Ragnarok (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

My Precious

Where's Magne?
How did it go?
As well as it could have.
When Magne's boat stopped, I left him.
When I came back,
both Magne and his boat were not there.
Did you get O to attack him?
- That's what he's made for, right?
- No.
It's not big enough yet.
Oh it is.
Isn't it strange that I know your child
better than its own mother does?
Did you get it to kill my brother?
Thanks for waiting.
Yeah, where, uh Where did you go?
The engine broke and you left.
Yeah, well, I left to get some help,
but when I came back, you were gone.
Did anything happen out there?
I went fishing.
Then I was towed to shore.
Catch anything?
I caught a big fish.
But I lost it.
I'll take a shower.
Guess you don't need me anymore.
It was the wrong spot.
Right? The serpent was somewhere else
I'll find you. I'll find you.
Little O!
We need to have a serious talk,
you and me.
I need to talk to you.
It's so hot here.
That's the joy of climate change.
No, no, no.
No, no. You can't You can't be here.
Go away.
You can't be here.
The fjord is dangerous.
There's been a leak.
Cadmium and mercury.
Just go!
Go up in the mountains. Much nicer.
- Okay.
- It's from the factory, so just
Come on, go. Come on.
Darling, are you still in there?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just took a shower.
You've been in there for over an hour.
Fjor says you won.
Yeah, the engine broke, so I
I think someone messed with it.
Typical Fjor.
He's so scared of you.
I'll take it.
Do you like it?
The bag. Do you like it?
Oh, I love it. Yeah.
Thank you so much.
I'm going downstairs.
Good morning and welcome.
My name is Jens
and I will be your server today.
Today's special is avocado toast
with poached egg.
- Also, we have
- I'm not feeling well today.
Can we just drop all this stuff?
What is it?
Yesterday you came home
you sat down, you didn't talk to me.
Then you watched Finding Nemo twice.
And last night was
the first night we didn't have sex.
Can't you just tell me what's wrong?
I I can't.
What can you see on the sonar?
Mostly fish. Schools of fish.
What about metal objects?
You'll need some different equipment.
But that could be acquired if you want.
What will it cost?
What are you looking for?
I lost a hammer in the fjord.
You won't find a hammer
at the bottom of this fjord.
The Edda Fjord is
one of the deepest fjords in the country.
Over a kilometer deep at the middle.
Something wrong?
Hello. There you are.
Yeah. Here I am.
Could the two of us just
What happened on the fjord yesterday?
I should ask you the same thing.
That thing I caught,
was that the snake you brought home
from the hospital?
You saw Little O?
Little O?
That thing is dangerous.
But it's my child.
Your child?
Have you lost your fucking mind?
Let me talk.
You often get lost in your own darkness.
you two will be
charged with a drug offense
in accordance with
the Pharmaceuticals Act, paragraph 29,
and the Narcotics Act, paragraph 5.
This is not about just any drug,
human daughter.
Henbane and wormwood
harvested at the new moon
creates an opportunity to travel in time.
So it's nothing as simple as marijuana.
We're still looking into
what was in that joint.
So if there are hallucinogens in there,
it's still a breach of the Narcotics Act.
Its purpose was more important
than you would ever understand.
Oh, uh, but, I also have to
remind you that you were convicted
of unlawful entry into Jutul Industries.
And the fact that
you're now disturbing public order
doesn't do you any favors.
Do you really think
the police are doing themselves any favors
by holding us overnight
without actually knowing
what was in that alleged joint?
We haven't been offered any food or drink.
Wotan is chronically ill
and hasn't been given access
to his medicines.
We haven't been given a chance
to speak to our lawyer,
and just let me remind you
that this is a breach
of our constitutional rights.
So, who really has the biggest issue here
do you think?
Can we talk for a minute?
have you ever considered
if the world has bigger plans for you?
Every day.
That's why I take my medicine, boss.
- Oh.
- Right. Everybody.
We wanted to gather the management
because we, in the ownership group,
have decided to do some restructuring.
Hmm. Okay.
- Which is
- Go on.
We have decided that I will join
the management, with immediate effect,
at the same level as Fjor.
And we would like to celebrate
with a dinner tonight.
I can't make it, by the way.
I have to prepare my speech
for the stockholders.
- What speech?
- The one I should have written last week.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Look forward to seeing you all later.
Is it, uh
Is it here, or
It's in the cupboard by the stove,
on the bottom shelf, all the way in.
I'm having paella.
Yeah, no, it's not that.
No, I'm making a stew.
No, I was speaking to Erik.
We're going out to eat.
We ate mussels yesterday
and I got so sick.
- She was drunk as a skunk.
- That's not true!
It was the mussels, I swear.
No, fuck, ugh! There's a beetle inside.
You can just wash it away.
Hi, Fjor!
Oh, are you making dinner together?
Uh, Mom Mom, I, uh I'll call you back.
Okay. Hasta la vista, then.
What are you doing?
Uh, I'm making food for O.
By the way, it looks horrible.
I don't know what happened.
It's covered in wounds.
- Yeah, because the fjord is poisoned.
- Hmm.
I tried to get it to follow orders,
but that didn't work.
You're moving too fast.
He's not ready yet.
Is anything distracting you, Laurits?
I heard you're seeing someone.
So when do I get to meet that person?
Come on, we're family, right?
Why don't you tell me who it is?
Unlock your phone, Laurits.
Unlock it now.
Thank you.
It's Jens from the Grill.
You're so cute together.
It almost feels like
you're getting cold feet.
I think you're protecting Magne.
But, I think I just found the person
you are more willing to protect.
So now,
I'll let you choose who is going to die.
This guy
the love of your life
or will you get
your offspring under control
and get it to kill Magne?
Your choice.
Search ocean floor metal object.
Hi, this is Deep Sea Explorer.
Uh, I wanted to check
if you could help me find,
um, a large metal object
that was dropped from a boat
on the Edda Fjord yesterday.
Frida will contact you.
She's our expert on
So you're just chilling?
I'm gaming.
Oh, yeah, that's nice.
You're gaming, while I've been reinstated
in all parts of the company.
Why don't you put on
the suit I bought you?
We're going to dinner.
I don't think I can make it.
Yes, you will.
Fjor has just canceled on me.
And I want you there with the hammer,
just in case.
In case of what?
You said Fjor isn't going.
Magne, being with me
comes with responsibilities.
You can't sit there like a teenager.
But I don't have the time to come.
You're in high school.
You have time if I say you have time.
- Am I your bodyguard?
- Call it what you want.
You're my houseboy.
I'm your sugar mama.
My God, I'm joking.
I'm joking.
Come houseboy?
Hey, hey.
What's up?
Nothing. It's just very strong.
- Hey.
- No, don't.
- But it's not important.
- Yes, it is.
I think we should sit down.
you can talk to me about anything,
no matter how sick or bad,
or uncomfortable it is.
I love you.
And I understand everything.
Even if you have cold feet about us.
It's not that.
I'm not human.
I'm half Giant, half God.
And my other family, the Jutuls,
they're all Giants.
And they want to kill Magne
because he is Thor,
and he has
the most powerful weapon in the world.
The thing is, I have a weapon, too.
I gave birth to a serpent.
Your tapeworm?
Ibsen is our newest board member.
He's in charge of off-shore investments.
Not that tie. We'll borrow one from Fjor.
If you're bored,
you can talk to Moland's wife.
She's very down to earth.
Remember that she is wife number two.
Hi, this is Frida
from Deep Sea Explorer. Please call me.
I have to go. I can't come.
- That's more important than my dinner?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
It will cost millions.
You have to search the bottom
with a special submarine.
They found the Titanic.
That was a giant ship.
You're talking about a hammer.
There are weeds and large rocks,
and visibility is just
half a meter at the bottom.
- It's impossible.
- Can't you just
Listen, it's only a hammer. Forget it.
Come on. Sweetie?
Come on. Can you smell that?
- Yeah, um
- It's dinner.
I just want to be sure,
so now we're basically helping Fjor
by feeding the serpent,
so it can grow bigger and and kill Magne?
I don't want it to kill Magne.
It was just to buy myself some time, but
Fjor won't ever just leave us alone.
It's either you or Magne.
There's no way out.
When I was in seventh grade,
I had a huge crush on my gym teacher.
I didn't tell anyone
because I was embarrassed.
But one day I met Leonard
and he was amazing.
We went for walks,
I could tell him everything.
He understood everything, and he listened.
The thing is,
Leonard only existed in my imagination.
And it helped me.
You You don't believe me?
Watch out. Hey! Hey! Don't touch him.
You hear me?
You have to come when I call for you.
It's good to see that you're okay,
but Mom is disappointed in you.
You can't just eat things others give you.
You can't just take innocent people.
Show me that you're ashamed.
Hi, Magne. Nice to see you.
Did you just drop by?
I'm just going to grab a beer.
I've had a bit of a strange day.
You want one?
Where's Laurits?
What are you doing here?
You and I are making a new deal.
Listen to me now.
You're going to leave us alone. All of us.
You don't touch O, you don't touch Magne,
and you don't touch Jens.
I find it fascinating how you can just
make demands
without having anything to offer.
Fjor? Are you out of your fucking mind?
Why didn't you just give it to me?
It's mine, dammit!
Now there's nothing
to stop them from killing all of us.
I didn't have a choice.
He promised to leave us alone.
- You, too.
- Violence isn't the answer.
Shut the fuck up. Why are you talking?
That's the most dangerous thing
you could have done.
You can't trust a Giant, Laurits.
I'll talk to the others. You fuckhead.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
You think they'll show up
after you being such an idiot?
They will when they hear
the Giants have the hammer.
There are more gods?
Hi. It was actually
a very successful dinner.
Is Magne home yet?
He'll be here soon.
Why is that so important,
to tell me that he'll be here soon?
It's to remind you who's in charge.
There are no limits to
what you do for a bit of power, are there?
I have seen it.
How you have cowered in fear.
So everything's been worth it.
Strangely enough, I'm not afraid anymore.
Now it's your turn.
Oh, dear, oh, dear.
That really scared you.
Who is going to help you now?
Magne? He won't come.
You wouldn't have hesitated a second
to have me killed
if I didn't do exactly what you told me.
But you don't have that option anymore.
Maybe we put the collar back on you.
This isn't personal.
It's just business, dear sister.
When this year's contestants meet
for the first time on Paradise Beach,
they'll be in for a little surprise.
This time,
there will be snakes in paradise.
Hey, uh, I don't know how it got in there,
but there's a raven in your room.
Just, uh, keep going.
You've gotta be kidding me.
I've been thinking.
I have a suggestion.
Who said you are leading this meeting?
- Sorry if I've been a jerk.
- Yeah, you have been.
- But I am the only
- No, you are not anymore.
You canceled the battle
and you don't have the hammer.
We're only here
because Wotan said it's important.
Are you even fighting
on the side of the Gods
when you're dating a Giant?
We're not together anymore.
But, uh
Why are you walking around
in those clothes? Take a look at yourself.
They are three.
We are four. We have to use that.
What about Laurits?
We need him on our side.
We can't trust him.
I don't want to be around him.
Since when is that your decision?
I am a warrior god,
and we're about to go to war.
Maybe you should listen to me.
Sounds like you're fighting each other
more than you'll fight the Giants.
The first sensible thing
anyone has said tonight.
While I have you here, I, uh
- just want to apologize for
- Just be quiet, Laurits.
You did the worst thing you could've done,
and you told a human everything.
Good night.
Wait. You can't just bow out.
This is your family.
I won't have Laurits in this
and that's that.
There's only one way
to restore the balance,
and that involves Laurits.
And now you need to listen carefully.
If you don't help us now,
the world, as we know it, will end.
The end of us all.
We need that hammer back.
Our advantage is that
the Giants don't know how it works.
I know what we must do.
In other words, what you must do.
Did Magne give you the hammer?
No, he hasn't.
He just lost it.
- Lost it?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Where's Saxa?
- She's a traitor.
I assume she's not coming back.
- Did you
- No.
I just scared her a little.
Ah, ah, ah. That's mine.
What are you thinking?
We'll attack them
when they least expect it.
There's no hurry when we have this.
They have no chance.
That's Saxa coming back
to beg us to take her back in.
I'll deal with it.
I thought you were out.
I just wanted to see you topless
one last time.
Have you considered creating
an Instagram account?
I think you have potential.
Look at that. Very nice.
But you can't use it.
Uh, yeah.
Uh No, you can't.
But I mean,
you're more than welcome to try.
Throw it.
Throw it.
Or are you afraid of killing
your own family?
Come on, throw it.
Come on. I'm ready.
Throw it.
Do it.
Maybe it's about time
you started believing what I tell you.
The hammer is the greatest weapon
and only Magne can use it.
He doesn't have it, so he can't hurt us.
No, but the Gods won't leave you alone
for a single moment
until they have it back.
They outnumber you.
And they've started plotting already.
Why are you helping me?
Because I actually liked my life
before the hammer made
everyone around me completely insane.
- What do you think we should do then?
- We destroy it.
We go together and throw it
in the eternal fire, where it came from,
so it disappears from this world.
A swish, all my problems will be solved.
And that goes for you, too.
You found your own clothes.
Let's listen to Magne.
All right. Everyone ready?
You know where to stand and what to do?
All right. I'm off.
Wait, wait.
We'll do what we planned, right?
Yeah, of course.
Okay, we're a team.
Let's get the hammer back.
Are you still here?
Laurits isn't here yet.
Have you considered that
he might actually be making a plan,
along with his God friends?
That he's betraying us?
He's half God.
He's the one who gave me the hammer.
Shall we go?
Put on something nice.
And I'll take that.
Harry, are you in position?
Yeah. I have a clear view of the driveway.
Iman, are you in position?
We're ready.
Have they left yet?
No activity yet.
What? Haven't they left yet?
Here goes Fjor and Laurits.
Okay. Laurits hasn't texted me.
Fuck. I told you we couldn't trust him.
Fjor is alone in the car.
There's something wrong here.
Fuck this shit.
Fuck. The car is on its way.
Huh? What are you doing here?
They made me. They took my phone.
They fooled you.
You've been playing all along.
- Where's the hammer?
- I don't have it.
I didn't know about this. I promise.
Hello? It wasn't Fjor in the car.
It was Laurits.
- Huh?
- They knew about the plan.
What's happening there?
Have you seen Fjor?
No. No Giants.
Nothing's happening here at all.
What the hell should we do?
- Shit. A van. Where did that come from?
- It's them.
- They're going fast.
- They're gonna fucking melt it. Shit!
What's happening?
- What the fuck?
- Fjor, what's happening?
Ran! Saxa stole the hammer. Shoot her.
Saxa, stop!
She's family.
No, she's the traitor.
What are you doing?
We have to go. The tire is flat. Come on.
What? Oh, no. What happened?
Where's the hammer?
The hammer, where is it?
I don't know.
- Sorry, it didn't work.
- Oh, fuck.
- Magne
- Don't talk to me, Laurits.
This is all your fault.
The arrow hit a 13-year-old,
but they say he'll be fine.
That's good.
So, uh, what do we do now?
Has anyone seen Wotan?
I thought we were avoiding violence.
- She's a thief.
- Yeah?
We did it together.
Can I get the hammer?
Give it to me.
There you are.
Did you miss me?
I missed you.
It's just you and me.
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