Ransom (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Three Wishes

Beaumont, why would you hire me if you knew who my mother was? The question isn't why I hired you.
It's why you'd want to work for the man who got her killed.
(GASPS) Damien Delaine wanted to become a martyr that day, and he will never forgive me.
NATHALIE: Didn't you promise Evie you wouldn't track her anymore? It's for her own safety.
NATHALIE: She's your daughter.
You have to trust her.
- I'm back.
- Hello, sweetie.
You gate-crashing our shopping trip? - Your mom's caught me working again.
- Uh-huh.
This isn't over, Maxine.
It is over.
Delaine lost.
He's not gonna accept defeat.
- Nathalie, what's wrong? I put Evie on the plane back to Montreal myself.
The driver's waiting at arrivals.
She never showed.
I know something's wrong, Eric.
Delaine's taken my daughter.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) You're Eric Beaumont? - That's right.
- He disabled the elevator.
Oh, great.
He says he'll jump if we go out there.
He'll jump if we don't.
Faber? You don't want to do this, Mr.
(HELICOPTER WHIRRING) - I said no cops.
- See, I'm not a cop.
My name's Eric Beaumont.
I'm a negotiator.
I got nothing to negotiate.
My life is over.
That is not true.
I just ran eight blocks from your work.
I talked to your boss.
He says he's gonna find you another job.
- You're lying.
- I don't lie, Jacob.
That voice in your head, the one telling you to give up? Don't listen.
I just can't.
(BOY CRYING) Go, go.
Come on.
(GRUNTS) Let go.
I'm not gonna do that.
I'll take you with me.
I can't leave your son without a father.
And he needs you.
(”INTRO” BY THE XX PLAYING) That was really brave, Mr.
Nathalie Denard.
My company insures this hotel.
That a-a French accent? I'm from Paris.
People really eat snails over there? And we talk like this, and - Make great fries, though, right? - Mmm.
You're ex-FBI? Yeah, I just started my own firm.
Um, Crisis Resolution.
Must be good at reading people.
Absolutely, the best.
I'm reading you right now, - as a matter of fact.
- Are you? You're wondering if I - find you attractive.
- Oh.
- How are you getting that? - Microexpressions, voice latency, the way the vein in your neck is throbbing.
But mostly because I'm thinking that, and I thought it would be nice if that's what you were also thinking.
(CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) (SIGHS) I never should have left Evie to fly home without me.
You couldn't know.
If I had just stayed with her, she wouldn't be kidnapped.
Hey, hey.
Neither of us knew this would happen.
You can't blame yourself, okay? We got something.
CCTV footage from the airport seven hours ago.
MAXINE: It's Damien Delaine posing as her limo driver.
(HITS TABLE) That's proof that he violated his parole.
And Delaine never said anything to you about this? You think I wouldn't have told you that? She didn't even know that she was being kidnapped.
Well, she knows now.
What's he done with her? (PHONE RINGING) Crisis Resolution.
DELAINE: Maxine.
Lovely to hear your voice.
We know you took Evie, Damien.
Of course I did.
I've just sent proof she's alive to Mr.
I will negotiate with Eric and only Eric.
Breathe a word of this to the police, and the girl dies.
(DIAL TONE) Oh, baby.
At least he's willing to negotiate.
He doesn't care about Evie.
She's just a way to get what he wants.
Which is what? Damien Delaine wants to destroy Eric.
He won't stop until he has.
Delaine skirted CCTV at the airport.
There's no way to track his vehicle - without the police.
- MAXINE: And he said no police.
NATHALIE: Well, maybe we should call them anyway.
We do that, we'll never see Evie again.
Delaine doesn't bluff.
There must be something we can do.
Zara stayed behind in Virginia to see if Delaine dropped any bread crumbs.
Mobile phones, credit cards Well, the man is a master of digital manipulation.
He'll have covered his tracks.
- She's checking anyway.
- Profile's up.
We know Delaine's profile.
This is our protocol, Eric, remember? We don't need to talk.
We need to act.
He has taken my daughter.
All the more reason to follow the protocol.
(SIGHS) Go ahead.
OLIVER: Delaine was an outspoken critic of digital technology.
Back in 2000, he argued that the world would be taken over by the Internet, robbing people of their privacy and freedom.
This is what the cult at Shiloh was trying to stop until the FBI moved in.
37 people were killed, including Maxine's mother.
Delaine was released last week on parole after serving 17 years in prison.
Well, he wasted no time coming after you.
Well, not directly.
Not at first.
MAXINE: He brainwashed a former student, Victoria Locke, with the aim to destroy Eric by tricking him into killing her.
He thought Maxine would turn against us when she learned that Eric killed her mother, but she didn't.
I know you were just doing what you had to do.
I don't blame you.
- (EXHALES) - So taking Evie was what? A backup plan because his trick didn't work? Possibly.
If it was improvised, maybe he made a mistake.
Delaine doesn't make mistakes.
Like Maxine said, he won't stop until he destroys me.
Which is why this is a toxic negotiation.
Why toxic? Eric's perspective will be blurred because he's negotiating for the life of a loved one.
OLIVER: He should recuse himself, but since Delaine insists on negotiating with him, he's gonna need a whisperer.
- A shadow.
- I'll monitor his every decision, make sure he doesn't act out - of emotion.
- No, no, Maxine.
This is toxic for you, too, given his history with your mother.
Oliver will be my whisperer.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello, Cri/Res.
It's Delaine.
He's downstairs.
He wants to come up.
Very nice place you have, Eric.
Must have made a lot of money off other people's misery while I was rotting in jail.
You'll rot there again soon enough.
You think? You're very lovely, Nathalie.
I can see why Eric prizes you so much.
I know you think I'm a monster, but believe me, any evil I've done is nothing compared to your husband.
Evil? He prevented my martyrdom and brought about the world we live in.
And what world is that? Endless cyber warfare, digital chaos, people addicted to their devices, entertaining themselves to death, while corporations and government monitor and control the way we vote and think.
I should make a martyr of you right now.
And never see your daughter again? I don't think so.
You are a monster.
You tried to get me to betray Eric by twisting the truth about my mother.
You disappointed me in the end, Maxine.
Just like she did.
- Go to hell, Damien.
- What do you want? To talk, of course.
That's what you people are good at, isn't it? We're listening.
I'm gonna ask some questions.
If you fail to answer truthfully, the girl dies.
(GASPS, GROANS) What kind of questions? Oh, don't worry, Mr.
(WHISPERS): Eric won't need a whisperer for this.
(FAINT BEEPING) It's difficult getting the truth from a silver-tongued liar like yourself, Eric.
Hurt Evie, and I break your neck.
- How's that for truth? - (CLICKING TONGUE) Such violence.
Are you ready, Mr.
Yates? Ready.
First, the obvious question.
You admit to being in love with Maxine's mother, Jessica Ford? I admit it.
(BEEPING) And despite the official FBI account, you confess to killing her in cold blood? ERIC: To stop her from detonating an explosive vest, yes.
I ask the questions, Eric.
You answer yes or no.
Yes, I killed her.
Though I wish I would have killed you.
Go ahead, check your graph.
On to happier topics.
There's a member of your team that I've often wondered about Zara Hallam.
What about her? She's so loyal.
Working endless hours, traveling the world with you, while her husband and children languish at home.
Her relationship with you strikes me - as more than professional.
- You don't have to listen to this.
He can't hurt me.
Your pretty wife has no idea, but you two have slept together, have you not? (NATHALIE SIGHS) No.
Oliver Yates.
He told you he wants you to give him his own team.
Did you tell him that? Yeah.
Yes, he did.
You said you'd consider it.
But you have no intention of doing so, do you? No, I don't.
One more question, Eric.
And remember, no lying.
The risks you take saving lives, most people see it as heroism, but we know it's not.
Do we? You're racked with guilt over Jessica's death.
You're blazing with self-loathing.
You dare not kill yourself, but if someone was to take your life in the line of duty, that would be (INHALES) a relief.
That's why you're always so happy to play the hero.
Always the hero.
Isn't that right, Eric? I don't know.
(BEEPING) You don't know? Well, maybe now you do.
Follow me or have me tracked, and you'll never find her.
- He's answered your questions.
- Tell us where she is.
I've got three wishes.
Answering the questions was my first.
MAXINE: What are the others? I have a plane to catch at 1:30 tomorrow.
I'm seeing my parole officer in New York.
Grant my wishes by then, she lives.
What are they? All in good time.
You really are very lovely, Nathalie.
(SIGHS) She's scared and alone.
Knowing that psychopath - could kill her at any moment.
- You'll stop him.
You're smarter than he is.
Am I? Delaine's a genius.
He preys on people's weaknesses to hurt them.
Whatever your demons are, you're a good man, Eric.
You still believe in me.
I always will.
What? You said Delaine preys on people's weaknesses.
How did he know ours? Sit rep? Intonation and latency are flat, colorless.
Delaine gave us nothing.
Except the questions he asked.
His questions were insightful and required intimate knowledge of my relationships with each of you.
How did he get that knowledge? By compromising our computer systems, accessing our confidential e-mails and personal records.
That would be consistent with his expertise with computers.
But he wouldn't have had access - to computers in prison.
- His pal Victoria Locke would have.
OLIVER: I can check.
If there's a breach in the files, I should be able to locate it.
- And how would that help us? - Well, Delaine is a game player.
Right now he's holding all the cards we need someone who can help us improve our odds.
Someone like Victoria Locke.
OLIVER: Well, Delaine brainwashed Victoria Locke for over a decade.
She's not being brainwashed now.
Yeah, but she was institutionalized in Virginia yesterday.
Deprogramming her could take weeks, months even.
We only have 12 hours until Delaine's deadline.
I'll call Zara.
She can try talking to her.
Nathalie? Delaine wants to destroy you, and he won't stop until he has.
So why not just kill Evie, then? What's worse than that? (LIQUID DRIPPING) DELAINE: Please don't fear me, Evie.
I just want to help you.
I've got nothing to say to you.
Your father prepared you for an event like this.
He would have told you to stay calm, not to engage with your kidnapper.
Oh, Evie, you just want to go home, don't you? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Evie, where is home? You're in boarding school ten months out of the year, while your parents gallivant across the world.
My parents are working.
Yes, they are.
But you're their only child, Evie.
Shouldn't you come first? I never had any children.
Your father put me in prison, so I never led a normal life.
You should still be there.
But I paid for my crimes.
And your father didn't.
Evie I took the SIM card out.
But there's still music and games.
You're at St.
Agatha's? Yeah.
I just got here.
I'm on my way to see Victoria now.
Everything okay? Listen, Zara, I I need to apologize.
For what? I lied when I said I hadn't been in contact - with Damien Delaine.
- You thought Delaine could answer questions about your mother.
I just want you to know that as soon as we find Evie, I'm resigning.
Delaine thought he could use you to destroy Eric, and instead, you saved him you saved all of us.
- Ma'am? - Look, you are like a sister to me.
Delaine is still out there, and we need to stick together, Max.
Now more than ever.
Okay? I'll call you as soon as I'm done.
(BEEPING) She prefers to stay in the dark.
She thinks that way Delaine won't be able to find her.
Victoria? Can you see me? VICTORIA: Yes.
ZARA: Thank you for speaking with me.
VICTORIA: Does he know you're here? Damien Delaine? No.
VICTORIA: He sees everything, you know.
You might think you're safe, but you're not, anywhere, ever.
ZARA: You are safe, Victoria.
No one's gonna hurt you here.
VICTORIA: He got inside my head.
But he is out of your head now.
And I need your help.
For what? Delaine has kidnapped Eric Beaumont's daughter.
Oh, no.
No, no.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Victoria.
It's my fault, you see? He had me hack into your files.
If she's in danger, it's because of me.
If you can tell us anything, anything at all.
Don't you see? He's going to kill me.
He's going to kill everyone.
We are not gonna let that happen.
VICTORIA: You can't stop him, no one can.
I'm sorry.
I-I don't know anything.
Please, please go.
Victoria, I have come all this way.
Your colleague, Maxine, she was Jessica's daughter.
That's right.
Jessica had fire in her eyes.
And then Damien got inside her head, just like he got inside mine.
He took her to hell and back.
You understand? I hope you find Evie.
MAXINE: I just spoke to Zara.
She confirmed Victoria Locke breached our firewall two months ago.
Without our even knowing it.
Pretty damn slick.
Delaine said digital technology would become a weapon.
Now he's the one using it.
(PHONE RINGING) This is Eric.
DELAINE: Not even a “hello”? Where are your manners? Hello, Maxine, Mr.
Yates, Ms.
Where is our daughter? DELAINE: First things first.
You wanted to know my second wish.
Eric will meet me at 2000 St.
Alexander Street in 30 minutes.
He'll come alone.
It's an office building.
Tenants include property developers, investment brokers.
There's nothing out of the ordinary.
Except Viktor Volynets.
A Russian oligarch, immigrated from Moscow in 2014.
Assassinated dozens of his enemies.
NATHALIE: (SIGHS) What does a Russian oligarch have to do with Damien Delaine? You're not gonna play his game? Send those files to my phone, will you? (NATHALIE EXHALES) Shadows settle on the place That you left (DOOR OPENS) Our minds are troubled by (DOOR CLOSES) I thought you might be hungry.
It's my favorite.
Who told you that? The wonders of social media.
I am so sorry I couldn't take you somewhere more comfortable.
(SIGHS) Still Daddy's good little girl.
(SCOFFS, SIGHS) (GRUNTS) Do you know who your father is? I know he's a good man and you're not.
I'm sorry, Evie, but your father is a narcissist and a manipulator, who will say and do anything to get what he wants.
The truth is hard to hear; believe me, I know.
But the truth will set you free.
When am I getting out of here?! Soon, Evie.
Very soon.
Is that better? (CRIES SOFTLY) I see you're wearing your button cam.
Hello, everyone.
When I was in prison, they paid me $1.
75 to make metal cabinets.
Now that I'm a free man, I find myself in need - of more substantial remuneration.
- How much? I don't want to be greedy, but $100 million should do it.
Well, obviously, I don't have anywhere near that.
I know, Eric.
I've seen your finances, remember? But you can get it.
From the oligarch.
It seems crime does pay.
The murderous Mr.
Volynets has assets in excess of $2 billion.
This is a self-executing program.
Once inserted into the computer in his private office, it will transfer $100 million from his criminal activities into my offshore accounts.
How do you expect me to get into his private office? Well, talking your way in shouldn't be a problem for a liar like you, Eric.
(EXHALES) Look at it this way: if you die trying, all your problems will be over.
But you better hurry.
I have a flight to catch in two hours.
(ERIC PANTING) Eric, you can't do this.
Of course I can.
You'll be committing a felony.
(LAUGHING): Are you kidding me? I won't live to face charges.
And $100 million to a criminal psychopath.
What do you think Delaine's gonna do with the money? Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
Eric, you chose Oliver as your whisperer for a reason.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) I don't do this and Delaine kills Evie.
He's walking into a trap.
- We have to find Evie.
- Yeah, we're trying.
In 120 minutes, Delaine boards a plane back to New York.
That's 120 minutes to save Evie and Eric.
Volynets, please.
Do you have an appointment? My name is Damien Delaine.
I was released from federal prison last week, and I have urgent information for Mr.
Volynets regarding an FBI investigation.
What did you say your name was? Delaine.
There's a gentleman here that would like to see you.
Damien Delaine.
OLIVER: You got any ideas, I'm all ears.
This is a negotiation, right? One where Delaine calculated every decision point to make sure Eric does what he wants.
Delaine always thinks ten steps ahead.
And every step is the right one.
What if it's not? Right this way, Mr.
Thank you so much, Elena.
MAXINE: Delaine knew we'd send Zara to talk to Victoria Locke.
NATHALIE: But she didn't say anything to Zara.
- Maybe she did.
- Zara just got on a flight out of Dulles an hour ago.
Can you play the recording she sent you? - (SIGHS) - (TYPES) Thank you so much, Elena.
What's this about? I just got out of Ossining, New York, where I befriended a former associate of yours, Chokan Dushimov.
And what about him? Chokan Dushimov has become a federal informant.
- You're lying.
- The American government is building a case against you based on his testimony, Mr.
There's no evidence against me.
Oh, on the contrary.
Dushimov has names, numbers, balances for all of your offshore accounts, but he is willing to destroy them, if you make it worth his while.
You think you can shake me down? (ERIC LAUGHS) A man's got to eat.
You'll need to get it decrypted.
Wait here.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) VICTORIA (ON RECORDING): He sees everything, you know.
You might think you're safe, but you're not, anywhere, ever.
ZARA: You are safe, Victoria.
No one's gonna hurt you here.
VICTORIA: Don't you see? - He's going to kill me.
- (PHONE RINGS) He's going to kill everyone.
ZARA: We are not gonna let that happen.
Oh, excuse me.
VICTORIA: You can't stop it.
No one can.
- I'm sorry.
- Hello.
VICTORIA: I don't know anything.
DELAINE: Don't act surprised.
Just walk away from the others.
What do you want? DELAINE: My third wish.
You got to do exactly as I say, lovely Nathalie, to the word, or you'll never see your husband or daughter again.
Delaine! (DOOR CONTINUES RATTLING) Open this door now! (KNOCKING, RATTLING) VOLYNETS: Open this door now! VICTORIA: He took her to hell - and back.
You understand? - (BEEPS) - Play it again.
- Which part? - The whole thing.
- There's nothing there, Maxine.
We've missed something.
I know it.
I'm going out for a smoke.
Thought you quit.
I did.
I'll be back.
VICTORIA: He got inside my head.
I don't know how.
You understand? I hope you find Evie.
That's five times, Max.
(PHONE CHIMES) MAXINE: “To hell and back.
” Maybe she wasn't talking about my mother when she said that.
She wanted to make sure that we understood.
She was telling us where Delaine took Evie.
(BEEPS) She didn't mean “hell and back”" She meant “Hallenback”" It's an abandoned power plant.
I'll call you from the car.
- OLIVER: The place is abandoned.
You shouldn't have too much trouble getting into it.
Just try to find an entrance somewhere.
(SHUDDERING BREATHS) Nathalie? Eric What are you doing here? Delaine's third wish.
(WHIMPERS) (CRYING) Oliver, she could be anywhere.
Pick a direction.
Okay, okay.
(PANTING) Evie? (CRYING) Nathalie, it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
(NATHALIE CRYING) Eric, what the hell is that? Eric, talk to me.
Evie? Evie?! (PHONE RINGS) (GASPS) (PHONE BEEPS) DELAINE: Give me to Eric.
He wants to talk to you.
(SHUDDERING) Where are you? I ask the questions and you answer.
Remember? That's more like it.
(PANTING) Evie? (PANTING) ERIC: I got your money.
You did, indeed.
And I'm prepared to release your daughter, as promised.
- Then you do it.
- Uh-uh.
Not so fast.
First, to say farewell, I'll leave you with what I believe you call an oriented dilemma.
(PANTING) An impossible choice.
In plain English, yes.
Evie? DELAINE: If I let you disarm Nathalie MAXINE: Evie? DELAINE: Evie dies.
MAXINE: Evie?! If I release Evie, then the lovely Nathalie goes up in smoke, just like poor Jessica.
You can save one or the other, Eric.
But not both.
- (CRYING) - MAXINE: Evie? - OLIVER: Max.
- Oliver, this place is huge.
- I'm still looking.
- Delaine's gonna kill either Nathalie or Evie.
Eric has to choose.
What? Well, Eric, what's it gonna be? Mother or daughter? (CRYING) I am the one you want.
You just kill me.
It would be my pleasure, but we established you're not afraid to die.
In fact, it would be a relief.
So why should I do you the favor? (EXHALES) Let him kill me.
- Maxine, come on.
- Evie? Evie.
(PANTS) Evie? Evie, are you in there? Evie? Evie, are you in there?! fun, collecting DELAINE: Got to move this along, Eric.
It's me you want.
Count of ten.
Don't decide, I kill 'em both.
Ten, nine, eight, - seven, - I can't let Evie die for me.
- Six, - You have to let me die.
- Five - Please.
Five seconds, Maxine! - four, - Come on! Three, - two, - (GRUNTS) and (GRUNTS) one.
Evie! (GASPS) - Time's up.
- Max.
- I need a decision.
- Oliver, I've got her.
Eric, Max has got her.
She's got Evie.
Wife or daughter, Eric? Who's gonna live? Nathalie.
- I choose Nathalie.
- Eric, no! DELAINE: Pretty wife over pretty daughter.
(WHISPERING): She's safe.
Maxine's got her.
DELAINE: But then again, you can always have another daughter.
We're fine.
- Go.
- (PANTING) (CRYING) Thank you.
Delaine? He checked in with his parole officer on schedule.
So that's it? We just all walk away like nothing happened? Well, Delaine lost.
If you consider $100 million losing.
He wanted a lot more than that.
He wanted to destroy Eric.
He won't stop trying.
He'll be watching us.
All of us.
And we'll be watching him.
I don't know how to thank you all.
Yeah, neither of us do.
You just did.
(”YOUTH” BY DAUGHTER PLAYING) Listen, I'm gonna drop both of you back at the house, and then I'll be leaving.
Don't be silly.
At least stay the night.
Evie would like you to.
I can't.
I mean I can't be with you anymore.
With either of you.
It's not safe.
But Delaine could still come after us.
He won't.
Not if he thinks he's driven me away from you.
(SIGHS) You you wanted me to move on.
Not like this.
(EXHALES) I'm a mess.
A beautiful mess.
(SPUTTERS) Let's go.
To the finish line I could use a drink.
I'm not drinking, but I'll join you.
If you're buying.
Then you're staying.
What are we talking about? I I told Zara I was gonna resign after all this was done.
Are you kidding me? Listen, you even think about quitting, you and I are gonna have some serious problems.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I didn't know you cared.
Now you do.
One thing is still bothering me though.
That a man like Delaine could lose and walk away? He told you he couldn't violate his parole.
Eric said Delaine's a game player.
What if the game isn't over? (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) And you caused it And you caused it And you caused it.