Ransom (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Girl on a Train

1 (Low hum of chatter) Gina: Here you go.
Take care, honey.
Bye, Aunt Gina.
Tell your Mom I'll call her tomorrow.
- Man: A bientot.
- Woman: Au Revoir, Mademoiselle! (Train rumbles away) I don't believe in sorrow Though it's growing every way (Music plays through headphones) (Train rattles) (Ominous music) (Phone chimes) Hello? Hey, Mom, did you get the puppy? Yes, I got him! Ah! Send me a picture.
Mia, you'll see him soon enough - I'll bring him to the station.
- Mom, please! - All right.
- Bear! Bear! - (Shutter clicks) (Phone chimes) Oh, he's the cutest thing ever.
(Laughs) (Door slams) (Phone beeps off) (Bell rings) Man: Les voyageurs sur 10, sur Le train à plate-forme 3, départ Dans 15 minutes.
(Footsteps thud) Les voyageurs De I'express 10, embarquez sur Le train sur la voie 3.
Départ Dans 15 minutes.
(Bear whimpers) (Phone beeps on) Bear, come.
Come, come on.
(Dialing beeps) Come on.
Come on, Mia.
Pick up! Come on, now.
- Come on, sweetheart.
- (Bear whimpers) Excuse me! Guard: This is a direct train from Entrevaux, Madam.
Doors and windows lock automatically.
If you try to open the door? Beep! The alarm sounds.
You can't get off.
But she was on this train, I spoke to her! Then you must have missed her on the platform.
She's probably on her way home.
No, no.
She knew that I was meeting her.
(Phone chimes) (Phone continues to chime) (Hurried steps thud) (Phone continues to chime) (Phone chimes and buzzes) Where is my daughter? Where is she? Thanks for agreing to meet with us, Mr.
We hear you're the best.
And the police haven't found a lead yet.
Did you just recently announce this reward money? Yeah.
It was last week.
Carlo: To be honest we're frustrated with the investigation.
So we re-mortgaged the house to raise the reward money.
And then this arrived on our doorstep.
As soon as we put up the posters.
(Bag crinkles) Well, it certainly looks like Mia.
"I know what happened to her.
Fan Bar, 4 p.
No cops or I don't show.
Wear the hat.
" That's in a few hours.
This is the first sign we've had in six months Mia is even alive.
- What? - Well, we don't know when this picture was taken, Mrs.
It could've been six months ago.
- So she could be dead.
- No one's saying that.
But we do need proof of life.
When Mia first went missing, we paid out ten grand to scammers who turned out to be in Russia.
We need to know if this is for real.
Well, we should find that out when I meet whoever sent this.
(Train whooshes) Excuse me.
We got anything? Well, witnesses place Mia in the front carriage, but her suitcase and guitar were found in the back, along with her phone.
Well, no teenager leaves her phone.
How could she get off a moving train? When the stain stops moving, I guess, right? But then the station CCTV would've shown her getting off the platform.
- (Oliver sighs) - Unless she didn't.
60 passengers got off the train in Menton.
Not one of them was Mia.
What are you looking at here? Maybe she didn't get off at all.
I don't believe in sorrow This is her, last year.
Though it's growing every way Wow, she is so talented.
Carlo got her that guitar in Spain.
I gather he's Mia's step-father.
Yeah, but-but he's really her dad.
She hasn't seen her biological father since we left Detroit.
- (Bear barks) - Oh, good boy, Bear.
Good boy.
He wants out.
We finally got this rascal house-trained.
He so sweet.
How old is he? Eight months.
He was a gift for Mia, she never even got to see him.
She didn't pick him out? No, she insisted I get him while she was at my sister's, so that he'd be here when she got back.
Mia spent every summer at your sister's place in Entrevaux Oh, she could ride horses there all day long.
It's a 90-minute trip, there were no stops.
I-I don't understand why someone would take her from a moving train.
We have your sister's address? I'd like my investigator, Zara Hallam, and Oliver Yates, my profiler, - to speak with her.
- Of course.
If you think it would help.
It could.
There is no way a person could hide in this thing.
Well, so much for being rolled out.
Does this train go back to Entrevaux, after? No, Monsieur, this is the last train on this line.
So where does it go after Menton? (corrects with a French accent) Menton.
Steward: Into a garage till morning.
(Compartment rolls up) Can you get in there? - Me? - Yeah.
You're about Mia's size.
(Sighs) Et voilà.
Can you close it? (Rattles down) Hm.
Can I come out now? Well, you have to do it yourself.
(Huffs) Ever the gentleman.
To see if it's possible, Houdini.
(Grunts) It's possible.
Then it's probable since this is the only possibility anyone's ever found.
So she wasn't taken, she run away.
But what was she running from? Oh, he's not afraid of being seen in a public place.
Maxine: That's if he shows up.
Could be another scam.
Let's hope not.
Une pression, s'il vous plaît.
(whispers) No CCTV, inside or out.
No worries.
I've got a stunning visual on your beer.
- Laurie: So now what? - Hm.
Well, now we sit and wait.
(Phone rings) Maxine: Wait, he's calling.
Someone just slipped a phone into my pocket.
I may have to go off-line for a while.
What? Why? Well, I guess someone wants to show me who's in charge.
- (Beeps phone on) - Hello? Jean-Luc: Drop your Tech in the beer.
No one listens, no one records me.
- Eric? - There.
And the button cam, too.
All right.
- Done! - Crap! Laurie: Is that normal? Um, n-not exactly.
Jean-Luc: Walk through the door behind you, into the back room.
That's it.
Just keep walking straight ahead.
(Cooks chat in French) Yeah.
Keep going.
Turn left as you go in.
Keep still.
I usually I insist on dinner first.
I don't carry a weapon.
I would if I were you.
Carrying a gun actually increases your risk - of getting killed.
- So does being born.
Shoes Take them off.
You're not Mia's father.
I'm a negotiator hired by Mia's parents.
Eric Beaumont.
- Eric Beaumont? - Have we met? Sit down, Mr.
That's nice and cold.
Your note said you know what happened to Mia Crockett.
That's right.
I'm listening.
No, I did not take her, but I can bring Mia home.
For that I'll need half of the reward money up-front - for costs.
That reward is for information on Mia's whereabouts.
You just tell us where she is, and we'll pay you.
I bring her to you.
That's the deal, take it or leave it.
Let me be clear you want half the reward money now - to bring Mia home.
- "Reformulation.
" You're repeating what I said to build trust.
You seem to know something about negotiating techniques.
You could say that.
Then you know that Mia's family can't pay anything until they get proof of life.
I sent them the photo, didn't I? That could've been taken six months ago.
We need proof that Mia is alive now.
- (Beer mugs smash) - All right.
(Beeps on) Eric, are you okay? Swell.
I'm gonna send a description of my friend from the bar.
Mid to late 40s, French national, - armed and aggressive.
- Sounds charming.
He had a military insignia on a chain around his neck, looked like flames.
Can you get Zara to run it, see if Oliver can work up a profile.
They're at the farm talking to aunt right now.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna go shopping.
(Horses whinny) Zara: Your niece came here every summer? Yeah.
She loved it here.
I can see why.
This place belonged to my husband's family he died two years ago.
But what has this got to do with her disappearance.
Probably nothing.
Just helps us create a complete picture.
Was Mia close to her mother? Very.
You know her real dad walked out 10 years ago.
How did she get along with her stepfather? Carlo is a good guy.
He had his wild times, but he left them back in Detroit.
Thanks for your time.
She says Carlo is a good guy, yet still mentions his wild times.
- You think it means something? - Not sure.
I could live here.
Oliver Yates.
I never pictured you as a country kind of guy.
Are you kidding me? I rode horses every weekend - until I was like 17.
- You did not.
I have a closet full of trophies to prove it to you.
- You look left, you're lying.
- There is a bee on you.
(Phone buzzes) Maxine: Hey, are you in Entrevaux? Yeah, we're just leaving her Aunt Gina's now.
Maxine: Eric made the guy who sent the photo he need you to come back here and work the profile.
Zara: Will do.
La Gare d'Entrevaux, s'il Vous plaît.
Man: Bien sur, Madame.
(Car rumbles off) (Bell tolls) (Low hum of chatter) Hey girls, any of you into dancing or singing? I'm casting a commercial in Cannes next week - Thank you.
- Okay.
Can I get a picture? - Thank you.
- Oui.
(Laughing) Beautiful.
(Shutter clicks) Oh, show me those cute little booties of yours.
- Okay.
- Yeah, beautiful.
Now, call the number on the sheet and if you get through the first round, you get 1000 euros for a screen test.
Good bye.
(Motorcycle engine roars) Yeah.
Me again.
Mia! Where is she? I haven't seen her I told you, not since I took that picture eight months ago.
Who did you take the picture for, Trudi? Who were you "casting" for? I don't remember.
I gave you the photo, now buzz off! (Slap) Agh! Tell me where she is.
Oliver: Mia wasn't taken from that train.
We think she hid on it and snuck off later.
If that's how she got away, what is she running from? Zara: We checked on Mia's step-father.
He has a rap sheet for assault and battery.
You think she's running from him? I'm pretty sure she wasn't running away from her mother.
Why do you say that? Well, let's just say, I think escaping from that train wasn't the only thing she planned.
(Bear pants) The dog? A teenage girl wants to pick out her own puppy, unless Unless the puppy wasn't for her.
It was for her mother.
To comfort her after she disappeared.
Ah, that's the saddest thing I ever heard.
The question isn't just why she ran, but why she ran like this.
It would've been easier for her to slip of her bedroom at night.
She must have plan this for weeks, months.
So if this was her plan all along, then where is she running to? Nice kicks, dude.
Surprisingly comfortable.
Oliver: So Eric the medallion you described around the guys neck is an insignia worn by members of the French Foreign Legion.
I thought that was only in old movies.
Well, it still exists and it's a pretty tough outfit.
Can you run the button-cam video? I have an idea.
He managed to slip a phone in my pocket right after I sat down.
There was a mirror in front of me.
We might be able to ID him from the reflection.
- There.
That him? - Mhm.
Sure is.
Oliver: Rewinding.
Oh, he turns away right then so we can't see his face.
This guy is good.
And he wants you to know it.
He knew my name.
Recognized my negotiating technique.
You think he's a professional? - What kind of professional? - Bounty hunter.
Well, if he is, he'll be easy to find.
Interpol keeps a database of all active bounty hunters.
Zara: Yeah.
They're usually ex-military.
Mercenaries who see themselves as white knights.
Okay, hold on.
That's him.
That's our knight in shining armor.
Jean-Luc Larcher 45, French national, ex-Foreign Legion.
Missions in Afghanistan and French Guiana.
Where his military career came to an abrupt end, since then he's been an army of one.
Specializing in slave retrievals.
Slave retrievals? Rescuing women abducted for trafficking.
There are a handful of guys who make a living like this.
Oliver: Since 2013, he's been wanted by Interpol for questioning about a shooting in an Austrian brothel.
The girl he was trying to rescue was executed by her kidnappers.
You don't think Mia was trafficked? What? That he found her in a brothel? Oh, I hope not.
But this man's armed and dangerous.
If he gets to Mia before we do, he could do more harm than good.
So you're saying Mia ran away? I don't believe it.
I know it's a lot to take in, but we need to move quickly, Mrs.
Crockett, to get to Mia before this bounty hunter.
Where could she have gone? Was there a boyfriend, girlfriend, someone she met online? There was no one.
The police went through all this, six months ago.
Did you notice a change in behavior or mood? Mrs.
Crockett? My husband drowned in the lake two years ago.
It hit Mia pretty hard.
She started writing more songs.
They were-they were beautiful, but they were sad.
She was playing them for people, friends at parties.
People on the street.
All right.
Let's see if anyone remembers Mia singing.
Talk to street musicians, try bars with live music.
Ooh-oooh-ooohhhh You've got no where Charlotte: I saw the poster at the shelter.
I thought about going to the police, but I was afraid.
Why? I met a talent scout.
She offered me 1000 euros to sing happy birthday to some billionaire.
She took me to some mansion Mia was there.
And what happened? He wanted us to sleep with him.
But I thought that Mia was living there.
- Did you talk to Mia? - Not much, but she seemed nervous, maybe scared.
She told me to get out while I still could.
'Cause in my head I'm walking though all of this crowd Can never reach for you again I'm in the suburbs of your smiles Do you remember the name of the man? We won't tell the police.
We just wanna find Mia.
We all sang "happy birthday to Rafael".
(Strums final cord) (Claps) Beau-ti-ful! Bravo! Bravo! This little one, she writes all her own songs.
How about that? She is going to be a star! (Chuckles) Okay, drink up! It's a party! (Guests applaud) (Low hum of party chatter) (Dance music plays) I love her voice, she is amazing.
(Footsteps clank) (Lock rattles, gate squeaks open) Two minutes.
If he sees you, he'll kill me.
T'inquiète pas, ma belle.
(Party laughter and chatter) (Shutter clicks) Maxine: This is our birthday boy that Charlotte sang to? Rafael Blauch, 56, hedge-fund billionaire.
Friend to CEOs, Senators and Royals.
Manipulative, narcissistic.
Charged twice with corrupting minors.
Both girls settled out of court.
But there were allegations that he intimidated them into dropping the charges.
I don't care how upset Mia was about her uncle's death.
Why would she wanna be with this creep? Well, however she got there, our bounty hunter, Jean-Luc, apparently knows where she is and means to "rescue" her by force.
Well, let's confront Mr.
Pervert Billionaire, - demand to see Mia.
- Given his record, he'd probably put her into hiding.
And if we call the cops? Well, we have no proof, right? No evidence said she's being held against her will.
- I can't just do nothing! - Yeah.
She's right.
We wait for Jean-Luc to go in there, guns blazing, someone's bound to get hurt.
(Phone buzzes) JeanLuc.
Says he has proof of life.
He wants me to meet him back at the bar.
Jean-Luc: There's your proof of life, check the time stamp.
Taken today.
Merci, Monsieur Larcher.
So you know my name? If you're thinking of using that picture to find her yourself, don't.
I don't want the reward.
What, you do all this for free? This time I am.
We're more alike than you want to admit.
- Both of us guns for hire.
- Only you carry a gun.
I could shoot you right now.
You could.
But you won't.
You're competition.
Why not? Oh, because we both wanna bring Mia home.
So give me my money, I'll get her.
I just need to show this picture to her family first.
It's her.
I know you're trying to stall me, Mr.
I'm here to negotiate.
Where Mia is, they don't negotiate.
They did this? This will happen to Mia, too, unless I get her out of there.
So let me do my job and get me my money.
(Birds chirp) (Emotional exhale) My baby's alive.
She is.
But her life's still at risk.
This bounty hunter, he doesn't actually have Mia.
He means to take her from Blauch's mansion by force.
And we think that could be extremely dangerous.
So how do we get her back? Well, we negotiate for her release.
- How? - We need leverage.
And with this photo, we think we have it.
Our billionaire Blauch has had a lot of trouble with the authorities, and yet here they are, partying at his home.
This guy's an English Duke set to make billions for Blauch in an upcoming merger.
And then there is this guy Christophe Edelman, head of regional trading standards.
- Is that useful? - Extremely.
Okay, time to trap a billionaire.
Oh, I think he needs a bigger boat.
(Seagulls cry) Have you been trespassing on my property, Mr.
Beaumont? No, Mr.
Blauch, but Mia Crockett has been missing for six months.
Mia's a big girl.
She can do what she likes.
Well, she was 17 when she came to your home.
French law forbids the removal of a minor from their parents' authority.
And your point is? Christophe Edelman, head of the regional trading regulatory body, currently overseeing your merger.
By law, he can't be in the same room with you.
Let alone at a sex party by your pool.
What has this to do with Mia? Well, you let her go, and these pictures go away.
Your merger goes through.
And you avoid prison for insider trading.
(Chuckles) I don't do prison.
It's a factor of money, you see like everything else.
Like pretty girls.
You'd rather lose billions of euros on your merger, than let one girl go home to her mother? Carla, show Mr.
Beaumont and Ms.
Carlson off the boat.
They can collect Mia in one hour from the Promenade Des Anglais.
She's too old for me, anyway.
I think I need a shower.
Well, there is no time for that now.
He said we have an hour.
Jean-Luc's got eyes and ears on Blauch, he's gonna think I'm trying to beat him to the reward.
What are we gonna do? Get there first.
(Engine rumbles) (Doors slam) Carla, go get Mia packed.
Maxine: So do you think this is gonna work? Eric: Well, a man like Blauch isn't just gonna let Mia walk away, she knows too much.
He'll track her down and silence her for good.
I still don't get it? How did a girl like Mia end up with a guy like Blauch? He had to have promised her something.
Maybe Blauch offered to help with her music career.
It had to be more than that to make her run away from her mother and father.
- Jean-Luc is here, isn't he? - You can bet on it.
(Doors open and shut) So he's gonna be armed? I'd recon so.
Mia could get caught in the crossfire.
- So could you.
- Uh-ha.
So our no-gun policy that's still non negotiable? Listen, I'll defend myself if I have to.
You should wait here.
I need you to stay sharp and alive.
Eric Beaumont.
Man: Monte tes mains; plus haut.
(Door opens) Where are we going? Well, I am not going anywhere, but I'm handing you over to some people.
What people? Oh, I got you a leaving present.
All the songs you recorded here.
So you can be a pop star like Britney Spears.
Julia, leave the suitcase and join us for a moment, please.
Mia, I want you to kiss Julia goodbye.
Come on, it's just a kiss.
On both cheeks.
Voilà! Remember what happens to girls who do not behave.
In we go.
Son of a bitch! Coming here was not the plan.
You may be watched.
It's safer if I take Mia now.
Coming to my house was not the deal.
Okay, we don't have a lot of time, Mr.
Let me take her and I will leave.
A little paranoid, Monsieur Beaumont? (Engine roars) (Tires screech) (Gunshots pop) Agh! (Engine roars) (Engine roars) (Grunts) (Gunshots pop) Agh! (Hitting thud) Ugh! Oof! Bet you wish you had a gun now.
(Engine starts, tires squeal) (Alarm beeps off) Oliver, Jean-Luc grabbed Mia.
Blauch is going after them, we need to find them first.
See if you can track that vehicle.
(Doors slam) (Engine roars, tires screech) (Engine hums) (Beeps) - What's that? - GPS jammer.
Don't want that bad man following us, do we? Sir, he's jammed the car's navigation system.
There's a tracker in the CD! Use it! Come on, guys, we're waiting.
Oliver: Well, there cars GPS is being jammed.
(Keys clack, beeping) Oh, wait, there is another signal.
That's gotta be a tracker that Blauch planted.
Where is it heading? It looks like it's heading towards the woods.
Just here.
Okay, send me the coordinates.
(Engine starts and roars off) (Beeping) That's them.
Let's go.
(Car rumbles up) (Doors open and shut) So, are you gonna kill me now? No.
You can trust me, Mia, I'm not going to hurt you.
I've heard that before from other men.
No one's going to hurt you, ever again.
I am Jean-Luc, I rescue abducted women.
I record their testimonies, to help them seek justice and avoid retribution.
I am taking you home, Mia.
(Happy exhale) (Door shuts) You expect me to make a video? Yes.
You can use it as evidence if you choose to prosecute Rafael Blauch.
But the answer's no.
He'll hurt me.
I know it.
I can't.
(Steps shuffle) Just can't get rid of you, can I, you back-stabber? Blauch's man, they're coming after you, Jean-Luc.
We found a tracking signal leading us here.
Oh, you came here to help me? Yes, you need to move.
Right now.
(Car rumbles up) (Beeping) (Cocks rifle) (Doors shut) Jean-Luc, listen, we gotta go now.
They're coming for her.
- And you want me to run? - I want you to live.
You think you're better than me, but you're not.
We both make a leaving saving people.
I know you're trying to do the right thing, in your own way.
(Leaves rustle, gun cocks) Down! (Gunshots pop) (Frightened gasps) You see (Zipper unzips) (Pained groan) Okay, I got you.
I got you.
- I'll call an ambulance! - Yeah.
You bastard.
You're gonna get the reward after all.
It's yours, pal.
You saved her.
Help is coming.
Just hang in a little longer.
We'll take Mia home together.
It's all yours, pal.
(Weak breaths) I am sorry.
(Weak breath) - (Crying) - It's okay.
(Engine hums) Mia: My name is Mia Crocket and this is my testimony.
My Aunt Gina always knew what my uncle was doing to me.
Two summers ago, I said I was going to tell my Mom and they pull my uncle out of the lake the next day.
He left a note, but my aunt Gina threw it away, so it would look like an accident.
She said that it was my fault he was died.
That I killed him.
She said they'd made videos, of me with him.
And that if I told Mom what had happened, she'd post the videos and those images of me would be there forever.
Then I met a lady who said she was a talent scout.
She introduced me to Rafael.
But he just wanted to use me, like my uncle.
And when I tried to go, he said he'd burn me.
Like he burned Julia when she tried to go.
And then some people rescued me.
And I went somewhere I never thought I'd be again home.
(Happy cries and laughter) (Siren wails in the distance) (Low hum of chatter in French) - Hey.
- You came! I wouldn't miss it.
- Hey, Laurie.
- Hi.
After you testify, you'll never have to see her again.
She'll pay for what she did.
But Rafael Blauch he has an army of lawyers.
Julia and the other girls are all testifying against him.
And dozens more have come forward.
All thanks to you, Mia.
The other guy, the one who rescued me.
The police said he did it just for the money.
You know, I think it was more than that.
And you? Why do you do it? Risk your life for people you don't even know? Oh, I do it for the money.
Then how come you didn't charge us, Mr.
Beaumont? Yeah.
You got me.
(Small laugh) Maybe I'll write a song about it one day.
Maybe you will.
Woman: Okay.
They're ready for you.
Laurie: Okay.
Come on, honey.