Ransom (2017) s02e13 Episode Script


1 ZARA: Delaine has kidnapped Eric Beaumont's daughter.
When am I getting out of here? Evie.
Please don't fear me, Evie.
I just want to help you.
OLIVER: Delaine brainwashed Victoria Locke for over a decade.
You are safe, Victoria.
No one's gonna hurt you here.
VICTORIA: Damien got inside my head.
- Do you know who your father is? - I know he's a good man, and you're not.
DELAINE: Still Daddy's good little girl.
MAXINE: Eric said Delaine's a game player.
What if the game isn't over? He wanted to destroy Eric.
He won't stop trying.
He'll be watching us.
All of us.
Not so bad, huh? It is sublime.
- (CHUCKLES) - Sublime? Wow.
Those, uh, literature courses are really paying off.
Mom, Dad.
NATHALIE: Thank you for letting us join you on your business trip.
You know, I just have the one meeting.
We could, uh, take a boat cruise this evening.
- Yeah? Okay.
Even if we're divorcing, it's still important for her to feel we're a family.
Her therapist says she's making progress.
(LAUGHS) The anxiety is subsiding.
(LAUGHS) NATHALIE: They say you choose your parents.
So our daughter's a masochist.
(LAUGHS) - Probably.
- Yeah.
(CAMERA CLICKS) ERIC: All right, so this is Semaphore.
Home of the hottest digital currency.
It's crushing Bitcoin, and it only had its ICO six months ago.
ZARA: Aren't digital currencies all smoke and mirrors? A lot of folks would argue that about the U.
So, what's the gig? Semaphore is interested in moving into China, and they need us to help negotiate a deal.
Someone is pumped about this.
CriRes expanding into new arenas of negotiation? - You bet I am.
- And we're meeting with? Well, up until now, the founder of Semaphore has remained anonymous.
So, we don't know who we're negotiating on behalf of for a product that doesn't exist.
It's a great first gig in this new arena.
I'm going to have a quick shower, and then we'll go and do some exploring.
- Okay.
So, this is the famous Cri/Res team.
These tech titans get younger and younger.
CHARLES: (SCOFFS) No, no, no.
I'm like the front man, the pretty face.
No, he's the creator, founder and CEO of Semaphore Digital.
CHARLES: Allow me to introduce - Damien Delaine? - DELAINE: Zara Hallam.
How nice of you to remember.
Hello, Eric.
- Zara, lock the door.
- Eric.
The only way Delaine gets off this roof is over that ledge.
Go ahead, Ms.
Lock the door.
It'll be a pleasure to see Eric give in to his limbic impulses.
We all know he wants to.
It's got to be some kind of trap.
And honestly, Eric, you want to hear what I have to say.
Really, you do.
So, please.
(CHUCKLES) You're the creator of Semaphore? I am indeed, Mr.
Call it a lifelong passion.
What's this about, Damien? Exactly what my people told Ms.
I just want the Chinese government to adopt my digital currency.
You're gonna make it happen.
(CHUCKLES) We will never negotiate for you.
You misunderstand me, Eric.
I don't want you to negotiate for me.
I want you to kidnap someone.
And here's why you're gonna do it for me.
Okay, Eric, it won't work.
You won't be able to reach her.
I I guess, I control her.
Very crudely put, I've brainwashed her.
But it's so much more sophisticated than that.
The point is, if you don't do what I ask, our little girl becomes a killer.
- Are you ready? - Yeah, Mom.
- Let's go, then.
- Let's go.
It's like this record.
I can't get him out of my head.
It's just there.
He's always there.
THERAPIST: Damien Delaine? Maybe you need to go down the rabbit hole with him.
Find out where it goes.
We often run from things that scare us, but actually we should confront them DELAINE: Who knew that her therapist had a little drug and debt problem? I was only too happy to help out.
Of course, for a little favor in return.
You remember these little beauties? The antidepressants you thought were helping her? It's actually scopolamine, which made her more pliable.
THERAPIST: Open yourself up to the fears.
Even if I hurt someone? People get hurt.
We know this.
- We can't let that stop us.
- (REMOTE BEEPS) People aren't robots.
You can't just make them mindlessly obey.
DELAINE: Perhaps.
But you remember Jessica Ford and Victoria Locke? The things I made them do.
God, look at that view.
Isn't it sublime? What do you want us to do, Damien? Brava, Ms.
Is she the only negotiator in this room? This is Xiao Wei-Shing, Governor of the People's Bank of China.
He's the only thing that stands in the way of the Central Bank making a sizeable purchase of Semaphore digital currency.
Turns out, he's not a fan of digital currencies.
Now, normally, I I like Luddites.
Love them.
But not when they get in the way of my plan.
Jaden Chin.
The governor's wife.
You expect us to kidnap her? Well, it shouldn't be very hard.
I mean, Eric's handled, what, a-a thousand kidnappings? He's the world's foremost expert, yeah? The governor and Jaden are in Budapest.
You kidnap the governor's wife, you threaten to kill her unless he authorizes the purchase of $100 billion of Semaphore Digital.
You get him to comply, I call off your daughter.
And she never hears from me again, ever.
We won't play your game.
I can feel him in my head.
It's, like, these horrible things.
It's like his thoughts are my thoughts.
(REMOTE BEEPS) I have left a trail of crumbs for Evie to follow to her target.
She'll reach said person in a few hours.
Now, I'm watching.
If you don't bring your A game, or if you call the police, I'll just accelerate the timeline.
You know I'm good to my word.
That's it.
Is everyone on board? Great.
You can't brainwash someone to kill.
Like he said, Victoria Locke, Jessica Ford, what about them? It is possible to gain a profound influence over someone if you have intimate access to them.
Which he had, with Evie's therapist.
W-What did you see in those video clips? There's a condition called learned helplessness.
Tell me.
A person can be made to feel dependent on someone, even if they're dangerous to them.
Sorry, man.
Evie's showing signs.
Eric, you're not seriously thinking of kidnapping this woman? Listen, the one thing we know for certain about Delaine - is he does not bluff.
- ZARA: Eric, we played his game last time, and it was rigged from the start.
This one will be, too.
He's watching.
All right, Zara, you go after Evie.
She and Nathalie were going sightseeing.
Maybe we can stop her before Delaine leaves his next crumb.
Check the hotel room for any clues.
Thank you.
DIRECTOR: Cut! That's it! OLIVER: Jaden Chin, 31.
Up-and-coming film actress.
Married to Xiao Wei-Shing, 44, two years ago.
He is friends with the president of China, part of the inner circle that controls the country.
And he's visiting his wife while she's shooting a movie.
That's a devoted husband.
(LOCK BEEPS) Pardon me.
Pardon me, sir.
May I take one of those? - Thank you so much.
- Yeah.
ERIC: Here.
Follow my lead.
Sorry to interrupt.
You speak Chinese? Embarrassingly little, actually.
I'm sorry, would you, would you mind? My daughter's a massive fan, and I think she'd be awfully cross if I didn't get an autograph.
An English girl who likes films from China? Oh, she is just mad about them.
Would you, would you mind terribly? - Of course not.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) Perfect.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(NORMAL VOICE): Call sheet.
Should have her advance schedule.
CYNTHIA: Look, our job is to save people from kidnappers.
Becoming ones could have a serious reputational impact.
I'll go for loss of reputation over the loss of my daughter.
If Zara finds Evie, I don't have to do this.
If I do, it is a risk I will take alone.
I don't want the two of you involved.
No, no, I took this job knowing full well what I was getting into.
I'm not cutting and running now.
I checked the search history on Evie's laptop.
She was looking for churches with catacombs.
Catacombs? What's that about? CYNTHIA: Anything else? I found a sleeve of sleeping pills completely emptied out.
There's a thermal bath nearby.
Maybe we should get a massage? I want to go to St.
Martin's Cathedral.
It's, like, really super old, and the guide book says its catacombs are a must-see.
A church over a spa? What have you done with Evie Beaumont? Come on.
Catacombs or a seaweed wrap? Mom.
Catacombs it is.
Well, it's a long walk.
Got to stay hydrated.
Oh, it's beautiful.
I need to sit down.
Something's wrong.
I don't know.
I just feel weak.
It's okay, Mom.
I'm right here.
(EXHALES HEAVILY) I can't keep my eyes open.
I'll take care of you.
CYNTHIA: So, she's got an appointment with a trainer, then hits the spa, followed by a media interview promoting her new film.
Oh, no.
What is it? She's flies out for Beijing this afternoon.
Okay, so either we do this now or we don't do it at all.
What? Ever been on television? (SIGHS) Your mother? Very good, Evie.
I know it must have been hard, but it was for the best.
Did I do okay? You're doing just fine, just fine my little Evie.
What's my next instruction? Okay.
Keep me posted.
Zara's trying to find the church they went to.
- We all set? - Yeah, listen.
Eric, if we pull this off, we could be making Delaine the richest person, like, ever.
Imagine that psychopath with that kind of money.
Delaine's never cared about money.
He's after something else, something bigger.
Okay, fine.
What? Oh, hi, Ms.
Angie Morgan, MARQUEE-ZONE TV.
I'm sorry, there's been a last-minute room change for your interview.
It's right this way, please.
OLIVER: I'm just gonna get you miked up.
Thank you.
Chin, it is such a thrill to have you here in lovely Budapest, I mean, especially with your new film shooting.
I'm sorry, guys, you can't be in here.
It just messes with the sound.
But we do have a monitor right here where you can watch her, and there's some water for you.
- Okay.
- Okay, we good? Rolling.
Uh, so as I understand it, the sequel to your film Weeping Lotus Flower is set to come out next summer.
I mean, you must be so excited.
So much.
It has been such a long time, and the fans have been so patient, so, yeah, I am.
CYNTHIA: I heard that you worked out continuously for three months on this film.
JADEN: Mm-hmm.
So, have you had an opportunity to get out in Budapest, see some of the sights? The architecture is gorgeous.
(NO AUDIO) (SPEAKS CHINESE) OLIVER: Who knew you could rent your very own safe house? Only 20 Gs a night.
(GRUNTING WEAKLY) Okay, come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
I got you.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, now, let me I'll just I'll do (MUFFLED GRUNTING) Ah, okay.
Um (STRAINS) Jaden? Just Just roll with it, okay? Okay.
Ah, there you go.
(MUFFLED WHIMPERING) Carpet works well in here.
Listen, we are not gonna harm you.
This will all be over soon.
We're not what you think.
Okay, let's get you up.
(STRAINS) Have a seat.
- (MUFFLED PLEADING) - You'll be okay.
ERIC: Zara found Nathalie.
Evie drugged her.
- She drugged her mother? - Yeah.
And disappeared.
I'm gonna take the gag off.
Not yet.
(VIBRATING) Hello? Xiao Wei-Shing? Yes.
We have your wife.
(QUIETLY): Ask for proof of life.
I need proof that she's alive.
(MUFFLED GRUNTING) Don't you dare hurt her.
What do you want? I want to see you do exactly what I say.
I've texted you a location.
Meet me there in one hour.
No police, or bad things will happen.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) Really? “Bad things will happen”? I am winging it here.
Listen, Jaden, I'm going to untie you now.
Please believe me, we are being forced to do this to prevent a murder.
We're not gonna harm you.
We'll get you back to your husband very soon.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You saved me.
Thank you so much.
DELAINE: You know what to do, Evie.
Just put on the dress like a good girl.
Make yourself presentable.
Go to the address.
You'll be directed to your target.
JADEN: I don't know who you are and what you want from me, but anything is better than staying with him.
Unless Is this some game of his? Did he put you up to this? Your husband? No, no, no.
No, I-I told you, we just had to do this to save a life.
I-I'm like a prisoner.
I can't go anywhere, and I can't escape.
And he just got worse and worse.
And nobody knows.
He said he would kill me.
You have to help me.
Just give me a moment.
Okay? For the love of God.
She would rather be kidnapped than be with her husband.
Imagine how bad that's got to be.
We can't send her back.
I can't let Evie become a killer.
I don't like this any more than you do.
What other choice do we have? We can do this.
We can save them both.
We will find a way.
I've been working on who Evie's target may be.
I think I may have hit on something.
OLIVER: Victor Volynets.
CYNTHIA: Who's that? An oligarch Damien forced Eric to steal $100 million from.
He's been hunting Damien since the theft, and he just arrived here in Budapest.
He's throwing a party at the Wolf Den, his floating club on the Danube.
And check this out.
CYNTHIA: A $200,000 reward for Damien's whereabouts.
Well, that ain't chump change.
If Damien's after Volynets, it would be just like him to kill two birds with one stone.
The dude is nothing if not efficient.
Okay, well, if that's his plan, though, how does Semaphore fit into it? ERIC: Good question.
Go into our archives, pull up all the data that we have on Delaine.
Maybe there's a clue in there as to what he's really after.
(SIGHS) I can't believe this is happening.
Delaine again? Evie drugged me.
What's he done to her? It could be the same game he started when he kidnapped her.
But he's always five steps ahead, so who knows? (PHONE VIBRATING) What is it? Eric thinks Victor Volynets is Evie's target.
Volynets? Oliver just sent me his coordinates.
If we can get to him before she does, we can stop her from killing him.
Come on.
ERIC: Here we go.
OLIVER: So negotiator us doesn't carry guns.
Does that apply to kidnapper us? Take that as a yes.
Who the hell are those guys? Where's my wife? We call the shots.
Get your laptop.
Log into your account at the People's Bank of China.
Now authorize your bank to purchase $100 billion worth of the digital currency Semaphore.
I can't.
Cryptocurrencies are not secure.
They can easily be hacked, wiped out at a moment's notice.
My government would never agree.
Latency, pitch.
He's lying.
You do it, or I'll put a bullet in Jaden's pretty little head.
Kill her.
Well, look at you, all grown up.
Who are you? Delaine sent me.
Why don't you come with me.
Damien says you're quite the protégé.
He doesn't say that about everyone, trust me.
There he is.
Victor Volynets.
You know what to do.
(LAUGHS) Later tonight, yeah? We need to speak in private.
About what? I have a message from Damien Delaine.
Oliver, she's sleeping.
We had him, and then suddenly he tells us to go ahead and kill her? Everything about Xiao says he wants his wife back.
So why? Those two men, they were negotiators.
When I made the threat to kill Jaden, they knew it wasn't sincere.
So you were profiled? Damn.
It's like we got beaten by us.
Go ahead.
DELAINE: I need an update.
I was pleased to hear Jaden missed her flight.
Xiao won't make the purchase.
He doesn't believe that we'll kill her.
Well, make him believe.
Chop off a finger or an ear.
Isn't that what kidnappers do? - We're not gonna do that.
- DELAINE: I see.
Well, maybe you need a reminder of the stakes.
I'd hurry up.
Rumor has it, Mr.
Volynets has a thing for very young ladies.
Damien, even if you get everything you want from this, and even if you call off Evie, I want you to know that I am coming for you.
Call it my lifelong passion.
Not convincing, Eric.
You just don't have the singular commitment to a cause like I do.
You'd be a far more effective man if you did.
So Delaine sends a young girl to deliver his messages.
Can't say I mind.
Not that it'll change the outcome.
- Would you like a drink? - No, thank you.
I won't report you.
This is from Mr.
It's a digital wallet with $200 million worth of Semaphore currency, the $100 million that he stole from you, plus another hundred for your troubles.
No hard feelings.
My only feeling is that he pays.
Tell Mr.
Delaine his payment is accepted.
Well What? I know you've been hunting him, so I want everything you have.
All surveillance records.
(SCOFFS) You're a very brave girl.
We talked to Volynets.
We just missed Evie.
He's alive? Yeah, and so he couldn't have been the target, but Evie was here.
If Volynets isn't the target, then who is? Eric, I think we should call the police.
Damien would have planned for that.
He'd make Evie pay even more than she is now.
So what, then? I don't know.
Just stand by.
Eric, we can't continue to hold Jaden.
You're absolutely right.
We should give her back to the governor.
Well, I agree that we can't keep her, but, uh good-bye leverage.
I'm not going back.
I'm not.
ERIC: Jaden, you're free to go.
You can walk out the front door.
You know your husband is never gonna stop looking for you.
Then how can I get away from him? Help us save my daughter.
And I promise you, he will never lay another finger on you again.
We can both get what we want.
Just hear me out.
The Trojan's loaded.
She did it.
You did it.
My God, if he catches her doing this He's doing it.
He's changing his password to protect his account, and now We have it.
- (LINE RINGS) - Delaine.
DELAINE: Hello, Eric.
We have access to the governor's personal trading account at the bank.
You call off Evie, we give it to you.
Buy as much Semaphore as you want.
Very good, Eric.
Finally some real progress.
But you give me the account details first, I verify them, then I call her off.
(PHONE BEEPS) Once you do that, there's no going back.
You have no idea what he's planning, other than it's designed to cause maximum harm.
If I don't know what he's planning, I can't stop it.
Send the information please.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) We sent it.
Call off Evie.
Delaine! It's done.
I've removed the encryption from her phone.
You can stop her yourself.
Tracking app, it's working again.
- I have her location.
- You track your daughter? Long story.
(LINE RINGING) Voice mail.
Damn it.
It could be part of his game.
Call Zara and Nathalie.
Eric? ERIC: We have access to Evie's phone, and I tracked her location.
You're closer.
I'm gonna send you the coordinates.
Nathalie, get our daughter back.
He knows his account was hacked.
He's talking to people in Beijing.
Something is happening in the financial markets, something big.
If he finds out I did it ERIC: Jaden, hold tight.
We're coming to get you.
- I'm getting her out of there.
- What's your plan? Negotiation.
And if that doesn't work, good old brute force.
What? “Chinese Central Bank Bets Big on Semaphore.
” Delaine did it.
Semaphore's being snatched up by major banks, governments; everyone wants in.
So that was his goal.
With the purchase by China, he's sent a market signal that Semaphore can rival the U.
Yeah, but like you said, Damien doesn't care about money.
So why? Jaden's husband, he said that cryptocurrencies weren't secure.
That's a minority opinion.
Did you bring up all the data that we have on Delaine? Yeah, it's right here.
Wait a second, is that Delaine? Yeah.
22 years ago.
He tried working with the FBI before he realized that mass murdering was his vocation.
He pitched a profiling program that would automatically collect and analyze personal data from the Internet.
But it never happened.
Feds discovered a backdoor in the program, one that would give him access to all that personal data.
What if he's done the same thing with Semaphore? Say there's a backdoor; he activates it.
Now he controls every unit of Semaphore.
He could wipe it all out in one keystroke.
OLIVER: And create a financial crisis that makes 2008 look like a picnic.
You show up at your bank, your accounts are frozen, pensions are wiped out, mass panic ensues.
Delaine claims he wants to bring down our technologically obsessed society.
I mean, this could actually do it.
NATHALIE: We're at the location you sent.
Evie's not here.
We found her phone in a garbage can.
There was also a gift bag, like the one at the hotel.
What's in it? A hotel key card and a photo of Xiao Weo-Shing, Jaden's husband.
That's it.
He's the target.
And it fits Delaine's M.
: clean up loose ends.
NATHALIE: But she left it, the picture, the key to his room.
ZARA: There's something else.
It's a surveillance report on Delaine's whereabouts.
That one.
The address has been torn out.
ZARA: Kelenfoldi Power Station.
It says restricted access.
Just the kind of place Delaine would hide out.
Evie's fighting back, she's resisting him, breaking free.
Where is she, then? She's tracking Delaine.
She's gonna kill him.
OLIVER: Trading in Semaphore has reached 1.
4 trillion.
There must be a threshold before he activates the backdoor.
Enough to trigger a financial crisis.
How do we stop it? Well, we'd have to get into his private servers, disable it there, but we'd need a copy of the backdoor's executable to have a shot at it.
All right.
Tell me again in the car.
- We should split up.
- Yeah.
NATHALIE: Where is she? Ms.
Denard, I see you fully recovered.
You're just in time to witness something truly remarkable.
Semaphore's passed 1.
8 trillion, and I'm about to celebrate.
Would you like to join me? Where is she, Damien? As I promised Eric, your daughter is no longer my concern.
She's free to do whatever she pleases.
- (GUNSHOT) - Evie, no! Leave him! No, no, no.
(GRUNTS) Whatever he's done, it's not worth your future.
- Put this gun down.
- Mom, get out of the way! I heard shots.
That way.
Find Delaine's servers.
Stop the backdoor from activating.
- You have Evie's phone? - Yeah, here.
Why? Later.
We got to find those servers.
Save the world.
In that order.
Evie, stop it.
Stop it.
Well, well, well, I have the the whole Beaumont family.
Lucky me.
Evie, you listen to me.
Now, he spent months trying to recruit you, like Jessica and Victoria.
But I know you don't want to end up like them.
I have to.
He'll never get out of my head.
I have to.
For you.
For all of us.
But he's not in your head.
All the time he thought he was c-controlling you, you were resisting him, fooling him.
You already beat him at his own game.
You-you did it, sweetie.
You did.
(EXHALES) Oh, boy.
What? Something happens when investment in Semaphore hits two trillion.
- It's 95% there.
- What's that something? My guess? The backdoor activates, causing an infinite split, which will make Semaphore's value instantly worthless and start the financial collapse Damien wants.
Honey, if you kill him, he will remain in your head for the rest of your life.
You will be giving him exactly what he wants: martyrdom.
Damien's always dreamed about this.
Your father is a magnificent liar.
- I'll give him that.
- Shut up, shut your mouth! NATHALIE: You said you needed to do that for us, but you don't need to do anything more for us, sweetie.
We're good.
W-We're a family.
OLIVER: We got one shot.
Damien installed an executable onto Evie's phone to control it.
The dude is nothing if not consistent.
The DNA of the program should be the same as the backdoor into Semaphore.
I love it when you speak geek.
If I can upload it to the server, theoretically I can control it.
NATHALIE: Come on.
Remember today? Remember our walk? Come with us, baby.
What you need to do is just put the gun down and we have that.
Okay? Come with me.
DELAINE: Beautiful.
Just heartfelt, beautiful speech.
- Very good - Come on, baby.
but it changes nothing.
You've already given me what I wanted.
After Semaphore, I will be remembered for a very long time.
Sit down.
What is this, Eric, Abu Ghraib? - I said, sit down.
- (GROANING) ZARA: Oliver, it's 98%.
I can't find anything Damien might have installed.
He'd disguise it somehow.
No, you're right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.
Uh what would a teenager never look at? Homework, diary, game, prom photos, math tutor app, privacy control app That one.
Oh, you're right.
That was it.
DELAINE: So what happens now, Eric? You caught me.
It doesn't matter.
My work is completed.
And I am so pleased that you were the instrument of my achievement.
(GRUNTS) Perfect hero, serving me, the thing you hate the most.
(GRUNTS) Oh, I don't hate you, Damien.
I pity you.
You're a genius.
An unusually brilliant man.
I mourn for the things you could have done.
The things I have done! Eric! The things I have done.
Really, are you so unaware of the truth? This world has a terrible sickness, and I can save it.
For a world you say you hate so much, you seem pretty damned obsessed with making a mark on it.
(CHUCKLES) Whew! AUTOMATED VOICE: Execution failed.
Infinite split canceled.
What have you done, Eric? You don't have the skill to stop it.
Oh, that's true.
I don't.
But I know people who do.
What have you done, Eric? What have you done? This was our last chance.
You've condemned us all! No, Damien.
Only you.
(GRUNTS) DELAINE: You have no idea the things I've put in motion! You think the police will stop me? Prison? He's all yours.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Looks like I missed the main event.
Not at all.
You got Jaden out.
How did you get Jaden out? CYNTHIA: I, uh, tried negotiating.
Then I thought to hell with it, and I just threatened him.
- Mm-hmm.
I like your style.
- Likewise.
Thanks, Cyn.
It's over.
Let's get you home.
EVIE: What about him? He's not going anywhere.
He'll go back to prison? He's waiting for the police right now.
Come on.
(DOOR CLOSES IN DISTANCE) Hello? Police? Help.
I'm in here.
I can't move.
I've been shot.
VOLYNETS: Well, well, well.
Delaine? (CHUCKLES) I never expected to get a tip from Eric Beaumont.
But it's been a day of surprises.
I did pay you back, and then some.
Yes, I know.
But now you pay a higher price.
(ANIMALS GROWLING) Beautiful animals.
(SNARLING) Should you see Eric Beaumont again, please tell him I was wrong about him.
You're a good man, Dad.