Ragnarok (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

New Boy

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Ragnarok - In Norse mythology, the definition of the end of the world.
Ragnarok begins with natural disasters and culminates in the great battle between the gods and the giants.
[upbeat music playing.]
EDDA, NORWAY Say hello to your mother's new office.
What a dump.
Come on, Laurits, this is a lovely little town.
Do you remember anything from when we lived here? - It'll be great here.
- [Laurits.]
Shut the window, it's cold.
Be careful, old man.
[scooter engine revving.]
Come on, pull around the guy.
Well, it looks like he's turning right.
[brakes whine.]
Maybe he needs help.
- [door opens.]
- Oh, for fucks sake [man coughing.]
That's what Magne's like.
Are you okay? Hi.
Do you need help? [Wotan.]
Do you know what a strange town this is? [bells ring when door opens.]
Ah, let's see How do you start this, huh? [Wotan chuckles.]
Ah, there we go.
All right.
You okay from here? Can you manage? [Wotan.]
Yes, yes, I'm fine.
You're a good kid.
[Magne gasps.]
[electricity crackles.]
[voices whispering indistinctly.]
[car door opens.]
Can we go now? [Turid.]
[engine sputtering.]
Roll up the window.
[engine sputtering.]
It's gonna rain.
Yeah, right.
There isn't a cloud in the sky.
The forecast promised nice weather the whole day, [engine continues sputtering.]
[ominous music.]
Do you remember grandma's old house? [Laurits.]
Nah, not really.
[car engine stops.]
Great, we get to live next to bums and drug dealers.
Maybe he can get you a job? Magne, grab that for me, please! [car door closes.]
[bells ringing.]
Okay, good morning, everybody! - Good morning, everybody! - [all.]
Good morning.
Good morning, guys.
Okay, for starters we'll give a warm welcome to our two new students.
These are, ah, Magne and Laurits Seier.
You wanna say something about yourselves? Yeah.
Well, they're brothers, but you're not twins.
They'll be in the same class, anyway.
Yeah, I skipped a few years ahead, and Magne, well, he's good at other stuff.
I'm dyslexic.
Okay, so I think we should start by finding some space for you guys.
One of you can sit next to Gry.
Yeah, I think I could fit in here.
And Magne, you can sit in the back, next to Isolde.
[students chuckle.]
[hits desk.]
Okay, then.
We, um Let's pick up where we left off last time.
We were talking about Asatro, the religion of the Vikings.
You know what? Magne and Laurits, I'll give you some texts that you [Magne.]
It's a Tangle.
Helps me concentrate.
Why is it of such particular interest to talk about the old Norse gods? Especially right here in Edda? Gry? Because Edda was the last town in Norway to become Christian.
Ah, and to give up faith in the Norse gods.
Yes! That's correct.
One could say it all happened right here.
The end of the world.
The final clash between the gods and the giants.
The Gods represented law and order and the giants chaos.
The balance of the world depended on the struggle between them.
But the gods were betrayed and died, and what happened to the Giants, we don't know.
Kind of exciting, huh? - [girl laughing.]
- [students speaking indistinctly.]
That's the same! It was you who was going to [students speaking indistinctly.]
I'm not exactly very popular.
And you won't be either, if you hang around me too much.
I was never popular.
So you're gonna kill yourself by overdosing on fat and sugar? So you're recruiting new members for Greenpeace, huh? Yeah, when people dump plastic and heavy metals everywhere somebody's got to do something.
Someone's actually gotta create jobs and earn money, you know.
Right? [smacks lips.]
You should watch out for her.
She's a little fanatic.
That's Fjor.
He's a Jutul.
He's a senior.
Most of the other girls are obsessed with him.
Just like all the guys are crazy about his sister, Saxa, who's completely fake, by the way.
She's pretty.
If you're into Barbie dolls with a silver spoon up their ass.
Oh, and that's their mother, Ran.
She's the principle and also our English teacher.
She's also pretty.
So what about you? You do anything other than fight plastics, or? I talk about the environment on YouTube.
But, hey, check it out yourself.
Is Snus good for the environment? You can't save the whole world.
And I am only killing myself.
I paraglide too, that's kind of the same.
[Gry laughing.]
Give it to me, can I have some? [laughs.]
EDDA SECONDARY SCHOOL Argh! Fuck! What's wrong? [sighs.]
I think someone sent me a message.
It's not the first time.
Maybe if I try to [Isolde.]
Just forget it.
You can't fix it.
[Magne grunts.]
- [wheel creaking.]
- [grunts.]
[mysterious music.]
Note: Today I fixed a wheel with my bare hands.
And I can see much better.
I don't know what's going on.
AUTHORITY [indistinct chatter.]
Our end-of-term paper is going to be about you! Ahm, ah [Magne.]
Me Me He's dyslexic! Individuality and authority.
It's a group assignment.
I've assigned you into groups So, are those prescription or just fakes? [Nygaard.]
so we have Leni, Oscar If you don't need them, there's no point in wearing glasses.
and Ida.
You're together.
Isolde, Gry and you.
New kid.
You're together.
So, new kid.
You are going to discuss Norwegian democracy.
Uhm, okay, we could start with the definition of democracy in ancient Greece, and tie it in with present-day Norway.
Hm! Or, we could write about how politicians believe that they're in charge, while in reality, it's the multinational corporations and chains that control everything.
And who do you think produces that stuff? You support them yourself.
Next time I'll ask for a group without any addicts.
Good luck with that.
Half the school's on happy-pills.
How about this? Something about the community and local industry? That's actually not bad.
"The pristine nature is Edda's great pride.
" [Isolde.]
It's fucking crazy.
What do you mean? That society and the industry try to sell us a reality that isn't real.
And they're the ones in power.
[bell ringing.]
Then you write a paragraph from that perspective for next class and we'll take a look.
Hi, Laurits.
Let's go up here.
Way to go.
Does mommy pick you up from school every day? [Ran.]
Thank you for your email, Turid.
And I'd like to welcome you to our school, Magne.
Yes, I thought it would be nice to have a quick meeting.
Magne does have some concentration problems, and he's not very academically inclined.
Magne lost his father when he was six years old, right before we moved away from Edda Yes, I remember it well.
It was really tragic.
That might have something to do with it.
He also has a pretty rash temper and he can be a little violent.
Especially in situations where he feels he's being treated unfairly.
[voices fade.]
And has this just started recently? Or [faded.]
He's always been interested in what's right and wrong [music sting.]
I think we should close the window.
[birds chirping.]
Isn't a bit of fresh air nice? [Turid.]
We've had some incidents throughout the years, right Magne? Which didn't end well.
Both in kindergarten and in school, actually, where things were broken and Well, it's not unusual for boys of Magne's age to struggle with various issues.
- [voices fade.]
- [gulls cawing.]
I'm certain we'll be able to find a solution.
In any case, I'm here to help you.
[music sting.]
[Turid chuckles nervously.]
That was real scary.
[Turid clearing throat.]
[clears throat.]
[sentimental music.]
Holy cow, she's so pretty.
She must be 50, but doesn't look a day over 30.
She gets herself fixed up, I'd bet you.
Not that it matters, of course, but still Why don't you have your glasses? Don't need them any longer.
Oh, come off it.
You've worn glasses - since you were a two-year-old boy.
- [dog barks.]
[music playing over car speakers.]
Hi, Vidar.
- Turid? - [dog snorting.]
You recognize me? I have changed a bit, huh? Of course I recognized you.
I'm so glad to see you.
This is my son Magne.
Nice to meet you.
[dog barks.]
We were just at a meeting with your wife at school.
[barking continues.]
Yeah, don't worry about Trym.
He always get worked up around strangers.
Let me know if I can be of any help.
A job, anything.
You actually got me a job already, in accounting.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
- [both chuckle.]
- [dog barks.]
Great to see you.
You too.
Did you know each other well back then? Mm-hm.
[ominous music.]
[door closes.]
[Trym panting.]
[classical music playing.]
Are you going to kiss your wife? I need to check something.
EDDA POS Edda will always miss you, Asbjørn Asbjørn Seier was buried yesterday after a tragic accident.
He was only 32 years old.
Don't you think I look too old to be a senior? Shouldn't I look a bit younger, maybe? You're supposed to look 19, and that works.
So Or is it because you think Gry is into younger guys? [scoffs.]
That new boy in your class, what's he like? The little or the big one? The big one, the fatso.
I want you to keep an eye on him.
Whom he hangs out with, what he's interested in Why do you care anyway? Don't you worry about that.
Just do as I say.
You can fret about your good looks later.
[radio jingle plays.]
[radio host.]
Huge amounts of water in the Edda river this year.
The melting has started already, people.
But here at radio Edda we say: Enjoy the heat.
Now for some fresh new hits sponsored by Jutul Industries.
[music plays over radio.]
What's up with the Nazi symbol? It's grandfather's old monogram.
An S rune.
I thought mom didn't want you to play with tools.
I'm not playing with tools.
My bed is too short, I want to extend it.
With a sled? Didn't that belong to Dad? Yeah.
Do you remember how he'd pull you up the mountains? I was always cold.
[sentimental music.]
Do you think about him ever? [chuckles.]
I was so little.
Dude, relax.
This here is my Tangle.
[footsteps approaching.]
Boys? Are you getting hungry? You actually found that thing? Is it me or does it smell of smoke in here? Uh, that weird neighbor stopped by.
With the RV.
He was here.
- Here? - Fucking nasty how much he smokes, really.
Watch your mouth.
Laurits, could you buy us some dessert? Did you have to get three boxes of ice cream? You know she can't handle it.
It was on sale.
Anyway, it's been a while since she enjoyed herself properly.
[scrubbing dishes.]
I have to write something for tomorrow.
Would you mind going over it? Not at all.
But then you do the rest of the dishes.
EDDA SECONDARY SCHOOL [hip-hop music playing.]
She is so - Wow.
- For the party next week.
Hi, boobies.
[all laughing.]
I think it's really very nice, Hilde.
- Thank you.
I think so too.
- Of course.
Hey, Gry, what do you say? About what? You're coming to Oscar's Saturday, right? My mom might be getting off from work early.
There's not really any crime in this town anyway.
We could do it at our place? The cabin on the mountains? That's much cooler.
And you can all sleep over.
It's absolutely essential that you bring your boobies.
[students laughing.]
Isolde! There's plastic! There's plastic! Grab it! Plastic bottle! [students laughing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Did you write this? Yeah.
Laurits just revised it a little.
"Democracy does not work.
Therefore I believe that Norway needs a strong man who can lead the people out of this eternal cycle of quasi-democratic compromises.
" [dramatic music.]
Hey guys! I'm back again with this little fellow I just found dead in the fjord.
Say hello to Mr.
What killed Mr.
Trout? We don't know.
My guess is, there's something in the water.
Let's take a lot inside of Mr.
A normal fish does not look like this.
If you ask at the country office, they will say everything is peachy and normal in the fjord.
Something killed you, and I don't think you're gonna be the last one to die.
Unless we do something about it.
SUBSCRIBE Individuality and authority.
Group project.
Individuality and authority.
Group assignment.
Are the authorities presenting us a fake reality? Perhaps the image the authorities present us is not true.
Maybe the problem is bigger than anyone can see.
Maybe the underlying balance has been disturbed.
[indistinct chatter.]
Gry, - I've rewritten this.
- Great.
You can take it home and I'm busy right now so I'll check it out tonight.
See you later, Laurits.
My name is Magne.
Yes, of course.
See you later, Magne.
So your mother doesn't want you doing any kind of sports? I guess, chess is okay.
What? Wanna come? I'm going grocery shopping.
You could come over for dinner if you want.
Unless you're only allowed to eat cookies.
Come over? Yeah? Tonight? Just thought it'd be fun.
I'm not coming on to you.
And these here, Magne, you don't need these.
Come on.
It's good that you've come.
We also need some water.
Water? Yeah, you shouldn't drink the tap water.
We always drink tap water.
I really wouldn't if I were you.
[scanner beeps.]
Beware the spring equinox.
It's dangerous on the mountain.
You might well be needed, Magne.
Don't worry about her.
[opera music playing.]
The German composer Wagner.
- Why are you here? - [chuckles.]
I live here.
I'm Isolde's father.
- Should I leave? - No! No, no, no, no.
It's really very nice to have you here.
Help yourself to the last piece, Magne.
[Erik sniffs.]
I'm going up the mountain on Saturday.
- The mountain? - [Isolde.]
Wanna come? Watch out or she'll recruit you for one of her YouTube campaigns.
My father took me to the mountains when I was little.
To watch the glaciers.
Maybe I should come.
Yes! And we'll paraglide back again.
I'm sure I can get us a tandem chute if you're allowed to paraglide.
You might find it disappointing, though, once we get up there.
- It's all melting away.
- Still it's beautiful to see, definitely worth the trip up there.
For the past three years I've been placing markers to show how much it's retracting.
And whose fault do you think that is? Well, there's, uh, there's lots of people to blame for that.
It's a global phenomenon, Isi.
Yeah, but some more than others.
Who's behind the pollution in this town? Mmm.
Why do you think we can't drink the tap water? Why do you think Mom died? There are lots of people dying from cancer every day, Isi.
[sink water running.]
What do you actually write in that book? All my little secrets.
How old was your mother? Thirty-eight.
My father was 32.
I guess I should go.
Not a word about this to anyone.
Okay? [giggles.]
So, how was your teacher's house? Quite nice, actually.
They have lots of books and listen to classical music.
Fuck, sounds kind of spooky if you ask me.
Did you know that Isolde is named after an opera by Wagner? Hitler also liked Wagner.
- [Magne.]
- Hi.
- [Magne.]
Did you read what I wrote? - Yes.
It's good.
Are you going to the mountains tomorrow? - [Gry.]
- It's by invitation only, and so [Magne.]
Isolde and I are going up there, too.
- So maybe we could - Hey! I have a better idea for what we can do tomorrow.
Our parents are away so the house is empty.
Let's stay in town and have the place to ourselves.
Holy shit, that's awesome! [Gry.]
That works out well for me, too.
What are you gonna do up there? [Isolde.]
Go see the glacier.
That's too dangerous.
There's landslides.
I'm sure we'll be just fine.
I've been up there before, and it's not like you people actually own the mountain.
Uh, yes.
Actually, we do.
That part of the mountain has belonged to our family, like, forever.
So And the freedom to roam? Yes, it basically you can go wherever you like At your own risk.
But you already know that.
Right? Of course.
[sentimental music.]
[man laughing.]
[man coughing.]
You look happy.
Had a nice day at school? [Magne.]
- [clanking.]
- [Turid exclaims.]
Want me to help? No, no, no.
It's fine.
I'll do it.
[music intensifies.]
Magne? [clanking resumes.]
[radio host.]
Officially spring starts tomorrow, since it's the spring equinox, but here in Edda, spring has started early and we're celebrating that with a hot little tune.
We make you feel alive on 104,5.
Did you know that beef generates eight times as much CO2 as chicken? Really? But it's Taco Friday.
Magne has become a member of Greenpeace.
- Shut up, Laurits - But it's true.
You're sounding more and more the same as that new little friend of yours, Isolde.
Do you have a Is this a girl that you are - No! - Mom, don't get all excited.
She's a lesbian.
Oh, yeah! My gaydar never fails.
There's nothing wrong with being lesbian.
What's important is that she's your friend.
We're going to the mountains tomorrow.
Let me ask you about your glasses! Why aren't you wearing them? - Are you ashamed or embarrassed? - No.
It's 'cause he's trying to score this chick called Gry.
I'm starting to see better without glasses.
I don't know why.
But you should use them.
You mustn't ever let anything prevent you from practicing your reading.
Do we have a pair of hiking boots? Could it be a phase that Isolde's going Uh, no, it's definitely not just a phase.
Many people go through phases.
I did when I was - Do we? - That's really not Yeah, I'll go check.
When I was sixteen I had a crush on a friend of mine Those stories from when you were sixteen, can we skip them while we're having tacos? [Turid.]
All right, fine.
[ethereal music.]
[birds chirping.]
I'm not sure you can make the trip in those shoes.
I'll be fine.
Why are you wearing glasses? [Magne.]
Mother's idea.
She said I should.
So you're wearing them for her sake? [Magne.]
Look how little Edda is.
No wonder people get weird living there.
I'd say I'm pretty okay.
You are? Just wait.
There's something sick about this town.
It'll get to you.
I'm leaving first chance I get.
Study abroad, move away.
But I'll come visit you.
We're friends.
We are? Yeah.
Of course, we're friends.
[chuckles lightly.]
You and I could just leave Edda together.
I promised Mom I'd stay.
[tense music.]
[Isolde panting.]
You're in pretty good shape for someone who has never does sports.
My legs feel good today.
WARNING! Waaa waar waaarn [Isolde.]
Don't say it.
Then I'll never get better.
It's like with people who stutter.
It's because that wasn't here last week.
It's new.
It's the bloody Jutuls hanging signs everywhere to show they own the mountain.
How long have you been in love with Saxa? Always.
Fuck her.
You're way too good for her.
I like you, new kid.
[cell phone chimes.]
MESSAGES - LAURITS [automated voice.]
Something's happened with Mother.
You have to help me.
I think I have to go back.
What, now? Something's happened to my mother.
What? Something serious? You want me to go with you? No, no.
I'll just run down and check on her.
It's probably not serious, I just need to go see.
Of course.
I'll just fly down by myself.
[tense music.]
[animals bleating.]
[cow snorting.]
[dramatic music.]
[distorted voice speaking Old Norse.]
[ominous music.]
[Vidar grunts.]
[bones crack.]
[camera clicking.]
[camera clicks.]
[tense music.]
[door closes.]
[music playing.]
Hi, are you back already? Is everything okay? Yeah, sure, Mommy's cleaning up.
These new curtains are nice, huh? Yeah, well, she got much better, after I texted you.
But she was totally raving over her new curtains.
Fuck, you're such a pain.
[door slams.]
[ethereal music.]
[dramatic music.]
Hey! [shouts.]
Hey! Watch out! [electricity crackles.]
Hey! Hey! Hey! [softly.]
No, no, no, no, no.
Hey! Hey.
Magne, what happened? I don't know.
[muffled grunts.]
[thunder rumbling.]
[ambulance sirens wailing.]
[wind chimes tinkling.]
["Outro" by M83.]
I'm the king of my own land Facing tempests of dust I'll fight until the end [screams.]
[electricity surges.]

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