Ransom (2017) s01e04 Episode Script


1 [Beeping.]
[Horns honking.]
Hey, you figure out who that guy is yet? I'm getting there.
Don't you have an interview? Not until 9:00.
Hey, where you goin'? Am I gonna have to find a new roommate? You can't wear that shirt.
It's got a huge stain on it.
- Thanks, Joe.
- Keep it.
Morning, Paula.
New ride, Joe? I borrowed it from a friend.
You'll want to make sure that Cheryl doesn't see you sitting in it.
I'm well back of 300 feet.
I just wanted to see Hayley, just for a minute.
I won't go near her.
Um, would you mind giving her something? - Uhh - Please, please, I just need her to know that I am thinking about her.
I'll make sure she gets it, now scram.
Thank you, thank you.
[Engine starts.]
Whoa! [Grunts.]
My name is Fraser Watson.
I'm the principal engineer at Voysec Systems.
I've been taken hostage.
You have 24 hours.
You will pay.
Or you will never see me again.
Whoever sent this would need access to the entire company's e-mails.
The video was sent to everyone here.
Yeah, but not his wife and kids.
They weren't on the e-mail list.
"You will pay.
" Why not ask for a specific amount of money? What makes you so sure they want money? Here comes our client.
Addison Reid, the youngest self-made billionaire in U.
Yeah, I saw her TED Talk.
Didn't she, like, drop out of school? Yeah, she's a child prodigy, MIT at 16, but then she left to go out on her own with the goal of bringing an end to traffic fatalities.
I mean, the work she's doing in neural-net based systems and intuitive collision avoidance is simply amazing.
Someone's got a crush.
Eric: Ms.
Beaumont, thank you for getting here so promptly.
Of course.
This is my team.
Oliver Yates.
Yates, yes, I've done my homework.
You've all come highly recommended.
Fraser is as good as family, and without him, there is no Voysec Systems.
You believe this is a play to sabotage your business? We have a major product launch in two days.
Without Fraser, we won't make our deadline.
Well, our tech expert, Annie Kappila, is trying to trace the ransom video.
It's anonymized, been routed through multiple VPNs.
Our I.
guys haven't been able to crack it, either.
I've drafted a reply to whoever sent the video.
Eric: [Inhales sharply.]
Okay, let's just edit this.
Less is more at this point, lowers the risk of misinterpretation.
This way, Mr.
I'll introduce you to Fraser's wife.
Let's ask our kidnapper what we can do to get Fraser back.
[Clears throat.]
Let's see if we can get a bite.
[Computer dings.]
[Water rushing.]
Please, sir.
I have a wife.
I have two kids.
Why are you doing this? You know why.
[Car horns honking.]
So, Fraser's wife said he left for work this morning on his bike, then the video showed up.
Here she is.
I can't believe this is happening.
I don't know what to tell my kids.
Fraser's their hero.
Maya, this is Eric Beaumont, our private negotiator.
Are you sure we're doing the right thing, not calling the police? Well, you need to do what you feel is right, but in my experience, there is a chance involving the authorities could endanger your husband.
Beaumont's freed thousands of hostages in the last five years.
I wouldn't trust anyone but the best to handle this.
Thank you.
I'm going to need a list of your competitors.
Anyone who stands to gain from you not making that launch.
Of course.
Here, please.
How has Fraser seemed to you recently? Anything unusual in his behavior? He's been stressed, getting ready for the launch.
How does he cope with pressure? Comes with the job, but Fraser loves what he does.
The company's been so good to him.
How long has he been cycling to work? Six months? He said he didn't have time to go to the gym anymore, so he made his commute into his workout.
Sold his car so he couldn't back out when the weather got bad.
He always takes the same route.
He's meticulous about that.
He sounds like a committed man.
He brings the best of himself into everything he does.
He's an incredible person.
Please bring him home to us.
My team is establishing contact as we speak, and we'll check his cycling route for clues.
Still no reply from Addison.
I thought your genius would be worth something to them.
Time's ticking, my friend.
Please, please.
I'm sick of your "pleases.
" You don't have to do this.
No, no, no, no, no! [Muffled screaming.]
Shut up! [Moaning.]
Shut up.
[Breathing shakily.]
[Muffled speaking, shouting.]
Please, don't go! [Indistinct shouting.]
[Door slams.]
[Muffled shouting.]
[Birds squawking.]
Eric! The list of our competitors you asked for.
I'd also like you to meet Piers Allard, Fraser's right-hand man.
He'll give you access to everything they've been working on.
Enhanced electronic stability control, intuitive fatigue warning.
It sounds like you've covered every possible safety angle, so what is this top-secret new thing you're about to launch? Uh, w It's, uh it's artificial intelligence that learns and adapts to multiple drivers' profiles.
The uncrashable car.
Yeah, that's that's the idea.
Have you had issues with previous tech? No.
We lead the industry in safety ratings.
I'm sure you've got a million things on your plate right now, Piers.
If Eric needs anything else, he can find you.
Addison, we can't finish this in two days.
Fraser would want you to go on without him.
There's a reason he made you number two, okay? You can do this.
Why the urgency to get this out in two days? Our competitors are working on similar designs.
If they launch before we do, their inferior products will endanger lives.
You really believe that? My family was in a car accident when I was 8.
I saw my father and my brother die.
Totally preventable accident with the right tech.
I'm gonna make sure no one has to die in a car crash ever again.
[Cellphone vibrating.]
I've got a reply from the kidnapper.
Oliver: "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I'll do what I have to.
You'll find out how serious I really am.
" Hmm.
Escalating hostility, maybe a borderline personality here.
You're diagnosing him from those two sentences? [Cellphone vibrating.]
- [Beep.]
- Sorry, I'm gonna have to take this.
Excuse me.
[Siren wails in distance.]
Different voice than we heard in the video.
Direct, not as lofty.
Changing tack? We're talking to more than one person.
Okay, let's get into this.
Hit reply.
Picked a good place to grab Fraser.
No CCTV cameras.
Could be a side mirror if he doored him.
Is, uh is Fraser's bike blue? No, black.
That looks like blue paint, right? It sure does.
Hey, let's check CCTV feeds along the rest of Fraser's bike route.
See what blue vehicles went by this morning.
[Camera shutter clicks.]
You know, I always told Oliver he was wrong about you.
We got a lead on our kidnapper's car.
It showed up on CCTV along Fraser's bike route before and after the grab point.
Single male driver.
We didn't get a clear image on him, but see the side mirror here? This is before and after.
It's missing.
Must have hit Fraser pretty hard.
Can you run the plate? Already called in a favor with Seattle P.
Maxine: Is this your conversation with the kidnapper? 'Cause that reads like the Rivington Cosmetics negotiation.
That's where I know this from.
Oliver, can you find the FBI transcript from '97? '98.
'98, that's right.
Oh, wow.
Word for word here.
It's an exact match.
I did my homework.
So, our kidnapper is plagiarizing an old FBI transcript? We're not talking to the kidnapper.
Just somebody who wants to sound like one.
Somebody's been intercepting our communication from the start, and they're using this old case as their reference model.
Why? Stall for time, keep us occupied.
And to stop us from learning what the kidnapper really wants.
More pressing question is, who? Well, someone tech savvy enough to be able to intercept Addison's e-mails in real time without a trace.
A hacker.
With a lot invested in keeping a secret.
So, if this is what we're seeing, what are they writing to the kidnapper? Exactly.
We need to get a direct line to them fast before Fraser gets caught in the crossfire.
Joe: I just got an answer back from Voysec, and guess what? Addison Reid doesn't care about you.
Read it.
"We don't care.
Go ahead and kill him.
You can burn in hell!" Your life is worthless to her! [Tape rips.]
Just like mine was! No, Addison wouldn't write that.
You still don't see her for what she is, huh? No, please, don't.
Look at me, Fraser.
- Please.
- Look at me.
Look at me.
[Door closes.]
Who the hell are you? The door was open.
I let myself in.
I hope that's not a problem.
You're Joe's roommate, right? My name's Rand Govender.
Any idea where I might find him? You want to leave a number or something? Does he ever talk about Voysec Systems? How about Addison Reid? Ring a bell? No.
Is this his room? Moved out in a hurry, did he? Looks like he's fallen on some hard times.
Was he working on a little project in here? Meticulous researcher, our Joe.
Hey, you're that guy Joe was looking for, aren't you? I need to help Joe understand that he's made a mistake.
You're gonna tell me where he is.
Voysec servers are state of the art.
It wouldn't be easy hacking Addison's e-mail.
Unless you're someone with high-level access.
A CEO would have access.
Why would Addison want to sabotage us from saving her number-one engineer? There's a good question.
Come on.
Addison's a visionary.
Her tech saves over 20 lives per day.
And those billionaire visionaries always play by the rules.
Either way, we should assume all her communications are compromised.
The car used to kidnap Fraser is registered to a Robin Grayson.
She's 91, reported it stolen yesterday.
Okay, go check it out.
That could be our work around to talk to the kidnapper directly.
We need to show the CCTV of the car to Fraser's wife and his co-worker.
You don't really think they're gonna recognize the car, do you? No, but it'll give us an excuse to talk to them without Addison.
Come on.
Is that him? Is that who took Fraser? We believe so.
Seen the car before? I don't think so.
When the ransom video came in this morning, what was the gossip? People must have been talking about it.
Well, at at first, we thought it was a prank.
Maya? Addison said it was corporate sabotage.
Right, so she didn't give you time to speculate? She didn't want us here, did she? You forwarded the video to the insurance company, they called my team.
Yeah, she said she'd handle it.
Insurance company overruled her.
That's why the kidnapper sent it company-wide.
He knew that Addison would try to sweep it under the rug.
Her whole thing about hiring the best, about sparing no expense.
It was a lie.
I'm sorry, Oliver.
Your visionary is sabotaging our negotiation.
I can't believe Addison would put Fraser in danger.
She's definitely got something to hide.
You think she's talking to that hacker that's intercepting our e-mails? I don't know.
We need to get a better read on Addison.
Show her some of our cards, see how she plays hers.
Except for the video, we've had no contact with the kidnapper.
Someone's been intercepting our communication.
Putting Fraser at huge risk.
Why would anyone want to stop you from talking to the kidnappers? I thought you might be able to tell us.
I have no idea.
Unless it's our competitors stalling, trying to drag this out past our launch deadline.
Or somebody's afraid a secret they're hiding will be exposed as part of the demands.
What kind of secret? A shrug? A shrug doesn't help get Fraser back, Mr.
Find a direct line to the to the kidnapper.
And do it quickly, please.
Velocity, pitch, hesitation.
All way in excess of her normal speech pattern.
Projecting anger.
Classic bluff.
Never meet your heroes.
Oh, Zara and Maxine have got something.
[Siren wailing.]
I'm assuming because you're standing there sucking up all the oxygen that his roommate was no help.
Find me the GPS coordinates, and I will find Joe.
He'll slip up.
When he does, we've got him.
Can we trust Addison to keep her mouth shut? Yes, but not that hostage.
Yeah, but she's counting on getting him back, alive.
You don't think she's gonna freak? We've got bigger problems than Addison.
She said Beaumont knows the e-mails are being intercepted.
You seriously think I'm gonna let them anywhere near us? Zara Hallam, ex-cop, assaulted her boss, no charges laid, quit before she reached full pension.
Maxine Carlson, pen pal at Sing Sing, Damien Delaine the guy that killed her mother at Shiloh.
What about the negotiator? Beaumont's non-existent online, but I found this on his psych expert.
Seems like Mr.
Yates has been making some illegal purchases on the Dark Web.
By the time they clean up this mess, we'll have cleaned up ours.
Maxine: The kidnapper returned the stolen car without the owner seeing him, and he replaced the broken side mirror.
Conscientious of him.
We tracked down the salvage yard that sold him the mirror.
And he used a credit card? No, cash, but he did the repair on the spot.
We were able to pull a print and hit the jackpot.
Joe Morris of no fixed address.
What's he in the system for? His wife took out a restraining order against him.
Why would she do a thing like that? I'm telling you, our life was good.
Joe is a great husband and father, and then about a year ago, it all began to fall apart.
Joe changed? At first, it was little things.
Uh, card declined at the grocery store, pornographic sites on our computer.
I mean, I wouldn't care really But it was out of character? Yeah, and then he was accused of embezzling money at work.
I thought it had to be a mistake, but then when I put the pieces together, the picture of who my husband was started to change.
Secret gambling debts? He emptied his pension to pay them off.
He mortgaged the house.
Did Joe insist that none of this was his doing? He did.
He started to get crazy, saying the bank was lying, all these people were conspiring to frame him.
And when I wouldn't believe him, he became paranoid about safety, convinced something awful was going to happen to Hayley.
Ranting like a lunatic that some auto company was out to get him.
Voysec Systems.
Voysec, yeah.
He blamed them for everything.
The entire basement wall was covered in newspaper clippings, e-mails, photos.
What's going on? I don't think your husband was crazy, and now someone really is out to get him.
[Siren wailing in distance.]
Joe Morris.
We believe he's the man holding Fraser.
Joe is an investigator for the Transportation Safety Board.
He was fired six months ago for embezzling funds.
Since then, he's racked up 600 grand in personal debt.
But, why would he take Fraser? Yeah, he's a straight arrow, meticulous, ethical.
You sure you got the right guy? So he needs money, and he knows how vital Fraser is to the company.
But he hasn't asked for money.
So, what happens now, Mr.
Beaumont? How do we find my husband? Zara and Oliver will check out Mr.
Morris's last known address, and Maxine and I will go back to his wife's place in case he tries to make contact.
[Computer chimes.]
Oh, it's Annie.
She must have traced the video.
- I got to take this.
- Sure.
Annie, my cyber genius, what you got? Annie: Not on this case, I'm not.
Rare modesty.
Addison's e-mails are being intercepted from outside the company.
She's working with the hacker? Whoever's intercepting these e-mails, they're serious players, like NSA-level serious.
We got a lead on the kidnapper, so Shut up.
Did you not hear what I just said? This is not secure.
I'm setting up a chat session through an IRC channel on a no log VPN.
I'm gonna track these guys down, and I'll be in touch.
You rock.
You owe me a vacation.
[Computer chimes.]
[Horn honks, siren wails.]
Joe Morris's last known address.
Pretty grim.
Well, if there's anything here to find, it's gone now.
Must be Joe's roommate.
Looks like he overdosed.
Or it was made to look that way.
Whoever did this, it's gotta be the same person who's been intercepting our e-mails.
We need to get to Joe and Fraser before they do.
- I'm sending this to Eric right now.
- [Camera shutter clicks.]
There's a pay phone two blocks from here.
I'll tip off homicide.
Come on, there's nothing we can do for him.
If Joe thinks Voysec destroyed his reputation, maybe he kidnapped their engineer to force them to take him seriously.
I'd say they're taking him very seriously.
This was his roommate.
They're wiping out any link between him and them.
Meaning Joe and Fraser are in real danger.
We need to talk to Joe.
You have any way of reaching your ex-husband? Uh, last number I have for him is a disused cell.
We haven't spoken in months.
Would you mind if I talked to Hayley for a second? Sure.
"Where the Forest Meets the Moon.
" Didn't it blow your mind when Clara turned into a werewolf? My daughter loved that book.
Yeah, it's awesome.
How long have you been stuck on page 83? A while.
Worried about your dad? You must miss him.
I know I couldn't go more than a couple of days without speaking to my daughter.
I think your dad loves you just as much.
How has he been contacting you? Your mom's not gonna be mad.
She's worried, too.
He gave it to Paula to give to me.
Will you call him for me? I know he'd love to hear from you.
I really want to help your dad.
Just one call.
[Phone beeps, dials.]
[Cellphone vibrating.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Hi, Mouse, how you doing? I I was worried that the crossing guard wouldn't give it to you.
Dad? I picked a number with a lot of 4s.
That still your lucky number? There's someone here that wants to talk to you.
Hayley, no.
Joe, my name is Eric Beaumont.
I am a private negotiator.
Get the hell away from my daughter! She's fine, Joe.
She's at home with me.
We're safe.
Joe, I want you to know that I believe you.
About everything.
I know they hacked your identity.
You don't know anything about me.
I know they took away your life.
Cheryl believes it, too.
Joe, Mr.
Beaumont has explained everything.
I am so sorry.
I know you weren't responsible for all those things you did.
Now?! You believe me now?! Let that man go, and we can work this out.
I can't! I've gone too far.
I can never come home now.
I can get you out of this, Joe, but I need to know Fraser's okay.
Hayley: Mom! What's happening?! Is Daddy okay?! Everything's fine, sweetheart.
The same people who ruined your life have been intercepting our communication.
That's why I had to find a different way to contact you.
Because I want to help you, Joe, but you need to help me.
[Breathing heavily.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Fraser? How are you holding up? Please, get me home to my family.
Tell them There, now you do your part.
[Cellphone beeps.]
That requires a meeting in person.
No, no way.
I know you're a little low on trust right now, but we are running out of time.
They killed your roommate, probably because he couldn't tell them where you'd gone.
Every second we talk, they are coming for you.
Where can we meet, Joe? [Dramatic music plays.]
Picture's clear.
Can we get a sound check? Check check, one two.
Copy that? Zara, kill the engine.
He's persecuted, paranoid, and easily spooked.
If he loses trust, we're not gonna get it back.
[Cellphone chimes.]
Got something from Annie.
[Door squeaks, closes.]
There he is, right on time.
Joe, it's Eric! I've come alone! Just like we agreed on the phone.
[Siren wails.]
No, no, no, no, no! No, no! What are they doing here?! [Siren wails.]
Joe, wait! Wait! [Siren wails.]
Stay in the car, keep your hands where they can see 'em.
- All right, don't move! - Freeze, freeze, freeze! Hands up! Morning, officer.
Anything we can do to help? Oliver Yates? Yes, sir.
Step outside the car.
You're under arrest for drug trafficking and possession.
Thank you.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Who set you up? Nobody.
I bought the oxycodone.
Oliver, they're charging you with trafficking contraband pharmaceuticals.
I bought a lot.
But I barely left a trail, so whoever found this out has some serious level access.
You have the nerve to accuse me of endangering negotiations? Okay, you're focusing on the wrong thing.
What matters right now is M.
Someone's been tracking my activity on the dark web and alerting the police, so it's a big deal.
It's gotta be the same hacker who destroyed Joe.
Are you an addict? You're not dealing, are you? Maxine, can we please talk about that another time, okay? Annie's tracking Joe's location.
You need the password for our secure chat session.
The code is 591-33-607AGHB4457897.
How did you memorize that? Write it down.
I'll tell you how to find the login to reach Annie.
And Maxine, hurry.
There's two innocent lives on the line here.
[Birds squawking.]
[Breathing heavily.]
Eric: We looked into what Joe Morris was working on at the Transportation Safety Board.
Fraser didn't get rid of his car because he wanted the exercise.
He got rid of it because it has Voysec's new collision avoidance systems.
Fraser designed that tech.
He knew better than anyone how safe it was.
Well, he obviously had his doubts.
[Computer beeping.]
We can all get a little paranoid when it comes to our kids.
Fraser submitted the tech three times to the Transportation Safety Board, and every time, Joe Morris sent it back for revisions.
[Computer beeping.]
There's nothing wrong with my technology.
You didn't know that when it went to market six months ago.
Your competitors were gonna beat you to market while this pain-in-the-ass inspector demanded more checks.
Be first or be last.
Being last would mean years of work wasted.
Share price through the floor.
[Breathing shakily.]
So, you got rid of Joe and replaced him with a more amenable inspector.
[Computer chimes.]
The man you paid to steal and manipulate Joe's personal data is a killer who will do anything to protect himself.
I hired him to get Joe Morris out of the way, to discredit him.
That's it.
Well, now you need to call off your dog.
She can't.
You underestimated who you were getting into bed with, and now they're calling the shots.
The only thing you can do to stop this is come clean.
You want to stand with them at Fraser's funeral, or do you want to be the one that brought Fraser back? Give us a name.
[Door opens.]
Joe? What happened? What did they say? It was a trap.
I knew I shouldn't have trusted him.
I can't trust anyone.
If you let me go, I'll vouch for you.
I-I'll talk to the press.
I didn't know Addison was going to do this to you.
I will talk to whoever you want.
You don't get it, do you? No, they'll just find a way to ruin you, too.
I'm gonna give her one more chance, and then it's over.
Joe, please! [Computer chimes.]
[Computer beeping.]
[Computer chimes.]
[Inhales deeply.]
I-I'm sorry, Joe.
[Voice breaking.]
No, you you don't know what you've done.
[Breathing shakily.]
Well, look who just popped up.
Rand: We've got you now.
[Breathing heavily.]
What are you doing? [Electricity sparks.]
[Cellphone beeping.]
Okay, here it is.
I ran the name Addison gave us.
This is him, Rand Govender.
Specializes in opposition research.
That's a hell of a euphemism.
He must have destroyed a lot of lives if he's willing to kill to cover his tracks.
He can't be working alone.
I mean, based on what he's done to Joe, he'd need access to massive amounts of personal data.
[Cellphone chimes.]
It's Annie.
Maxine must have gotten through.
The kidnapper turned on location services on a laptop.
I was able to pinpoint the location, and I'm sending you GPS coordinates right now.
Okay, but if you found them, then Rand has, too.
Also, the hacker remotely accessed Joe's computer from a company called DTR Data Management.
Can you find out who? You think I'm not doing that right now? Anyone who goes after Oliver is going down.
Hang on, I might have a problem.
It's got to be the hacker.
All right, let's go.
Joe? You're a hard man to find.
I'm just here to talk, Joe.
Hello, Fraser.
I'm sorry about this.
It's just business.
Addison Reid hired you, didn't she? [Gasping.]
Answer me! [Coughs.]
Zara: Well, according to the GPS, this is the place.
Let's just hope we're not too late.
Joe, it's Eric.
We're coming down.
You stay away! I've got a gun! [Groans.]
[Gun cocks.]
You you're one of them.
What happened with the police, it was a trap for us.
They stole my colleague's personal data, and they used it against him, just like they did to you.
He destroyed everything.
[Breathing heavily.]
He took everything.
I know.
Addison Reid hired Rand to discredit you.
He has a hacker inside DTR Management.
That's how they got to you, Joe.
They stole your personal information and made it look like you were the criminal.
He's You [Huffs.]
Just to stop me from doing my job, he he turned my family against me? Addison's gonna admit it publicly.
I will hold her to it, you have my word.
He tried to kill me.
Because you've beaten him.
Who knows how many lives you've saved by blowing this wide open? You fought Goliath, and you took him down.
Your family knows the truth.
They're waiting for you.
[Breathing heavily.]
Put down the gun and give your daughter her father back.
[Gun clicks.]
The further she descended, the further the beam of the flashlight allowed Tiggy to see into the basement.
She couldn't quite make out for certain.
I was cold, but unmanageable.
So she shifted her weight and stepped gently down the step.
[Breathing deeply.]
Hey, guys.
Hey, guys.
I love you.
[Door opens.]
Reporter: Voysec CEO Addison Reid resigned today, admitting to hiring fixer Rand Govender to discredit Joe Morris.
Govender and hacker Keeva Wyman stole and manipulated personal data accessed through DTR Data Management Servers.
The Transportation Safety Board is re-examining Voysec's safety systems in the wake of this scandal.
How'd you get 'em to drop the charges? I didn't.
Your father took the blame.
I got to go home.
Earliest flight is 6:00 a.
Take as long as you need.
I'll try not to call you.
How is he? I finally managed to get him out of bed and onto the couch.
[Siren wailing.]
He's had a bad day.
Even the oxycodone barely eases the pain, and the police served him with a warrant.
[Voice breaking.]
I didn't do all this for him to spend his last days in prison.
He's looking at 10 years.
He says he'll be dead by the time it reaches trial.
That pain medication is the only thing that's kept him going this long.
What's up, Dad? Ah, there's my boy.
How was your day, son? Oh, better than yours, by the sound of it.
Yeah, she fusses too much.
And she's terrible at cards.
You heading off again? Nah, thought I'd take you down to gin rummy school, like I always do.
The student challenges the master.
Don't look surprised.
I'll deal.
Well, bring it on.