Rake US (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Jury Tamperer

My husband hates you.
But you don't know Marcus.
He becomes very focused on anything that annoys him.
Your excuses may be infinite, but this court's patience is not.
I'm starting to think you don't like me, Harry.
I am here to make sure that you're held accountable.
- He's a tax attorney! - He is a great guy! What better way to get back at your enemy than to corrupt his favorite prostitute? Unless you haven't told him about your previous life.
Are you crazy? You're gonna bring your teacher here to your house to have sex? I'm just telling you that this isn't gonna end well.
I can't do it! - I can't do it.
- Do what? Be him! Can I have the-- Thank you, sorry.
There you go.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Great hat, sir.
Is that your mega yacht out there? - Who wants to know? - Russian.
What's the deal out there in the international waters when you get in the high seas? Are you running stuff? Listen, you can tell me.
I can't speak for the rest of these seamen, but I'm an attorney.
I'm on call.
Whatever this man just said, he does not represent the views of anyone but himself.
Any harm or injury he may cause is solely the responsibility of the individual.
You're almost fitting in with these pricks.
Trying to impress your new friends? None of these people have any idea who I am.
No wonder you're miserable.
I'm not miserable.
You didn't even look.
I told you, Kee, I don't have any idea how to make my dad's firm my own.
It's like some giant ship on autopilot.
I don't know how to turn it around.
Wield your power, Ben.
It's your firm.
Do whatever the hell you want.
Fire somebody.
Bang an assistant, preferably one of the female ones.
Just do something, all right? Those are really helpful suggestions, Kee.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
We like a little personal space here in the United States, preferably 18 inches.
Maybe you could step away from the young lady.
You bet ya.
Sorry about all that groping.
You okay? Wow.
I didn't even feel it.
No, it was more of a eye-grope, - but next, the hands start moving in-- - Yeah.
Okay, so the jury was deadlocked, and then what? You want to talk about this now? Well, I kind of have a thing for crime.
It's a bit of a fetish.
But if you're not into it, I can-- No, no, no.
I like crime a lot.
So you're in the jury room, and you're fighting about how that girl-- what was her name? It was something like Ally or something.
- Yeah.
About how she was able to get rid of KJ Sling's body after she killed him, - right? - Yeah.
Oh so you had this girl's life in your hands, right? Yeah.
And you had your doubts, didn't you? Oh, yeah.
So tell me.
You tell me, what made you convict? - It was the jury foreman.
- Oh - Yeah.
- Tell me more.
Well, he-- he said he had a cousin who-- who went out on some dates with the defendant.
And he said that she was some crazy-ass bitch.
This recording of one of the jurors from the KJ Sling trial will prove that they shared improper information during deliberations.
Now, I've said all along that my daughter, Ally Marks, was wrongfully convicted of this murder.
But instead of using this evidence to free her My God.
The DA's office is saying it's inadmissible because I obtained it illegally - She is sensational.
- Really? Sensational's the word? You realize this is the same Lucy Marks? She transformed herself so she could go undercover and save her innocent child, Leanne.
You're not a parent-- you wouldn't understand that sort of sacrifice.
She's not wearing a Halloween costume.
She got plastic surgery.
Joan of Arc cut her hair.
Lucy Marks did that and she starved herself.
Oh, so now she's Joan of Arc? You're ridiculous.
Let's get rid of these old photographs and focus on the new Lucy Marks and keeping her out of prison.
I will continue to fight for her release I think she's creepy.
Nah, I think she's an inspiration.
'Cause she got fake boobs? Because she got fake boobs for justice, Leanne.
Enormous difference.
These trumped-up charges against me are evidence of how our corrupt mayor and his DA henchmen are using the courts to persecute innocent citizens.
Well, Mr.
Mayor, throw me in jail, but release my daughter.
Who the hell decided to charge the mother? Does this mean that you're gonna be canceling our lunch date as usual, Marcus? Scarlet? It was one of our junior ADAs.
He acted without consulting anyone-- I finally stop getting hate mail for sending a poor little white girl to jail for a crime she didn't commit, and now I'm sending her mother too? Who's next-- the family dog? The jury did find her guilty.
Oh, so those 12 people should've gotten all that hate mail? - That's a comfort.
- Marcus, should I wait? Now, somebody better tell me how in the hell we fix this! We could drop the charges against her.
Oh, that's perfect-- then it'll look like I'm-- I'm giving in to public pressure.
No, your office needs to make this go away.
Who's defending the mother? Oh, dear God, no.
Tell me it isn't him.
Tell me she didn't hire that blinding, inbred, all-encompassing pain in my black ass.
Get the DA in my office right now and cancel my lunch.
That would be me.
Run my approval numbers.
Where am I if she's convicted? Where am I if she's acquitted? He did not.
So what did you do? You did not.
He did? Hang on, hang on.
Terence Hardy's coming back tomorrow, and one of his pipes is missing.
So get him a new one.
It was the one that belonged to sir Arthur.
How do you like this tie? Why don't you ask Lucy? She's in your office.
Go on.
Lucy Marks.
Hi, there.
Keegan Deane.
Absolute pleasure.
Let me say, I saw your press conference, and I was impressed.
Oh, no, I felt exactly the same about yours.
And I loved what you did with Greta Van Susteren.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I thought she purposely cast me in a negative light, both intellectually and with actual lighting.
No, you looked perfect.
Thank you.
I try to live a healthy lifestyle when I can.
What about you? Let's get back to you.
What can I do? Well, I'm sure it seems that having sex with a juror is a rather extreme way to fight for justice.
There's nothing I admire more than extremity.
Your diet and exercise regime alone must've been grueling.
It was worth every egg-white omelet to try and free Ally.
Well, we're gonna get you cleared.
Oh, I don't want to be cleared.
- I'm guilty, Mr.
- Well, that's not a problem.
I get guilty people acquitted all the time.
No, I'm not really sure you're following.
You see, when I found out about the jury impropriety, I had phone sex with Patrick Murphy, my daughter's juror, so that I could tape him saying it all over again.
I committed a crime so that I could be convicted.
So you want me to actually lose this case? I have spent nearly a year trying to get a proper appeal for Ally.
I am done playing by the rules, and that is why I hired you.
Mother and daughter wrongly behind bars-- this'd be national news.
And public pressure is gonna force the DA to dismiss those charges.
So, Mr.
Deane, I'm asking you, will you please help me make a mockery of the LA court system? I like the way your mind works.
I can hear the internet buzzing already.
Is that what that is? Will you throw my case? I'd be honored.
Well, I feel very good being in your capable hands.
Are you sure this is ethical? You mean losing the case on purpose? No, having sex with your client.
Oh, I have no ethics.
For such a principled woman, you're remarkably unprincipled.
Well, you should know.
- That's not mine.
- Mm-hmm.
No, really.
Wu downstairs-- she does my laundry.
I got to talk to her about what she's throwing in there with it.
Oh, God, dad! Hey! What the hell are you doing here, Finn? Shouldn't you be at school? With your teacher? - Um, I'm go-- - Yeah, okay.
What the hell are you doing? You can't just show up here and not call, especially if you're gonna have sex with your-- What's your name again? - Stacy.
- Stacy, nice to see you again.
This is not why I gave you a key.
I gave you a key so we could hang out.
Dude, you said that this was my man cave too, and you don't have any video games.
What do you think people do in man caves? They clean up after themselves.
That's one thing that they're supposed to do.
Oh, God! I knew you didn't end it.
Oh, my God, you followed me? Seriously, you know, you're so messed up.
Hey, hey! Don't speak to your mother like that! She did not follow you here! You bet your ass I followed him! Because instead of backing me up, his father lets him use his apartment to have sex with this old woman and lie to me about it.
Okay, she's not old, all right? She's mature.
Okay, you know what? I should leave.
Don't touch him! Do not touch one part of his body or I will call the police and tell them that you raped my child! Which is legally what you did! Yes, you can run, you skanky ho! You run! I will follow you! I will find where you live, and I will write "Pedophile" across your house! Hey, I know you're upset.
But let's not blow a schoolboy crush out of proportion.
Hey, it's not a crush.
We really love each other.
No, Finn, you don't.
I warned you about this, all right? You got to keep this thing physical, okay? - Or else you're gonna get hurt.
- That was your advice? Finn, we're going.
I'm not gonna go anywhere with you until you apologize for following me here.
I'm not apologizing because I'm not sorry! And you are grounded from everything except therapy, and that includes school.
Since when has he been going to therapy? You can't lock me back in your womb.
Do not walk down those stairs without me.
Hey, I'll call you-- call you later.
He'll be all right.
They all go through a rebellious stage-- even Ally.
And this is? - It's a friend of m-- - Client.
Client friend.
It's a miracle your son is only sleeping with his teacher.
- Hey! - Hey! What's wrong? Are the kids okay? Kids are great, and we have brings them home, which means the house is ours alone.
Did you have me leave work early for a quickie? You have a problem with that? Not at all.
- Wait.
- Oh, yeah.
You want me to go slower? - No, wait.
Hold on.
Hold on, hold on.
- What's wrong? Oh, sheesh.
Can we just not do it right here? This is where the kids play.
- Right.
Yeah, sure.
- It's kinda weird.
Uh, what about the floor? Yeah, floor works.
Let's do it.
Should we get that? Nah.
Nah, it's the mail.
- Okay.
- Ignore it.
Ow! Wait! - This is hurting my knee.
- Yeah, mine too.
- Let's just lay down.
- Okay.
- How's that? - That's better.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Whoa! Hey! - Hey! Ho! Don't stop on my account.
I was just gonna get something to drink.
Why are you using the floor? You got a-- you got a couch over there.
- Hey! - Sorry.
Keep going.
It looks like fun.
You're the one who said to leave work early to bang my wife.
Well, it's a great hypothetical, but in actual execution, it's a little, uh Where do we keep the bottle opener now? So your firm represents KJ Sling's record label? - Is that right? - K-boss records, yeah.
And the answer's no.
You don't want to help Lucy Marks free her innocent daughter? Oh, no, you're sleeping with Lucy Marks.
Now, that's just insulting, Ben.
I'm just asking you to poke around to see if someone other than Ally might have had a reason to kill KJ Sling.
So you can keep sleeping with your client? My brother, when has this ever ended well for you, Kee? Ben, Lucy Marks is a saint.
I'm not kidding.
Don't talk that way about her.
Her only crime is her dedication to her daughter.
And having sex with you.
- Did you get his key back? - Um, I'm working on it.
What are you gonna do if you get locked outside? I'm your emergency contact.
You're not gonna have anybody to get you back in, right? - Yes! - Oh! Oh! Whoa! Gosh.
Is Uncle Kee having dinner with us again? Yes, 'cause I'm an emergency contact, which is what we do-- we hang out.
And when there's an emergency, we're here.
Come on, guys.
Let's put your stuff away and get cleaned up for dinner.
What? I didn't see anything.
Oh, no, I was smiling about your case.
I think it's gonna be fun, now that the Mayor has asked to reassign it to Laura Davey.
You met her, right? Young, redhead, just out of law school? Yeah, she's really sweet.
I'm sure Judge Johnson will help her along.
He has a way of educating the youth about law and order.
Yeah, he is every prosecutor's wet dream.
But you don't have him.
You have Alexandra Cunningham.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
She's the most liberal judge in the county.
Your office is throwing the case.
Can you set the table? That's appalling, Scarlet.
It is no more appalling than you trying to throw the case.
That's different.
I'm not paid by the city to enforce the law.
Mm, complain all you want.
I'm just telling you as a friend.
The Mayor's never gonna let her go to jail.
We're gonna lose.
You want to bet? I don't want to take money you don't have.
Whatever you want, name it.
I'm gonna lose this case.
Nobody's got better loser moves than me.
Well, then let the best loser win.
Laura Davey.
They call her "The Cardigan.
" - Why? - She's a huge sweater.
Good morning, everyone.
Oh, please, remain seated.
I consider standing to be a remnant of a patriarchal society which has nothing to do with the rights we're here to protect.
All of us are equal under the law, so you may refer to me as "Ms.
Cunningham" or "Alex.
" This is bad for us, isn't it? Well, it's not ideal, but the jurors are the ones that need to find you guilty.
I'm gonna ask y'all something.
Where would any of us be without our mothers? Not here, that's for sure.
And I'm not just talking about giving birth.
I mean that there is nothing more powerful than a mother's love.
Mother's will go to extraordinary lengths to protect their babies.
They will lie.
They'll cheat.
They will illegally record phone conversations.
Why? That's what you want to know-- why? Because they're women, and women are not rational.
And it's not their fault.
It's nobody's-- it's not your fault.
It's not your fault.
It's a chemical thing in your brain.
That's a fact.
It's like a little land mine-- pss, pss, pss, pss.
It's not functioning properly.
And that process causes the emotions to kick in for you lady folk.
And the next thing you know, you're yelling and screaming at somebody for no reason at all.
And then you're crying, and you're emoting.
You, you, you, you, you, you, you.
And I'm not just talking about when you're on your period.
Okay, that is enough, Mr.
Chambers, now.
See what I mean? Your misogynistic rantings have alienated the jury.
It's unfair to your client.
I-I'm gonna have to declare a mistrial.
No, that's not necessary, Your Honor.
My client completely approves of my strategy, supports where I'm going with it.
Well, that is insane.
What kind of defense are you trying to mount? Well, I'd like to keep the, uh, specifics of that under wraps while the prosecution is here, if you women don't mind.
I'll confirm that is okay with your client, Mr.
But mark my words, while I allow certain personal liberties, if you turn my courtroom into a circus, I will refer you so fast to the state bar.
A referral won't be necessary.
They know me quite well.
However, it clearly stated there's a 21-year ceiling on this issue, so Excuse me, Robert? Can I speak with you for a minute? Why don't we all look at appendix number two? And I'll be right back.
Ben, it's always a treat to see you.
Is there a problem with the air-conditioning in your office again? No.
What's going on in there? Oh, no, there's nothing for you to worry about.
We're just closing the Hogan deal.
$2 million in revenue.
Jordan, nice work on the Sunrise Home contracts.
Listen, Robert, I'd like to take a look at the K-Boss records files.
Sure, just let me know what you need specifically.
I'll have an associate look into it for you.
I'd prefer to look into it myself.
Ben, you're probably not aware of just how much business we handle for K-Boss-- HR agreements, tax issues - Pardon me, gentlemen.
- artist contracts, not to mention their litigation.
Your father would not want you to waste your time looking through all that paperwork.
Well, my father's gone, so have someone deliver everything to my office.
And I'd like to see the details of the Hogan deal.
Thank you.
Hi, Gloria.
You didn't text me back.
Well, you sent me a bunch of dancing little pictures.
- They're fun? - Yeah, no, no, no.
They're-- No doubt about it, they're fun.
I just didn't know how to respond.
Listen, I've enjoyed our friendship but I'm actually-- I'm kind of newly involved with somebody very special.
And I'm involved with my husband.
It's perfect.
I'll text you later.
"Special"? That's sweet, but we're not involved.
Oh, I wasn't talking about you.
No, no, no, no.
I might have considered you special in the past, but that was before you started dating a man who uses his government position to steal money from hardworking folks like me.
You have not paid taxes in years, Kee.
What, he sent you over here to collect money from me? Typical of this guy.
Come on up.
- Sit.
- No, come on.
What? David asked how I knew you after he saw us talking the other night.
And because you're in a deep and meaningful relationship, you told him the truth, with all the lurid details.
I told him you were friends with my cousin Angus.
Angus? Seriously? It's a lie, Keegan.
The more specific they are, the more believable, - as I'm sure you know.
- Well, I wouldn't believe it, but hopefully David's a lot more trusting than I am.
He is.
So can you please just cover for me, if it happens to come up with him? - Maybe.
- Please? Let me catch up with you guys in a second, yeah? - Hey, nice try the other day.
- Yeah.
The feminist collective is still talking about your antics, - but we are going to lose.
- Is that right? I sent The Cardigan to happy hour with Mike Sammon - last night.
- You sent The Cardigan out with The Fish? - Uh-huh.
- How hammered did he get her? Gosh, I hope not at all.
I just asked him to make her feel like part of the team.
Hey, Benny.
You know your wife compromised the reputation of a young woman and possibly her ability to bear children, all so she could lose a case? - Get ready to pay up.
- That's why I keep her on my side.
Hey, listen, I think I found something for you in the K-Boss records files.
CEO's secretary, Brenda Nuzzi-- she got a pretty big severance package two days before Sling's murder.
Hush money to cover up for somebody at the company that killed Sling, right? I'm thinking maybe her boss.
He passed away a few months ago, so she may not need to stay hushed.
All right, that's brilliant, Benny.
That's great.
Give me the information.
- I'll get in touch with her.
- I got it covered, pal.
No, no, no, you've done enough.
I'll take it from here.
- I got a way with people.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I know your way with people.
I got this.
Let me do it.
Just give me the information.
And I'm the boss, remember? You're the boss.
Yes, I understood that taping my conversations with Patrick Murphy was indeed a violation of the wiretap statute.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Could you please back away from the microphone? The sound is just overpowering.
What are you objecting to? I don't want her to move away from the microphone.
I want the jury to be able to hear my client's confession.
I'll assume you mean "cross-examination," Mr.
Yes, Alex.
Thank you for that.
Continue, Counselor.
So, Ms.
Marks, you understood when you taped the conversation between yourself and the-- the j-juror in your daughter's case that you were committing a felony? Yes.
And I also understood that I could receive up to seven years in prison for it.
I have no further questions.
All right, back up.
You were brilliant.
I mean, an inspiration.
That level of dedication and focus-- - it was incredible! - It was your objection that nailed it.
The jury-- they couldn't even look at us - when we were walking out of there.
- No, I don't think so.
As much as I hate to interrupt this mutual-admiration society, you have another legal matter to attend to.
I mean, the way you said, "Seven years.
" "Seven years!" I'll do that.
Your Honor, it would be a lot easier if we could have some honesty from Mr.
Deane regarding his fraudulent tax documentation.
That would be refreshing.
Honestly, Your Honor, the pressure of Mr.
Potter's harassment has put me under extreme emotional duress.
- I have a note.
I have a doctor's note.
- A doctor's note? This isn't high-school gym class, Your Honor.
Right here, right here.
My MD states the strain of this IRS witch hunt could permanently compromise my mental health.
He goes on to say that Your Honor should suspend the proceedings until a full psychological evaluation can be performed.
Denied, Mr.
I've had to listen to your stories of floods and Bulgarians.
One more lame excuse, and my mental health will be permanently compromised.
Your Honor, the government requests a garnishment of Mr.
Deane's wages - at the highest rate possible.
- Granted.
Starting today, Mr.
Deane, your wages will be garnished at a rate of 70%.
Now get out of my courtroom.
What is it, Deane? You come in here to give me a swirly? I'm sure you got plenty of those in high-school gym glass Well deserved.
- Whoa, can I help you? - Nope.
How are things with you and Mikhaela? Well, that's none of your business.
But they're, uh, terrific, actually.
Don't act like you got some big secret, okay? I know that you know her cousin.
Oh, yes Angus.
Well you know the whole thing's a lot more complicated than that? Well, everything is complicated.
- Yep.
- Yep.
Do you have something you'd like to tell me about my girlfriend? She doesn't love to walk, but it's good for her to get out and look at the people.
As I said on the phone, Ms.
Nuzzi, the HR files show you got a large severance package before you left K-Boss records.
So I wanted to make sure you understood those tax implications.
Well, Mr.
Bianchi said he would take care of all of that.
God rest his soul.
Well, I'm sorry to hear he passed away.
Your contract said you only worked as his secretary for a couple of years, but you were obviously close.
Oh, he was a good man.
Well, he really tried to be.
Then he's probably in Heaven looking down on us right now I mean, as long as he confessed his sins before that fateful day.
If you're worried he didn't confess before the Lord took him, you could still confess for him.
I can see this is upsetting for you, but Mr.
Bianchi's gone.
All you can do now is what feels right for you.
I thought you wanted to talk about taxes.
I have to go.
There you go, friend.
Wait! Wait! He's not getting out here! Yeah, I am getting out.
- What are you talking about? - Wait.
Is Finn here? Did you take his phone away? I did.
I'm monitoring all of his communication.
- Hey, go.
- No! He's getting back in.
I know you're angry with me, okay? But I'm his father.
I need to communicate with him.
- Go! - You're not seeing Finn.
Don't go.
He's a teenage boy.
He'll do anything to impress his father.
He slept with his teacher so you would think he was cool.
I told him not to fall in love with her.
That's not how your son operates.
Sex means something to him, so do words.
So take your narcissistic borderline personality disorder and get back in the cab.
I won't let him turn into you.
Take him anywhere he wants to go.
Come on.
Give me the cash.
I'll walk.
All right, you have a good day.
All right, Ms.
Hi, there.
We meet again.
That kid your next victim? Last time I saw you, you had come over to my apartment to have sex with my son.
Okay, you know, we shouldn't talk about this on school grounds, so Well, then you shouldn't have affairs with your students.
I'm-- I'm confused.
Finn said that you were okay with us.
Well, I understand a teenage boy's hormonal urges.
What I'm not okay with is you luring him into this whole emotional thing.
People often develop feelings for each other when they're physically intimate, Mr.
Is that right? I could get very intimate with you, Stacy, and not feel anything at all.
But Finn's different than me.
He has a heart.
And I'm not gonna let you break it, okay? Unless you want to spend the next 15 years waiting in line for tampons at a California correctional institute for women, stay away from my son.
Hey! You heading east, on the 10? Yeah? Hold on.
You should have told me, Mikhaela.
Told you what? I don't want to hear things about you from people like Deane.
You-- you know that he embellishes, right? I mean, you said so yourself, right? He flat out makes things up in court.
Like the-- the-- that the tax forms were water damaged - or something, right? - He said you'd deny it.
No, I'm not denying anything.
I'm just-- I'm just saying it's probably not the truth What-- whatever it is.
I-- He told me about your affair with Angus.
That was complicated.
Baby if your cousin forced you in any way, you can tell me.
It wouldn't change a thing.
You were only a child.
Child? Is that what Keegan said? He said you were 16 and Angus was 35 when you ran off to Paris and tore your family apart.
You could have shared that with me.
Oh, baby, I'm sorry.
It's just so hard to talk about.
Now I get why you're so guarded.
After what you've been through, of course you have trust issues.
What else did Keegan say about what I've been through? He said you were working as a princess at a European theme park when Angus left you and then the train.
Right, yeah, the train.
And that whole Poland thing with the old man in the basement.
How do you-- how do you do that thing? What? That thing at the end? No, at the middle.
Yes, everything.
Oh I studied in Thailand.
Yeah there's a lot I could learn from from you.
I mean, not-- not just the Thai stuff, but the parenting thing-- how do you do that? I just do whatever it takes to make it right for my kid.
Kee, you home? Oh, hey.
You are.
Oh-- that's cool.
I'll just wait outside.
Who doesn't have a key to your apartment? Oh, God.
Here, stay here.
What the hell are you doing out here? Ally Marks is guilty.
The secretary didn't want to talk, so I waited outside her church for two hours.
It took a few hail marys, but she finally cracked and told me Ally was sleeping with K-Boss's ceo, Matt Bianchi, while she was dating Sling.
The girl likes a little variety, Ben, okay? It doesn't make her a murderer.
Ally was worried that Sling was gonna kill them, so she killed him first.
She called Bianchi to help move the body.
The secretary overheard it all.
I have her statement and Ally's phone records.
Okay, okay, we got the statement here from the hush-money-taking, eavesdropping secretary.
She took the severance because she thought Bianchi was a good guy before he got involved with Ally.
Her Catholic guilt's been eating her up inside - ever since.
- And this religious fervor of hers, this hallelujah moment hits right when Lucy Marks is about to go to trial? - I'm not buying it.
- Kee, stop.
The daughter's guilty, and your client probably knows it.
Don't let your feelings for her-- - You don't know her.
- I don't, but I know you.
And I don't want to see you getting hurt or doing anything stupid.
I mean more stupid than usual! Everything okay? - This is it.
- Raise your right hand Pink's gonna look perfect when they send me behind bars, don't you think? I do.
So you had sexual relations with my client, both in person and on the phone, right, Mr.
Murphy? Yeah.
But, uh, when I found out why she got me to do it with her, I felt violated.
Violated? That's a powerful word.
It was a very upsetting experience.
But this upsetting experience was then sold by you to an online publication-- I think a tabloid-- for, what, $10,000? Uh, work's been slow.
And all I did was tell 'em the truth.
Did you tell 'em that you also had dinner with Ms.
Marks and that she paid? It was a little Thai place on Sunset.
It was good, but-- but it's not like it was expensive.
I didn't even order that much.
But you enjoyed it, the same way you enjoyed her bed.
You enjoyed it, correct? What is he doing? Oh, I never have any idea.
Did you enjoy it, sir? Should the jury take your quiet and your general discomfort here as a "Yes" or a "No," in terms of whether or not you enjoyed it? Did you enjoy it, sir? I guess it was just part of her plan to manipulate me.
So, just to recap, her plan to manipulate him got him $10,000, dinner for two, and a fabulous night of sex.
Where do the rest of us sign up for that kind of manipulation? Objection! I'd like to get me some of that, right? Maybe you're the one who manipulated her! - Objection! - Did you manipulate her? Okay! Okay, that's it! Did you manipulate my client? I said, "That's it!" This is different than Court TV.
I know I keep the rules loose, but a defendant isn't allowed to object, especially to her own attorney.
So let's all take a break.
Yes, let's.
What the hell was that? You made it look like he was manipulating me.
Is that what I did? You're gonna go back in there, and you're going to force him to say that I illegally taped him.
That's not gonna happen, Lucy.
Oh, yes, it is, because I hired you to lose, and you are not going to screw this up for me and Ally.
Actually, Ally already screwed it up when she killed KJ Sling, but I think you already knew that.
What are you implying? I'm not implying anything.
This is just a statement of fact.
Your daughter called you every single day, including the day that Sling was killed.
I've seen the phone records.
She called you right before she called Matt Bianchi.
And from my brief dalliance with your deviant mind, I'm guessing that the idea of moving the body was yours.
Oh, you better shut your mouth, mister.
Listen, I admire it-- the hair the breasts, everything, clothes.
It was quite a makeover.
In fact, you even found the perfect juror to manipulate.
You thought you'd found the perfect attorney too, right? I am doing this for my daughter.
I know, but not because she's innocent.
You're doing this because you don't want your little girl to have to pay the price, and that is some seriously over-involved parenting, don't you think? Go ahead.
Cross me.
You'll see exactly what I'm made of.
I already know.
You raised a murderer.
You walk out on me, and I'm gonna make your life such a living hell.
You'll have to get in line for that.
I told you not to do your client.
I'm an idiot.
You looking for a second on that? - Sure.
- I second.
I was really falling for her, Ben.
I know.
I never do that.
You do it a lot, Kee.
Always with the guilty ones.
I must like the element of danger.
At least you figured this one out before you got hurt too deep.
- I got you to thank for that.
- Nah.
- Nah, you were good.
- Thanks.
You were good! - We ought to team up more often.
- Absolutely.
Come work at the firm.
I've seriously been thinking about it.
Well, stop thinking about it.
I'm gonna go punch the clock at some tight-ass law firm? - I'd be dead in a week, and you know it.
- Fine.
I'm gonna go bang my wife.
Really? Hey, you're-- you're leaving me for her? No one let this guy fall in love.
Press conference, joining them in progress.
I want to thank you all so much for coming.
And I really hope that my next press conference is me announcing that my daughter, Ally Marks, - has been released from prison.
- Hey, turn that up a little.
Judge Cunningham has judiciously declared a mistrial, due to my former attorney Keegan Deane's malpractice.
When I was at my most vulnerable he manipulated me for his own sexual pleasure.
I have no ethics or ethical issues.
It's not like I'm forcing you.
There was more to that conversation I got a ball gag around here somewhere.
You'd go crazy over that, right? That's out of context.
You know what bad girls get, don't you? Lucy, you know what That's out of context.
My new attorney and I both agree that I have no choice but to bring this to the ethics committee at the state bar.
Now, I'm quite certain I am not the first person that Mr.
Deane has taken advantage of, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that-- Marcus, have you seen my phone? Who's ass is cute? That's my personal property.
"My husband thinks you're a pain in the ass.
I think your ass is pretty cute.
" You're the one that sneaks out to the office every night.
I saw the hickey, Marcus.
I know you've been having an affair.
Who's ass is cute? Keegan Deane.
It was just a kiss.
But I needed it.
If it was anyone else, I could understand.
But Keegan Deane, Gloria? - Keegan Deane! - You don't even care about the kiss.
It's all about your ego, as usual.
Do you even want this marriage, Marcus? I'm sorry, baby.
You're right.
It's my fault you feel neglected.
But that man preys on vulnerable women.
He did the same thing to one of his clients.
She just gave a press conference about it.
He used her for sex.
I promise you I'll never let him hurt you again.
- Hey, Finny.
- Stacy dumped me.
Congratulations, dad.
Mission accomplished.
I know that it was you who talked to her.
What? No.
H-h-hold on.
Screw you, dad.
Man, were you right about this not ending well.
Oh, God.