Ragnarok (2020) s03e05 Episode Script

A Farewell to Arms

[thunder rumbling]
Magne is out of his depth.
[exhales deeply]
[in Old Norse] Show me Thor.
[in English] This makes me
the one in control over all.
You're the world's mightiest.
You make me the world's mightiest.
There's no one in your league.
It's only you and me.
No, Magne. [gasping]
[Kiwi] Boss, are you okay?
What's going on?
No. We have to do it another way.
I need the two of you.
[metallic scraping]
You know that it's 7:40, right?
Aren't you going to work?
To work?
I've called in sick.
There's no point in going to work.
I'm going to die anyway.
Now they have the hammer,
it's only a matter of time
before they attack us.
Vidar is dead, Saxa is gone,
and Laurits has picked a side.
They can attack us one by one
whenever they want.
You're just like Vidar.
He also wallowed in self-pity.
We're not going to die.
[Ran] Hi, Laurits.
Do you have a minute?
Mmm No.
You know
This is a time
when families stick together.
Oh, yeah.
And you are part of our family.
Well, may be a bit late for this.
Don't you think?
- We've talked about this before?
- No.
You know what I think?
I think you want me on your team
because you're outnumbered
and you're scared you'll be attacked.
[cell phone vibrating]
[Laurits chuckles softly]
And you should be.
This is it, you know,
the last battle
between Gods and Giants.
Have a nice day. Who knows?
It might be your last.
- [door closes]
- Do we have an appointment?
Are you okay?
Is it, uh, your fear of death?
I feel so incredibly fragile.
Is there something you want to
put into words, maybe?
I think it was yesterday
when I tried to kill my daughter.
But I couldn't do it.
I don't know what to do.
[Harry] What the fuck is Wotan doing?
[Laurits] Where the hell are they?
[door opens]
Come. Come, come, come.
[Laurits] Hi.
[Wotan] Good. You're already here.
Where is Magne?
[Iman] He's in his room.
Hi, love.
You here?
[Wotan] Listen up.
Ragnarok is getting closer
and Magne isn't ready.
Therefore, I'd like you to meet
two new members of our team.
They have just been initiated
as Gods.
So now we're just bringing in
random people from the street?
A burger flipper and a homeless guy?
Watch your mouth.
Jens and Kiwi have some abilities
Magne can learn from.
Who's who? Which Gods are they?
Well, this is Heimdall,
- watchman of the Gods.
- [blows whistle]
Then there's Balder, the Gods' favorite.
No, no. Balder dies in the old saga.
Hod, the blind,
strikes him with an arrow
and then the Ragnarok begins
and then the world ends.
My son, you must understand.
No, none of that "my son" now.
Am I right or not?
[Jens] Laurits, that was then.
Don't be scared.
We'll be rewriting the history.
[footsteps approaching]
[Wotan clears throat]
[Magne] Why are we so many?
[Wotan] These are Heimdall and Balder.
They are newly initiated Gods.
They are now a part of us.
My children, we are now gathered here
to [clears throat] plan
the final battle against
I am showing up here, so maybe
I should be the one to speak first.
I'm the one leading you into battle.
I'm the one with the hammer.
[chuckles] Are we sure
this guy is ready or what?
[Magne] The Giants aren't scared of you.
They're scared of the hammer.
This hammer gives us a lot more options.
I mean, look at the Giants.
They have the biggest house,
the nicest cars.
Everyone knows them and respects them.
What about us?
- When is it our time?
- What do you suggest?
I say we make those
damn Giants our slaves.
Take what's theirs.
And then the little people
in this town look up to us.
Who the hell are you?
[sighs] I can't be bothered with this.
He hasn't changed at all.
No, I can't be a part of this.
Come on.
Are you leaving, too, Wotan?
We'll manage fine on our own.
You need me. You're not ready.
We have to stick together,
and you have to stay here
and don't leave the house.
The Giants are dangerous
when they're on the warpath.
Remember that the Giants have old weapons
that can kill you and you don't.
If they attack,
your strength lies in sticking together.
So stay here and wait for us.
Magne, you're coming with me.
- Where are we going?
- I am going to show you something.
Magne, come with me.
We need to prepare you.
The rest of you stay here.
Heimdall, you keep watch while we're gone.
[door opens]
[door closes]
They said you called in sick.
Jack Nicholson in The Shining or what?
I've brought some work for you.
Yeah? And what's that?
Some papers that need signing.
And I brought you some things.
How did you know I like Supermix?
I know you.
You sure?
[dog barking in distance]
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
How far are we going?
What are we doing up here?
Come on.
There are some things
you need to understand.
[Magne] The Giants can attack at any time.
This is a nice spot.
What's the first thing you think of
when you think of Thor?
[Magne] The hammer for sure.
[smacks lips]
[exhales] That he was strong.
This is the kind of place
where people worshipped Thor
in the old days.
When you describe Thor,
he only sounds like a God of war.
But he was more than that.
He controlled nature.
Yeah. Thunder and lightning. I know.
but also the powers that create life.
[twigs breaking]
Are you sure that was a Giant?
That was a hare.
The one who leads others into battle
has to show some damn restraint.
Come back, Magne, you're not ready yet.
Have you missed me?
Why didn't you say
you lost the hammer?
Why would I tell you anything?
You never cared about me.
That's not true.
Yeah, you like the power.
So you tried to steal it back?
Yeah, for you.
You're the one I want.
I have missed you.
I want us to be together.
I want us to become what we said we would.
We could be so powerful.
We'll divide the world between us.
What if we don't want the same thing?
It's not me you want.
It's the hammer.
[Saxa] Maybe you're the one
who never loved me.
You can't even look me in the eye.
Just admit it.
You only love the hammer.
[footsteps receding]
[rock music playing on headphones]
[Jens] Where are you going, Laurits?
Out to feed O.
[Jens] But Wotan said
we shouldn't leave the house.
[whistle blowing]
Can everyone just stop
what they're doing, please?
I just have to say that
I'm the one who lives here. Okay?
But Jens said we should
make ourselves at home
since we're sleeping here.
- Magne's bed is mine.
- And mine.
- I have to feed O.
- Yeah.
- It's hungry.
- Mmm-hmm. I know that.
But Wotan said the Giants are desperate.
It's dangerous for us to go out alone.
We have to stay here
until he and Magne are back.
I understand you miss it.
But it can wait for one day.
Would you dare to put it down?
You don't need it.
You're not threatened.
The hammer has a strong will.
Right now, it has power over you.
But actually,
it's the hammer that needs you.
I think you love the hammer
just like you can love a person.
And what happens to a person
if we can't let go?
If we hold on forever,
then we have misunderstood what love is.
We have confused it with possession.
And what happens to us if we hold on
to someone too hard, we get scared.
We lose our freedom.
What would you say
if I asked you to face
your biggest fear without the hammer?
I have no fear.
Yes, you do.
But right now you're not fearing
what you should.
[pebbles rattling]
[in Old Norse] Show us Magne's true fear.
- [growls]
- [screams]
You're lying to yourself.
The Giants are not your biggest fear.
[woman] Ziprasidone and Risperidone.
Psychiatric evaluation.
Magne's treated.
You and I are gonna have a talk.
[woman] Paranoid schizophrenic diagnosis.
It's not the humiliation
you've suffered either.
[Signy] Who are you right now?
[Wotan] Nor is it those
who are trying to help you.
No, not even when you lost your father.
- I think I have to go back.
- [woman] What, now?
[Magne] Something's happened to my mother.
[gasps, panting]
Stay there.
Stay there.
Stay. Stay.
Don't do it.
Just leave me alone.
It's what I always come back to.
I let Signy down
and Isolde.
We're all afraid of letting down
the people we love.
That's just life,
but we still have to live it without fear.
What makes Thor
be Thor?
Is it just the hammer?
When you have these abilities,
you also have responsibilities.
Weren't you really ill?
Do you want to, maybe [clears throat]
By the way, your sister's in there.
It's brave of you to show up here.
My pass doesn't work anymore.
You can't push me around
now that you don't have your bodyguard.
And you don't work here.
Who was stupid enough
to get tricked by Laurits
and lost us the hammer?
I think you're the one
who lost the hammer.
I think you need me.
Because what you don't know
is that Magne and Wotan are gone.
And the Gods are unprotected.
[knocking at door]
I knew you two would work it out.
[door closes]
What do you suggest?
First we take the Gods,
and then we wait for Magne and Wotan.
Get rid of Magne once and for all.
[Little O chittering]
[Little O bellowing]
Is that you?
[Little O whining]
Are you hungry?
Mommy's here.
She'll be there as soon as she can.
[Kiwi grunts]
- Something wrong?
- You wouldn't understand.
You don't have kids.
Let's do this now.
This time we follow my plan.
And my orders.
And just to make it perfectly clear,
even though you are forgiven, Saxa,
we haven't forgotten the fact that
you are the reason that the Gods
for the third time
have the fucking hammer.
If this is going to work,
we have to hit fast.
We have one chance to do this,
so let's work together.
Let's go.
[Wotan] Before you go on
with your cowardly sneak attack,
we have a suggestion.
[Magne] We'll do it as it is written.
[footsteps approaching]
[Laurits] Wotan?
- Where are the others?
- Uh, upstairs.
You're not even keeping watch?
[blows whistle]
[Jens] Okay.
Oops. Here you go.
I'm sorry for the way
I've been acting lately.
I haven't been myself.
I've been a jerk.
I'm sorry.
And Laurits
Sorry, I understand why you gave
the hammer to the Giants.
So they could destroy it.
I haven't been worthy of using it.
I understand why you doubted me.
But I'm ready now.
So if you still want to follow me
I will lead.
Let us down again,
and I'll kill you.
[Wotan] If Magne lets us down,
we're all dead.
I won't let you down.
You're Batman. I'm Robin.
Yes. The Giants planned an attack on us,
but we predicted it,
so we managed to stop them.
[Magne] Yes. We have to do it properly.
So we challenged them to the final battle.
We all know how Ragnarok began back then.
Balder gets hit by an arrow and dies,
and then all hell breaks loose.
I can't be part of that. It's
[Harry] The battle is unavoidable.
[Iman] Exactly.
So what did you have in mind?
[Laurits] That we do
something different.
Fight in a different place?
The fight has already moved
to the warehouse.
Yeah, that's good.
It's close to the water.
We can use the serpent.
No, no, listen here.
We can't count the serpent as one of us.
The serpent is a chaos monster.
It's a Giant.
It will never attack its own kind.
I just can't accept that
war is the only option.
We keep talking about the Giants'
weapons from the old world
and that we have the mightiest
weapon in existence.
What if we just put down our weapons?
If you can choose life,
why do we have to choose death?
Yes, Magne, what do you say?
You are our leader.
So what's your choice?
Should we try to create lasting peace
or take up the battle?
We have to risk everything. That's war.
You have to fight
for the world you believe in.
And we fight.
It's early.
I heard that Ida liked
your last assignment
and wants you to send it in as an article.
That's so cool.
She said it was the best
Who knows how many
she says that to?
I don't think she'd say it
if she didn't mean it.
I think you should do it.
Can you promise me that?
Was that all you came to say?
[Laurits] The Edda Fjord
isn't big enough for you.
There comes a time when you, uh
when you leave your hometown.
And that goes for all people
and for big serpents.
You have to go out to the bigger ocean.
You have to
You need space.
You need space to frolic,
you need to explore deep.
Actually, I came here to apologize
for the way I behaved.
I've, uh,
been very confused about who I am.
But I know I haven't been myself.
Poor taste and style.
[Laurits] Do you remember
the time when I
when I held you in my arms and kissed you
and let you go into the fjord?
[Little O bellowing softly]
That moment, well
We'll always have that moment.
Me and you.
What I did to you
was the stupidest thing ever.
I have been such a huge idiot.
Take care of yourself, huh?
Take care of yourself.
[Little O bellowing]
[Little O chittering]
[blows whistle]
They are twice as many as us,
and they have the hammer.
We don't stand a chance.
[Saxa] Look at them.
They're pathetic.
They look like amateurs.
What are we waiting for?
It's not supposed to be like this.
You remember Ragnarok, right?
Loki led the army.
We have the serpent and the wolf.
And Vidar.
Do we attack?
We are going to die.
You're in the middle. You lead.
This isn't how it was written.
Screw the mythology.
I'll do it.
You don't stand a chance.
Not against the hammer.
So I'll do this.
Put your weapons down.
There is another way.
[chain clinking]
[breathing heavily]
[woman] They bid their weapons farewell
and agreed to put the fight behind them.
The Giants realized that
they had to choose between death
or a New World Order.
[ravens cawing]
Peace brought new times to the Giants.
For the first time ever,
a woman became the head of the company.
Maybe even Fjor realized
that there were other things
that meant more to him.
So you've signed away the company
and half the kingdom to Saxa?
Yeah. Who would have thought
that I am so progressive?
She always wanted it more than I did.
- What are you doing?
- You don't need this anymore.
And maybe I didn't really
want to date my boss.
But this guy, on the other hand
[upbeat music playing]
[Laurits] Yeah. Come on!
[door opens]
Oh, my God,
it's total mayhem in here.
Look, they're rearranged
the furniture and everything.
[Iman] Laurits, come!
It looks like they're having fun at least.
We should join them.
Come on. [laughs]
Here we come!
Hey, my boy!
Oh, it's good to see you.
[Erik] Hey, Magne!
Come on, honey. Come on!
Dance with me!
[woman] The balance of the world
had always been maintained
by the struggle between good and evil,
Gods and Giants.
Suddenly, the struggle stopped
and the balance was there.
But for the young God of Thunder,
there was still an imbalance
in the universe,
a battle that was yet to be fought.
So terrible.
The thing with the arrow.
Are you angry at the arrow?
It's nice.
It's going to fly.
You have a pretty unusual name.
Are you named after someone?
[thunder crashing]
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