Ransom (2017) s01e12 Episode Script


1 [Bells tolling.]
Christian: Don't worry, I have you.
Just one step at a time.
Maria: Where are you taking me? You'll see.
When do I take it off? Wait, wait.
One moment.
Look, you my ridiculous, romantic husband.
I love you! Ah, ah, ah, ah.
That's not the present.
That's to celebrate the present.
What do you mean? This place.
It's yours.
How? It's like we talked about.
It's It's not much now, but it's what you'll make of it.
The place you've always dreamed of.
This is what the money was for? Will that do for an anniversary present, Mrs.
Bonnar? [Cellphone rings.]
Christian Bonnar.
Woman: Mr.
Bonnar, can you come to the school? It's about Sofia.
I've just got a fever and my stomach.
I just want to lie down.
We should take her to a doctor.
I called Dr.
De Luca.
No, no, no, Dad, I really don't want to see a doctor.
He's at a house call.
He'll swing by after.
Well, maybe you should just go straight to bed, baby.
Yeah, I'm just thirsty.
Christian, did you open the? Man: Shut up! Whoa! Nobody move! Nobody will.
Dad? It's okay, sweetheart.
Stay calm.
Take whatever you want.
Where's the money?! I will kill her! Maxine: When that guy tied the hood over your head and drove you into the desert how did you know you could trust them? The main guy's after-shave.
High in denatured alcohol content dipropylene, I suspect.
Cheap stuff.
He really needed the money.
How did you? [Cellphone ringing.]
You're joking? Beaumont.
Okay, Saunders can handle this one.
How old is she? Got it.
Pilot needs a new flight plan.
What? Straight on to another job? Family's been kidnapped.
One of them, a 14-year-old girl.
[Car door closes.]
Eric: Any leads on the hostage taker? Refusing to identify himself.
He's communicating through the husband.
Demands? Waiting to talk to you.
He expects a call in 10.
Hello, by the way.
Evie? She's with my mother in Paris.
Okay, so we got nothing on the kidnapper.
What about the family? Your brief says Christian Bonnar's been kidnapped before.
Venezuela, three years ago.
The authorities resolved the situation.
His wife was killed.
I take it that's why he doesn't want the police involved this time.
Bonnar doesn't trust them.
Kidnapped twice in three years.
He's an unlucky guy.
I do regard that as a point of interest.
I suspected you might.
Are you suggesting that he, uh, arranged his own kidnapping? Mr.
Bonnar has lucrative ransom insurance.
Lightning can strike twice in the same place, but I don't trust coincidences.
That's my girl.
Was my girl.
How's the job going? Uh, good.
Uh demanding, but inspiring.
Do you mean Eric? I mean Well, yeah, I guess.
I agree working with him is a joy.
I'm right here, guys.
Vincenzo Moretti, president of Moretti Maritime.
Eric Beaumont, negotiator.
Zara Hallam, lead investigator.
Thank you so much for coming over here.
Christian and his family they're my family, you understand? I do.
Bonnar is your CEO? And joint owner.
We were school friends.
We built this business together.
Are you aware of any financial difficulties he may be having? Personal or professional? No.
Christian has no financial difficulties.
And if you knew what it took him to recover from the trauma of last time, you would insinuate nothing.
And who else knows he has ransom insurance? All our employees, of course, but I'll tell you right now, that none of them Zara is direct because time is of the essence.
What were the circumstances of the previous kidnapping, sir? Christian and Janine, his first wife, were in Caracas establishing an oil-shipping contract that led to considerable local tension.
Christian blames the police's impatience for Janine's death.
It wasn't till he met Maria that he finally put his tragedy behind him.
And for it to happen a second time? Come on Mr.
Moretti, one more question.
Do you have a coffee machine? Okay.
Live contact in 90 seconds.
Tracking Christian's company cell.
Static at the Bonnar house.
Christian got hostage training as part of his ransom insurance package, right? Yeah.
Sit down, shut up, and don't look 'em in the eye.
If it helps him stay calm, it's good news for Christian and his family.
Where did we get with the bank records? Suspicion mounts.
He withdrew a total of 500,000 euro in cash from four separate bank accounts three weeks ago.
Who needs half-a-mill in cash? Kind of a red flag.
If he's withdrawn it from his own accounts, he's hardly trying to hide it.
Oh, Eric, come on.
He has zero history of criminal activity.
Ransom insurance, same man abducted twice, large sums of cash.
There must be something other than a straightforward kidnap.
Well, that I agree with, but it takes a certain kind of man to deliberately subject his daughter to an ordeal like this.
Bonnar does not fit that profile.
So what is going on? Zara: Time.
Well, let's find out.
[Cellphone rings.]
Christian Bonnar.
This is Eric Beaumont.
I'm a negotiator hired by your insurance company to make sure I get your family out of there.
I need to talk to the person holding you hostage.
He won't talk direct.
So I understand.
Christian, please tell him that I need to talk to the man in charge of the situation.
He needs to speak to the man in charge of the situation.
Who's this? I'm Eric, and I'm gonna get you what you want so we can all go home as quickly as possible.
What should I call you? No, no.
No names.
Just 10 million cash.
[Sofia whimpering.]
I-It helps if I have a name so I can make sure that I'm talking to you and only to you.
Okay, it's, um It's Dede.
Okay, Dede.
Before moving forward, I need to make sure the family's safe.
Could you please use the video mode on the phone? Does your phone have video? I'll call you back.
Eric: Mute the phone.
How much is Mr.
Bonnar insured for? Up to 15 million euros.
But we're not ready to pay anything close to that.
And I was just gonna go straight in at 15.
You see?! You see they are all well! [Sofia crying.]
Thank you, Dede.
I appreciate that.
Now, 10 million cash! Okay, so you're saying you're willing to exchange the family for 10 million euros? Yeah, that's right.
And if you don't get the 10 million, what will you do? I'll kill them.
You'd shoot the man, his wife, and the girl? That's what I said! Just get me the money! Well, I want to, but here's the thing, Dede.
I will do whatever I can to get you 10 mill but it may take some days.
No, no, no.
I said today.
Well, if getting it today is important, I can get you 750,000 euros in unmarked bills in just a matter of hours.
750? Is that a joke?! If you're a man in a hurry, I respect that, but I can only do what I can do.
Heh, uh Five.
Five million.
It's the same problem, Dede.
No, okay, five million, or I kill the girl! No, please don't! You're saying you would rather shoot that innocent girl than have three-quarters of a million euros in cash? Yes, that's what I said! I'll do it! I'll do it right now! [Sighs.]
Considerable agitation.
Either a critical profile comfortable with extreme behaviors, or an amateur, way out of his depth.
So we can't be certain whether he'll shoot or not.
Then have to assume he will.
With a reaction like that, 750 is below his baseline.
Right? - What's going on?! - Mm-hmm.
What's the lowest he'll take? Excellent question, Ms.
You know what, Dede? I'm with you on this.
750 isn't enough.
I just spoke to the insurance company and they've told me that you can have another half-mill.
That's 1.
25 million euros.
Two million.
Two million, that's it! No more talk! I could probably get him down to one, but it's gonna take a few hours.
She's 14 let's just get her out of there.
Close it.
Dede, I'm personally gonna hand you two million euros in cash today.
Do we have a deal? Yeah, okay.
And that, friends is how the magic happens.
[Doorbell rings.]
Who the hell is that? You tricked me! It's the police! You called the police! Christian: No, no, no, no! It's a doctor! Dede, we didn't have anything No, no, listen! It's a doctor for my daughter! [Both grunting.]
Ah! Please, he's a doctor! Don't hurt him! It's our company doctor, for Sofia! Information that would've been useful before.
Dede, he's a doctor.
He's there for Sofia, the girl.
She's sick.
Dede, we still have a deal.
I'll decide that.
- Yah! - Ah! Shouldn't we re-establish contact? Mnh-mnh.
He won't hurt the family.
They're the only way he's gonna get his money.
He'll call us when he's ready.
Well? [Beep.]
The doctor's shaken up, but fine.
Moretti asked him to hold off reporting this to the police.
But Dede has taken the family somewhere.
Description of Dede? Between 5'6 " and 5'8", late 20s, Middle Eastern appearance.
Yeah, his accent sounded Egyptian.
Profile? He presents strong, but voice patterns indicate considerable stress levels.
Latency also suggests that he was thinking about his answers.
Perhaps he wasn't prepped for a kidnapping.
Mm, but the fact that he needed a specific amount of money, fast, suggests it was planned.
Maybe Dede wasn't setting the figures.
A third party? If a third party is involved, we need to find out who and why before they take control of the Bonnar family.
Even if the kidnap wasn't planned, there is a reason that Dede was in that house.
Shall we, Mr.
Yates? [Sofia coughing.]
He was a doctor, like I said.
I'm not I won't lie to you.
We both want out of this situation, right? [Coughing continues.]
My daughter's sick.
She needs a doctor.
[Sirens wailing.]
I'm really thirsty.
She has a fever.
She needs water, for God's sake.
[Cellphone rings.]
Where are you? On the road.
Interesting time for a road trip.
Someone showed up.
I thought it was the police.
I need somewhere to make the exchange.
You agreed to two million? Yeah, just like you said.
Well done.
I know a place.
Okay, where? It's a little out of town, somewhere safe.
Zara: We have to make this quick.
Can't be long before the neighbors report something and the cops show up.
Well, I just took a quadruple espresso to the head.
Speed won't be a problem.
This alarm auto-arms when you lock the doors, but it's set to manual.
Is there an entry log? No.
Hasn't been armed for days.
Careless? Yep.
Or convenient.
Well, he didn't take the wife's credit cards or cash.
I'm getting the data.
Come on, come on, come on.
Got it.
[Camera shutter clicks.]
But he did manage to find the very well-hidden safe and bring the exact tools to bust it open.
Really? Yeah.
Tipped off? We know Bonnar did take out a half-a-mill in cash in the last couple days.
So Dede comes here looking for cash but finds the safe empty.
The family comes home in the middle of the day, surprises him.
He's cornered.
Kidnap was Dede's plan "B"? Or maybe it was never in his cards at all.
He just rolled with the punches.
Well, if he's an amateur, he's even more dangerous erratic, emotional What's that? [Sniffs.]
Looks like sulfur.
Not the kind you'd find in a drugstore.
I'll send this to Eric.
- Got it.
- Okay.
Come on, let's go.
Maxine: So the nearest plant processing industrial sulfur of this kind is 70 miles away, but it all ships through here.
20 bucks says Dede works here.
I'd never bet against you, boss.
Is that true? But the company has no Arabic names listed on their employee records.
Their official employee records.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Wait here.
I need to know where we're going.
Because if it's any distance, I got to tell you, we need gas.
Dede: Okay.
Pull over at the next station.
Eric: I talked to those two gentlemen.
Dede's real name is Mahmoud Farouk.
He's 5'7," educated and Egyptian.
Yes! [Bell dings.]
You're coming with me.
You move, she dies.
You do anything she dies.
Daddy? Maria? We'll be watching, sweetheart.
Go! [Car door closes.]
- Yes.
Fill it up, please.
- Okay.
Go in.
Go! If we could get someone's attention, hold up a note, maybe.
No! No.
I've been trained for this.
We stay calm we do as he says, we don't antagonize, we'll be fine.
We'll all be fine.
You're right.
Nothing to endanger Sofia.
This is happening again.
It must be me.
As long as we're together, we're okay.
Okay? We have to be.
I love you so much.
I love you more.
[Vehicles approaching.]
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no! Stay calm.
[Indistinct police radio chatter.]
[Conversation in Italian.]
[Car door closes.]
Drive! Now! [Engine turns over.]
Mahmoud Farouk came to Italy to do a PhD, overstayed his student visa.
Both parents are dead, but he has a famous younger brother.
Court case coming up in two months.
Could be looking at something worse than life.
I think Dede planned a robbery, not a kidnapping.
To help pay for his brother's legal fees.
You know a lawyer who does discounts, holler.
Oliver: I could sure use one.
For a PhD student, he made a pretty good house-breaker.
Lot easier when the alarm's off.
You think he had help from someone inside that house? I wonder who was last out the front door this morning.
When did he marry Maria? About 14 months ago.
Two years after his first wife was killed.
Why would she set up her own husband? And wouldn't she have known that the half-mill wasn't in the safe? Both good questions, neither of which I have the answer to.
Where's the car right now? Got it.
Headed up the mountain.
- All right.
Time to call.
- Mm-hmm.
Fire it up.
Have something for me? - Two million euros in 50s.
- Ah.
Impeccable timing, as ever, Ms.
Denard, but I'm only gonna need 500,000.
Get our Egyptian kidnapper on the phone.
[Cellphone ringing.]
Yes? This is Eric.
To whom am I speaking? Dede.
Ah, it's good to hear your voice, Dede.
How's everybody bearing up? They're fine.
Let's talk money.
The two million euros.
Well, I'm looking at a big bag of euros with your name on it.
Where do you want to meet? Uh, there's a car park at the Parcourale de Colognora at the end of a small road SP6 [Static.]
All right, repeat that last number.
The line broke up.
I don't want to lose you.
The S-P-6-5.
One road in, single track.
Clear sight line from the hills.
What? If Dede is being directed by a third party, he could've chosen this location.
So? So whoever's calling the shots could be planning on taking the cash and getting rid of the witnesses.
It's not a location for an exchange.
It's a deathtrap.
Hello? Can you hear me?! [Rumbling.]
- What are you doing?! - I'm sorry, I'm sorry, the road's bad! If you can't hold a phone and a gun at the same time, just put it on speaker! Why? You want to listen?! Christian: She wants to stay alive! Please, just listen to me.
I was kidnapped before and it ended badly, very badly.
I don't want this to go the same way.
If we work together, we all get what we want.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mahmoud, it's Eric.
I need you to stop the car and turn around.
What is this?! I know your name is Mahmoud Farouk and that none of this is your idea.
The man who told you to ask for two million, the man who is waiting for you in the hills, you cannot trust him.
Do you understand? You can't trust him.
You're a student, not a criminal.
You're assuming all the risk.
Now, he has told you that there was 500,000 in that safe.
This is not about money, it is about your brother, and I can help you with that.
Can you hear me? You need to turn around right now.
Dede, look at Sofia.
She is 14 years old.
I know you don't want to harm her.
Dede? Can you hear me? Dede, stop the car now.
If we turn back, there will be cops and who knows what this guy will do.
What did she say?! What did she say?! Dede, stop the car, now.
Stop! [Tires screech.]
[Christian sighs.]
[Cellphone ringing.]
Go back.
Go back! - [Gunshots, screaming.]
- Go! Go! Go! Drive! Drive! Go! Go! [Gunfire, screaming.]
Go! Go! Go!! That's a rifle, not a pistol.
And you see these shadows? Echoes.
It was fired from outside the car.
If the shooter was waiting for Dede, why would he fire at him? Clip to two seconds before that.
Dede: Stop! The car stops, then backs up before the shots.
Dede doesn't trust him.
Money in a backpack, water, and boots for climbing.
Where are you going? If this third party's shooting on sight, we should call the police.
If Dede turning around antagonizes him enough to shoot imagine what police sirens will do.
Okay, we need to make the deal and get the family out of there.
You still got the live track on Christian's phone? Let's go.
Who the hell is shooting at us?! [Panting.]
[Engine turns over.]
We need to go down, back to the city, meet the negotiator.
No! The police will be waiting.
No, they won't.
Eric, he's got your money the money you need for your brother, like he said.
The car's not going to make it.
A bullet must've hit the oil pan.
I know a place we can go.
There's an old castle.
I think there's water there.
Eric: Dede asked "What did she say?" a few seconds before the shots.
Now, assuming he was talking about Maria, can you isolate what she said? I believe I can.
Maria: If we turn back, there will be cops and who knows what this guy will do.
Why would Maria want them to keep on driving? Scared of Dede on the face of it? Yeah, scared or concerned? It's time we took a closer look at Maria.
Are you sure this is a good idea? Sofia needs water and shelter.
We'll find both up there.
There's nothing else we can do.
Go! Get Eric.
Zara: You there? Yeah, we're just doing some sightseeing.
[Chuckles lightly.]
Okay, there are two Maria Schwartzes on the birth register in Moutier.
One of them is 73.
The other one died in 1952.
Eyes on the road.
What what is it? Are you okay? These aren't exactly made for walking.
Will the girl be all right? She's sick.
She needs water.
Of course she's not all right.
Come on.
Oh, wow.
Now we're talking.
I think they are the same woman.
We'll get some water at the refuge, like you said.
Ah! Christian: What Maria! You're amazing! Quick, the phone! Call the negotiator.
The number will be the last one on the recent calls.
Now is not the time.
Maria? This is Maria? A.
bereaved widow Sabrina Moreau husband was murdered in a burglary, killer was never found.
France, five years ago.
And this Zara: Linde Mertens widow of murdered millionaire Luuk, burglary, no suspects ever ID'd.
Netherlands, eight years ago.
She marries men and murders them.
And as they're unsolved The inheritance goes to the wife.
She probably has a partner.
- What are you doing? - No, no, no, no.
We need to go down, negotiate.
Maria, please! There's water up there, right? So shut up and let's go.
You, too.
You're with him, aren't you? With "him"? What are you talking about? Jakob.
He told me you had cash in the safe.
Now I know who told him.
Who the hell is Jakob? I said, "Go!" [Grunts.]
[Gears shift.]
Okay, I cross ref'd where they're headed with Christian's frequently visited locations.
Him and Moretti hunt in these mountains.
And they use this hilltop ruin as a base.
And the only way you can get there by car is using the road you're driving on right now.
How long was she married to her previous husbands? Um, six and nine months.
Well, she's stayed with Christian for 18.
What's different about this one? Any of the previous husbands have children? Negative.
Ollie, what's her profile? I'm speculating but the consummate role-player usually indicates difficulty forming real or lasting relationships.
Likely from a dysfunctional family.
Bottom line, tough cookie to negotiate given her lack of self-esteem and self-worth.
She feels like she has nothing to lose.
Well, until now.
This one's got to her.
Daughters can do that.
I got hold of a copy of Christian's will.
Sending now.
Eric, look.
It's empty.
The shooter would spot that, too.
Maxine: How does Maria do it? I mean, spend her entire life in a lie.
Ev-Every time she looks at Christian, every time he looks at her, it's just always an act.
Well, that's marriage for you.
Good liars create a convincing fiction.
Great liars create a fiction that's true for them.
Cognitive dissonance.
That's so ingrained.
How do you undo it? Well, I'm working on it.
Christian: Here, baby.
Cuddle up.
Keep warm while I get water.
On your knees.
No! [Panting.]
I'm going back.
I don't know what this is but if there's anything left of the woman I married, you'll let me help my daughter.
Christian, you don't understand! You'll have to shoot me.
- [Groans.]
- Daddy! What's happening? Where are they? [Sighs.]
They're in the mountains.
We've lost comms.
Daddy, are you okay?! [Groaning.]
Who are you? No one you know.
Help him.
Daddy?! Everything's okay.
[Groaning continues.]
Who's Jakob? He's He's some guy who could get me money for my brother.
All I had to do was break your window.
He told me how to get into your safe.
He even gave me the tools, but it was empty.
You coming home wasn't part of the plan.
Who's Jakob to you? Like he said.
Just some guy.
- Come on.
- Eric said this place is a deathtrap.
We know that man's a killer, and yet, he goes straight onto it.
Another day at the office.
I trusted you with my daughter.
How could you do this? Eric: It's what she does.
I'm Eric, the negotiator.
You're Maria.
And Sabrina.
And Linde.
Maybe more besides.
You're not the only one.
Marries, murders, moves on.
It's quite the MO.
Put your weapon where I can see it.
I don't carry a gun.
What about your friend in the rocks back there? No guns.
All I have is water.
I'm pretty sure this isn't how anyone expected their day to go.
But I promise you, everyone's gonna leave the mountain with what they need.
Now, how about I start by showing you the half-million euros in this bag and my colleague gets some water to the girl? Two million was the deal! 500,000 is what she told you was in the safe right, Maria? Right? You take it and you walk away clean with the amount you expected from the robbery, in exchange for the family and Mr.
Farouk here.
I'm sure he'd be happy to forgo his share.
What do you think, baby? Why not? Go ahead.
Keep pressure on that wound.
That right, Maria? It is the, uh, money that you want? Why wouldn't it be? Well, why would you put a bullet in Christian's shoulder? Why not his head? You two always run this scam to a strict time frame.
In and out in under a year.
Now, you've been with Christian 18 months, even though he put you in his will after just 12.
What did he say? Nothing important.
Give me the handgun so I can make this look right.
Just wait.
We kill them all, pin it on the Egyptian, and let's get out of here! I said, "Wait!" You didn't know Christian had a daughter when you met him, did you? Stealing from the safe was your way of getting the money without killing him.
I think you didn't want him to get hurt.
And you still don't.
Baby, take the cash and let's go.
Well, you heard the man, you know the drill.
Once you give him that gun, he is going to kill them both, and us, maybe even get away with it if the police don't get here first.
Is he really the family you choose? Baby, don't listen to him! I am offering you the chance to be free of him, to walk away to just walk away.
[Chuckles lightly.]
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
- Jana.
- [Gun cocks.]
What are you doing? Maria: It's over.
Farouk, take the rifle.
Jana! Jana! Come back, Jana! Come back! I'll kill you, Jana! Jana! Steady hands, Dede.
[Indistinct police radio chatter.]
Grazie mille, Capitano.
[Sirens wailing.]
Put in a call to our man in Cairo.
See if we can't find Mr.
Farouk's brother a good lawyer.
Will do.
How is she? Improving.
Thank you.
For the little that it's worth, she really did love you.
Both of you.
You okay? No young girl should lose her mother.
She's lost two.
Well, 20 bucks says she goes on to do them both proud.
I'm flesh and bone, a sinking stone The company thanks you, once again, Mr.
Just the company? Or we could skip the country and have one hell of a weekend.
The bitter taste Well, you can't blame a guy for trying.
My failure aches [Sighs.]
I thought I was gonna lose you.
- Me? Nah.
- [Cellphone rings.]
No one's perfect here among us Call for you.
Nobody said that I could walk on water Well, as soon as I get on that plane, it's lights out, no one wake me up.
I'm heading to the airport right now, baby.
Zara: I will be walking in the door in 10 hours.
I love you, bye.
Did you guys not hear about the change of plan? What plan? Another case? Eric Say hi to everybody, Evie.
Maxine: Hey, Evie.
Hi, Evie.
Goodnight, Evie.
Not funny.
Bye, Nathalie.
À bientôt.
Take care.
Eric: That wasn't weird at all.
- Bye, Nathalie.
- I was just doing what I do.
Using you to manipulate my friends.