Ransom (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Box

1 [Indistinct chatter.]
[Siren wails in distance.]
Good morning, Officer Winks.
Punctual as ever, Officer Rose.
Look at that new smart watch.
Looking good.
Thank you.
[Cup thuds.]
So, Deb get you that watch? It was my idea, actually.
Oh, yeah? What's it do, time contractions or something? Got the baby bag packed and ready to go.
How many times you driven the route to the hospital? Like 10.
Nothing good ever comes in life unless you work at it, Ange.
You're gonna be the best dad.
[Door opens.]
Hey, who are those guys with Mr.
Winston? [Telephone rings.]
Oh, the I.
servers went down last night.
No, I.
guys aren't due until 3:00.
- So they're early.
- No, Bill, they're never early.
And I haven't seen those guys before.
All right, I'll check it out.
[Computer beeps.]
Good morning, gentlemen.
May I see your identification, please? Is there a problem officer? I'm sorry.
We left them in the van.
You mind if I take a quick look in your bag? I don't think so.
[Breathing heavily.]
Oh, no.
[Computer beeps.]
[Alarm blaring.]
[Computer beeps.]
Operator: Emergency response.
This is Officer Angela Rose, Bailey Merchants Bank, 831647th Street.
Everybody out of your offices now! Let's go! - On the floor.
- Ohh! Angela: I have two armed men.
- Go! Go! Go! Go! - Okay! Come on! - Drop that phone now! - Let's go.
Come on! 12 hostages.
Operator: Police units are on their way.
- Cellphones.
- Cellphones! - Cellphones.
- All of them.
Don't leave any behind.
- Hurry.
Go, go, go, go.
- All of them.
- Man: Let's go.
- Woman: Here! Here! [Whimpering.]
We're gonna do Back.
Back! Okay, okay, okay! Shut your mouth.
- Okay, okay.
- Shut your mouth.
Angela: Drop your weapon! The police are on their way, so leave now before while you still have the chance! [Gunshot.]
Aah! - [Hostages whimpering.]
- Ow! [Grunting.]
You drop your weapon now, rent-a-cop, or the next one's in his head.
[Sirens wailing.]
[Police radio chatter.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
Officer: Let them through.
Let them through here.
Sit rep.
Building's been evacuated.
We're looking at two hostage takers, 14 hostages, including two security guards, one gravely injured.
- I'll grab the equipment.
- Okay.
You're back.
So happy.
Eric knew who my mother was.
He knew all along.
If he's okay with me being here, then you should be, too.
Not that simple, Ms.
Have at it.
The bank made an urgent call for I.
last night due to a loss of service.
Disrupt service overnight so they can gain entry as I.
engineers in the morning they're professionals.
Professionals don't want to be surrounded by the police.
They should have anticipated someone would have activated the alarm.
Well, maybe they did.
Who triggered the alarm? Angela Rose, one of the private security guards.
What are the hostage takers asking for? Nothing so far.
Hostage takers with no demands that's different.
Not so different.
San Francisco, January 2005, we had a similar situation.
And Rome, November 2011.
Sharp, little memory you got there, Ms.
Ah, the better to keep you from pulling the wool over my eyes, Mr.
I'm Maxine Carlson.
Nathalie Denard.
- Ah.
Your company insures the bank.
- Nathalie: That's right.
We resolve kidnap and hostage situations for Ms.
Denard's clients all over the world.
Which means we see a lot of each other.
Mm, too much, actually.
Is someone from the bank here? Elizabeth Bloom, chief of the board of directors.
Would you like to meet her? Oh, I'd be delighted, yeah.
Follow me.
You're allowed to come.
Is this her? Move that appointment to later this afternoon.
Bloom, this is Eric Beaumont.
- Beaumont.
- Hey.
- Your reputation precedes you.
- Thank you.
This is Zara Hallam, formerly NYPD and our chief investigator.
Investigator? I thought you were negotiators.
Information's vital to a negotiation.
Zara makes sure we have a full command of the facts.
I'm Oliver Yates, a psychologist.
I profile the hostage takers.
And I'm Maxine Carlson, the bugger.
Bugger? Maxine's in training.
I ask her to second-guess all my decisions so she can learn to bug me.
She's a natural.
Beaumont, we have to resolve this as quickly as possible.
Our policy provides for a $10 million payout.
I don't expect we'll pay that much, Ms.
Avoiding violence is our top priority, Ms.
And saving her company money.
Well, at the moment, the hostage takers haven't asked for anything at all.
So, what do they want? That's what we need to find out.
Will you excuse us? [Police radio chatter.]
Don't worry.
He knows what he's doing.
He better.
That bad, huh? Angie.
[Door opens.]
[Door creaks.]
You cut the camera feed? Yeah, I did.
I thought I said, “Don't shoot anyone”" - I know what I'm doing.
- Ah.
I was just making sure nobody tries nothing.
These hostages were to make sure the cops don't come in.
Now you've pretty well guaranteed a SWAT team on our backs.
You just set up the insurance.
[Siren wails in distance.]
SWAT looks a little lively for my taste.
- Yeah, we'll find out about that.
- Don't worry.
You ask.
Sellars! Zara Hallam.
How are Mike and the kids? Oh, good! Or so I'm told.
- Oh, I hear that.
- [Clears throat.]
Eric Beaumont, Commander Nina Sellars, an old friend of mine.
It's an honor, Mr.
Beaumont, but I'm afraid there isn't much for you to do here.
You still haven't made contact with the hostage takers.
And I've got every news crew on the Eastern seaboard parked outside, plus the Mayor's demanding updates every 15 minutes, so Have you identified them? This is your show, Commander.
I'm just here to help in any way I can.
Zachary Smith, 32, served six years for the Brooklyn West heist.
Six years.
Four bank tellers were executed in cold blood.
Yeah, his accomplice took the fall, but we think he was just following Smith's orders a nasty piece of work.
And what about the second man? Theodore Grimes formerly one of New York's finest.
He served four years for taking bribes from a meth dealer in Castle Hill.
Okay, so robbing banks during business hours isn't exactly Grimes' M.
No, but it is Smith's, and they spent 18 months together in the same cell block in Attica.
We saw SWAT outside.
We can't bypass the alarms on the windows and doors, but they found access through a vent in the basement.
Take it from me you got a homicidal ex-con in there, detective.
SWAT charges in, someone's bound to die.
Someone's bound to die if they don't.
Bob? This was three hours ago, right before they cut the CCTV feeds.
Bill: Aah! Victim's Bill Winks.
His wife's eight months pregnant.
Beaumont, I would be happy to let you negotiate, but these guys don't even want to talk, and this man can't afford to wait.
- [Cellphone rings.]
- [Sighs.]
It's the Mayor again.
Excuse me.
You mind sharing this footage with my team? Knock yourself out.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Sit down! - [Whimpers.]
- Sit down! - Sorry, sorry.
Just Just Please, just Just He's real bad.
So he dies.
There's a There's a medi-kit in that desk right there.
If I could just bandage him up, I could stop the bleeding.
Let her help him.
[Knife clicks.]
[Fabric rips.]
Don't do nothing stupid.
Oliver: A convicted murderer and a disgraced ex-cop talk about an odd couple.
Profiles? Smith is your textbook sociopath, which suggests that our ex-cop Grimes is the decision-maker.
I think you were right.
This must have been his plan all along.
Locking himself in the bank with the whole world watching doesn't sound like much of a plan.
Well, if you're not willing to negotiate, he must feel he's in a position of power.
But why take the hostages if he didn't want something? The question is what.
They're in a bank.
The answer is obvious, isn't it? Money's not much good if they can't get it out.
Hostages buy them time.
Shooting one doesn't.
Yeah, I don't think that was part of the plan.
Erratic behavior does befit a sociopath.
We need to establish contact.
- How? - They won't answer the phone, and they'll have confiscated the hostages' cellphones.
Oliver: Well, I suggest we hurry, because one of these guys has a long history of violent behavior.
But not their smart watches.
I noticed in the video that security guard who was shot, he's wearing a smart watch.
[Computer beeps.]
But Nina would have put a cellphone jammer in place.
That's what stops hostage takers from making outside calls.
I know what a jammer is.
A smart watch would be tethered to a cellphone, so its signal would be blocked, too.
Not necessarily.
They operate on different frequencies.
[Groaning loudly.]
I'm sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
It's awful tight.
Yeah, that's the idea.
I've got to do this.
Come on.
Come on.
On the ground.
Get on the ground.
[Drill whirring.]
What are they doing in there? Drilling.
I think we can establish contact with the wounded guard's smart watch.
I'm sorry Mr.
It's too late.
SWAT's in position.
They're going in through that vent in the basement now.
- [Keypad beeping.]
- Officer: Stay back, please.
Thank you.
[Indistinct chatter.]
[Cellphone whirring, beeping.]
[Drill whirs.]
[Drill whirring.]
I'm getting a pairing request on my watch.
Let me see that.
[Whirring, beeping continues.]
[Cellphone chimes.]
[Keyboard clicking.]
[Watch chimes.]
What's it say? His name's Eric.
He's a negotiator.
Does this thing have voice recognition? Yeah, sure.
Just tap the microphone button.
They're drilling in the vault.
But one of them was in the basement before.
I don't know, but he had a bag and some wire.
[Device beeping.]
[Beeping continues.]
[Explosion rumbles.]
Monkey never learns.
[High-pitched ringing.]
Man: I need people in here as fast as you can.
Let's go! Move it! [Indistinct chatter.]
Zara: Eric! How you feeling? Like I was at an AC/DC concert.
I don't understand how you knew that that was rigged.
Personal area networks operate at 2.
4 to 2.
485 gigahertz, well above the cellphone frequency you were jamming.
I was able to pair my phone with the injured guard's smart watch, and I found out they set some wire in the basement.
Thank God for that.
Those men would be dead if you hadn't.
Well, they're not, Commander, and now we may be able to save the other lives.
But Smith and Grimes have made it pretty clear they don't want to talk to us.
Well, we don't need to talk to them.
Angela Rose, that security guard she can.
She's hardly a negotiator.
Eric can coach her on what to say, Nina.
Right, but I need to talk to her.
I need you to lift that jammer just long enough to establish a dedicated signal.
I do that, and all the hostage's cellphones start jangling with messages from worried loved ones.
They'll know we're up to something.
Angela said they're drilling in the vault.
They might not hear the ringing if we do it quickly enough.
Drilling for what? - [Cellphone ringing.]
- That I don't know.
It's the Mayor again.
Excuse me.
- Get her to lift that jammer.
- Yeah.
We need that dedicated signal.
[Door opens.]
Okay, what do we know about the security guard, Angela Rose? [Cellphone beeps.]
Well, at 8 years old, she lost her mother to cancer.
Father was a cop, died last year.
Graduated from City College with a B.
in English.
Unmarried, two dogs.
How long has she been a security guard? Three years.
She trained to be a cop, but dropped out of the police academy after six months.
Because? It doesn't say, but for three years, this woman has been locked in a dark room staring at TV monitors.
My guess not a people person.
Why the sudden interest in Ms.
Rose? Well, we can't talk to the hostage takers, but she can.
I see.
And you're happy with this plan? Well, Bill Winks has a matter of hours until he bleeds to death, and there's a bunch of innocent people locked inside with a known hostage-executing psychopath.
I mean, given that it's a plan that we have right now, I'd say, yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.
Just checking.
[Door opens.]
Jammer's coming down.
All right, let's get ready to make the connection.
She said we're only gonna have about 20 seconds before the jammer's back up.
[Cellphones ringing, buzzing.]
[Faint ringing, buzzing.]
Stop! Stop! [Ringing, buzzing stops.]
Did I hear something? Did I hear something?! Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Oliver: Okay, jammer's back up, and dedicated signal established.
“Congratulations, Angela.
No one got hurt thanks to you.
” [Watch chimes.]
[Drill whirring in distance.]
Call me Angie.
The vault where they're drilling, what's in there? Safety deposit boxes.
This bank caters to high-end clients, so we're looking at jewels, stock certificates, bonds.
Can I talk to you for a second? Can you ask Ms.
Bloom for a list of all the people those safety deposit boxes are rented to? That's confidential information.
Hey, do you think there's something going on between Eric and the insurance lady? Nathalie and Eric? Nah.
I'll give it a shot.
Maxine, can you go with Nathalie, please? Sure.
[Computer beeping.]
You're incorrigible.
Still nothing? You shouldn't be in here.
I say we contact the outside.
Tell them to give us the names of who own these boxes, or we shoot a hostage.
Then we'll kill one every hour till we find it.
We're not here to kill anyone.
Understand? This better work.
How did you come to work for Mr.
Beaumont? It's what I've always dreamed of doing.
Being a negotiator? Saving people.
Although right now, I'm just trying to keep up.
Eric is every bit as brilliant as they say.
He has his moments.
Where are you from? Smalltownsville.
A place called Shiloh just outside St.
How long have you been using Eric as a negotiator? Oh gosh, it was, um, two years before our daughter was born, so 16 years? Ms.
Bloom! There you are.
Your assistant said we'd find you here.
What is going on down there? Eric's established contact with one of the hostages inside the bank.
One of the hostages? A security guard.
He intends to use her as a proxy negotiator.
That strategy sounds high-risk.
It's the only one available to us.
Woman: Taxi! What can I do to help? They've determined the robbers are drilling the safe-deposit boxes looking for something.
Oh? He needs to know who rents those boxes.
Confidentiality and and discretion are vital to our clients.
More vital than saving lives? Let me see what I can do.
What? She hesitated before she responded.
Her voice broke, right? I heard it too, but what does it mean? Hey.
You ever hear the one about the two guys who stole a calendar? [Drill whirring in distance.]
They each got six months.
[Chuckles weakly.]
Ange? Thanks, but no more being the hero, okay? You gotta get out of here.
Bill, we're both gonna make it out of here.
[Watch chimes.]
Yeah? Hey, Angie.
It's Eric.
Hi, yeah.
I'm gonna need some more of your help.
You think you're up to that? What kind of help? I need you to get one of those men to talk to me.
How am I gonna do that? Bill: Hey, hey.
[Whirring continues.]
Okay, hi.
Take a breath.
Look him in the eye.
Make him feel like you're on his side.
But I'm not on their side.
I don't think she's cut out for this.
You and me we're gonna do this together.
Okay, Angie? You just need to remember they wanna get out of there just like you do.
What? SWAT found another way into the bank.
Nina's sending them in.
Okay Angie, I'm gonna ask you to hold on, all right? I'll be back in a few.
I got it.
Fletcher: And they think collateral damage will be, uh I understand you're going in.
Via the subway.
We think we can break through an old service entrance in the subfloor.
I really appreciate your help earlier, but we got it from here.
You Beaumont? Yeah.
Deputy Commissioner Fletcher.
Nice meeting you.
So, what's the problem? Deputy Commissioner, we'd like the chance to at least attempt a negotiation.
I know.
Commander Sellars told me.
But you intend to use a non-trained security guard to negotiate for you.
I mean, what? She's already saved the lives of a number of your men.
If we help her, I think she can save a lot more, but not if your men go in guns blazing.
Okay, Beaumont.
Let's see what you can do.
Commissioner, SWAT is standing by, and we have a wounded man who needs medical treatment or he's gonna die.
I'm more than aware of the time pressure, Commander, thank you.
We'll give Mr.
Beaumont one hour.
You tell SWAT to hold their positions.
Go ahead.
- Thank you both of you.
- You're welcome.
There's your list.
That was fast.
Doesn't say what's in those safe deposit boxes just the names of everyone who's rented one.
And ha ha, by the way.
Ha ha what? Not telling me Eric and Nathalie are a couple.
Were a couple.
They split over a year ago.
Oh, how come? Why don't you ask him yourself? [Door opens.]
Beaumont, I have a question.
A shift in latency, rise in the pitch of a voice those are signs of discomfort with the situation, aren't they? Why do you ask, Ms.
Carlson? Because Ms.
Bloom's voice did both those things when Ms.
Denard asked her for the list of names.
I noticed it too, but that's not surprising, is it? She's under a lot of pressure.
Our ex-cop, Grimes he went to prison for taking bribes from a meth dealer.
Oliver: That's right.
Is there anything else on his rap sheet? Uh, got commendations in '06 and '07, and What? May 2008, he shot a 17-year-old kid in the Bronx.
Grimes claimed he was armed, but the kid's family said he never even touched a gun.
- Were charges filed? - No.
The whole case was dismissed after an internal investigation, but the stink from it ruined his career.
On it.
- What's the connection? - Well, maybe nothing.
But if Officer Grimes is looking for something more than money, maybe this is it.
What? [Door closes.]
Not in the mood, Zara.
Eric is not trying to undercut you.
There's a dying man in there, and we're waiting for what? This is me, remember? We really need your help.
Officer: [In distance.]
Keep 'em back.
Keep 'em back! We just need the report from the night Grimes was arrested.
You wanted to speak with me.
Different last name, but Maxine Carlson is Jessica Ford's daughter.
You do realize that.
She told you.
It wasn't hard to figure out.
She's the right age, and she said she's from Shiloh.
I advised him not to hire her.
He did it anyway.
- Why? - Hey, you're asking the wrong man.
But I expect guilt had something to do with it.
You think Eric can cope with it? That's what I thought.
He better pray Damien Delaine doesn't find out.
Why? Delaine would do anything to destroy Eric, and with Jessica Ford's daughter on the team He killed 22 people at Shiloh.
He's never getting out of prison.
He's up for parole next month.
You didn't know that.
[Whirring continues.]
[Watch chimes.]
- Eric: Hey, Angie.
- Yeah.
Ready to do this? If I go talk to them, they're gonna know I've been talking to you.
I'm sure your dad told you that honesty is the best policy.
Not if it gets you killed.
You'll only talk to the older man.
His name is Teddy, and I don't think he wants to do any harm.
All they want is to retrieve something from one of those safety deposit boxes in the vault.
You know I'm not a real cop, right? I don't know.
You seem pretty real to me.
I dropped out of the academy because I get panic attacks.
There's nothing wrong with being afraid, Angie.
It's what you do with your fear that matters.
You're a professional negotiator? I am.
How many cases you negotiated? Thousands.
You lose any? One.
That's a pretty good track record.
How do you do it? I make the right decisions, like believing in you.
Come on.
Come on! Stay cool! Go back and guard the hostages.
We will find it.
When?! You see how many boxes are in here? [Knock on doorway.]
Excu Excuse me.
What the hell are you doing? I'm just I want to help you.
And how are you gonna help us, bitch? Huh? Huh? Come on, Angie.
I can help you find what you're looking for.
How? [Computer beeps.]
[Telephone ringing.]
Pick it up.
Just pick it up.
He'll tell you where to find it.
How do you know that, huh? Unless you've been talking to the cops, huh? - You been talking to - Hey! You're scaring her.
You're damn right I'm scaring her, all right? They're laughing at us outside.
We need to strike back.
No! No, he's not a cop.
He's a negotiator, and he wants the same thing you want for everybody to go home alive.
Now, Angie.
[Ringing continues.]
This is Eric.
Am I speaking with Teddy? Do you mind if I call you Teddy? You can call me what you want.
She said you want to help us.
I can get you a list of all the clients who rent those safety deposit boxes.
Would that be helpful? Why do you want to help us? The man your friend shot, he needs medical attention.
You know it, I know it.
The sooner you get what you want, the sooner we all go home.
Send the list.
[Receiver slams.]
Get back out there.
[Watch chimes.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
Officer: Let them through.
Let them through here.
Oliver's confirmed the list has been received.
I don't expect Ms.
Bloom's clients will be very happy you shared their list with the robbers.
I don't expect her clients will care.
Why not? Because the box they're looking for doesn't belong to them.
It belongs to your client Elizabeth Bloom.
Come on! [Sighs.]
[Paper rustles.]
Is that it? [Sighs.]
That's it.
[Exhales sharply.]
That that's worth like what, $10 $10, $20 million bucks, right? More.
A whole lot more.
And we can just walk out of here.
Loud and proud.
Get that negotiator back on the phone.
[Receiver clicks.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
Fletcher, I never should have given them the list of names.
We need him to find that tape.
And once he's got it, he's gonna upload it and have us both.
I can take care of that.
Let's just hope the negotiator does what he's supposed to do.
If not, I'll do what I have to do, okay? Don't worry.
[Car door closes.]
You got something.
I had to unseal records from the internal investigation.
How did you know that there was a connection between Teddy Grimes and Elizabeth Bloom? I knew it the moment I saw her name on that list.
Bloom is a real estate developer, whose many projects include the tenement where that teenager was shot in 2008.
It seems the security camera was operating that night, but the tape went missing.
I'm guessing Ms.
Bloom isn't the only name to come up in that internal investigation.
In his testimony, Grimes claimed that he was alone in the squad car.
But Commissioner Fletcher was his superior officer at the time and on duty that night.
We think Fletcher shot that kid and made Grimes take the fall.
The missing tape would prove it.
That's quite a valuable tape.
Bloom may have been using it all these years to blackmail Commissioner Fletcher special treatment.
And now that Grimes is out of prison, he figures he can blackmail both of them.
No surprise Grimes thought he could take all these hostages and still walk away.
With that tape, he's got Fletcher in his back pocket.
[Cellphone buzzes.]
Grimes is calling back.
- Show time.
- [Door opens.]
All right, here's the deal.
We need safe passage to Teterboro with a plane waiting.
I need you to guarantee the safety of those hostages, Teddy.
One more condition I need a secure Internet connection, and I need it now.
And that's non-negotiable, or so help me God, we'll start putting bullets in heads.
What the hell does he need an Internet connection for? Whatever he's found in that vault, I think he means to upload it as some kind of insurance policy.
Okay, then.
Let's get this over with.
[Key clacks.]
You got it, Teddy.
[Receiver clacks.]
- They're doing it.
- [Chuckles.]
All right, I'll take care of the Internet connection.
You get him the plane.
So we're just letting them go? Commander, did you not just hear me? Why let them upload the tape if it proves his guilt? Maybe we're wrong.
This is what he wants to happen.
You're a cop.
You never make a deal.
He knew I would.
Maxine, come with me, please.
I want you to see this.
[Computer whirring.]
[Computer beeps.]
It's done.
Take this.
Smith: Okay.
Which one of you wants to go for a ride? You.
Come on.
Get up! Get the Get up! Wait! Take me instead.
Okay, officer.
Let's go.
Angie! Officer: Suspects are in the vehicle.
Hostages being released.
[Indistinct chatter.]
What are we doing? Wait there.
[Tires squealing.]
What the hell's he doing? Take him out! Eric, I I said wait there.
Eric, stop! [Tires squeal.]
Run him down, and we're out of here! Stop! [Brakes screech.]
Aah! [Grunts.]
I know you didn't shoot that unarmed kid, Teddy.
You took the fall for Fletcher, and that tape proves it.
You're damn straight it does! If you drive out of here with it, Fletcher's gonna kill you.
He's lying.
You know this man.
You helped him cover up his murder, and you when you wanted to come clean, he framed you.
There's snipers on the rooftops, Teddy.
You're sitting ducks.
He can't do that.
We got an insurance policy.
You don't think he'd really let up upload that, do you? The only real proof is that tape.
Now, you give it to me, and I will make sure that Bloom and Fletcher face justice.
Teddy? Teddy, come on.
Teddy, you said they'd pay us millions.
$10 million, you said! You said that! That's not gonna happen, pal.
It's over.
Put your gun down.
I'm not going back to prison.
I'm not going back to prison! You're under arrest! I've been waiting my whole life to say that.
Oh, good.
Here comes the calvary.
[Footsteps approaching.]
All yours, fellas.
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Siren wails.]
Female reporter: At this point, we know that two suspects have been apprehended by the police.
I love you.
Officer Rose, this is my associate, Maxine Carlson.
You were amazing back there.
No, I It was you that gave me the courage to do it.
I guess Bill was right when he said nothing good ever comes in life unless you work at it.
Thank you.
That was Zara.
Fletcher and Bloom are on the run.
Well, they won't get far now that the authorities have that tape.
I don't get it.
Bloom gave us the list of boxes with her own name on it, knowing they'd find that tape.
What choice did she have under the circumstances? The clever part was getting Grimes to think that he had uploaded it.
How do you do it? Do what? Anticipate everything.
I have to go.
Not everything, Ms.
Excuse me.
Bloom was right.
Your insurance company ended up not paying a dime.
And I'm very grateful.
Well in that case, how about some dinner to celebrate? Huh.
You don't really expect me to say yes, do you? You know, we could pick up Evie together, open a bottle of wine at Carlo's just like old times.
You're really good at what you do, Mr.
Why, thank you, Mrs.
Maxine hero-worships you, of course.
Well, the young lady wants to learn.
I'm happy to teach her.
I know who her mother is, and she may not be as stable as you think given her family history.
Are you questioning me? I thought I was the best at what I did.
Be careful, Eric.
Is that love and affection that I hear? Of course it is.
You're impossible to be married to, but you're still the father of our daughter and the best man I've ever known.
[Engine starts.]
[Cellphone chimes.]