Ransom (2017) s02e02 Episode Script


1 What, hit and run is your style now? It's after 10:00.
10:00? My phone died.
- My alarm didn't go off.
- I know, I'm late.
No, I'm late.
I have a meeting at Trinity Towers.
I'm really sorry.
I was thinking, you know, room service.
Rain check? Hopefully not three years this time.
Not that I'm counting.
Listen, I never really get to Boston.
- You want to do dinner tonight? - Sure.
And hey, I had a great time, Maxine.
Who's Maxine? - (PHONE RINGS) - Uh Can you? Mr.
Yates's private suite.
How may I help? Who shall I say is calling? One moment.
(SIGHS) You're late.
Who was that? Tell Eric I'm on the way.
And that was Maisie.
She's a friend.
You two sound close.
Hanging up now.
MAXINE: Oliver called.
He'll be there shortly.
Oliver Yates late? He's never late.
Well, you know, those big comfy hotel beds.
Said he'll meet you there.
Hey, Max, a friend's coming by later today to pick up my shower gifts.
Yeah, four more came this morning.
And who, by the way, gives a baby - a telescope? - ERIC: Bye, Max.
I had two.
Obviously, I gave up the better one.
Of course you did.
Target acquired.
Commencing op.
How can I help? Eric Beaumont and Zara Hallam to see George Harris.
(DOOR UNLOCKS) Thank you.
- WOMAN: Good morning.
- Morning.
Crisis Resolution.
We have an appointment with George Harris.
George Harris.
Oh, congratulations.
This is my lead investigator, Zara Hallam.
Oliver Yates, my profiler, will be joining us shortly.
- How far along are you? - Six months.
We understand you have some security concerns, Mr.
Hopefully I'm just being overly cautious, but you're the experts.
I'm expecting you to tell me.
Thank you.
Ah! Archfield Capital caters to high-net-worth individuals.
- Caters how? - Forensic accounting.
Our clients invest all over the world, places where companies might play fast and loose with investor money.
We make sure they don't get away with it.
Have you had any specific threats? Well, a few disgruntled customers unhappy we couldn't recover their assets, - but nothing I took too seriously.
- Right.
- Seriously enough to bring us in.
- To be honest, Mr.
Beaumont, I've been lax given the times we live in.
People hire me after their investments have disappeared, the crime already committed.
I don't want to be in their position.
(DOOR UNLOCKS) Excuse me.
Yes? (SCREAMING) (SHUSHING) Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
(WHIMPERS) - (DOOR UNLOCKS) - Thank you.
Sir? Excuse me.
Sir, what are you doing? Sir, you can't do that.
It's happening.
- You were expecting this? - Where are you going, Mr.
Harris? I have a safe room.
Zara, go.
All right, everybody, stay calm and stay here, please.
(SCANNER BUZZING) Where is George Harris? ERIC: How do you know he's here? I can't remember the code.
I just got it installed.
ZARA: Just stay calm.
You'll get it.
- Where is he? - If you lower the gun, we can talk about it.
Who are you? Someone who can get you what you want.
Just lower the gun.
I get it.
You're a hero.
(WHIMPERS) Where is he, hero? (PANICKED CHATTER) Archfield Capital.
Can you get a surveillance feed for Archfield Capital? Get up.
Walk out of the room.
Crisis Resolution.
I've got people inside.
Go with her.
MAN: Get down.
Get down.
Everybody stop what they're doing.
Get down on the ground.
Get off the keyboard.
- Open the door.
- Well, it can't be opened from out here.
Kind of defeats the purpose.
Open it or he dies.
Why do you why do you want to kill Mr.
Harris? He's the target.
What did he do to you? Showed up on my target list.
Someone hired you to kill him? I will shoot.
(PEOPLE GASPING) You see that phone right there? Can you patch me through? The police are on their way.
That's great.
Now put me through.
And cut the alarm.
(ALARM STOPS) It's standard protocol.
I'm familiar with these situations.
By now the building's been sealed.
A SWAT unit is three minutes away.
In a couple more minutes, a security perimeter will cut off all access within six blocks of this address.
(PHONE RINGING) You should let me answer it.
- Why would I do that? - I'm a professional negotiator.
If anyone can get them to open that door, you're looking at him.
A professional negotiator.
People actually make money doing that? If they succeed.
I generally do.
Let me help you.
Okay, Mr.
Screw me over, see what happens.
- Eric.
- Mr.
How lovely to hear your voice.
This gentlemen would like access to his target in a safe room.
Only the cops can open that.
Police are inbound, Eric.
Only they can do it.
- We're locked out.
- Tell them that I look forward to them doing that pronto.
(DIAL TONE) - You didn't let me negotiate.
- You didn't tell me you were talking to a friend.
I'm betting that those two can open it from the inside.
Negotiate with them.
Fail, I start killing hostages.
(SIGHS) ERIC: All right.
Listen, I'm gonna need some time.
Don't undersell yourself, Eric.
Lives are at stake.
Hallam, Mr.
Everybody okay? - Uh - Don't.
Don't, don't, don't, don't.
Eric said he needs some time.
He doesn't want us to answer.
He's creating an obstacle.
Can you hear me? (GROANS) - You've been hit.
- ERIC: Hello? Yeah.
Med kit's over there.
I don't think this thing works.
It works.
Okay, everybody.
Listen to me very carefully.
I need you to stand up very slowly.
We're gonna consolidate you in the eating area.
Do not speak.
Do not run.
We're all gonna get out of this alive.
MAXINE: Got it, Oliver.
Carl, can you run facial recognition on this ASAP? Anything from Zara? She texted.
She's in the safe room with Harris.
How many hostages? I'm counting eight employees, three clients, plus Eric and Zara.
Oh, and Eric wanted us to know the shooter called George Harris the "target.
" A target? Is the shooter professional? He's definitely got skills.
He knew how to trigger the lockdown.
Thinking military.
But he missed the safe room.
Now he's trapped.
A professional would run, live to fight another day.
I need eyes up there right now.
Max, the police are here.
I'll get back to you as soon as I have an I.
Oliver? - Be careful.
- Will do.
Doug Roberts, Boston PD.
Crisis Resolution.
We're private negotiators brought in to conduct a security review.
I know your outfit.
You picked a red-letter day.
Hoping not.
We got two stuck inside.
Shooter disabled the main door and both fire exits.
No one can get in or out.
- Anything from your people? - We're thinking it might be a professional hit gone wrong.
The target, George Harris, is the owner of the company.
Listen, I was hoping You can stay.
Long as you behave.
You at the front.
You do what I say, you won't get hurt.
Yeah, my guess is whatever you did to trigger the lockdown disabled this.
If they can't hear us, I can't negotiate, obviously.
I didn't do anything that would interfere with the communications system.
That's an isolated circuit.
Engineering never was my strong suit.
I do know the only thing you'll achieve by killing hostages Now, stay calm is escalating this to a capital crime.
Y-You do understand what that means? It's the mission that counts.
I'm quite prepared not to be taken alive.
You don't strike me as the suicidal type, Mister? Bear.
Okay, then.
(PHONE RINGS) This is Captain Roberts from the Boston PD.
You can call me Doug.
Just want to make sure everyone's okay in there.
Everyone is doing just fine; thanks, Doug.
That's good to hear.
I'd like to keep it that way.
Well, I have more good news.
It is completely in your control.
If you open this door, I will let all these good people go.
Pitch, latency reads sincere.
I'm a profiler.
That is good news.
But you know, we want everyone to get out safely, including Mr.
I understand.
Here is something for you to understand.
Oh, crap.
This is enough C-4 to take out anyone within my vicinity.
And this is just a plain old cell phone.
But it packs a tiny chip called an accelerometer.
I've made that the trigger.
So, in plain English, if I fall down, or even fall asleep kaboom.
I'm really hoping that you are going to let me get on with what I have to do in peace.
And please don't call again.
(PHONE BEEPS) (PEOPLE SCREAM, GASP) That is how you negotiate.
Shooting a hostage is not gonna get that door open.
You failed.
Go join the others, get out of my sight.
- In through your nose.
- Ah.
- (INHALES DEEPLY) - Out through your mouth.
- (EXHALES) - (GROANS) Breathe.
Quite a thing, hmm? How the very day you bring us in, this happens.
Who is he, Mr.
Harris? An ex-client? I've never seen him before.
You said "it's happening," like you were expecting this.
And I've already said I deal with people with a lot of money.
We're natural targets.
Give me your arm.
- (GROANS) - (PHONE RINGS) Apply pressure here.
Hey, Zara.
Are you and Mr.
Harris doing okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
He's got an arm wound.
No threat to life.
We're gonna get you out.
ZARA: Preach it.
Who's the shooter? I was gonna ask you the same.
Well, Mr.
Harris doesn't recognize him.
And you believe him? Yeah, I got to say, I'm really missing my family right now.
How are the hostages? Well, he took the cameras out.
We have no eyes in there.
I can see the shooter.
He's on the phone.
He must be working with someone.
Captain, he's using a cell phone.
- Can we track it? - Already on it.
Good work, Zara.
How's your battery? Uh 93%.
And Junior? Earning bragging rights for preschool.
Conserve your battery.
Be safe.
(SIGHS) What'd they say? We gonna get out of here? Everything's under control, Mr.
Go! Go, go, go, go! MAXINE: Got a match.
Jordan Jones.
Single, no kids.
Police officer with Miami PD.
Did not see that coming.
Ran their electronics surveillance unit.
Explains how he overrode the security.
Steady record of promotions.
Left four years ago.
Young officer on the rise.
Why'd he up and leave? Waiting for Miami PD to call back with the answer to that very question.
He's talking to someone.
Zara thinks Harris knows more than he's saying.
I've got Carl hunting for any contacts connecting them.
What's going on in there? How are Eric and Zara? Don't know.
We've lost visuals.
Make sure you thank Maisie for me.
What for? She made you late, kept you safe.
Yeah, guess she did.
Got an I.
on our shooter.
- Jordan Jones, ex-cop.
- Our guys pulled it, too.
They're digging into him.
I've got snipers looking for an L.
Whoa, Captain.
You heard what he said.
Take him down, he detonates.
Yeah, for all we know, the C-4 is fake.
- Well, no, that's not my read.
- Look, protocol for a shooter-bomber is to find options fast.
- Right now, a sniper's my only one.
- What if I give you another? Not my call.
FBI is inbound.
Next move is theirs.
Shooter's cut off negotiation.
Guess what it'll be.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) What's your name? Darla.
I wasn't even supposed to be here today.
I'm subbing for Kelly.
Kelly is gonna be so jealous of the story you'll have to tell.
What are you doing? They don't need to be afraid.
Oh, come on, man.
You're threatening to blow them up.
It's not gonna come to that.
Once my mission's complete, they're gonna be free to go.
How is killing Mr.
Harris a mission? As far as I can tell, he's a glorified accountant.
- It's classified.
- Who classified it? You don't have clearance.
The person you're on the phone with does? Mr.
Bear, let me speak with them.
They need to understand what a tough spot they've put you in.
- (PEOPLE GASP) - Asking too many questions is gonna get you into trouble.
Did you ask too many questions? Mr.
Bear, you're gonna need me to end this.
You know where to find me.
(SIGHS) If we knew why you were targeted, it would give us a fighting chance to reach this guy.
Why would someone want you dead, Mr.
Harris? I wish I knew.
Harris Yeah, I've done well, but I wasn't born into this.
I earned it.
When I was a kid, I was always counting.
Birds in the sky, heartbeats.
I was treated like a freak.
I had to use my allowance to get the other kids to play with me.
I was pathetic.
Then in college, they called me a "quant.
" Quant? Quantitative analysis.
Turns out I had a gift.
But they still laughed at me.
Then I found high finance.
They're not laughing now.
I don't think the guy out there is jealous of your success, Mr.
You did something that made you a target.
You are not the only one in danger here.
Is it your first one? Third.
- Special Agent Hall, FBI.
- Oliver Yates, Crisis Resolution.
When I was a cadet at Quantico, Eric Beaumont gave a talk on negotiation.
Blew our minds.
I consider his presence a real asset.
Let us know how we can help.
Hey, Max, are you there? - Briefing's starting.
- Yes, I'm here.
The FBI set up a command post on site.
All right, this is what we got.
Most of what the FBI has on Jordan Jones is classified, but I can share that he was placed - under A.
three years ago.
- A.
? Administrative Detention.
Jordan Jones was a target in a terrorism investigation.
Considered too dangerous to walk the streets.
He was placed in solitary without charges while the investigation proceeded.
MAXINE: How long was he in solitary? 34 months.
Released 16 days ago.
It was a hefty penalty for no charges.
Bringing charges would have jeopardized other investigations.
Releasing him was the lesser evil.
What's his connection to Harris? And what kind of terrorism are we talking about? Harris is an expert in forensic accounting.
He's provided secret testimony in terrorism financing cases, including one involving Jordan Jones.
Agent Hall, I-I get that it's classified, but nothing about Jordan Jones fits a terrorism profile.
No ideology, no obvious associations.
Yet here he is, unwilling to negotiate, and wearing a suicide vest.
And he's communicating with someone on the outside.
Still haven't cracked the encryption on his phone.
- But we just pulled the number.
- Great.
Let's try to get him negotiating.
- He warned us not to call again.
- Noted.
But he deserves one more shot to save himself.
(BEEPS) What's he doing? ERIC: Trying to override the lock on the safe room door.
The company that installed it said it's impenetrable.
Yeah, well, let's hope that's more than just a sales pitch.
(TRILLING) (PHONE RINGING) Hello? Hey there.
Doug again.
Wondering if you guys are hungry? Can we get some pizza in there? Drinks? You name it.
Maybe you could let a few of those hostages reunite with their families.
We know you're a good man.
You want to do the right thing.
Jordan Jones, you there? - No, no, no, no, no.
- Jordan? (WOMAN WHIMPERING) - This is on you! - ROBERTS: What's on me? Jordan, talk to me! Jordan, what is on me? WOMAN: No! No! Jordan, what is on me? Jordan, talk to me! (GUNSHOT, SCREAMING) You call one more time, and I'll kill another hostage.
- He just executed a hostage.
- We don't have confirmation of that.
We need to end this.
Captain, do you have eyes on him? Unit 6, what's your status? - Unit 6 responding - Look, you got ten hostages in there, including two of the closest people in my life.
I want this over more than anyone, but you said Eric is an asset.
I know he can get him negotiating.
Allowing a-a takedown now is not the way to go.
ROBERTS: I think we got a position.
I know you guys are all about de-escalation.
So am I most of the time.
This isn't one of them.
Show me what you got.
Got a visual? Scanning.
It's okay.
It's okay.
He didn't shoot her.
That's a good sign.
Is he just playing with us? I don't know.
ERIC: That tattoo clock with no hands.
You were in solitary.
That's-that's hard time, man.
My dad was a medic in Vietnam.
NVA put him in a hole for 18 months.
Alone, no light.
50 years later, still wakes up screaming.
How long? I don't remember.
Dad said it was picturing my mother's face that got him through.
You have anyone outside? My mom.
Oh, yeah? She was there for you? No.
(CHUCKLES) No, she got sick.
Nobody even told me about it.
Then when I got out, she was dead.
It's okay.
Not a threat.
My daughter.
- That's what gets me through.
- (CHUCKLES) Her name is Evie.
What's your real name? I don't know.
Jordan? Jordan? Okay, okay.
Back away! All right.
Step away from me! Go and get that chair! Bring it over here now! All right, listen.
What happened, man? Talk to me, Jordan.
Don't call me that! - Put it down and step up! - Right here? Put it down there, step up on it.
Step up on the table.
Now, now, now.
(SIGHS) Listen, I'm not your enemy.
(PHONE RINGS) - Oliver.
- Conferencing.
Zara's got something.
Jordan is getting Eric to access the ceiling.
He's taking down the tiles.
He's figured out a way into the safe room? Can you get in here through the ceiling? No, it's self-contained.
Even got its own air supply in event of fire.
Mission has not been compromised.
I repeat, not compromised.
Bear? Can you step down now, please? All right, not talking to the police means they're gonna they're gonna take you down, even with explosives strapped to your body.
I know.
I understand that.
You were a police officer? Step away.
Why would a police officer want to kill an accountant? I mean, no offense, but you don't seem like an investor.
- Or is this personal? - (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (BEEPING) (GRUNTS) (BEEPING CONTINUES) Oh, my God.
He's cut off our air supply.
How long do we have? There's 84%.
Maybe 30 minutes.
Then we open the door or asphyxiate.
What happened, Mr.
Bear? You changed when I asked your name.
I saw it.
In your eyes.
(EXHALES) Down to 72%.
Oliver, Eric just signaled.
Zero hostages killed.
But he will kill me.
We cannot open that door.
But he's cut our air supply.
We have less than 30 minutes.
- Excellent.
- Oliver, when Eric referred to Jordan as Mr.
Bear, he said he changed.
- Changed how? - Eric didn't know.
Just that something is going on inside this guy.
Hey, Maxine.
Can Agent Hall hear us? No.
She's talking to Captain Roberts.
- Why? - I spoke with Miami PD.
Anything to do with Jordan Jones seems hush-hush.
But four years ago, Jones was assigned to a special task force, multiple agencies involved.
Here's the kicker, Harris was hired as a consultant and Agent Hall ran it.
So Harris knows Jordan.
And Hall.
You'd think she might've offered that up.
That's why Hall let Roberts handle negotiations.
Jordan would recognize her.
I'm going through Harris's SEC filings, looking for any registered offshore entities.
I got a hunch.
Good work, Max.
Keep at it.
That's our only option.
I have a team in position.
Eric confirmed.
No casualties.
Jordan was bluffing.
But he cut off the air supply to the safe room.
They have less than 30 minutes.
ROBERTS: Bomb squad estimated the blast radius of the C-4 he's wearing.
We have a shot from the neighboring roof far enough from the hostages so that collateral damage would be minimal.
But we need to get Jordan into that position.
Beaumont could do that.
And what happens to Eric when it goes off? Well, my gut tells me the C-4 isn't even real.
Like you said, he bluffs.
You're staking Eric's life on your gut? Well, he can decide.
My guess is he'll do it to save the lives of all those people, including one of his own, who I understand is pregnant.
You're okay with this? (EXHALES) No, no.
This is a bad idea.
We can't even get a message to Eric anyway.
ROBERTS: Your friend Zara could.
We need him in the northeast corner, front of the third window.
You, Harris, and Jordan Jones have history.
You didn't think it was important to tell us that you all worked together? I've told you everything that's relevant and not classified.
You're a civilian here.
I'm not.
(PHONE RINGS) It's my deputy director.
Let's do it.
Get Zara to give Beaumont the position.
I understand.
Who's he talking to? Himself.
He was on the phone, but holding it upside down.
ZARA: I want to talk to Eric Beaumont.
So, you can talk.
Are you gonna open this door? 'Cause I'm not leaving without a confirmed kill.
I'll only talk to Eric.
Why would I let you do that? The alarm that went off when he broke in here, can you trigger it manually? I don't know.
It depends what he did to the system.
Okay, try.
Why? Would you just try for me? I know her.
She works with me.
Let me talk to her.
Not a chance.
Go back and sit down.
(BEEPING) (GROANS SOFTLY) (ALARM BLARING) My guess is the police are trying to breach the door.
I told you what happens when you don't negotiate.
Zara, give me everything.
His name is Jordan Jones.
He's an ex-cop.
Tactical's got sights on the third window, northeast corner.
They want you to get him there.
It's the safest place for the hostages if the C-4 detonates but not safe for you.
OLIVER: Don't do it, Eric.
I think the FBI agent running this op may be dirty.
ERIC: Dirty how? (PHONE BEEPS) I don't know, but, uh, she's connected to Jordan - and Harris.
- No.
No, that's a lie.
Any idea who he's talking to? There's no one on the other end of that phone.
I'm sure of it.
And Jordan seems to think he's some kind of a spy on a secret mission.
But he's erratic.
Cool and collected one moment, then suddenly aggressive.
Oliver? You said he changed? Saw it in his eyes when I asked his name.
For a moment, he seemed disoriented, and then he became someone else.
A moment.
Any memory loss? Well, he couldn't recall his name.
Short-term amnesia suggests a fugue state.
In English? We could be dealing with a dissociative identity disorder.
The fugue state is a transitional period between what they used to call multiple personalities or alters.
How did he end up with that? Well, D.
is usually brought on by some kind of singular trauma: combat, victim of a violent crime.
Solitary confinement? Absolutely.
All right, so this spy persona, Mr.
Bear, he's-he's an alter.
And the aggressive one, too? There could be any number.
When confronted with high stress or unpredictable situations, he's more likely to shift - between them.
- Could that be a way to reach him? D.
is complex.
The alters emerge to protect a person from an unbearable situation.
People with it undergo years of therapy.
I got about ten minutes.
Well, you're not gonna fix him, Eric, but if you get him to trust you, you might find the real Jordan Jones.
The cop.
Get away from the door! What did you say to her? I said you're a reasonable man.
You were wrong.
There was no breach.
Go and join the others.
Honest mistake.
I'm back.
Are we talking or are we suffocating? It's not what you think.
All I'm thinking is that you didn't tell us the truth and now we're all at risk.
Captain, you trust Agent Hall? She seems to be looking for the quickest way to take Jordan out.
- She'd be derelict if she wasn't.
- When you tried to negotiate with Jordan Jones, your instinct was to make a connection.
You know how to do this.
Jordan's choice to stop talking.
Our job is to get him to keep talking.
If we go down Agent Hall's path, this is gonna end in blood.
What do you expect me to do? Get her relieved.
Take over.
We got motion on the target.
Beaumont's moving him into position.
Look, if the explosives are real, Beaumont should have time to grab him and prevent detonation.
We got this covered.
We good? You bet.
(PHONE RINGS) (PHONE BEEPS) What is it, Max? About five years ago, there was a DEA task force called Operation Penelope.
I remember that.
Was a fake front operation authorized to launder millions in order to trace cartel finances, but it was shut down because millions went missing.
You think that's what Harris, Hall, and Jones were working on? It fits.
And get this, Harris registered two offshore shell companies around the same time the task force went operational.
Both held seven-figure balances.
One for Harris, one for Hall would be my guess.
But where does that leave Jordan? Maybe he tried to be the whistleblower.
Thanks, Max.
(PHONE BEEPS) Northeast corner.
Which is it? There.
- You know the brace position? - Mm-hmm.
Get everybody in it.
Back of the room.
Back of the room.
Super spy.
Who you talking to? There's no one on the other end of the phone.
I have a situation.
- What? - You're not Mr.
You're not a spy or a secret agent on a special mission.
Your real name is Jordan Jones.
You were a cop.
I'm betting a good one.
This is psychological warfare.
- They warned me about this.
- Yeah? Come on.
Hand me the phone.
I'll prove it.
Back up! Mr.
Harris isn't on any target list.
You want him dead because he's part of the reason you wound up in solitary.
That's not true.
(HELICOPTER WHIRRING) Target's in sight.
Sniper's got a partial on the target.
Okay, when they have a shot, take it.
All those months in solitary, isolated, no one coming, no hope.
- Shut up! - Everybody betrayed you, Jordan.
They wouldn't even let you see your mother one last time.
I am Mr.
And I am here to protect Jordan Jones.
Then where is Jordan? That's classified.
We have eyes on.
It's not classified.
Bear is an alter.
He only exists inside of Jordan Jones.
And Jordan Jones is you, my friend.
Come on, Beaumont, get him there.
I can help you.
You can trust me.
I will not betray you.
Status of target? Assessing.
I have a gun.
You don't need it.
Who are you? I'm Eric Beaumont.
I'm on your side.
No, Jordan.
Ig-Ignore them.
Stay with me, Jordan.
I heard shots.
Can you see Eric? (GUNSHOT) OLIVER: Stand by.
Get down! Perimeter breach.
Situation is stabilized.
Elimination of target imminent.
Bear, you're back.
W-What's going on? Is he down? Jones is still active.
Had a shot, but Beaumont pushed him out of position.
He saved him? Why? How's Eric? He's okay.
Look, Jordan has dissociative identity disorder.
Eric was using the shock from the sniper's bullet to provoke Jordan's alter to switch to the real Jordan Jones, and then get him to surrender.
I'm not even gonna try to understand that.
I do know that he just abetted a hostage-taking.
Once Jones is neutralized, Eric Beaumont will be arrested.
Captain Roberts, notify Red Team, we're going through the front door.
DISPATCHER: Red Team, move to the front door and hold.
ROBERTS: Prepare to blow the doors.
GEORGE: 12%.
You could have avoided all of this if you told us Jordan Jones was being released and he was gonna come looking for you.
It was Hall.
She threatened me if I didn't go along.
It was her idea to steal the cartel money.
And you, the Quant, knew exactly what to do.
ROBERTS: Red Team is in position.
Okay, no, no.
Y-You can't do this, all right? Jordan Jones is not a terrorist.
He's mentally ill.
The real Jordan Jones isn't even aware of what's going on.
- Stand down, Mr.
- Red Team.
- Blow the doors.
Ignore that.
DISPATCH: Copy that.
I'll give the order.
You want the safe door to open.
So Jordan and Harris are killed.
Detain this man.
On what grounds? Telling the truth? - Obstruction.
- No, you can't do - Interfering with a police operation.
- You can't do that! Get him out of my sight.
Come on this way.
All right.
In here, sir.
(SIGHS) (PHONE RINGS) Agent Hall had me detained.
- What? - She wants Harris dead as well.
So it's true.
Jordan must have discovered they were siphoning cartel money.
They framed him with fake terrorism charges, and got him put in solitary to shut him up.
And then Hall's dirty little secret dies with both of them.
Unless we get Jordan to surrender.
He's hearing voices in his head.
Maybe I can be that voice.
(PANTING) I'm opening this door.
Don't go.
(PANTING) Stay here.
Eric? (PEOPLE SCREAM) Get out of my way.
I'm not moving.
Bear, you must abort this mission.
Stand down.
I REPEAT: stand down.
But the target's not been eliminated yet.
Harris is no longer the target.
This mission is officially over.
Stand down now.
But he's still a threat to us.
You said that yourself.
You gave the order.
OLIVER: And I'm changing it.
Abort the mission.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Jordan Jones can.
Detective Jordan Jones, Miami PD.
Remember? You're a cop.
Sworn to protect.
This woman in front of you, she was a cop, like you.
Sworn to protect, like she's doing right now.
Listen, you're afraid, and and you have every right to be, but no reason; we won't let Harris hurt you again, I promise.
(EXHALES) You're out of there, man.
HALL: Blow the doors.
RED TEAM MEMBER: Move! Move! You don't know what it was like, man.
I was in a ten-by-four-foot cell.
And I didn't hear another human voice for months at a time.
Go! Go! Go! I used to cut myself in my arm, smear my blood all over the walls, just to see if I was still alive.
You didn't deserve it.
You didn't.
You didn't deserve it.
That's it.
(EXHALES) Down on your knees! Now! Get down.
Get down.
Hands on your head! RED TEAM MEMBER: Steady, steady! Don't touch that! Don't move! It's not real.
ROBERTS: I said don't move! It's not a threat.
You leaving so soon? Mr.
Everyone got out alive.
I guess I should be impressed.
Oh, not impressed.
Maybe just relieved.
Well, I'm sorry to say, but you interfered in our op, elevated the risk.
So, regardless of your good deeds today, you will have to answer to that.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Captain Roberts already notified her higher ups about her dirty little secrets, SO MY BET: she'll be the one doing the answering.
Jordan, we'll get you the help you need.
Go easy on him.
Good call.
Using the phone to get him to stand down.
You know, just teeing you up.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- I just needed to call home.
- (PHONE RINGS) It's, uh, Max.
Hey, Max.
It's over.
Good guys won.
Eric and Zara? Right as rain.
I kind of missed being there.
Hey, you're the one who wanted to take a break from the field after, you know MAXINE: I do.
Just, you so rarely come by the office, so Maxine Carlson, are you? What? Oliver! - OLIVER: Oh, right.
Uh - What is it? I almost forgot, I got a dinner date.
Oh, Maisie.
You have a good night, Oliver.
You earned it.
I'll be in Montreal soon, Max.
Could you look any better?