Ransom (2017) s02e05 Episode Script


Six minutes? You just said two.
Hey Are you okay? What happened? Are you okay? Hey! - What happened? - Um, I don't know.
Uh, I'll call an ambulance.
No, no, no, no.
Don't bother.
There's a hospital around the corner.
I'll drive.
Just open the back doors to the van.
There's a blanket back there.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Okay (GRUNTS) What was that? Help! Help! Grab him.
Grab him.
Help! Help! Aah! Enjoy your sleep, kid.
OLIVER: Hey, Max, you there? Yes, right here.
Where else am I gonna be with a blizzard warning in Montreal? Get out before the storm, come to Berlin, where there's also a storm.
I wish.
No, I'm serious.
Work the case from here.
Latency and pitch suggest you might actually want to see me, Mr.
Profiling a profiler, huh? That's a dangerous game.
You can't win.
Oh, hey, uh, got company.
I'm putting you on speaker phone.
Hey, guys, Max.
Hey, Max.
We're at the kid's last-known location.
ZARA: Hey, Max.
So, the mother of Henry Cummings got the ransom demand by phone.
Ten million euros.
Anything else I should know? Yeah.
Henry ordered a ride share at 6:54 p.
The driver showed up at 7:02 and said - Henry was a no-show.
- Still wet.
Yeah, so either he's a hemophiliac, - or - Or someone is a horror fan.
It's corn syrup and food coloring.
Distress scam.
Any witnesses? ERIC: How about a camera? MAXINE: I got the footage.
Roll it, Max.
ERIC: And here comes our good Samaritan.
OLIVER: You can't see his face.
All right, freeze it there.
No, no, it can't be.
OLIVER: What? That's Steve Azarov.
Who's Steve Azarov? He's a cop.
An NYPD detective.
What's a NYPD detective doing kidnapping a kid in Berlin? Is he still a cop? No idea.
Not the kind of guy you want to keep in touch with.
- What kind of guy was he? - Well, for starters, his nickname was Slick.
That kind of guy.
All right, let's find out if Azarov is still with NYPD, but carefully.
Kidnappers told the Cummings no police.
You know, until Zara gets word back from NYPD, Let's keep Azarov between us.
- Christine? - Yes.
I'm Henry's mother.
This is my colleague, Oliver Yates.
Come in, please.
Go ahead.
Thank you for coming.
I, um, I should have called you sooner, but my husband He's not fully on board? I didn't tell him that I called you.
Then we need to tell him.
Ken negotiates for a living.
He thinks he can handle this himself.
Your husband sells industrial farming equipment, you said? Yes.
Mostly here in Europe, now.
- He's at the bank? - Liquidating our accounts.
But we don't have that kind of money, and they said that they were gonna kill Henry.
That's why we're here.
But you understand we can't act effectively on your son's behalf unless both parents consent.
KEN: And I don't.
Christine, we agreed These men are professional negotiators they can help.
I told you that I would get Henry back.
I will.
I'm sorry my wife wasted your time.
Cummings, may May I call you Ken? My name is Eric.
Eric Beaumont.
Um, can we speak alone? What do you got to lose? Okay.
(SIGHS) Do you know who took Henry, or why? I-I have no idea.
The pitch of your voice, your hand gestures, your failure to sustain eye contact Ken, these are all indicators that you aren't being truthful.
My son has just been abducted.
What reason would I have to lie? I don't know.
That's what I'm trying to find out.
I think you should leave.
I believe you want your son back before anyone finds out who took him.
And, more importantly, why.
You can't afford to lose this negotiation.
Your judgment will be clouded by emotions.
Any father's would.
Your son's kidnappers know that.
You know that.
Whatever secrets you're protecting, they aren't worth your son's life.
It's time you told the truth.
ZARA: thanks, Nina, I will.
Don't worry.
NYPD contact? Nina Sellars.
We started out together, 67th precinct, Brooklyn.
- She's deputy chief now.
- Mm.
Steve Azarov was our supervisor.
So what's he doing here? Working counterterrorism.
I guess if they're tracking a threat to New York City, they could send him anywhere.
Look, Zar, um I don't mean to pry, but the look on your face when you saw him Nine years ago, I was about to write my sergeant's exam.
Steve Azarov was my biggest cheerleader.
He said my work was excellent, said he'd help fast-track me to detective.
And then the comments started.
- Okay.
- Nice hair, nice legs, nice ass.
Next it was a hand on my thigh.
Did you report him? I did what a lot of female cops did.
I brushed it off.
I loved my job, and he had all the power.
- Sorry that happened.
- Mm.
So, then what? He corners me in a back room at our local.
Throws me up against a wall.
I didn't think I could stop him.
So I broke his nose.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, you did.
Next day, he had me arrested for assault.
His buddies all testified against me.
My career was over.
And then I met Eric.
An anonymous buyer called last week.
He wanted to place an order.
Uh, for what? You don't sell farm equipment, do you? No.
He wanted, um a portable missile launcher.
A missile launcher? Christine, I'm an arms dealer.
Yeah, but the way I do it, I-it's perfectly legal.
What are you talking about? (SIGHS) The crash in '08.
The business was wiped out.
I just used my connections.
Listen, I did what I had to do.
You didn't sell this buyer the weapons he wanted.
No, no.
I mean, I don't know who he was or how he got my name.
An-And it just didn't smell right.
But he wouldn't take no for an answer.
He took your son to force you to sell him the weapons he wants.
So, there was no ten million euro ransom? He said if I didn't deliver the launcher by tonight, that he would kill Henry.
- Oh, God.
- And you were just out trying to source this launcher? I cannot get my hands on one that fast.
Well, what are you doing? Everything I can! Let's let's stay calm.
(DOORBELL RINGS) That is just my colleagues.
Will you excuse me? Hey.
Okay, so Azarov is working undercover for counterterrorism.
Followed a threat here to Berlin.
So, whose toes are we stepping on here? Is he working with German intelligence, Interpol? Knowing Azarov, he's working alone.
And our kidnappers want weapons, not cash.
It starts to paint a picture.
Ken's dealing in arms.
Then it must be something big if Azarov would go as far as abetting a kidnapping.
We need to get to him.
Go ahead.
KEN: All right, Mr.
You're hired.
So what do we do now? We talk.
The number is in call history.
Maxine's standing by.
All set.
Dialing now.
Uh, no, but I'm a friend.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
I want to speak to Cummings.
Ken's asked me to speak for him.
As you can imagine, he and his wife are very concerned about their son.
If you're a cop, their son is dead.
I'm not a cop, I'm a negotiator.
I'm here with my colleagues, Oliver Yates and Zara Hallam.
What's your name? You don't need my name.
You know, the way you abducted Henry that was pretty slick.
Does he have my merchandise? He's working on it.
First, the family need to know that their son is okay.
MAN: He's fine.
You know, seeing him alive would prove it.
(MEN SPEAKING UKRAINIAN) MAN 2: Speak to your parents.
HENRY: Mom? Dad? - H-Henry? - Baby, are you okay? Yeah.
Honey, what's wrong with your arm? Let me talk to him.
Cummings, I understand you're upset, but the last thing we need is to give the men who took your son more leverage than they already have.
Can you be calm? For Henry? MAN: There's your proof of life.
Now where is my delivery? Well, as I said, he's working on it.
But he can't get it by tonight.
He'll get it tonight, or I put a bullet in Henry's head.
(CALL DISCONNECTS) MAN: He'll get it tonight, or I put a bullet in Henry's head.
Controlled latency and pitch.
Diction is authoritative and clipped.
I'm thinking a military background.
Maxine? Running waveform analysis now.
(MAN SPEAKING ON RECORDING) Language was Ukrainian, but the accent 87% probability the speaker was from Sevastopol.
- In Crimea.
- Max, what did the other guy say before he gave the phone to Henry? Translating now.
(SPEAKING UKRAINIAN) COMPUTER: "Bring him here and wrap his arm so he stops moaning.
" Second accent also Ukrainian, 80% probability from Kiev.
That's good for now, Maxine.
Thank you.
So, this weapon they want you to source is going to I I have no idea.
Well, there's been armed conflict in Ukraine since 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea.
How quickly can you get this thing? Couple days.
You're gonna have to do better than that, Mr.
Okay, just let me keep working on it, all right? Hey, team, uh we're not actually considering giving a missile launcher to terrorists, are we? Let's just say we're keeping our options open.
Nice the way you slipped, uh, my name and "slick" into that call.
- Yeah, well, here's hoping it worked.
- Mm.
Zara Hallam.
Meet me and I'll tell you.
I'll be there.
Where? Outside a bar in Teufelsberg.
30 Minutes.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) No, please.
Tell Misha I'll be back.
Tell him yourself.
Where do you think you are going? - Get a drink.
- We're working.
No, we're not.
We're waiting.
And I need a drink.
I'll be back.
He was talking to someone.
When? Just now, on his cell.
You're in control here.
This is your show.
Can we just treat this like any other case? I am.
- Here we go.
- Okay, we're not just in your ear, we're seconds away.
ZARA: Yeah.
See you in a bit.
Good luck.
That all sounds good, Eric, but you just sent her out there alone.
- With a former abuser.
- Which is why you're gonna stay on her until we're done.
Hey, Slick.
How's the nose? Wow.
Look who's baking a baby.
Baking a baby? Barf.
It's nice.
Huh? Don't touch me.
Zara, aren't we old friends? What are you doing here in Berlin? You first.
I came here for that kid you took.
So you came here to interfere in an active investigation, is that right? They teach kidnapping at the academy now? Look, I've been on this for six months.
There's an imminent terror threat in Manhattan.
I need you to back the hell off.
ZARA: That kid looked hurt.
He'll live.
Well, I am not going anywhere until that boy is safe.
Listen to me, If you interfere, I'll have my contacts in German police arrest you and your buddies.
Go ahead.
And I'll tell them you're moonlighting as a kidnapper.
I'm undercover.
Okay? - ZARA: And? - You haven't changed a bit.
And? (SIGHS) I'm tracking a big anti-Russian extremist.
- Does he have a name? - Doesn't everyone? Look, as soon as we land at JFK, everybody gets arrested.
You'll hear all about it in the media.
And I get another commendation.
We got company.
- We got to pull her out of there.
- Too late.
- Kiss me.
- Say what? What are you doing? Get away from me.
- Stop that.
Just get off of me.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey! (CLEARS THROAT) It's okay.
Just play along.
Hey, Stefan.
Got a little problem? ZARA: With this guy? Always a problem.
Who's the lady? You didn't tell him about me? (SCOFFS) I'm Bridget, his girlfriend.
In Berlin? You work fast.
- I'm from New York, genius.
- She just showed up.
Came here to find out what you're up to and what her name is this time.
There's no "her.
" I told you.
Is kid yours? Kid? No.
Look, honey, go back to the hotel and I'll call you later, okay? No, I am not letting your cheating ass out of my sight.
- I just finally found you.
- I said go back to the hotel.
- No.
- Stefan.
- Yeah? - She can join us.
Uh, Bridget, right? - Yeah.
- After you.
ZARA: I'm sorry, but - who even are you? - (CHUCKLES) Get in the car.
Where we going? To a party, a big one.
And you're invited, too.
- A party? - I love parties.
- Party? - Whatever it is, - it's news to Steve.
- ZARA: They're gonna search me.
Okay, Zara, you can walk away right now.
You are driving.
Zara? (ENGINE STARTS) Oh, shoot.
Where you going? I got to talk to the Cummings.
Sooner we make this deal, sooner we'll get Zara and Henry out of there.
I'll catch a cab.
And I'll do my best not to go busting in there.
(GLASS CLINKING) (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Who is she? - Bridget.
Who are you? - (HENRY MOANS) What was that? Nothing.
Search her.
And if her baby's wearing a wire, I want to know.
Some party.
(HENRY MOANS) Who's hurt? So, where did you two lovebirds meet? At the gym.
I was his personal trainer, if you can believe it.
Yeah, she looked great - before this happened.
- See, when we first met, Steve was a warm and decent guy.
I think this whole baby thing - really upset her.
- No, the whole screwing around thing - upsets me, Steve.
- Yeah, but we're working it out, though, - aren't we, babe? - No.
Problem is, Steve, you have a lot to answer for.
- Shut up.
My arm.
Are you sure you don't want me to look at that nothing in the other room? I got my first aid.
Okay, just shut him up.
And you, unlock the door.
Hey, Maxine.
You find anything? I was able to use the voice print to ID the man on the phone.
Audio metric matches with a Misha Halenko, age 42.
After Putin invaded the Crimea, Halenko was active in a private militia that fought the Russians.
Fits with what Steve Azarov said about anti-Russian extremists being involved.
Halenko disappeared, then resurfaced last year in Brooklyn, where he was charged with aggravated assault against a Russian diplomat.
Charges were later dropped.
Perhaps that's how Steve proved his worth.
What else? Misha Halenko is a nationalist and an extremist.
He'll be determined to get what he wants at all costs.
Well, that could work in our favor.
Be careful.
Any luck? I located a launcher from a supplier in Munich.
It's on its way.
That's great.
Uh, where's your wife, Mr.
Cummings? In the kitchen.
She's not speaking to me.
We'll speak to her together.
There's been a development.
My colleague, Zara Hallam, recognized one of the kidnappers.
He's an NYPD detective.
I don't understand.
ERIC: He's working undercover.
So these are terrorists? The detective believes that if you deliver the weapon, he'll be able to arrest their leader and free your son.
And do you believe that? That's the strategy we're pursuing.
Now, it's your decision, but I have to advise you to seek legal counsel.
What for? To protect me.
A judge may very well consider mitigating factors, but if your husband does what the kidnappers ask, he could be charged with supplying weapons to terrorists.
No matter how you set it up in the past, this deal is illegal and could mean prison.
Our only priority is Henry.
And you could say I deserve what I get.
(SIGHS) I'm so sorry.
I only wanted good things for you, for us and for Henry.
ZARA: All right, let me take a look at this.
Look at me.
Take a deep breath.
(INHALES) This is gonna hurt like hell, but I'll be quick.
Aah! (PANTING) There.
Your arm is reset.
It will only get better from here.
Here we go.
Can you get me out of here? Not yet.
But soon.
Why did they take me, anyway? Did you do this to him? No, Val did.
Misha's asking what's taking so long.
You better get back.
- Now.
- It's okay.
Let's go.
This will have to do for now.
Stay strong, Henry Cummings.
I'll be back.
We need to be civil if we're gonna - pretend to be a couple, yeah? - Just give me the kid and I'm out of your hair.
Kid'll be free soon enough.
Misha said something about a party.
- What was he talking about? - Don't know.
Don't know.
But I did find an address in Misha's search history.
1045 Storkower.
Pretty sure that's where he's picking up the missile launcher.
But that's central Berlin.
That's not very discreet for an arms deal.
Why do you think he's doing this? Misha's family was killed in a passenger plane that was shot down by the Russians.
Three kids and his wife, gone just like that.
I hope you're calling with good news.
Ken Cummings can get you the missile launcher in just a few hours.
That is very good news.
Listen, there's an alley behind grocery store on Heckerdamm Street.
Leave it at the bottom of the stairway at noon.
What about Henry? How's his arm? Better.
You will get a call with his exact location.
Of course, after I get my product.
How do we know he'll keep his word? We don't.
But at least we have someone on the inside who can make sure your son is safe.
Let's get a drink.
Coming? I'm good, Steve.
May I? No drink for you? Pregnant, remember? (LAUGHS) I do, but I guess he doesn't.
So you must have kids, then.
I I had kids.
It's (WHISPERING): Relax.
We got to go.
Get up.
Come on.
Let's go.
Misha is getting the weapon today.
But if the pickup address is on Heckerdamm, what's on Storkower? Don't know.
Come on.
- The target? - No, the target's in New York City.
Let's go.
This doesn't make any sense.
Call the German police.
Tell them something's about to go down.
No, this is my bust.
When we land at JFK - Steve, do it now.
- No.
(WHISPERING): Let's go.
VAL: Misha, come.
You need to see this.
What? See this.
From the laptop security camera.
I told you.
He must be a cop.
You really ought to lay off the booze.
You are not seeing this straight.
Man, you are still one bossy bitch, you know that? - Bossy bitch? - Yeah.
Is that what you call the ones who stand up to you? Come on.
(SCOFFS, CHUCKLES) Zara, you loved the attention.
- It's called assault, you idiot.
- Oh, yeah, you were so helpless you broke my nose.
And I will do it again.
Problem with you, Zar, is you couldn't hack it.
I was a perfect excuse for you to quit.
I loved that job and you stole it.
I dropped the charges.
Besides, look at you now.
You're not doing so bad.
They all looked at me like I was crazy and you got first-class detective.
No, no, no, no, I got what I deserved.
Yeah, what's that? A promotion, but no wife, no family, a drinking problem.
What do you have, Steve? Tell me.
Do the right thing just this once.
Call the German police.
(HANDS CLAPPING) MISHA: Okay, love birds.
Time to go.
- Well, what about the kid? - The kid is staying.
So does she.
She's coming with us.
But just one more thing.
It seems that nobody's who they say they are.
Did you know your, uh, so-called boyfriend, Steve, is some kind of cop? Excuse me, him? - (CHUCKLES) - No.
He's too crooked even for the cops.
Misha, come on.
What are you talking about? You were looking at my computer.
Yeah, I was.
I was looking for a medical clinic for that kid.
(CHUCKLES) And then you were talking on your phone.
Then you went up for a drink, and that drink turns up to be American girlfriend, who just happens to be in Germany.
Am I missing something here? You're a cop.
Bridget, what the hell does that make you? Ken came through.
Drop's at noon.
Anything? Nothing.
I thought the Germans get up early.
Ukrainians, remember? Long night.
(PHONE RINGING) Eric Beaumont.
How long have you known that Steve Azarov was undercover cop? That was our working theory.
And here I was, beginning to trust you.
I was hired by the Cummings, who have one concern: Henry.
Whatever that cop is up to is of no interest to me.
You will get the kid's location after I get my shipment.
OLIVER: Okay, let's move.
All right, you get Henry.
- I'll follow them.
- They're getting the launcher.
ERIC: But how are they getting it into the States? - Well, that's NYPD's concern.
- That's right, but their guy is otherwise occupied.
All right, as soon as you get Henry, you have Max call New York.
What's your plan now? It's clear the target's here in Berlin.
We can work together on this, Steve.
Come on.
Don't forget about Henry.
He needs his arm looked at.
I keep my bargain.
Henry? Henry, hey.
Hey, it's okay.
I'm Oliver Yates.
Your parents sent me, Christine and Ken? I'm here to take you home.
She said you'd come.
The, uh, the pregnant woman.
She works with me.
1045 Storkower.
Um, Zara she told me to memorize it and tell you when you came.
Good work.
Hey, Max? Take down this address and loop Eric in.
1045 Storkower.
Be careful.
Thank you.
Okay, Max, I just arrived at Storkower Straße.
1045 is a conference center.
All right, can you pull up their schedule? This must be it.
- 1:00 p.
, third floor.
- What? The Russian foreign minister is calling for an end to the sanctions that were imposed after they invaded Crimea.
Misha Halenko didn't come to Berlin to buy weapons for an attack in New York, he came here for the attack.
All right, I'm hanging up.
I thought you wanted this for New York.
The Russians changed the location, so we changed the plan.
The conference is happening right there, right now.
You're gonna shoot it.
Third floor of that building, now.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) It'd have to be in a neighboring building with enough elevation.
My guess is, uh Where? There.
We are not done evacuating.
- I'm taking my team in.
- I'll be five minutes.
- Four! - It's your call, but with five, I get everyone out alive.
No way.
(CHUCKLES) Listen.
Either you shoot it or I kill Bridget and your beautiful baby.
Oh, don't do it, Steve.
Shoot it, Stefan, or they are both dead.
There are hundreds of people in that building over there.
Take it! Steve.
- He's gonna kill you.
- No, Steve, look at me.
You're a cop.
You're a cop.
You can't kill hundreds to save two.
Steve, put it down.
Come on, Stefan.
Put it down.
MISHA: Stefan, fire it! (EXHALES) No.
(SCOFFS) You're such a disappointment.
Keep your gun on her.
He's alive.
Let me call an ambulance.
Be patient, there's gonna be lots of ambulance here soon.
ERIC: All right, before you fire that Who are you? Eric Beaumont.
We spoke on the phone.
- I am unarmed.
- Ah, Mr.
The negotiator.
You are right on time.
All right, there are German police downstairs, snipers on all the roofs.
They gave me four minutes to get you to surrender, and then they're coming in.
- Four minutes? - Mm-hmm.
That's plenty of time.
All right, think about what you're doing here.
You pull the trigger, you will end up dead or in prison, and then you can't advance your cause.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
ZARA: Eric, I think I understand what Misha means.
Steve isn't my boyfriend.
I can't tell you how many times I've imagined him dead.
But now that he's lying here, bleeding, I don't feel better, I feel worse.
That's your problem.
Your wife and children are gone.
Murdering innocent people won't bring them back.
No, but it will bring me justice.
No, you'll have revenge, Misha.
ZARA: Killing innocent people is that what your wife would want you to do? You don't know my wife! And you will never know her, because she was murdered.
I can tell how much you love her.
And your kids.
You don't know me, either.
- Misha, let's do it.
- Look, every one of those people over there has family, friends.
They'll just want revenge, too.
No one is dead, you can both walk out of here alive.
Don't kill, Misha, and don't die, either.
Be there to see real justice.
(CHUCKLES) You are so naive.
Real justice? Will my wife and my children ever know any real justice? I don't know.
But must hundreds more have to suffer the way you have? When will it end, Misha? Misha, what are you doing? (MEN SHOUTING) Yeah, yeah.
You're standing on the edge Of everything you hold Walking on a wire, yeah Between the sky and soul Between the sky and soul Oh, gravity calls It's calling out your name Slow clap.
(CHUCKLES) How's our hero doing? I'm okay.
I won't let you fade His vitals look good.
They think he'll be okay.
You saved a lot of people today.
OLIVER: Oh, yeah, and before I forget (CLEARS THROAT) Henry wanted me to show you this.
(ZARA LAUGHS SOFTLY) Looks like they're gonna be all right.
Wait, where's Ken where's the dad? In custody.
Let's hope mitigating factors have him home with his family in no time.
But enough about everybody else.
How are you? We're fine, thank you.
I signed on for this job, Eric, and I love every second of it.
But this little guy he didn't.
You need some time off? Yeah.
It's yours.
Oh Just don't forget to come back.
Down the road.