Ransom (2017) s02e12 Episode Script

Promised Land

1 - Hmm.
- Hey, you know what I was thinking? - No.
- What about going to Vegas? - There's a difference.
- Yeah, okay.
Well, then camping, then.
Ooh, someplace gorgeous.
We could go hiking.
- You and me and a mountain.
- Mmm.
We could dip into our savings and hike the Damn it.
Not again.
(LAUGHS) Well, there goes my bread.
Country living, sweetheart.
Hydro's for wimps.
- Will you please call? - For you, - anything.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) What the hell was that? The recycling? On its own? Oh, my God! Drop it! Do what he said.
Get the hell out of our house.
Rose - (GUNSHOT) - (GASPS) NABIL: I said drop it! Five, four SIMONE: Wait, Rose Three, two Rosie, drop it, please.
(GASPS) Please If you hurt her Please, just take whatever you want.
I'm gonna kill you.
Bank opens in two hours.
We need $250,000.
We don't get it, she dies.
You call the police, she dies.
You see the pattern? (MUFFLED PLEA) Take your car.
- Get going! - Rose, I got this.
- (SIGHS) - (DOOR CLOSES) It's going to be okay.
You'll see.
(CHUCKLES) Lovely.
Lovely spot for a hostage-taking.
ZARA: Sight lines are broken up.
Tactical team could get into the house before the hostage-takers had a clue.
- We're dealing with amateurs.
- Hmm.
Yeah, rifle and a crossbow aren't weapons typically favored by professionals.
And we passed nicer spots along the way.
Even if you're an amateur, why choose a small farm? Doesn't exactly scream money.
And why only ask for $250,000? Yeah, good question.
Did you bring any coffee? - No, I got tea.
- Eh - She doesn't know yet.
- I know.
Simone Merriweather? - Yeah.
- Eric Beaumont.
I went to get the money, and Rose changed her PIN code.
I can't get anything without it.
Are there sufficient funds in the account? More than enough.
But I can't get it.
That man said that if I didn't pay, he would Okay, listen, it's good that you called us.
We've handled hundreds of these situations.
I'll get them to let me talk to Rose.
That won't work.
No, Rose can give Eric the PIN number.
You don't know Rose.
She won't pay.
They'll have to kill her first.
Simone, why don't we go someplace quiet? I brought some tea.
No, I-I can't leave her.
Yeah, but you can't help her from here.
And you can help us.
We have questions.
Can we go somewhere and talk? Yeah, um, okay.
We, we can go this way.
We need to ask you some - Be right there.
- Okay.
We need to ask you some questions about Rose.
And we are live.
So, what's the strategy? ERIC: Same as Wellington.
OLIVER (OVER COMM): Wellington? Like the duke? Before the Battle of Waterloo, he was asked what his strategy was to defeat Napoleon.
OLIVER: Yeah? And what'd he say? Beat the French.
Ah, winning.
Always a good strategy.
(GUNSHOT) NABIL: Not a step closer.
Labile, stressed.
He's definitely under pressure.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
I'm not with the police.
I'm a private negotiator here to get you what you need.
NABIL: I need $250,000.
ERIC: So we've been told.
Let me talk to Rose Klein, the woman you're holding hostage, then we'll get your money.
It's either an invitation or a trap.
What would Wellington do? CYNTHIA: So you moved to the country.
Five years ago.
It was her dream.
I'm still not crazy about it, to be honest, but she loves it out here.
You know, I should get back.
You hired us for a reason, right? Our colleagues are helping Rose over there.
We need you to help her here.
Come on.
Do you have any idea why these people might have targeted you? We were worried when we came out here.
You know, being a gay couple, small town.
But it's been fine.
You said the intruders spoke with foreign accents.
Rose is always saying that illegals are criminals, you know, wing-nut stuff that she reads on the Internet, and now this happens.
How do you know they were undocumented? A lot of them work on farms around here.
- Including yours? - No.
Rose is too stubborn.
It's always hard to find workers come harvest time, but, uh, she just grinds herself into the ground doing it all herself.
NABIL: Don't try anything.
OLIVER: Faces aren't in any criminal database, Eric.
Running a waveform on our rifleman's accent now.
I'm not armed.
You can frisk me.
Where is the money? It appears he's from Syria.
Simone is working on it.
You can understand getting $250,000 together on short notice isn't easy.
NABIL: We get the money or she's dead by tonight.
Dude with the crossbow's from someplace else.
Checking now.
250 is a lot of cash.
What do you need it for? NABIL: Not your problem.
You need to talk to her to get our money, then talk.
OLIVER: No dice on the accent search on Crossbow.
Hey, my name's Eric.
Fleeting eye contact.
Our hostage-takers don't know each other well.
You talk to your client, not them.
Rose, I'm a negotiator.
Are you okay? (MUFFLED SPEECH) Can-can we lose the gag? Can we take it off? OLIVER: Definitely this dude's show.
Others are just along for the ride.
You pathetic bastards.
I should talk to Ms.
Klein alone.
Not a chance.
Just, just literally a minute in private.
That one's named Nabil.
And she's, uh, what is it, Lilac or Laylee or something.
They're illegals.
Keep whispering words like “escape” and “deported.
” OLIVER: Well, if they're undocumented, that explains why their faces aren't in the database.
I said not to talk in front of her.
Is that true, Nabil? You're all here without papers? Talk, now, before I shoot you! You want to give us the money or not? I want to give you what you need, and then I want everyone to walk out of here unhurt.
And it seems to me like your friend over there is in need of medical attention.
Okay, I give you one minute.
Nabil, I don't think it's a good idea Go.
Don't get any ideas, now.
(SIGHS) All right, Rose, we need the PIN code to your bank account.
Not happening.
I told Simone.
I'll negotiate down as low as I can, but we need to offer something.
An animal gets aggressive, you stand firm or you get hurt.
These are desperate people.
I can't predict right now what they might do.
I poured my blood and sweat into this place.
I'm not gonna give all my money to a bunch of thieves.
Whatever that money means to you, your life means more.
You're not hearing me.
I said hell no.
Well? Well, I'm working to get you a significant amount of money, but I can't get you $250,000.
You see? He's a liar.
It has to be $250,000.
ZARA: Cynthia's still with Simone.
I thought you should know, Rose has a big problem with anyone who crosses the border illegally.
It could get pretty volatile up there.
Yeah, so we noticed.
Simone was right.
Rose won't give us the PIN code.
ZARA: I've heard of principled positions, but risking your own life? Yeah, I think there's more to it than that.
I don't know, her attitude was way over the top.
It's like she's trying too hard.
Well, could be hiding something.
Why don't you meet up with Cynthia? Where are we going? Take Simone back to the bank.
Find out what her options are.
Maybe a mortgage.
What do you want me to do? We have a medi-kit? - In the trunk.
- Mm-hmm.
One of the women in there looks like she's been shot.
I want to find out why.
STAN: I'm sorry, Mr? Yates.
As I already told Simone, I can't give her access to Mrs.
Klein's account.
No, no, no, she doesn't want access to her account, Mr.
Merker, uh, she just wants a loan against the property they own.
Is everything all right, Simone? Uh Actually, do you mind? She and Rose had a fight.
That's why Simone has asked us here.
We're old college buddies from Winnipeg.
Go, Wesmen.
CYNTHIA: Rose has cut her off without a dime, and now they may be looking at a divorce.
I'm sorry to hear that, Simone, truly, but another loan I-is - There's no question - Wait, wait.
Another loan? Well, you and Rose, you took out a second mortgage only six months ago.
I don't know anything about a second mortgage.
Your signature's on the application.
What? How much is it for? They still have a balance on their first, but we were able to write it for $150,000.
Wait, you're telling me that Rose took out another $150,000 against the house? That doesn't make any sense.
We have savings.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Merriweather, but, uh, both of your accounts are overdrawn.
I'm sorry.
You have the money? Your friend needs medical attention.
We brought first aid.
She's fine.
No, she's not.
Let them in.
May I? (GROANING) ZARA: This looks like a gunshot wound.
I don't suppose you want to tell me how it happened.
My name's Zara.
What's yours? Miral.
It's gonna sting a little bit.
(HISSES) Where are you from? ZARA: I was born in the U.
, but my parents are from India.
- You? - I'm from Egypt.
But you didn't come alone, did you? Who have you been talking to? Well, someone shot at her and sent the four of you to this farmhouse looking for a quarter million dollars.
No one sent us.
- Tell him the truth, Nabil.
- TIMBO: Shut up.
Each of you is from a different country.
You wouldn't have come to Canada together.
Someone brought you over the border.
See, he already knows.
- I said shut your mouth.
- Okay, listen.
I haven't called the police, the border patrol.
There's no SWAT team on its way.
You can trust me.
MIRAL: Smugglers, human smugglers.
They're holding my daughter Aya.
She's only 14.
So you need the money to save your daughter.
NABIL: He'll kill her.
He'll kill them all.
“All”? WOMAN: Lift her up.
We need air.
(CRYING) ERIC: All right, you need to tell me who you really are.
NABIL: Miral's Egyptian.
She was in Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring, ended up on a government blacklist.
Timbo's Hungarian Roma, Gypsy.
His house was burnt down by neo-Nazis.
Leila's from Iran.
She was on an arrest list for protesting.
And I'm from Syria.
I was part of the uprising against Assad.
We came to America because we had no choice.
But the way things are there now, they want to send us back to our deaths.
So you ran to Canada instead, huh? Where did the four of you meet? In a field outside Syracuse three days ago.
On Carson's truck.
Carson? LEILA: The smuggler.
Carson Dent.
At least, that's what they say his name is.
We didn't know each other.
We didn't speak, hardly at all, until yesterday.
What happened yesterday? We'd paid to get across the border, but Carson's men wouldn't let us out.
Welcome to Canada, eh.
TIMBO: They said we had to pay more because of security risks.
We were told to call our families, to have them wire the money.
pay us more money.
The four of us and some of the others our families sent the money.
We were being set free.
But then Carson came back, angry.
He said $250,000 had gone missing.
CARSON: Hey Someone stole prepaid credit cards, and it had to be one of us who stole them.
- Huh? - He said if we didn't show them where they are, he was going to lock us inside with no food or water until we gave him the cards.
(GUNSHOT) One of the men got scared, tried to run, they shot him.
Shut up, speak English.
NABIL: Okay.
- Hey.
- Okay, we have to go, we have to go.
- (GUNSHOT) - TIMBO: They shot at us.
- MAN: Get her.
- MAN 2: Hey! NABIL: This way, this way.
Come here, come here.
TIMBO: They caught Miral's daughter.
CARSON: My cards, huh, huh? (GUNSHOT) (CRYING) And they killed my wife.
(CRYING) Only we escaped.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Why did you come here? LEILA: I'd heard Carson's men talking about property on this side of the border.
Owners who are “sitting on gold.
” They talked about Rose, so I knew she had money.
NABIL: There's an empty house down the road we found the weapons and the rope there.
We didn't steal Carson's money.
But now you see why we need hers.
ERIC: Well, I don't know what her land is worth, but owning property doesn't mean having cash available.
Can you tell us where the container is? MIRAL: Please save my daughter.
Eric? How did it go at the bank? CYNTHIA: The PIN code would have been useless.
Rose forged Simone's signature to get a second mortgage.
She's got nowhere near 250 grand.
We enter into a second negotiation.
The hostage takers only wanted the money so they could pay a ransom of their own.
And what ransom is that? To spare the lives of 18 refugees locked in a container without food, water, or fresh air.
My goodness.
Where are they now? ZARA: I'll send the location now.
But be careful.
The smugglers are armed.
Okay, you can, uh, you can free her now.
Not until she gives us the money.
She doesn't have it.
You lying bastard.
You said she did.
ERIC: I said I would help you, and I will.
NABIL: How? Without the money, Miral's daughter will be killed.
We will find a way.
May I? OLIVER: This is the spot.
Yeah, there was definitely something big was here.
There's some freshly turned earth.
Tossed like garbage.
After this many years in politics, you'd think humanity wouldn't be able to disappoint me anymore.
Passports? OLIVER: Hey.
She was at the house.
“Leila Behbahani”" And what's that? Uh I it's Greek.
You read Greek? No, but I recognize it.
There's an awful lot of numbers on here.
It's some kind of receipt or something.
I know what you're thinking, but it's going to be okay.
If it's not, and if he finds out They invaded your home, threatened your life and tied you up.
I mean, you should be mad.
Yeah, exactly.
So why do you sound defensive, Rose? It wasn't just principle that kept you from paying that ransom.
You didn't have the money.
What makes you think that? Well, we know about the second mortgage.
So we know that you were desperate, financially.
And we have an idea of what your land is worth.
And why does that matter? Leila heard Carson's men say you were sitting on gold.
And since the value of your property is pretty modest, I can only assume that they were talking about its value to them.
So remote, right on the border.
You're not in danger anymore, but a lot of other people are.
Time to come clean.
(SIGHS) Carson asked to use the back end of the property as a transfer point.
He offered us enough money to keep us going.
But I swear, I didn't know how he was treating those people.
You didn't know or you didn't care? How do I find Carson? I've never seen his face.
He just calls me.
Well, I need a location.
He owns the old salvage lot, just south of 556.
What's up, guys? I'm looking for Carson Dent.
Leave your name, your number.
He'll call you when he has time.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
My number is 1-800-human-smuggler.
I'll wait.
Follow me.
I'll call you back.
(WHISPERING INAUDIBLY) (CHUCKLES) So you are? I'm a negotiator.
Is that supposed to mean something? You've locked some people in a shipping container because you say that they stole your money.
I want to make a deal.
You let them go, I don't report you to the RCMP.
I have no clue what you're talking about and even if I did, the RCMP (CHUCKLES) they'd never find that container.
Your body language suggests you feel threatened.
(CHUCKLES) I'm not here to threaten you.
I took a position in a negotiation.
Now you're free to counter, and I'll take it back to the people I represent.
Represent? Who? Some people you did business with.
Describe them.
Two men, two women.
They're from out of town.
Where are they? I'll tell you what.
Why don't you bring 'em in, we can do this in person.
Yeah, you know, that's not gonna be possible.
You sure you're not threatening me? 'Cause I'm picking up some real attitude here.
I'll tell you what.
You go back to your people and you tell them if they bring back what they took from me in the next hour, everything will be forgiven.
Well, they say they didn't take it.
Well, in that case, we have nothing to talk about, and I'm a busy man, so if you don't mind I'll see you around.
Hot today, huh? Wouldn't want to be without water.
Not liable to live very long.
- (PHONE BUZZING AND RINGING) - Tell me you found them.
CYNTHIA: Wish I could.
The container was gone.
We found a lot of personal belongings that were thrown away.
Including passports, one of which was Leila's.
I e-mailed you a picture from a paper we found inside it.
Yeah, got it.
Sorry, guys.
It's all Greek to me.
Yeah, well, it looks like it's some kind of bank receipt from Cyprus, sent to a copy shop in town yesterday afternoon.
Anything on our smuggler? Uh, Carson Dent served five years for human trafficking.
That was ten years ago.
He was connected to a larger syndicate run out of the Southern U.
CYNTHIA: Been flying under the radar ever since.
He said the RCMP would never find that shipping container.
We're running out of time.
I need leverage.
CYNTHIA: Aye, aye.
We'll dig deeper.
I'm gonna pick up Simone.
Take her home.
You know, a man like Carson has to be moving a lot of funds.
What are we talking about prepaid credit cards? Exactly.
Take another run at the bank manager.
Do it and do it quickly.
Hang on a sec.
Before you see Rose, there's something you deserve to know.
She's been taking payoffs from a man named Carson Dent.
Used your property as a transfer point smuggling people across the border.
I'm sorry, Simone.
It came from Rose herself.
She confessed.
What's wrong? I thought you'd at least be happy to see me.
I'm glad you're safe.
But? - You lied to me.
- I'm sorry.
I should have told you about the mortgage.
Leila, you recognize this? LEILA: I dropped it when I ran.
It's a bank receipt.
That's what I thought.
It shows $10,000 being sent to Iran through a bank in Cyprus.
Is there anything else you want to tell me? They told you everything.
Guess they're more honest than you are, not that it's a high bar.
I'm sorry.
I used to shake my head at your politics.
But you've been taking money from a man who traffics in human beings.
It-it was a mistake.
A big one.
And I swear to you, I know that now.
So, yesterday everyone's calling their families, asking for cash to pay Carson, and yet you somehow had the money to wire $10,000 to your family.
Look, I'm not threatening you or placing blame.
I just need to know the truth.
You took those credit cards, didn't you? I never let myself think about the specifics before, but oh, come on, baby.
Baby, the farm it was bleeding money.
I wanted, I wanted this to work so badly, I Please, Simone.
LEILA: When we got here, Carson's men were partying.
They brought some of the women out of the container.
One wanted to impress me.
He told me how they use the cards to move their money and where they hid them.
He passed out.
Thank God.
And you took the cards? Once this is over, I'm going back to Toronto.
No, you can't.
I can.
I needed the money to save my family.
And now you got to pay back Carson to save the others, which is why you took Rose hostage.
I didn't know what to do.
Where are the cards? I hid them.
Show me where.
NABIL: She can't do that, Mr.
Do you know how many lives that money can save back home for Leila, for my family, too? It seems to me it's about to cost quite a few.
What do you think's going to happen if you give back the money with $10,000 missing and tell him it was you? We can work out an arrangement.
What if they're already dead? What if we confess, give up the cards, and he gives us bodies? Well, it's just as possible that they're still alive.
And when they're safe, we can find other ways to help both your families.
Unless you can tell me where I can find $250,000, then helping our families is-is a fantasy.
Have you ever lived in Syria, Mr.
Beaumont? Have you ever gone hungry six nights in a row so your pregnant sister can eat? Or sold your kidneys so you can come to the States? You and your fancy suit.
You don't get it.
No, but I bet she does.
And she wants to show me where those cards are.
She wants to help her father and her family.
Look, you stealing those cards has already hurt a lot of people, including Timbo's wife.
I know you don't want anyone else to die.
I don't know what to do.
Then do what you know you can live with, right here, right now.
Save as many lives as you can.
I'll show you where they are.
I like to have a strategy in place going into this kind of thing.
What's our strategy? No, I said I'd like to, as in I wish I did.
Do you have a default? Direct pressure.
Copy that.
STAN: How can I help you this time, Mr.
Yates? Well, uh, the last time we were here, we weren't entirely honest with you.
You're not Simone's - college friends, are you? - Afraid not.
Actually, Oliver's a psychological profiler.
A profiler? There's a lot of noise about what a profiler actually does, but amongst other things, I read microexpressions.
Put bluntly, he knows what you're feeling.
Now, when we came in the first time, your eyes were darting, breath was short.
You were nervous about something.
Uh, that's very impressive, but I think you've misread the situation.
I was having a tough morning.
That's all.
- Arguing with my wife.
- OLIVER: Yeah, of course.
You see how, uh, he swallows and licks his lips before he speaks? - Mm.
He's lying again.
- Lying again.
I'm not lying.
Well, I guess your face didn't get the memo.
See, the only thing we could figure is you knew why Simone came and asked for that large sum of cash.
OLIVER: And we think that may be because Carson Dent does big business with your bank.
He's a pretty important client, isn't he, Mr.
Merker? All those cash deposits? You wouldn't want to lose him.
In fact, you might break the rules for him.
OLIVER: And you see how your face changes when I say the name Carson? That's what we profilers call a hot spot.
CYNTHIA: It means he hit a raw nerve.
OLIVER: He has 18 people locked up in a storage container dying of heat exhaustion as we speak.
So, you either go to jail for bank fraud, money laundering Or murder.
What's it gonna be? (GULPS) TIMBO: I know how to find your stolen credit cards.
I'm listening.
ZARA: Do you trust Leila to take you to the cards? Her remorse is real.
Want me to come? I think you're more useful here.
Listen, I'll check in when I've got the cards.
I don't want them on me when I go to negotiate with Carson, okay? Good idea.
What will you tell the others? Nothing until we get everyone else released.
MAN: Lock and load, boys.
Yeah, head around back.
That's Carson.
He's here for his money.
- Everybody get down.
- Down, down.
- Down.
- Don't provoke him.
CARSON: I'm here for my property.
Send Leila out.
MIRAL: Leila, you took the credit cards? You would have let her die.
ZARA: He knows exactly who he's looking for.
That was not a guess.
He also knew exactly where to come.
You overheard us.
You didn't think I'd let all those people die just because of her, did you? Big man, giving orders.
He knew and didn't say a word.
CARSON: Got one minute.
When I get what's mine, I'll let your friends go, nobody dies.
You're sorry? Prove it.
- Go.
- ERIC: No, no, no.
That's not a good idea.
Look, I can negotiate with him, get him to let me go for the cards.
All these guys, all these guns.
He's taking a big risk.
I can use that.
I need you to stay where you are, okay, Leila? We're sending her out.
I had a deal.
You trust him? He just wants his money.
- He killed your wife.
- Thanks to her.
Nabil, I have to do this.
- No, no, no, you do not.
- CARSON: You got 30 seconds.
If we come in, it's guns firing.
Well You're not the Leila I remember.
No, but I can get you what you want.
No one is gonna take you to those cards.
But if you and your men retreat, I will get her to take me to them, and then I will bring them to you, once everyone is released.
And why would I do it your way? Because your way involves mass murder.
Nobody gets away with that.
Especially not a guy making stupid decisions.
Stupid? Now you're just trying to piss me off.
No, I'm just trying to offer you a little free advice.
You think this won't attract attention? I'm guessing you need that money fast.
I can get it for you, on my own, without making a scene.
We don't need his permission.
What are you going to do? Shoot her? I'll show you where they are.
Leila, whatever you think you owe, you don't deserve this.
Get on the truck.
Okay, you don't need her.
I'm coming with you.
You're keeping your end of the bargain.
You follow us, I'll kill them both.
Call the cops, they all get deported, which is worse, so I'm told.
He's not gonna give up the other refugees.
We failed.
He's going to get his money, and then they're all going to die.
(LAUGHS) Is it over? Well, he's gone, but it's not over.
We need your help.
ZARA: Tell us you've got something on Carson.
Ask and you shall receive.
CYNTHIA: Carson has been laundering money through the salvage yard and placing it into offshore accounts with the help of his friendly bank manager.
OLIVER: He works with a smuggling ring down south Las Fieras, and we can't prove it, but the bank manager thinks he may have been siphoning funds from the operation.
Good way to get killed.
If Las Fieras is already suspicious of Carson That's why he took the risk of attacking the way he did.
Well done.
CYNTHIA: Yeah, but none of that helps us finding Miral's daughter or the rest of those people.
No, that's why we need your help.
We're running out of time.
ZARA: We've got 15, maybe 20 minutes before he gets to those credit cards.
Then he's gonna kill those refugees.
- No, he said he'd set them free.
- No, he can't afford to have witnesses after what he's done.
- Oh, God.
- ERIC: All right, Carson kept that shipping container on the far end of your property.
- Yeah.
- He has moved it.
We need to know where.
Just think.
He wouldn't have taken it on any public road.
He would've looked for an obscure spot, somewhere where it was unlikely to be found.
It's a pretty big container.
There aren't a lot - of places to hide it.
- I think I know where it is.
- Okay, well, tell us.
- I'll show you.
- Let's go.
- Better.
This is it.
TIMBO: You got what you wanted.
Now you let everyone go.
Sorry, pal, that's not in the cards.
We had a deal.
Funny, I don't remember the specifics.
None of us will call the cops.
Enough people have died.
(LEILA WHIMPERS) I won't let you do this.
- Won't let me do what? - (SCREAMS) Get up.
We got one more stop to make.
ERIC: Which way? It's just up here.
CYNTHIA: The bastard covered the vents.
ZARA: Can you hear us in there? (COUGHS) (FLIES BUZZING) ROSE: Have you seen Aya? Do you know where she is? Aya? Aya, Miral's daughter, where is she? I got her.
I got her.
Got her.
- Here.
- Over here.
Two Come on, kid.
Oh, come on, kid.
(GROANS) ROSE: Oh, my God.
- CARSON: Well - (GUN COCKS) This is unfortunate.
What are you gonna do, Carson? - Kill us all? - Don't have much choice.
Can't have you running to the cops.
Where's Timbo? You don't have to worry about Timbo anymore.
You know, I don't think you're gonna hurt us.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
'Cause if you let us live, you and your friends here get to live, too.
CARSON: Oh, your eyesight must not be very good 'cause these guns, - they're pointed at you.
- Yeah.
I've got something better than guns.
A certain bank manager just talked to Jim Saunders, one of our colleagues back in Montreal.
We called him on the way over here.
ERIC: Saunders knows about the offshore accounts.
You kill us, he's gonna call your friends down south.
You're bluffing.
ERIC (RECORDED): We disappear, you know what to do.
We share Carson intel with Las Fieras.
ZARA: How long do you think it'll take Las Fieras to realize you've been skimming money off the top? Probably about as long as it'll take them to retaliate.
It's up to you.
We all live or we all die.
(GASPS) It's okay.
Any of this gets out, I'll know that you leaked it, and I'm gonna come after you.
Let's go.
So they could just get away with this? No.
We called the police.
They won't get far.
Aya, my name's Eric.
I know someone who's gonna be very happy to see you.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
(CRIES) Here.
You're okay.
ZARA: Just got off the phone with Provincial Police.
Carson and his men are in custody.
Charged with human trafficking and murder.
Another battle won.
Soldiers generally win battles.
Generals get credit for them.
OLIVER: Your buddy Wellington again? No, the other guy.
You were talking to the paramedics treating Timbo.
Yeah, yeah.
He's gonna need surgery, but he's stable.
- Okay, good.
- Mm-hmm.
So what happens to the refugees now? Well, under Canadian law, they have the right to apply for asylum, and if they're in danger, then they'll be allowed to stay.
Meanwhile, they're getting the food and medical attention that they need.
Speaking of which, there are paramedics standing by for both of you.
- Okay.
- Thank you so much.
Can we eat first? Uh, we're making dinner for everyone.
- You want to join us? - We thought you'd never ask.
- Come on in.
- Okay.