Ransom (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Grand Slam

1 Announcer: Let's give a big welcome to the Bourbons new second baseman Jaquan Lewis, whose journey to the major league began right here on this field.
Hey, rookie! Let's show 'em how it's done.
You got it, ace.
Strike! Hey, man.
I said let's show them how it's done.
Whoo! That's what I'm talkin' about.
All right.
Reporter: Proof of the city of Louisville's big heart hundreds of people lining up for days now in support of Bourbons rookie second baseman Jaquan Lewis, in dire need of a bone-marrow transplant after being diagnosed last week with a rare form of leukemia.
Let's talk to some of these fans and see why they're here.
The Bourbons need Jaquan.
Get well soon, Jaquan! We love you! All right, let's find some more people in here.
This team is like family, and you do anything for your family.
You're going to drive yourself crazy watching that, Ma.
All of those people, baby.
One of them's got to be a match.
[Knock on door.]
Lewis, a word? Whatever news you've got, you can say it in front of me, Doc.
Okay, then.
We've confirmed it's a match.
Thank What's the problem, Doc? No donor came forward.
We got this blood sample sent in anonymously.
And I got this text on my cellphone.
Jaquan: "How much is a human life worth? Answer noon tomorrow.
" Well, what's that supposed to mean? I'll tell you what it means.
It means they want us to pay.
Zara: One minute left.
Young Cody Hallam has ball at the feet.
He passes to Amy.
Saved by Mama Hallam! Go.
There we go.
Here we go.
What? Oh! But Cody Hallam scores! What? Why? Whoa! Oh! - [Crying.]
- Okay.
What happened? [Crying.]
I hurt my knee! All right.
- Better? - Yeah.
I love you.
What about you, hmm? Zar.
Maxine Carlson.
Says it's urgent.
One second.
- Tell her something's come up.
- Oh No, no, no, no, no, no.
Just Just hear me out, okay? We get a sitter, hit up Mulligan's, happy hour, get sloppy drunk and then Rain check.
Rain check.
Hey, Max.
What's up? Thanks.
Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
Where's Eric? Upstairs, talking to the baseball player and the mom.
When was the blood sample received? 4:36 yesterday afternoon via courier.
Text came in minutes later on the burner.
They're gonna get in touch later today at 12:00.
Can you believe this? Ransoming bone marrow talk about sick.
The text simply asked how much a life is worth.
Technically, it's not a ransom.
What's the difference? If they demanded a ransom, they could be prosecuted.
They want us to make them an offer.
Or they won't hand it over.
How is it not still a ransom? Under the law? They can claim they just asked for a reward.
More like evil.
Eric Beaumont.
You must be Jaquan.
Jaquan: Ma says you're, like, a private negotiator.
Yeah, I get called when it might be dangerous to involve the police.
So, what makes you any different? Well, the police just want to arrest people when they're breaking the law.
My one-and-only concern is preservation of life.
Well, you have to move fast.
The doctors say his leukemia is spreading, and if he doesn't get the transplant soon Ma.
What's your first move, Mr.
Beaumont? Well, you're in a strong position, so we're gonna use a negotiating tactic called demonstration.
We're in a strong position? That donor's blood is only of value to you and only if you receive it soon, which means it's in their interest as well as ours to resolve this quickly.
We just need to demonstrate those facts.
You make it sound so simple.
Well, negotiations are rarely simple, but in this case the facts are.
Um, can can I speak with you for a minute? Sure.
We can't afford to pay you.
I hope the hospital told you that.
Please don't worry, Mrs.
People think we're rich, but Jaquan was a seventh-round draft pick.
We never even got the signing bonus.
I'm still working two jobs.
My fee has been taken care of.
By who? Someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
Lewis, this Zara Hallam, my chief investigator, Oliver Yates, our psychological profiler, and Maxine Carlson, my second.
Thank you, all of you, for being here.
Um, w-what happens next? Well, first we require what we call "proof of life" to confirm that what's being ransomed exists.
Oh, that that blood sample matched Jaquan's.
Rowe said so.
Yeah, we have some, uh, questions about that.
Like what? Well, this hospital's the only facility that knows Jaquan's profile.
So? So how did whoever send that sample know it was a match? Woman: Help me! Help! [Grunts.]
Aah! Come on! Help me! 22 years old with leukemia.
Two years ago he broke the single-season college home run record.
The Bourbons are lucky to have him.
Wait a second.
I thought you were a Yankees fan.
You hate the Bourbons.
I'm a rational human being.
Of course I hate the Bourbons.
Tissue typing evaluates compatibility of HLA between the donor and the recipient.
Let's pretend for a second I don't know what HLA is.
Marvin? Oh, uh, human leukocyte antigens.
We stimulate antibody production to determine whether the bone marrow's a match.
Jaquan has accelerated chronic myeloid leukemia with a T31-SI gene mutation.
A transplant is his best chance for a complete cure.
Zara: So how many potential matches for Jaquan have you processed here? Thousands, with hundreds more coming in every day.
And none have been a match? Not until that sample yesterday.
His particular blood type makes it difficult to find a perfect match.
What if we don't find a match? Then there can't be any transplant.
Could someone test their own HLA to see if they were a match? I suppose so.
I mean, if they had the right equipment.
But they wouldn't know their HLA matched Jaquan's unless they had a sample of his blood, too.
What are you doing? 90-second micronap.
Micronap? Well, you need them when you only get three hours of sleep.
You only sleep for three hours? Well? Impossible to confirm a match without access to Jaquan's blood.
Well, obviously not impossible.
They confirmed it somehow.
Maybe someone jabbed him, stole some of his blood? Well, they wouldn't need to physically steal his blood if they had access to the hospital's database.
What if someone hacked in from outside to get Jaquan's profile? We need tech support.
Of course you do.
Say hi for me.
Say hi to who? Well, well, well, Oliver Yates.
Hi, Annie.
How's Seattle? - Oh, so you do remember my name, huh.
- Of course.
I mean, look, it's not like I didn't want to call.
It's just, what, that you forgot my digits until you needed something? Annie Who's that with you? What do you mean? Hi, Annie.
I'm Maxine.
Why are you here? You're cute, Max.
Watch out for him.
Um, okay.
Listen, Annie, uh, I'm kind of in a rush, so we need to make this quick, okay? Well, lucky for you I don't sleep.
Hit me with it, Romeo.
"Romeo"? How do you feel about hacking into a hospital database? All set? We're patched into Dr.
Rowe's cellphone now.
Any text she gets will show up here.
"You tested the blood?" Yes.
Positive match.
Response latency is "How about a reward?" Nonexistent.
Somebody's eager to communicate.
How much do you have in mind? [Whistles.]
That bone marrow's only of value to Jaquan Lewis, and he doesn't have $6 million.
Well, if he dies, everyone loses.
We need to talk in person.
No response.
They're gone.
[Siren wails in distance.]
Let me help you with that.
I got it, Ma.
Just Just let me feel useful, baby.
What is it? What happened with the negotiation? Nothing happened, that's what.
They hung up on him.
And time is running out.
We know there's a donor, Ma, a match.
This isn't over.
Jaquan, they want $6 million.
We don't have the money.
We didn't come this far to give up.
I'm not giving up now.
[Woman speaks indistinctly over P.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Well? Well, Annie's working on it, but she said it could take days to locate a breach in the hospital's firewall.
If there was one.
You think this was an inside job? Check hospital employees with access to that database.
Will do.
What happened with the reward? They hung up.
Were they supposed to do that? Well, they were thrown by my demand for an in-person meeting.
Clever enough to not ask for a ransom, too inexperienced to anticipate your next move.
A crime of opportunity.
Technically known as making it up as you go along.
Get on those hospital-employee records.
Whoever this is, let's see if this is an inside job.
Right away.
You want to tell me about Annie, Romeo? No, Maxine.
Lewis? Mm.
I know you're feeling discouraged, but we're building a profile of whoever sent you that blood sample.
But they won't even negotiate.
Well, hanging up the phone suggests someone who's emotionally labile, desperate.
We just need a little more time.
Is there something you haven't told me, Mrs.
Lewis? Jaquan didn't want me to tell you this.
Um The transplant is not the only treatment.
They say it'll reduce his lung capacity.
He'll never play pro ball again.
Let me talk to him.
[Knock on door.]
What's up? Hey, Mr.
Ooh, Jackie Robinson.
Two outs, bottom of the 9th.
He hits a grand slam to win the game.
Ebbets Field, June 24, 1948.
Dodgers beat the Pirates 8-6.
Jackie's the reason why I'm a second baseman.
He never gave up.
Yeah, well, you know.
Chemo isn't giving up, Jaquan, not if it keeps you alive.
My dad died in Fallujah when I was 6, Mr.
Ever since then, my mother's been working two, sometimes three jobs to make ends meet.
I spent every day after school hitting balls.
I knew I had skill.
I knew that if I could make it I could provide for her like she provided for me.
Now if you take that away from me, I have nothing.
Oh, you know that's not true.
I'm telling you.
In this game, it ain't over.
Excuse me.
Hey, Jaquan.
Can I see you? Be very careful around this woman.
Zara's a huge Yankees fan.
I'm just afraid of what she might do to you.
She looks tough, too.
Don't worry.
You're okay considering your team.
Well, we'll make a fan out of you yet.
You know what? You just might.
[Door closes.]
We just received a text from whoever sent the blood.
They've agreed to an in-person meet.
I'm here now.
I understand.
[Elevator dings.]
We think we've got her.
20s, blue dress, purposeful.
I think I've seen her somewhere.
[Elevator dings.]
Good afternoon.
I'm Eric Beaumont.
Oliver: Okay.
A little more female than I expected.
Okay, Mr.
You got the money? No, I'm afraid not.
Name is Kim Newham, no priors, manages a package-and-ship store, zero medical training.
So she couldn't have analyzed her own blood.
Props for keeping up.
I'm sorry, Miss, but Jaquan doesn't have anything near $6 million.
There's something else on her mind.
She's afraid.
It's $6 million or nothing.
Jaquan's mother wants him to start chemo, and if that happens then you get nothing.
You asked me here to tell me that? Well, to be honest, I use any excuse to come to this restaurant.
I also need a cheek swab.
What for? To confirm you're the donor.
You've got the blood sample.
I'll be in touch.
You want us to follow her? No.
Too risky.
Someone could be watching.
But we do need to verify she's the donor.
Thought you might say that.
Come with me girlfriend.
[Elevator dings.]
Oh, sorry.
She's taken.
- I'm sorry? - "I'm sorry?" I see you eyeing up my woman, and she's taken.
Oh, my God.
I'm just standing here.
Oh, you're just standing here.
You're doing it again.
I'm doing it again?! I'm doing it again because of you and your bimbo! Excuse me? - [Elevator chimes.]
- I am so sorry about Don't you dare! I'll - Hey! What the hell?! - You are such psycho.
Oh, I'm the psycho? She gets really - Stop it! - Oh, my God! You're both insane! You know what? You're pathetic! Every time! All right.
Here we go.
[Indistinct conversations.]
You wait here, okay? Okay.
What happened? This isn't gonna work.
Just stick to what I tell you and it'll all be fine.
This guy they've hired I hope you didn't do anything stupid.
Of course not.
Only what you said.
But he said $6 million is impossible and you'll end up with nothing.
That's what they want you to believe.
They'll find the money.
When you don't have a choice, you find a way.
They get the money tomorrow or Jaquan won't be the only one that dies.
Understand? Your sister's life's on you.
[Siren wails in distance.]
Zara says the lab's running Kim Newham's blood sample right now.
Okay, good.
Out with it.
You told that woman Jaquan's mother wanted him to get chemo.
So why doesn't he? Well, because it would end his baseball career.
That's crazy.
You think? You've got to talk sense into him.
Well, it's not my place.
Not your place to save his life? We both know you could change his mind.
But it's his life.
It's his decision to make.
Penny: It's unpaid leave, of course.
Y-You've been watching the news, right? Y-You know this is my son? I don't know when, okay? Okay, all right.
They want you back at work.
I already lost one of my jobs.
I had a single mom, too.
I know how it is.
Divorce? No.
No, my dad died when I was 11.
It must have felt like your whole world ended.
After my grandma died, he, um He gave me this necklace for protection.
Said it would keep me safe always.
You got kids? A boy and a girl.
I know they say you're not supposed to make your kids your life.
You're supposed to live for yourself.
That's a bunch of bull, right? That boy is my whole world.
What can you tell us about his contract with the Bourbons? There is no contract with the Bourbons.
They cancelled it as soon as they found out he was sick.
Bulla: We appreciate your position.
The Bourbons are one big family, Ms.
Carlson, and all our thoughts are with Jaquan Lewis, praying he makes a swift and full recovery.
Maxine: A lot of people came out to support Jaquan.
It won't look very good when they find out the Bourbons voided his contract as soon as you found out he was sick.
Well, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about that.
You're a billion-dollar-a-year franchise, Ms.
Bulla $6 million reward's pocket change.
Jaquan's contract was voided because he'd already experienced symptoms that he didn't disclose during negotiations.
Those symptoms should have been reported to us at once.
They were undiagnosed symptoms.
There was no willful deception.
Our lawyers don't concur.
You want to add anything, Eric? Well, I guess we're done here then.
Can I keep the pen? [Sighs.]
There's a plan here, right? We didn't come here to talk to them.
Yo, Blair.
She wants your autograph.
I'm actually going to kill you.
Where do you want me to sign? A large check for Jaquan Lewis would do it.
We're forbidden to contribute to any ransom legalese in our contracts.
I appreciate you coming by, Mr.
No problem.
How's it going? Well, the clock's running down, but we'll get there.
Have you ever seen this woman before? Who is she? The woman who could save Jaquan's life.
Well, I'm sorry, but I don't think so.
Ah, that's all right.
I didn't think you'd recognize her.
Just had to be sure.
If there's anything more, you let me know.
I'll give you that autograph later.
He's the client.
Could be.
So, what happens now? The woman at the restaurant You said she looked familiar.
Yeah, I could swear I saw her someplace.
Find out where.
[Elevator dings.]
Zara: Got news for you.
Analysis from that blood sample that we took from Kim at the restaurant.
And? Confirmed she's a match.
Really? What? She was scared when I talked to her.
Something's not right.
Lewis, what's happened? It's Jaquan.
His white blood cells are too weak to fight off infections.
He's developing pneumonia.
When are you speaking to the donor again? Well, she gave us until this afternoon to raise the ransom.
We don't have it.
Can Jaquan wait another day to start the treatment? I can't answer that.
But if I were in your shoes, Mrs.
Lewis, I'd persuade my son to start the chemo now.
Text message just came in.
Kim Newham wants to meet you at Cherokee Park with the ransom.
But hold on.
You need to see this first.
Let's find some more people in here.
This team is like family, and you do anything for your family.
I knew I'd seen her somewhere.
Zara: We searched local news reports and found this.
Kim Newham was getting tested at the church between 8:00 and 10:00 a.
three days ago.
But someone still had to confirm she was a match.
We didn't get zip from the hospital-employee records.
Who's that with her? That's Lisa, her younger sister.
So she donated, as well.
Can you try reaching her? I'm on it.
[Cellphone rings.]
Give me a second.
Annie, what'cha got for me? Have I ever let you down? There was a breach in the hospital firewall.
Someone got hold of Jaquan's HLA profile.
When? Couple days ago.
Yeah, after that video was taken.
Yeah, I back-traced the breach.
Did you get a name? No.
But I did get an address.
Thank you, Annie.
You're amazing.
That's what I keep telling you, Oliver.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Lisa Newham hasn't showed up for work in two days.
Eric: Go to the address of whoever hacked the hospital database.
Oliver, come with me.
We got to get going.
Lisa: Help! Aah! [Sobs.]
Let's see if our hacker's home.
[Knock on door.]
No one home.
So, we're breaking the law, just to be clear.
You want to save Jaquan or not? [Bell tolls.]
Open it.
Act like everything's fine.
Where's the money? I told you Jaquan didn't have it.
Are they watching us? Who? Whoever's making you do this, Kim.
You know my name? And I knew you'd never blackmail Jaquan.
Someone's holding something over you like the life of your sister.
So, what are we looking for? Annie traced the hack to this address.
Marvin Hofstedter.
I'm getting too heavy for you, Mom.
You are never too heavy for me, sweet boy.
I got you.
There you go.
Jaquan can't wait any longer, Kim.
I donate and they'll kill Lisa.
You can save your sister's life and Jaquan's, but only if you trust me.
How? Zip up the bag, tell them you have the money and that you want to meet.
I'll follow you.
[Tires screech.]
Maxine: There's no one down here.
Mary: Hold it right there.
I don't want to hurt you, but I swear to God, you make one more move, and I will shoot you dead.
Call an ambulance.
Zara! What is it? Let's find out who they are.
[Lisa breathing heavily.]
Please, I was just trying to help.
Yeah, who's gonna help my son? Well, if you kill me, I can't help Jaquan or your son.
If I can't help my son, then I don't want to live.
You understand? I don't want live.
Man: All doctors to the E.
All nurses to the nurses' station.
Newham can't donate her bone marrow now, not in her injured state.
I'll prepare the chemo.
If Jaquan wants to start the chemo, that's his call, but this wasn't your last chance, Mrs.
The paramedics found this in Ms.
Newham's purse.
I don't understand.
It says she's allergic latex.
If you're allergic to latex, you can't donate bone marrow.
The lab would have checked before they ran her blood.
Kim Newham thought she was the donor, but she isn't.
Her sister is.
And we need to find her.
Marvin Hofstedter, form the lab.
You remember me, don't you? You broke into my home? Where's Lisa Newham? I'm calling the police.
Go right ahead.
We have got plenty to tell them.
Like how you found a match for Jaquan, withheld it from the hospital, and kidnapped Lisa Newham.
You falsifying hospital records, lying to us about that blood test yesterday And hacking the firewall from your laptop to avoid incriminating yourself.
I wouldn't have a clue of how to hack a security system.
Really? That's so strange.
Because your résumé says you have two years of computer science.
That's your ex-wife and your son, is it not, Mr.
Hofstedter? We found three tickets for you to fly to Buenos Aires.
It's best you tell us now where you're holding Lisa Newham.
Oliver: Gabriel Hofstedter born with glycogen storage disease type II, otherwise known as Pompe's disease.
Which is? It's an inherited disease.
Symptoms include extreme muscle weakness and an enlarged heart, which predisposes him to heart failure.
Is there a treatment? There is, but the medication costs $300,000 a year, and he needs to take it for the rest of his life.
Insurance companies won't pay, never mind the chronic physical therapy and the constant hospitalization.
The Hofstedters went bankrupt two years ago, got divorced last year.
- Little wonder.
- Yeah.
They must have though ransoming Lisa Newham's blood was their golden ticket.
[Cellphone rings.]
Bradley, it's Eric.
Eric! How's my man Jaquan? Hanging in there.
Hey, you haven't told him about me? I don't want him to feel indebted.
I haven't, and I won't.
But I have a proposition for you, Bradley? If I pay Jaquan ransom the team's gonna suspend my contract, Mr.
This is not a ransom.
It's a way to save two lives instead of one.
- Thank you.
- [Knock on door.]
Mary? Who are you? I'm Eric Beaumont.
This is Oliver Yates.
We're negotiators.
Gabe, go in the next room.
Go on.
It's okay.
Be in there in a minute.
Get in here.
Get in.
Kim caved, didn't she? No, your ex-husband told us.
Kim Newham's been hit by a car.
She's in intensive care right now.
Where's my money? Oh, there is no money, Mary.
There never was.
You're lying.
I don't think you want to hurt anyone, Mary, least of all a good man like Jaquan Lewis.
Why not? He got lucky.
You know what what my son got? There's all kinds of luck.
Jaquan's father died when he was 6.
You want me to feel sorry for him? Gabe still has two loving parents.
Well, my love doesn't help my son with this seizures and his pain.
Taking Jaquan's life is not gonna help him, either.
Well, the money will.
He's a baseball player.
He's rich.
Jaquan's contract was canceled after he got sick.
They even voided his signing bonus.
You were in such a hurry when your ex-husband found a donor, you wouldn't have known.
[Voice breaking.]
Well, then it's over.
Mary, you're too good of a mother to leave Gabe on his own.
I'm not a good mother.
I can't even take care of him.
I can help you, if you'll let me.
No one can.
I just got off the phone with Bradley Blair, the Bourbons pitcher.
He and some of the other players are willing to put money into a fund for your son.
Enough so that he can get proper medical treatment.
Why would they do that? The money will only be released if Jaquan gets his transplant.
What do you say, Mary? Your son and Jaquan everybody lives.
But Gabe will have a future.
Wasn't that what this was all about? You did it.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Thank you.
And Jaquan still needs that transplant, if you're willing to give it.
It's all just luck, isn't it life, death, sickness, health? Mr.
Beaumont, Jaquan's out of surgery.
He's asking for you.
Bottom of the 9th, and you hit a grand slam after all.
Kim Newham How's she doing? Still in intensive care, but the doctor's say she's gonna be okay.
I will never excuse those people for what they did to those girls.
But that poor boy.
Well, he's with his aunt and uncle now.
The team will make sure he gets the best treatment money can buy.
Zara sends her best, but she needed to be somewhere.
Please tell her I say thank you.
Thank you all.
She wanted you to have this for as long as you and Jaquan need it.
How ya feeling? I feel lucky very, very lucky.