoying, and whenever you Yeah.
I hate it, it wasn't my idea.
Dad wanted to be creative and that's what turned out.
Yeah, but it still looks cool.
You think? Thanks.
I'll let him know.
I shouldn't have had that last glass.
What time is it? Hey? I know you don't like me as much as I like you.
But I'm gonna wait for you no matter how long it takes.
You want me to drive you back? You can't ever go in here.
- Understood? - Hmm.
It's very, very important that you get that.
Good Lord! What happened?
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