Ransom (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

The Castle

1 (Church bell tolls) (Bus whirs to a stop) Camille: Yeah, I just got off the bus, girlfriend.
Getting closer (Game chimes) (Game chimes) Told you so; a million coins! (Game chimes) Getting closer.
(Footsteps clomp) (Birds chirp) (Game chimes) Excusez-moi.
Treasure Hunter? Sorry, chérie, got to go.
Is he with you? Him? No.
(Game chimes) Okay, don't mean to be impolite, but (Game chimes) (Game chimes) (Beeping) Boyd: Hey! Britta: It is a million coins, you know! (Game chimes) (Game chimes) Oh, come on.
Sorry, ladies.
Snooze, you lose.
Hey! (Laughs) (Game chimes) I just lost service! - Yeah, me, too.
- Yeah, I think we all did.
Serves you right, you Wanker.
(Door slams shut) - What was that? - The door.
(Footsteps thud) (Door screeches and latch clicks locked) It's locked.
The window.
(Whirring) I mean, it's obviously part of the game.
I don't think so.
Hey! Let us out! Deep voice: Don't try to escape.
- This is cool.
- No.
This is bad.
Who are you? Deep voice: The guilty must confess or everyone dies.
Guys, over here! Deep voice: Don't try to leave.
Didn't you hear what he said? Guys, this is a really bad idea.
He can see us.
You should stay.
I'll come back with help.
Be careful.
I'm going too.
(Explosion booms, shocked gasps) Britta: He killed him.
(Rotors beat) (Low hum of chatter) (Rotors beat) Doesn't look much like a game.
It's all too real.
We understand the castle and grounds are wired to blow.
So he claims.
The police can't get close enough to verify that, - or the fatality he reported.
- Why not? He says he'll kill all the hostages if he even sees a uniform.
So the police are keeping their distance.
- At least until nightfall.
- If that player isn't dead, he could be out there bleeding to death.
A chopper scanned the trees for a heat signature.
No one's alive down there.
What happens at nightfall? A tactical unit ends this.
One way or another.
That gives us six hours.
Man: I don't know.
We're still waiting for more information.
Look, as soon as I know something, you'll know something, okay.
Look, I'll-I'll call you back, okay? This is Gavin Nichols, Senior VP with Zama Corp.
- The company that made the game.
- What a nightmare.
One customer dead, four more trapped inside.
- All playing Treasure Hunter? - No.
Technically, yes.
But we never had a trail that lead up here.
What they saw on their phones, the treasure map with a million-coin payout, that wasn't us.
Gavin believes the game was hacked.
To lure them here from a Treasure Hunter convention in Cannes.
Shall we? There are thousands of players at that convention, - Mr.
Nichols, why these five? - I have no clue.
Well, we'll need to know the players' names.
We've notified their parents.
They're all on their way here now.
Very good.
The insurance company has set up a command post for us.
Eric: Do you mind giving us your take on this, Mr.
Nichols? Look, we are the number one augmented reality game in the world.
We're a billion dollar company with millions of players in 57 countries.
So that makes us a target.
But this we haven't even received a ransom.
Zama Corp's insurance provides for a ransom of up to $10 million.
If he was gonna ask Zama Corp to pay, you would have received a demand by now.
- How do you know that? - Pulling something like this took months of preparation.
We're looking at an extremely organized personality.
So he's just gonna kill all those kids? The abductor has demonstrated a willingness to kill, but he wouldn't go to all this trouble if that was his only purpose.
We are already exposed on this thing.
If the police get another one of those kids killed We will bring this to an end, Mr.
Without violence.
Okay? Is he really that good? He doesn't like to lose, Mr.
I keep restarting it, but still nothing.
You're wasting your time.
He must have a jammer or something.
(banging) Help! Somebody please! I don't think that's going to do any good either.
Why not? You've heard those helicopters? The police must be here, but they're not coming.
- Why? - Might be too dangerous.
You okay? I've never seen anybody die before.
Me neither.
You were right, he shouldn't have run.
There must be some way out of here.
Are you crazy?! Do you wanna end up like the other guy? I don't intend to sit here doing nothing.
- All this for a million coins.
- Yeah.
My friend said it was too good to be true.
I'm Camille, by the way.
Camille Lambert.
- Boyd Ferguson.
- Britta Mauer.
My name's Simon Holman, but I don't plan on sticking around long enough to get to know any of you.
I just don't understand why any of this is happening.
He wants the guilty to confess.
Confess to what? He's toying with us.
No! There must be a reason the five of us were brought here.
Four of us now.
Deep voice: No one else tries to escape - or you all die.
- How? (Cubby door clicks) I think I can guess.
(Footsteps thud) (Explosive beeps) Oliver: The police haven't recovered the body because of the threat to kill the hostages, but we believe it to be Logan Smythe.
He just turned 18 last month.
Worked part-time at Razorwire, a software firm specializing in fire walls.
His parents must be devastated.
I'm sure they will be, they're in Singapore.
The game company hasn't been able to contact them yet.
The others are: Camille Lambert, 19.
Lives in Paris.
Simon Holman, 19, studies engineering in Manchester.
Boyd Ferguson, 18, high-school student from Boise, Idaho.
And Britta Mauer, 20, personal trainer from Berlin.
And what is the connection? Other than playing Treasure Hunter? None.
The abductor called the police and gave them the names of his hostages, right? - That's right.
- So he knew this would be public.
He wanted it to be.
But he's staying hidden.
Well, he'll have eyes on his hostages.
See if you can locate a WiFi blackspot.
Some kind of closed circuit feed.
Will do.
Eric, the parents have arrived.
Ah, okay.
Maxine, why don't you come with us? Sure.
(Pacing steps thud) Hi folks, sorry to keep you.
My name is Eric Beaumont, I'm a professional negotiator.
This is my second, Maxine Carlson.
You've already met Nathalie Denard.
You work for Treasure Hunter? I'm employed by their insurance company.
- Is it, Mrs.
Mauer? - Yeah, it is.
To make sure your children get out of this safely.
And that we don't sue the arses off them.
We'd like to know what you intend to do to rescue our children, Mr.
It's Mr.
and Mrs.
Lambert, from Paris.
(Both) Yes.
So you must be Jane Ferguson from Idaho.
My son talked me into taking him to this convention.
Well, to answer your question, what we first need to establish is why the abductor has drawn your children here.
He's a nutter, isn't that obvious? Possibly.
But even emotionally disturbed people have reasons for their actions, Mr.
I'm assuming? Oliver: Well, well, well Got something? Oliver: The electrical system has been engaged to lock the doors and windows.
What happens if the police knock it out? No.
They'd still have to get past those explosives outside without their using their phones to guide them.
But there is something else (Keyboard keys clack, computer beeps) A power feed, going to a satellite transmitter.
This will lead us to the location of the voice.
Oliver Yates, you are a man of many talents.
Jane: They said one young man is dead.
I'm afraid so.
This is just awful.
The perpetrator claims he's hidden explosives on the ground.
Until they're cleared, we can't recover his body.
Now, I understand it's difficult, but we're looking for a connection.
Now we have confirmed that he, like your children, played Treasure Hunter.
A lot.
Last I heard, millions of people play that stupid game.
And now someone is dead because of it.
There has to be a connection between your children, - Mr.
- And how can there be? We all live in different countries.
We've never even been to Europe before.
Sorry to interrupt.
We're doing everything we can to get them out of there safely.
Excuse us.
Oliver got it a live feed coming from the castle.
Can you track where the feed goes? I'm working on it.
The video feed is scrambled, but I'm tapping into the audio now.
Simon: This isn't a game.
You want a confession? Tell us the crime! The abductor wants a confession.
This is like straight out of an Agatha Christie novel.
Or more like Kernel Mustard in a library.
You're dating yourself, Hallam, kids don't play board games anymore.
Or read novels.
Simon: Why the hell doesn't he answer? Because he wants us to figure it out for ourselves.
Come on, somebody here must know something.
Are you Camille De Clichy? Yes.
- And you're - Oya47.
- These are their online names.
- (Snaps fingers) BigBadBoyd36.
Simon: Shogun Seifuku-sha, at your service.
Deep voice: Who's not here? Phoenix718.
They all know who that is.
Is he the one you just blew up outside? Deep voice: I couldn't kill Phoenix718, because he's already dead.
He killed himself because of what one of you did to him.
Oh, this isn't about the game at all.
It's about revenge.
Even though they didn't know each other's faces or voices, it seems that your children do know each other.
"Shogun Seifukusha"? The name your son uses in chatrooms, Mr.
Jane: I'm sorry, I don't know what a chatroom is.
It's a website where people who play the game meet to message one another.
We've been able to determine that all of your children frequented the same chatroom, which has been active for sometime.
- To talk about the game.
- Not just the game.
Um Music, videos, anything really.
So to be clear, this is about something that was said in a private chatroom, not on the Treasure Hunter game.
This nutter used your game to lure our kids here, Mr.
You don't get off the hook that easy.
Beaumont, Boyd had friends of his own, what does he need this chatroom for? Eric: Well, online friends can say things that they may not say to people in person, Ms.
I mean, they can spend countless hours talking to each other, become very close, - even fall in love.
- What's the point? Well, the point is, a member of their chatroom, someone who went by the name of Phoenix718, abruptly disappeared six months ago.
- Apparently, he killed himself.
- Jane: Oh.
Jacques: What does that have to do with our children? Phoenix718's profile was deleted, we haven't been able to recover it.
But we did retrieve a number of anonymous messages, calling him stupid, worthless, and a long list of obscenities.
He was bullied? One of our kids bullied Phoenix718 to death, is that what you're saying? Well, I don't know why Phoenix killed himself, but I do know the abductor thinks the blame lies with one of your children.
Look, I don't know anything about these chatrooms, but I do know that Boyd would never bully anyone.
Neither would Camille.
Britta would never do such a thing.
Uh, nor Simon, obviously.
Well, thank you for your time.
We're gonna need some help.
I put a social media expert on the case.
We should hear from her shortly.
(Metallic clicking) Boyd: Camille.
You okay? I can't believe Phoenix killed himself.
I remember reading the posts.
They were pretty brutal.
They were.
I think it's pretty obvious who the bully is.
You got something to say, "BigBadBoyd?" Yes Simon, I do, as a matter of fact.
Why don't you admit you bullied Phoenix, - so the rest of us can go? - Because I didn't bully him.
Maybe you want the voice of Doom to think I did - to hide your own guilt.
- I didn't do it.
Okay, then, ladies, any of you two care to confess? We all shouldn't all die because of what one of us did.
Maybe it was the guy who escaped.
That's a good point.
Yeah, what if it was him, mate? Huh? (Cacophony of chatter) Any luck tracing that feed from the castle? I'm still working on it.
Along with our uniformed friends down the hill.
There's another problem, though.
- What? - Our chatroom theory.
It seems one of those players lured to the castle - wasn't a member.
- The late Logan Smythe.
Whose body we still haven't recovered.
What was he doing there? An organized personality like this wouldn't make a mistake like that.
(Phone rings) - Eric, it's for you.
- Great.
Patch her in.
(Computer beeps) Thank you so much for calling.
Your expert, huh? Hello, Mon chérie.
Mom and Dad working together, just like old times.
No, we never stopped working together, Okay, what do you got for us? All the stuff you sent me about Phoenix is pretty harsh.
Anything standout for you? No pictures of the victim.
But I found a blog post by a guy named Logan.
What's it say? It's kind of a ranting eulogy, about how Phoenix was killed by a cyber-bully.
Hey, Evie, can you send me a link to the blog? Yeah, sure thing.
He didn't happen to mention Phoenix's real name, did he? Evie: No, sorry.
He just kept spewing about how awesome a Treasure Hunter player he was.
Collected more than just about anybody in North America.
You couldn't beat him.
Phoenix played Treasure Hunter in North America.
- Narrows it down.
- Yeah.
Did you find that in 20 minutes? It's amazing what you can learn on the Internet.
Except about Dad.
Have you ever done a search of yourself? There's nothing except your company.
It's like you don't exist.
No, it's liberating, you should try it.
This is great, Honey.
Thank you.
Nathalie: Have fun with your grandmother.
I'll come up when I'm done.
And bring Dad, too? - Goodbye, Evie.
- (Button clicks) You heard what the girl said.
Don't start with me, Mr.
(Man whispers) Ah.
Ferguson wants to talk to you.
Um, (clears throat) I didn't want to say anything in front of the others That's all right.
Whatever you say is between us.
Boyd was diagnosed with brain cancer last spring.
That's why I agreed to take him to this game convention.
The doctors think he may only have six months left.
I'm so sorry, Ms.
I'm pretty sure he has his medication with him, but the amount of stress he must be under, I (Emotional exhale) Oh, please, you have got to get him out of there.
We'll do everything we can.
Thank you for sharing this with us.
(Emotional exhale) You think that's significant? (Bomb beeps) Boyd: You can stop staring at the thing.
Maybe there's a way to disable it.
This isn't a movie.
But I wanna get out of here, okay? Sorry, Boyd, I don't remember you from the chatroom.
With all the thousands of people who are in the Treasure Hunter chatroom, - you don't remember me? - Hmh.
I'm mortally offended.
I remember you.
I do, too.
You're very funny.
In a good way.
I do my best.
You gave me good advice about a boy once.
Oh yeah.
Did you listen? Of course not.
That would be sensible.
(Exhales) We're losing our minds in here.
Can you let us out.
Please! He's not letting anybody go until he gets his confession.
Camille: If one of us admitted to bullying Phoenix, will you show mercy? I'm sure whoever did it is really sorry and wants to come forward, but they're scared! Are you okay, Boyd? Top of the world.
- (Computer beeps) - I got it.
- You got where that feed goes.
- Not exactly.
But there's a burner piggy backing the signal.
I can't trace the location, but I can try calling it.
(Ringing) Contact.
My name's Eric Beaumont, I'm a private negotiator.
Deep voice: How did you get this number? That doesn't really matter, does it? One life has already been lost.
Now I wanna make sure that no one else gets hurt.
The guilty party confesses or they all die.
No latency suggests conviction.
There's no point in trying to talk him out of this.
The rise in volume suggests inflexibility.
He's not gonna change his mind.
We need to get on his side and work with him.
Listen, I'm a professional negotiator.
Let me talk to your captives.
I'll persuade the guilty party to confess.
(whispers) Eric, you know he intends to kill that person? Yeah.
What do you say? I mean, the sooner they confess, the sooner we all go home.
Deep Voice: Deal.
(Approaching footsteps) Can I talk to you for a minute? Alone.
(Receding footsteps thud) (Door creaks open) (Footsteps thud) Wait.
Where are we going? Just follow me.
(Footsteps thud) What are we doing in here? That psycho could have microphones anywhere.
I wanna make sure he's not listening.
We have nothing to talk about.
I'd say we do.
I'm listening.
You're not gonna do anything stupid, are you? Like what? - I feel bad about what happened.
- Oh, boo-hoo.
You're a bastard, you know that? And you're cuter than I thought you'd be.
Play your cards right, and we could have some fun together.
Britta was right about you.
What'd she say? That you were a jerk.
I'm not so bad.
Give me a chance.
Not going to happen.
But don't worry, your secret's safe with me.
Our secret, you mean.
Don't go saying something stupid.
Britta: Camille! Simon! What?! Come back here now.
(Running footsteps) We're all here now.
I'm Eric Beaumont, a negotiator.
Well, there's a bomb in here, Mr.
Negotiator! The whole place is wired to blow.
Eric: We're gonna get you out of there safe and sound.
I know that your parents will be relieved to hear you're all okay.
We're fine.
- Is my father there, too? - Eric: He is.
Could you tell my mother I love her, please.
- Mine, too.
- And mine.
And tell her I'm really sorry about this.
Of course I will.
I'm gonna get you outta there, but I'm gonna need your help.
What kind of help? You all knew Phoenix718.
Can anyone explain why he was bullied? Okay, I didn't do anything, but he was kind of annoying.
In what way? He was just very full of himself, and thought he knew everything about anything.
Look, he killed himself.
I'm sorry about that, but we didn't touch him.
Someone thought enough of Phoenix718 to seek revenge on his behalf.
It's terrible, what happened to him.
But if one of us did, and I'm not saying we did, drive him to it, and we admitted that? We'd be killed.
Deep voice: Enough.
Well, that wasn't very helpful, was it? Oh, to the contrary.
Can you get the abductor back on the line? - Right away.
- Eric (Computer keys clack) Deep voice: Well? I think I know who bullied Phoenix.
Deep voice: You think? But no (Static, bell tolls) You'll have to repeat that, we didn't get it.
Deep voice: I said, you think, but no one confessed.
Well, talking to them over a speaker doesn't work.
I need to see them face to face.
Eric, the castle is surrounded by explosives.
Five players followed a path inside without incident.
Send me the same instructions that you sent them.
Deep voice: If you don't find the guilty party, you die with them.
(Disconnected beep) Eric, are you sure this is a good idea? Well, we've only got an hour before the sun sets and the police come charging in.
He may not see you as an asset.
In which case, he can direct you to walk right into an explosive.
- That's not how he plays.
- But you can't be certain.
No I can't, but it's the only move I've got right now.
The instructions are in.
All right, send them to my phone.
Eric, you told him you know who bullied Phoenix.
What happens when he finds out you're bluffing? Who's bluffing? You know who bullied him? I have an idea.
It's a game, Maxine.
Don't worry, I won't lose.
(Signal pings) Where's Eric? (Uneasy exhale) Please tell me he's not going inside.
I would if that wasn't exactly what he's doing.
Eric, turn around now.
Eric: Nathalie, it's fine.
You're gonna blow yourself up! I've got a map for this.
Trust me.
He's far more likely to kill me when I get inside.
Is that supposed to be reassuring? It's gonna be dark in 30 minutes.
I'll go speak to the police.
I'll stall them as long as I can.
Thank you.
(Low hum of chatter) You know that part where his voice was garbled before? - Yeah, I remember.
- Can you play that again? (Keys Clack) I traced a call through a PDX system.
- Probably an office or a hotel.
- Okay.
- Deep voice: You think? But no - (Static, bell tolls) It's distorted by the audio filter, but I know I've heard that sound before.
So have I.
Zara: I think I know where it's coming from.
Okay, I'm in the courtyard.
Okay, the entry codes are coming through.
(Low hum of chatter) 38, 71, 19.
Once you step inside, the door will lock behind you and the code will be invalid.
(Door creaks open) (Low hum of chatter) (Running footsteps thud) Simon: Hold the door.
Hold the door! Deep voice: Don't let anyone leave.
Give me your phone.
(Keys tap) No service, huh? Games room, though here? (Church bells toll) (Engine rumbles) (Doors slam) Church bells.
That's the sound we heard on the call.
The voice must be close.
Maxine: The hotel.
Zara, look.
- Let's hope Oliver was right.
- Okay.
Our host is listening so let's talk about who bullied Phoenix718.
It wasn't me.
I already said, I didn't do it.
But you all know what was happening to Phoenix and did nothing to stop it.
Isn't that true? - (Knocks) - Service De chambre.
- (Knocks) - Service De chambre.
That was the last one.
Maxine: Zara, look.
It had to be that guy he killed when we first got here.
- I don't think so.
- Why not? Either someone left the light on Or Well, because Logan's not dead.
Britta: How's that possible? Eric: Logan Smythe worked at a software company specializing in firewalls.
Eric was right, this is a game.
Eric: Only he had the know how to pull off something like this and he was the only here who wasn't a member of your chatroom.
Logan Smythe.
Nice to see you're not blown to pieces.
It's all choreographed perfectly.
Logan finding the only window in the entire castle that wasn't locked shut.
Triggers an explosive just as he runs into the tree line.
- But I saw him die.
- We all saw him die.
Well, you saw what he wanted you to see.
(Explosion booms) Then he convinced everybody there were more explosives, so they couldn't check for a body.
Logan digitally disguised his voice.
He's who you've been talking to this whole time.
So his death wasn't real.
No more real than those explosives outside the castle.
There's another one in this cupboard.
(Beeping) It's a fake.
You're kidding me.
The bomb squad's on the way.
Call them off.
No bombs.
But the voice was talking to us with Logan in the room.
Oh no, he pre-recorded his voice.
Someone here triggered it with a remote.
Who? (Gun safety clicks) Phoenix718.
I take it that's real.
One way to find out.
Oliver, could you call the parents over please? Oliver: Right away.
You're BigBadBoyd36.
That was someone else's handle in the chatroom.
Boyd was Phoenix718.
No, Phoenix killed himself.
He attempted suicide.
That's why you closed your account, isn't it? I promised Boyd I'd be there for him.
Right 'til the very end.
This is the end.
He thought he'd found real friends.
And what did they do to him? The police are gonna move on the castle, Logan, - they'll kill him.
- He's dying anyway.
You are loyal to your friend, we get that.
But there are other kids in there that could get hurt, too.
The only way anyone is walking out of there is if the bully confesses.
Whoever did it, confess.
Confess now, or you all die! It's your kid.
- Boyd? - They're all here, Eric.
Okay, you might wanna tone it down, your mother is listening now.
No, she never understood.
Life was hell at school.
The only place I had a life was online.
Eric: I understand.
These online contacts became your real friends.
More than friends.
They were my family.
(Exhales) I liked you, Phoenix.
I really did.
You didn't.
You were always a little odd, but you were kind and you never hurt anybody.
Simon: Please.
You're obnoxious.
Even before I saw you, I could tell you were a nerd.
And a loser.
No wonder you couldn't get it up.
You wanna die?! I said that to you in a private chatroom.
And then one of you decided to violate my trust.
Mock me.
Humiliate me.
I told you, I didn't do it.
You can put the gun down, Boyd.
I can tell you who it was.
Who? (Nervous exhales) Who was it? - Me.
- Camille? Boyd, no.
You? - But he - He thought it was funny.
But I'm the one who started all.
Why? Isn't it obvious, mate? Look at me, look at you.
She couldn't even see me or you? Shogun flirted with me.
My real-life boyfriend just broke up with me.
I guess the attention made me feel good.
I wanted to impress him.
I didn't make her do it.
- Don't try and pin this on me.
- I'm not saying that.
It was all me.
The crueler I was, the more attention he gave me.
I'm sorry.
I liked you.
I really did.
But you have to pay for what you did.
I get it.
You had one thing on you bucket list, to find out who betrayed you, but now that you know what you want is revenge, what you need is to forgive.
You really want to hurt her? I'm sorry.
(Crying) (Sobbing) (Gun clicks) (Crying) You're kidding me.
The Stockholm syndrome, right? It's remorse, you idiot.
Pretty slick operation, you got here, Ace.
Obviously not slick enough.
Yeah, well, #realworldproblems, huh? Just one question.
Boyd lives in Idaho, you live in London, How'd you guys even meet? We still haven't, actually.
All this for someone you've never even met? I know what it's like to be bullied like that.
When I heard about the brain tumor, I just wanted to give him something before he died.
Yeah, well there's some police officers who'd like to ask you some question about that.
I don't speak French.
Good thing I'm here to translate.
Gavin: Mr.
On behalf of Zama Corporation, I'd like to express our relief that Simon has been returned Save it for court.
I'm going to sue you so hard your great grandchildren will owe me.
What am I to say to that Hey.
You scared me so much.
What am I to say to that Jane, we might wanna give them a moment.
Jane: Thank you so much.
I wanted to tell you that if we met in person, I never would have done any of it.
But if it's not too late, maybe we can be friends.
I'd like that.
We can never go back What am I to say to that Probably.
What am I to say to that There's only one thing left to do There's only one thing left to do Good job keeping the cops at bay.
When did you know Phoenix was Boyd? I'm in trouble, aren't I? When Ms.
Ferguson said this was her first trip to Europe.
That early? Well, you know how I feel about coincidences.
And the explosives? You knew also that they weren't real? You're right.
I should've told you, - so you didn't worry.
- Why would I worry if the father of my child gets blown sky high? I don't even get called "husband" any more? All right, the truth is, I had a hunch.
I was not certain.
And yet you walked through them to save the lives of those kids? Evie could have been one of those kids.
(Sighs) When there is only one way to live How am I supposed to die (Siren wails) How am I supposed to die When there is only one way to live Only one way to live