Ransom (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

The Artist

1 [Alarm ringing, blaring.]
Zara: Come on, Max! - Almost there! - Ugh! You said that 20 minutes ago.
Whew! - Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I get, um - Hey.
Ooh, can I get a hot chocolate? - Whipped cream on that? - Yeah, go crazy.
For you? Oh, I'll just have a water, please.
Oh, come on.
You really know how to make a girl feel good about herself, you know that? What are you talking about? You're like Superwoman.
Oh, stop.
What? You're a kick-ass ex-cop, you've got a husband and two kids, you're great at your job, and you run five miles every day.
And you are brilliant and beautiful, and you have your whole life ahead of you.
You've got nothing to feel bad about, Max.
Maxine? It is you.
How long has it been? I don't know.
Uh, six months? - Zara Hallam.
- Um sorry.
Zara, this is my, um uh, my friend.
- Reynolds Baker.
- Friend.
Well, I'll let the two of you, um, catch up.
Thank you.
Sorry about that, Dr.
What are you doing in Montreal? Giving a lecture at McGill.
What are you doing in Montreal? Oh, well, I, um I-I live here now.
Yeah, I got that job with Eric Beaumont at Crisis Resolution.
I know you think that's a bad idea.
Not my place to judge, Maxine.
Only to observe that this might be an unhealthy response to your mother's death? It's going really good, though.
Eric and his team are amazing.
And [sighs.]
I really feel like I'm helping people.
Do you and Mr.
Beaumont ever talk about things? - Server: Your drink.
- Uh Yeah, not really.
We're so busy all the time.
You wanted answers, Maxine, about your mother's death.
I got some already.
From who? You're not talking to Damien Delaine? S-Sorry to interrupt.
Art theft in Toronto.
- Ransomer's asking $4 million by noon.
- Oh, okay.
I got to run.
It was good to see you.
Oliver: Nice place.
Zara: But no time to enjoy it.
"$4 million for the safe return of the paintings.
Turn this on 12:00 p.
" That gives us three hours.
Well, why steal a collection of paintings only to ransom them back to the owners? Fast buck? No faster than the black market.
Unless they don't have the connections to fence the goods.
Art thieves without a sell-on strategy? Well, maybe they're first-timers, opportunists.
Hard to believe first-timers would know there was ransom insurance.
Well, they might.
How much did Nathalie insure these paintings for? Their book value $4 million.
[Maxine scoffs.]
I'm I'm sorry.
Not Not being funny, but $4 million for paintings like this? Didn't realize you were a critic, Maxine.
Well, you can share both your opinions with the art-gallery director.
[Doorbell rings.]
Eric: Oh, that'll be room service.
My latte.
Better make it quick.
Eric: Oh, nice place.
How's their record for security? Zara: Spotless.
They've got a Four-Tech system motion sensoring, pressure plinths, vibration tags, round-the-clock monitoring.
If it's so good, how come private security didn't arrive until after the thieves had escaped? Because the thieves were fast? Nathalie: Good.
You're here.
- Zara: Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Eric Beaumont, negotiator.
Gwyneth Davenport, gallery director.
We appreciate your discretion, Mr.
Of course.
The stolen paintings were on loan from Isabelle Kalish.
Our gallery has hosted collectors and their paintings for over 50 years.
If word got out that we were careless in some way Just to clarify, Miss Davenport, the police have not been notified about the theft? Well, Nathalie a-assured me that you could negotiate the paintings' return without the police.
Uh, that's the plan, yeah.
It would help to see where the paintings were taken.
Yes, of course.
Please, this way.
- I'll grab the equipment.
- Mm.
You have something to tell me? What do you mean? Come on, Nathalie.
I know my wife.
- Ex-wife.
- Not yet you're not.
Your people already briefed us.
What are you doing here? I pushed to insure these paintings over my supervisor's objections.
Now you're being held responsible? Personally.
For a $4-million policy.
So if I don't get these paintings back, you lose your job.
No pressure.
There's something else.
Something else is wrong.
Nothing else.
The exterior doors were undamaged.
Th-This is the only sign we even had a break-in.
Maybe they hid somewhere in the gallery after closing.
The alarm was triggered at 2:02 this morning? Yes, that's right.
Yeah, and your security team responded in less than five minutes.
Pretty fast, but not fast enough.
Oh, uh, CCTV did catch a glimpse of of one of the thieves out back.
Can we see that footage? Yes, of course.
Were these all here during the break-in? Yes.
The only paintings that were stolen belonged to Ms.
Well, her collection was nearest the door.
I guess once they triggered the alarm, they took what they could and ran.
Was anyone here last night? Just Jasper.
Jasper? Oh, yes.
He's always here.
Gwyneth: Jasper Edwards.
He came to the gallery three years ago.
He's the most brilliant restorer I've ever come across.
He has no family, no life outside of this room.
Except when he goes to the burrito stand two times a day.
He puts his shoes on for that.
Does he have autism? Well, he's on the spectrum.
Painting makes sense.
Obsessive, laser-sharp focus.
Tendency to have high levels of processing on certain patterns.
Would you mind if I spoke to him? No, of course not.
Just be careful, though.
He doesn't really like strangers.
Nathalie: Okay, I understand.
Well, please call me as soon as you get the result.
Thank you.
Everything okay? My mother's sick.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Is it serious? I'm sorry.
That was unprofessional of me.
Nathalie, it's fine.
We've known each other for a long time.
Don't tell Eric, please.
Can I ask why, though? I mean, I know he'd love to help if he could.
Just don't tell him, okay? Yeah.
You got it.
[Classical music plays through headphones.]
Are you the police? No.
I don't like police.
My name is Eric.
My name's Jasper.
I didn't see anyone take the paintings, or hear.
I had my headphones on.
I like the music you're listening to.
Mozart, isn't it? You're waiting for me to leave.
I like to paint alone.
You have a lot of tubes of this one.
What color is this, Jasper? Is it ocher? Ocher light? Naples, maybe? I call it yellow.
So it is.
You've got some on your watch.
Yes, I do.
The thread from the bit that drilled through the lock clockwise or counterclockwise? Clockwise? That's right.
Drill bits rotate clockwise.
So the shavings should have landed on the outside.
So this lock was drilled from the inside.
Yeah, looks that way.
So how did they get in? And why did they have to drill their way out? Maxine: Is this her house? Zara: This is it.
Oliver: The stolen paintings have been in Isabelle Kalish's family for three generations.
She kept $4 million worth of paintings in there? I read this used to be one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.
And it's been their family home for generations.
But Ms.
Kalish is in danger of losing it.
- Why? - Well, apparently her teacher salary doesn't cover payments on the refinance loans.
I bet $4 million would.
Button cam? Really? You don't suspect she stole her own paintings, do you? I suspect everyone.
This is Zara Hallam, intel.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oliver Yates, profiling.
- Hi.
- And last but not least, - Maxine Carlson - Art expert.
Isabelle Kalish.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your coming, Mr.
Oh, not at all.
I, uh, gather you normally hung the paintings here before you loaned them to the gallery.
People think I'm crazy.
But it it just doesn't feel like home without them.
And have you ever loaned the paintings out for exhibition before? No.
First time.
And now this happens.
And why did you decide to loan them out now? When the gallery first approached me, I said no.
But when I thought about it, I realized that I was betraying my grandparents' memory.
They were dedicated collectors.
Betraying how? After the war, they discovered that one of their paintings was stolen from a Jewish family fleeing the Nazis.
It turned out the painting was a Rubens worth over $10 million.
And my grandfather tracked down the rightful owners and gave it back.
So, if he could do that, I thought the least that I could do is share all this beauty with the public.
It'd be helpful to know if anyone's ever tried to acquire your collection, Ms.
Well, Isabelle's had many offers, but she'd never sell it.
This is Sydney Graves, my fiancé.
Yeah, I mean, $4 million is a lot of money, Ms.
Oh, don't think I haven't told her that.
What those paintings mean to me is beyond value.
I want to pass them on to my daughter.
Like my grandparents and my parents passed them on to me.
Eric: Can you bring up the paintings in Ms.
Kalish's collection? Oliver: Here you go.
One minute to call.
Looking for something? Mm-hmm.
Eric Beaumont, Arnaud Castel.
It's Arnold, please.
Arnold's the one who valued the collection at $4 million.
Ah, you do value appraisals.
Authenticity determination, as well.
[Telephone ringing.]
One minute early.
Okay, everybody settle.
This is Eric.
Synth voice: Who are you, Eric? Oh, I'm a negotiator, and I would like to give you what you want.
How's that sound? Do you have $4 million? Well, $4 million's a lot.
Even if the insurance company were willing to pay, it would take time to get that kind of cash.
But I could give you $400,000.
That offer's not enough.
So you're saying you want to sit on this for a week, maybe two, give the police time to track you down? I think that you want as much money as you can get right away so this is over.
Am I right? I need more.
I'd really like to help you with that.
But I agree.
$400,000 is not enough.
Let me see if I can persuade the insurance company.
Up to $600,000 okay? I've twisted their arm and got you another 50 grand.
So that's $450,000.
We wanted $4 million.
But you're getting $450,000 with no police.
That's not bad for a day's work.
I'll forward payment instructions.
Well, you were quite right about Mr.
I'll arrange for the cash.
Thank you, Eric.
That was easy.
Too easy.
Something's wrong.
Okay, CCTV picked up a figure leaving at 2:03 this morning.
Maxine: One minute after the alarm.
So, someone opened the door for the intruder from the inside, drilled through the lock Trying to make it look like a break-in.
Looks like it's Jasper's burrito time.
[Tires screech.]
Help! Help! Hey! - Wait! - [Horn honks.]
- Aah! - Hey! Hey, hey! [Grunts.]
[Tires screech.]
Are you all right? Yeah.
I couldn't get a proper shot.
Eric: That yellow look the same to you? Jasper's been kidnapped.
Max got partials on the driver.
Oliver: I'll run facial recognition.
Eric: Who would want Jasper, and why? [Computer beeping.]
Okay, here we go.
Who would want to kidnap Jasper? Well, someone who needs his expertise.
You think this is connected to Ms.
Kalish's stolen paintings? Or it's an awfully big coincidence, and I hate coincidences.
Can you check Jasper's room? What am I looking for? Well, for anything that shows us how he's mixed up in this.
Come with me.
It's true what they say about you, Jasper.
The work you have done for us is the best I have ever seen.
Now we just need you to do the rest of the job, hmm? The easy part.
We don't have time for this.
We don't have time for this.
No touching! No touching! No touching! Mnh.
Aah! [Whimpers.]
I hear there's a genius brain in there.
Be a shame to spill it.
Scaring him doesn't help.
Huh? Hey.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Look, our buyers are not gonna wait around for long.
Yes, I know.
Leave us, baby.
[Door opens, closes.]
It's just you and me now.
Everything will be all right if you start working.
We need to move fast for Jasper.
You got anything? Yeah, it's gonna take forever to get an I.
from these.
What did Nathalie tell you? What did Nathalie tell me about what? Well, listen, you don't want to betray her confidence.
I get it.
But she told you something.
Was it Was it about Evie? [Sighs.]
Well, somebody's ill.
Sister, her mother.
I'm gonna go with sister.
Thanks, Ollie.
No laptop.
No computer.
But I found Jasper's phone.
- No contacts.
- Mm.
Yeah, people with autism can be isolated, find it difficult to form relationships, so Boulder Creek.
Oh, could be a school.
Camp, maybe? [Sighs.]
"Boulder Creek Special Education Program.
" Maybe he was close to someone there, like a teacher, mentor, someone like that.
Exactly like that.
Sydney Graves, Isabelle Kalish's fiancé, was also Jasper's teacher.
Oliver: That's how Isabelle met him.
They're both teachers.
Sydney: Well, Isabelle's had many offers.
Isolating the audio profile of Sydney's voice from Eric's button cam alongside the disguised voice from the phone call.
Synth voice: That offer's not enough.
Isolating the word "offer.
" Sydney: Offers.
Synth voice: Offer's.
Same intonation.
Same tone.
Exactly the same pitch.
So that's a match? Sydney stole his fiancée's paintings.
He persuaded Jasper to let the thieves into the gallery.
But why steal them when they're on loan? He could have taken them from their home at any time.
And why kidnap his own former student? $450,000.
It's all there.
Do we have the instructions for the exchange? Yeah.
Came in a few minutes ago.
Downtown swanky hotel, room 2610, 8:30 tomorrow morning.
Why? Let's have that appraiser meet us there.
You're going through with this? Nathalie insured those paintings.
It's our job to get them back.
Is everything okay? Of course.
[Lock beeps.]
[Telephone ringing.]
Synth voice: Put the briefcase on the bed and then open it.
There's a safe in the wardrobe.
The code is 1961.
The key is to the room where the paintings are.
When the money's in the safe, I'll give you the room number.
Zara: This one's legit, too? "Improvisation" by Niko Korbinian.
No doubt.
- And this is the last one.
- Ah.
It's my favorite.
"Formation in Yellow.
" Rrok, 1949.
Listen, we can take it from here.
Go be with your mother.
[Exhales sharply.]
You should've told me, Nathalie.
This is my life, Eric.
I'm just trying to make it easier for you.
I didn't ask you to.
What's wrong with Irene? They think the cancer's back.
Well I can confirm the authenticity of all nine canvases.
These are the Kalish paintings.
Eric: Thanks, Arnold.
I'm going.
You know how much I love you.
See? Got what you wanted again.
Thank you, Mr.
Really appreciate your help.
Of course.
And well done.
All of you.
What the hell is going on? You paid when you knew Ms.
Kalish's fiancé was involved.
Oh, Mr.
Castel is right.
These are the real paintings.
All except for this one.
They got Jasper to forge it.
How'd you figure that out? From the half-dozen empty tubes of yellow paint in his studio.
So he fooled the appraiser.
Either that, or Mr.
Castel is in on this with Sydney Graves, Isabelle's fiancé.
How are we gonna prove that? I'm not sure yet.
But I am pretty sure that Jasper's life depends on it.
You stole my grandmother's paintings? It's not that simple.
Please, would you just would you just Oh, my God.
For what it's worth, he's telling the truth, Ms.
It isn't that simple.
You see? He only intended to steal the paintings from the gallery long enough to collect the insurance money.
I did this for you.
And for her.
Why? [Scoffs.]
Do you really need to ask? We can barely cover our expenses.
And I know that you would never sell those paintings.
You betrayed me, Sydney.
I can't believe you used Jasper for this.
Whose idea was it, Mr.
Graves? Was it yours or Mr.
Castel's? Mr.
So, he has the $450,000 that we left in that safe? He said that we would split it.
Castel has double-crossed you, Mr.
He used you to get to Jasper.
Drita: You wish you were back home, I bet.
I know how that feels.
Eugene: Sorry to interrupt.
But if he don't get on with it, we're gonna lose millions.
Just a reminder.
You know, Jasper, you can go back any time you want.
Hm? All you've got to do is finish this.
Call Mr.
Not all the paintings were returned.
"Formation in Yellow" is a forgery Jasper Edwards painted for Mr.
And why would he get Jasper to do that? Drita: Jasper still won't work.
And we're running out of time.
If he doesn't work, then we move on, then.
Yeah, well, he won't listen to me.
You got him to paint before, right? He's too scared.
Okay, then this is over.
- No, wait.
- Ohh! Oh! I know someone who can talk him into anything.
Well, then, call him.
You know, I think I think the value of my role has been underrepresented.
What? I delivered you the painting and Jasper, and now you still need my help.
10% hardly seems fair, does it? How's 25%? Okay.
25% it is.
[Cellphone ringing.]
It's Arnold Castel.
What do you want me to do? Take the call.
Nothing's changed.
Just talk to him.
[Ringing continues.]
Yeah? What? Yes, I will I can talk to him.
All right.
I'll see you there.
Well done, Mr.
Jasper's refusing to work.
He wants me to go persuade him.
Isabelle: I don't understand.
You're saying they still have the real "Formation in Yellow"? That's right.
So, Arnold must have made Jasper paint the copy that they returned.
And now they want him to do what? Well, that's what we need to find out.
"Formation in Yellow" is the least valuable piece in the entire collection.
[Cellphone chimes.]
Oliver and Zara.
Facial recognition came through.
They've identified the woman driving the van.
Drita Jakupi.
Kosovan national.
Specializes in the illegal-artifact trade, specifically finding Nazi-looted art to order.
Nazi-looted art? I-I don't understand.
I suspect the real "Formation in Yellow" isn't a part of your collection, Ms.
It never was.
It's a forgery.
Hiding a much more valuable painting.
The Rubens.
And Arnold used me to help steal it for him.
And now they need Jasper to remove the forgery and restore the old master underneath.
My grandfather never returned it to that Jewish family.
[Voice breaking.]
He hid it from all of us.
Well? I, uh I called him.
So is he coming? He is.
No worries.
Then we don't need you anymore, do we? [Gunshots.]
Aah! This is the place? Yeah, this is it.
This is the address where he said to meet him.
So, all I have to do is get Jasper to start restoring the Rubens? As long as he's useful to his kidnappers, he's safe.
What about me? You're the only person who can get Jasper to work.
- They need you, too.
- Okay, but wh what about when he's done with the paintings? Well, then, we get you out of there.
Hey, t-t-that's the van that took Jasper.
Who's that? Zara: I recognize him.
That's the man who kidnapped him.
You've never seen that man before, Mr.
Graves? Never.
- Change of plan.
- What? Give me your shirt.
What happened? Arnold's dead and that man killed him.
- Man: Front desk.
- It's Ms.
Can you order a taxi to the airport, please? There's a car waiting.
A Mr.
Beaumont ordered it for you.
Th-Thank you.
Okay, Sydney.
Hurry up.
Pardon me? Are you with Arnold? You Sydney? Give me your phone.
Hands up.
Hands up.
Come with me.
Get Get Get in! Okay, okay.
[Engine starts.]
[Maxine sighs.]
I hope this works.
[Jasper whimpering.]
Oh, my God.
Arnie? Arnie? Drita: Arnold couldn't make him work.
You understand what that means for you? - [Jasper whimpering.]
- Uh yeah.
Um but I can see your problem.
I mean, how can he be inspired with a dead body just lying here? Well, we can't we can't just leave him here.
Someone will see.
Maybe we could cover his body.
You get back inside.
It's Arnold.
Beaumont said he was dead.
Drita: Where's Eugene? Eric: He's getting rid of the body.
Eric has his phone.
Arnold is dead.
Gwyneth: Nathalie? Gwyneth.
Is Eric here? No, he's trying to get Jasper back.
Jasper? Jasper, my restorer.
Beaumont didn't tell you? He's been kidnapped.
You didn't know? Give me a second.
Oliver: Signal triangulates to this location.
There's that van again.
[Cellphone rings.]
Hey, Nathalie.
Nathalie: Where are you? And don't you dare lie.
Now get on with it.
Hey, Jasper.
Remember me? That other man is out back covering up the body.
It's better without him here, isn't it? He wants us to stop him from going back inside.
Listen, I know you don't like the police, but in a few hours, they're gonna come and take that man away.
A few hours.
There is a valuable painting hidden in here.
That's why they want you to remove the forgery.
What is it? He would like to know what he's uncovering.
A Rubens.
What is that worth? I'll get $10 million for it.
Wouldn't you like to see that, Jasper? Uh-huh.
Could you show me how you work? I'd really like to see that.
Uh Excuse me? Who the hell are you, mate? Ugh! You know, it's very modern of me to let you do this.
You mean I'm way faster than you.
Help me turn him over.
Where's Eric? He lied to me.
With? [Sighs.]
A $10-million painting and a gun to his head.
And where are the police? He said to call them in a few hours.
I'll call them now.
Nathalie, please.
He knows what he's doing.
You know he does.
- [Sighs.]
- [Cellphone beeps.]
He's taking a long time, isn't he? Your friend.
Is it because you're from Kosovo? Is what because? Well, that you do this.
Essentially profit from genocide.
You know nothing about me or my country.
Well, I know you left home to escape a-atrocities of war.
It's just that, you know, most people witness that kind of horror, they they spend their lives trying to get away from it.
But you you run right towards it.
Eugene! He's not coming back.
[Sirens wailing in distance.]
What is this? A choice.
I'm not Sydney Graves.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
- I'm a negotiator.
- [Vehicle doors closing.]
How many innocent people do you think died to get that painting out of the hands of its rightful owners? Don't move.
- Don't! Don't! Please don't! - Stop.
Try leaving with that, you're just like the people you fled.
It's not the same.
Sit down.
Not finished.
Not finished.
You think all those people who died in your country would agree? Shut up! You know you won't get away with it.
You know it.
I'll destroy it.
No, I don't think you will.
If I see you again, you're dead.
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
It's gonna be all right, Jasper.
Eric: Okay.
You're right over here.
Can I go home now? Yeah, of course.
We'll take you.
Maxine: We're gonna get you home now, Jasper, okay? You told me this was over.
I said we could handle it from here.
It was my decision to stay or go, not yours.
You should be home with your mother, Nathalie.
The PET scan came back negative.
My mother's fine.
Thank God.
You see? When something bad happens, I still want to be with you.
But I can't do this anymore.
I wanted to thank you all.
And you, too, Jasper.
I spoke with the police, Ms.
You're free to take your paintings home.
I told Sydney I'm gonna leave them with the gallery.
All but one.
Jasper, I wonder if I could get your help with something.
David: You didn't have to come all this way, Ms.
No, but I did.
This was restored with great care and love.
And now it's where it belongs.