Ransom (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

A Free Man in Paris

1 Ahmed.
I can't believe it.
I know.
So long.
It's good to see you.
Can't get used to how you look without the uniform.
Me, neither.
Eight years.
But I'm officially discharged.
I can't get used to how you look without the beard.
Like Jay-Z, right? (LAUGHS) - I thought you were into Kanye.
- No.
- Jay-Z now.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I listen to him on my way home from work.
"On my way home from work.
" Did you ever think you'd say that? No.
You're doing well, man.
I'm happy for you.
Thanks, Mike.
So, how you liking Paris? Yeah, it's nice.
But it's hard.
Yeah, the women, though.
I know.
Can't get used to that.
- Everywhere I go, women.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
Any luck with that? - Uh, no, not yet.
Not yet.
- Mm.
MICHAEL: I remember these.
Long way from Gitmo.
Sometimes I wake up, and I think I'm still there.
I don't know how you got through it, man.
Because of you.
Listen, my, uh, shift starts in ten minutes, but I'm gonna take tomorrow off to show you around Paris.
- Let me get a shot.
- Yes.
(CLICKS) AHMED: So we'll meet tomorrow, huh? Sounds good, man.
(SIGHS) (PANTING) - Hey! - No! Stop him! (SHOUTS) (GRUNTS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) My name is Michael Parkes.
I'm an American citizen.
I'm being held hostage.
(PANTING) Bring Bring five million euros to Parc de Villette in Paris, in the 19th district tonight at midnight.
If not, they will execute me.
Please get me out of here.
(GROANS) There will be no police or military involvement, or he dies.
WOMAN: That's Ahmed Bakal.
How do you know? There.
See that? Same bracelet.
He's the terrorist who kidnapped my son.
Is this really your first time in Paris? It is.
City of romance.
The city of bad memories, if you ask me.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Did a French girl break your heart, Oliver? Not exactly.
- Zara.
- Hey, Zara.
ZARA: How's Paris? Beautiful, but we miss you.
Is Mrs.
Parkes there? I'm with her right now.
Putting you on speaker.
Parkes, Eric Beaumont.
We spoke on the phone.
Ahmed Bakal kidnapped my son.
ZARA: Mrs.
Parkes showed me a photo of Ahmed wearing the same bracelet as the kidnapper.
I sent you a screen grab.
ERIC: Okay.
Any progress sourcing the video? No.
It came untraceable.
All right.
Parkes, since the kidnappers aren't communicating, we're working on tracking down Ahmed.
He's our only connection to Michael here in Paris.
The police have searched his apartment and his place of work, but he is AWOL.
Of course he's AWOL.
He's a jihadist.
You know he befriended my son in Guantanamo when Michael was stationed there as a guard.
We're still very much investigating Ahmed's complicity.
Eric, did you get the contact info for the Paris resettlement office I sent? We're here now.
We'll see if Ahmed's reintegration officer can help us track him down.
We'll be in touch.
Standing by.
Jihadists who kidnap people for ransom usually do it in places they control tribal Pakistan, the Islamic State so why Paris? Because Michael's here now.
But he doesn't come from money.
Still, kidnapping an ex-Gitmo guard definitely sends a political message.
If you're gonna kidnap someone, why set up a meeting on social media? You're assuming Ahmed's behind it.
Well, the bracelet was pretty incriminating.
We don't know for sure if he's involved, but someone like Ahmed can be easily compromised.
Plus, he does have a history of violence.
Society will isolate him, making him - vulnerable to recidivism.
- Still, let's not let our biases get in the way on this one.
Isn't it weird that a Gitmo guard and detainee became friends? It's rare, but it happens.
Probably weirder that we became friends.
- Ooh.
- WOMAN: Monsieur Beaumont? Ah, Madame Rigaud.
Uh, this is Maxine Carlson, my second.
- Hi.
- And - Hi.
- Oliver Yates, our profiler.
- Yes, hello.
- Hey.
Uh, I pulled Ahmed Bakal's file for you.
- Okay, perfect.
Thank you.
- Okay.
RIGAUD: That's everything we know - about him.
- Mm-hmm.
Ahmed was a low-level fighter when he was caught in a raid in Afghanistan, then held in Guantanamo as an enemy combatant without charge.
He was released in 2013? That's right.
He was cooperative, and when Obama was trying to close Guantanamo, they decided he posed a low threat, and there was no reason to keep holding him.
France agreed to resettle him.
How have you helped him reintegrate into society? We arranged an apartment for him and a job at a market.
How's he been adjusting? He was monitored heavily when he first arrived, but he's been living here five years without incident.
Ahmed texted Michael to meet him at Café Sousse because it's a ten minute walk from his job.
But the market where he works is actually 20 minutes away.
By metro.
So, he got it wrong.
Oh, Paris life ain't cheap.
Maybe he has another job? At a body shop under the table.
There's only one body shop within a ten minute walk from the café.
Let's hit the body shop.
(SPEAKING ARABIC) (SPEAKING ARABIC) MAXINE: How is Evie doing? After Delaine? Yeah, her mom tells me she's okay.
Teenage girls.
Masters of the cold shoulder.
Yeah, the silence is deafening.
As-salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
We're looking for an Ahmed Bakal.
Is he here? I do not know an Ahmed.
Crossed arms, delayed response.
He's defensive.
- You mind if I, uh? - Employees only.
(WRENCH TURNING) (BOTH SPEAKING ARABIC) This one getting an oil change? Yes.
Even though it doesn't have an engine? Oh.
But look.
It does have an Ahmed.
I always had a bad feeling about Ahmed.
After they became friends, Michael changed.
He started on antidepressants.
You think Ahmed caused it? I think he poisoned his mind.
I get it: Guantanamo is controversial, but don't those people see their attacks justify Gitmo's existence? Actually, I think Guantanamo is used by jihadists as a recruitment tool.
Are you Muslim? I'm Zoroastrian.
Not Muslim.
Look, I already said to you, I don't know any jihadists.
Not anymore.
Are you sure you're not cops? We're negotiators.
- Hey.
- Ah.
And you think I did this? No.
Michael and I were supposed to meet.
He never showed.
I knew something happened.
I got nervous.
I don't know where he is.
I swear to you, I'd never hurt him.
Then why were you hiding? The police were at my house.
They think I'm a terrorist.
Well, the thing is, Ahmed, hiding only makes you look guilty.
I didn't know what else to do.
I'm supposed to be a free man, but Paris still feels like a prison.
OLIVER: Have you been in contact with any jihadists since you've been in Paris? No.
What's that? What? This? 'Cause the man in Michael's ransom video has the exact same one.
(AHMED LAUGHS) - Thousands of people have this.
- Hmm.
It's a very popular team.
If you aren't in contact with any jihadists, then how did they know where to find Michael? I don't know.
There's got to be a connection.
Otherwise It's a hell of a coincidence.
We're meeting with the kidnappers tonight, and I want you to come.
You might be able to identify them.
Look, I want to help Michael, but I don't want anything to do with jihadists.
You won't be with them.
You'll be with us.
And we'll protect you.
Michael needs your help.
Where are your guns? We're negotiating in good faith.
Guns have a tendency to undermine that.
All right.
It's gonna be okay.
Let's go.
OLIVER (QUIETLY): I'm trying to be objective.
I keep thinking "ethnic disproportionality, cultural bias," but But? I don't know.
I just have a bad feeling about this guy.
That doesn't sound like an official psychological analysis.
No, it's an opinion.
MAN: Did you bring the money? (EXHALES) My name is Eric Beaumont.
I'm a negotiator hired by Michael's mother.
She has scraped together every penny she has.
Is Michael with you? The range of an NFC speaker is 200 feet.
He's here.
Well, I'm prepared to make you an offer if you can guarantee the life of her son.
MAN: How much? I said how much? I give you 200,000, you give us Michael, and we walk away.
We said five million.
I don't have five million.
I can get you more, but I need proof that Michael is alive.
You recognize the voice.
It's a good payday.
Help us help Michael.
Who is it? It's, uh, Samir.
My cousin.
The voice is Ahmed's cousin, Samir.
All right, last chance.
200,000 euros for Michael and no police.
We'll kill him.
If you kill him, no money, Samir.
He's dead.
Take a seat.
You said Samir is your cousin.
Your file says you have no living relatives.
After my parents died, Samir's father raised me.
Samir and I grew up together.
He's not someone who would hurt innocents.
Might he have been (SIGHS) radicalized at some point? He's never been devout.
Now people are radicalized for different reasons.
Sometimes, it's religion, but it could be racism, unemployment, anything that would make him feel alienated from society.
We need to get behind this jihadi mask he's wearing, figure out what's really driving him.
- Samir - Excuse me, madame.
Samir's father.
What's his name? Yasser Bakal.
Yasser? Okay.
And, um, where is he now? He's dead.
What aren't you telling me, Ahmed? - (COMPUTER BEEPS) - Yasser Bakal.
He was building bombs for the insurgency in Afghanistan before he was captured and sent to Guantanamo.
You were in Gitmo with him? Cause of death: - heart attack.
- Maybe Samir blames America for the death of his father.
That definitely could be a radicalizing factor.
You didn't tell us 'cause you're afraid that Samir has been radicalized.
It's not possible.
Did you see your uncle in prison? We were in different cell blocks.
Sometimes I'd see him through the fences in the yard, but that's it.
Yasser died eight years ago.
Why seek vengeance now? Opportunity.
Michael was just discharged from the military and came to visit our buddy Ahmed.
MAXINE: Even if that's true, we've spooked Samir.
He's not gonna get in touch.
No, I think you're right.
Call him.
I think we've put Ahmed in danger by outing him to Samir.
It's a risk, but Samir knows we can give his name to the police.
It gives us leverage, and it keeps Michael safe.
For now.
He's not picking up.
You know where he lives? All right.
Let's, uh, let's pay him a visit.
Why didn't you take his call? Because he told them my name.
I know he is with them now.
You're a good soldier, Samir.
But you failed to get the money.
Your father would be ashamed.
I will get it.
I promise.
I want you to see this as an opportunity.
What do you mean? Samir's place is on the fifth floor.
Apartment 502.
Should I drive around back? No, we're going in through the front door.
Make sure Samir knows we're coming.
You're our eyes and ears out here, okay? Lead the way.
(DOOR CREAKS) Samir? No sign of Samir, but we are being watched.
And this is Yasser.
My uncle.
Samir's father.
Lot of behavioral residue in here.
What does it tell you? (SNIFFS) Cheeseburger and fries.
Now I want a burger.
He likes fast food.
And beer.
Alcohol is forbidden by the Koran, so probably not a religious ideologue.
(SIGHS) Garbage is the window to the soul.
ERIC: Here.
(PHONE BEEPS) Hello? Put Ahmed on.
(PHONE BEEPS) I can get you what you want, Samir.
Then where's my money? I know you're under an enormous amount of pressure right now.
I can help you, Samir, but you need to talk to me.
I want to see Ahmed in the basement.
The room behind the bicycles.
He knows where.
I'm gonna be there, too.
He comes alone.
(PHONE BEEPS) All right, let's go.
He told me to come, alone.
I heard what he said.
Come on.
Remember what we discussed.
All right, is Michael with you? - No.
- Okay, I need to speak to Samir.
Only Ahmed.
(SPEAKS ARABIC) All right.
Listen, I'm with you.
I'll be waiting.
They didn't let you in, huh? I didn't think they would.
But they didn't frisk him either.
Get in.
Look it.
Same bracelet as Ahmed's.
I guess it was Samir in the ransom video.
You need to let Michael go.
Ask him if this is about Yasser.
Is this about Yasser? You want the truth? Samir.
Samir, I'm talking to you! Sidi, when did you get released? I know you are scared and confused, and that's why you brought those people here.
But I want you to understand what we're doing.
Mohamed Mansouri.
Tunisian national.
A Guantanamo detainee until 2017, when he was transferred to the UAE.
He must've just got to Paris.
Ahmed, your uncle Yasser didn't die of a heart attack.
Yasser was murdered.
And your friend, Michael, was in the room when it happened.
Sidi, with all my respect, Michael said it was a heart attack.
I was in a cell across the hall.
I could hear Yasser screaming.
They were beating him.
He fought back, but they wouldn't stop.
They beat him till he fell silent.
Then I saw them take his body away.
And then I saw Michael leave his cell.
Michael would never do that.
He did.
I knew Yasser since we were boys.
He was my best friend.
Like you and Samir.
And your American killed him.
You knew? Sidi told me when he came back.
And you used me to get to Michael.
No, Michael used you.
Why do you think he became friends with you? Because you both like rap music? Grow up.
He wanted to clear his conscience.
I'm sorry, Ahmed, but your friendship with Michael is a lie.
You are my family and I love you.
I got these for us because we are like brothers.
But for years, there was nothing I could do to help you in Guantanamo.
Or my father.
Now there is something we can do.
Get the money.
Think they're telling the truth? That Michael killed one detainee and befriended another? I don't buy it.
We need to get Michael's side - of the story.
- Mm.
Money's not gonna free him, but the truth might.
Ahmed, get out of there.
They took your freedom.
They took your youth.
They put you in a cage.
Ahmed, you want to help Michael? I need you to leave, right now.
Come back to Samir's apartment.
It's time to pick a side and act.
Ahmed? Ahmed, can you hear me? Shoot.
We lost him.
They are on the move.
(GASPS) They cut me off.
They could be anywhere by now.
All right, listen, we still have leverage.
Samir may be after justice for his father, but Mohamed wants money, money for the cause.
Or start-up cash for his new life.
He was in Gitmo for years.
Either way, you know, they'll get in touch.
I knew Ahmed was vulnerable.
We still don't know for sure that he's been radicalized.
You really think I'm biased.
Well, you weren't here in Paris for the attacks.
November 2015? You were here? Yeah.
We were, uh in a café.
I didn't know where the shots came from.
Just, uh I just froze.
Look, I didn't want it to affect me.
SAMIR: 200,000 euros for proof of life.
I will send a video.
I want to meet with Michael in person.
Rue de Grattan and Rue de Chasseur.
One hour.
You said money won't free Michael, so what are we paying for? An opportunity.
Come on.
Where is the money? Here.
Get in the back.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
I'm a negotiator.
I was hired by your mother.
Please, you you got to get me out of here.
I'm working on it, but I need you tell me everything you know about Yasser Bakal's death at Guantanamo.
Yasser? What-what does that have to do with this? How did he die? He had a heart attack.
Were you there when it happened? No.
I had nothing to do with it.
Let's go.
Wait, w where are we going? (HORNS HONKING) (SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) (SPEAKING IN ARABIC) (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) What's this? What's going on? (RAPID BEEPING) Samir? If you touch Michael, the car or the cameras, the bomb will explode.
All right, let's talk about this.
Bring the rest of the money.
One hour.
I just gave you 200,000.
I asked for five million.
SAMIR: No more negotiation.
What's going on? There is a bomb in the trunk.
MICHAEL: Oh, my God.
It's probably rigged with a remote detonator.
So, what, that lunatic can just set it off whenever the hell he wants? Stay calm, okay? Trust me.
MAXINE: Someone called the police, they're on the way.
We gave them Mohamed's name and the location of Samir's apartment.
We've got a problem.
Just the one? We know.
There's something else.
MAXINE: It's going viral.
All right, okay.
I don't want you guys inside the blast radius.
Stay back 200 feet, all right? Well, what about you? I need to get Samir talking.
Hey, you're dealing with an unstable attention-seeker here.
Samir's not gonna talk.
How are you gonna get through to him? Through Ahmed.
All right, thanks, guys.
BEVERLY: He must be so scared.
When I see him, I just see his little four-year-old face.
How far along are you? 23 weeks.
Kicking up a storm, I'll bet.
Well, he was, but, um he's gone quiet the last couple of days.
Ultrasounds are okay? Yeah.
Oh, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
(GASPS) BEVERLY: Oh, my God.
When the time comes, Mohamed wants you to be the one to kill Michael.
You said you'd let him go.
Uh, you can do this.
I know what you are capable of.
That was a long time ago.
That part of my life is over.
Michael killed my father.
This is about family.
This is about justice.
MICHAEL: No, no, no, no.
- Okay, okay.
- No, no, they said no cops.
They said no cops.
Who's in charge? (GRUNTS) Eric Beaumont.
I'm a negotiator hired by the hostage's family.
Bo Shaladi, commanding officer, GIGN, counterterror unit.
- You need to move away from - All due respect, Commander, if you cut the feed, it will push Samir to detonate the bomb.
My men are searching for him, and when they find him, I will give the order to take him down.
(SPEAKS FRENCH) I need that feed live.
Do what you have to do to get it back online, okay? ERIC: Samir? I know you're live-streaming this because you want the world to hear the truth.
Now, I want you I want to help you spread that message.
All right? Michael Parkes.
You were a guard at Guantanamo, right? - MICHAEL: Yeah.
- ERIC: How did you feel when you first arrived at the prison in Cuba? Scared.
Okay, why? (CHUCKLES) I-I had never seen a terrorist before.
And they told us they told us that the detainees would kill us if we even - turned our backs.
- But you became friends with one of them.
Ahmed Bakal.
- Yeah.
- Okay, how did, how did you how did you get to know him? Escort duty.
I'd take him to his cells, to sick bay, w-whenever he was supposed to go.
Ahmed wanted to practice English, so What did, what did you talk about? Music, mostly.
I don't, I don't know, I liked him.
And-and he liked you.
MICHAEL: I guess so.
He used to give me his cups.
"Cups"? What-what is that? The detainees would only drink out of Styrofoam cups, and they-they used to draw flowers all over them.
We were supposed to throw them out, but I kept one of Ahmed's.
Why? Gitmo was such an ugly place.
He found a way to make something beautiful.
Yasser Bakal.
Ahmed's uncle.
Now, he died at Guantanamo, right? Yeah, he had a heart attack.
And you told me you had nothing to do with it.
Liar! He's lying.
If Yasser died of a heart attack, why would you tell me you had nothing to do with it? What really happened that day? What is he doing? Finding out the truth.
Now, I know you were in the room when Yasser died.
And I know you started taking antidepressants shortly after.
Now, look at me, Michael.
Tell me what happened.
It was just a normal day.
I was on escort duty.
I was supposed to take Yasser to sick bay.
Why? He had a heart condition.
He wasn't feeling good.
He had lost his court case about a week before.
Court case? Yasser, he challenged his detention in civilian court.
But he lost.
He was, he was really upset about it 'cause he knew he was never gonna get out.
So, I went to his cell to put his leg irons on and and he freaked out.
He was just screaming and-and shaking.
His-his whole body was shaking so bad, it was like he was having a-a panic attack.
I think he thought I was there to execute him.
Then what happened? Then I-I-I restrained him.
(CRYING): Then I-I got him on the ground and I just wanted him to shut up.
He stopped moving.
And he-he stopped screaming.
Then they took him away.
It all happened so fast.
I (PANTS) His heart, it stopped beating.
He was already dead.
Michael was involved.
(SNIFFLES) I told you.
If you let go, it explodes.
I said do it.
ERIC: Samir, Ahmed.
You need to hear Michael out.
Now, you knew that Yasser was Ahmed's uncle.
ERIC: Why didn't you tell Ahmed the truth? I couldn't.
I started taking antidepressants, but they didn't make me feel better; they just made me feel numb.
But he saved me.
SAMIR: Don't believe him.
I think you befriended Ahmed out of guilt.
That's how it started at first, yeah.
But talking to Ahmed was the only good part of my day.
It was I knew if I told him the truth, he wouldn't forgive me.
How could he? So I lied to his face every single day.
See? Do you hear what he is saying? What more proof do you need? Ahmed! Hold your fire, hold your fire! If he drops the detonator, the bomb will explode.
We good? Maybe you were right about him.
I can't watch this.
I was worried when you ran out on us.
It's, uh it's good to see you again.
Are we good? You lied to me.
You killed him.
I'm so sorry.
(SOBBING): Please.
Ahmed, look at me.
I know you're angry.
Michael has blood on his hands, but you do, too.
You were recruited by jihadists when you were a kid.
They made you do terrible things.
I know you don't think you can ever forgive Michael, but you can because you two really aren't that different.
He used me.
Samir is using you.
He wants you to kill Michael.
That's not who you are anymore.
You told me you were a free man now.
It doesn't matter.
(CRYING): It's not what they see.
ERIC: No, you're right.
When they look at you, they see a terrorist.
And people will judge you for the rest of your life because they're afraid of you.
This isn't who you are.
Ahmed, you're a free man.
Free to choose.
SAMIR: If you don't kill him, I will.
If you kill him, Samir, you're going to have to kill me, too! (OFFICER SPEAKS FRENCH) I was wrong about him.
Samir, I know, for you, this is not about the money.
But if this is really about justice for your father, why is Ahmed holding the detonator? Why not you? Mohamed is not with you anymore, is he, Samir? He is long gone with the money.
He didn't care what happens to you.
He didn't he doesn't care what happens to Ahmed.
You keep Michael safe, the police here will have no reason to shoot.
All you have to do is surrender.
(RAPID BEEPING) No! Oh, my God.
No, Samir! Hey, hey, hey! He's gone.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
We lost him.
Where are they taking him? In for questioning.
But it's not his fault.
He was forced into this.
We'll make sure the police understand.
We'll do everything to help him.
You have your reasons To turn your back It comes in seasons The courage you have Don't say you're sorry How are you feeling? Haven't pulled an all-nighter like that since Since? - Since I'm too tired to think.
- Yeah.
To lay down and die MAXINE: Heard anything back from Evie yet? - (SOFTLY): No.
- Not even an emoji, huh? Nope.
Give her time, Eric.
She's not going anywhere.
Hey, guys.
I'm praying we can make sure Ahmed remains a free man.
Yeah, we are, too.
How's our youngest team member doing? Kicking up a storm.
Oh, my God, that's amazing.
- Hey, that's so great.
- (LAUGHS) Can't wait to have kids.
The struggle inside us Heading back to the airport now.
Is one in the same You could be the one Who saves the world.