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541 Meters

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES One of the mightiest gods in Norse mythology, Thor commanded the weather and the forces of nature, fought the enemies of civilization and represented law and order.
You should try eating something, Magne.
Yuck! You put way too much sugar in your coffee.
We gotta go.
You have to put more clothes on.
Not necessary.
It'll get warm today.
Put these on.
Watch out for him a little bit, okay? Have a nice day! EPISODE 2 541 METERS Hey, uh, how are you doing? Uh, what actually happened up there? I don't know.
Why did you even go up there? The road was closed.
But that wasn't the way it But why did you leave her? Okay, we have to go.
Come on.
Did you see the new Facebook group they put together in memory of Isolde? No.
[door closes.]
Hello, everybody.
I know this would normally be your history lesson, but, uh, for obvious reasons Erik is not here today.
- I want you all to know that you - [door opens.]
I just couldn't bear sitting at home.
Hi, everybody.
I'll be fine.
- [Ran.]
You sure? - [Erik.]
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
But the spring party on Friday will naturally be cancelled out of consid No, no, no.
Let's have the let's have the party as planned.
I'm sure that's what, uh, that's what Isolde would have wanted.
We can therefore conclude that Isolde was killed in a tragic accident, caused by inclement weather.
She was paragliding with a large tandem wing, which was struck by lightning.
This is most likely the point when she lost her mobile phone.
It has not been located yet, so if anyone finds it, please bring it to us.
The police consider the investigations concluded.
I'll now pass you on to your school psychologist.
Sindre Yeah [Sindre.]
Hi, everyone.
Thank you for coming.
First and foremost this is absolutely dreadful.
I want you to know that I am here for you, if anyone needs to talk Especially you, uh Magne.
Magne, yes.
Since you, uh, witnessed the accident.
That must have been horrible.
And the rest of you too Just call or text me or, uh, middle of the night, whatever, not on Thursdays, 'cause I'm busy.
Otherwise, uh, call any time Give a shout.
I'll leave some of my cards here.
So just get in touch if you want to talk or whatever If you feel the need.
Do you have a minute? Isolde was an experienced paraglider who knew the area well.
Why wouldn't she try to avoid the power lines? She was probably struck by lightning and lost consciousness, and that's why she couldn't avoid the power lines.
But at that time there wasn't any lightning yet.
Magne, there was a thunderstorm that evening and paragliding during thunderstorms is dangerous.
She'd never fly in such conditions.
Maybe the, the storm took her by surprise.
Magne, I truly understand that you're upset, but the case is closed.
[in English.]
Hey, guys.
So I'm standing in front of the Jutul factory here in Edda.
I've emailed them about a toxic sewage from the metal facility just behind me.
But they haven't answered me yet.
[in Norwegian.]
Vidar Jutul! Vidar Jutul! Could you answer a few questions? I'm in a bit of a hurry.
I've taken water samples in the area, in the fjord around the factory, and found an increased cadmium level.
We satisfy all the official standards.
You think this could have something to do with the dead fish in the fjord? We satisfy all the official standards.
Why won't you answer my questions? I have a meeting with the mayor.
Hey, hang on a second.
Hi, Turid.
Taking a taxi? Yeah, somebody vandalized my car.
- Are you okay? - Yes, sorry.
Looks like some jerk smashed my windshield with a hammer.
Could you handle the practicalities with the insurance company? Mmm-hmm.
Just forward whatever you got to me by email.
Great, I'll do that right now.
[cell phone chimes.]
Naturally, you can come and take samples any time.
Just put it there.
[music playing over speakers.]
Aren't you gonna help? There are lots more outside.
You're doing just fine.
Magne? Did you go out and wreck Vidar Jutul's car? With our sledgehammer? Huh? Laurits was here watching TV with me.
Put it there.
You went out.
I wouldn't wreck somebody's car.
It says here, Vidar writes in his insurance claim that he was watching the news at nine in the evening.
And then he heard his car get smashed.
But it makes no sense for me to have done this No, it certainly doesn't make sense! Then why are you telling me I did it? Yeah, and why are you lying to my face? Go to your room until you've made up your mind to tell me what really happened out there.
And then go and buy me a new hammer, because I need my hammer.
The rest of us watch porn, you watch Google Earth.
[in English.]
[in Norwegian.]
It's from Mom.
It's for the new hammer.
EDDA SECONDARY SCHOOL One, two, three, four, five, six 282, 283, 284, 285, 286 540, 541 March 24th.
I threw a hammer a distance of 541 meters.
I checked the world record, and it's 86 meters.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[classical music playing over speakers.]
Join me in the sauna? You'll never find out who threw it.
Someone's angry with you.
A fired employee, a jealous husband or a furious woman.
But the humans like us.
We had an assembly at school today, remembering that girl that died.
All the kids were crying.
I find that so difficult All those feelings.
And that big Seier kid started to ask the police a lot of questions.
Magne? Turid's boy? You had a thing for Turid back in the day, didn't you? Have you seen her now? That's what happens to them: They get fat, and sick and grow old, and then they die.
It was me.
It was me who killed that girl.
I thought we had agreed not to harm children.
She saw something up on the glacier.
The ice has retreated much more than I had thought.
There's an opening into the tunnel.
I've got it under control.
It was an accident.
The police have already closed the case.
So It'll be fine.
But they haven't found the girl's phone.
So we must do that.
Don't you say a word to Fjor or Saxa.
The fewer people who know, the better.
You didn't just get carried away as you already were on the mountain looking for something to sacrifice I would never get carried away.
Never? [bell rings.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[automated voice.]
The social anthropologist works with the social and cultural aspects of the human society.
There are almost no limitations as to what a social anthropologist can do research in.
Gry, Magne, Isolde.
You will Um, I'm sorry.
[clears throat.]
Do you want me to put you two into other groups? No, no.
We'll figure it out.
We just need more time.
Maybe I can come by your place later to work.
And by the way, thanks for the paper topic.
Just, uh, just be careful that your entire project doesn't end up about how it's only old white men who are destroying the world and, causing all the ice to melt.
Well, aren't they? [chuckles.]
Is this yours? Oh, that.
That's ancient.
Probably doesn't fit anymore.
[door opens.]
Do we have tea? Gry's coming.
Oh right.
His latest crush.
Oh dear.
[clears throat.]
Magne? Magne! Try to relax a little.
Here, take this.
- Calm down.
- [both breathing.]
I'll fix you two something, and then all you need to do is focus on being yourself, okay? I mean, nearly yourself.
[doorbell rings.]
Go open the door [Gry.]
"Social anthropologists look at the development in a society in connection with the values of its people.
In the following, we shall try to provide such a social anthropological analysis.
" [exhales.]
You wear glasses? What? - Mmm-mmm.
Uh, no.
- No? - [laughs.]
- No.
I mean, I used to.
You're funny.
Is that good? Funny's good.
- Where are you from, actually? - Here and there.
Sorry, I, I have to say it's kinda difficult to get to know you.
If there were one thing you could tell me that says something about yourself, what would it be? Yesterday I discovered I can throw a hammer half a kilometer.
[clears throat.]
That's great, really, cause that's incredibly far.
Uh, but, um, I think we should call it a day.
You coming to the party? No.
[barcode scanner beeping.]
327 please [Turid.]
It's such a tragedy.
Can you please let me know if I can do anything for you? [cries softly.]
I'm sorry.
[clears throat.]
The hero's journey has begun.
[radio host.]
Hello there, everybody! What's up with this crazy weather? Yesterday it was 20 degrees and today we got hail! But my rhubarbs have started growing a month early, so I just say "what's not to like?".
PAST WEATHER - EDDA (HORDALAND) We'll keep it up here on 104.
5 with a lovely spring tune.
Way to go.
You really get off on different stuff than the rest of us.
First it's Google Earth and now the weather forecast? What's up next? Medicare? [laughs.]
Police say Isolde was struck by lightning.
But here it says, the lightning didn't start 'till an hour later.
Yeah, but, Magne, don't you think the police know what they're up to? Something has happened to me since we came to Edda.
I can do stuff I couldn't do before.
Hmm, you still can't read.
I can throw a sledgehammer 541 meters.
Further, actually.
That night Isolde died I threw it 1.
5 kilometers.
It was the hammer I threw that damaged Vidar's car.
Come on, nobody in the world can throw a sledgehammer one and a half kilometer.
I can.
Let's forget about this now, and you join me for the party.
- Well, what about Gry? - [sighs.]
She'll probably also be there She thinks I'm a weirdo.
Yes, Magne, 'cause you are a weirdo, who claims he can throw a sledgehammer one and a half kilometer.
SPRING PARTY [pop music playing.]
No, that's no fun.
Come on.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Here, take it.
Let me have a sip.
Oh, cool, where did you Yeah, that's right.
Hi, hi, boobies, how's it going? You know what they would say to you, Oscar? Do you know? No? They'd say, "Hey, you dork.
" [laughs.]
Yeah, yeah, but [Jenny.]
Yes, but you can't I can't control myself.
You look great.
Lemme see There you go.
So Have you seen the photos that were posted in the group for Isolde? Yeah, my mom and I went to the memorial site and we, uh, lit some candles.
It was very emotional.
Yes, it's dreadful, so dreadful, really.
[upbeat music playing.]
[in English.]
[in Norwegian.]
Welcome, everyone, to the school's annual spring party.
- You all look absolutely fantastic.
- [all cheer.]
Beautiful girls and boys.
[people whistling.]
[people laughing.]
[exhales deeply.]
But we've been struck by a profound tragedy.
It's touching to see how you all stand together.
Yes, I guess I don't need to remind you that tonight will be a drug and alcohol-free event.
But, before the music and dancing begin, I'd like us all to send a collective thought to Isolde.
How can we honor the memory of Isolde? How can we show what she meant to each of us? When I think about Isolde, I think of the gorgeous, great, overwhelming nature that was so dear to her.
I think of Vestlandet.
Cool entrance, bro.
[pop music playing.]
Is that Mom's shirt you're wearing? Do you imagine she'll ever fit in this again? Sorry, I think she's taken.
Yeah, that means he's taken, too.
Hey, hey, party, party.
Magnus! Good to see you.
Yo, I talked to my mom and she said you'd been asking questions, lots of new questions.
Leave things to the police.
Just take it easy.
Party a little.
Enjoy life a bit.
Do like Mr.
Laurits over here.
Hey, I think you should just keep on partying.
Me and Mr.
Laurits, we're gonna move on.
Hey Are you only into dull, blonde chicks? Never set limits to your imagination.
I have a vivid imagination.
You really are quite different from your brother.
Yeah, I hope so.
So tell me, what's he like? Oh, he's, uh, fat, dyslexic and has no friends.
What can I say? What the fuck is up with the music? Aren't you handsome men going to dance? No.
[chuckles nervously.]
What are you drinking? [boy.]
Oh, just an orange drink.
Yeah, just soda.
But what does the principal prefer? I think the principal prefers something harder.
Remember me? - Magne.
You came.
- Yeah.
- Uh, maybe you'd like to - Hey, Magne.
New jacket? Yeah.
Enjoying yourselves? [indistinct chatter.]
[romantic song playing.]
If you're not gonna ask her to dance then I will.
[Oscar mumbling.]
Stupid party! - You shouldn't drink that water.
- [Oscar.]
Huh? [Magne.]
You shouldn't drink that water.
Oh, just [laughs.]
Are you Isolde or something? "Can't drink that" My bad.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I know that you were close, uh, friends.
Mom says that you feel so guilty about all of this and You don't have to, you know.
You don't have to.
My mom is an experienced cop.
She says these things happen.
Isolde chose to do this on her own.
Even though she was way experienced, she chose to go flying in a thunderstorm, right? So it's just bad luck that she hit the mountain, yeah? Okay? Hey, wait! What do you mean by, "hit the mountain"? [sighs.]
My mom says the wind in the thunderstorm were so strong that she just flew into the mountain side and poof What mountain side? The story changes every time.
Are you guys ready to go to hell? [punk music playing.]
[all cheering.]
[Ran chuckling.]
[Ran chuckles.]
[punk music playing.]
Let's fucking turn it up, okay.
[music stops.]
[intense rock music playing.]
[bones cracking.]
[Ran moans.]
- [music stops.]
- [exhales.]
- [Oscar cheering.]
- [scattered clapping.]
You're a good dancer.
[in English.]
Hey, party, party! [in Norwegian.]
Let's get outta here and find our own party.
- No, I don't think so.
- Uh, why? You're kidding? What have you taken? Well, we're leaving.
Come on! I have a better party.
I think you struck out there, dude.
[Fjor laughs.]
Can we talk? MOVING BOX I've started sorting through her things.
The police changed their story again.
First they said it was lightning, now they say she hit the mountain side.
Well, but it is dangerous to paraglide.
They don't even care at all about this.
- Wait a minute, Magne - Don't you get that? No, but I can't It's not fair.
What do you think you're doing? Her funeral is tomorrow.
And you just barge in here with all this It was an accident.
You are going to have to leave this to the professionals.
You're just a kid.
So please, just take it easy.
"Take it easy"? [grunts.]
What was that? Maybe you should come back inside for a little while.
It seems like you copied all of my fucking playlists.
- You have this one? - Yeah.
We have the same taste in music.
All right, I'll see you there, man.
Guys, we're going over to Anders, okay? His house? They're gonna have to make up their minds.
Jesus Christ.
- That's that.
- Who's coming? Uh, the usual suspects, except Gry and Saxa, and Hilde.
So sorry, man.
They They're off to bed.
That's lame, man.
I'm sorry for you.
Yeah, bummer.
But it also sucks for you, get it? - [chuckles.]
Shut the f - [Oscar and Fjor laughing.]
So, what about your brother? Is he coming? - Nah, that wasn't really his scene.
- [Oscar.]
Yeah, yeah.
No? He's still upset about what happened to Isolde.
Isn't everyone upset about what happened to Isolde? Even those who didn't know her or didn't like her are sorry about what happened to her.
- You been on Facebook? - No.
Have you checked out Facebook lately? It's become this big deal now.
Everybody's bringing flowers, everyone's lighting candles, and they're all taking selfies while they're doing it.
Whoever mourns the most of all, that's the coolest person in town.
It's complete bullshit, guys! Just like totally fucked up.
- [Oscar laughing.]
- [Laurits.]
There, look at that.
It's like a bloody shrine, for fuck's sake.
"You will always be in our hearts.
Many loving thoughts from us all at the Edda Grill.
" - [Fjor laughs.]
- Hmm.
She never even went there anyway.
She thought their deep-fryer was polluting or some shit You've been here already.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Yeah, yeah, with David and Katrine.
But it wasn't like Well, it wasn't like What the fuck? You You said that you thought she was an idiot Yeah, but Well, yeah The difference is, now she's a dead idiot.
Okay, man, can you just calm down a little? Which candle is yours? Uh Is it Is it the big one there with the rose on it? [chuckles softly.]
Put it out.
Hey, uh, are you serious? Put it out? Yeah, do it.
I can do it for you.
[unzips pants.]
That's [camera clicks.]
- [Oscar laugh.]
That's funny.
- What're you doing? Hey, this'll go viral on Instagram.
It's fuckin' hilarious Fuck you! Fucking hell! Fucking delete it! Delete it! Vidar Jutul: We didn't do anything illegal Mercury found in cusk in Edda Heat record in the western region What if Isolde was right? That we are destroying the world? You're definitely not wrong to see it that way.
After all, it's you who'll inherit all the shit that we've done.
I used to think like that myself.
What made you stop? Well, unfortunately, Isi's mother died.
She was the rebel of the two of us.
Isolde got it all from her.
That was her personal diary.
I don't think I have the right to look at that.
Are you sure? I think she should be allowed to keep her secrets.
[Magne crying.]
[speaking Old Norse.]
[Trym growls.]
[door closes.]
[in Norwegian.]
On Instagram.
It was taken down, but I managed to get a screenshot.
I'll take care of it.
So, why aren't you into Fjor? Why I'm not into your brother? Everyone is, kind of.
So, like, it's not very original, if you know what I mean.
Even Laurits is into him.
And, um Yeah, I'm not really sure I want him to be my first one.
Your first? Mm.
But, you have slept with someone? Didn't you say Yeah, but, uh, I mean, my first from school.
And Magne? Are you two becoming friends? No, we're just in the same group, that's all.
You were at his place.
But that was only to work on the assignment.
Nothing else.
What did you think? He did manage to get quite close with Isolde.
Didn't he? Yeah, I guess so.
Do you know what they did together? He was right there when she died.
- They went to the mountains - To do what? I, uh, don't know.
It was only a joke.
It's deleted.
They once worshipped us.
Do you remember? They made sacrifices in our honor.
Today things are different, but we're still of critical importance to the people in this town.
We are in charge.
We decide who lives and who dies.
And these so-called small, ordinary humans accept that it has a price.
But there are certain things we just don't do.
So that we can continue to be what we are.
Do you understand? So when you, as my My successor is caught pissing on the memorial site for one of the town's children You're actually pissing on me as well.
[both grunt.]
[Fjor grunts.]
[Vidar grunts.]
[Fjor groans.]
[Fjor grunts.]
Where have you been? The toilet.
[toilet flushes.]
I hate Spanx.
Magne, have you seen Laurits? We're so late.
Where is he? [snaps fingers.]
Laurits! Can I have a word with you? [church bell chiming.]
The flower arrangements were so pretty Did Did we forget to lock the door?
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