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A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Giants - A common term for various supernatural creatures from Norse mythology.
They were associated with a rash and often destructive nature.
Twenty seconds.
This isn't a good idea, Laurits.
Well, you didn't get your headphones stolen.
I know it's him.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, yeah.
I'll do the talking.
You just stand there and look big and strong and threatening.
- Laurits - Not now.
Not now.
- Hi! We need to talk a bit.
- What the fuck? What were you doing on Saturday? The whole town was at the funeral for the girl who died, but not you.
Because you were right over there breaking into our house, weren't you? You took my new headphones.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Do you know what we're gonna do with you? Come on, for fuck's sake, gimme a hand! What the fuck! Ow! Are you stupid or what? Were you there? Yeah, I was there and I took them.
I knew it! And you're damn well gonna give them back! I only went in because the door was open.
Someone else was there before me, it was a complete mess! There was this, uh, this-this big car with a huge dog parked on the main road, and I don't know EPISODE 3 JUTULHEIM It feels like everyhing has changed since I came to Edda.
Well, that's completely normal.
That's what it's like to be a teenager, Magne.
It's absolutely natural.
Do you want to go into this more deeply? You can talk about anything here, Magne.
Absolutely confidentially.
There's nothing you can't tell me.
Hmm? Do you want to try to say something more about it, maybe? About your feelings about Isolde's death? Anything at all? I think something's weird.
Yeah? What strikes you as weird, Magne? That the police have closed the case already.
Huh? What do you mean? I think it's strange that they don't care about finding out how Isolde died.
They just say it's dangerous to paraglide.
But, uh, there's obviously more to it.
I guess, that's how things are.
What do you mean, Magne? Someone broke into our house last week.
Okay? The police hardly even bothered to come by.
How does that make you feel? That you have to do stuff yourself.
It's the only thing that works.
No one else dares to oppose those in power.
I do.
You do? Yeah.
And I think I know who broke into our house.
Just keep going.
All right.
Thank you.
Okay great, Magne.
Then I'll see you next week.
How's he doing? Well, uh A therapist is bound to confidentiality A principal has the same.
Magne hasn't exactly done well in school lately.
If he also suffers from severe psychological problems it's actually my duty as principal to decide if he should stay here.
Well, he's obviously been frustrated after Isolde's death.
Frustrated that the police aren't investigating enough and But there's nothing to investigate.
It was a tragic accident.
I'm afraid that he has some sort of delusion about taking the case into his own hands and Ah, the poor kid Yeah.
I probably shouldn't be telling you this at all, but I understand, but I'm here to help.
Apparently they've had some sort of burglary.
At home.
And Magne has developed some kind of idea that your husband is involved.
Vidar? Yeah, it's pretty out there.
It's time for some country hits, sponsored by Esso-tanken.
Remember, With fuel from Esso, you can go go go.
I thought you said blue? Yes, it's lavender.
Well, it sure isn't blue.
All right, boys, is there anything you want to tell me? Ah Sweet.
My headphones! Nisse came by.
That RV neighbor.
Said that you had intimidated him and Sure, but that's only 'cause he, uh, broke in and stole these.
Don't you think the police should handle such things? The police don't handle anything, Mother.
Magne, it's important that you control your temper.
What is going on with you? Nothing, mother.
I didn't know I was that strong.
Come on, can you give us some credit here? No one, no one was hurt and we live in a total deadbeat area where any old fucking neighbor just breaks in and steals stuff.
At least the case is solved.
It's not solved.
Nisse said the door was open.
That he just walked in.
The place was a mess.
Sure, but Magne, Nisse's an addict, man, he'll say anything.
He said that he saw Vidar's car parked by the main road.
Vidar Jutul? That he had something to do with the break-in? - No, no, Magne doesn't think that.
- Yes.
That Vidar should He is one of the kindest and most generous people I know.
What's the deal between you and Vidar anyway? Do you have a crush on him? It's open Hi, Erik! Hi.
Is this a bad time? No, of course not, please come in.
- Are you renovating? - Yeah, well, I'm painting a bit.
It's lovely.
That, uh What is it? Lavender? Yeah, exactly.
Hey, Magne.
I wondered if, uh, maybe you wanted Isolde's computer? I noticed the state yours is in so, if you want it.
That's very kind of you, Erik.
Well, it might as well be used.
Thank you.
Erik, do you want a coffee? Uh, sure.
" Those water tests that were taken in, uh, 2007.
We were cleared on those charges, right? Exactly.
You know what, I have to go.
I hear you've been out hunting for Isolde's phone.
You broke into the Seiers' house and searched the place while the rest of us were at the funeral, am I right? Well Magne Seier's been talking to the school psychologist, who is luckily very fond of your wife.
Magne told him he was certain you were involved in the break-in.
And his suspicions are being supported, because you were seen by some shady drug addict who lives across the street from the Seiers.
He saw your car.
In the shabbiest neighborhood.
What if he mentions that to the police? The cops actually talk to addicts quite a bit.
And Magne Seier, who wants Isolde's death looked into further What if they both mention your name? Do you want that much attention, Vidar? Whoo-hoo! Does he just take off and leave you with all the work? - No, he just - Can't read? It's actually a group assignment.
I just work on it.
Fjor, come on! Let's bounce.
If you need a break you could join me for a ride.
I have nothing to do now anyways, so Fjor, I saw your father beat you, after the party.
Honestly, that freaked me out.
Fjor, come on, we're leaving! You coming? Okay.
My, uh, father is old-fashioned, Gry.
But, uh, maybe we could start over again? My name is Fjor.
I'm in 3A.
I've seen you around school and I just think you're an amazing woman.
So I'd like to ask you to go out with me.
Maybe we could go for a ride in my car.
If you want to, of course.
Actually, it would totally make my day, if you did.
See, you can be nice if you try.
So, what does the lady say? Here we are.
Allow me.
What's up, suckers? Where are we going? Saxa, what the hell?! Don't worry, Gry.
I won't say anything to Magne.
Nice wheels.
And that's why you need to let us handle the police work.
That way you can focus on your school work and talk to the psychologist.
Tell me how Isolde died.
The wind pushed her into the mountain side and she broke her neck.
There was no wind that day.
Who do you think knows more about storms? The meteorologists or you? - I do.
- Mmm.
Okay, so which mountain did she hit then? We don't know that, Magne.
Look around.
There are plenty of them.
Accidents happen all the time, and there are many things we can't explain.
For example, your statement that you left Isolde on the mountain just before four o'clock.
And only half an hour later you were here, in the center of town.
That usually takes at least 90 minutes.
So why haven't we investigated that you apparently move faster than anybody else? Because it isn't important.
Because it was an accident.
Have a good day, Magne.
Fucking awesome double-date, huh? - We are not on a date.
- We are not dating either, Laurits.
Who said I was talking about you anyway? You're off your meds, man.
Well, Fjor, maybe it's time for some real music.
What language is it these guys are singing in? - The old language.
- Icelandic.
I must say, it looks like you're into all kinds of different guys.
I mean, like there's Magne whom you can define as the hushed, heavy, but honest type.
And then there's Fjor, here, who's more like handsome and grave and mysterious.
Kinda like you, Saxa.
And what is that old language? Hey, wait! That was a bird.
Shit, stop, stop.
That was a bird, we have to see if it's alive.
Wait in the car.
Oh, poor little bird.
What's this about anyway? Why'd you bring Laurits? He's always asking all these weird questions.
I'm trying to find out more about Magne.
Like Papa asked us to, okay? And this was the best idea I came up with.
- What's going on? You coming? - Hmm.
Hey, it's still moving.
It's alive.
No, it isn't.
you left Isolde on the mountain just before four o'clock.
and half an hour later you're in the town.
That trip usually takes 90 minutes.
And why haven't we investigated that you apparently move much faster than everybody else? I just ran - 100 meters in seven seconds.
I don't know what's going on with me.
It's two and a half seconds faster than the world record.
- Well, thanks for today.
- Thanks, thanks.
I'm sure you'll get a grip on the math soon.
Wait a minute, Jenny.
Just wait for me.
Good that you're trying to catch up on your history.
Hi, uh, do you have a minute? Sure.
Sure, sure, sure.
Uhm, while I have you here Uh we still have Isolde's clothes.
From the night she died.
I don't know if you want them back - Yes.
- Okay.
Uhm, just so you know, they still show marks from the accident Uh Oh.
- Take some time and just think about it.
- Hmm.
Will do, thanks.
- Hi, Erik.
- Hi, Mange.
Listen, at the hospital they still have Isolde's clothes.
I said they could destroy them, but then I thought maybe you'd want to see them.
Yeah, definitely.
I can pick them up You are not gonna believe this.
You have no idea just how lucky one can be.
Magne Seier is dead.
- What? - Did you No, no, no, I have nothing to do with it.
I happened to see him downtown.
He crossed the street without looking.
A snowplow.
Farewell, Magne Seier.
So why are we toasting the fact that Saxa's classmate is dead, huh? Do you realize what this will mean at school? We'll have to start grieving again.
I'm not good at it.
It's not my thing.
Why are you so happy, anyway? You didn't even know him.
One might say that this is all very convenient for Vidar.
After all Magne Seier had started investigating Isolde's death Are you fucking serious? You murdered Isolde? Can we just say that it's dangerous to paraglide.
And you beat me up for pissing on a bunch of flowers? That was actually very stupid.
But why? Did you go berserk? - Did you bleed her? - No.
Was it an offering? She discovered the tunnel up at the glacier.
Didn't we block off the area? Yes, but the ice has receded faster than originally expected.
There are cracks leading into the tunnel.
And we could discuss how smart it was to hide that crap in the ice in the first place.
Should that ever be discovered we will have one hell of a problem.
Well, it was done in 1967.
That's how it was done.
Everyone did it.
The glacier was absolutely huge.
You could have included us in the council.
You were still children.
Children weren't included in the council back then.
It would seem children still aren't included.
Listen, we have been saved by destiny.
Why don't we see this as some kind of sign? No, it's not a sign.
This is a warning.
We've come far too close to the humans.
We've let down our guard.
We've become sloppy.
They're beginning to notice, as things go wrong And there you are, pissing on flowers Or having sex with students.
Or murdering a 17-year old girl.
Ran is right.
We have to get our shit straight.
We can't let humans get too close to us.
No more best friends.
No more girlfriends.
They're not like us, and we're not like them.
Understood? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Is that understood? - Yeah.
You're telling me he was run over by a snowplow? Yes.
The central said the driver hit him at about 50 kilometers per hour, and he ended up underneath the car.
It's unbelievable.
There's nothing here.
- What nothing? - Nothing.
I don't understand.
I have never seen anything like this.
The boy hasn't broken a single bone in his body.
Not a single fracture.
Not a single bruise.
It shouldn't be possible to be so lucky.
So take it easy tonight.
You're likely to see some sort of reaction after suffering a shock like this.
Just call immediately if you feel discomfort or anything.
Just call, okay? All right.
Yeah, he was found at the warehouse by the harbor.
- Oh, dear! - It looks to me like he fell and broke his neck.
I came to the hospital as fast as I could, but I was told you were already discharged.
My boy.
You're so lucky.
It's a miracle that you weren't injured.
Someone's watching over you, dear.
Good thing we're built strong in our family.
Note: Today I was run over by a snowplow.
I didn't even get a bruise.
Have I become invulnerable? I don't know why I can do all this stuff suddenly.
It can't be a coincidence.
It's like all my senses are sharper.
My vision has improved, my sense of smell is better I've never been this strong before.
Good morning everyone! Today we'll be talking about the salmon.
And the salmon is, as you all know, an anadromous species.
And this is Excuse me, I had to go to the bathroom.
And thanks to its very clean rivers and deep fjords, Norway offers ideal conditions for just such salmon.
Yes, Magne? Hasn't there been a lot of diseased salmon caught in the fjord? Oh, sure, but that happens.
There'll always be mutations.
But isn't it kinda bad here in Edda? There've been environmental organizations doing tests on the water Is it our factories you're hinting at? - No.
- No? I'm just saying people have been testing the water.
Sounds like it's coming straight from Isolde.
Not that I'd want to talk badly about her, but she said lots of things without really knowing what she was talking about.
And many of those environmental organizations she so admired, have their own agendas, which tend to be mainly political.
And by the way: We satisfy all regulations.
We're constantly being monitored by the environmental board, and we have never ever failed the checks.
You are more than welcome to compare the numbers.
I have everything available Okay.
Very well.
Let's return to the salmon.
As I said, it's an anadromous species.
So if we now, uh, turn to page 242 'scuse me? Oh, Magne.
I guess you noticed there are certain topics that are a little uppsetting here in town.
- Actually, I wanna ask you something - Oh, go ahead.
Uhm, can old blood smell very strongly? And can blood be tested, even after it's dried? I actually don't know about the smell.
But I know that there's a test for dried blood, and it's not especially difficult to perform.
But why are you asking? Could you help me with it? I think so.
Hey why did you ask Solveig that thing about, 'bout the blood? This is Isolde's jacket.
She wore it when she died.
Magne Try smelling it.
And here, on the other side.
They're two different smells.
- I don't smell anything.
- You don't? No.
Are you sure this isn't just in your head, Magne? You don't think it's weird that there's blood on the neck? Does anyone know? No.
But Magne, why are you so fixated on this? She was my only friend.
I'm also your friend.
Today's last song is sponsored by Spar Edda.
Remember that you can buy three filets of salmon for only 60 kroner.
You can't always give them food.
- No, you're right, but.
- They have to pay for it.
- Yes.
I understand.
Yes, yes.
Thanks - This is a business you know? Last time.
- How about some of these? - Yeah, here.
- There.
- No, but are you sure? - We can pay for this - No, it's al lright.
It's nothing Yo.
Ooh! I talked to Rasmus and Christian yesterday.
There's crazy rumors spreading about the party: They claim that they went up to the principal's office, and that they had sex with your mom there.
- Like a threesome and they - Uh, come on! You really think our mother, the principal of the school, would sleep with a student? First, it's illegal, second, yuck! Don't just believe everything you hear.
But, uh, yeah, speaking of the party, you two didn't dance as closely as we expected.
That's cause I'm the better dancer.
Or maybe there was someone else you wanted to dance with, Gry? Like a boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend, so that would be tricky.
Yeah, but eh like not at the moment or No, I mean, you've had a boyfriend before, right? Mmm.
How many have you had, exactly? Boyfriends, I mean.
This is interesting.
I'd like to know that too.
No, I don't feel like talking about this now, so let's just So, what are you saying? Like two or three? Yeah, something like that.
That you've slept with? Yes, Hilde.
It's something like that.
So can we please change the subject now?! Why are you lying? Is it like Well, I mean, I know you're a virgin.
Can't you just say it? Can't you? It's no big deal, is it? No.
Was this some kinda secret? I didn't know it was a secret.
No, I don't wanna get into this shit.
You can enjoy your fries on your own.
It's been so fucking nice.
See you tomorrow.
Saxa, what the hell happened? I thought you two were best friends.
and maybe a littleyep - Gry! Excuse me.
- Gry! Not now, mom! I thought you quit drinking? They said no the insurance company.
I was turned down.
They say there's no connection between what's wrong with my lungs and my work at the factory.
They won't cover anything.
But that's totally insane.
How is this possible? The boy got run over by a fucking snowplow.
No human survives that.
Who the hell is that boy? That's what we're about to find out tonight.
Sounds good.
Seven o'clock tonight.
See you.
So, you found a helper for your lavender hell? You will love it when it's done, sweetie.
By the way, I've bought you a proper dinner for tonight.
We're having spring rolls.
Ah, that sounds scrumptious.
But, uh, sadly we'll have to pass.
We're invited over to dinner at the Jutul's.
Really? That's lovely.
They invited you? I don't know, I'm becoming friends with them.
What a great chance for you to get to know the Jutuls, Magne.
I would have loved to go.
They live in the nicest mansion in all of Edda.
Hey! So good to see you.
Welcome to Jutulheim.
- Yes, welcome, please.
- Thanks.
Holy shit, is that? Munch? Yes.
He painted it for my great grandfather.
Are we the only ones coming? Yes.
I thought we should get to know each other a little.
And of course welcome you to our little community.
Here we have, uh, scallops, sea urchins, lobster, oysters.
The sea urchins are hand-picked from the North Sea.
Nothing but the very best.
Please, help yourselves.
Pass the lemon? Unbelievable that you weren't injured.
I saw that traffic accident you were in.
It was insane.
I was certain you died.
It's a good thing we're built strong in our family.
So what happened to you? On, uh, the little one.
Our own local lamb.
Have some more.
I like men with an appetite.
And now, the main course.
Red meat.
Ah! I felt that.
No, you can't just keep on drinking that shit.
I say we should have something proper! We won't tell your mother.
What's this? This here, Magne, is a drink from ancient times.
The vikings drank this.
Giants, gods, and heroes drank this.
And let's be honest, not everyone can handle it.
It's a drink from before the world was decimated.
This, this is mead.
Holy shit.
This is the best thing I've ever tasted.
Do you have more? Hello? Hey! Hi, Gry! Hi, Aren't you at the dinner? The dinner? At Fjor and Saxa's.
I thought everyone was there.
I just wanted to talk to Magne, but You just have a good night.
Same to you - Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye! Magne, join us! That guy doesn't dance.
And I think he's had a bit too much to drink.
Magne, join us! is a drink from the ancient times.
- It's mead.
It's a drink.
- Magne, join us! Join us! Gods.
You strong lad.
A bit too much mead? Yeah.
You split the target.
No one has ever done that.
I've learned things about myself.
I am super strong.
- Are you? - Hmm.
How strong are you? Hmm.
- Are you sure? - I will crush you.
Come on.
Come on! And I don't give a shit that you're my headmaster, not now.
- Who are you? - Who are you? What's happening to me? I have to get out of here.

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