Ransom (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

The Enemy Within

1 [Tires squealing.]
This is an FBI Black Site.
Must be something big.
You're looking good.
It's been, what? 17 years.
Freddie, this is Oliver Yates, profiler, Zara Hallam, investigations, and Maxine Carlson, my second.
Team, this is Executive Assistant Director Freddie Woods, my old boss at the Bureau.
Taught me everything I used to know.
So, how can we help? Follow me.
What do you guys know about a radical political group called The Philadelphia Project? They're ethno-nationalists.
They don't define themselves as racists just advocate for the immediate return of all races to their ancestral homeland for the sake of human biodiversity.
- Sounds pretty racist to me.
- They're racist.
James Ellis one of the top guys in the project.
Came to us a few days ago warning of a mass-casualty event that was gonna happen.
Said he wanted to make a deal, but before we could get anything in place, he and both of his lieutenants were killed in an explosion in a makeshift bomb lab.
What were they working on? We have no idea.
We found a burnt SIM card at the site, but we were able to pull the name of another member of the group off of it.
Charlotte Walker, 21-year-old student at St.
Christopher's College in Manhattan.
Comes from a small town in Wisconsin, has a 4.
0 grade point average.
Her father is a big local employer, and her mother runs the local choir at the neighborhood Baptist church.
Her? We've had her here for 24 hours.
We've tried everything.
Everything? Yes, Ms.
Hallam everything.
We flew her parents in from Wisconsin, see if we could shake her up, but she stayed dumb.
She doesn't even want a lawyer.
So, what can I do? Well, little Miss Walker here made one statement “On Friday morning, 9:00 a.
, the world will hear what I've got to say”" Look, we know she's part of this.
I can't get anything out of her.
I thought you could take a shot.
In 124 minutes or less.
You know how many strings I had to pull to get you here? Hmm? I'll run the point.
Zara, dig into the research.
Let me front-load this for you.
All her cellphone records, all the background data, and we've got her laptop, but they're working on the encryption.
Thank you.
All right, Maxine, come with me.
Maxine, I want you questioning everything.
With this time pressure, mistakes can happen.
Okay, so, first question What's your relationship with Woods? Cute.
We were close.
Now not so much.
So why did he call you? 'Cause the Ghostbusters weren't available.
and Mrs.
Walker? Has our daughter said anything? Not yet.
You're with the FBI? I used to be.
We're working together on this.
You have to help us, Miss.
There's been a terrible mistake.
My daughter is not some terrorist.
I-I raised her right.
I'm sure you did.
She's afraid of something.
That's why she won't talk to us.
Must be.
What do you think, Mr.
Walker? Well, I-I think we sacrificed everything for Charlotte.
Gave her an education, helped pay for her college in New York City.
Now we're here.
Will you excuse us? That's the big question, right? What's a girl like that doing here? It's not the big question.
It's the only question.
Work on it.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna go ask her.
113 minutes until we get a surprise.
Okay, we're live.
[Radio chatter.]
[Footsteps approach.]
You can't do anything to me that hasn't already been done.
Except give you what you want.
Is there anything I can get for you? Are you comfortable? Would you like some water? Coffee? You got to be hungry.
I have Charlotte's FBI profile here.
Says she bought the Philadelphia Project textbook and swallowed it whole.
The FBI has profiled her as a dogmatic extremist.
What do you think? I don't know.
Maybe they're right.
But whatever they've tried up until now, it's only shut her down.
She's not afraid.
Okay, let's get serious.
Open up.
I see that you're not feeling chatty.
[Buzzer, click.]
I'm not surprised.
I'm sure the last 24 hours have been pretty suboptimal from your point of view.
Just so that we don't get off on the wrong foot, I want to introduce myself.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
[Door closes.]
I would shake you by the hand, but I can see that'd be awkward.
Good manners aside, in this moment, the thing I want you to know about me is that I am not an FBI agent.
In fact, I don't work for the government at all.
You don't believe me? I can prove it.
You ever seen a guy on a government salary in a shirt this nice? Handmade in London.
Tough crowd.
What's he doing? He always says a negotiator shouldn't talk more than 20% of the time.
We don't have time to follow protocol.
He's got to find something she reacts to a hot spot draw her out, get her talking.
9:00 a.
, the world will hear what you have to say.
Sounds pretty ominous.
There's no chance you'll just tell me what you mean by that, is there? Well, you can't blame a guy for trying.
I don't get it.
How do you go from this to that? Let's start simple.
What's your name? You know my name.
What's your favorite candy? Jelly beans.
No way.
Mine too, actually.
You won't even talk to me about candy? I guess you're just following orders.
Oliver: Okay.
Okay, look at that.
We have some slight reddening on her neck, in case you can't see it.
Power struggle.
Use it.
It's the hot spot.
Must be some very scary men you're working for, if the idea of betraying them is worse than a lifetime in jail.
Oh, you don't you don't work for them? I don't I don't understand.
I mean, you'd have to.
You're 21.
You're female.
You can't possibly be much more than a pretty face for the boss to look at.
I know what you're doing.
I've studied my enemy's techniques.
Of course you do, Charlotte.
You're smart.
You're not a follower.
You're a leader, a decision maker.
And they, Charlotte, are my favorite type of people because they're the people you can do deals with.
Everyone who has come into this cage so far, who are watching and listening to us right now, they've been interrogators.
They've been trying to extract information from you against your will, but you have beaten them.
So they called me a negotiator.
You can't get me what I want.
The only thing I care about in a negotiation is human life.
That is the one line I will not cross, but everything I mean, everything else is on the table.
I may not be able to give you everything that you want but I will get you what you need.
Let me give you something.
So, Charlotte, what is it you want? I want to know the time.
Yes! 7:36 a.
They made an exchange.
He's starting to negotiate.
Are you lying about the time? No.
Are you lying about something awful happening at 9:00 a.
? No.
No, I didn't think so.
And if you play by the rules, then so do I.
Now, tell me what's gonna happen at 9:00.
You know what Malcolm X said about coffee? “It's the only thing I like integrated”" Smart man.
You don't take your coffee black? You think I'm a racist.
I'm not.
So what do you believe? That the mixing of races is a terrible mistake.
Let me ask you.
Why do they separate women and men in the Olympics? - Tell me.
- Don't be obtuse.
It's because men are stronger.
It wouldn't be fair.
So why not separate the races? I mean, after all, when did you last see a white guy win the 100-meter dash? The greatest lie at the end of the 20th century was that race was irrelevant, that mixing peoples of different abilities and characteristics wouldn't have a negative effect.
That you could keep a lamb and a wolf in the same pen, and the lamb wouldn't get eaten.
How is he just sitting there, listening to this? No, he needs to keep her talking, Maxine.
If he calls her out on that garbage, she'll just shut down.
In New York City, one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, go to the Grove Outreach Clinic in Queens.
You'll see terrible things.
Bugs everywhere, rats.
In the richest country in the world? And you're telling me these people wouldn't do better in a country where they truly belonged? Would you forward me those files on Charlotte? Coming your way.
I just talked to the techs.
They were able to crack her laptop, but the hard drive just wiped itself.
What about the metadata? Yeah, I'm getting an ETA on that.
Charlotte: All people of color face discrimination.
Oh, he's got her talking.
Asian-Americans score the highest on standardized tests - Huh.
- by a huge margin, and yet, less than 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are from minorities.
So, if I'm understanding correctly and please bear with me, because I can be slow you're saying that everybody knows that the mixing of races doesn't work, but they're too afraid to say so.
So you're just speaking the truth? Yes.
If that's so, is violence and, presumably, death the best way of getting people to listen? Maxine: Charlotte told Mr.
Beaumont about an outreach center.
The Grove Clinic is a 45-minute subway ride from her apartment.
And she's on our health insurance.
Her phone records say she called them 23 times in the last 12 months.
Any idea what she might be doing at an outreach clinic? That doesn't sound like our daughter.
We don't know this girl at all.
You have the full attention of the U.
Whatever you say could reach the president in 30 seconds.
I mean, considering everything potentially at your disposal, is your plan the best way of spreading this truth? This isn't an interrogation, Charlotte.
This is an opportunity.
$500 million in Bitcoin.
Untraceable currency.
Not stupid.
We can get working on that.
Open up.
The people that you're working for the government they know what I'm saying makes sense.
They're not gonna spend $500 million to stop me.
Are you sure that your plan is going to work? I mean the people you're working with blew themselves up.
She's clenching her jaw.
Hot spot.
Or maybe it wasn't an accident.
Maybe you found out that there was an FBI informant in your group, and you felt you had to eliminate them.
Now it's just you.
And the bombs I have walking around New York City.
[Siren wailing.]
Today we are going to be solving quadratic equations.
You have been totally underestimated, Charlotte.
It goes to “Severe”" Yes, all five boroughs, all the transportation hubs.
Yeah, yeah.
They got your metadata.
She said “walking around.
” I mean suicide bombers, right? Maybe.
[Cellphone rings.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Maxine Carlson.
Right now, with just over an hour to go before the bombs go off, you have all the leverage.
We're over a barrel, so be smart.
$500 million in Bitcoin.
Oliver: Latency's off a fraction.
I don't think you're being straight with me, Charlotte.
I don't think you'd call off those bombs even if we did give you $500 million.
I got something.
Eric? I searched through her Tor Browser metadata looking for some black-market sites.
I found orders she placed for TATP and wireless bomb triggers.
What do you mean, “walking around New York City”? That seems strange to me stealing from the ISIS playbook.
But, then, you're using TATP, which means the bombs are small.
Her pupils are dilating fight-or-flight response.
She's afraid now.
Small, walking bombs.
May I? Yeah.
Eric, if she's using suicide vests, why wireless triggers? The thing is, suicide bombers set themselves off, but you're using wireless triggers, so you're using innocent people.
But how? [Cellphone dings.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Eric, I spoke to the clinic and sent a photo.
I just got confirmation.
Last summer, she volunteered there under a fake name.
All right.
I'll stop with the dumb questions.
You're clearly not gonna tell me how you rigged innocent people to blow, but maybe you will tell me why you've been volunteering at that medical center you mentioned.
I mean, you got to see it from my perspective.
Seems like an awfully strange extracurricular for a person like you.
These people are poor.
They eat cheap food and get diabetes.
Soon, they need their feet amputated.
She's deflecting.
If they're lucky, they get given prosthetics from the 1970s that don't fit, and their lives are pain.
No, speech pattern is consistent.
She's not making this up.
Doesn't mean she's not using it to hide something.
These people are desperate.
Eric: Open up.
[Buzzer, click.]
[Door closes, locks.]
We got a lot of variation on the word “desperate”" I caught it.
It gave me an idea, and not a very pleasant one.
The silicone balloons they found at the bomb lab What did they want to use them for? Um, waterproofing, maybe.
How about weight loss? Look for “the Grove Clinic” and “trial.
” See what you can find.
Intragastric balloon.
I'm gonna call the clinic.
Woods: Eric.
I got confirmation.
If she can prove the threat, I've been authorized to offer her $100 million cryptocurrency.
Oh, it's a false demand.
She's grandstanding.
Then why ask for Bitcoin? Why be so specific? Even so, what makes you think she wouldn't just take the money and let the bombs explode anyway? [Sighs.]
No, it's a good thing.
She's starting to conceptualize other outcomes.
It's the first step.
I will find a common objective between us, but money is not the answer.
After all this time and you're still so naive.
You still think anybody can be reached.
They're not talking about the case.
They're talking about the siege at Shiloh.
You've established rapport.
She seems to trust you.
There's still time to make the exchange.
I'll confirm that the bombs have been defused.
Then you leave, and I will deal with her.
Remember you and I, we've been here before.
That's right.
We have been.
I'm trying to find a different outcome.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Woods was at Shiloh had to have been.
Eric left the FBI in 2000, right after Shiloh.
It's the only time he's ever lost a life in a negotiation.
That was 17 years ago.
That's why he and Woods don't talk anymore.
How is this relevant to our case? It might disrupt the dynamic between our team and the client, Woods roadblock the case.
Like you're doing right now.
I'm doing my job.
Yeah? Couldn't tell.
You know what, Oliver? Just say it.
Spit it out.
You know, this is exactly what I was worried about and the reason I didn't think it was a good idea to hire you.
Your connection to Shiloh clouding your judgment and distracting you from a negotiation.
A-Are you saying this case is not emotional for you? Because she's talking about sending you to Africa.
Grenada, actually.
But it's all the same, right? Oh, please, Oliver.
Come on.
At the root, you know every case is about emotion.
Guys! Ticktock.
[Buzzer, click.]
Miss me? No, not really.
I had your voice to keep me company.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
- Charlotte: If you suffer from stomach ulcers, The Grove is here to help.
We will pay you $100 to take part in a medical trial which will not only heal [Cellphone beeps.]
You hacked their patient database and sent this message to 3,000 people.
I think you proved your point.
You do have to be pretty vulnerable and yes, desperate to take part in a medical trial for just 100 bucks.
Especially a trial where someone plants a bomb inside your stomach.
What? Do we know where these people are who they are, even? No.
Even if we did, how do you defuse a bomb that's inside you? What time is it, Mr.
Beaumont? That's right, sir the Grove Clinic.
The ulcer trial.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you for your time.
[Cellphone beeps.]
You getting anything? No.
They were selective.
We've got a list of 145 callers to this fake clinic number, and so far, everyone says they were rejected for the trial.
There's got to be a strategy.
Do you wonder how I stood up to all this? Them trying to break me.
Do you know “Invictus”? Nelson Mandela memorized it when he was on Robben Island.
It helped him through 27 years of torture.
“It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll.
” “I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.
” Are you, though? I'm not sure.
You play it cool, but I feel like there are some emotional issues there.
It's crazy how much background the FBI can pull on the drop of a dime.
The problem sometimes is knowing what to look for.
- Needle in a haystack.
- Mm-hmm.
I just pricked my finger.
Good morning.
I'm calling from the Grove Clinic to follow up on your trial.
Yeah, what about it? [Snapping fingers.]
We would like to check in on your progress.
Do you have five minutes to discuss how it's going? I guess.
Um, have you experienced any physical discomfort? Get a trace on that call.
Pull him up.
He's a janitor at the ZPS Bank Building.
Exposure there would be devastating.
That's the strategy high-value targets, small explosions in vulnerable places.
Look, go to the lists, build up a profile.
Let's see Let's see who else she'd pick.
Get me Tactical.
You got something? Eric? I did some digging into Charlotte's mother.
She's spent a total of 8 months over the past 10 years in various mental-health institutions.
She's currently on some pretty heavy mood stabilizers.
Charlotte wants to portray her motives as purely rational and logical.
What if there's something emotional driving her? Charlotte.
Tell me about your family.
Oh, don't try that.
You know they brought my parents.
“Do you know what you're doing to your parents?” She's playing casual, but this is definitely a hot spot, Eric.
- Does that bother you? - No.
They even tried to claim that my parents came here to help them.
And you you don't believe that? My parents aren't really the type of people that can, uh face the truth.
Huge variation here.
I don't understand.
My dad was the type of guy that he hid a bottle of vodka in the toilet tank at church.
Maybe look you in the eye if it was your birthday.
And your mother? [Chuckling.]
Oh, she she just kept smiling and singing.
It's people like that people that just pretend like everything is perfect while their insides rot and everything else around them burns.
Open up.
[Buzzer, click, door opens.]
We have about 500 photographs we need you to look at.
Um, childhood friends, uh uh friendships at school I know you don't want to believe it, but your daughter is about to be responsible for something truly awful.
She's planted bombs inside innocent people and rigged them to blow in about a half-hour.
But I can stop it.
I can save her from herself.
If you help me.
What can I do? You can tell me the truth.
Why is Charlotte so fixated by race? What's driving her to do these things? Please tell me before it is too late.
I was young and newly married.
Have there been any changes in your mood since the clinical trial? Is this gonna take much longer? Get down on your knees! [People screaming.]
Clear the area! What's going on?! Please.
Just stay calm.
Hands on your head! I didn't do anything! They're just gonna shoot him?! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! You're gonna help him, right? Maxine: You can't shoot that man.
He's innocent.
So was Jessica Ford.
What do you know about Jessica Ford? Target's acquired.
Please advise.
[Voice breaking.]
She was my mother.
You were in command at the Shiloh siege.
You got Tactical too close, built too much pressure.
You got her killed.
We saved 38 souls that day.
And you lost one.
Not again.
Red Team, on my call.
Executive Assistant Director Woods.
Just contain him.
Evacuate the area, get in whatever support teams that you can, but Eric will find a way.
Trust your judgment.
You know how good he is.
It's why you called him.
[Inhales deeply.]
Red Team, hold until further notice.
Stand down! I wanted to say, but it's really not something we ever talk about.
I didn't know if it would help or I understand.
[Cellphone chimes.]
You did the right thing.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Excuse me.
You sick son of a Jessica Ford.
Are you so damaged, you had to hire the daughter of a dead woman to ease your conscience? Maybe.
I think about Shiloh every minute of every day, Every time I work a case, I am back there, trying to fix it, trying to get her back.
But, Freddie we got people walking around Manhattan with bombs in their bodies, and, broken as I am, I'm the only one who can save them.
[Buzzer, click, door opens.]
Charlotte, how do you feel about Larry Walker? Did you notice I called him Larry Walker and not your father? 'Cause he isn't your father, is he? Not biologically.
This man is.
His name is Nate Bridges.
But you already knew that, of course.
Your mother told me that she met your biological father on a choir trip to Boston, said she'd never met a man like him.
Never felt a connection to another human being quite like it.
She was going to leave Larry, but when she got home, she got scared.
She confessed, begged forgiveness, swore never to talk to Nate again.
Larry agreed to raise you as his own, as long as it was a secret.
So, I am curious How did you find out? He screamed it at me one night when he was drunk and I had knocked over a vase.
I was 11 years old.
He should ask for a concession.
No, she's not ready yet.
So, then, you knew.
It explained it all, right? The way Larry would look at you or not.
You were another man's child a black man's child.
And you never thought to try and get ahold of your real father? No.
You were afraid that he would reject you, too.
So I'm wondering How did it happen? All those feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred when did it turn into all this? You're new in the city, it's overwhelming, you you don't make many friends, you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you start reading Richard B.
Spencer, Nicholas Wade, and before you know it, you've got a cause a way to prove to the world, Larry Walker, and yourself that you are not nothing.
But, Charlotte, you set this chaos loose, you'll still be you.
You'll still feel the same way because race and multiculturalism are not your issue.
They never were.
Larry Walker is your issue.
Eric, now.
Press for a concession.
There are 12 minutes left, Charlotte.
Still time to make a deal.
Let's go disable some bombs.
[Cellphone rings.]
- [Cellphone beeps.]
- Hey.
Oliver, patch me in to Eric.
Eric, we identified four high-value targets from the trial volunteer list the janitor that we know about, a subway worker, a high-school teacher, and a hospital care worker.
But, Eric, they bought five triggers.
There's one bomb missing.
Zara, tell Freddie Woods to send Larry Walker to me right now.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Open up.
[Buzzer, click.]
[Radio chatter.]
Evacuate all personnel.
What is happening? [Keys clank.]
Walker, in just under five minutes' time, bombs that have been planted by your daughter in the stomach of innocent people are going to explode, killing them and potentially many others.
Our working theory is that a deeply unhappy and unloving family dynamic has mutated in Charlotte to create a self-loathing that she is trying to alleviate with a spectacular act of terrorism.
Unfortunately for you and me the only person she hates more than herself is the man she blames for letting it all happen.
Clear the building right now! Out! Everybody out! Come on! Hustle! Go! You're not coming? No.
Please, please, please, Bunny Don't call me that.
You spineless worm.
So weak.
You raised another man's baby as your own instead of admitting how much you hated it.
A man so pathetic, you can spike his whiskey and shove an explosive down his throat without any trouble at all.
You ruined my life.
And unlike you, I don't ignore my problems.
I solve them.
I've been here before.
17 years ago, in fact.
I saw another woman young, like yourself who was ready to die for a cause and kill innocent people at the same time.
When I looked into her eyes, I could see that it was true.
I I couldn't convince her to turn back.
When I look at you, I don't see the same thing.
Do you know the name Jessica Ford? No.
You can die today, take your father with you and others and it'll be for nothing.
No one will ever even know why you did it.
You'll be forgotten.
And worse he'll win.
You'll be the outcast that he raised you to be.
All that pain in your heart, the hatred that's not yours.
That's his.
Let it go.
Can I have your phone? To defuse the bombs? There's an online switch.
Don't trust her.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
- Here.
Back up! [Beeping.]
[Radio chatter.]
Come on.
Go, go, go! [Sniffles.]
Walker: Bunny.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't protect you from him.
Good job today.
Is it true? What you said about my mom that she was gonna do something awful? Maxine, your mother knew that if you stayed with her So she sent you to live in your aunt's house and you thrived.
Your mother loved you, Maxine.
Whatever else she might have done, she would be proud of you.
Of who you've become.
[Clears throat.]
Woods: We've located the other three, and they're being prepped very carefully for surgery.
[Clears throat.]
[Inhales deeply.]
How's your family? Good.
Uh T-The youngest is, uh she's just off to college.
Time flies.
How's that cocker spaniel you had? The one with the weird leg? Dead a couple years now.
Miss him.
Miss him a lot.
We did good today.
- Yeah, we did good.
- Yeah.
You guys want to ride home together? Absolutely.
We can play “I Spy.