Ransom (2017) s01e13 Episode Script


1 What do you know about Jessica Ford? [Voice breaking.]
She was my mother.
You were in command at the Shiloh siege.
You got Tactical too close.
I don't pose any threat to Mr.
Emotions are a threat.
And let's be honest, Maxine, you bring a lot of emotion.
Why would you hire me if you knew who my mother was? Eric: The question isn't why I hired you.
It's why you'd want to work for the man who got her killed.
You know Damien Delaine's up for parole? Has he tried to contact you? I I haven't spoken to him.
Keep it that way.
[GPS beeping.]
[Exhales sharply.]
You can do this.
Security Agent: Can I see your ID, please? Sure.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Open the gate! [Beeps.]
Maxine: Eric.
Hey, just checking you got everything you need.
Well, apart from a good night's sleep.
I stayed up going over the protocols again.
I wouldn't send you on a risk assessment alone unless I knew you were ready for it, and you are.
Thanks, boss.
[Cellphone beeps.]
I never should have let you talk me into that.
As if I could.
Yeah? Mm.
- [Knock on door.]
- Come in.
Sir, Miss Carlson is here for you.
Thank you, Agent Stokes.
Crisis resolution must be pretty good, Miss Carlson, for the FBI to kick this over to a private contractor.
Well, my boss, Eric Beaumont, wrote the FBI's risk assessment protocols.
Have you done many of these? Not many.
[Bag unzips.]
Have you had any further contact since the voice message? Radio silence.
And the voice said, "Give up your access codes, or I pay with your life.
" Yeah, I think those were the exact words.
The voice was computerized, and I didn't get a chance to record it.
What kind of access codes is he demanding? To a top-secret data center The kind we used to protect western democracies from every kind of terrorist attack you can imagine.
And what makes you think a threat came from this hack-tivist, Krank? Same M.
Krank tried to hack into our systems to steal these access codes 10 years ago.
Isn't it strange that he would suddenly reappear now? You tell me.
You're the expert.
[Cellphone buzzes, beeps.]
Nathalie: Didn't you promise Evie you wouldn't track her anymore? It's for her own safety.
I'm sure.
- The point is, you told her you wouldn't.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
I don't want her worrying.
Your work demands you manipulate people.
Your family needs the truth.
Better hurry up getting dressed.
She's in the hallway.
Hey, mom, I'm back.
Hello, sweetie.
Are you gate crashing our shopping trip? Your mom's got me working again.
What were you saying about the truth? [Cellphone rings, buzzes.]
Excuse me.
[Cellphone rings, buzzes.]
Hello? Hel? So, what's the verdict, Miss Carlson? The threat is nonspecific and hasn't recurred.
According to our protocols, it's low risk.
Well, I'm not gonna pretend that's not a relief.
[Cellphone dings, buzzes.]
Hello? Digi-voice: Ubi mors ibi spes.
Ubi mors ibi spes.
Ubi mors ibi spes.
Ubi mors ibi spes.
It's the same voice.
Ubi mors ibi spes.
Ubi mors ibi spes.
Ubi mors ibi spes.
Ubi mors ibi spes.
It's Latin.
"Where there is death, there is hope.
" - Ubi mors ibi spes.
- Sir? Put the phone down.
Put the phone down, please.
Put the phone down, now! [Cellphone beeping.]
- [Explosion.]
- [Screams.]
- [Groans.]
- Someone help! Oh, my God! Marcus? Agent Nash, I have you.
I have you.
Help! Somebody help! Eric: Maxine? Agent Nash died an hour ago.
Massive brain hemorrhaging.
Look at me.
Look at me.
This isn't your fault.
You understand me? The phone exploded seconds after I told him he was safe.
That phrase in Latin.
[Clears throat.]
"Where there is death, there is hope.
" It was used by the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War.
You recognized it as a threat? [Voice breaking.]
Just not soon enough.
Beaumont? Special Agent: Assistant Executive Director Woods has arrived.
He requests to meet with you immediately.
All right.
Come on.
Ma'am, you can relax.
This wasn't your fault.
Either the protocols are wrong, which we know they aren't, or I screwed up.
Or neither.
Digi-voice: I trust Marcus Nash's cellphone got your attention.
That was just a taste of my power.
I can infect any computer that controls an electromechanical process.
Cars, life-support machines, nuclear centrifuges all your critical infrastructure.
Release the access codes to NSA's cloud servers by midnight tonight, or I will inflict mass civilian casualties and chaos.
[Computer beeps.]
Eric: Can he make good on that threat? Well, our guys are analyzing the pulse that he sent through the network to Nash's phone.
Theoretically, it's possible.
Yes, theoretically, yes.
Well, then we have to assume this is real.
And the U.
government does not negotiate with terrorists.
No, we don't, but 14 hours and change.
I'm gonna need something to offer.
You'll have it.
And your word, Freddie.
If you want me to negotiate, then you have to let me negotiate.
[Inhales deeply.]
Right, right no force, no tactical.
Scout's honor.
- One other thing.
- Eric: Hmm? I don't want the girl on this one.
Maxine is my second.
You and I used to be friends.
I still consider us friends, Freddie.
All right, all right, then listen to me on this one.
Look, I know you feel responsible for Jessica Ford's death at Shiloh.
But hiring her daughter, you don't see that as a mistake.
This was a targeted assassination, timed to occur at precisely the moment Maxine was with Nash.
Why would they do that? I don't know.
My team.
My way.
[Cellphone beeping.]
- Did you reach Maxine? - Oliver: Yeah.
Yeah, she is shaken, blaming herself.
Should she? I mean, she followed protocol.
- So what happened? - [Cellphone buzzes.]
Well, that's them now.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Hey, Max.
- Maxine: Hey.
- Hang in there.
I'll be fine once we stop this guy.
Well, Krank left no e-mail address, no phone number.
We've got 14 hours and no way to contact him.
There's someone else we can talk to.
The electromagnetic pulse that Krank used to make that phone explode was written in a complex programming language called "Coma.
" So complex, only a handful of people know how to write it.
It was developed by a professor at Chicago Tech in the early '90s.
Damien Delaine.
Damien Delaine? Isn't he serving 17 years for the massacre at Shiloh? Was.
Paroled for good behavior last week.
Maxine: Last week? So, he was still in prison when Agent Nash originally received the threat.
Okay, only a handful of people in the world know how to read this computer language.
If Damien Delaine's not behind this attack, he might know who is.
All right, talk to him.
All right.
You okay? Talking about Delaine must bring back strong emotions for you, considering his involvement in your mother's death.
It does for me.
I can handle it.
[Bag zips.]
Do you think what I'm thinking? Six months ago, Maxine Carlson appears in our lives.
And suddenly, we get a case involving Damien Delaine, the man who's responsible for her mother's death who Eric hasn't seen or spoken to in 17 years.
Zara: Damien Delaine convinced some 50-some odd people at Shiloh that suicide was a better option than living.
[Knock on door.]
Get your game face on.
And remember, we need his help.
I'm Zara Hallam.
This is my colleague, Oliver Yates.
Thank you for agreeing to come in.
I was so grateful to receive this call.
Oliver: 17 years in prison, that's a long time.
How does it feel to be on the outside? 17 years gives you a lot of sleepless hours to think about the people that lost their lives, the families that I tore apart.
Now you're rehabilitated? I was wrong.
I thought I had a cause.
I thought many things, misguided things.
So, please, if there's any small way I can help you with your case, you have no idea how much that would mean to me.
And you bear no ill will against Eric Beaumont? Eric Beaumont is a manipulator and a hypocrite who bears as much responsibility as I do, if not more so, for the deaths at Shiloh.
We both consider Eric a mentor and a friend.
I've paid for my crimes, Miss Hallam.
Eric Beaumont has not, but that does not diminish my genuine desire to help you if I can.
A person calling themselves "Krank" used these codes to blow up a cellphone and the man holding it.
Well, no wonder you can't read this.
This is Coma.
Can you help us identify the person who wrote it? It has to be Victoria Locke.
She's a former student of mine.
She'd be in her late 30s now.
How certain are you that it's her? Well, Coma was Victoria's thesis.
Others could write simple programs, but to pull off what you described.
It can't be anyone else.
Zara: Nice theory.
Slight problem.
Victoria Locke died in 2007.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Victoria: People are asleep, walking around in daydreams while the rich get richer, and the government destructs us with consumerism as they watch our every move.
- We let them control us.
- [Computer beeps.]
Surveillance audio of Victoria Locke from her college days.
Anti-government rant, fits the profile.
But if she drowned in Malta in 2007, how can she be Krank? And the timing of Victoria's death tallies with when Krank dropped off the bureau's radar.
So, what? She came back from the dead? Maybe.
Oliver: Maybe? Damien Delaine's the ultimate manipulator.
Each move seems random and disconnected.
Until it doesn't.
He was in prison until a week ago.
Could he really be behind this? Zara: But I spoke to his prison officers.
His behavior was exemplary.
Not even caught with a cellphone, let alone a computer.
Still, one week out of prison, and this happens? The timing is suspicious.
Maybe he gave us the name of a dead woman to throw us off the scent? Eric: All right, get our techs to compare Krank's threats with our hack-tivists operating the last 10 years.
Let's see if we can find a match.
Right away.
[Cellphone dings.]
Excuse me.
[Cellphone dings.]
Oliver: Maxine? Sorry, am I interrupting? No, it's okay.
Listen, um a man died in your arms yesterday.
No one would think any less of you if if you wanted to sit this one out.
I'm fine.
But thank you for asking.
Zara: Okay, our techs found something.
They're sending it through right now.
What are we looking at? Oliver: Online posts from someone calling themselves "Tech Girl.
" Tech Girl? Victoria Locke went to Chicago Institute of Technology.
Her posts bear a remarkable similarity to Krank's.
What kind of similarities? Vocabulary, syntax, subject matter.
Plus, Tech Girl appears to have come into existence shortly after Victoria Locke drowned in 2007.
Or is said to have drowned.
Faked her own death and went underground.
So, she's alive, and Damien Delaine's intel was helpful.
So it appears, yeah.
Can you pull a cellphone number for Tech Girl? Yeah, I'm working on it.
Oh, and I need something to negotiate with.
The NSA has authorized the release of certain packets of classified intel for leverage purposes.
Packets containing? Above my pay grade.
[Computer beeping.]
Got a contact number.
All right, well, let's roll the dice.
This better work.
We've got 10 hours left.
[Cellphone rings.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Hello? Am I speaking with Tech Girl? My name is Eric Beaumont.
I'm a negotiator.
Am I right in presuming you are Victoria Locke, a.
, Krank? Darling, I'll be whoever you want me to be.
Waveform is a match.
I'll try to track her location.
Eric: Victoria, I want you to know that I'm authorized by the U.
government to negotiate a deal with you.
Negotiate what? I have all the power.
And you want access to classified government data.
What do you plan to do with it? Release it to the world.
People need to know the truth how they're using terrorism as an excuse to spy on all of us.
Well, wouldn't it hurt the people if terrorists were able to read the U.
government's classified files? Tell me, Eric, do you know how many of the machines that power our lives are run by computer? Most of them.
So you'll know to give me what I want, or I will start by taking down a few hospitals, an airport, and maybe I'll wipe out part of the Eastern seaboard.
Here's the thing I don't get.
You're brilliant enough to create this virus, but you need my help to access the government's secrets? The government use quantum encryption to protect their secrets completely unhackable, even to me.
So why target ordinary people? Why not attack the government? This precisely is an attack on the government.
For these people, these sheep, for them to realize they're being oppressed, the only thing is to spill their blood.
The revolution will not begin until we hit the reset button, and that's where we're going a revolution, a total collapse of authority.
Please trust me, I'm gonna do everything I can to get you what you need.
Access codes by midnight, or the bodies start piling up.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Oliver: I wasn't able to track her location.
Shouldn't the FBI get Damien Delaine to start working on a way to block her attack? Well, Woods is working on it.
He doesn't need Delaine on this.
But they don't know this programming language, and they don't know her.
He does.
Look at Victoria's profile.
She's A-1 critical, total conviction to the cause, comfortable with substantial loss of life, slight hysteria, possibly not sane of mind.
Your point? She's not gonna budge, Eric.
Not in 10 hours, and you know it.
We need Delaine to give us another way out.
Woods: She's right.
Delaine's an asset we can't afford to lose.
Delaine is not what he seems, Freddie.
We both know that.
And without him, we wouldn't have had our lead to Victoria Locke.
This is a game, and we are playing by his rules.
Eric, I despise the son of a bitch as much as you do, but within 10 hours, she's gonna start killing people.
[Computer beeps They've given Delaine a high-speed computer.
He's working on a way to counteract the virus.
Victoria, it's Eric.
Do you have what I need? [Knock on door.]
Man: Sir, the techs have been able to use Beaumont's communication to pinpoint Victoria Locke's location.
South D.
Tactical Unit's ready to take her out.
I told Eric Beaumont I'd give him time to negotiate.
Sir, with 10 hours left, I don't think anyone expects you to hold to that promise.
I don't have those access codes, but I do have a gift.
What's the gift? And she's on the hook.
A terabyte of classified information.
It's a show of good faith, Victoria, while I work on getting you the rest.
And here I was thinking you wanted me to trust you.
[Elevator bell dings.]
I absolutely do.
You people forget surveillance works both ways.
- [Explosion.]
- [Groans.]
[Siren wailing.]
Zara: What the hell just happened? - [Siren wailing.]
- She's watching us.
Not us.
[Sirens wailing.]
Let me see.
Son of a Freddie?! Eric! Freddie, I'm gonna get you out of there! - [Grunts.]
- Woman: What's wrong with the elevator? Victoria: [Giggling.]
- [Beeping.]
- [Elevator rumbles.]
Somebody get an engineer! [Siren wailing.]
Son of a bitch.
[Exhales sharply.]
[Police radio chatter.]
Man: Right this way, right this way.
Can you move aside, please? We got get through here, okay? [Indistinct conversations.]
I got him.
I got him right here.
I got it all clear.
[Police radio chatter.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
Eric? Zara: Government techs have confirmed it.
The same code that blew Nash's phone took over the elevator.
Oliver: Hey.
I'm sorry.
We grew apart but he was my mentor.
He was my friend.
This isn't easy for us, uh, to say, but we both feel that you should recuse yourself.
- I can't.
- Why? Because you think Damien Delaine's behind this? He's behind everything.
Killing Nash in front of Maxine, programming language leading us right to him, and now Woods's death.
Eric, Victoria Locke killed Woods.
She's not even trying to hide it.
I am telling you this is Delaine.
Eric, we don't trust him, either, but you're too close to this.
But I'm not leaving.
It's Victoria.
Face to face that's progress, right? It's a trap.
Yeah, it sure is.
Look, if you go, we all go.
You saw what she said.
I'll check in when I get there.
The feds are gonna want to find me so they can take her out.
Make sure they don't.
Maxine: Eric! Eric, I have to tell you something.
No time, Maxine.
I've been in contact with Damien Delaine.
I know I should have told you, and you have every right to fire me.
How long? He started writing me letters and texts about a year ago.
I ignored them at first, but But I wanted him to tell me more about my mom, and not just the sugar-coated version my aunt fed me.
What? You're not angry with me? What? You think I didn't know? From the moment I hired you.
You knew.
I know Delaine.
He's been using you to get to me from the start.
Because you arrested him? Eric, that was 17 years ago.
I know you feel responsible for my mother's death, but I am responsible.
Freddie Woods launched that assault.
All those people died before you went in to negotiate.
What I'm about to tell you is not in the public record, because I made sure of it.
I did enter to negotiate.
[Woman laughing.]
[Indistinct shouting.]
There were dead bodies everywhere.
Delaine saw me but kept right on walking.
[Gun cocks.]
And then I saw her.
I saw your mother.
I saw Jessica Damien: Now we are calm.
Now we are ready.
This is what we talked about.
Jessica? I want you to turn on the switch.
Eric: Wearing a suicide vest.
A suicide vest? Delaine was right behind her.
I pleaded with her to surrender for the sake of the men, women, and children still alive inside the compound, but she said he was in her head.
She couldn't get him out.
Please, Jessica, don't do this.
Eric: She didn't want to die.
She loved you so much, Maxine.
I had Freddie in my ear, ordering me to take the shot.
Jessica had Delaine in hers, telling her she had to press the button.
Damien: Push that button.
I couldn't reach her.
I tried and I failed.
Damien: Push the button.
Damien: Jessica.
You shot her? I didn't want you growing up thinking your mother was a bad person.
She wasn't.
But Damien Delaine wanted to become a martyr that day, and he will never forgive me.
[Engine starts.]
[Tires squeal.]
Oliver: Mr.
Delaine, tell me something good.
I'm working on a way to stop Victoria.
In truth, the code she's written is beautifully simple.
A couple of nuts left to crack.
Six hours, maybe.
You have four.
Hi, Damien.
How wonderful to finally see your face.
You two know each other? Eric told me everything.
Has this all been about using me to get to him? My dear I will wager that Eric did not, in fact, tell you everything.
But right now, I have work to do.
What didn't he tell me? Given he's a type-A control freak with a narcissistic personality disorder, I'm sure he didn't mention the strings he's pulled all your life.
What strings? The insurance payout from Jessica's death, the scholarship to Northwestern.
- You don't have to listen to this.
- Yes, I do.
Why would he do that? Because he was in love with your mother, of course.
What? He's lying.
Check my waveform, Mr.
You will see that I am not.
Eric and Jessica had an affair for years, way before I met her.
Okay, we're hanging up now.
Do it, if the truth offends you.
The real reason Eric shot your mother is because she left him for me.
[Computer beeps.]
- Can we track Eric's location? - Yeah.
Then let's go.
- What about Delaine? - I'm not waiting for him.
[GPS beeping.]
[Gate creaking.]
[Door opens.]
[Lights clicking on.]
[GPS beeps.]
All right, I just lost Eric's signal about 20 miles outside Bethesda.
Where do you think she's led him? If she's planning on going through this, - it could be a data bunker.
- A data bunker? Where critical infrastructure is controlled? She'd need direct access.
Yeah, it's not the kind of place you find on a map.
And it would be protected, wouldn't it? She wouldn't be able to get past the armed guards.
Well, maybe she could.
Victoria: Don't worry.
I've returned the carbon monoxide levels to normal.
Have you got my codes? I don't think that's really what you need.
Please, stay back.
Give me what I want, or I will do it.
Traffic signals [Horns blaring.]
Life-support systems Air traffic control.
The whole country will come crashing down in blood and chaos.
You do not want to do this.
You're wrong.
One more step, and I will prove it.
You swore you would never pick up a gun again after you killed Jessica Ford.
You want me to pick up the gun, is that it? [Giggles.]
And what would you do to save all these lives, Eric? Take mine? Okay.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
- What do the FBI say? - Any update on Delaine? - Not exactly.
He's disappeared.
What do you mean "disappeared"? The FBI went to track his progress.
He's vanished.
So now we have no way of stopping Krank.
This was never about stopping Krank or government secrets.
I think Delaine's been controlling Victoria, perhaps ever since he was her professor, probably even arranged the faking of her death to one day activate her for this.
Eric was right.
This was about destroying him and me.
Maxine, you don't believe what Delaine was saying back there? I believe everything he said.
Think about it.
If Delaine knew all that about me, then he also knew I studied Latin, that I would recognize that phrase yesterday morning, just too late to save that man from dying.
Why would he want that? To shake her faith in Eric and herself, get her to turn against him.
This is where Eric's cellphone signal cut out.
- I'm going in.
You should call the FBI.
- Oliver: No.
We're going with you.
Eric: Victoria, I do not want to shoot you.
You don't have a choice.
Delaine has gotten into your head, just like he got into Jessica's, but you do not have to die.
An awful lot of people will unless I do.
Damn it.
[Gun cocks.]
Please, stop.
I can't do that, Eric, but you can.
Maxine: Eric, wait.
It's true, isn't it? You were in love with my mother.
Yes, I was.
But that's not why you shot her.
[Computer beeping.]
Eric: Victoria, stop.
This is not the time for this conversation, Maxine.
- Victoria: He's right, Maxine.
- [Computer beeps.]
This is ready to go.
In just a few seconds, tens of thousands of people will die.
[Gun cocks.]
She's wrong, Eric.
Oh, is it Delaine's fix? He's disappeared.
Because she can't do what she thinks she can do.
She blew up that cellphone, sent Freddie Woods plunging to his death.
Designed by Delaine to make you believe, to make all of us believe, the virus could infiltrate any system.
It was all a bluff.
You don't know that.
You said it yourself.
Damien Delaine is a game player.
This has all been part of his game.
To re-create Shiloh, to take revenge by pushing you to do the one thing you swore you would never do.
The only thing he didn't count on was us.
Zara: Put the gun down, Eric.
Nothing will happen.
And if you're wrong? Then we are all wrong together.
Eric, if you're looking for forgiveness for my mother's death, you have it.
I know you didn't have a choice.
But you do now.
- [Beeping.]
- Time's up.
Eric, please.
Eric, please.
[Gun clicks.]
Say good night.
[Horns honking.]
[Baby crying.]
[Radio chatter.]
[Jet engine roars.]
I'm - No.
- [Beeping.]
No! No! [Beeping.]
- No.
- Zara: It's over, Victoria.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
this can't be happening! - Wait! No, no.
- It's okay.
No, no! No.
[Police radio chatter.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
She'll face charges for the deaths of Nash, Freddie Woods, and everyone she killed here.
How you doing? You were right.
Emotions are dangerous.
Well, one thing I wasn't right about was, uh you.
Maxine, you belong on this team.
I'm not so sure about that.
I kept this picture of your mother in my wallet for 17 years.
I think you should have it now.
[Indistinct conversations in distance.]
All the doors that opened in my life nothing is what I thought.
I didn't open any doors you couldn't walk through on your own.
I just had to make sure you were okay.
Out of guilt? No.
Out of love.
Your mother couldn't take care of you, so I did.
I always knew one day, the door you'd walk through would be mine.
I don't think I can stay here anymore.
This isn't over, Maxine.
It is over.
You didn't pull the trigger.
Delaine lost.
He's not gonna accept defeat.
[Cellphone dings.]
He will keep after me, and you, until he's destroyed us both.
- Nathalie? - Nathalie: [Crying.]
Nathalie, what's wrong? Oh, I put Evie on the plane back to Montreal myself, Eric.
The driver's waiting at Arrivals.
She never showed.
I've been calling and calling.
[Exhales sharply.]
I know something's wrong, Eric.
I know it.
So Eric, answer me.
Zara: What is it? Answer me.
Eric, what's happening? Delaine's taken my daughter.
Nathalie: [Cries.]