Ransom (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

The Return

1 (Police sirens wail) (Church bells toll) Swat Captain: Go! Secure the exits! Go! The perimeter (Sirens wail) (Reading) Pete tibi signum a Domino Deo tuoin profundum inferni sive in excelsum supra Trudy (Sniffles) (Hostages whimper) (Gun racks) I said don't move.
Back against the wall.
- (Hostage whimpers) - Go! (Low hum of chatter, traffic rumbles) (Footsteps clank) (Elevator dings) Maxine Carlson for Eric Beaumont.
I don't see your name here, Ms.
What time was your appointment? That's odd.
Are you sure? Ms.
Carlson has no appointment.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Didn't you get my message.
I did.
Thing is, it didn't make sense.
First you tell me that I'm perfect for the job then I don't even get an interview.
Yeah, well, that's the way it goes sometimes.
Wha Who else can I talk to about this? I actually do the vetting.
You were vetted.
Now you're post-vetted.
What if Mr.
Beaumont disagrees? Appealing to fear of a higher authority.
It's a textbook tactic.
Here's the thing though.
We left the textbooks behind a longtime ago.
Have a good day, Ms.
Female reporter: Here's what we know so far: A man armed and wired with explosives entered Sainte Marie Evangelican Church And took 14 hostages.
Police say he is demanding divine intervention to save his critically ill wife.
An expert negotiator has been called in and police are asking the public to stay clear of the area Captain: Move! Move! Move! (Heavy footsteps thud) (Door squeaks open) Move! Move! Move! Are you listening to me? You seeing this?! (Scared gasps) You save her you save Trudy or I'll start killing them! I swear I will! I'm listening.
Keep the change.
Police Officer: We have to get these people back over there! - Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Police: Stay back please! Crisis Resolution.
I work for Eric Beaumont.
(Helicopter rotors beat) (Gate opens) (Police sirens wail) (Footsteps clunk) (Low hum of chatter) (Helicopter rotors beat) (Elevator dings) Hold the elevator! (Elevator dings) (Elevator dings) (Low hum of chatter) Thank you Police: The sniper's there now.
take her for ransom.
The Archbishops plane is still in the air.
We're trying to reach him.
(Low hum of chatter) Captain Charloix: Expand the AO another Bernard: You got to listen to me Eric.
He is killing my wife! Trudy was never sick a day in her life! If God kills her, I'll show Him that I can kill too.
- (Gunshot pops) - (Hostages scream) Red team hold your position.
This has gone on long enough, Eric.
You want those hostages out of there alive, Captain, let me do my job.
What about the wife? Still in surgery.
Window at the back.
From the rooftop behind.
We finally have a clear shot.
How does it look for the LCC? Police Officer: Looking good captain.
We need a decision, Eric.
(Sound fades out) (Sound fades back in) Expand the AO another 500 meters.
What are you going to do? Bear with me, Captain.
Bernard, it's Eric.
- (Mumbling in Latin) - Bernard! When I get the Archbishop on the phone, What do you want me to ask him? In excelsum supra, (Continues speaking Latin) What's he saying? Something of the Lord, your God Ask a sign.
"Ask a sign of the Lord your God.
" Book of Isaiah I think.
Somebody's been to Sunday school.
We can take the shot now.
And if you miss, what happens to those hostages? What are you doing? He wants a sign.
Let's give him one.
(Phone rings) Hi sweetie.
What's up? Stephanie is inviting me for friend's weekend at her cottage, but Mom's saying no.
Well, you want something, you've got to give something.
I know How about you offer to take that math course this summer? Might as well gouge my eyes out.
Make the concession.
Tell her that you'll do the course Even if she still says no.
Take a risk.
And then you get the weekend.
Is he doing what I think he's doing? You're the best, Dad.
That's my girl.
Love you.
(Knocks) Bernard? It's Eric.
(Door creaks open) Stay away! Red team is standing by.
Sniper is set.
I know you're looking for guidance, Bernard.
Me too.
Maybe we can help each other.
(Into hidden mic) Take your shot ten seconds on my mark Finally.
Ten seconds, on his mark.
I thought he never uses violence.
Who are you, by the way? I've come unarmed.
Just like Jesus into the temple.
Trudy prayed with these people, Bernard.
You don't want to hurt them.
I don't think you want to hurt anybody.
You just you just want to save your wife.
Stay back.
(Book thuds) Hostages: (Frightened whimpers) I'll do it.
(Over radio) Wait for his mark.
I believed in Him my whole life.
And he does this to my wife? God thinks you doubt him, Bernard.
He's testing you.
(Hostages whimper) (Into hidden mic) Mark.
Ten Who's Mark? Nine - The book of Mark, Chapter 11.
- Eight "He who does not doubt in his heart, it will be done for him.
" You want God to help to you? You need to get on your knees.
And show Him that you believe.
Four Three Do it now, Bernard.
- Two One.
- On your knees! Fire! (Gunshot pops, glass shatters) (Hostages scream) (Relieved breaths) (Hostages whimpering) It's a sign.
You submitted, and God saved you.
(Hostages whimpering) (Weeps) Take off the vest I'll hold your gun.
(Weeps) Well, I'll be damned.
Tactical, move in and do a sweep.
Let's get those people out of there.
(Police siren wails) (Low hum of chatter) Good job.
What's next? Insurance executive blackmailed in Philly.
Criminal past.
Get Saunders on that.
- What else? - Here's something.
A couple in Denver, just received a five million ransom demand to get their son back.
And? The boy disappeared eight years ago.
Beaumont! My name is Maxine Carlson.
I was short-listed for a job with your company until Oliver Yates rejected me.
That's what you're doing here? If Oliver rejected you, that's the end of it.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Sir, please I just graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern.
I've had job offers from law firms, investment bankers, tech startups Congratulations.
What you just did back there, Mr.
That's all I've ever wanted to do.
That's it? That's your pitch? Get in.
Really? She knows Latin.
(Doors slam) (Birds chirp) I was at class.
Vince was home.
I stepped out to take a call Reception was always crappy in that house.
It was five minutes.
When I came back he was gone.
And this was eight years ago? And you never received any ransom demand? - - Nothing.
Until last night when Vince got home that photo was taped to the garage.
They say it's him.
It is him He'd be 11 now.
(Door opens) (Door shuts) Mr.
and Mrs.
Miller, This is Oliver Yates, our psychological profiler.
I'm just gonna set up in there, if that's okay? So how does this work? Eric does the negotiating.
I deal with law enforcement and handle security assessments.
So, you're, what? A cop? I used to be.
Who's she? I'm new.
(Light thuds) (Approaching footsteps) I should explain What's to explain? You said you'd go over my head and then you went over my head.
You'll like me once you get to know me.
(Locks clank) (Sighs) Yeah.
That's the thing.
I do know you.
I know exactly who you are.
Zara: It's been eight years.
Any idea why the kidnappers would only get in touch now? Vince: It was all over the press.
We had a software company.
We sold it for $23 million.
Right, search optimization.
That was five years ago.
Look, Beth got your number from a private investigator, but I-I still don't get it.
Why do we need a negotiator? We could just call the police.
Because they said "no police" It's a good question, Mr.
And the decision is yours, of course.
But police priorities are split.
As well as recovering the missing person, they have to catch the kidnappers.
What you just let criminals walk away? Vince! We focus on saving lives, Mr.
(Phone rings) Oliver: Unknown number! It's a burner phone.
(Phone continues to ring) Contact.
Who is this? A friend of the Millers.
I said no police.
I'm not the police, but I am kind of curious, why now? I mean, eight years is a long time.
So what? His parents don't want him no more? I know they'd like to talk to him.
They're gonna need some sort form of proof that you really have him.
And that he's okay.
You have a picture.
That's not proof.
We need DNA.
Then there's no deal.
(Phone hangs up) What the hell kind of negotiating tactic is that? Force position.
Again with the textbooks.
An aggressive move to impose a view on the adverse party.
Normally used in situations where the negotiator has the upper hand.
We have the upper hand? You will when he calls back.
Accent sounded Mediterranean, maybe Greek.
Oliver? No latency, he's not looking for approval.
He sounded calm but it forced.
Maybe impulse control issues.
Come on, you heard what he said.
There's not even any proof that they have a boy.
Not yet.
- (Spectators) Come on! - (Clapping) Yeah! Kylie, over here.
That's it! Atta boy! Looking good! Boy: Sammy come on, we're gonna be late.
(Low hum of chatter) (Car whooshes by) - Liam, we gotta go, come on! - Okay.
(Doors click open) (Slams shut, lock clicks) - (Banging on window) - Help! Help! - (Engine turns) - Help me! (Approaching footsteps) Professional negotiator.
Never heard that one before.
Well, Most people haven't.
Until they need one.
You're an expensive option.
I won't ask more than you can afford.
And if I don't get your son back, you don't pay.
You don't use the pool so much? Pump broke.
I didn't see much point in fixing it.
- Listen, Mr.
Beaumont - Eric.
I don't mean to be rude, but you gotta understand You lost your son once.
I don't imagine you wanna go through that again.
Beaumont? He's calling back! This is Eric.
Gas station, Route 6, east of Golden.
One hour.
Oliver, Zara, you're holding the fort.
Maxine, you're with me.
(Door opens) (Phone game music plays) What are you doing Vlaka?! That thing have Internet, GPS.
(Speaks Greek) Throw away! Get rid of minivan too! (Keys jingle) (Mumbles) (Yelling in Greek) Come on.
Go! Go! Come on.
(Speaks Greek) Why can't he talk? Because my brother have no tongue.
Our father He cut it out.
I want to call my Mom and Dad.
(Car rumbles) Why for you do that? That house, is no fun for you.
They made you go to church everyday.
Too much Church, no good.
Plus, they lie to you your whole life.
Your real parents, they're not dead.
But you smart? You figure out, yeah? They're alive, right? That's why we bring you here.
To help them, to get you back.
And for money.
(Chuckles) Smart.
Smart boy.
(Speaks Greek) Come here.
Come here! (Light thud) (Thunder cracks, rain patters heavily) So what else should I know about you, Ms.
Carlson? Other than your impressive GPA, that is.
I always wanted to do this.
So you said.
You didn't say why.
That guy in the church.
How did you know it would work? What someone wants and what someone needs are often two different things.
And that man wanted to save his wife.
What he needed was his faith restored.
And if you were wrong (Rain patters) - Is that him? - Yup.
He's probably armed, right? Probably.
But you're not? No.
It's kind of hard to build trust carrying a gun.
So he could just shoot you.
Yeah, he could.
Stay here.
(Rain patters heavily) (Door shuts) Do you have the proof? The proof.
(Wipers whir) (Door shuts) What? You didn't hear me? We had an agreement! (Maxine screams) (Mumbled Shout) I'm not a cop.
(Mumbled Shout) - (Punching thud) - Agh! Here is your DNA You have 24 hours.
(Yells in Greek) Are you okay? I told you to stay in the car.
(Car doors shut and engine turns) Aren't you even curious why I rejected her application? Not really.
Why not? Because Eric knows what he's doing.
You know, Eric's never gone against my recommendation before.
Not once.
I think it's strange.
Were you a solid hire when Eric found you? Was I? Your loyalty is pathological.
Oh do not shrink me, Oliver.
You're the one who's obsessing.
(Approaching footsteps) Two men, faces obscured.
Late 40s, early 50s.
One of them is armed and violent.
He's running the show.
The other just does what he's told.
He swore.
Definitely Greek.
How long to confirm? 36 hours, if I pull a favor.
He said we have 24 hours.
I'll see what I can do.
There was no deadline when he left that photo last night.
Suddenly he's in a hurry.
Why? (Phone game music) (Mumbled invitation) No.
Press this button.
Scroll around here.
(Approaching engine rumbles) Hold on this harder and it will shoot harder.
(Chuckles) (Door shuts) (Crow caws) (Door rattles) (Sounds from the game) Hey Vlaka, I say to throw away! (Phone thuds) (Loud stomps, glass breaks) You know what they will do to us, hm? Why don't you listen to me? (Mumbled cries) (Landing thud) (Shouting in Greek) - (Hard punch) - Agh! (Shouting in Greek) when you don't listen to me you see what you make me do? (Landing thud) (Kicking thud) Eh? (Numbers dialing) (Phone ringing) (Phone rings) This is Eric.
(Whispering) He's hurting him Jason? Who? Who's he hurting? His brother.
(Punching thud) We were just playing Netbuster.
Are you all right, buddy? I'm okay.
- What's your name? - Samuel.
We're going to get you back.
You're going to be safe.
It's your fault.
You don't listen.
Can you tell me where you are? (Approaching footsteps crunch) Brave boy.
He said they were brothers.
He was playing a game with one of them.
Yeah, soccer game for a handheld console.
My kid plays it all the time.
What are we missing here? Can you bring up that photo? The one they left with the ransom demand.
Underneath the windbreaker.
Burgundy and white.
Team colors.
We find the school with those colors.
We find where the boy has been all these years.
And maybe why no one's recently reported him missing.
I'm on my way.
I'll come with you.
It's time to start gathering the ransom money, Mr.
What? I-I'm sorry, we're not paying anything until we know for sure that this is Jason.
They have a child, don't they? I mean, even if it isn't Jason, we could still save a little boy's life! Okay, look, Beth? Okay.
I've had it with this.
I'm calling the cops.
- No police.
- Beth! No! They said they'd kill him! (Sighs) Now, you make that call, and I will never forgive you.
You need to tell your wife, Mr.
Tell her what? The broken pool, the pile of credit card statements, She's going to find out soon enough.
Beth Don't you dare tell me that I am crazy, or that I'm grieving, or that I'm holding onto a ghost.
It's not that.
There's no money.
What what do you mean, there's no money? I lost it.
All of it? It wasn't all at once.
The more I put in, the more I lost.
And before you know it (Emotional) How could you do that? How could you do that? I lost our son And then I lost the money If I lose you too I just (Crying) (Birds chirp) (Footsteps crunch) You want to tell me something? (Phone rings) I know you talked to the boy.
You pay or we kill him.
Hold on.
We need to confirm the DNA.
No! No more waiting! Listen I know you've been through a lot of trouble.
We need time to get the money.
Hey, my friend, Five million dollars or I send you his heart! (Hangs up) How much money can you put together, Mr.
Miller? Not anywhere near $5 million.
How much? Um well, we still have some IRAs, and a a line of credit.
M-maybe 700 thousand Go to the bank.
(Low hum of chatter) (Door open and shut) But the office is back this way.
We waltz in there and ask about a missing boy.
What happens next? They call the cops.
Ah! there it is.
That's what we need.
We're looking for a kid who plays soccer, Name's Samuel.
There! Back row.
Samuel Brett.
Samuel Brett Nope.
No address listed here.
Can I help you? Visitors have to sign at the office.
You don't recognize this man? This is Rivaldo Messi.
World's greatest soccer player.
Messi's is in Denver playing an exhibition game.
And he received the sweetest fan mail letter from a little boy here who really wants to meet him.
Tell her how moved you were when you read it.
Uh Ola Come on.
You were in tears.
Sim sim How you say many tears Who is the student? Samuel Brett.
Ah yes.
He's on the varsity team.
Samuel is marked as absent today.
Oh, that's a shame.
We came all this way.
- Hmmm.
- Okay, thank you.
You wouldn't happen to have his home address, would you? The Brett's house should be on the left.
(Car rumbles) This is it.
Pretty quick on your feet back there.
I say what I have to say.
Me, too.
Look Once this is all over, you know I have to tell him who you are, right? I get why you want to be here I get it.
But it's my job to protect Eric.
I don't pose any threat to Mr.
Beaumont Emotions are a threat.
And let's be honest Maxine.
You bring a lot of emotions.
I've dealt with my mother's death, Oliver.
I appreciate that, but I can't let you anywhere near him.
(Door shuts) Maxine: (Exasperated sigh) (Door slams) (Door bell rings) (Footropes thud) (Knocks) (Knocking) It's open.
Hey! (Door creaks open) Hello?! Anybody home? (Footsteps thud lightly) Mom and Dad.
They look like a couple of nice folks.
So why haven't you reported him missing? (Footsteps thud lightly) Someone left in a hurry No password protection.
(Keys clack) Well, they left some files behind.
Could make for some interesting reading.
- (Meow) - Copy this, then we'll get out of here.
(Footsteps thud lightly) (Door opens) (Screeching meow!) (Footsteps thud lightly) (Flies buzzing) Oliver! Mr.
and Mrs.
Brett, I presume.
They killed them? It appears so.
We've need to call the police! That's your decision, Mr.
and Mrs.
But I would strongly advise against that.
Why? So they don't kill the boy.
I don't understand.
You pay a kidnapper, he releases his victim.
A killer can't afford to leave witnesses.
But by that logic, they're going to kill him no matter what we do.
They might.
But I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.
(Maxine clears her throat) The files are up.
So, the Bretts got Samuel through an agency trafficking infants abducted in the U.
Now The FBI almost busted them four years ago, but some of the fencers vanished, including two brothers, involved in at least three other abductions.
I'm going to take a wild guess Yannick and Niko Kalvos.
And The Bretts didn't know it was illegal.
Oh, they knew.
How do you know that? My guess is the boy discovered the Bretts weren't his real parents, he contacted the bogus agency who alerted the kidnappers, the kidnappers panicked, killed the Bretts, and then decided to ransom the boy back to the Millers.
DNA report's in.
He's your son.
(Phone rings) This is Eric.
Have you confirmed the DNA? We have.
Now I want my money.
Five million.
Well, there's a problem.
The Millers don't have it.
(Chuckles) You're lying! I wish I was.
But they're broke.
Hey, hey my friend.
Do you think that I won't kill him?! I know you will.
Believe me, I want to give you what you want, so we can get the boy, safe and sound.
(Fire crackles) How much do they have? $700,000.
That's not enough! No! I told you.
Five million.
We know you killed the Bretts, Yannick.
What's that sound you hear? I don't hear anything.
I haven't called the police, who would be all over you by now.
$700,000 and you and your brother walk away.
But you need to bring the boy to us.
Do you think that you can play with me, eh?! You think I won't track you down? I would do it.
I would do it just because.
I will kill you in your sleep JUST BECAUSE! $700,000 is all there is.
If you insist on more then this is over and we all leave.
We all go home.
It's over.
It's done.
(Fire crackles) Falcon Creek Mall.
Parking structure.
Top level.
1 AM.
(Phone beeps off) What do we do now? Get your son back.
(Screech to a halt) (Engine shuts off) We got company.
Let's go.
(Seatbelts click) (Sirens wail in the distance) (Doors shut) - (Dials phone) - (Speaks Greek) (Door opens) (Door shuts) Eric.
Give him the money.
As soon as you give us the boy.
I have the boy.
He's here with me.
Well, I need to see him.
(Door opens) You okay, Samuel? You'll be all right, pal.
Now you give him the money.
Phone's going into the pocket.
You like the boy, don't you? You played that soccer game with him.
That's why you and your brother were fighting.
You don't want him to get hurt like he hurt you.
Don't look at him, look at me.
He killed the Bretts, Niko.
He didn't tell you, did he? He hasn't told you he's gonna kill the boy, too.
Just as soon as we give you the money.
Go ahead.
Take a look inside.
It's all there.
$700,000 just as we promised.
Now you can walk away.
Or you can use that to save the boy.
Niko! Listen to me.
It's time to stand up to him.
Go ahead.
(Receding footsteps) (Yells in Greek) (Money rustles) (Mumbled Greek) Hey (Spray hisses) Ahhhhhh! Go! (Engine roars, tires screech) (Gunshot pops) Oof! (landing thud) (Tires screech) (Punching thud) Come on! (Fighting grunts) It's okay.
(Fighting grunts) (Thuds, grunts) Ahhhh! - (Forced exhale) - (Groans) (Car rumbles) Jason! (Crying) I mean Samuel.
Social Worker: We're going to need some time with your son, there's a legal process, lots to get in order before we can get him back to you.
(Siren chirps) You did good.
Case is over.
Time to tell him.
(Ahem) Mr.
Beaumont? There's something I should have said up front.
The reason Oliver rejected my application is because I know who you are, Ms.
Why didn't you say anything? I left that ball in your court.
A negotiation? There you go.
Oliver thought I would come with too much emotion.
Oliver may be right.
He usually is.
Usually? I'm confused.
Why would you hire me if you knew who my mother was? The question isn't why I hired you.
It's why you'd want to work for the man who got her killed?